The Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality

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In this thoroughly researched and documented book, the #1 New York Times bestselling co-author of Unfit for Command: Swift Boat Veterans Speak Out Against John Kerry explains why the extreme leftism of an Obama presidency would leave the United States weakened, diminished and divided, why Obama must be defeated¡ªand how he can be.

THE OBAMA NATION Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality

Barack Obama stepped onto the national political stage when the then-Illinois State senator addressed the 2004 Democratic National Convention. Soon after Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate, author Jerome Corsi began researching Obama's personal and political background.

Scrupulously sourced with more than 600 footnotes, THE OBAMA NATION is the result of that research. By tracing Obama's career and influences from his early years in Hawaii and Indonesia, the beginnings of his political career in Chicago, his voting record in the Illinois legislature, his religious training and his adoption of Christianity through to his recent involvement in Kenyan politics, his political advisors and fundraising associates and his meteoric campaign for president, Jerome Corsi shows that an Obama presidency would, in his words, be ¡°a repeat of the failed extremist politics that have characterized and plagued Democratic Party politics since the late 1960s.¡±

In this stunning and comprehensive new book, the reader will learn about: -Obama's extensive connections with Islam and radical politics, from his father and step-father's Islamic backgrounds, to his Communist and socialist mentors in Hawaii and Chicago, to his long-term and close associations with former Weather Underground heroes William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn¡ªassociations much closer than heretofore revealed by the press
-Barack and Michelle's 20-year-long religious affiliation with the black-liberation theology of former Trinity United Church of Christ Reverend Jeremiah Wright, whose sermons have always been steeped in a rage first expressed by Franz Fanon , Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X, a rage that Corsi shows has deep meaning for Obama
-Obama's continuing connections with Kenya, the homeland of his father, through his support for the candidacy of Raila Odinga, the radical socialist presidential contender who came to power amid Islamist violence and church burnings
-Obama's involvement in the slum-landlord empire of the Chicago political fixer Tony Rezko, who helped to bankroll Obama's initial campaigns and to purchase of Barack and Michelle's dream-home property.
-the background and techniques of the Obama campaign's cult of personality, including the derivation of the words ¡°hope¡± and change¡±
-Obama's far-left domestic policy, his controversial votes on abortion, his history of opposition to the Second Amendment, his determination to raise capital-gains taxes, his impractical plan to achieve universal health care, and his radical plan to tax Americans to fund a global-poverty-reduction program
-Obama's na?ve, anti-war, anti-nuclear foreign-policy, predicated on the reduction of the military, the eradication of nuclear weapons and an overconfidence in the power of his personality, as if belief in change alone could somehow transform international politics, achieve nuclear-weapons disarmament and withdrawal from Iraq without adverse consequences, for us, for the Iraqis or for Israel.

Meticulously researched and documented, THE OBAMA NATION is the definitive source for information on why and how Barack Obama must be defeated¡ªnot by invective and general attacks, but by detailed arguments that are well-researched and fact-based.

Customer Reviews:

  • Even more useful now
    Why would anyone be interested in this book after Obama has been inaugurated? This book is just as important after the election, even though remarks in it about how McCain can and will defeat Obama in the election are strange to read now. Corsi does a very good job documenting Obama's past, which is prologue to the present and the future. You will learn that Obama will say whatever he needs to say in order to get what he wants. It is part of his training in the methodology of Saul Alinsky. You will also learn that "listening" has a different meaning and purpose for Obama than for most people. When you hear that Obama wants to listen to someone, you will think differently about it after reading this book. Would that those who go into ecstasy at the sound of Obama's name would read this book and get a grip on reality. It is a more important book now than ever....more info
  • Disappointing
    I am a republican and was excited to read this book but it ultimately went nowhere. It came across like he was simply trying to make a buck and as someone who voted for McCain I felt insulted and used.

    AVOID AT ALL COSTS. ...more info
  • Truth backed by FACTS!!! EXCELLENT Book!
    A MUST READ!!! I believe this book is intended for liberals, the close minded and the ignorant. This book is a clear and concise way to get the truth about Barack Hussein Obama in the open. You cannot refute the truth when backed with fact. ...more info
  • Has the world gone insane
    Due to people so blinded by hatred of Bush that they will accept no republican in office, we all have to suffer for the fools who let themselves be brainwashed into voting for Obama. I wish people had read the book before the elections.

