Darkness Unknown (Paladins of Darkness, Book 5)

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Alexis Morgan's seductive Paladin series continues with a red-hot romance between a powerful warrior sworn to secrecy and the irresistible woman who makes him lose control....

Gwen Mosely's life changes forever when she stumbles across a handsome stranger, bleeding and left for dead in the woods behind her farm. But the real shock is how his wounds heal overnight -- a trait he shares with Gwen's teenaged half-brother Chase.

Jarvis Donahue can't keep his eyes -- or his hands -- off the sexy redhead who rescued him. Gwen's warm smile and lust-filled eyes are impossible to resist...but Jarvis immediately recognizes Chase as a fellow Paladin, a warrior born to defend mankind in the relentless battle against the Others. Although Gwen may hate Jarvis for it, he is dutybound to introduce Chase to the Paladins' dangerous lifestyle.

As the barrier between the two worlds weakens, the threat grows perilously close to Gwen's farm. Jarvis is determined to protect his lover -- but if he reveals his identity, he not only betrays his people's secret, he risks losing her forever....

Customer Reviews:

  • You could read this as a standalone, but it's not the best of the Paladins
    I am huge fan of Morgan's Paladin series - I absolutely loved the first three books. What's not to like about the Paladins, gorgeous modern day knights secretly battling invaders from another world. Paladins who possess an amazing ability which allows them to resurrect from almost any fatal wound, but who are burdened with the knowledge that one day they will awaken from death devoid of humanity, as violent and insane as their enemies (Dark Protector, Dark Defender). Or putting a spin on the formula, an exotic handsome honorable enemy who defies all preconceptions and tries to make a life among the Paladins who view him with distrust and hostility (In Darkness Reborn).

    The pathos which made these previous books so appealing is pretty much missing here. In Darkness Unknown, Paladin warrior Jarvis thinks about what a poor candidate for a long term relationship he is with his final death looming closer and closer while he's trying to talk himself out of his attraction for the freckled farm girl Gwen. But unlike the earlier books, we don't see Jarvis waking in the lab with a handler shaking their head at Jarvis' deteriorating test scores, and Jarvis' internal dialog just doesn't have the same emotional pull. Without the pathos to win you over Jarvis is still a hunky hero, but with little help from love scenes which are pretty much by the numbers, his relationship with Gwen just misses the mark - I thought that the great freckle hunt had such potential for upping the steam quotient but it was a talking point only and didn't play a part in the love scenes, too bad.

    Add to all of that plot pieces which go nowhere (what about the Others lurking in the woods driving the dogs crazy?) and the fact that there wasn't much in the way of conflict built (the little bit set up in Gwen's betrayal is far too easily resolved) and add to that less battle action than in previous books and result was that over all Darkness Unknown just didn't live up to it's predecessors.

    Sorry for the rant. If you are looking for a pleasant romance in a thin paranormal wrapper you may still find Darkness Unknown entertaining, but having really enjoyed the first three books in the series (and to a lesser extent the fourth) Darkness Unknown was somewhat of a disappointment for me. But hope beats eternal, the brief walk-on by maimed Paladin, Hunter, and the grim prognosis for Hunter ever being able to resume the warrior duties that are so key to his identity, makes him look to be the kind of tortured hero that Morgan does best - so I will likely give the series one more shot if Hunter's book is up next and see if Morgan can recapture her earlier magic.
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  • More like 4 1/2 stars...
    Jarvis Donahue is a Paladin, dedicated to fighting the alien race of the Others even if it means losing his life. Gwen Mosely finds Jarvis near her farm and recognizes that he has the same unusual healing properties as her brother, Chase. Will saving Jarvis cost Gwen everything? Or can this warrior find happiness in love?

    DARKNESS UNKNOWN is the fifth installment in the Paladins of Darkness series but can easily be read as a stand alone. Alexis Morgan detours away from the Seattle Paladins to introduce us to Jarvis and a new group of Paladins. DARKNESS UNKNOWN also focuses more on the romance and less on the mystery of the Others than some of the prior books. I have to admit that I missed the ventures into the mindset of the Others but I suspect that DARKNESS UNKNOWN may be setting the stage for future mysteries to unfold.

    Alexis Morgan always does an excellent job at character development and DARKNESS UNKNOWN is no exception. Jarvis and Gwen are a great couple and the attraction between them is undeniable. The issues involving Chase's heritage add just the right touch of tension to their story. However, the most powerful scenes are not the ones involving the main characters but are instead those focusing on the secondary character of Hunter. I can't wait to read Hunter's story!

    DARKNESS UNKNOWN is in some ways a reintroduction to the Paladins. Alexis Morgan is branching out past Seattle and has to reestablish some of the world as a result. I look forward to seeing just how all the various tidbits are going to fit together. Easily recommended!

