Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish
Rescuing Sprite: A Dog Lover's Story of Joy and Anguish

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Although Mark Levin is known as a constitutional lawyer and a nationally syndicated broadcaster, he is, first and foremost, a dog lover. In 1998, he and his family welcomed a half-Border Collie/half-Cocker Spaniel they named Pepsi into their lives. Six years later, his wife and son persuaded him to adopt a dog from the local shelter, a Spaniel mix. It turned out he was older than originally thought, and he was the most beautiful dog they'd ever seen. They named him Sprite. Their lives would never be the same.

During the next two years, Sprite and Pepsi were inseparable. And Sprite's bond with the Levin family deepened. Friends, neighbors, and even Mark's radio audience came to know and love Sprite. But Sprite's health deteriorated -- even as his spirits remained high and his beauty and grace continued to inspire. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2006, the Levin family said their emotional final good-bye. Crushed and consumed with grief, Mark turned to family, friends, and fans for help. But new hope came when the Levins least expected it.

Customer Reviews:

  • To Rob B.
    I just had the misfortune to stumble upon Rob B's "review" of "The Great One" Mark Levin's book "Rescuing Sprite." Rob B. must not have read this great book, (he probably can't read at all) because politics is NOT MENTIONED ONCE in it.
    I'm writing this as someone who has gone through the same anguish as Mr. Levin and who related to the same feelings he had. For Rob. B to write this hateful diatribe shows that he, like his Leftist buddies, not only doesn't have a heart, he doesn't have a brain....more info
  • Loved This Book!
    You will also love this book if your dogs have been as close as family. You will particularly love this book if you love Mark Levin as much as I do because his heart and humor really comes forth. This is a great read. ...more info
  • I just didn't care for it
    I just didn't care for this book. I received this book as a christmas gift. I work at a dog daycare, so it is safe to say that I really love dogs. However, I did not feel connected to the dog in this book at all. The author wrote about his dogs as though they were saints. Come on, we love our animals, but they are not perfect. It's all those little quirks that make them memorable and special. In addition to the lack of character description, I felt like Levin's writing was poor. The sentences were constantly short and unnecessary. So much of his diction and descriptions added nothing to the story. This novel was not worth sharing or reading. Now don't get me wrong, any time an animal dies it is heartbreaking. To this day I can not think of my sweet Norman and not shed a tear, but this book was just not a proper tribute to a dog that supposedly touched this man's life. ...more info
  • This was awsome!
    I bought this book for our daughter and granddaughters, who also just recently lost a long time pet, a black lab. What a wonderful dog she was, and how it hurt so much to lose her. This book , helped us all to get through her leaving us, very well written , with so much love and compassion. Recommend to anyone having to go through the same circumstances. ...more info
  • Giving A Quality Life
    "Rescuing Sprite" is a wonderful account of an inspiring adoption of a dog written by its loving owner. It is a heart warming story of how the owner and his family accepted and cared for their new family member. Anyone who has rescued or is considering doing so will benefit from this book immensely. My wife and I rescued a 15-month old German Shepherd that had been abandoned by it's previous owner probably because she was dying of heartworm. Our vet gave her a 50-50 chance of recovering. Within 2 days of bringing her home, she was in treatment. The rest is a happiness report, and she will turn 7 years old in May in superb health. We believe that she knows that we saved her life, as she is grateful for everything. Her story reminded me of Sprite. There is no feeling of satisfaction one could possibly have that exceeds giving a loving, innocent creature a quality of life that it would not otherwise have had....more info
  • Mr. Levin is an Olympic Class Dog Hero
    I couldn't put this wonderful book down until I finished it... While reading it, I warmly recalled every one of my 'pet-buddies' who now reside in Heaven ... and... When one of my dogs recently keeled over and died in my arms from a heart attack, the loving & selfless words from Mr. Levin's book were, and continue to be, an enourmous comfort to me in my grief... When reading the other reviews here, I find it curious that anyone would rate this work with anything less than 5 stars... ...more info
  • Sweet and touching book
    This is a dog lover's book. My dad purchased and sent this book to me a week ago just after I lost my 15 year old puppy. I read the book in one night and it helped because I could sympathize and empathize with the author... and I cried my eyes out.

    Our dogs choose us no matter how much we think we choose them. Every dog is special and different and we are truly blessed to have their companionship.

    ...more info
  • Wonderful little book!
    I loved this book. It is very well written and gave me a whole different opinion of the author as someone who is very kind and tenderhearted.

    I cried all the way through. It had not been long since I had had to put my best friend to sleep so that probably made me more emotional, but being the dog lover that I am, I think I probably would have cried about as much even if I hadn't lost my angel.