    A side note: George Orwell's "Animal Farm' is banned in Kenya. READ that banned book and take a good hard look at where the nation is headed now. Then note where Obama's roots are.......more info
  • Some Good Facts, Hastily Written
    Corsi has accumulated a number of interesting facts about Obama, but the book appears hastily written. For example, when Corsi discusses "Obama Visits Africa" on page 24-27, he neglects to ask an obvious question - What passport did Obama use to travel to Africa? Since Obama says he did not have a US passport until he was a US Senator, what passport did he use to travel to Africa in 19986 and 1992 (or Pakistan in the early 1980s). Either Obama is lying about not having a US passport, or Obama had a US passport in another name, or Obama used a foreign passport. It seems that with a little more time some valuable truth could be uncovered.
    I also didn't care for the bias (Is Obama another Dukakis (p 282). I'd prefer a more objective accounting of the facts - I'll make my own bias!
    I liked Corsi point out about how so many of Obama's speeches were actually taken from other Alexrod clients. Infomation like this is not found in other sources and gives us some valuable insight into Obama.
    Overall a good contribution to the body of literature regarding Obama...more info
  • Very Informative!!!
    IF everyone had of read this book Obama would have never been elected!!!!He is a LIAR and A Fantasizer!!!He is VERY dishonest!!! Dr Corsi has it RIGHT ON !!!...more info
  • It is an "Obama-Nation"
    The book is as expected. Obama has had a "chip on his shoulder" the majority of his life. I don't want the "hope & change" he's been ramming through the congress & our lives.
    I'm sure glad I didn't have to pay full price for a book that only Confirmed my beliefs about his radical ideas.
    The seller was honest & fair & I appreciate that....more info
  • Should Have Been Mandatory Reading . . .
    This should have been mandatory reading for every registered voter before the election. This is everything the national network media refused to report. This is everything the Republican campaign skirted and shied away from using. The facts contained within these pages create enough reasonable doubt in any rationale person's mind that voting for our now President would have been unthinkable. It is still very worth reading, perhaps now more than ever to make sense of the disconnect between the words and the actions of this man that so many of you think you knew when you cast your ballots....more info
  • HISTORY ??
  • Obama Nation Is Like Prophecy
    I had him pegged early on but Oh how many details I missed. This book was eye opening.
    ...His education, mentors, and leanings in just three recent examples are frigteningly foretold.
    1) Obama went to the G-20 summit as well as several foreign nations recently to set the tone on US foreign relations and push for the rest of the G-20 to adopt a US Style stimulus plan.
    ...He was unable to achieve his stimulus goal but did "achieve" several things.
    1) He apologized and appeased Muslims at every stop.
    2) He ticked off France and Germany when he stated that Turkey, with its Muslim population, should be allowed into the EU.
    3) He agreed to assist with giving $1 Trillion dollars to the IMF to help poor countries by contributing U.S. Tax Dollars. Since the IMF is primarily funded by EU banks, and these poor nations will use the money for debt forgiveness he basically gave the EU a bank bailout since those banks are heavily overextended in the third world.
    4) He agreed to give the Asian nations trade credits to help them to maintain export based economies instead of encouraging consumer economies. This will enable those countries to continue to export to the U.S. further eroding our manufacturing base, dooming the auto industry and worsening our balance of trade deficit.
    2) He plans on amassing 5 trilion in debt, nearly double all that Bush did in time of war plus a necessary bail out and he calls it fiscally responsible.
    3) His recent Latin AMerican trip resulted in handshakes and gifts with Communist dictator Chavez, politely listening to Daniel Ortegas rambling ranting speech and then getting up and apologizing for America in response and of course handing Castro a victory of negotiation and reduced sanctions on his death bed.
    ...more info
  • A nasty personal attack, masquerading as an academic work
    This book is simply a personal attack.

    The critique was as vicious as it was irrelevant.

    Had the author submitted this in fulfillment of his dissertation it would have been struck down as containing only anecdotal evidence for his argument.
    ...more info
  • A Must Read for every American...A++
    This book is a great read, well-researched and detail-oriented, Corsi is not hesitant to discuss many issues the media steers away from and offers an in depth analysis of Obama's past decisions and affiliations....more info
  • Are We Becimming a Nation of Cult?
    "The Obama Nation" is such a possibility that American's should do their research. Know who you're voting for, and why he is drawing people it because he's qualified? Or is it because he's just that - charasmatic? Is Obama honest? Or what is the driving force behind him that has gotten him where he is? What it is about Obama that sucks intelligent people in without questioning?

    If Obama becomes the next President of the United States; what are the American People in for? If you read anything this year, read "The Obama Nation"....more info
  • Just put your foot on the water
    There will always be skeptics and nonbelievers. In "The Obama Nation," Dr. Corsi makes clear he is no believer and harbors suspicions about any messianic figure that appears out of nowhere and builds a fervent following. He warns that misplaced hope is naive and dangerous. He has doubts about any unifying movement that is galvanized by a cult of personality. He has doubts about connections, backgrounds, associations, hidden agendas, oblique messages, word origins, trust faith dreams peace hope change . . . Dr. Corsi certainly is full of doubt.

    It's understandable to show doubt in the face of forces we cannot comprehend. Even Jesus had a Doubting Thomas. Which makes me wonder how Dr. Corsi would respond if Jesus returned and decided to run for the U.S. Presidency? Surely Corsi would target even Him as "unfit" and radical. There would be questions, distrust and anger. There would certainly follow a book that would show us why He is not to be believed and the extreme leftism of a Jesus presidency must be defeated.

    In this stunning new book, the reader will learn about:
    - the supernatural origin of the Son of Man and His true paternity and nationality
    - His early years spent in exile and living among Arabs in a foreign country
    - the beginnings of His political (religious) career and His challenges to orthodoxy and traditional ideas
    - His advisers and questionable associates, including a well-known criminal preacher, tax collectors and prostitutes and other "lowlife" people, and even several visits from the Devil (special interest lobbyist)
    - His meteoric rise among the people by using "words" and miracles to develop a cult following (Corsi will debunk these "miracles" as pseudo-science, mass hypnosis or mind control)
    - new information about the "missing years" that Jesus spent in India and Tibet, from age thirteen to age twenty-nine, being indoctrinated by Buddhist monks and Hindu holy men (Google: Nicolas Notovitch)
    - His naive vision of antiwar (peace) "as if belief in change alone could somehow transform" hearts and minds to embrace peace, good will toward men
    - why He is perceived to be a threat - and why this movement must be stopped - for He is called a traitor, and plots to overthrow the temple and install a new religious order (treason). Why He is labeled a fanatic and terrorist so extreme that even the crowds call out to "crucify him!"
    - that the Resurrection never happened and was, in fact, a hoax. By citing extensive footnotes (more than 600), Corsi will have you believe that not only did Jesus not die on the cross, He survived, was spirited away to India where He continued to preach, was married, raised a family, died naturally at age 102, and is buried in Roza Bal shrine (ironically, it's maintained by Sunni Muslims) in Srinagar, Kashmir.

