Kiss of a Demon King (The Immortals After Dark, Book 6)

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From New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole comes this spellbinding story of a demon king trapped by an enchantress for her wanton purposes -- and the scorching aftermath that follows when he turns the tables and claims her as his captive.


Sabine, Sorceress of Illusions: the evil beauty who surrenders her body, but not her heart.


Rydstrom Woede: the ruthless warrior who vows to keep her at all costs.


With each smoldering encounter, their shared hunger only increases. If they can defeat the sinister enemy that stands between them, will Sabine make the ultimate sacrifice for her demon? Or will the proud king lay down his crown and arms to save his sorceress?

Customer Reviews:

  • Kiss of the Demon King
    Rydstrom Woede makes a great king and has sex appeal but the poor demon ending up with evil Sabine never set will with me. Sure there was some hot sex scenes but it wasn't because she was likeable. I liked keeping up with the series because I loved his brother Cadeon in the last book. I loved all the other Immortals after Dark series, and it looks like the story will be getting better with creatures of the lore in the future but this one wasn't as captivating as the others....more info
  • HOT! 4 Heart Review at Cheeky Reads
    of the Immortals After Dark series that this CheekyGirl has read, and I'll definitely be catching up with the whole series after reading Kiss of a Demon King! Since Cole does a masterful job of making her world easily accessible, new readers should feel free to jump right into this series. Look for a future review of the previous Immortals After Dark books coming soon!

    From the opening chapter that weaves the tale of Sabine and her sister Lanthe's back story, to the introduction of our hero Rydstrom, Cole sets up a finely crafted tale that delivers some very erotic scenes and a story that will leave you highly satisfied and eager to return to Cole's world!

    Cole entertains with a fully fleshed out world presenting the reader with multiple layers and intriguing character facets at every turn. She does an excellent job of showcasing her secondary characters to fill you in on both previous stories and piquing your interest in future ones.

    Sabine is a complex character that readers will either immediately fall for - as I did- or she will grow on you even those she contends she's pure evil! Her true character reveals itself as she faces new surroundings and tries to understand her feelings for Rydstrom. He also undergoes a transformation as we see him deal with unexpected desires that conflict with his notorious straight-laced persona.

    I had only one small issue with Kiss of the Demon King. Cole does quite the build up to Sabine and Rydstrom having sex, including taunting us with long drawn-out and exquisitely written dialog, only to drop Rydstrom's fantasies and fetishes once the two start accepting their tied fate. Since much is made of his fantasies in the first half of the book, it seems out of place for Sabine not to fulfill those desires.

    Even with the ease of erotic moments between the two main characters, this was a fabulous read and I highly recommend it to CheekyGirls looking for an awesome paranormal romance or a new world to discover!

    ...more info
  • great read
    Reread Dark Desires After Dusk before reading this book, or at least skim it again and read the last couple of chapters to refresh your memory, because these two books take place at the same time and overlap a little.

    Kiss of a Demon King was a fun ride, with witty dialogue and dark humor. I enjoyed the story immensely, especially Sabine and her interactions with the Demons. I look forward to her sister Lanthe's story and finding out more about the Vrekeners. Or maybe Nix? Let the good times roll!...more info
  • Surpassed my expectations.
    I've read all of the IAD series with my favouritism leaning towards the Wroth brothers. I loved all their stories and didn't mind the Lykae ones (Mariketa & Bowen's story was really good, but Emmaline & Lachlain weren't as great). Now with the demon Woede brothers, I didn't really find them interesting to begin with so when their stories came out I still bought it, knowing it was a Cole book and I should definitely have a go. Cadeon's for the most part, was great. In the previous books I liked the character of Cadeon more than his brother Rydstrom - I found Rydstrom entirely boring. But now after reading KDK, this book has shot close to the top of the series (I rate it about 3rd best). I couldn't put it down. I read it within a day. Rydstrom's character was quite different in this one than previously described in the other books. I just loved how Sabine changed that about him. Now I know to never underestimate Kresley Cole again....more info
  • Left me wanting to be kissed by a demon king
    After reading this book, that was the only thought I had - I'd like to indeed, be kissed by a demon king.

    I found this book utterly delicious. I liked both the Hero & Heroine in this story, but I have to admit, the Heroine was the reason why I liked the book so much.

    Sabine is not your typical heroine. She's neither "evil" nor "good" in my opinion but there is something that allures you to her. She was smart, funny and sexy all rolled into one explosive person. She was also faithful to the ones she loved and that I believe is what made her even more delicious as a heroine.

    Rydstrom, the hero, was just as yummy in this book with his possessiveness and agressiveness. I liked the fact that Sabine brought out the worst in him but still, with that being said, he couldn't let go of her.

    Putting Sabine and Rydstrom together is like watching a grinade explode. The sexual tension has you panting and the final climax after all of it leaves panting in hope for much much more.

    When I came to the last page of this book, I was very sad to know that their story was coming to an end. I couldnt get enough of these two.

    This book is definitely a keeper on my shelf and recommended to anyone and everyone who enjoys a hot & sexy paranormal romance! ...more info
  • King of the Demons Meets His Match! (B+ Grade)
    I must say that Kiss of the Demon King is a vast improvement with its title and cover. I was so not feeling the long "I can't remember them, for the life of me titles" of Kresley Cole's past books in her Immortals After Dark series. I could never get them straight and delegated them to numbers like perfume, such as Cole #5 and Cole #6. And don't get me started on the cartoonish look covers. Sorry, not a fan.

    But you can't judge a book by its lame title or cover and that is very much the case with Kresley's paranormal series that keeps on giving. Kiss of the Demon King (Book #6 in the Immortals After Dark series) is a scrumptious world of larger than life heroes and heroines with outlandish plots and action packed sequences that will give you the ride of your life. Each book that Kresley writes for this series continually gets better. Her books are simply fun reads where you know the action is intense and the relationships between these mystical male and female creatures will be hot and heavy. Kiss of the Demon King is Kresley's most erotic to date. She extends the foreplay to the point where you are just as frustrated as the characters who are engaging in it. She knows how to build up the passion and intensity between the two lovers. And when it comes to Sabine, Sorceress of Illusions and Rydstrom Woede, King of the Demons, watch out because they two practically combust. Whenever Sabine gets hot and horny, she can't help but make an illusion of fire.

    Kiss of the Demon King is set during the same time line as Dark Desires After Dusk, where Rydstrom's brother Cade is on his adventure with his new found mate Holly. For those who don't know the background of Rydstrom, he is the rightful demon king to the Kingdom of Rothkalina. He has been exiled by an evil sorcerer, Omort, who took over Rydstrom's castle Tornin, as well as Rothkalina. Rydstrom and Omort have been fighting each other for hundreds of years. Omort, also known as The Deathless One, cannot die and the only way Rydstrom can find kill him is a magical sword that was made by Omort's brother. This sword will kill Omort by beheading him. Rydstrom sends his brother Cade on a mission to try and retrieve the sword.