    Thank God for people like Mark Levin who take in rescue animals instead of buying pure breds.

    I highly recommend this's one of the best I've read in a long time in spite of the tears, and I'll always treasure it in my library.

    ...more info
  • for all of us who LOVE dogs -
    This book should be read by everyone who has loved a pet. The book takes thru the circle of life, embracing the journey and making us feel we are there. Every feeling the author shares becomes ours. The book reminds us it is okay to have loved and lost, if not we would, as Garth Brooks says "would have missed the dance" - as we enter into a pet relationship we are glad we are not thinking of how it might end, if we were we would probably pass, and oh, how much we and that pet would have missed.
    Thank you Mr. Levin for sharing your journey....more info
  • It may not be what you expect but that isn't the author's problem
    I've read some of the negative reviews about this book and they are either negative because they are politically opposed to Mark or because the book isn't a literary masterpiece.

    I listen to Mark's radio show and his book is sort of the anti-Mark. The book talks about Mark and his family's raw emotions about losing a family friend -- Sprite. Mark is a tough political commentator and his book shows him in a completely different light. He wrote it in a time of emotional distress and never intended it to "paint pictures" for people --- it was an emotional purge.

    One of the reviews I read said that Mark was close to his parents yet never visits them...??.. The reviewer missed the part in the book where Mark says that he talks to his father EVERY night after his show ends.

    If you've ever had to put down a dog, not had a dog die but YOU decide it's time for the dog to die, you'll agonize through this book just like Mark agonized through that time in his life. I know, I've done it....more info
  • blame it on the libs
    I am suprised Levin did not blame his dog's death on Clinton, Levin is scum and lives like scum and his dog probably died to get away from him....more info
  • Rescuing Sprite
    Kind of a boring book. Too much about the man instead of the dog....more info
  • A good dog story
    Who doens't like a great dog story? I know I do. Rescuing Sprite is just that. I admire Mark Levin and the love he has for his dogs Pepsi and Sprite. It takes a special family to adopt an older dog.
    I found most of the novel to be general and generic discriptions of his life with the dogs, and I wish we got to know more about who the dogs were and some of the adventures with them. I feel like it was missing that for the reader- the essence of who the dogs were. We all love our dogs, but it's missing the things that make books like Grogan's Marley and Me so awesome. If you really want to read a great dog book read that one. This one was not a page turner since I felt like Levin just recounted events rather than roped you into a story. Still, it's moving the emotion he had for his animals. ...more info
  • For a dog lover
    Bought this book for a friend who recently lost a very dear four-legged friend. They appreciated the book....more info
  • I am a Dog Love
    O my GOSH, this brought tears while reading it stranded in an airport. I have lost a forever special dog (my best friend) & now I have 2 more dogs the same breed. One I was blessed with when he was 4 years old & the other his granddaughter who is now 3 years old. They have my heart in their paws for ever. It's always so hard to let go of some one you love, doing it at the right time is the hard part....more info
  • Heartbreaking, but Important Read
    Mark Levin is a very good writer. He tells the story of his dog so that you are filled with love, fear, anguish, and relief just as he is in the story. I enjoyed this book so much. I have not donated the book as I usually do, because I intend to read it again. My dog is not well, and there is much to learn here. Mark Levin is my hero, not just for this book, but for all his books. God blessed Sprite and Mark Levin....more info
  • Excellent book
    I read this book in one sitting and could not put it down. Of course dog lovers (like me) will love this book, however, I also gave it to my wife to read (who is not a dog lover) to give her insight on why I am so emotionally attached to my dogs. I think Levine is an excellent writer (even though I disagree with EVERY aspect of his politics) and I would highly recommend this book. I think this book can be especially cathartic to anyone who recently has lost a pet....more info
  • Saving Sprite
    I bought this for a friend who has a very sick dog they have owned for 8 years. We both read it, it is wonderfully written, sad and yet encouraging when you realize other people have lost pets and cared as much as you do. ...more info
  • Rescuing Sprite
    Intrigued by the title I fell in love with this book. Sprite was in a family of deep love and affection and thru all the trials this dog went thru, he was surrounded by love and support. A fighter from the start he taught you how to live and love without fear. A tear jerker but a real book about a dog and his owner....more info
  • unconditional love
    This book brought back memories of every dog and cat I had lost before. The bond between animal and owner is there and as I read this book, I cried along with the author. Such humanity is seldom written down. Thank you Mark for your understanding of the bond between owner/pet.
    I relive every dog/cat I have lost. Very cathartic.
    ...more info
  • If you have a dog, sooner or later, this will be theraputic
    Not only is this author the best talk radio host in the world, but he writes very well. You feel like you are walking along with him as he experiences the events leading up to this painful decision of putting his beloved dog down. Let's face it, most of us at some time in our life will have to go through this, and its very difficult. I am also touched by the small details he adds about his family and friends. He is a family man who loves and cherishes them. We should all be so lucky to have someone like that in our lives. The book is wonderful, and so is the author. I just noticed i could have gotten it in the large print version. (damn)...more info
  • Touching...
    When I first read this it felt odd, knowing Mark Levin as a conservative hero. But eventually, it was saddening to read about how much Spritey meant to him, even with Pepsi...

