The Duggars: 20 and Counting!: Raising One of America's Largest Families--How they Do It

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The Duggars: 20 and Counting! is a behind-the-scenes look at the supersize family that fascinates millions of television viewers around the world. From Idaho to Istanbul, people want to know how Arkansas parents Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar efficiently and lovingly manage seventeen (soon to be eighteen) happy, homeschooled children without going into debt -- or losing their minds!

This, the Duggars' first book, is an entertaining and enlightening collection of stories, photos, recipes, tips, traditions, and practical ideas designed to answer the questions of the curious, such as:

- Why do you have so many children?

- How do you provide for your family financially?

- How do you handle mealtimes? Transportation? Laundry? Birthdays?

- How are your children so well behaved?

- Why do all your children have names that begin with J?

Since their first documentary broke viewership records on the Discovery Health Channel, the Duggars have appeared in American and international news media, sharing their rock-solid faith and their overriding belief that "children are a blessing from God." In these pages, Jim Bob and Michelle share their story, beginning with their own childhoods. They reveal how their growing-up years shaped their philosophy of parenting. It continues with tales of their big, busy family, whose televised documentaries and frequent appearances in news shows and newspapers have created an international following.

The Duggars share, with humility and humor, the family routines and guidelines they've learned through biblical study and trial and error -- ideas that can help make your home a place of peace, love, and support:

- Financial lessons for debt-free living

- Organizing systems for a clutter-free home

- Homeschooling methods and schedules

- Training tips for little ones

- Relationship builders for older children

- Favorite Duggar family resources

Reading The Duggars: 20 and Counting! is like visiting this big, busy family right in their home: fascinating, inspiring -- and fun.

Customer Reviews:

  • Inspiring
    I am very inspired after reading this book. I think the Duggars are a wonderful God-centered family with fantastic values, a goal for us to all aspire to! This book is definitely worth reading, even if you don't run your family exactly like the Duggars do....more info
  • I couldn't put it down!
    I really enjoyed this book. I love watching the Duggar family on TLC. This book explains exactly what Jim Bob and Michelle have gone through to become what they are today. ...more info
  • Plenty good book
    Good book. Purchased for my wife as a gift. She enjoyed it very much. Good tips on organization and thinking outside the box.

    ~K...more info
  • Wildly entertaining and beyond inspiring!!!
    The book was put together in such a way as to reveal new information, show Michelle and Jim Bob in a humble and human manner and they are even more relatable than I could ahve imagined! They describe their journey and relevant stories from their past. The book is easy to read and it feels like you are sitting with them having a conversation about their life. I loved all the pictures, random tidbits of knowledge and recipes strewn throughout. I loved it an HIGHLY recommend purchasing it!!...more info
  • Loved it!
    When I first saw their show a couple years ago I thought they were a pretty strange family. I recently started watching the show more and finding them interesting. I decided to get their book and I ended up loving it! They have lived such an interesting life and they share so many great details about their family and how they run their house. I finished the book pretty quickly and felt inspired by their story.

    Jim Bob and Michelle are great parents and they work very hard to provide the best for their family. Their strong faith seems to have brought them many wonderful things in their life. I look forward to seeing more of their show!