    Sabine, who is Omort's half-sister and a Sorceri is the subject of his incestuous lust, also has a plan up her sleeve. Sabine is Rydstrom's foretold mate and queen. She wants to get rid of Omort because she despises him and everything he stands for. He is a bully and a brute who only cares for himself. Sabine has had it rough. She has been killed more times than she can count and is brought back to life by her sister Lanthe. Both Sabine and Lanthe are safe from the Vrekners while they are in Rothkalina. Vrekners are winged demonic angels who want to slaughter the Sorceri and have been hunting Sabine and Lanthe since they have been children. If the Sorceri sisters are on Earth for an extended period of time, the Vrekners will find them. These creatures were responsible for the first time Sabine died. Their leader Thoronos especially wants Lanthe for some reason. Sabine is sick of everything. Sick of having to rely on Omort's protection and be surrounded by evil freaks. He also has something very important he holds over her head. He has given Sabine and Lanthe a poison, and if they don't take it from his own hand every few days, they will both die a horrible deaths.

    Sabine has finally figured a way out from under Omort's rule. She will kidnap Rystrom, chain him to her bed and seduce him so she can become pregnant with his son. It was told that her son would be a tool of great power that will take over the throne from Omort. Sabine has her work cut out for her because she is a virgin. The reason? She has been waiting for Rydstrom who is her rightful mate. And why not? Rydstrom is quite the dashing demon with the eyes as black as obsidian and the horns that are so very kissable. A demon's horns are very sensitive to touch, so you can imagine what a set of lips would feel like wrapped around those suckers. Sabine can't wait to get her hands and mouth on Rydstrom's.

    Sabine sets up an illusion and Rydstrom comes to her aid. Before he can figure out who Sabine is, she captures him and puts him in the dungeon under castle Tornin and at her mercy. Rydstrom quickly realizes that Sabine is his mate and would love nothing more than to have some hot sex with her. But Sabine has put Rydstrom in a horrible position. He won't give in and wants Sabine to give him a vow that she will be his and do what he wants. Sabine actually wants Rydstrom to marry her and won't have sex with him until he gives her that vow. Rydstrom refuses and Sabine tortures him with her hands. Let's just say that Sabine literally has Rydstrom by his cock and she treats that part of him with some TLC. This is where the erotic part comes in. These two don't have actual intercourse till much later, but the events leading up to the main event is too good for words. The sexual tension is key between these two.

    Sabine may think she has Rydstrom at her mercy but he there are a few of Omort's followers who want to help Rydstrom. And when Rydstrom gets free, he wants revenge because Sabine has given him the biggest case of blue balls ever. He will give Sabine her just desserts and then he will keep her with him always and will never let her go.

    Kiss of the Demon King did not disappoint in any way. Lush is one word that comes to mind with the hottest sex scenes you will read this year. For those who have wondered about the horn licking, there is some horn love going on here. And the tension and buildup between Sabine and Rydstrom is too good for words.

    Sabine and Rydstrom have definite faults but you can't help but feel for them because their lives have been truly horrendous. What I love about Sabine is that she may lament about her life, but she is not into self-pity. She takes a stand and won't be defeated even if she dies trying. I especially loved the relationship that Sabine and Lanthe have as sisters. Kresley has written the sisters in such a way that is wonderful, caring and protective. Rydstrom may come across as tyrannical and an alpha male, but even as Sabine is sexually torturing him, he feels so protective of her. He hopes to build a life with her, not only because she is his mate, but there is something special about Sabine that makes him whole.

    Kresley's world building is written well enough where you won't get lost and she leaves open some loose ends so you are already invested emotionally in the next book. Plus she has an interesting plan up her sleeve with the mad Valkyrie, Nix. Nix, a fan favorite, may be making her way into another paranormal series. Nix wants some "T.O." as she says and will visit the boys who are the Lords of the Underworld. For those who are not aware of the Lord of the Underworld series, the author who writes that series was given a very lovely dedication from Kresley in this book.

    If you haven't read Kresley Cole's Immortal After Dark series, what are you waiting for? Kiss of the Demon King is another wonderful addition that has delivered in so many ways.

    Katiebabs...more info
  • Smokin' Hot! - Demon King rages over sizzling sorceress
    For hundreds of years Rydstrom Woede, King of the Rage Demons, has pursued one goal -return of his overthrown kingdom, castle and bringing peace to his people. His mortal enemy and usurper to his crown, the evil Omort, has remained undefeatable. Until now. Rumors have begun that a new weapon has been forged, one able to provide a death blow. A sword that Rydstrom and his brother Cade have come to seek by any means necessary. He even demands that Cade to do the unthinkable (Dark Desires After Dusk (The Immortals After Dark, Book 5)). Rydstrom will grasp at anything for a chance to kill his enemy and restore his crown.

    But on his mission to meet with his brother, the impenetrable Rydstrom is waylaid. A beautiful and enchanting female appears, releasing within him a blinding lust that has him momentarily questioning his duties. Before he can gather his wits this Queen of Illusions has him chained and trapped in his own dungeon. For she has her own goal in mind. The conniving and diabolical Sorceress Sabine claims that she is his mate and is determined to use the delectable demon to impregnate herself -knowing his heir will unleash great power. But first she must tempt her stoic and honorable demon in the most sensual and scorching ways. Delving deep into his mind and probing out all his deep dark fantasies and fetishes.

    Only she doesn't realize the great power she is trifling with....and turnabout is fair play.

    Smoking hot read. One of my favorites of Immortals After Dark series. This one is the sixth but can be read as a stand alone since little of the other Lore characters are mentioned except for larger bits with Caden and Nix at the end. Takes place mostly at the same time as the previous book but with very few repeated scenes. The bulk of the story focused on Sabine's seduction of Rydstrom and vice versa. A love/hate relationship full of scorching scenes. I loved reading about the contained king reaching his breaking point and exploding passion with his diabolical mate -especially the way Sabine tempted and tortured him. And then when he got his hands on her.....;)

    Cleverly plotted with vivid characters, Kiss of a Demon King is another Cole shelf keeper for me. And seriously, I wouldn't expect any thing less from a book that actually quotes from my favorite movie of all time -The Princess Bride.:)

    Other love/hate paranormal romances I've enjoyed
    The Darkest Kiss (Lords of the Underworld, Book 2)...more info
  • Rydstrom and Sabine
    Sabine is the Sorceress of Illusions and sister to Omort, the person currently ruling Rydstrom's kingdom. On Rydstrom's journey to find a weapon to kill Omort Sabine kidnaps Rydstrom with the intention of binding herself to him and producing a child which will rule Rydstrom's kingdom. Sabine knows she is Rydstrom's true mate and uses this weakness against him in a tantalizing and sensually erotic game to bring him to heel. When an unknown ally frees Rydstrom he immediately captures Sabine and whisks her away to have his revenge, but his revenge is hindered by the fact that he wants his female and he hopes he can change her to be the queen he needs...but Sabine does not want to change and so the conquest goes on.