  • Very Disappointing
    Did Alexis Morgan really write this book? I couldn't believe how amateur the writing style was, especially after reading all the other books in the series. The author told me everything, never let the characters do it themselves, or if they started to, she abruptly summarized for them. Grr! I knew the author had some minor issues with her writing style, but in this book I never got to know the main character or empathize with him or any of the other characters. I'd been waiting a long time for this book because I loved the series. Now it's doubtful I will continue. What happened??...more info
  • I liked it, but...
    Jarvis is a Paladin. He meets Gwen whose half-brother is also genetically predisposed to Paladin traits. He decides he's going to recruit said brother AND get into Gwen's pants without telling Gwen that her half-brother has mythical powers and will die repeatedly for the rest of his short life.

    Jarvis AGONIZES over not being able to tell Gwen about Paladins. In fact this takes up the vast majority of the book. We see Jarvis agonize, we hear from other characters about Jarvis' agony, we see Gwen agonize over the over agonizing Jarvis and it got on my nerves. Real real bad. Especially considering that this main conflict throughout the novel was dispatched so very neatly. If we are going to have this much agony it had better be worth my while.

    Show not tell was also an issue in this novel. We are constantly told of Jarvis' emotional struggle, but see very little of his actual development from "I want in her pants" to "I love her desperately". In fact when Jarvis confesses his love it is "he told her he loved her" seriously, just like that, and I was not expecting it at all because his character had not developed to that level within the novel. We'd heard nothing about his love or lack thereof for the first 250 pages so the admission seems to come apropos of nothing.

    Also there were times in the books when certain plot points seemed to be leading somewhere (like Others in the forest outside Gwen's farm) but then they would disappear as though they were not issues at all. This was very confusing and I found myself going "What about!!!!" at several points in the book.

    All of this being said I think Morgan is a great writer in terms of her prose. A lot of authors drive me crazy with their writing style, but I feel Morgan has great voice and the ability to write really really well. Despite all of my issues with this novel I read it in one night and really enjoyed most of it. The first four novels in this series are a much better indicator of Morgan's talent in storytelling and writing than this particular novel.

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  • Finally a Romance That's Not Just About the Sex!
    This is my first book I have read in this series and i will be getting the others! I love romance novels with a fantasy twist and this series looks very promising. The thing I loved most about this book is that it wasn't all sex focused and there was a great story to it! I get bit so many times by romance novels that spend more time agonizing over the sexual tension and pining that the story gets completely left out. This book has a fantastic story line and the romantic content is perfectly applied!...more info
  • [almost:] immortals...
    I enjoy the very different [almost:] immortals and the situation which they face - fighting [usually:] crazed alien invaders from a world separated from ours by an energy barrier prone to failures triggered by seismic activities.

    This latest outing is set in the Missouri area, as was the second book Dark Defender. It has the requisite yummy hero [introduced in book 2:] and the heroine he is not supposed to let know about who he is, what he does and why he does it. This is [of course:] complicated for him by falling in love with her AND by the fact she has a half-brother whom she has raised who has the Paladin genetic heritage. She's not going to be happy about the lies and even less happy when he puts a sword in her brother's hand... This another great read from Alexis Morgan.

    Paladins series:
    DARKNESS UNKNOWN...more info
  • Darkness Unknown
    Jarvis Donahue is just doing his job as a Paladin when he is ambushed, severely hurt and left to die. Little does Jarvis know that when he wakes up after healing that he will be confronted with what could be more problems. Right now the Paladin's are being stretched almost farther then they can handle in his area. Jarvis has become the informal leader of his group, which means he needs to figure out how not to overextend them and still keep their border strong. Now he can add the woman who found him and her brother to his list of responsibilities.

    Her dogs alerted Gwen Mosely that something was not right on her property. After following them, she discovers a badly injured man. Gwen is shocked as she watches him begin to heal before her eyes. The only person she has ever seen do that is her half brother. Neither Gwen or her brother knows anything about his father's background and now, just maybe, they can discover something about his genetic background. First Gwen needs to get the unconscious man safely to her house and nurse him back to health.

    Jarvis and Gwen are attracted to each other but Jarvis believes that Paladins and long-term relationships do not go together and tries to limit how far it goes. Gwen isn't sure why Jarvis is giving her mixed signals, but she does know that he is the answer to her prayers for her brother. Knowledge about his job and past is taken out of his hands when the barrier goes down unexpectedly. Gwen and Jarvis are going to be tested in an extreme way. Can Jarvis and Gwen find a way to balance their need for each other with the reality of Jarvis' world?

    When you are a member of an unknown group of warriors, how do you have a successful relationship? In Darkness Unknown Jarvis will need to discover the answer. Jarvis is the informal leader of his group of Paladins and that alone should make it impossible to have a love life. Gwen has raised her half brother since the death of their mother. It has left her little time or energy to have an outside life beyond that and running their farm. Gwen and Jarvis come together from extremely different lives but they found an unexpected thing in common. Jarvis was fighting the relationship so hard that I was wondering if he and Gwen would have a chance. Sometimes it takes an expected action to cut through all of the doubts, this is what I discovered happened for Jarvis and Gwen. I had to love when Jarvis and Gwen finally were able to put everything except their love and passion to the side and find a way to be together forever. I was on pins and needles hoping for them while afraid it would not happen. Darkness Unknown has action, sweetness, passion and danger that perfectly mingles from start to finish.

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