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Everyday Raw is an exciting new cookbook that will introduce the benefits and pleasure of eating healthful food that is organic, fresh and good for you! Preparing and eating raw food does not mean bland, whether it is a smoothie, a salad, or a mid-morning snack, you will love the tantalizing and delicious recipes included here. Filled with luscious photography, Chef Matthew Kenney has been preparing raw food for years and offers up a variety of delectable recipes including-Chocolate-Cherry Smoothie, Red-Chile Pineapple Dipping Sauce, Sesame Cashew Dumplings, Portobello Fajitas, and a Lemon Macaroon Cheesecake Tartlet that will leave you wondering why you haven't started eating raw food sooner!
Update! Ice Cream Cone recipe directions (pg 134):
Blend all ingredients in Vita-Mix until smooth. Spread thinly into 5 to 6-inch rounds on dehydrator Teflex sheets. Dehydrate 5 or 6 hours until dry but very pliable. Remove from Teflex sheets and shape each round into cones; press edges together. If needed, use paper clips to secure the edges. Place cones on dehydrator screens and dehydrate for 24 more hours until crisp.

Customer Reviews:

  • such grace, precision and great art
    I just received this book today. My husband and I have been waiting for this book to come out and be able to order it for about a month now. I was so happy that it only took two days from the time I ordered it until it was delivered to my door.
    I must say that I am a big fan of Matthew Kenney. I bought his first book, Raw Food Real World and I made about 90% of the recipes in that book. I love this guy Matthew Kenney, he is so innovative, artistic and so passionate about the food he makes. I loved the first book.
    I now have my hands on his second book: everyday raw. I must say that it is even more impressive than the first book. I am completely wowed by this book. I haven't made anything yet from this book, but I am a raw-foodist for almost a year now and I can tell a good recipe. I must say this book is full of amazing recipes. The pictures are amazing and I cannot wait to make the mango wraps and the dumplings. I make similar wraps out of coconut and tomatoes, so I can only imagine what these wraps would be like.
    I think this guy is really talented and his food is amazing. I think the raw-foodists who will buy this book will be amazed of his recipes. and to the ones who never tried raw before, go for it!
    I totally recommend this book!

    NOTE: I wrote this review before I made any recipe out of the book. By now I made 5 recipes of this book and I can certainly say that this is one of my favorite raw books together with the Cafe Gratitude. The chocolate chip cookies are to die for and the mango wraps are absolutely divine. The chili is also amazing. Too bad the instructions for the ice-cream cones never made it in the book. I emailed the publisher a few days ago, but I never heard back. Well, I guess I have to use my imagination how to make those.
    ...more info
  • Genius
    Matthew Kenney is a raw food culinary genious. This book is fantastic! I have made a few recipes already and am completely impressed. The raw chocolate chips and chocolate chip cookies are fabulous raw, I'm waiting for them in my dehydrator now....

    I hope Matthew will continue to produce such great recipes and that he will share them with us in another cook book.

    My only complaint is that on page 134, the ice cream cones have the directions for the recipe above them. The ingredients are correct, just not the directions. I called the publisher and she emailed me the correct instructions within 24 hours. I just printed it off and taped it in my book over the incorrect instructions. I'm excited to try them too....more info
  • Just Ok
    I did not find this book incredibly interesting. The recipes are alright, but they seem too complicated and drawn out. I realize that most raw food is complicated or involves many steps, but books like Ani's Raw Food Kitchen make raw food so simple that this book didn't really impress me....more info
  • Great recipes
    But maybe not for the novice. Or for those looking for a bunch of quick recipes. I like the food combinations he has and I find myself going to this often. It does require some prep work (the usual soaking and dehydrating) but I find it worth the effort. I really like the portobello 'sausage' recipe and it withstood my modifications ;) I'm not a big fan of coconut oil so I tend to substitute/partially sub avocado and they still work out well. The key lime tart (I used avocado mostly) is tooooo yummy. Especially with the 'candied' cashew crust. mmmm...more info
  • *This* is what I should do for my everyday fare?
    And this is what other people actually do?