    ***as a huge fan of the IMMORTALS AFTER DARK series I have been highly anticipating this book. Unfortunately I believe this book was not up to par with the rest of the series (I know this will probably get terrible comments). I could not get a feel for Sabine, I believe her character was inconsistant and the depth Kresley usually portrays was not present. So I know what you're thinking, why 5 stars in this case? Well, the lack of characterization was not that huge an issue and I was going to do a 4 star rating until Nix (nucking futs nix) got a star all her own with a comment in the book regarding a great series by Gena Showalter that I am currently working my way thru. The fact the Kresley mentions another of my favorite series put a smile on my face and raised the review from 4 stars to 5, kudos Kresley...that was well done. Even without this I would have recommended this book as part of the series....more info
  • The King Claims His Queen
    This book sparkled from the first sentence. Love the lead-in with introducing Sabine's character. I finished this book yesterday and I loved it. It was dark in a way that the others weren't quite dark. The usurped kingdom of Rothkalina has some dark happenings under the helm of Omort the Deathless. I believe this is also do in part to the fact that the heroine is supposed to be evil in this story. I wouldn't exactly call her evil. I'd call her pragmatic. She's had a rough life that taught her to look out for Number One and her sister. She died several times, and faced enemies out for her blood innumerable times. She was raised in a environment where kindness was considered weakness, and where she always had to be on guard. In that context, she didn't come off as evil. But juxtaposed to virtuous King Rydstrom, she probably does seem amoral. I admired Sabine for her survivor traits and for being down to earth about who she was. She was a sensual being, she liked her gold, and she liked to dress dramatically. And she was do what was necessary and wouldn't hesitate in the doing of of it.
    That is the great thing about this story. Rydstrom and Sabine are soulmates. They may not view life the same way, but I felt they were a great pair because their strengths complemented each other. And although Sabine is not exactly what Rydstrom thought he wanted in a queen, it turns out she is exactly what he needed, and vice versa.
    I hesitate to call this story a redemption story, because I don't believe that Sabine is actually redeemed all that much. She does learn to let others into her heart and to allow herself to care, but she was never a person who killed for no reason or went out of her way to hurt others. Merely, she was a person who was hardened to others. And we see that she does grow in her ability to feel for others. It was nice to see her bond with the demon orphan Puck, despite the fact that she has no use for children, and her kind is raised to look down on demons. She will always be a bit of a wild card, who has moral flexibility, yet it is clear that she won't harm innocents, and is devoted to her King and would do anything for him. I truly believe she will be an excellent Queen for Rothkalina.
    A purist would find some of the happenings in this book somewhat objectionable. This story has a lot of bondage, control, and captive themes. The pages get flipped around and the captive becomes the captor. I didn't have issues with the way things unfold because it was very true to the characters and the storyline. Although Rydstrom is a boy scout type hero, every person has their limits as to what they will take, and he is also a Rage Demon who has been under lots of stress for millenia. So it made sense that he would explode or implode at some point. And Sabine was following through to her nature as an extreme pragmatist of a morally flexible disposition. Considering what Sabine did to Rydstrom in the first part of the book, I felt that it was fair what Rydstrom did to Sabine when he got the opportunity. The term parity was used. I believe there was definitely parity in his treatment of her. The great thing is the huge lie that he told Sabine was acutally laughed off by her and she was proud of him for doing it. It was an interesting moment to read, as I was expecting the stuff to hit the fan, but Sabine laughs and says that she is proud of him for doing what he did. So in the end, they were a very interesting couple with a unique dynamic between them for a romance.
    I really liked how the relationship issues were resolved between Ryd and Sabine. He didn't feel that he could trust Sabine to stay with him, and he had to learn that she would stay with him out of choice, so he had to learn to trust her love for him. Sabine had to learn to do what she said she would instead of lying all the time, which she did. She had to learn to trust someone to take care of her, as she had always taken care of herself or her sister, and vice versa. And she had to learn to allow herself to be loved and to trust in that love. She wanted a strong man, but then she had to realize that a strong man would want to protect his woman. For a woman used to being in control, surrendering control must have been extremely difficult. I can understand having those issues, because I don't like depending on others or being under someone's control. So in that way I could identify with her, due to my own trust and control issues.
    The world-building and fantasy elements in this story were excellent. It was exciting to keep reading and to see more of the Lore world that Cole has written. Fundamentally, this is a very steamy paranormal romance, but it is also just as good as fantasy on the sword and sorceror side, if the readers doesn't mind lots of steamy, descriptive sex scenes. The humor is also excellent, and I found myself laughing out loud many times. I really admire the way that Cole can combine humor and intensity in her books. She is the queen of great one liners. This along with the sexy men and their devotion to the women they love, is what keeps me coming back to her books, and the Immortals After Dark in particular. Not to mention the wonderful, mythical world she has created, using her imagination, and the old folklore and myths that I grew up hearing. And I love that her heroines are strong and real-life, with their share of flaws and admirable traits.
    It was great to get inside of the Demon King's head and to see his conflict with Cadeon from his viewpoint. To see what his struggle has been. And his loneliness waiting for his true female. You feel for him because all along, having a woman to love was probably just as important as regaining his throne, but he couldn't wear his heart on his sleeve since he was a King. Thus issues are deeper than it seemed on the outside. Yes, Ryd was upset that his kingdom was lost, but he also was upset with the way he felt that Cadeon was wasting his life. I was glad to see the brothers make up and come to an understanding of each other. Rydstrom turns out to be a three-dimensional character with a good and a bad side, and with scores of passion locked inside of his methodical demeanor. He is as intense as they came, and boy do I love the intense heroes. I loved his fixation on Sabine, although at times, it seemed quite out of control, but then Sabine was a pretty maddening heroine to deal with for a man/demon like Rydstrom. I was glad that in my opinion, he never truly hurt her or did anything beyond the pale, based on their unusual relationship.
    It's also great to see appearances by other members of the Lore, such as Nix, who always has a rather pivotal role, Holly, fighting off some massive morning sickness, and a brief appearance by Regin. It's like seeing old friends again, and catching up. We also get to meet some new characters that I hope to see more of. I feel that there is much to be resolved between Sabine's sister Melanthe and Thronos, who is out for her blood. Future couple? I think yes. I am also intrigued by Lothaire, a Fallen vampire, who seems like he may not be as evil as one would think.
    So when this book ended, I was sad. I wanted to read more, and experience more of this universe. But I enjoyed every moment of the reading. I hope that Cole continues to write these books long into the future, and I can't wait to see how the Ascension goes down, as we see the formidable Lore being paired up and forming the force for the good....more info
  • Kiss of a Demon King
    Kiss of a Demon King is full of magic, mayhem, sorcery and sensuality. The closer to the end I got the slower I read because I knew once the story ended. Brillant!!! I can't wait for book 7.
    ...more info
  • kiss of a Demon King( Immortals after Dark, Book 6)
    Kiss of a Demon King was exactly as I hoped it would be. Fans of Kresley Cole's Immortals after Dark series have previously read of Rydstrom Woede, the Fallen Demon King. And if you are like me, you fell in love. He's big, gorgeous,loyal and all Demon. Hubba-hubba. In the opener he has the opportunity to finally claim his kingdom, but is distracted by the sexy seductress and sorceress of illusions Sabine. Sabine isn't the kind of a womnan the Rydstrom would normally go for. But she's exactly what he needs. THe two have a stormy relationship which is always very hot. And at times very amusing. I loved the book! But so far, I've loved all of Kresley Cole's books. Please! Read this book! Trust me, you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • So boring...
    I feel a bit guilty for being the dissenting vote, but I find this book boring. It's a bit surprising really since I love this series. However, the last two books were just ok. For this latest book, the plot's a little thin. Omort was supposedly THE ULTIMATE villain since he's the warrior of evil, but he let the heroin, Sabine, manipulate him throughout. I never felt like Sabine was in any danger from him eventhough she's under his control for centuries. Sometimes, it seems as if Omort is scared of Sabine instead of the other way around.