    ...more info
  • Taking Control of your Fertility
    This book is informative and exciting. A must read if you're interested in birth control, getting pregnant, and learning about your body!...more info
  • Thoroughly Enjoyed!
    We don't have cable TV and had heard alot about the Duggar family from people who had watched the show. It made me curious so I had to order the book! It was such an encouragement to read about how they smoothly run a home with several young children. We have six children ages 9 1/2 down to 2 months old and can easily relate to many of the stories they shared about how long it takes to get everyone ready, the unexpected things that happen during the course of a day, etc. I am always looking for ways to better organize our home and make things run more efficiently. What a blessing to know that we are not alone in our belief that children are a gift from the Lord!...more info
  • WONDERFUL! A must read!
    If you love the show you'll love this book! Wonderfull, wonderfull, wonderfull insight on the family and their values!...more info
  • surprising inspiration
    I really enjoyed this book and was surprised at the inspiration I found here. I have enjoyed all the Duggar family shows, beginning in 2004 when I was pregnant with my last son in a high risk pregnancy. I didn't sleep well at night and caught an episode in the wee hours of the morning. I'm not sure how, but it helped me get through a tough time. I admire their steadfast Christian values, their honesty, their forthrightness in discussing personal issues in a way that can benefit and inspire readers. Their are truly using their lives as a example to inspire others. Although I have always like the family from that first show, I did think they were overly conservative on some of their lifestyle choices....the clothing choices ect..
    After reading the book, I get it.
    I know some people comment negatively on having so many children, but that has never been an issue for me. It works for them.....and they are a close loving family; how can anyone question that?
    I think the family has chosen a lifestyle that embraces God's design for humanity. Because of their example, I am inspired to do better in so many areas of my life....from redisovering Christian values to living a more frugal lifestyle, to learning to save money for what I want to purchase.
    I have learned alot through the book's commonsense and practical precepts and I am inspired to make changes in my lifestyle.
    There is no subject they don't discuss in this book. It is a great tool for family management, home organization, frugal living and Christian inspiration. I highly recommend this book to all readers!...more info
  • I'd give it 10 stars if I could
    Most of us have seen them on TV. If you're wondering if you should get the book, I would have to say "YES!!!" As stated before, there is a lot more in the book, that isn't shared thru the TV programs.

    Thru reading about them, written in their own words, you can see they are a simple, down to earth family. The book is written as if you were sitting there talking to Jim Bob and Michelle.

    An easy read, entertaining, helpful and encouraging. All my children have enjoyed it as well. My husband is looking forward to reading about Jim Bob's past business experiences. A great book for the entire family.

    They don't seem like TV stars after you read the book, it makes you realize they are just a simple family, like the rest of us (well, simple, but bigger, having twice as many children as we do)

    You won't be disappointed! Unless you already don't agree with their lifestyle. But if you are a Christian/QF/Homeschooling, etc family, you'll love it!!

    ...more info
  • Loved it! So refreshing, inspiring, and heartwarming to read.
    As a mom of 6, I just gained a lot of inspiration from this book and have the utmost respect for this family. Definitely have their priorities in the right place and are quick to admit their faults (albeit with humor) and share their strengths in the hope that their message will not only inspire others, but lead them to a closer relationship with their spouse, their children, and perhaps most importantly, with God. Loved this book and found it much more inspiring than Multiple Blessing by the Gosselins. Definitely worth every penny....more info
  • Duggar's 20 and counting
    This family is amazing and I enjoyed reading how they make it all work.
    Raising a family that size takes a lot of patience, but with their Christian values, they are a true inspiration....more info
  • The Duggars
    I got this book to give as a gift, but decided to keep it & lend it out to my grown children or anyone else who wants to know how you cope with more than one child. Parents with 18 are certainly qualified to provide advice & encouragement. There are pictures, albeit small as well as B&W & also some recipes. Most of all, it is the story of a family with the conservative Christian values, for those of us who consider that important. ...more info
  • Good and bad
    The book shifts from third person, back to first person frequently, making it a little bit hard to follow. I like the philosophy on saving money, but disagree with their stance on hitting children. If you wouldn't hit an adult, why is it appropriate to hit a small, defenseless child? Why do people feel they have to live by every single word in a book that written thousands of years ago? Can they not think for themselves? Some of the money saving tips are great, but these people are on the fringe of religious fanaticism, to the point where it just really turned me off. I would never hit an adult, much less a child and these people are just plain barbaric and wrong when it comes to this form of "correction"....more info
  • Love it!
    This was such a great book. I highly respect this family and their desire to serve the Lord through this ministry. What a picture of the power of prayer and how God answers it. I am so thankful for the practical insights to raising their family whether yours is big or small I believe this book is helpful....more info
  • Disgusting
    These people are odious religious fanatics who subscribe to an extremist christian philosophy (Quiverfull Movement)that beleives it is their duty to spread their beleifs by having as many children as possible. I feel so sorry for their daughters, who are being brainwashed to beleive their happiness and life's purpose is to get married to a man (her spiritual leader)her parents deem fit and then punch out baby after baby. Ugh, just disgusting....more info
  • Cheaper by the Dozen 2.0
    I was initially skeptical about a family this big and their
    appearance. I was concerned that they might be part off a cult like
    some of the polygamous Mormon groups recently in the news. I was
    pleasantly surprised to see from their TV show that the Duggars were a
    loving, normal (if plus-sized) family living out the convictions of
    their Christian faith in a way that is both admirable and encouraging.
    This book invites fans of the show to get a more personal look at
    this unique family by telling us:
    -How Jim Bob and Michelle first met (he was instantly smitten, she
    didn't even remember him)
    -The struggles they went through as newlyweds (including a
    miscarriage, and Jim Bob being robbed at gun point).
    -New details about the births of each of their children
    -Tips and tricks on everything from potty training to the home school
    curriculum they use.

