Women Who Love Too Much

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The relationship classic hailed by Erica Jong as "life-
changing" -- now updated with a new introduction
and resource section!

The #1 New York Times bestseller that asks

  • Do you find yourself attracted again and again to troubled, distant, moody men -- while "nice guys" seem boring?
  • Do you obsess over men who are emotionally unavailable, addicted to work, hobbies, alcohol, or other women?
  • Do you neglect your friends and your own interests to be immediately available to him?
  • Do you feel empty without him, even though being with him is torment?

Robin Norwood's groundbreaking work will enable you to recognize the roots of your destructive patterns of relating and provide you with a step-by-step guide to a more rewarding way of living and loving.

If being in love means being in pain, you need to read Women Who Love Too Much.

Customer Reviews:

  • This book saved my life once
    It was the most horrible summer in my life. I was 23 and I wanted to die. I couldn't understand and accept what was happening to me, that I was addicted to a man who clearly despised me and cheated on me. I had been obsessed with a few men that I couldn't get before, but this was much worse because I thought I had lost my current boyfriend's love because I didn't deserve it. I was a bad person, an ugly and stupid woman, and on the verge of going insane. I had lost weight, my skin was yellow and my intelligence was paralyzed while my soul was in so much pain... At the worst times, I would tear my hair out or pinch myself to distract myself from the psychological anguish. I would often think: "This can't be love! It's surely a kind of mental illness... How could I love someone who mistreats me, lies to me, cheats on me, laughs at me in my face?" I thought I was crazy.

    When I first spotted WHLTM at the drugstore, I thought it was just another stupid self-help book with a ridiculous title. How can anyone ever love too much? But my despair was such that I was ready to try anything...

    The book confirmed what I was already suspecting: that what I was going through was a kind of mental disorder rather than actual love. Because I had been rejected by my father (he disappeared from my life when I was 4 after sexually abusing me), I was always attracted to men who didn't love me, who often even barely knew that I was alive. I thought I was a romantic, but I wasn't attracted to Prince Charming. A couple of very nice guys suffered because of me because I couldn't love them back.

    One of the real-case stories in WHLTM was like a mirror to me (I was very disappointed when I learned that these stories were mostly fiction). It helped me to face the truth about myself, my life, my boyfriend.

    I still think the title is misleading. You can never love too much. But you should always be wary of feelings and mental disorders that often pass for love: obsession, addiction, infatuation, mere sexual desire, etc.

    WHLTM made me understand what was wrong with me. Sadly, it didn't cure me. I don't think I will ever be able to love a man who loves me me back, so I stay alone. I love men, I have a lot of male friends... But I could never have a healthy romance with a man. Therapy didn't help.

    I still recommend this book. To both men and women who think that they love too much and are often in great anguish. It will help you understand what exactly is making you miserable. Then there's a lot of work to do: soul searching, therapy, spirituality. If "loving too much" is the only thing that currently gives your life any meaning, I recommend as a companion book to WHLTM "Man's Search for Meaning" by Viktor Frankl.

    Good luck. If you're not as "damaged" as I am, there is hope for you and you can learn to love truly and in a healthy way... and to accept that someone can actually love you back.

    P.S.: I suffered a lot because of an unrequited "love" last year. It was the first time in ten years. Despite my passion, I was able to stay away from the man... because of what Robin Norwood had taught me about myself 14 years before....more info
  • Learning and Understanding
    This book helps you learn and understand why we put our selves through the things we do. I found this book in a Domestic Violence Shelter and it really helped me understand a lot and helped me heal a lot of things in my soul.
    This is a great book for people who want to understand WHY?...more info
  • Eye Opening
    This is an eye opening book. The personal stories in this book can apply to many women to one degree or another. Most women I know have fallen into a relationship at one point in time that is similar to the situtations described in this book. It offers insight into why this happens and allows females to look within themselves for the answers. Worth the read....more info
  • This book has the capacity to change one's life
    I can't stress enough how valuable this book is for any woman who is and/or has been in relationships with unsuitable/unavailable/needy/problematic men. I strongly recomment buying it, it can really change a woman's perspective regarding relationships that don't work, and eventually her life.

    Very pleasant to read, the writing flows in a friendly manner. Almost like hearing a good and more wise friend or therapist talking to you. It can be read in one go. It keeps you company and gives you strength in times of need. Plenty of different examples, which might sound over the top to some, but which are not at all. It is easy to feel that this book "was written for me". Probably even more useful to underline passages, and read them again and again in times of crisis. A big support at breaking up.

