Exercising the Penis: How to Make Your Most Prized Organ Bigger, Harder & Healthier (Penis Enlargement)
Exercising the Penis: How to Make Your Most Prized Organ Bigger, Harder & Healthier (Penis Enlargement)

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If a man's biceps get stronger and harder with exercise, why can't his penis? The answer: It can. Despite popular belief, more than 1.3 million men have already learned the truth: The penis, like other muscles, is shapeable through exercises. For the first time ever, this book shows how you can:

Increase your penis size. (In a survey of nearly 1000 men who exercised their penis for three or more months, the average size increase was 1 inch in length and 0.5 inches in girth-a volumetric increase of fifty percent.)

Yield harder, stronger, and longer-lasting erections. (In one study, penis exercises improved erection strength just as much as erection drugs.)

Overcome premature ejaculation and have multiple orgasms. (A strong pelvic region built through penis exercising gives men control of their ejaculations.)

Endure dozens of other benefits. (A healthier penis and penile vascular system can increase libido, create stronger orgasms, and more.)

Customer Reviews:

  • I can't thank you enough!
    To everyone who doubts the power of penile exercising, all I can say is DON'T! I've used penis enlargement exercises for a little more than half a year. The results are as real as the light of day!

    My measurements started out at an erect legth of 4.25" and erect girth of 4.5".

    Now I'm at 6.25" erect length and 5.5" erect girth (at the largest point).

    The best part? The regular-sized condoms used to be too loose on my penis! Now I have to wear Magnums - they fit snug and don't slip off! I love it! "PE" has increased my confidence 1,000%! I don't plan on stopping ever. It's fun and increases my erection strength....more info
  • A surprise
    I bought this together with Rules of the Game when I broke up with my girlfriend last month. Both books were five stars. I was looking to improve myself in a few key areas after being out of the "game" for more than for years.

    I have to be honest, I was very surprised with this book. After doing the exercises for nearly a month, I'm even more surprised that this stuff isn't well known. I've already gained .5" in length and a little bit in girth and started experiencing stronger erections.

    Kemmer suggested some good plausible reasons in the book of why "penile exercise" isn't mainstream yet, such as no one has cared to do any studies (there was one study done with fairly good results back in the 70s, but the lead scientist didn't attempt to repeat the results). He also mentions that a lot of guys go overboard because they don't know what they're doing. In turn, they don't see results and they get temporary weak erections and spout to the world that this stuff doesn't work.

    Either way, I'm not sure why the stuff is under wraps, but I do know that is has worked for me thus far. I don't think it will be kept hidden much longer....more info
  • My Thoughts
    This book is very informative. It shows many different ways to achieve your goal and with a little effort, they are easily achieved.
    The book also deals with other subjects, such as how to have a better understanding of yourself and it helped me
    with my self esteem and many aspects of how to improve my life....more info
  • Book Review
    This book is well written, descriptive, and very helpful. Put another way it shed a lot of light on some very dark areas. Thank you very much for putting out such an excellent book on the subject. ...more info
  • excellent
    excellent source of info very helpful using it every day... ...more info
  • way to go
    This is a grade A book, what ever your looking for you will be happy and get plenty of exercises for the goal....more info
  • THE book to read about penis enlargement
    A few weeks back, I purchased Exercising the Penis. And I'm glad I did. I've been interested in penis enlargement for a few years now. Did the exercises, quit, then began again. But Aaron Kemmer's superb book helped me to get a regular routine going to make the maximum gains I can achieve. Exercising the Penis has every thing you need to know about penis enlargement...what exercises you should do. The frequency of your workouts. Information about penis enlargement devices, which ones to use. Any...and I mean any...questions you may have about penis enlargement is in Exercising the Penis. What I like about Exercising the Penis is that penis health is stressed first and foremost...and for guys new at penis enlargement, that is extremely important. Plus, there are success stories at the end of the book. Anything you need to know about penis enlargement, harder, longer lasting erections, stopping premature ejaculations and having multiple orgasms...it's in Exercising the Penis. This book is a must have for penis enlargement. Period....more info
  • Knowledge is Power
    Liking what I have read so far. Waiting find a routine myself until after I have read what is not normal about these doughnuts....more info
  • Great
    Very Happy with equipement. Expect great gains...more info
  • Reading it for the second time . . .
    A few months ago, I bought this book, Exercising the Penis. I gave it to a friend of mine but I now regret that because I don't have a copy anymore!