    Impossible? To support this revelatory new idea Corsi has uncovered incriminating evidence from a wealth of material: references to hundreds of articles and books (Roza Bal: The Tomb of Jesus), Google Search results ("Roza Bal," "Jesus in India," "Yuz Asaf," "Jesus in Kashmir"), BBC documentaries, and even an upcoming motion picture ("Jesus in India"). He'll even have interviews with members of the Ahmadiyya Movement, a sect within mainstream Islam that believes, as one of their core tenets, that Jesus died in Kashmir of old age while seeking the Lost Tribes of Israel. He will claim to have met Sahibzada Basharat Saleem, a former caretaker of Roza Bal who held genealogical tables that link him as a direct descendant of the sage buried there. Finally, after bludgeoning you with all these "facts" and scrupulously sourced footnotes (more than 600), you will have no choice but to accept his conclusions as "the truth" and face the implications of Dr. Corsi having just debunked two thousand years of Christian doctrine and exposing that Jesus was just a man and his lineage is actually Muslim!

    My point here, of course, is to demonstrate that in any witch-hunt you are seduced into accepting the material at face value, no questions asked, no cross-referencing, no effort to comprehend the big picture. Only the names change. There's easily as much evidence of Jesus in India as there is of Obama being . . . well, whatever it is Corsi thinks he is. But there's an inherent problem: Corsi has led you astray, distracted you with ephemera and oversimplified, cherry-picked "facts." He obscures meaning and prejudices your ability to discern what's really at stake - the truth.

    Here is the truth: some truths are unknowable. Contrary to what Dr. Corsi exhorts, it's simply not always black-and-white. There's a gray area between veracity and faith, and human truths always have two sides. In this realm, Dr. Corsi and his "facts" and footnotes have no relevance. He is rendered tangential and his arguments immaterial. So, after all the half-truths, innuendo, misdirection and obfuscation, the selected media that's been taken out of context and shoehorned into an agenda; after all the distortions, fear, bigotry, intolerance and anger, you are left distracted and confused. You arrive at an existential moment of choice.

    It then becomes difficult to come to terms with our own beliefs, whether it's the complex implications of Roza Bal, or which presidential candidate to select. Because the stakes are so high this time, we must be willing to keep an open mind and see beyond the contrived perceptions of what is true.

    Here is the truth: Barack Obama, after all, is just a man. He's not the Messiah, not the Second Coming, not the One, not the Mahdi; he's not Jesus. He is not an Arab and will not convert us all to Islam, nor will he turn the White House into a mosque. Nor will he bring Marxism, Trotskyism, Socialism, Communism; he won't bring Anarchism, Fascism, Nazism or fill-in-the-blank-ism. We won't become a welfare state waiting for our government handout; there will be no class struggle. A race war will not be ignited, and it will not be the end of Western Democracy.

    He's just a man, one ordinary man with an extraordinary dream of resurrecting American potential. A man of strength, poise and grace. An eloquent politician with a sincere vision of peace and unity and that complex problems can be met with calm intelligence and civilized, rational discourse. A natural leader who inspires hope and believes there exists within us the possibility for positive change. Still, just a man.

    It's understandable to show doubt in the face of forces we cannot comprehend. To have questions. The issues are complex, but, in the end, does it matter if Jesus lived in India? It would not alter our opinion of the man or the message. Just like the "truths" manufactured by Corsi in Obama Nation; it changes nothing.

    Here is the truth: the basic ideas that are brought about by any visionary that have positive universal applications in our daily lives can never be destroyed. The words of change, the message of hope and the idea of redemption will endure. We should not be frightened, instead, we should embrace the opportunity to witness the rebirth of optimism.

    Sometimes, you just have to put your foot on the water (Matthew 14:29-31) and if your faith is strong, you will not sink. You need to believe, to trust your own heart that, in any defining moment, despite all evidence to the contrary, we can begin to transform the world in such a way as to bring a little bit more of heaven to earth. It's not a religious leap of faith, or a gut feeling, but a calm, intellectual choice; it's an acceptance. It's not blind faith in a man, but in the transcendence of the idea.

    There will always be those frightened by the prospect of change. Those who are shackled by parachronistic thinking that denies the possibility of transformation. Those who wish to crucify hope, to deny that something better awaits us if we have the courage to reach for it, and work for it, and fight for it. There will always be those doomed, deluded and misguided souls convinced they have all the answers.

    After all, Jesus had the Pharisees; we have Jerome Corsi....more info
  • Excellent
    Corsi has written a well-researched and well-sourced examination of the history of Sen. Obama. It's amazing the level of attack against the author for doing so. I think that alone should make this book highly recommended reading, so that one can gauge not only the quality of a the man running for office but also the conduct of his campaign organization and what's really going on in our public discourse.

    I'm on board with Corsi's logic and conclusions about 90% of the time. Despite just a few instances of what seemed to me to be flightiness, he covers many aspects of Obama's personal story deeply and well. And it's amazing just how vaguely that story has been presented by Obama himself, and how difficult it is to get at the truth.

    The one thing Corsi does not take into account as he builds his insightful final case for how difficult it will be for Obama to secure the presidency, is that the media is playing a preemptive role in advancing Obama while obscuring the liability of his personal history. The occasional fleeting coverage the media has done of Obama's incendiary past has been sufficiently superficial so as only to inoculate most of the public from the reality of the story. And of course Corsi couldn't foresee the depths of the financial meltdown we have experienced.

    Thus it is possible that Obama will ride into the Oval Office on a wave of emotion, and buyer's remorse will set in only too late as the public wakes up. This is exactly what happened with Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick, who also ran an impressionistic "the man is the message" campaign. Patrick's campaign, by the way, was also conceived and executed by Obama's own top man, David Axelrod.