    Another very good book I would like to suggest is "Re-inventing your life" by Jeffrey Young. ...more info
  • Women Who Love To Much
    This book saved my life. I was a woman who loved too much. This book led me to Al-Anon and a sane way of live. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking recovery....more info
  • This book could help you change your life!
    I recommend this book to friends all the time! I first read it 3 years ago and it was a real turning point in my life. It helped me to realise where I was going wrong in relationships and how to put it right - perhaps the main one for me was learning to really love myself first. So read it! Even if you don't think its for you, there is probably going to be a gem in there for you, and certainly you will know friends to whom you want to give a copy....more info
  • 18 Years after reading this book
    I read this book when I was 40 and had never been married. At 41, I started dating a man unlike anyone I had dated previously, and shortly before I turned 44, we were married. Last week we celebrated our 15th anniversary. I have found that a number of my friends who married for the first time after the age of 30 had read this book just before they started dating the men they ultimately married. This book taught us why we were attracted to men who weren't emotionally available, and how to be attracted to men who were....more info
  • Gave me great understanding about myself
    This book really helped me to understand why I feel and think the way I do. It has given me direction on how to heal myself and take control of my life. I think any woman that was raised in a dysfunctional family will benefit greatly by reading this book....more info
  • A therapist in a book!
    My therapist recommened this book and what a great find. Coming from an abusive alcoholic family, and until I read this book didnt realize I was one of these women. It points stuff out that make you realize your not alone and your actions are for good reason. It did have a lot of Personal Accounts and stories, but all in all, its a great book....more info
  • Women Who Love too Much
    I read this book about 25 years ago and learned so much. It opened up my eyes. Now, in 2008, I just purchased it for my 21 year old niece. She is shocked by how much this book is "her". I told her "it's all of us women".
    Fran S....more info
  • Great Insight, Not Much Recommendations What to Do
    I looked up the book because I have a friend who "loved too much" - obsessed about her boyfriend, put her life on hold... And found people with similar problems, e.g. obsessive phone-calling, being 'hung up' on people totally wrong for them... totally incomprehensible.
    I bought the book because it addressed a pattern that was present in my life too - being attracted to emotionally unavailable men, or men with problems.
    I mean, a man I hated when he was flirting with me became instantly attractive when he left! How lame can it get?

    The book offers a lot of insight, but apart from suggestions like 'join Al-Anon' and work on your life and your beliefs... it doesn't offer that much help in terms of 'what to do'. But does offer some insight into the recovery process as well.
    There are no alcoholics in my immediate family (except from an uncle who is recovering and goes to AA), but my long-dead Grandfather whom I loved dearly was apparently an alcoholic. So I'm not sure whether Al-Anon is still the best choice.
    It did remind me to work on my life and not try to 'help' others all the time though, which is good.
    I would give the book 5 stars, but I really did expect a bit more in terms of 'what to do'.
    ...more info
  • One of the best self help books out there
    I stumbled across the book by accident at the library and boy am I glad I did.

    This book was written at least 20 years ago and to bad I did not read it then. I literaly saw myself on every page of this book. It was so helpful in helping me see why I chose the men that I do and how to heal myself so I don't make these same mistakes again

    Every single woman out there needs to read this book. I can't say enough good things about it....more info
  • Two Thumbs Up for this one
    This book saved my life. I was finally able to not only identify what my "problem" was, but what I needed to do to make necessary changes in my life. I did also have to seek Codependant group meetings, but this is the book that started it, and propelled me on my way to recovery. Two thumbs up!...more info
    I was given this book to me by my mother who suggested I should read it, knowing myself that I do love men too much, well my soon to be ex anyway... I am not yet finished with this book, but man it's great and so honest.. It's not like it's not real stories or anything, when you read this book I bet you'll relate to one thing or another, cause it talks about all different situations... Trust me even if you don't think you love too much read it and maybe you'll learn something new...