    The other problem I had is with Sabine. According to the plot, she's not evil or good. But she allowed people of the kingdom suffered without even bother to do anything about it. It's because it's not beneficiary to her to help these people. It's all about her. She's at least an accomplice with Omort for doing nothing. She has no sympathy for anyone. How does that make her not evil? She knew she was the fated mate of our hero, Rydstrom, for centuries. So why doesn't she seek him out long ago to ask for help to do SOMETHING? Even if she's not interested in rescuing the people of the kingdom, she could use him to get away from Omort. For someone who is supposedly smart, why did she wait so long?

    For the plot: the author had built this plot for the last two books. Rydstrom fought to get his kingdom back for over a thousand years, and was unable to because of this oh so great foe. Yet, at the end, it took about one 4 paragraphs to defeat him. What a let down.

    It felt like the author is rushing her work to meet a deadline with this book. As a reader, I felt no connection with Sabine, and had no sympathy for her. I thought her sister was more deserving of the hero. At the end of the day, I have no idea why Rydstrom loved her so much. I'm contemplating not buying the next one, but borrow it from the library instead. If you haven't bought the book yet, buy it used to save a few bucks. Or better yet, borrow it from the library. In my opinion, it's not worth the money.
    ...more info
  • The Demon Surprise
    This book will keep you captivated. Rydstrom has many surprises on his journey.

    Just when Rydstrom Woede the Demon King thinks he has just come across his best chance to defeat his enemy Omort and win his Kingdom back; little does he know Omort has set a trap for him using his evil and most feared half sister Sabine the Queen of Illusions. Ryd is captured by Sabine and discovers she is his fated mate. Which is appears like fate is laughing at him, since he is an honorable man that never lies and puts duty first. Much of the story centers on Ryd's capture and Sabine's quest to seduce him. I found their story very interesting and I actually liked Sabine for him; even though Sabine is deemed as evil, arrogant, liar, and totally unpredictable. Sabine is all but evil she is actually smart, determined and very confident in her abilities and so is Rydstrom. That is why I think their story works. I liked the sex between them as well. I like that is was not soft and solely romantic.

    I also like the fact that I could see many of the sub-characters having their own role in next books. This book left you waiting for the next book. With questions like what does the Vampire want? What hidden role/talent will Sabine's sister have? Why did Omort love all the sisters but Lanthe?
    ...more info
  • Kiss of the Demon King (The Immortals After Dark, Book 6)
    Read it twice to really enjoy, I loved it the 2nd time around. I really hope the series continues....more info
  • Fantastic author, great series, good book.
    I never post reviews, but was so suprised by some of the postings that I felt I must. I don't like spoilers, so I won't write one. But, I will tell you that this book is witty, sexy, and enjoyable from beginning to end. Put it this way, I have 5 children and little time but I sacrificed much including sleep to devour this book in 24 hours!!
    I have read that some are disappointed with the heroine, Sabine, but I personally enjoyed her and her journey to figure out who she is after 500 years of waiting. She made me laugh out loud.
    A good book should envelope you in its bindings and I always enjoy entering into a journey with Kresley Cole....more info
  • I Loved The Heroine
    Let me start off by saying that Kiss of a Demon King is closely tied to another book in the series, Dark Desires After Dusk. To read this book you don't need to have followed the whole series, but I strongly recommend reading the book that I just mentioned. It is the story of Cade, Rydstrom's brother, and has a few scenes that are a duplicate of those in this story. Also, they basically follow the same time line and involve most of the same people.

    Sabine, Queen of Illusions, is half-sister to Omort the Deathless. She's in a pretty messy situation. She and her sister, Lanthe, have been stuck with Omort because of the poison he has that they need to live. Omort is not her favorite person, and he's creeping her out with his incestuous lusting. She's determined to get her sister and her out from under Omort's thumb. She believes she has the perfect opportunity in Rydstrom. Omort knows of a prophecy that tells of Sabine being Rydstrom's mate. The child they produce together will unlock the secrets of the Well of Souls. He plans to have Sabine capture him and get herself pregnant. Sabine, being the ruthless individual she is, is totally ok with this plan. She knows that this is her perfect chance to take control. If she has a child she can unlock the Well of Souls for her own use. Better a queen of Rothkalina rather than a king anyway, right?

    For Rydstrom's part he's determined to kill Omort and regain his crown. He believes he's finally answered the question of how to kill someone who is deathless. He starts his brother, Cade, on the search for the Vessel and plans to meet up with him. Unfortunately he gets caught in one of Sabine's illusions and becomes trapped in his own castle's dungeon. He's none to pleased about that and is incredulous over Sabine's plan. Unfortunately for her, even if she got pregnant the child wouldn't be recognized unless they were married first. While Sabine is plotting them getting married and getting pregnant, Rydstrom is plotting on how to get free and enact his own revenge against her.

    I know that many people found Sabine unlikable, but I didn't. I was impressed with her `look out for number one' attitude. She's died again and again throughout her life. I'd think she was a fool if she wasn't always plotting about how to turn a situation to her advantage. I loved that she was able to move beyond the fact that her group, the Sorceri, weren't very strong compared to the rest of the Lore. I really liked the fact that she stayed basically the same character throughout the book. As she and Rydstrom got closer they had to adapt and be willing to bend with each other, but never did either of them break some supposed `bad' trait in each other. Very refreshing.