    This book is in demand. I just returned my copy to the library, and there are 20 holds on the book in my small suburban area. I hope it's not too late, for even if this book were only half true, America would be in a terrible lot of trouble should Obama be elected....more info
  • Eye-Opening and Straight Forward
    Corsi gets straight to the point with direct and well-researched material that should give all Obama supporters pause.
    Obama is an enigma and probably the most dangerous person to ever run for president....more info
  • Proof: The Messiah is really a left-wing ideologue
    The author's documentation of Obama's early life is impressive. And he does find clear indicators of how Obama might act as President. Most of the facts uncovered indicate that he would govern like a left-winger. Recent statements by Obama support this conclusion. The stock market has set various kinds of negative records crashing and Obama continues to talk about taxing small businesses to "spread the wealth around". He refuses to back off his planned capital-gains tax. It is crazy to increase taxes in a recession. A pragmatist would not do it. These policies are bound to deepen the recession. And all economists have not with certainty ruled out the possibility of a depression.
    The latter part of the book you will already be familiar with if you watch cable news and listen to political talk shows on a regular basis.

    ...more info
  • This book exposes Obama as an articulate but very shallow politician
    This book highlights, from Obama's early life in Hawaii and Indonesia to the recent primary battle with Hillary Clinton, why he would be a dangerous person to be President of the United States. Barack Obama is all about himself. Corsi leaves the reader with some somber realizations about a man who could be in the White House, and why the liberal media refuses to look into his life. ...more info
  • All the reasons NOT to vote for Obama.
    Based upon an in depth research basis of all of Obama's history and tracking his decision making from the beginning, the reader is allowed to understand the beginning and how he got to where he is.
    This is a story of the evolution of Barrack Obama and the entire big picture.
    The information is presented in such a way that an undecided voter can see what the man has done and is doing. It gives an idea of how this country would look after 4 years of the Obama regime. We need to ask ourselves - are we better off than we were?
    The book does celebrate that we are finally evolved as a country to realize that the color of our skin does not determine the measure of the man. ...more info
  • Barack Obama and the Far Left
    I noticed that the hollywood "liberals", who submit one star reviews for this book, don't actually attempt to refute the facts presented. I bought this book because I was interested to learn more about Obama's relationships with the communist terrorists William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, the Afro-Marxist Jeremiah Wright, and the racist loon Michael Pfleger. Well, guess what, there are even more rogues in Obama's gallery! These include Frank Marshall Davis, Alice Palmer, and Saul Alinsky. When Obama was in high school, attending the private Punahou School, Frank Marshall Davis was apparently Obama's father figure, and "mentor". He was also a communist, having actually joined the Communist Party USA in the 1930s, when it was funded and controlled by Joseph Stalin's COMINTERN. I can easily imagine that Davis' rhetoric about the communist "workers paradise" made Jeremiah Wright's rantings seem tame. I went to high school during the late 1960's, when Lyndon Johnson, a liberal Democrat, was presiding over his draft for the Vietnam War. I sure as hell was not associating with communists! All of these associations illustrate, as best, Obama's astonishingly poor judgement; at worst it suggests that his core beliefs are on the far-left. Four years ago, I bought "Unfit for Command", by Jerome Corsi and John O'Neill. I understand that John Kerry is still working on his rebuttal! ...more info
  • Read, despite negative comments
    I'm glad I've finally purchased and read this book, negative comments notwithstanding.

    Reviewer Jonathan Kern correctly notes that its opening chapters dragged. But like him I found completing Corsi's book illuminating. Thanks to Mr. Kern, I needn't expend much energy reviewing's supposed fact checking. He's correct: they did a rotten job, and the errors they found were indeed minor.

    Okay, so Barack Obama can't claim to be a Kenyan citizen (p. 103), since Kenya prohibits dual citizenship for anyone over 21. Big deal. Okay, so Obama's father was not a "Kenyan citizen" when he was born, as Kenya won independence only in December 1963, "when Obama was 2 years old." Ditto.

    Yet, the book is sufficiently accurate to threaten Kenya's corrupt government, which arrested Corsi without charge when he traveled there recently to promote it. Naturally, Obama didn't care.

    Corsi notes that Obama himself traveled to Kenya and lent critical support (inadvertently or not) to fellow Luo tribesman, Islamist ally and socialist Raila Odinga, who opposed the December 2007 election results. Yet Obama said little when Odinga's protests triggered riots by the Luo and his Muslim allies against Kenya's ruling Kikuyu people and 90% majority Christians, of whom hundreds were subsequently murdered in their homes and burned alive in churches. Odinga now shares power with Kikuyu President Kibaki in a government to which the former was not elected.

    I might have wanted less on Obama's family background, and more on his deeds, but could care less about why Corsi included the content he did---so long as it is accurate. And Corsi very well documents Obama's personal historical associations, and comments made by his former friends and family. Significantly, these facts are not questioned.

    In every past presidential election, the press has more or less carefully examined candidates' early life, associations, deeds, writings, statements and so on. Strangely, Obama has largely escaped this scrutiny from either broadcast or print media and periodicals---save those smeared as "conservative." In short, the major media have committed mass dereliction of professionalism and public duty. No doubt, Thomas Paine is churning in his grave.

    That's why the public desperately needs this book, which I recommend, despite some faults, to all U.S. voters. Reports of Obama's past should be known, not dismissed as false rumor, when they're largely accurate.

    I wish the book included details on Obama's relationship with Saudi businessman Khalid al-Mansour, who reportedly helped advance his application and acceptance at Harvard.

    But it raises lots of other good questions, like those one "conservative" columnist rhetorically asked before the Oct. 16 presidential debate:

    How old was Obama when he learned of the numerous bombings orchestrated by Weather Underground terrorist William Ayers when Barry was only eight and why, exactly, did he nevertheless associate with Ayers for many years on many projects---and pretend Ayers was "just a guy in my neighborhood"?

    Didn't Ayers and his Charles Manson celebrating wife usher Obama into politics at a private home party for Chicago bigwigs?

    Did Barack Obama attend "Black Value System" indoctrination courses required of all other congregants after joining Rev. Jeremiah Wright's racist Chicago Trinity church for 20 years?