    Throughout all this we also get recipes, email Q&A from all members of
    the Duggar family, photos, and the strong Christian faith of a family
    who not only trusts God with the size of their family, but every other
    area of their lives. I can't wait to see how these kids grow up and
    impact the rest of the world....more info
  • The Duggars: 20 and Counting
    The Duggars: 20 and Counting By Michelle & Jim Bob Duggar
    This book is just full of information about the Duggars day to day life style. Answered many questions I had wondered about their ability to make a family of 20 work as a complete and loving family. Both to each other and to their belief in their religion. The book contains recipes that the family has picked as their favorites. I believe this is a very complete history of the family. ...more info
  • Honest, Real and Great Advice
    I loved this book. I couldn't put it down.
    It is such an honest biography of this family. Any questions you might have had from the shows are answered. There are also alot of family pictures that you can't find anywhere else.

    This family is truly an inspiration of hard work, diligence, reliance on God, good parenting, modesty, love, frugality and family unity. It gives alot of advice on parenting techniques which I think are great!

    It just made me feel good everytime I read it. It made me think of the direction my life is going and trying to make sure I'm guiding it in the way I want to go and not letting life just decide for me....more info
  • Basic Overview of Family...Expected More
    I had greatly anticipated this book, not because I knew about this family (actually, I'd never heard of the show before, since we don't watch television) but because I am always looking for great resources on raising large families. This was an interesting inside look into this particular family, but I was sad that the "tips" were relegated largely to one chapter. Most of the book is about how Jim Bob & Michelle met and the various things that their family has done together (like campaigning for Jim Bob in AK and building a house together). While these anecdotal stories were interesting, it's not how the book was pitched. I expected more about the ins and outs of raising a large family, complete with plenty of tips and tricks learned over the years with 17 going on 18 children. I was somewhat disappointed, although it was still a fun read. I'm not sorry I read it, just glad that I borrowed it from the library rather than purchasing it. It's not a book I will be referencing again, probably....more info
  • Love the book
    Loved the book. The only thng was the Post Office bent the book when they put it in the mailbox and it was a mothers day gift....more info
  • Great book, authentic
    I read this book because although I cannot stand reality tv, I do love this show. I think these people are the true deal and aren't really interested in exploting their family for financial gain. The book gave new insights, yes some have been seen on tv, but they are filming about their lives and the book is also about their lives, there will be some overlap. Not a boring book. I liked the recipies and hints as well. It is just refreshing to read a book by the parents of a large family, who don't complain about everything in their lives! They are truly grateful for everything in their lives and appreciate any extra blessings bestowed upon them by way of the show and book. A good read. ...more info
  • Nice ideas
    These people amaze me. While they are a bit to christian for my liking this book puts out a lot of useful info for families who wonder how a family this size does it. ...more info
  • Still Reflecting on the Content
    I am surprised that I enjoyed this book, and expected much less of it. I thought it would be similar to the show, but it was much more detailed. I finished it in just a few days and am still thinking about the things the Duggars had to say.
    The chapters on how they took care of teaching and discipline will change the way I teach my students.
    I recommend this book to Bible believing people. Even if you don't totally agree with this family, I think you could benefit from considering their methods....more info
  • I think the Duggars are a neat family
    I really enjoyed reading this book. It was interesting, and it gave me some good ideas for my own family. I appreciate their values and their children are so helpful and well-behaved. If you like the show, you'll like the book. :-)...more info
  • Great Book
    Great book. Very informative and honest. I loved that the Duggar's share from their hearts. Whether you agree with their choices or not you have to respect their openess....more info
  • Great family to learn from
    My wife wanted this book after reading about them on the internet. They are an awesome family and this book has taught us a few things about how to raise a good family. We loved some of their stories, and have picked up some tips here and there that we will be using in our own family.