    Rydstrom was less of a favorite character for me. However, I think it's because I sympathized with Cade more in the last book and thought his brother was a butthead. I guess I never really got over that. I liked that I got to see his point of view on the reasons that Cade got sent away. The reminiscing over little Cade made me have an `awwwww' moment for Rydstrom. I actually liked that Rydstrom was such a stick in the mud in the beginning. I think he and Sabine really complimented each other. I love that Cole did not make Rydstrom a martyr. I loved the insight into how he sometimes felt the burden of his people and all their expectations. I thought that was very realistic.

    I guess my major dislike about the book was the ending. All that buildup through various books and the fight for Rothkalina is over? Hmmmm... Very unsatisfying. I thought I'd get more than a page of the fight. I had to re-read to make sure I hadn't skipped something. Very anticlimactic. Also, all this time was devoted to Rydstrom's kinky fantasies and there seemed to be no follow through. There was one spanking scene but that was it. I wondered why the kinkiness was brought up so often if nothing was going to be done with it.

    One thing I really loved: A reason for being a virgin that makes sense. Finally! Also, someone who admits to being a virgin in only the technical sense. I thought that was more realistic than most virgins (or near virgins) who hated anything to do with sex because of one bad experience.

    I'm also so glad that the titles have stopped being so similar. I was getting really confused!
    ...more info
  • Kiss Of A Demon King by Kresley Cole
    "With me, nothing is as it seems. It's usually much, much worse. And then--What do you mean I only get one epigraph? I get as many as I please. Only pre-eviscerated people have ever said things like that to me."
    --Sabine of the Sorceri,
    Queen of Illusions,
    anointed princess of Rothkalina

    "That sorceress might be an evil bitch, but she's my evil bitch. And I'll have no other."
    --Rydstrom Woede,
    fallen demon king of Rothkalina

    Kiss of a Demon King is the sixth installment in the Immortals After Dark Series by New York Times Bestselling author, Kresley Cole.

    Fallen demon king, Rydstrom Woede is known for his calm and steadfastness in the eye of a storm--completely unheard of in a Rage demon. But all is about to change. He's found a way to get his throne and kingdom back from Omort the Deathless, a foe who could never be killed. Omort and his followers have desecrated Castle Torin and its heritage long enough and payback is about to be deadly.

    It's said there is only one thing that will slay the immortal sorcerer. A sword made by Groot the Metallurgist-- enemy of his enemy and half brother to Omort-- guaranteed to kill the Deathless one. Rydstrom races at break neck speed-- purpose bound to make it to his brother to gather--a prize so rare -- is what the demon wants in exchange for the sword. But little does he know what awaits him on a dark desolate road.

    Sent by her half-brother, Omort the Deathless to capture Rydstrom, Sabine, Queen of Illusion has her own plans for the demon king. She's plotted, waiting five hundred years to claim her king and nothing her sick sadistic brother wants or does will interfere with what she desires. She's lived and died more times than she can count and no fallen demon king--no matter how devastating devilishly hot is going to get anything but her body

    Drawn to the strange beauty walking towards him, Rydstrom can't help but be intrigued and follow. I mean geesh, he's waited fifteen long lonely centuries for fate to send him his virtuous demoness queen who will stand beside as he rules over Rothkalina. Enough is enough. Plus how can any on blame Rydstrom for not resisting such a creature that begs and promises to fulfill all of his deepest darkest fantasies. Little does he know that before the night is over the Queen of Illusion wants more than his body but a vow that was predestined before time.

    But bigger troubles lay ahead that neither are aware of. Her brother plots to make Sabine his own queen, while The Vrekners hunt for her and her sister as payback for killing their leader. Also, Sabine is hiding a very dark and bitter secret that keeps her coming back to her hated brother needing more of what only he can provide.

    How can two wounded souls learn to trust each other when one doesn't know how to tell the truth? And the other is driven on by a deep revenge that he can't see what is so clearly fated for him in front of his own eyes.

    Ms. Cole's eclectic take of the Underworld offers her readers a heart racing--grab you by the seat of your pants excitement and doesn't let you up for breath until it's rattled your very senses. She's a master at weaving intricate details and human emotions making her characters so tangible that you long to be in the book racing against( and even getting caught) demons, werewolves, and vampires. She's taken the Lore to an all new level of heighten anticipation.

    Readers if you looking for high octane-- fuel injected-- burn up the pages as you read than don't miss out on the Kiss of a Demon King. Ms. Cole never fails to give her readers what they want, romance, intrigue, hot steamy love scenes and heart racing drama, that keeps you coming back for more.

    Happy Reading!

    ...more info
  • Opinions, Opinions...
    everybody has one. I, for one thought Ms. Cole got it right. Sabine with the outfits and quirky cool. Rydstrum with the kink and the bod...even cooler. The storyline was full of mayhem, witticism and sensuality. And I didn't get bored, not once, couldn't wait for the next chapter. The Wroth brothers (love the vamps) were remarkablly hot and their stories were a fascinating read (except for Conrad) however the Woede boys are just as. But hey, that just MY opinion. ...more info
  • I feel so bad for this...
    2 Stars??? I know!!! My friends are going to think I've lost my mind but I just didn't like it that much. I don't think I've ever given Cole less than 4 Stars so I do feel kind of guilty for dishing out the 2. The main reason I didn't like "Kiss of The Demon King" was the first half of the book was the same thing over and over and over (tie him up...tease him...tie him up...tease to my sister...tie him up...tease to my sister...)Blah! I love this author, but this book was a total let down for me....more info
  • Kiss of a Demon King
    The time has finally come for Sabine, Queen of Illusions, to fulfill her destiny. Sabine has survived many hardships and is more than ready for this particular destiny, especially when she can use it to give her more power. Sabine knows that it is going to take a lot of persuasion to convince her demon that she is his "one" and to marry her, but she is never one to back down from a challenge.

    Rydstrom Woede is the fallen Demon King of Rothkalina and he is more than ready to get his kingdom back from Omort. Finally, he just might have found the source to get the one thing that will allow him to win this battle. However Rydstrom was not expecting the detour that Sabine gave him on the way to collect it. Now he is in his own dungeon and needs to figure out just what Sabine is up to and why.

    Sabine knows all too well that just because you might be a favorite at court does not mean life is going to be easy. Rydstrom and Sabine battle the lust between them while on opposite sides of the good/bad equation. However once the tables have been turned can Rydstrom show Sabine just what he requires in a queen and can Sabine find a way to be what Rydstorm wants while getting what she desires too. With more than just a kingdom at stake, Sabine and Rydstorm team up to become the ultimate winners in this battle of wills, strengths and passion.