    How much did Obama receive from Antonin Rezko, his corporation and Nahdmi Auchi, his Iraqi best arms-dealing buddy?

    Did Obama know Wright's sermons closely resembled those of bona fide anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan?

    In 2006, what "fact finding" advantage fell to Illinois voters from Obama's visit to Kenya's Odinga, again?

    Why did Barack Obama support learn, practice and teach agitating tactics of communist Saul Alinsky?

    Too many voters dogmatically refuse to read (much less genuinely consider questions raised by) any publication labeled "conservative," despite the currently meaningless, destructive nature of the term.

    Let's recall, the "conservative" appointees lost the U.S. Supreme Court case when the bench's "liberal" majority legitimized seizure of private property by eminent domain to benefit commercial corporate development. Surely, whatever else liberty and pursuit of happiness might be, they include the right to own personal property, barring criminal and moral decrepitude, and protect it from government seizure.

    The election has not yet occurred, October 16 debate night polls not withstanding, and voters can still do themselves and the U.S. a favor by reading Obama Nation....more info
  • Finally, the truth.
    There is one simple playbook for election in America: give the worthless and excuse for being lazy and unproductive and then promise to use the strength of the government to take "back" what the useless were "supposed" to have received. FDR ushered in the Great Vacation when he promised something for nothing to these people and now they act like the country was founded on having the wealthy supporting the worthless.

    To you who are so quick to excuse Ayers, let's see you take that same stand when Charles Manson is up for parole (he is in three years). Then I want to hear you say "Hey, it was back in the 60's! He's not dangerous anymore. He was just voicing his anger at being repressed by the government. He's respectable now." And I dare you Ayers-sympathizers to formally come out and admit that you are as glad as he is that we were bombed on 9/11. What are you afraid of? Just admit that you, too, hate America for rewarding the productive and leaving you behind to beg for handouts from the useful.

    The truth is simple: Hussein Obama is the new/old America, where the aristocrats hand down the law to the low-lifes, who happily stay in line until they feel they are not getting "enough" for free. Then we throw them another bone and they shut up and let us run the show for four more years. Obama is no change. He is the same tired politician. The only thing different about Hussein Obama is that he has actually convinced most of you that he is, in fact, different. Yawn...

    On november 4th, just keep reading all the talking points and the posters, because that's all you need to trouble your empty little heads about. Just keep your minds closed and your wallets open, and vote yourselves a free lunch. Don't worry. Those of us who are worth something will throw you a little extra of our scraps. And you can return to the Osama alter to heal all your needs. The One will help, because His love is eternal. And His cup runneth over with the taxes of the productive. And He will take care of your every need. It has worked before. Just ask Stalin.

    Anyone who earns a real income, or just takes pride in the value of their work should be smart enough to see the shakedown and vote against this fraud. If you don't, don't say I didn't warn you. Just keep up hope. The First Great Depression wasn't much more than a decade. And your kids will understand. You can always put them to sleep at night with bedtime stories of how you and your underachieving friends finally overthrew 200 years of oppression by the greatest society the world has ever known. They'll sleep well, even if you don't. ...more info
  • The Obama Nation
    Eye opening and scary that this man is near the presidency. I believe that statements were back up with unquestionable proof. ...more info
  • An Unfortunate Public
    It is more than a little unsettling that a partisan hack piece, such as this book of little journalistic merit, can get published. Savaging a candidate in a pseudo-scholarly format may fool some, but only a small amount of independent investigation puts the lie to Mr. Corsi's "research". Please, if you must read this drivel, simply remind yourself that it is simply a fictitious account of a man whom the right-wing hacks want to destroy....more info
  • Finally the Truth is getting past the Biased media ...
    This is a fantastic read and documents Obama's past. A must read for anyone who is looking for facts, not media biased coverage, of Obama. The references are clear and consise, allowing the reader to know where the information came from and frankly helps underscore connections inside the USA, ie William Ayers and Rezko, and outside the USA.
    Make no mistake the biased media calls Obama a supporter of populism, which is simply political correctness speak for a socialist. And also make no mistake, the Kenyan's detaining Corsi is just a tip of the Chicago "thug" approach to politics. Obama won his first election by "eliminating" the opponents and now Obama's Kenyan friends are trying the samme approach of eliminating free speech via intimidatation.. Thank God we live in the USA with Free Speech .... ...more info
  • Great Book Tells The Facts
    This is a great book. It is an important book. Except for those actively interested in destroying the United Staes (the left, Moslems and/or fools) no one who reads this book can vote for Obama. He is more than a Manchurian candidate. This is an evil, truly dangerous man without scruples who will gladly destroy all that is beneficient. For whatever reason, he and those who believe in the siren songs of the left want to destroy this last best hope. A very wise person once asked me whether North Korea or South Korea is the success. A sane person should say that South Korea is the success. Obama and those who worship him would say no, that it is bleak, starving North Korea that makes a fool of the US and has elevated a mere politician to the status of a god, no, not a god but the god who is worshipped and obeyed. If you would prefer to worship a very flawed man go ahead and vote for barak HUSSAIN obama. If you would prefer to be a free and sentient human being, vote for whoever opposes him. Thank you Dr. Corsi. May many read and understand that you are bringing us the tools to fight the good fight. Great book by a great American. ...more info
  • Another attempt to swift-boat a presidential candidate
    Notice the history of the author. He wrote the entirely discredited fabric of lies about John Kerry's heroic service to his country. All the effort to describe his so-called research and accuracy is itself a lie. Keep in mind that the author, a Kenyan, is of the opposing tribe to that of Obama's father. This is a panicked attempt to discredit a man of great stature and integrity....more info
  • Fearmongering is all this book is about
    Fearmongering is all this book is about lets take just one of these fears the book is predicting: associations with former Weather Underground heroes William Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn. Obama was a 4 year old child in the 60's when the couple was part of the Weather Underground. However, William Ayers now work as a professor at a college here in the USA. Plus when is it that we as American stoped giving a person a chance to change and see another side of a option? Ayers saw that the war was wrong druing the 60's(Vietnam war) and he was right at that. You will like reading this book in my option if you like to read a badly written horror movie that is fictional(mostly made-up)....more info
  • What an eye opener!
    I knew there was more to Obama than what you hear on TV and read in his books. Everyone needs to read this book before making a decision at the polls in November. It's down right scary to learn of Obama's past relationships and the truth's that the media has left untouched. I had no idea what a redical he really was until reaing this book. Read it for yourself and you will understand....more info
  • Senate Bill 2433
    This book is correct. Obama submitted to the senate in november 2007 his radical plan to tax Americans to fund a global-poverty-reduction program. Please contact your Senators and tell them you are against this. The US has never been taxed by a foreign nation since we won our independence. and the UN waste billions of money worse than our own government. ...more info
  • Worthless
    Of some value to Democrat strategists in that it is the basic Republican playbook for the 2008 election.