    ...more info
  • For those who said "it doesn't apply to me..."
    My doctor recommended this book to me and after having read it the first time, I went back to go and see her and said "this book completely doesn't apply to me". She said to pick it up again in about a month and read it again, but this time to open my mind a little bit more and try not to take her examples so literally or to that extreme but to try to find connections in my childhood that could relate and THEN think about it. After having read it the 2nd time, I really started to make the connections. The thing is that Norwood's examples are very precise in scenerios that...true...does not apply to everyone, but if you really take the time to try to grasp the concept and not so much the examples, you will be able to make those connections. So when people write reviews and say "this book didn't help me but maybe it will help someone else", those people should read the book a second time because maybe those childhood things that affect our adulthood are not so apparent, but are still there none-the-less!! In my own life, these things mentioned did not apply to me at all...not one of them, but some of them did apply to my parents (ex. a parent dying young and child having to step up) and it is those things that have indirectly bled down in to my own life. So the examples were obvious in my own parents lives, but not in my own. I really had to think on it a while, but I did find it. So if you think the book doesn't apply to you directly, read it again and open your mind to the examples and not the scenerios!!!! Once you see it, your life will change forever!!! I left a very bad 10 year relationship and it took me all of 2 months to get it together and do it. That was 6 months ago and still strong!!!...more info
  • Ouch
    A trusted friend recommended I read this book and I really didn't think it was my issue but boy was I wrong. I saw myself in every page and it was the big turning point of my recovery.
    I saw my part in the failure of my marriage where I had been focussed on his behaviour. I couldn't change him but i could heal myself so it took me out of powerlessness and into constructive change. Because of this book I could now recognise and face my addiction to my abusive ex-partner and I went cold turkey. It helped me back to some semblance of sanity and serenity from really painful chaos and dysfunction.
    I am very grateful for this book....more info
  • A Great Book
    Women Who Love Too Much was an excellent read. I kept finding out about myself - things I hadn't previously known. Afterward, the decisions I've made became clearer. You can't change your behavior patterns until you understand them, and Robin Norwood gives you that understanding. ...more info
  • Excellent
    This book was a life saver for me. I was in an abuse marriage and the insight from the book was very valuable. I highly recommend it.

    Ruth ...more info
  • Great Book if You Have a History of Bad Relationships
    Great for anyone who always ends up feeling, when relationships end, like she has given too much, including perhaps her own identity, and ended up with nothing. I highly recommend it! ...more info
  • Women Who Love Too Much, Like I Did
    This is a wonderful book that shows you patterns, many of them based from childhood where abuse, neglect, and pain carry over into our adult life to get the love we didn't have much of when we were younger, so we love too much to get that love in our adult life.

    It's a book that helps you understand more about you, at least this is what it did for me, and how the patterns we have, have to be changed if we want to receive the love we really want. It does come from loving our self as much as we want that love to come from another person. I really suggest this book for helping you to see the patterns. Along with this book that I really recommend that has been a life saver to me is "Stop Being the String Along" by Barbara Rose. I feel that both books will help you to see so much, how to love yourself and how to turn it all around so that you receive as much as you deserve. Outstanding, even life changing books!
    ...more info
  • Completely applies even today!
    This book was originally written over 20 years ago, but it's just a fantastic read. I read all of it in one day/night and really found that it all applied to me. I recommend it to everyone who is going through a breakup with a man who is less than stellar - especially if the girl is waiting around for him to change.

    I also recommend as a companion the brokenheartedgirl forum (Its online) and it supports the BreakUp Workbook. A lot of women go there to work out their issues with men. It's just a bunch of women helping other women and I think its fantastic. ...more info
  • Insightful
    When this book first came out I read it and it opened my eyes. I then went into private and group therapy for about 4months and then just group therapy for being an adult child of an alcoholic. It was something I wished I had done earlier. The cost of therapy after my covrage changed and new responsibilites ended my therapy after around 7 months. I had a great therapist. The author really explains the dynamics of how our relationships develop very well. I've read both of her books. In the second one " Letter's from Women Who Love Too Much" ( it also includes letters from men)she points out how peer therapy seems the most effective form of therapy for such issues. She had stopped doing private therapy at that point. A worthwhile book. ...more info
  • 'Love' in quotes.
    For any woman, or for that matter man, who has experienced personally or vicariously the agony of being held in thrall to painful relationships, this book is essential. The author presents numerous examples from her clinical practice of women whose lives have spiraled into painful despair, and while our familiarity with what we read can encourage us, the author's unflinching look into every woman's complicity is not for the faint of heart. This is not 'love' but degrading self-torture. I urge you, if you are such a woman, if you know such a woman, get this book and get reading. ...more info
  • This book has been around for awhile but it still applies today
    The copyright of this book is 1985. I wasn't sure how it would apply to today's living. I am 51 and bought the book because someone told me about it. I wasn't sure that I was a woman who "loved too much" but wanted to see for myself. This book is an eye opener. I see how I live every day as a woman who loves too much and how I am making myself unhappy every day. I love the book but it hurts a little to see what I'm doing to myself....more info
  • so what
    I've read this book several times over the years and I think it is a great book to help the women it is intended for get through tough spots.