    Reading about other big names like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham and how they offered to help Mark was telling of the people we know and love...and inspring...more info
  • A Great Read
    I was very touched with this story. For anyone who has ever loved and lost a pet it will touch your heart. ...more info
  • Touching
    Mark's book about his dear little Sprite is so touching. Having just lost our beautiful little Dalmation, Goldie, I knew exactly what he was going through. It was a beautiful story of the wonderful relationship we share with out dogs....more info
  • Heartwrenching...
    I bought this book about 6 weeks after the death(12-11-07) of my precious Lucki. She was eleven years old. I was there when she was born, I was there when she went to be with God in Heaven. What a wonderful and faithful companion. The emotions expressed within the pages of this book mirrored my own. Lucki was sick for 22 days, letting go was nearly impossible. I had made the decision the night before to have her euthanized, she had let me know she was tired. The next morning after visiting the vet, making the decision, I took her on one last car ride(one of her favorite things). She still enjoyed the ride, it was on that ride that she began to leave and I pulled over, held her close to me and talked to her as she departed from me. She was just as "mutt" as some would say, but she touched my life in such a way that I will never be the same. Rescuing Sprite helped me with my grief that I was not the only person to feel the way I did. Thanks for a wonderful book....more info
  • It touched my soul!
    I hardly ever write reviews but I have to do it this time... This book touched my heart, and I read it in less than 24 hours, it made me laugh, cry and specially it made me remember my little Icey.
    I Strongly recommend it, but only to dog lovers!...more info
  • Thank you Mark for helping me through grieving over loss of my Jackie Pooh
    I believe everything happens for a reason, so when I purchased "Rescuing Sprite" and "Liberty & Tyranny" on amazon, it was meant to be that I received "Sprite" first and finished it before "Liberty" arrived. I didn't realize how much I needed to cry and grieve the loss of my beloved white german shepherd, Jackie Pooh, until I read Mark's story about rescuing Sprite. Back in the Spring of 2008,I learned that my best friend Jack had cancer and after several operations and various medications and procedures, I too had to make the hardest decision regarding my dear dog's quality of life. Almost a year later I cried all over the pages reading Mark's story and he helped me realize that I wasn't alone in still missing my best friend, Jack. Thank you Mark Levin, I'm almost through with "Liberty & Tyranny",which is a totally different kind of book, but it is just as liberating and inspiring as "Sprite". ...more info
  • Please understand
    This is a book about a dog, no doubt about it. But people need to understand that this book was a product of Mark Levin's grief. His writing this book was a form of therapy for him. So, please know that this isn't a book recalling cute stories of Sprite. ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    This was a great book. I couldn't stop reading it! A great book!!!...more info
  • Rescuing Sprite - Great book
    Great story about a lucky dog and dog lovers whoe rescued him.
    It made me feel great about the love and dedication in rescuing a great dog.
    Friendly warning: If you start reading in late evening, you may not get enough sleep because it is hard to put down this book....more info
  • Brilliant and Heart Warming Book
    This is a brilliant and heart warming book. If your heart strings are not pulled on while reading this book you must not be breathing. I recommend it to any animal lover. ...more info
  • Really bad book
    I received this book for Christmas from my sister, because she knows what a great dog lover I am. (If she had read the book first, I'm certain she wouldn't have forwarded it to me.) I think I'm safe in saying that it is the most poorly-written book I've ever read. It's boring, rambling, name-dropping, and self-indulgent.

    ...more info
  • maudlin, trite and foolish
    I found this about the worst dog book written. Nothing new, unique or insightful. Drivel....more info
  • Lot of inflated reviews
    First and foremost, I must say that I am a dog lover and bought this book because I have a twelve year old boxer dog that is beloved to me. He was my first child before I had my own children. I know that given his failing health, we don't have that much time left together. I bought this book thinking that reading about someone else's experience may make mine easier to deal with. I found that this book did not meet that need.