    Take one evil sorceress and one good, but fallen king and you have the ingredients for one of the more interesting couples ever. Kiss of a Demon King shows that good and evil are not just black and white but also that fated love rules over all. Sabine has kept herself pure, believe it or not, until the time was right for her to meet her mate. Rydstorm has all but given up ever finding his fated mate, only to find her in someone he might not be able to trust. The sparks that flew every time Sabine and Rydstorm were together showed me that it was going to be a bumpy ride to the altar. Between plots that didn't always work like they should, mistrust and misunderstandings of behaviors and a passion that could not be ignored; I was captivated while watching Sabine and Rydstorm come to terms with their love and regain the power they both wanted. The humor that was underlying the entire time gave Kiss of a Demon King that extra something that had me turning the pages rapidly. I also have to say that kooky Nix was her usually insane self.

    Kiss of a Demon King is written so you don't have to have read the series up to know to enjoy Sabine and Rydstorm antics. But you might be looking for the rest of the series after meeting the various secondary characters. If you are looking for a paranormal that isn't all dark and broody, you can't miss with Kiss of a Demon King.

    Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed...more info
  • Another Great Addition to the IAD Series
    Kresley Cole has written yet another great novel to add to her IAD collection. I very much enjoyed the chemistry of the main characters; they have a different spark between them that is unique to her series. I also appreciated that half this book found either Sabine or Rydstrom in restraints - this detail fit well into the characterization and was a fun change of pace from the other novels in her series. Kiss of a Demon King is a nice touch to her paranormal series. ...more info
  • Best One so Far in the Series!
    Kresley Cole is a master in her art. She has NOT lost her touch in her books and each new story that comes out is more intersting than the last. I love the complexity of her plots, the interesting characters, and most of all the humor. I was originally a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon but then she went off the rocker and her books started to read like crap. She has too many storylines going on "dream hunter, were hunter, dark hunter, etc" that I believe Kenyon has lost touch with what made her so popular to begin with. I almost threw in the towel because of how bad these books were, and was about to stop reading paranormal romance, when I came across Kresley Cole's books. Now I have hope again that there are some worth authors out ther who can actually enthrall their readers and keep them coming. I hope Kresley Cole does not lose her touch and so I look forward to the next book in her series. I especially enjoyed Sabine's character because she was not your regular heroine. Read this book. Its awesome. I loved every page of it....more info
  • My wife liked this book.
    I just asked her if she liked this book. She told me, "It was alright.", with a shrug of her shoulder....more info
  • wonderful urban romantic fantasy
    Rydstrom Woede knows how far he has fallen when he rejects the human females' offer of a lap dance at the Tongue and Groove Strip Club in Louisiana. The former Demon King of the Rothkalina plane plots to regain his Castle Tornin throne lost to the sorcerer Omort the Deathless who cannot die. Hell he beheaded his foe nine centuries ago and instead of victory Rydstrom was fortunate to escape alive. His current ally Groot is Omort's brother who wants the Deathless one dead; Rydstrom's theory is simply your enemy's enemy, etc.

    Omort's half-sister Sabine the Sorceress of Illusions is as evil as her siblings with one exception; her need especially when she was a tweener more than a century ago is to protect her younger sister Lanthe from their kin and the Vreckners. When she meets and captures Rydstrom, she makes him prisoner of her body. However, though she knows she needs to deliver his head on a silver platter to Omort, something strange occurs as he somehow conquers her heart: Likewise Rydstrom knows he must kill her before she betrays him, but somehow she has captured his heart and soul (though he doubts he has the latter as that is a human frailty). As they fall in love, both need to team up to survive her family especially Omort, but neither trusts the other; instead they make love, fight foes and anticipate duplicity.

    The latest Immortals After Dark saga (See DARK NEEDS AT NIGHT'S EDGE, NO REST FOR WICKED and A HUNGER LIKE NO OTHER) is a wonderful urban romantic fantasy starring two fascinating individuals whose respective morality differs radically from most Americans. The story line is fast-paced from the onset as the demon warrior and the sorceress queen compete for the top position in their relationship. Fans of the Cole mythos will relish this superb entry succinctly summed up at the beginning by Rydstrom: "This sorceress might be an evil b*tch, but she's my evil b*tch. And I'll have no other."

    Harriet Klausner
    ...more info
  • 5 Stars - Kresley Cole Does It Again
    Since a few have written summaries, I'll be skipping that part...

    Kiss of a Demon King in the Immortals After Dark series is, once again, an awsome novel not to be missed by anyone who likes to read paranormal romance with an alpha male and a strong and intellegent lead female. You will definately fall in love with both the characters as they fell in love with each other.

    Rystrom's character was much developed in previous books in the series, and much more character development is done in this book. He is a fallen king, trying to reclaim his kingdom. As much as his character couldn't be classified as "fun," he definately has a very wild side, and Kresley had portrayed that side of him extremely well in this novel.

    Sabine, the Queen of Illusions, being the classfied as everything "evil" has much redeeming qualities. True, she is selfish sometimes (or half of the times), but the selfishness in her was very logically explained by her past experiences. She is also strong and intellegent, like all heroines in Kresley's books.

    One flaw (and I don't even think it's a flaw) that I would point out in this book is the first third of the portion being slightly repetitive. It consisted mainly of Sabine trying to seduce Rystrom, him trying not to be seduced, her trying to seduce him again, and him trying to resist again. However, I am still giving this book a solid 5 star because I felt all of that, although a little repetitive, was necessary for the two characters to fall as deeply in love with each other as they did in the end. I believe that I would not have felt the same if any of that part was left out, or the seduction process was reduced. Plus, during that section of the book, there were also a lot of character development going on, no just plain lemon.

    Although this book can be read as a stand-alone, begining with the first book of the serious would let you understand much more of the world Kresley have created. Or at least read Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Rystrom's brother, Cadeon's story) first, imo.

    So, again, if you love alpha male and a lead female who can rival him, Kiss of a Demon King, or any of the Immortals After Dark series for that matter of fact, don't miss this book....more info
  • Ok read
    This book was an okay read and I think I am being generous with that. The characters spent so much time punishing each other sexually that I could not see how they would manage to ever have a healthy relationship. ...more info
  • Great addition to the series
    I would not say this is my favorite one in the series but it's way far from disappointing! Sabine is definitely different from Ms. Cole's other heroines and that's what makes her special. Rydstrom really met his match in her.
    Please don't be discouraged by negative reviews! This book is still worth getting and reading! I thoroughly enjoyed it and thinks it's as good as the other books in the series!...more info
  • The Magic of an Honorable King's Kiss turns a Selfish Sorceress into a Worthy Queen
    The Immortals After Dark Series:

    A Hunger Like No Other *****(One of my favorite romance novels ever!)

    No Rest for the Wicked ***(Great adventure, but heroine is hard to like. Awesome hero!)

    Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night*****(Yum.)

    Dark Needs at Night's Edge****1/2(Good, but a bit slow at times.)

    Dark Desires at Dusk*****(Excellent!)

    Kiss of the Demon King*****(Awesome! Honorable King teaches nasty sorceress to love and give.)