    It's a great book and I'm about to read it for a 2nd time.

    I wanted to write this review to 1) thank Aaron for creating a "bible" for us guys. In my opinion, he's a pioneer.

    2) Mention that I never purchased a penis enlargement book because most of them looked like the crap you find on the web. That's not the case with this one. I'm truly glad I got it. I think it explains and takes penis enlargement to the next level. Plus it clears up a lot of mistakes that are commonly with peing. ...more info
  • God Made Me Deficient
    I am not OK the way I am. No, I am NOT. Shut up. I am deficient. God did it on purpose, but this book, thank God, gave me the ammunition to fight back, to fight Him, to put God in his place for this horrible thing he did to me. (And yet I love Him so very, very much.)

    From the very first exercise--tie one end of a fishing line to your ding-a-ling, tie the other end to a cinder block, then drop the cinder block off a cliff--my weenus length began to increase exponentially, until, at last, it reached biblical proportions. "If your brother offends thee..." Well, now I have a log to remove from my own eye, and it is my own. Imagine, having to remove your own log from your own eye...! You will weep tears of joy!

    Do it--do it NOW. Grow your weenus. Make yourself acceptable in the eyes of God and in the eyes of your brother-man. (Don't worry about the ladies--who cares what they think?) And next time you strut into the local supermarket in the nude, know that you have nothing to be ashamed of... quite the contrary. Because your penis is, in fact, now enormous.

    (Added bonus: you will finally achieve that coveted "BOI-YOY-YOING!" sound when you pop a boner.)...more info
  • Great Exercises
    I've done PE for several years, and haven't seen a lot of results. As it turns out I was doing way too much, too intense, too fast, without enough rest, and without warming up. This book gives you a daily routine, and sets it up in a way that you can really follow and stick to it. It's great. ...more info
  • Thank You, Mother.
    I received this book, on my birthday, from my mother. She says she picked it up, wrapped it, and presented it to me in front of all my friends, pets, teachers, enemies, monks, lawyers, tubbies, Grandmas, etc. as an "accident." According to mother, she thought it was a used copy of "Teste Stretch-30 days to longer nuts" by Dr. Dinko Plastic-but I'm not sure if either of these books are appropriate B-day presents. As such, this incident has caused many teary, sleepless nights for myself and has strained my relationship with mother to the breaking point. My reputation with colleagues has also suffered irreperable damage, and I am the laughingstock of my local 4-H club. On the other hand, My penis has gotten much more exercised and sleek. So, yeah, thank you mother....more info
    My suggestion is to get this book. Follow it to the letter and make it your bible. Here's an example of why:

    Just today, I had the BEST sex I have ever had. My girlfriend said she has never orgasmed so many times in her life - at least 8 times. We had sex for over two hour. She could barely even walk. I laugh for thinking that's great, but it's a huge confidence booster.

    I am absolutely positive that I owe this sex to penile exercising. She has been commenting lately that my penis felt longer and thicker as I was hitting her spots more. But that's not the best part . . . Exercising my penis has given me such an amazing amount of staying power. After I come the first time, my penis doesn't fall asleep like it use to. I keep on going and going like the energizer bunny. . . and going.
    ...more info
  • its not worth it
    most of the techniques discissed in the book are the one you can get of the other websites for free.there is absolutely no point in paying such a big amount for something which you can find by searching on google for free....more info


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