Rinnavation: Getting Your Best Life Ever

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Whether she's interviewing celebrities on the red carpet, or "movin' what she's got" on Dancing with the Stars, Lisa Rinna always looks absolutely sensational. Now for the first time, the award-winning actress who captured our hearts in Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place reveals her best-kept secrets for staying fit, managing weight, looking beautiful, feeling sexy, and living the best life possible.

In Rinnavation, her guide to looking and feeling your best, you'll discover:

• How Lisa got that Dancing with the Stars body
• How to lose weight fast -- without counting calories
• How to be "camera-ready" in just minutes
• Advice for balancing work and family while also finding time to take care of yourself
• Plus: Lisa's instant "lip plumper," quick-fix tanner, everyday makeup advice, hairstyling secrets, and even super-hot sex tips!

As a Hollywood star, Lisa has worked with the very best stylists, trainers, and professionals in the industry. Now she shares all her insider secrets, with surprising candor, down-to-earth humor, and irresistible charm. She talks frankly about her self-esteem lows, her struggle losing baby weight, her Hollywood marriage with actor Harry Hamlin, and her never-before-told experiences with cosmetic surgery. She reveals her emotional and spiritual journey from feeling unattractive and uninspired to finding a new sense of purpose and enthusiasm. And she shows you how to dramatically improve the quality of your life -- inside and out -- by approaching it one day at a time.

"I firmly believe that anyone can change their life for the better," Lisa says. "You just have to make up your mind to make it happen."

Customer Reviews:

    Rinnavation has literally saved my life-being able to identify with Lisa through her honest and thought provoking book has given me a new lease on life. I was in the worst SLUMP of my life until I picked up RINNAVATION and could not put it down! Lisa is so right on when she says its all in your head-I immediately put to use some of Lisa's tips and immediately began to feel that spark of inspiration. The clouds literally started to lift. This book is genius! It's prozack in a book form!!!! I am re-reading it just to make sure I get every last drop and I am buying it for ALL of my girlfriends because honey we all need a RINNAVATION at some point....more info
    Run don't walk to get this book! Rinnavation will change your life from the inside out
    it will MOTIVATE AND INSPIRE YOU TO FEEL AND LOOK BETTER! its filled with tons of great tips
    and Lisa shares some very intimate things about her life and her journey things that will suprise you!
    i am so proud of Lisa! This girl is game! i love her she rocks!!...more info
  • Wow.... Thank you Rinnavation!!
    This book made me feel like I'm not alone in the everyday struggle of being a stay home Mom. It inspired me to stop feeling sorry for myself and take my life back. I'm starting to feel more sexy. My husband is taking more notice in me!! I know I am a happier more fun Mom to my kids. Thank you Lisa for sharing yourself with the us.. PS... I know we can bring Sexy back girls!...more info
  • Lisa Rinna loves (insert FAD here)
    Okay, I feel like a real witch writing this review. Why? because I truly think Lisa Rinna is a nice woman, a bit of a sweet "sucker" may be a nice way of putting it. I have a friend who follows every trend, fad and new beauty gadget there is up for offer. For example, the Vietnamese guy who was "only in town for one week, better get an appointment to get the toxins removed from your body via your foot"! You know that kind of person, the non-cynic, the person that has money to splurge and is ever optimistic the next thing will change their life. This is not an intellectual beauty book, but such a thing may be an oxymoron.

    That's not to say everything she offers up in this book is Whacko, no, and not to say she doesn't walk the walk, this woman has a killer body and has worked at it her entire career. From Jazzercise to Ball Room Cardio (her product), this woman dances and exercises her bod into a hard body and I respect her for that. She also has good advice (not new advice) on how to eat healthily.

    I give the book 3 stars because it's simply not well-written, but EASY to read, which may appeal to her target audience. While I personally did not learn one single "beauty secret" that had me running for the stores, I bet some people will.

    The book may be worth buying just to read about Lisa's lips!!! I know I couldn't wait to find out what happened there. You cannot help but like this woman, she is so frank about her life with Harry Hamlin and her own insecurities. She is from Medford, Oregon and you will not forget this as she mentions it over and over again (O.K., we get it, small time girl goes to Hollywood, meets handsome actor and becomes a star!)

    ...more info
  • Standing Ovation on Rinnavation!
    Fantastic book! Each of us go thru similar journeys and can relate to each other in so many ways. Waiting to read the next one!...more info
  • Standing Ovation on Rinnavation!
    Fantastic book! Each of us go thru similar journeys and can relate to each other in so many ways. Waiting to read the next one!...more info
  • Honest & Revealing
    Lisa writes with a sincere empowerment for all women - She shares both heartaches and successes that are inspirational. Lisa is a believer in women and we need more of those women out there! Loved Loved Loved the book - Thank you Lisa! ...more info


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