The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss that lasts Forever!

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With The Eat-Clean Diet, the diet that fitness professionals rely on, readers will transform themselves from sluggish, exhausted and overweight to energetic, lean and fabulous! Just like the author and cover girl Tosca Reno did when she was sixty pounds overweight, readers will discover how to make their bodies burn fat while eating tons of food. We've all seen the fitness professionals on the covers of magazines and wished we could look like them. The truth is, they are real people. Just like you, they had to figure out how to get their bodies to look like that. And they all came to the same conclusion: Eat Clean! So who better to write a book on the subject than formerly overweight fitness diva and mother of three, Tosca Reno? Tosca shows you how to lose over sixty pounds, like she did, or just that last ten. When you read The Eat-Clean Diet you will: Rev up your metabolism to burn more fat -faster!; Lose weight quickly and easily; Never go hungry; Eat all food groups: protein and carbs and fat; Eat five to seven meals a day; Receive Eat-Clean recipes with color photos; Have more energy than you ever dreamed possible; Stay lean forever never worry about dieting again!

Customer Reviews:

  • A Staple Cookbook that I use
    I only gave it 4 stars because I have not used it as extensively as I'd like. My husband and boys are not overjoyous about eating healthy the way I do. They try, but most of these recipes I just can't 'sell' to them.

    That aside, this is the most 'healthy AND easy' cookbook that I can find.

    Sometimes 'healthy' or 'diet' cookbooks lack sufficient protein or contain loads of sugar, this cookbook has excellent options for both.

    Her muffins and pancakes are to DIE FOR!

    I am glad I found this book and plan on using more of the recipes....more info
  • Exercise More, Eat Less Fat & Prepare Time-consuming Recipes
    What is new about exercising more, eating less fat and preparing time-consuming recipes?

    This book is just a rehash of everything we already know. Been there, done that, without lasting success. I cannot portion control. If I could, I wouldn't need a diet....more info
  • A collection of magazine articles
    When I bought this book, I was expecting it to be in the format of a book. I read Oxygen magazine, and am ashamed to say that I gave in to all the hype that they have for that "book" and bought it (now series of "books"). I was surprised to find that it was poorly organized and jumped from place to place with no real focus. Content was nothing new, either. It was basically like a giant magazine, and the recipes sucked. It has a lot of high cost ingredients and elaborate meals. The only simple meals are the breakfast menu items (example: ziploc omlet where you put egg whites and toppings in a ziploc bag and then boil it in a pot for breakfast never tried nor do I want to try plastic tasting eggs, thanks though). If you are looking for a good book for losing weight, buy a healthy cookbook instead. You won't find much in this book--its all fluff and no meat. ...more info
  • Okay, Let's Be Realistc Here......
    Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Diet is perfect for the person who can afford expensive, organic food, expensive fish and expensive meat, or for the person who wishes for their nutrition to be the focal point of their life. It's perfect for the bodybuilder or fitness competitor, because that is what these people do for a living: they sculpt their bodies to earn a living.

    However, for the average person, this book can be summed up by this: No Processed Foods, No Salad Dressing, No Soda (diet or otherwise), Nothing to Drink but Water or Tea, No Salt, No Butter, No Sauces...Basically, Nothing That Makes Food Taste Good. Oh, and NO Cream in Coffee Either. Choke it down BLACK. And no Alcohol If You Can Help It. Yeah. Okay.

    I honestly did this diet/lifestyle overhaul for about a month before realizing that this is no way to live. Let's face it; who wants to eat salad with no dressing, who wants to deny the occasional burger and fries? Tosca does have some good points; drink lots of water, eat lots of fruit and veggies, and because of this book I kicked my diet-soda habit and stated taking flaxseed, a ridiculously healthy supplement. But jeez; Tosca, on the rare occasion I go out to eat, I don't want to order a plain slab of chicken breast and plain steamed veggies with no sauce, butter or salt of any kind and then not even consider dessert. I'm going to order what I want, eat it slowly and savor every bite and stop when I'm full. My god, what fun is life if you have to plan each and every meal, pack a cooler everyday, and never eat another doughnut? Trust me; this diet is way too restrictive and frankly unrealistic. Her recipes are complicated and expensive: Parchment Baked Chicken? Quinoa? Can you even find these in the supermarket? And how much are they? I tell you, my grocery bills went up tenfold when I was eating this way. And let me tell you, LIFE kept getting in the way. I'm a college student. I go out for drinks with friends once a week or so, I go to ball games and savor a hot dog and a beer, and I love ketchup on my eggs.