    A lie? So what the scenarios are fictional. Did she mention anywhere that the scenarios in her book are real. It never even cross my mind to beleive that the scenarios in the book was real.

    How many books (self help or not) is based on real life? The fact that she was able to create those scenarios that so closely chronicled what most women go through is outstanding in itself. She did what she did to get through to us and it worked for many women.

    ...more info
  • great
    I found this book to have a tremendous amount of helpful information. It was recommended to me and I certainly recommend it to both women and men...more info
  • Woman who love too much
    the book is out of print in book stores and was recommended to me for a friend, so i found it on Amazon. Which was great!!
    ...more info
  • Must read
    This book helped me to understand more about what I need to work on to have a healthy relationship. I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks that they've given their all and then some in a relationship that did not work out. Chin up! ...more info
  • Thank you, thank you....
    I have to honestly say, when it comes to this book, it is like the Bible in my life on relationships. I was sexually abused as a teen and my mother was an alcoholic/drug abuser, and my father was a philanderer, resulting in my parents' divorce when I was 11. I loved my father dearly but it seemed as I got into adulthood I would seek out partners, subconsiously, who were like my father, resulting in immense pain for me. I am the oldest of my parents' 3 children so you can imagine how much responsibility was on me when my mother was absent. I have had this book for 5 years now and it has helped me to gain strength to become emotionally free of my ex, who hurt me repeatedly over the years because without realizing it, I LET him. I have recently let go of a narcissist who deeply wounded me after I found out about his lies, manipulation, and cheating. I have learned, though this book, that I have to love myself more and recognize the self-defeating behaviors I displayed that allowed these men to hurt me. I would rather be alone and wait patiently for the right man to love me in the manner I deserved to be loved, than to put up with unacceptable behavior from emotionally disturbed men. I realized that I needed to change in order to stop the pain, not them. Self absorbed, selfish men are incaple of change because they are incapable of empathy, remorse, or even love. Thank you, thank you Robin for writing such a inspirational, helpful book!...more info
  • unhappy in a relationship?
    letting a man in your life treat you like crap and bending over backwards to make him happy? oh boy, do you need this book.. helped me understand why i seek emotionally unavailable men and then suffer for it.. taught me a few lessons on what NOT to do, raising my son.. it was also an important step in the process of selfrealization that helped me get over my ex husband cheating on me. i recommend to every woman....more info
  • Great Advice
    Great book. Helpful and clear, it not only helps woman identify their role in failed relationships, it clearly lays out how to change behavioral patterns....more info
  • This book can save your life! 100 stars!!!
    This is the best book out there for women who feel they are trapped in an abusive or substance abuse tainted relationship. It helps you understand how you ended up in the relationship in the first place, and then helps you proceed to put YOUR life back together, and to take care of YOURSELF. Yes! It really is OK to do that. More than OK, it's mandatory. Not only for yourself, which IS your primary concern, but to be honest, your getting your act together again actually helps plant the seed for your dysfunctional drug addicted or abusive mate to maybe start making the changes in his life that must take place for him. This is a MUST READ!!!!!! If you are in one of these types of relationships this is THE BOOK to read! There are some others I recommend as well, Claudia Black's "It Will Never Happen to Me! and the book "Perfect Daughters" by John Ackerman, and also the book "Codependant No More" by Melanie Beatty. These are all MUST READS for any of you out there seeking help and guidance in respect to your various dysfuntional relationships. I just got a call from an old friend who I never expected in a million years would call me and tell me she and her husband were splitting up after years of secretly keeping from us that she was in a drug-infested and emotionally unavailable relationship. I am taking my personal copies of all of these books to her today. That's how strongly I feel. Help YOURSELF, because when you try to help him, you just make it easier for him to stay the way he is. It's the truth. HE is the ONLY person who can help himself, and he has to get to a point where he is ready to do that. It can take a really long time for some men, and some men never get there, not even for the women and children in thier lives. But, YOU CAN have a happy life. Yes....whithout him. You can, you really can, and you will be well on your way if you're willing to do some reading and take the advice of other women who have been through it. Now is the time to invest in yourself. Do it. You wont regret it! Your happiness depends on it, and maybe even your life. Read. You wont be sorry you did. ...more info