    You should know: you will need a Vitamix for most of the recipes and a dehydrator for a good chunk. For those recipes that you will need a vitamix for you could probably substitute a regular blender- mine usually works pretty well- but not for everything (goji berries, for example, don't blitz that well at regular speeds). For those recipes that require a dehydrator, you're going to need to plan ahead as many of the recipes would have you dehydrate for a day or more- seriously. These are not things that you're going to be inspired to make and eat quickly. For me, that's a big part of my everyday life.

    I will say that the smoothie, salad, sauce and soup sections had recipes that 1) didn't require a lot of dehydration and 2) were relatively quick to prepare. But that's not what I'm going to eat those exclusively on a regular basis. Also, I agree with another reviewer: some of these recipes will be ridiculously expensive to prepare, particularly the Maca-Cacao Truffles. Two cups of Maca? Really???

    There are some interesting flavor combinations, but it's very much a jumping off point. I wouldn't even use this as a starter uncookbook- just for the occasional inspiration (and there are better sources for those).

    ...more info
  • I love it!!!
    This is a great recipe book! I bought this book and Ani's Raw Food Kitchen: Easy, Delectable Living Foods Recipes by Ani Phyo after an extensive research. I recommend anybody who is serious about raw food to buy this book....more info
  • This is the one book to get!
    It's all about the food.

    That is the main thing I like about this book, it's all about the food. There are no lengthy chapters on the raw lifestyle and no pages full of pictures of the author in various settings looking pretty, it's just all about the food, pure and simple.
    Like the title says, this is raw food for everyday. Most of the recipes are very easy to prepare and straightforward and do not have unnecessary or obscure ingredients thrown in. Which I like since it doesn't take forever to prepare them.

    And the taste............just amazing. Some recipes I cannot even imagine how he came up with them. I mean raw potato salad and a raw chili that is out of this world.

    This book really pushes Matthew Kenney to the front of the pack in the raw food community. Nobody comes close to him. I also like the way the book is laid out with large bold print and the beautiful photos of the food. It is extremely well done. Like others though I hope they fix the recipe for the ice cream cones since the photo of that was one of the first to 'wow' me.

    In my opinion, this is the best raw food cookbook to ever be released.

    ...more info
  • Great
    This recipe has a nice combination of simple and more time consuming recipes. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great pictures, great ideas
    I am not on a raw foods diet, nor do I wish to be. It is something I had experimented with in college and found it didn't agree with me. However, I still eat raw foods (in addition to cooked) and I was struck by the great ideas and pictures found in this book. There are certainly a lot of creatively inspiring ideas in here, for cooks of all seasons.
    The Gluten-free Guide to Vegetarian Recipes...more info
  • Great Starter Book for Raw Food, but not 100% Raw
    I received this book a few days ago and looked forward to making many of the recipes. I love gourmet raw food but don't have much time to prepare it, so this book seemed like a great idea.

    So far, I have made the Triple C smoothie, the tortilla chips, the white grape and tomatillo gazpacho, and a variation of the fennel and orange salad. The items have all tasted good. If I had had every single ingredient on hand, they likely would have tasted excellent, but the reason I give only 4 stars is because some ingredients are not the most commonly available in a raw food kitchen. I am a raw foodist, so the ingredients I'm missing tend to be things like nutritional yeast, white pepper, chili powder, and maple syrup--all non-raw items. The recipes tasted fine without these ingredients, and I improvised with ones I had on hand, but some hard core raw foodists might take issue with the frequent use of non-raw items.

    I appreciate that this book makes raw food accessible to less hard core raw foodists, though. Most vegan kitchens would contain at least maple syrup, nutritional yeast and chili powder. The only other reason for the 4-star instead of 5-star rating is that some of the recipes still take a long time to prepare. I spent about an hour and a 1/2 in the kitchen yesterday, not counting 24 hours of dehydrating time for the tortilla chips. It's faster and tastier than many raw food books but definitely not near-instantaneous food prep unless you just happen to have all the ingredients pre-chopped and on-hand. ...more info
  • Worth the Price for the Banana Almond Butter Cup Smoothie
    I live in CA so everything in this book is very easy to find. I love the smoothies in this book.. They are wonderful. You should have a dehydrator since I think about 40% of the recipes need one. But, if you don't it is worth the price for only the smoothies. They are amazingly good.