    You'd be better off listening to Paul McKenna, he of the "I Can Make You Thin" plan. For god's sake, eat when you are hungry (for me, it's when my tummy gets rumbly) and eat what you WANT whether that's a salad, pasta or a sandwich. Eat SLOWLY and consciously, stopping every few bites to check for saiety. If you think you can stop eating, then do so. Trust me; when you know that no foods are off limits, you'll feel no urger to binge on them and you'll feel no deprivation. I've been eating this way for barely a week, and my clothing is already looser and I'm happier than I ever was on Tosca's diet. Trust me; you don't need to be this strict to lose weight. Just watch portions, exercise, and stop eating when you're full. That's all there is to it. ...more info
  • Great Book
    I enjoyed reading this book very much and am thankful it was given to me. I have had similar views about food and my own diet so I was immediately attracted to it.

    Among other things I have taken away from the book is the idea that eating wholesome food is not about learning to grit my teeth and tolerate bad tasting things like vegetables and whole grains while heroically sacrificing the "delicious" fast foods and junk foods. It is about learning the truth that wholesome foods are actually the ones that taste good.

    I especially liked that I felt convicted and inspired to change my eating habits. I have read some criticism that she says the same things over and over and does not provide more in depth knowledge, but for my part I don't think all the knowledge in the world will help me eat better. It is a matter of doing it, and of having the motivation to change, and I found the book encouraging and inspiring me to do so. I hope Tosca and others like her do say the same things, over and over and over again....more info
  • Great info!
    I already work out and eat well, but this book gave me even better tips. Plus, it allows you to eat constantly by making better choices and gives some great advice about supplements. Great read!...more info
  • I already knew most of the info in here
    She talks alot about eating oatmeal with bee pollen and flax every morning. The rest of the book is common knowlege that everyone knows and should do, it's just that you need to actually do it instead of just know it. That's the hard part to stick to is walking the walk....more info
  • Insulting
    OMG I can't believe how awful this book is. PLEASE don't waste your money unless you want to see pretty pictures of some skinny woman telling you to eat only oatmeal, fish and egg whites with no science behind it whatsoever. I have purchased dozens of diet books and this is by far the worst. If you want a similar diet book written with testimonials and medical backup, try the Abs Diet or South Beach Diet, both are about the same as far as what you can eat, but at least they are assuming the audience has more than one ounce of intelligence. I feel extremely cheated.
    ...more info
  • Simple and forever
    She tells it like it is, eat veggies and lean meats. But better than that, she tells you why it works, and how to make it a real, lifetime, goal for yourself. Since she has been 200 lbs before, it is easier to hear it from her. She knows how hard it can be to loose the weight, and she did it when she was 40....more info
  • The Eat Clean Diet
    This book is great. It just makes so much sense. I have been on this new way of eating for just over a month and have lost one size in my jeans already. I won't get on the scale because this seems to be self-defeating for me. I'm also not considering this to be a "diet", a temporary thing. This is the way I hope to continue to eat if I want to stay healthy and live a long life. What has also been a help to me is the muffin recipe on the Bob's Red Mill Flax Meal package. This is my snack. You can mix it up by adding bananas, orange peel and lots of other ideas. Very healthy. Give them both a try.
    PS: I added up my calories yesterday and without even trying I was at about 1200. My sugar switch has been turned off!!! Oh happy days. I now crave healthy foods....more info
  • Covers it all.
    I really enjoyed this book. It was to the point and not full of junk I didn't want to know. The book is colorful and fun to read. She lays out what you should eat if you want to be healthy. I found it to be very helpful....more info
  • This diet works!
    I normally don't post reviews, but after reading some of the naysaying posts, I had to comment. Folks, this diet works. It works like magic, just like the fitness pros say it does. I have tried SO many diets in the quest for ultimate health-vegan, macrobiotic, raw food, and this. This approach is the only one that stabilizes my hormones and blood sugar so well while not making me lose muscle tissue and slowing down my metabolism. In fact, at 44, when combining this diet approach with weight lifting 3 times a week and cardio kick boxing 3 times a week, my pudgy, tired, nearly perimenopausal body is getting strong, lean, toned and finally I feel like I did in my 20's. A few weeks ago a woman asked me if I was my 14 year old daughter's SISTER! And she wasn't just being silly...she was aghast when my daughter cracked up and said, "NO! She's my mom!" She thought it was the funniest thing in the world. But I thanked that woman and told her she made my whole year! This is not a quick fix diet, its a lifestyle that really gives you back your life. It takes some planning, but it is SO worth it. Nothing else has made me feel this good. ...more info
  • Not just a diet
    This book has changed my life!