    I love reading about good people being successful....more info
  • Great read
    This is an awesome book. Starts out with a biography of the parent's childhood, dating, and early marriage. Addresses the political aspiration of Jim Bob. The second part of the book focuses on the daily organization of their household with lots of great tips for a family of any size. Tips for homeschooling, chores, daily scheduling, meal prep, etc. I really enjoyed this book and hearing the "real" story behind this family!...more info
  • inspiring
    I first learned about the Duggars on yahoo news when they had their 18th child. When I saw this book, I decided to buy it, since I am fascinated by their family. And it's a great book. I read it in 2 days. They are an exemplary family and really inspire me, with my 3 kids, to be a better parent. I think people who write mean things about the Duggars are extremely prejudiced. Duggars deserve respect for following through with their beliefs and values, for raising educated, cultured, happy kids, for being debt-free, and for being so smart financially. Personally, I am glad that 20(+) Duggars are part of our society. And the reason, I think, they agreed to be on the show is to counterbalance all the nasty programs and movies that are broadcast. Buy the book, be open-minded, and enjoy the good read!...more info
  • What an awesome family
    I read this book from cover to cover in no time. It was incredible to see how this family relies on God for everything and how he blessed them for their faithfulness. I believe that not only are they raising responsible kids that love the Lord, but that they are raising nice people who will go on to do great things in this world. Thank you Duggars for you unfaltering faith. May you be an inspiration to the other large family on TLC. You certainly have been to me....more info
  • Amazing parents!
    I enjoyed this book as I plan on having a large family someday, as well as homeschooling them. The Duggars give a lot of hints and tips on keeping organized, what works for them, as well as how to impact your child's heart. I really admire this family, how they are raising their kids for the Lord. I also admire how they honestly share the trials they have been through, with no claims of being perfect parents. Instead, they humbly share mistakes. It is a huge encouragement for anyone to read. ...more info
  • Left-wing liberal loves this book
    You would think that as a liberal lapsed Catholic with "only" three children, I would not care for the Duggar family. On the contrary, I found this book to be fascinating, honest, and helpful (especially the organizational tips; I wish they designed houses!)--and not preachy in the least.

    In reading it, I realized that despite how different our families seem to be on paper, there is a lot of common ground, too, especially in the area of childrearing. Jim Bob and Michelle seem like nice people with a happy family--good for them.

    Indeed, it bothers me when they are the target of criticism for "walking the walk" with their chosen lifestyle, particularly when people think they are somehow wrongly indoctrinating their children and keeping them insulated from the outside world. Well, guess what--we ALL indoctrinate our children in the ways of our chosen lifestyle, and we ALL insulate our kids from outside influences to varying degrees....we just think our own way is the "right" way.

    ...more info
  • Thanks to the Duggar's, I've learned a lot.
    After reading this book, I've learned 4 great life lessons.