    Always a series that I await with bated breath, IAD has another incredible entry in "Kiss of the Demon King". Cole heats up the pages with decadent loves scenes, while building and progressing a moving love story. Plenty of tension-easing laughs and fun updates for some past characters from the IAD series. You'll also enjoy a journey across the king's lost lands and feel his dread over the loss of them. King Rydstrom is a hero with a heart of fierce loyalty, strength, and honor. Sabine, AKA "Queen of Illusions", is a heroine whom you will first hate, then learn to like as the king's goodness teaches her to love, give of herself unselfishly, and trust.

    Sabine: "You've taken me to the most hazardous place in the entire kingdom- home of R.O.U.S.'s..."

    Rydstrom: "Rodents of Unusual Size? I don't think they exist."

    What better way to "humanize" the heroine character than to make her a movie buff who loves all the same films as the readers? Cole hit the jack-pot with this idea, adding several fun references like this one.

    Laughs, tension, adventure, romance, steamy love scenes, loyalty, betrayal, and the evolution of the queen's soul. This is a total-package story.

    Sabine, Queen of Illusions, is a sorceress who can bend reality. According to prophecy, she is to be the wife of Rydstrom, the demon king. She will birth their son, whom will eventually grow to unlock the mystical "Well of Souls". The well is said to be filled with endless powers. Being a selfish woman, Sabine uses illusion to capture the king and hold him captive. She will force the marriage and conceive the child, then kill the king and keep the power for herself.

    Rydstrom has sacrificed centuries for the good of his people. He refuses to give the sorceress what she seeks. He plans to escape and take her with him. Once he has her in his power, he will exact revenge.

    As he takes her on a journey across his lands, Rydstrom realizes that he is hoping to teach Sabine goodness. This sorceress has proven to be his one true fated mate. If he can change her heart, he can live his dreams of peace and family for all eternity. First, he must get her to his New Orleans home, where he can protect her from his most dangerous and deadly enemy.

    If you are new to this series, definitely read them in order. The series starts here:
    A Hunger Like No Other (The Immortals After Dark Series, Book 1)

    While reading "Kiss of the Demon King", Cole references a paranormal romance series known as "The Lords of the Underworld" series. It isn't a series I personally enjoy, but many readers do. If you'd like to try it, the series begins with this title:
    The Darkest Night (Lords of the Underworld, Book 1)

    If you didn't recognize the reference to the movie quotes in my review, where the heck have you been?!?! Everyone must watch the movie "The Princess Bride" at least a dozen times. I believe it is a life requirement. Here is a link to the DVD:
    The Princess Bride (20th Anniversary Edition)...more info
  • Kiss Me ..My Wicked Demon!
    Rydstrom "The Fallen King"...well I must say he has met his match from Sabine! The attraction between the two..were uncanny!
    The story started of alittle slow, but all in all it turned out to be a pretty good read. keep up the good work Kresley Cole....more info
  • KC what happened???
    Rystrom was introduced in earlier books and was developed as a very likeable character. It was regretful he was set up to love Sabine who was a very UNlikeable character. In comparison to the previous Immortals After Dark books Rystrom's story, Kiss of the Demon King was a disappointment.

    Kresley Cole is an amazing author and in most cases you never want her stories to end. This book is the exception. It started out very slow and I found it hard to get into. The story itself is weak, circulating mostly around Sabine's desire to seduce Rystrom. Their love never really developed, it was just there. This book just lacks the "I can't put this book down" that the other Immortals After Dark books have.

    ...more info
  • 3 - 3.5 *'s
    Hello fans of Immortals After Dark. Rydstrom (dethroned King of the Rage demons) and Sabine (lower Lore Sorceress). First off I am a BIG FAN of the series, I have enjoyed all of Kresley Cole's books thus far and they have all rated 4-5*'s, until this one. It read more like a bondage)novel than an Action Packed Paranormal Romance. I loved Rydstroms character from all the other books he was previously mentioned in but neither him or Sabine really made it to the Characters We Love or even Love to Hate category from this book. It did not seem liked they loved each other even at the end, it seemed like they both settled. I like the Demons and I LOVED Cadeon's book (Rydstroms brother) and can't weight to read Rok's story(Cade's former room mate). This book made me pause over the Valkyrie's and Witch's, because they just seemed like Female Frat Pledges instead of Centuries old strong female warrior's. I like them they way the are, strong, modern and irreverant, but pull back from the Frat Girl arena a little.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEDND THIS SERIES: If you are a fan: you should read this book as a continuations of the series and to catch up on where the characters we love are. It is still a good read, just not great. No one can knock out a 5* everytime. If you are new to the series: I think its still good but you should go back and read the previous novels also, they are ones to buy and re-read again and again. Also check out the MacCarick btohers series by Kresley Cole, EXCELLENT....more info
  • Kiss of a Demon King
    One word to describe Kresley Coles latest book in the series Immortal After Dark. Amazing!...more info
  • kiss of a Demon King by Kresley Cole
    this book was great i couldn`t put it down until the end. I was glad to see the closure for the two brothers but she left enough open for you to wonder about other characters....more info
  • It was okay.
    Not my favorite Kresley Cole book. It was a bit too long for my liking. Also the hate between the main characters lasted too long. I understand playing hard to get but sometimes if it goes on too long, you learn not to care. ...more info
  • One of Cole's best
    In one of her best novels yet, Kresley Cole takes her readers to the demon kingdom of Rothkalina, where deposed king Rydstrom Wade is prisoner, prey to the wiles of Sorceri female Sabine. Determined to make herself his bride for her nefarious purposes, she counts on everything except his abilities to turn the tables and make her into his prisoner - and the possibility of falling in love with the former ruler.

    Being in the paranormal realm doesn't make politics any less bloody, and as Rydstrom and Sabine prepare to take on with the "deathless", unlawful ruler of Rothkalina, Omort, who holds Sabine's life in the balance. But throughout the supernatural world, Rydstrom has allies, and an enchanted sword that could allow him to reclaim his throne.

    Full of lust and hot romance, Kiss of a Demon King is a fantastic read. I adored this book, though I would recommend reading it along with the rest of the series for full effect. It stands alone, but placed within an already-lively universe makes it even better. Full of both sizzling scenes and well-crafted plot, this book will be read over and over. ...more info
  • Ugh...What a disappointment!!
    I am a HUGH fan of Kresley Cole. But, I am not a hugh fan of "Kiss of a Demon King." It was rather boring up until the last couple of chapters. I found it lack the ingredients she always used from her previous books. It was very wordy. I did not like Sabine! I felt she was too evil, wicked, mean and a nasty little liar. I found myself disliking her throughout the entire book. Rydstrom Woede deserved a much better queen. I think Nix (the crazy Valkyrie) would have been a better match. I waited for this story for soooo long......what a disappointment. If you have not read anything else from Kresley Cole, please don't let this story turn you off. She really is a fantastic writer. Read "Dark Desires after Dark," one of my favorites and it is the story of Cadeon Woede. ...more info
  • Loved This Book, but....
    3.5 stars...