    When I first started reading this book I was embarrassed because of the cover being so out there. I thought people would look at it and just kind of laugh at me. Now that I've read it I am giving it as gifts to a lot of my girl friends. There are so many people out there that can benefit from this book and what it has to offer without even knowing it. This book has given me the strength to realize things that I have needed to realize for years. I would recommend this book to anyone who came from any sort of "dysfunctional" family whether it be emotionally, verbally or physically!!...more info
  • A classic for men and women
    Norwood offers uncommon insight into why people develop unhealthy thinking and behavior patterns within relationships. Equally interesting are the stories of people who may alternately develop intense and unhealthy attachments to food, sex, alcohol, work, shopping, or any other external "thing" as a way to relieve deep emotional pain. If that sounds like you or someone you know, it's likely you will find comfort in this book. Solid guidance and concrete steps for those who are ready to move beyond these behaviors to a more healthy way of life - or support someone else who makes such a choice. ...more info
  • Do you really need this book?
    Girls, it's really quite simple. Women are attracted to the potential in men, men are attracted to what's already there in women. If we followed their formula we wouldn't end up with our hearts broken so often or so badly. Unfortunately it would also mean an awful lot of lonely single women with inadequate men who never bother try living up to their potential. The reality is women ARE a motivator for men when they do manage to get something done like pass the Bar or fix the grill. It's our unlucky lot in life as the smarter more adaptable specie I'm afraid to be stuck in this losing end of such a questionable arrangement of keeping the world turning. Also, instead of thinking of yourselves as loving too much (!!) maybe, ratio-wise, statisticaly speaking, there are just more jerks in the world who are men. It's ok to give up on the buggers for a moment and go dancing with the girls....more info
  • Life Changing
    I read and re-read this book. It gave me hope and made sense out of my mixed up life. The recommendation to go to a 12 Step Program included in the book is the best advice I ever followed....more info
  • A survival book for bad relationships
    This was one of the first books that I picked up after my divorce 17 plus years ago. I knew that I was giving these men all my love, but even with all the love I was giving them they were treating me like I did not matter. Knowing there is a problem is the first step and what a huge step that is. After reading this book the light bulb went on with a bang and it has never gone off. I have struggled with relationhsip issues, but at least I know what is going on and with each relationship I got better and better until I got it right. I learned I had to read the signs that I chose to ignore for some many years. I have been in a healthy relationship now for 8 years with a man that shows me his love(along with telling me)and treats me the way I deserve. ...more info
  • A life changing book...
    Well I am a 25 year old woman with a knack of attracting all sorts of losers on this planet.My first crush was at age 11 and since then I am ( WAS ) obsessed with the male species.Drug Addicts,alcoholics,committment phobics,emotionally unavailable men and added to the misery of a painful end of a long term relationship with a man who literally dumped me 2 months before the wedding and a month before christmas!This book was life changing and made me understand the reason why things were going wrong.This book gave me the strength to understand I was loving too much to the point it was hurting me.I got into theraphy and today I am better..much better. Thanks to this book. I would highly recommend it for women coming from broken homes or dysfunctional families.This book is helpful for men as well, although its written in a women`s context.I have also recommended this book to my therapy group and I continue to spread this books awareness & hope it touches lives of all who need guidance....more info
  • A Great discovery
    This book leads the reader to discover how unhealthy some behavioral patterns are and also the way they can be change.
    ...more info
  • For Men too
    I am not sure to four star OR five stars though I give five * for the time being.

    If a man/women is kind, caring, romantic they are likely to suffer because their spouse will rarely be so; It applies predominantly for women than man, but things are changing and can sometimes be different. SO IT CAN VERY WELL WORK FOR MEN TOO, IN SOME CASES.