    I made myself finish reading this book, even though it really wasn't terrible "gripping" as another reviewer noted. I guess after all these great reviews, I really expected more. The author is obviously devoted to his dogs, but reading this book is like reading a middle schooler's diary. The language is simple and most of the time, quite juvenile. It almost reminded me of reading the essay of a 10-year old child that never ends: "I like my dog. He likes to play ball with me. He sleeps on my bed. He likes food from the table. We love him a lot. He got sick and we were very sad." OK - so it is not quite that simplistic - - but from the level of language used in the book, I would suspect that the target audience is intermediate level children and not adults.

    I am sure that this book comes from the heart, and may be very "therapeutic" to some owners who have just lost their dogs, but it is a little too simple for most adults and really lacks a "story" behind it. ...more info
  • Not just for dog lovers
    This book will make you connect with emotions within yourself, you never knew you had. Those who have lost a beloved pet will revisit a deep but healing sorrow as well as great joy and quality of life many people never experience in their lifetimes. Buy two copies and keep one for yourself, the ones I have lent out to people tend to want to keep them. Before reading, drink plenty of water 'cause you're gonna cry....more info
  • Sorry, not for me...
    So, am I dog lover? Well, yes. We used to have the world's greatest dog, a Dachsund-Jack Russell cross called Trixie who became an indispensible member of our family. And we are thinking of getting another. But this book almost puts me off....

    Here we have a dog lover with a very lovable pet who brought so much pleasure and fulfilment to his life. But in the end, this book really is the longest lament to a dog that passes away and I'm really looking for much more than that in the story of a relationship between dog and dog owner. I have every respect for Mark Levin and his pet. But there's so much anguish in this desperately sad book that I honestly would not recommend it. Sorry to present a contrary view to many other readers, but this book is not particularly well written either. Just read 'Marley and Me' and you'll see how it can be done. ...more info
  • Send as a gift to a friend when they have lost their companion
    I have sent this book as a gift to several friends who have lost cherished 4 legged companions. I have been told that the message was very comforting to them in their time of grief....more info
  • Rescuing Sprite
    I love Mark Levin even more now than I did before reading this book. I must admit that I cried through most of it, but I highly recommend it to all animal lovers....more info
  • I couldn't give this book away.
    I recently purchased this book to read on a trip. The first few chapters were brutal: I was in tears, and couldn't even look up at the stewardess as she passed by with pretzels and drinks. I read on. By the time I was finished, I decided the book was not going to remain in my library: TOO DEPRESSING, TOO HOPELESS, TOO MEANINGLESS. I am a dog lover. Yes, I laughed and cried through " Marley and Me" -- but LIFE WENT ON. Since the book got such good ratings from other readers, I decided it must just be ME. When I arrived at the airport of my destination, I found a couple with a dog! I ran up to them, got my "dog fix", and then offered them the book. The husband said, "Don't give me that book! It's depressing!! I don't want it!!!!" So I was forced to leave it at the hotel with the Gideon Bible. Whoever finds the book and gets through it may find the Bible helpful in their hour of need....more info
  • Sprite
    Heart rendering, A must read for every dog lover. Perspective on life through love of your dog....more info
  • One of the worst books I've ever read!
    I actually like Mark's radio show since my political views are somewhat close. However, his book about Sprite's life and death was so sappy I just couldn't believe it.

    I love and have trained many service dogs and truly appreciate their value in my home and business life; my Dobermans are in my office right now.

    The book just droned on and on; I kept hoping Mark would just "cowboy up" and understand that death is a very important part of life and while I totally sympathize with the loss of a great dog, I kept saying to myself for Mark to "just deal with it."

    And by the way his other great dog while temporarily being down about the death of his "friend" got over the loss much better than Mark. Mark must know that dogs live "for the moment" and have no conception of what's happened and what will happen.

    All in all, the book was a waste of time; I'm glad I bought it used and cheap!...more info
  • Why Did He Write This?
    I love dogs and I love books about dogs, but this one stinks. Sorry....more info
  • Heartwarming and Heart breaking
    This book is one that many pet parents have experienced. Very realistic. A wonderful book. It brought back many memories of my wonderful Lady that I have to have put to sleep. Any pet parent would enjoy this book....more info
  • Depressing book!!
    The guy spent half the book mourning the loss of the dog. Now, I love my dog and will be sad when she passes away, but I don't want to subject a reader to me crying over my dog. I'd rather spend the time remembering the dog's life....more info
  • Sometimes, evil and boredom join forces to kill defenseless pet creatures
    Documentary evidence, ladies and gents: A foul heart and an empty mind, a life misspent spreading bigotry and fear, a loveless home and a world without adjectives or ideas, all these can unite to make a tiny-skulled spaniel mix die horrifically in Father Coughlin's cellar morgue!

    Would have been better with more bikinis....more info


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