    The macadamia hummus was great. I like that these recipes taste like food from a resturant. ...more info
  • Innovative
    Very creative recipes - this guy gets the official "favorite raw chef" rating, he is ahead of his time as far as recipe creation....more info
  • Wonderful & innovative ways to prepare raw food
    This is my first official review. I was moved to write it after owning my copy of Everyday Raw for only a week. I have moved through each chapter, trying my hand at many of the innovative and simple to prepare recipes. I have many (really...many) Raw food books but this one just blows me away. Each dish is unique, flavorful and delicious. I could never have believed - raw tofu scramble, chili & blueberry pancakes? Genius. This book will not disappoint.

    Thank you Mathew Kenny for bring something new and wonderful to the world of Raw food.
    ...more info
  • Great Raw book!
    I love this book. It's got some great recipes using foods that I love and you don't see in a lot of other books such as Maca, Cacao, Goji berries, Hemp seeds etc... I even emailed the author with a few questions and he got right back to me answering my questions and giving me advice. Do yourself a favor and pick this up!...more info
  • Best Raw Food Cookbook
    Everyday Raw is an amazing raw food book for everyday people! I think this is the best raw food book yet, especially for people who don't have the time to prepare very elaborate, complicated dishes. Everything in the book looks absolutely amazing, you really can't wait to make every recipe.

    So far, I tried some of the smoothies - the best I ever had, they all look so delicious and they are SO easy to prepare - The Blue Green is fantastic! I love the Cucumber-White Grape Gazpacho - it's the best gazpacho ever, and I was a huge fan of Watermelon/Tomato Gazpacho, but this one is so simple and so delicious, I know I'll be making it very often this summer. Also, the Pumpkin Pie is a million times better than the regular pumpkin pie and much healthier - actually, this one has no pumpkin in it. I know it sounds strange and impossible but it's true, and it's super yummy. And the Cherry Chip Ice Cream - out of this world, really.

    Matthew Kenney is the best raw food chef, and I believe this book is even better than his last book, Raw Food/Real Word. He's been taking raw foods to new levels in the past few years, using his incredible talent, experience and knowledge to bring us healthier alternatives to cooked foods. The recipes in this book are not difficult to prepare, and the book really makes you feel like you can easily maintain a raw food lifestyle. It's really a great book....more info
  • Good Book, Good Food
    Great book and start to eating raw. I don't have all the equipment to make all the recipes, but it isn't that hard to improvise!...more info
  • Gorgeous photos entice you to try raw cuisine
    Not the easiest to prepare (Vitamix and dehydrator are not the most commonly stocked appliances and many ingredients require special market trips) but these gorgeous photos and delicious recipes will incent you to try at least a few raw recipes....more info
  • Clear Cut View Of Foods, Nutrition & Lifestyle
    This book has opened my eyes to new ideas of foods, eating, cooking (or lack there of). So clearly written my whole family loves it! The recipies are easy to follow and delicious too! Thanks for publishing this book! ...more info
  • Tools, Skills, Time Required
    Good recipes but some unconventional ingredients and tools are needed.

    1. Coconut Meat + Ability to Cut Coconuts (required for many smoothies)

    2. Blue green algae, agave, acai, ginger, goji berries, cacao nibs, tocotrienols, hemp protein, mesquite pod meal, maple powder, ancho chile powder, shoyu, lecithin (for nut milk drinks)

    3. Soaked nuts (almonds, Brazil nuts, macadamia, etc)

    4. Tools: Dehydrator, Juicer (especially for vegetables such as cucumbers, carrots, and ginger), Strong Blender (author uses Vita Mix)

    There are very few recipes which do not require these ingredients and tools.

    ...more info
  • Amazing Ideas: Beautiful
    I just received this in the mail this week. What an amazing book. I have only tried a few of the recipes but can't wait to dive in and try them all! The instructions are clear; there are many many creative ideas that I would not have thought to do, seeing as he is a Chef, he has the aesthetics and taste profile to pull these off. Don't be discouraged: the recipes are a great mix of those which need gadgets and those that don't. It has full color photographs throughout and really shows the food with a sense of vibrancy. There is a Pumpkin Pie with Thyme on p118 that will make an appearance at *my* Thanksgiving table this year! And the Super Goji-Cacao-Maca Bars make a great hiking snack. Buy it! You will not be sorry!...more info


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