    The Republicans have failed dismally in office over the last eight years - here are just some of their failures: the abject failure to capture Bin laden (mainly because he "magically" morphed into Saddam Hussein then morphed again more recently into Obama's scary but imaginary likeness - the one discussed in this book - Osama bin biden); the series of lies that facilitated the entry into the Iraq war; the abject failure of that war which - despite claims about "surges" and so on - a full five years later the US finds itself bogged down in with a huge cost to lives, money and morale; the trashing of the US constitution; the incredible way in which the Republicans managed to trash the international consensus and support for the US immediately after September 11 resulting in the current situation where the US is considered to be a bad international citizen and something approximating a rogue state (in other words more than a complete failure of international leadership on the US's part); the extraordinary incompetence of Republican appointees in government agencies (the spectaclar failure in relation to Hurricane Katrina only the most visible); the unprecedented failure of oversight of the economy resulting in the the current economic melt-down.

    McCain/Palin represent nothing more than a continuation of these failed policies and actions. Despite all the maverik/outsider posturing, neither has explained how they think differently or will do anything different from the way Republicans have handled things over the last eight years.

    As a result of their policy failures, the only play the Republicans have left for this election is the attempt to smear their opponent. This book is written by a Republican shrill who - surprise surprise - wrote an anti-Kerry book for the 2004 election (the fact that Corsi has even written a book trying to claim that oil is an infinitely renewable energy source tells you everything you need to know about his judgement!). The book does usefully outline various Republican "talking points" in their pathetic attempts to divert the conversation from their own spectacular failure in government.

    It doesn't really matter that the stories in this book are either entirely either fictitious or, at best, "spin" various stories about Obama so he appears in the worst light possible: the book's aim is to cause confusion and uncertainty in the electorate.

    In undereducated and racist communities, the smears might be of some value to the Republicans election hopes. Overall though this book amply demonstrates that Republicans have got nothing to offer the US electorate aside from fear, greed, racism, and failure. ...more info
  • He's not who he pretends to be ........................
    Why hasn't the Obama people said anything about this book? I know a lot of Democrats that don't want him to win .......... and have a lot of political connections, but are between a rock and a hard place and are supporting him even though he's not qualified.

    Wake up people before its took late. He's not who he pretends to be.
    ...more info
  • Chock Full of Lies
    Its a shame more people don't actually learn the facts behind things. This is certainly the case here, as anyone with a spare 30 seconds could quickly find that this book, according the highly-reputable [...], is "a mishmash of unsupported conjecture, half-truths, logical fallacies and outright falsehoods."


    "Corsi cites opinion columns and unsourced, anonymous blogs as if they were evidence of factual claims. Where he does cite legitimate news sources, he frequently distorts the facts. In some cases, Corsi simply ignores readily accessible information when it conflicts with his arguments."

    There's more to read there, and its pretty disturbing that such a complete and total hack job could have a book on the NYT best seller's list.

    Read with all the salt in India....more info
  • Very Important Documentary
    Jerome Corsi has provided a very insightful work on the Politician We are evaluating as potentially the next President of Our United States. There are many questions on Mr. Obama that is not being provided thru normal channels.
    It is insightful and very helpful in understanding Who Senator Obama really is beyond his campaign generated persona.
    ...more info
  • Will allow you to (finally) know the REAL Barack Obama!
    I don't believe anyone who gave this 1 star--actually READ this well-documented, totally researched, awesomely detailed book.
    I suspect the Obama-Robots logged on just to 'diss' this book--just like they've been going to Homeless Shelters in Ohio--to get the 'numbers' up!?
    Reading this book was a TOTAL eye-opener.
    I changed political parties (was a Democrat for 30 years) andwill vote accordingly.
    I'm dismayed at the way the entire DNC and the Mainstream Media has ignored and brushed aside so much about this candidate (Get All the details by reading this book!) Any Conservative, aka, Republican, would have been dropped from the ticket, in a heartbeat, if they had HALF this much 'bad' history!
    StephanieThe Obama Nation: Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality ...more info
  • A Bunch of Lies
    I read this book after reading Obama's memoirs in an attempt to obtain a fuller understanding of him. As I was reading Corsi's book, I had the troubled feeling that either he was not telling the truth or that Obama was not telling the truth. While one can discount what Obama says in his autobiography, it is difficult to imagine that Obama does not believe he espoused in Audacity of Hope. I have since read MANY who state that Corsi is an outright liar and that much of what he states in this book is WRONG. There is much proof of Corsi's lies. These are lies propagated solely for the benefit that the republicans win the presidency (just as Corsi wrote the Swift Boat book to discredit Kerry). I wonder how he gets away with this trash. This book is a waste of money and time. ...more info
  • Well referenced, but not short on bias either...
    The author Jerome Corsi states at the beginning of this book that he is not biased nor does he support John McCain because Corsi is a member of the Constitution Party. He however, forgets this later in his book where he strategizes what Senator McCain needs to do to win the general election in November.

