The World's Most Magnificent Vacuum Cleaner

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  • Excellent book for children of all ages - 1 to 100!
    This is just such a cute little book and story. It has lots of detail in the artwork that add a story to the story! Very colorful to keep childrens attention. Short enough for a bedtime story and to keep their attention. Each time I read it I find out more details to the story through the illistrations. The mystery is just scarey enough to keep kids on the edge of their seats, but not give them nightmares! A refreshing point of view. Gets the mind up and off the couch!

    LOVE IT!...more info
  • Cute book for little kids
    My son requested a book about a vacuum cleaner and we found this one. The drawings are done with marker and colored pencil (I think) in the style of an older child drawing them, which gives the book a charming homemade quality. The story is simple: a vacuum cleaner salesman sells a vacuum cleaner that will pick up anything, it cleans great but soon things and people disappear until the brother is the only one left; he sees the vacuum cleaner coming after him, he unplugs it, unzips it, and lets his family out. This book is just right for a five and three-year-old; slightly scary, but not too much since everything is okay in the end. They've requested to read it again and again. There is one typo which I find annoying, but overall just right if you want a book about a vacuum cleaner for your kids. Just one caveat: If your kids are scared of the vacuum cleaner "eating" things, this might feed that fear....more info