    I first bought this book before reading all of the others. I completely devoured it in two days. I would have given this book five stars, if it were a stand alone. BUT after reading all six books in the series, I feel sort of let down, like I'd been handed the old Johanna Lindsey premise where you know exactly how the plot is going to play out. In Lindsey's novels, you always knew something would tear the hero and heroine apart and nine times our of ten there was going to be a secret baby at the end.

    And in Cole's novels, you always know to expect:

    *The heroine will have tons of shortcomings/insecurities to the point she is annoying

    *The hero ALWAYS discovers the heroine is his mate BEFORE she does, thus he has to spend the entire book convincing the heroine she is even to the point he is brow beaten and tortured the whole time.

    *The heroine is FINALLY convinced the hero is her mate after tons of orgasmic convincing.

    *And once the heroine is FINALLY convinced she ALWAYS faces some life and death situation.

    The series is unfortunately too predictable. Even to the point, the reader already know the same thing will play out in Murdock & Danielle's and Regin & The Beserker's story. I'm holding out for Nix. At least she admits to being a stalker like all the heroes.

    Don't get me wrong, Ms. Cole's voice is the most refreshing and one of the best I've read in a VERY long time. Cole for once puts a different twist on an oversaturated genre. If I have to read one more blurb with a detective investigating a string of disturbing murders or an immortal who is a special operative for the government, I'm going to retch.

    BUT can we for ONCE have a twist in the plot. How about the hero needs convincing. Maybe the heroine isn't so devestatingly beautiful or maybe she's plump. And for once, can the hero almost get the 187 with the heroine coming to his rescue!

    ...more info
  • And What a Wonderful Kiss it is...
    Rydstrom Woede is an interesting character. He is what you would call a stand up, handsome guy who really just wants what is best for his people and his kingdom. He has been putting his kingdom and his struggle to win it back above everything else in his life, until he is sidetracked by the stunningly sexy and beautiful Sabine, Queen of Illusions. Suddenly he is struggling with a battle within himself on whether he should go on and continuing trying to save his kingdom or allow himself to get lost with this beautiful sorceress, but before he can make up his mind he finds himself trapped and chained to a bed to be used at Sabine's disposal. He vows for revenge.

    Kiss of a Demon King truly shocked me. I didn't think that it was possible for it to be as good as A Hunger Like No Other, the first in the series, but it definitely is. I love this story, the way the characters battled wills and swore revenge on one another, only to find themselves hopelessly in love. This book is definitely in my top 10. ...more info
  • 2.5 stars
    'Kiss of a Demon King' has the trademarks of what I like in a paranormal romance.

    Brooding hero- check
    Sassy, funny heroine- check
    Wilder sex scenes- check and check!
    More worldbuilding and juicy insights - check

    However great those seperate things are though, they did not come together fluidly .

    From the get go, Sabine is introduced as being slightly cold (well dying a few times might have that effect) and having a wickedly dark sense of humor. Alright. So we anticipate the peeling back of layers to get to why she's that way, and for her to prove she is a worthy mate to the king. Sadly I didn't get that.

    While I get that Cole wanted to portray an unlikely mate for Rydstrom, I don't think she made Sabine to be his equal. For one, Sabine treats Rydstrom mercilessly, and while Cole may have included a spanking scene to even the balance of power, I don't think it worked.

    There was a disconnect between how I perceived Sabine, and what I believe was Cole's intent. For example when she continuously referred to Puck, the orphan demon boy as 'it'. I know it was meant to be funny, and I recognize the humor, however it does nothing to endear Sabine to me as a heroine. (Does that make sense?) Cole wanted to give Rystorm a heroine that would question himself and make him step outside the box. I just think Sabine was a bit too wild and untamed with no true heart.

    Besides sexual release, and the fact that she was fated to be Rydstorms mate (something she treated lightly, in my opinion) there was actually nothing I liked about Sabine. Well her makeup and clothing sounded interesting, though I had a mental picture of a Carnival reveler (a la Brazil Carnival etc)complete with a huge headdress traipsing behind a glowering demon.

    Pretty much my entire quarrel with the book is the heroine. I will recommend it since it's part of an awesome series, and you definetely must read it , but it is my least favorite so far. ...more info
  • Prisoners of Love - well of Lust -- Sensual Torture for Rydstrom and his mate
    Kiss of a Demon King intersects briefly with his brother Cade's story in the previous Immortals After Dark book so that coming into KoaDK we already know that: Rydstrom is kidnapped by Sabine the sorceress of Illusions (sister to his enemy), that Sabine is `his woman' the mate that Rydstrom has spent 1500 years searching for, and that Sabine drives Rydstrom crazy - and boy does she ever.

    Rydstrom, from what we've seen of him in previous books, has always been so logic-driven and controlled and focused on regaining his lost kingdom above all else. The wicked selfish devious Sabine at first seems so mismatched a mate, that it looks like fate has played a joke on the long suffering demon who never lies. But even though Sabine shakes up Rydstrom's world and makes him question whether what he always thought he wanted is truly what he actually needs, there is never any question that he wants her - even when he doesn't want to want her.

    Sabine and Rydstrom both take turns as captor and captive, with Sabine first taking Rydstrom prisoner and submitting him to sensual torture in order to extract a marriage vow from him and then, Rydstrom turning the tables and kidnapping Sabine when he escapes in order to extract his own lust laden revenge. This means that the story is plenty steamy, since a good portion of the book is foreplay for the pair. But up until the last third of the book their relationship is more of a battle for dominance than a romance and Sabine's capitivity goes on a bit too long for me once Rydstrom is off doing `king stuff' and she is no longer his sole focus.

    One of my favorite parts of the book though was at the very start before all the steamy stuff, where Sabine tells the story of her many deaths to a group of prisoners while on a raid with her sister to steal some poor witch's power, what a great intro to her character. I love the fact that Sabine is a powerful in her own right, and of course that fact that she challenges Rydstrom's control and literally almost drives him crazy with lust - not to mention just plain insane in general - was a bonus. And even though the emotional 'break' that allows Sabine to finally seek the HEA-enabling-trust from Rydstrom's wasn't entirely in character - this is a woman who on the verge of death who still plots and schemes - I really like that Sabine still keeps her smart and wicked edge when all is said and done.

    I enjoyed Kiss of a Demon King though I think that Cade's story, Dark Desires After Dusk (The Immortals After Dark, Book 5), is still my favorite. Even though "Kiss" and "Dark Desires" are sort of a mini duo within the IAD series, this one is so much about Sabine and Rydstrom and less about the quest to regain the kingdom, that I think that you could probably read this without having read the previous book, but having read both, it was nice to see Cade finally get his due here.
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