    1. Women are only good for making babies.

    2. If you want to spread your wack religion, have a bunch of kids and brainwash them.

    3. Babies are not a result of a sperm combining with an egg after sex, but rather a gift from God.

    4. TV is bad, but selling yourself to the media for the expense of your kids is awwwwright!...more info
  • The Duggars: 20 and Counting
    When I first saw this show on television I was captivated by the idea that a large family can and does work in today's world. So many people are trying to raise large families and in order to survive go on public assistance. This family offers an alternative plus wonderful insights into their strong religious faith and reasons behind having so many children. They do all this with strong values and morals and without public assistance or debt. A savvy business sense which helps their lifestyle work plus organizational tips, ideas and even economical family recipes are present througout this narrative by JimBob and Michelle. (Recipes are delicious by the way.) A fun read! Whether you're raising 20 children or 2 there's help within this book in most family areas. I recommend it highly; wives, share it with your husbands. Husbands,it's well worth the time! ...more info
  • Excellent
    This was a superb book by a wonderful family. I wish them every success and happiness, and I am looking forward to reading anything else that they write in the future. The pictures were lovely, and I got some great tips on potty-training too. ...more info
  • Fun Read
    I am really enjoying my copy of this book. I received it two days ago, and I've nearly finished it. It gives a lot of information on the family which is fun because I am very curious about them, but I've also received a blessing from it in a number of ways. I was already in agreement with them about family planning, but God has not expanded my family in that way; however, I find the discussions about debt-free living, frugality, and etc. very motivating. We also got the video series and my children love it. We don't have television, so this is their first introduction to the Duggars. I've heard, "They're just like us!"
    ...more info
  • I see Gods power in their story through and through...
    All I can say is "Wow". I was one of those critics that often thought they were nutty for having so many kids. I saw this book in my local library and now I have nothing but respect for them. It has even depended my faith with God and shown me my own spiritual flaws in where I am weak. This story is more about a testimony of trusting God...even when things don't make sense.

    Their story takes you from beginning to end. If one doesn't see the amazing power of God in their story, I don't know what will. From going on ground biblical beliefs on never getting into debt, the various stages they go through in life made my jaw drop. I couldn't put the book down and read it in one day. What an awesome God we serve. It is clear to me that God is using them in a profound way. Amen!

    I also enjoyed the several recipes and money saving ideas throughout the book. ...more info
  • Nice background on the family & lots of great ideas
    I want to forewarn potential readers that there are several recipes and answers to e-mails sprinkled throughout the reading. I had to stop reading the story to read the recipe or the e-mail and then continue reading the story again. I still LOVE the book and do not want to donate this one to my local library like my other books.

    This family has grown in so many ways. Not just the obvious way - having children. Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar have grown spiritually throughout their lives together. They used this faith as a foundation to raise their family on. They love one another so much and support one another in every venture. They are very smart by establishing a "no debt" policy. They show how they have done this throughout the years. It's amazing! I would HIGHLY recommend this book to those who need reassurance that all things are possible through God. ...more info
  • Lots of Information
    This book helped me organize my house so much. It is well written and the recipes that are included are easy to follow and delicious! This is a family that is neither prideful nor boastful just simply living a good Christian life day by day. I would highly recommend buying this book...more info
  • i liked it
    i liked the book, not just because i am a christian, and i liked michelles ideas on discipline, but also i liked the little recipes and tips throughout the book, not sure about the paraffin buckeyes though bleuch!

    some people are saying the duggars should stop having children because there are plenty of people who would like to foster children and cant have any of their own, how ridiculous, its a free world and a free country thank goodness, there are plenty of drug addicts and prostitutes around having kids all over the place and giving them out for fostering - there is no shortage lol.

    all the duggar children are clean and well fed and are not abused, they are happy and healthful.

    so what if she spanks her children, i spank mine, generations have been spanked, and the generation that is not being spanked (i.e ours) is the most badly behaved, so what does that tell you! a mother lion corrects her cubs with a cuff, a mother dog corrects her pups with a nip, we are all mammals.

    anyway, i cant believe i wrote all that junk, (i meant it though!), the book is good and im definitly going to try making laundry degergent...more info
  • Great read!
    I am a Duggar fan and this book is a "must read". Lots of not shared in the TV series. Plenty of "early years" info....more info
  • Great book, interesting read!
    I've been a Duggar fan since the very first documentary aired. I'm really amazed at how well behaved and loving the kids are. Everyone seems to actually enjoy spending time together, even the teenagers. The main thing that amazes me is that Michelle never, ever raises her voice at the kids. This is an amazing thing to me since she has so many! I received the book for X-mas and read it the same day. It was a very easy read (I read quickly) and gave us some things we really didn't know. Alot of it was focused on their past businesses and how their lives have been lived so far. I was alittle disappointed in the fact that they really didn't elaborate on their way of discipline, since a correction could be so many things. But other than that, I loved the book. I think children are blessings from the Lord also and they are truly blessed. I couldn't imagine having that many kids, but they make it look so easy....more info
  • Not what I expected, but good read.
    When I first heard of the Duggar family, my initial reaction was 'How the heck can someone have so many kids???' I watched them on some of their Discovery Channel episodes. When I heard the book had come out, I was curious as to see what they had to say about themselves.