    The author, while did not clearly define 'WHY', explains 'Why that could be'. The book applies, explains somethings I have experienced in my life.
    So I recommend it.

    jaykumar...more info
  • Women Who Love Too Much
    I have worked in a domestic violence shelter and been a family therapist for 13 years. I encourage many of my clients to read this book so they make better choices in their relationships. Everyone needs to read this book-both men and women. ...more info
  • very helpful product
    This book helped me through a very turbulent time. It addresses many issues that are simply common sense, but seeing them in print is very justifying. I have sought help for some issues and am healing nicely. Thank you for the opportunity to get the product quickly and at a reduced rate.
    God Bless!...more info
  • Women Who Love Too Much
    The book I bought had 3 sheets slightly torn, fortunately on the edges.
    My son and I bought over 100 books from Amazon during the last few months, all from Amazon France except one (Women Who Love Too Much)from the US, for which I had to pay transport cost equivalent to the price of the book. I wanted to cancel the US order five minutes after I had realized the error, so that I could make the same order with Amazon France, but the lady on the phone said it was too late to cancel.Big company like Amazon should not have acted like that. Can you imagine a little book like that costed almost 12 euros! I hope Amazon can improve in this respect. Wishing you all the success. An Nhon NGUYEN...more info
  • DO YOU GUESS AT WHAT NORMAL IS ? if so read on
    Are you hooked in harmful relationships?
    Holding onto some dim hope that your loved one will change if your loyalty/love is there for them UNCONDITIONALLY?
    Unable to break a long pattern of choosing women haters,violent batterers, charming seductive MANIPULATORS whose only goal was to drive you crazy?
    If you choose those who ignore your self-worth now you can perhaps see why!
    The batterer may be physically abusive, or more subtle with emotionally & verbally abusive ways and You want so to believe lies & excuses!

    If you've been in a relationship that you knew or suspected was harmful but could NOT leave, you know the pain of addiction to a person.
    Heres WHY people became love addicted
    HOW to recognize a bad relationship
    HOW to deal with the MANIPULATION of your partner
    ...more info
  • REALLY good book however...
    I have been getting in and out of depressions since I have been 15. Since that time, my depressions have evolved in a lot of different ways. I went from disturbed teen to Bipolar, S.A.D, and currently I am coping with the affective dependency problem during my therapy sessions.
    I believe Robin Norwood is right about a lot of the things she states in her book. However I have to disagree with the fact that the reason why people who are experiencing this dependency problem are their parents. I have had a good childhood, no alcoholism, battery or incest or whatsoever was involved in my family at all. I do NOT blame my parents for how I feel today. I have always had a lot of laughter and love. It is true that me and my dad are not able to tell each other our feelings except for on paper but we still hug and know how we love each other as fathers/daughters do.
    My childhood has however been a bit wobbly since we always moved around, but that is not my parents fault, it's the job that they have. And even I love traveling, I have never thought of it troubling me but looking back it hasn't always been easy. Now perhaps what Norwood was saying was that we have sthing in our childhood that somewhat disturbed us.
    Other than that the book is indeed an easy read, I have rarely been able to read a psychology book that easily!
    So, a good book but some of its contents are only applicable to certain cases....more info
  • very good.
    I'm embarrassed to say i found myself underlining MANY sentences in this book because they relate to me and my relationship history. However, I do not come from a family of alcoholics or abuse so I'm not sure where my "family of origin" comes into play. I think i screwed me up all by myself!...more info
  • For any woman who hangs on- thinking he'll change
    This kind of book is for women who need a wake up call! I gave this to my girlfriend hoping she'll get up and adam! Love isn't about how bad a man makes you feel...hoping he'll change! This book is well written, and will open many ears to those that choose to listen!...more info
  • Wonderful
    Of all the books I've ever read, this is the most useful. The title describes exactly what the book is about. The book itself is a page turner. When I first picked it up, I related to it immediately and couldn't put it down. It is written in a professional yet personal tone and is very down to earth. As is stated in the title, this book is about women that care so much for a man that she drives him away or hurts herself and thinks it's right. Many women think they deserve to suffer and this book explains why that's not true. It's very personal and if you're anything like the title, I would definitely recommend reading it. This will change your life. ...more info
  • never too old
    I purchased this book when it was new....I work with women in a counseling capacity and this is a book I always recommend. On target for many women...and men!!!...more info
  • Read this 10 years ago..I wish I could hug the author
    Reading this book literally changed my life. Like she says, loving to much is a progressive disease. I was headed down a bad road. But, in my mid twenties I read this book and it helped me to clarify, validate and change! I'm now in a happy, balanced marriage and have a wonderful family. I keep my copy of the book tucked in a dresser drawer. It's too valuable to me to give up. I look at it every couple of years and think of how far I've come. (I had underlined and made notes.)

    Just read it. Seriously. It can change your life....more info


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