    Aside from not more openly admitting bias, 'The Obama Nation' is extremely well referenced and minimizes rhetoric. Although he keys in on a few seemingly insignificant pieces of background information, he brings to light countless aspects of Senator Obama's political career that I'm sure Obama would have rather not had in the spotlight.

    This is a well written and well organized work worthy of reading by any who feel that Senator Barack Obama has not been investigated or vetted by the media who so readily supports his campaign which lacks true substance.

    I would have given the book 5 stars had Corsi not gone over the top by pinging small faults such as Obama's smoking habit, and stretched ties to Iraqi Terrorist financial capitol from which he was separated by at least three degrees. He had enough ammunition to publish the book without reaching that far, so that took away some credibility in my eyes. The work still racks up 4 stars in my book though.
    ...more info
  • Should be required reading for high school and college
    Riveting story. The information is well referenced and credible. I am wondering why we have not heard a peep from the Obama campaign about this book? Why is it that the only way I heard anything about this book was because I listen to conservative talk radio? Hmm. None of my liberal friends have a clue about any of the information the author has shared with us. My friends generally get their information from the mainstream media who are obviously biased toward Obama. There were a few places in the book that I felt the author judged a bit more than the information allowed and that being said I think he was fair in his assessments overall. His portrayal of "The Emperor Has No Clothes-Obama" is very intriguing and right on the mark....more info
  • Obama nation
    In reveiwing this or any book you have to take the word of the author, Here Corsi does a very , very creditable job in his research. If you have any doubts about Obama they are quickly dispelled in this very believable book.I am biased, before reading the book Obama was no way my choice. After reading it I have to go campaining for McCain....more info
  • A must read for voters!
    Dr. Corsi's work is extremely well referenced. As a matter of fact he goes above and beyond in supporting what he states. He cites examples of Obama's speeches, his books, newspapers, friends, and family. He clearly points out Obama's Muslim and Marxists associations. This is essential in understanding who Obama is. From Communist Frank Marshall Davis to radical Bill Ayers, Obama is drawn to and influenced by people such as these. From this preponderance of evidence, one wonders why Obama does not address it instead of running from it. Maybe there is an explanation, but it will not be forthcoming in campaign mode. The Obama Nation is an exemplary work. ...more info
  • Like junk food for your brain - only it doesn't even taste good
    If you enjoy reading shameless political lies, a la "Swiftboat," you'll LOVE this book. It made a considerable sum of money, and graced many a mindless right-winger's bookshelf. Jingoistic and xenophobic, it will fit in nicely with your Ann Coulter boxed set. Probably not appropriate for thinking, rational minds, of either the right OR left leaning categories. ...more info
  • Here we go again.
    Why is anybody -- and I mean anybody with a memory and a brain -- listening to Corsi? This is the same gentleman who smeared John Kerry (remember the Swift-Boat Vets?) back in 2004. Obviously, the man is not above lying or, to be more charitable, he shows more interest in ideology than in truth. I thought perhaps Corsi had perhaps made an error in judgment by believing the wrong people in the Swift-Boat controversy. This book -- even more tenuously connected to fact -- shows me I was wrong. He's a flack and a hack who, like a seventh-grader trying to come up with his first term paper, mistakes footnotes for research. Right now, the very name Jerome Corsi is enough to disqualify for serious consideration any book he writes....more info
  • Truthful, insightful; every American should read.
    This book is an insightful accounting that is only available to the few who sincerely want to know the character and moral compass of the man. The book was great reading; I couldn't put it down. The author's documentation is thorough and interesting in itself. ...more info
  • F****** Scary!!!
    This book is extremely accurate and says nothing but the truth. There are even little numbers where Corsi tells you where the information came from. If 1 in 10 Americans would read this book Obama stands no chance a of a 2nd term. If we would have read it before there would have been no chance for a first term!! Corsi filters the garbage and puts all the truth in one easy to find/read package. The Dr.Corsi shows how crooked and conniving "Home Boy" is, and how Obama will do whatever it takes to have things his way. Dr.Corsi with the emblematic right hook to the face Mr.President. ...more info
  • Well, not out of the 100 days yet but look where we are already...
    Books were written about him and nobody listened. As a life long Democrat I have decided I can no longer be associated with this collection of crooks and enemies of America. I have tried to be accepting of sinners and others with low morality but I can take it no longer. I have tried to speak up with some reason but have found the thoughtless throng to be unmovable. I hearby am now a free thinking voter and a member of no party but will probably vote republican for the rest of my life until another party (one of true reason) comes along. I doubt this will ever happen but I believe it could if the republicans just toned down there rhetoric on some social issues. I believe in the things they are saying based upon my faith but I also believe this is a free country and we should not make laws restricting personal behavior, these things are character issues that parents should drill into their kids....more info
  • Has the world gone insane
    Due to people so blinded by hatred of Bush that they will accept no republican in office, we all have to suffer for the fools who let themselves be brainwashed into voting for Obama. I wish people had read the book before the elections.