    Yes, there are some things I disagree with them on. There's nothing wrong with birth control, I hope that their daughters at least make that decision for themselves, that they realize that they don't have to have so many children so they can have careers and such, and that the Bible isn't the right life tool for everyone.

    The Bible has clearly guided the Duggars well. Their children are polite and well behaved, the older siblings have jobs and what not, the girls are taught to drive as well as the boys and aren't treated like the women in a Mormon polygamist community and what not. Jim Bob and Michelle don't beat their kids or mistreat them in any way - more mothers should be like Michelle!

    My concern is that Jim Bob and Michelle shelter their children too much. Everyone plays two or three instruments (I doubt that each and every single Duggar child actually has the passion for music) and it doesn't seem that their homeschooling education offers much in the way of a well-varied curriculum, according to what Michelle teaches her kids. I heard that the oldest son was refused from a college because his homeschooling curriculum wasn't enough. Do these children ever learn about other religions and cultures, or read great classic novels or Greek, Roman, Latin, or medieval works? Have any of the lids expressed curiosity in it, and what was their parent's response? I guess I'm asking this because I had a history minor in college and love to read, but not all of the kids are the same and some of the kids are bound to have literary interests rather than say, musical like some of their siblings. I hope these kids realize there's a richly varied world out there, and I hope that their parents don't make it seem like a bad place (aside the obvious things like war and such)

    The love that Jim Bob and Michelle have for their family is very real, as well as the fact that they are taking their time to write a book to share their happiness and knowledge with us. Jim Bob and Michelle are still clearly passionately in love with one another, and I don't question their loyalty to one another.

    Their economy is to be commended. Many parents today complain about how hard and expensive it is to raise just a few children, while Jim Bob and Michelle do just fine with their large brood. Granted, I feel that much of the responsibility has been delegated to the older girls as well as cooking and cleaning - Michelle even looked surprised on the TV show when she was asked questions about that matter.

    But their budgeting advice is to be taken seriously, whether the economy is high or low. Too many people have become wasteful and disrespectful, and the Duggar's firm and loving hand in raising their children is to be commended in a society where so many parents choose to not take responsibility for the education and rearing of their child.

    I took away a star because there needed to be more financial information in this book. I mean, living debt-free is a great idea, but not everyone can just buy some property and sell it for profit (r become landlords). For people who live in say, the big city, where all the land is already taken, what options does one have? Or college? I currently am debt-free, but I used to owe money for college. You know what they say - you gotta spend money to make money. There really should have been more money-saving info in this book. Bills, college funds, emergencies, other things like that. I didn't expect them to like, tell us exactly how much they spend on what, that's personal. But I really had been expecting more in this department....more info
  • The Duggers win!
    If all parents could take a look at this book & family & copy them, this would be a better world....more info
  • Wonderful look into their lives
    I admire the Duggar family and am a huge fan of the show. I think the information provided is practical and helpful and entertaining.

    Some people have commented that the book was sometimes difficult to follow. Please remember that these are unassuming, 'real' people, not professional authors. Their book is charming and refreshing.

    The book reinforces what I see from the Duggars on TV, unlike the lack of consistency between what the Gosselins write and how they act in person. The Duggar family has nothing to show except kindness and compassion for each other and others. A "book" I read regularly says that we are known by our fruit (in other words, we are known by what we produce) and this family consistently produces high character and morals. ...more info
  • I feel as though the Duggars are now friends.
    This very large family share many questions and answers they have been asked. They, and their 18 children have a unique family style, and this couple gives credit to their faith and to God for all of their lives, blessings and children. I feel almost as though I have this large family as dear friends now....more info
  • READ and LEARN
    Being a fan of the show, I didn't think there could be more to learn about the Duggars. BUT, reading the book gave new perspective into their beliefs and how they live and learn as a super-sized family. I bought 5 copies and gave them for holiday presents!...more info
  • What a Surprise!
    I bought this book because I have 3 young children still at home (home schooled) and we foster (sometimes up to 3) more children. I figured any organizational tips I could glean would be worth the price of the book.

    I was pleasantly surprised to find the book is not only a reflection of what is seen on TV (a Christian family with values, who are raising well mannered and educated children), but the book covered many more topics, including development of character. The reason given for their success is their putting God first in their lives.

    Topics covered: Their beginning years of marriage, hard work, life lived in a small house, budgeting, paying off debts, organizing hours in a day, motivating children by using praise, recipes, and many more helpful nuggets of information. This book isn't just for big families, *anyone* can benefit from their ideas.

    There is a list of recommended reading, web sites, etc. in the back of the book.

    I was so impressed, I bought more books as gifts for friends.

    ...more info
  • Great Book~
    I love this book and as the mother of 4 kids it has helped me tremendously by learning new ways to save money for my family!!...more info
  • Not as I had expected
    No new insight on the "whys" and the "hows." Also, I found the writing style [first person] so confusing. Everytime I read "I (Michelle) or I (Jim Bob) I wondered who the heck edited this book! That part got really old halfway thru and I have yet to finish. ...more info
  • Enjoyable, but not captivating
    I found this book to be a slow read and often times I would find myself wanting to skip over paragraphs that were reiterating things already previously said in the book. It kept my attention in the sense of mostly being amazed that a household can successfully run with the shear amount of people living under one roof. It gives you a glimpse into daily life such as cleaning/jurisdictions, cooking, shopping and logistically arranging getting from here-to-there. The book goes into detail describing how chores are organized amongst the family which I found interesting. I really enjoy watching their show and maybe expected that same sense of captivation from the book too. There seems to be a common thread among books written by parents of multiples (i.e. Jon and Kate Gosselin), the show is great and the book leaves you wanting just a little bit more. All in all, I am glad I read the book and found the Duggar's to be an inspiration to all of us!...more info
  • 20 and Counting
    I liked the book and found it to be a fast read. I really enjoyed reading about the early years of Jim Bob and Michelle's family. I would recommned this book.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Book
    The Duggars: 20 and Counting is an excellent book. I think I read the entire book in 2 sittings. It is well written and is an easy read. If you watch any of the Duggar shows on TV, this book is a must. It really answers all of the questions that you may have about the family - from how do they live debt free to the floor plan of their new house! I would recommend this book to any Duggar fan....more info
  • In the Big House
    "The Duggars: 20 and Counting!" is an interesting book about the lifestyle of Jim Bob Duggar and his constantly pregnant wife (she basically says that as soon as she's done nursing,she's pregnant again) They are part of the Quiverfull movement, which believes that men are to be patriarchs and women are to have as many children as humanly possible. The Duggars, unlike the Octo-Mom,however,provide parental support and the children aren't living in nightmarish squalor.

    The Duggars offer tips useful for anyone-
    1)They believe in avoiding debt. It's too bad many people haven't followed this advice. Debt can be financially devastating to a family.
    2)They are homeschooling. With the public school system crumbling, the Duggars have found change they can believe in.
    3)Cooking within a budget. They offer many recipes.

    Above all,they believe in the power of faith and prayer. They love each other and their children. With a sense of modesty,the Duggars don't discuss what keeps the spark alive in the bedroom. They are decent,hardworking people with a sense of frugality.

    While one might disagree with the utilitarian view of marriage of the Quiverfulls,one can find useful life tips from them. And the babies go on.......more info
  • Very Inspiring Book
    Loved the book. I was excited to get a lot of useful advice on how to stay positive, communicate well, and get organized within our family. We only have 2 children (2 and 5 months) but the things we learned from this book are helpful whether you have 1 or 21 children. Thank you to the Duggars for sharing your wonderful family with the world....more info