    A side note: George Orwell's "Animal Farm' is banned in Kenya. READ that banned book and take a good hard look at where the nation is headed now. Then note where Obama's roots are.......more info
  • Some Good Facts, Hastily Written
    Corsi has accumulated a number of interesting facts about Obama, but the book appears hastily written. For example, when Corsi discusses "Obama Visits Africa" on page 24-27, he neglects to ask an obvious question - What passport did Obama use to travel to Africa? Since Obama says he did not have a US passport until he was a US Senator, what passport did he use to travel to Africa in 19986 and 1992 (or Pakistan in the early 1980s). Either Obama is lying about not having a US passport, or Obama had a US passport in another name, or Obama used a foreign passport. It seems that with a little more time some valuable truth could be uncovered.
    I also didn't care for the bias (Is Obama another Dukakis (p 282). I'd prefer a more objective accounting of the facts - I'll make my own bias!
    I liked Corsi point out about how so many of Obama's speeches were actually taken from other Alexrod clients. Infomation like this is not found in other sources and gives us some valuable insight into Obama.
    Overall a good contribution to the body of literature regarding Obama...more info
  • The truth is coming to pass
    When I read this book it bothered me that Obama was favored so much in the mainstream media. They never mentioned any of the real facts about this man. Now that he is in office his actions speak volumns over his voice. And it's only been 3 weeks! America ask yourselves, where are we headed?...more info
  • More Excellent Work By Dr. Corsi
    This good book is more excellent work by Dr. Corsi. Unfortunately for America, not enough people paid close enough attention to what Dr. Corsi was warning about when he wrote this book : and so we now have Mr. Obama as U. S. President. Maybe that fact makes this book even more important, for Americans need to be able to learn what Mr. Obama really is all about, and this book will help them to know about that. When readers are done with this excellent book of fact by Dr, Corsi, they perhaps should read a book presented as "fiction" which will be a good learning companion to this book. It is entitled "The Empress Project", and like Dr. Corsi's book, it is very instructive about the real world of American politics today, and about the dangers to freedom today in America posed by Hard-Left activists and political figures. The main character in "The Empress Project" is such a figure, just as Mr. Obama, the main chacter in this book by Dr. Corsi, is such a figure.The Empress Project...more info
  • Not only dull but shockingly uninsightful
    If you're hoping to find a reason to dislike Barack Obama or discover he's unfit for the presidency, you won't find it here unless you already feel this way. The author has to struggle to find the most petty reasons to diminish Barack Obama, and his argument at the beginning that Obama is terribly unlikely to win the presidency now rings as false as the book itself turns out to be. What struck me most, however, was how desperately the author wants to see things as black or white, rejecting nuance, understanding, or complexity. This is rather ironic as he castigates Obama for rejecting the race "of his mother, although he does have that choice." I wonder what world Mr. Corsi is living in? Since when do visibly black American citizens, even those with lighter skin like Obama, get to identify as white? Even more ironic is that Obama repeatedly describes his background and family history as an amalgam, even going so far as to describe himself as a "mutt." Obama never shies from complexity and an effort to understand many points of view. I had hoped to read a well-researched and legitimate critique; what I read instead was a rambling, repetitive, nit-picking, simplistic, and boring book that did nothing to diminish my respect for Obama....more info
  • Counter Point to Pro-Obama Media Coverage
    Contrary to what the far leftist pin heads say, this is a very informative book. Obama's mentors have virtually all been far leftist radicals if not blatant anti-white, and anti-American bigots such as the detestable Jeremiah Wright and Frank Marshall. Then we have darling wife Michelle Obama who, when not taking swipes at her fellow white classmates in her master's thesis also pledged to, "give all my resources to the black community first and foremost". The Obama's and their inner circle place more emphasis on black racial identity than on being American. How can people with this mindset fairly and effectively govern a nation that is 66% white and 15% Hispanic?

    For those that think I'm being "racist" or too harsh this book contains some of Obama's memorable quotes from his book "Dreams From my Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance". Obama cites radical blacks Stokely Carmichael and Malcolm X as influencing his worldview. Very sobering but then again it's hip to hate white people. If the "mainstream" media (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC) were doing its job then books like this wouldn't be necessary.

    Obama is probably the most unqualified person ever to seek the presidency. A community organizer is a polite description for a race baiter in the mold of Jesse Jackson. He's only served 143 days in the U.S. Senate and has not introduced or co-written any significant legislation.

    The one issue I have with this book is the foreign policy chapter. Actually, Barack Obama has been very sensible about the proper role of the U.S. in foreign affairs. Corsi's thesis is that Obama's policy could jeopardize the national interests of Israel. Corsi should be reminded that a U.S. President's role is to advance U.S. interests and not those of a foreign nation. Corsi claims to be an independent but his policy views dovetail with the radical neoconservatives that have infested the Bush administration. This makes me question his claim of being independent and non-partisan.

    Note: Most of the one star reviews are from Obama's true believers who haven't read the book and go into convulsions when anyone has the temerity to criticize our new "dear leader". ...more info
  • great book
    Obama is a great actor. He tricks people into thinking he cares about them, when in fact he is just another crafty politician with his own hidden agendas. So many people are being fooled and tricked into liking him that it is like a cult. Hitler had these same qualities, and look what happened. Please wake up people! Turn off the TV and turn back on your brain and don't be fooled. Ralph Nader 2012!!!!!...more info
  • Garbage!
    Got this book out of the garbage outside my apartment. Decided to take a was in the right place. It's pure unadulterated GARBAGE. This man should not be getting paid to write books. He has no talent. He's obviously being supported by some rich, right wing lunatic who is using his money to slander anyone who doesn't fit into his own, small world. This book is a collection of lies, created to promote fear among people who don't read or watch anything on TV but reality shows. And, guess what folks? It didn't work! Hail to our newly elected President Elect!...more info
  • Leads to the Truth with Lies and Half-Truths
    While certainly there are interesting or troubling aspects of Obama's life that can and should be investigated independently of his autobiographies and those of left-leaning authors, unfortunately, this book does not serve as a proper counterweight; rather it is a shallow, dull, deceitful lump. I don't have the space or energy to go through all the particulars, but probably sums up most of my feelings about this book with its article:
    Corsi's Dull Hatchet

    BTW, Mr. Corsi, when is President Bush going to come clean about his use of recreational drugs, military service, drunken driving arrest, ad naseum? Does hypocrisy even register on the far right anymore?
    ...more info