    I have lost 65 pounds in the last 2 years, but I hit a plateau about 6 months ago. My boyfriend is a personal trainer and heard about this book- he brought it home and things haven't been the same since!

    We cleared out our kitchen and bought all fresh food- our refrigerator is now always full of fruit, veggies, and the many meals I make.

    We ate low fat but, after reading this book, realized that "low fat" does not mean "healthy". The stuff we were eating was processed and the ingredient lists were FULL of unpronouceable words. We were eating crap! Low fat, but crap none the less!

    Don't get me wrong- this is not easy at first. It's a little expensive at the beginning- getting pretty much all new food for the kitchen adds up, but once you have the basics the cost drops dramatically! We also noticed that we are saving a LOT of money by not eating out as much. We didn't realize how much we were spending on take-out!

    I had a hard time at first 'cooking'. The stuff I made before was processed, instant stuff- frozen stir frys and such. It was quite an adjustment cooking real meals from scratch. My boyfriend works 2 jobs and I work LONG hours every day as a 911 operator. It was very difficult to find time to cook, but now its a routine and I don't even think of it as a chore. Come to find out... I LOVE to cook. Who knew?! I cook now on my days off- I make enough meals (usually 3-5 different dishes) to last a week and we take our little coolers full of food to work and eat throughout the day. It makes it really easy and takes the guesswork out of it. Now we never have the problem of "there's nothing to eat" at our house! We have also found that fresh, homemade food tastes a LOT better than what we used to eat. Both of us agree that the stuff we used to love just doesn't taste good anymore- it tastes fake. We don't even want to eat out like we used to because it doesn't taste right!

    I am finally leaning out after my long plateau and my boyfriend (who had a fantastic physique anyway) is looking better than ever! I feel great, have more energy, and have not been sick ONCE since beginning this plan. This coming from the girl that used to catch EVERY bug that went around. I guess my immune system has been boosted by eating such fresh, healthy, nutrient dense food. It's been pretty nice! We do, however, have a "cheat day" once a week. Where before cheat day would be a pizza or something like that, now it basically means a dessert. Neither of us have any desire to gorge ourselves on greasy food. Our tastes have changed quite dramatically.

    We are looking to get married and start a family within the next year. I am SO glad we made this change in our lives. I'll feel much better having a baby knowing that it will grow up with good, healthy eating habits. Hopefully he/she will be healthy and not have to deal with the weight issues that I did growing up. We will be eating like this forever- even after I make my weight goal. This really is not a "diet", it's a lifestyle. This is how people SHOULD be eating- the good stuff that God gave us, not man-made "convenience" food. This is not just for people that want to lose weight- it's for anyone that wants to make a positive change in their life and wants to be healthier.

    I have read a lot of these reviews and a common theme among the mediocre-negative reviews is that it's "hard". Yes, it is... at first. If you stick it out for 2-3 weeks and force yourself to just make it work, you will find that it becomes a LOT easier. A *LOT* easier. You just have to stick with it and make a commitment- a commitment to yourself to be heatlhier and happier.

    I can't recommend this book enough!

    PS: I saw some people write that they want something to make them lose weight NOW. Well, this will help you to lose weight at a safe pace. Throw exercise in there and you're on your way. Remember, it took a LONG time to put the weight on, so you can't expect it to come off overnight (I am living proof). Fitness is a journey, not a destination....more info
  • Same old song
    Much of the same stuff you hea about all the time, in reference to keeping the metabolism "fired up". I would have like to seen more of the known benifits to each fruit and vegtable specifically but it wasnt broken down in detail. All in all its a step in the rite direction for anyone looking for a healthy way of life. Though i can tell you the whole book in 2 lines .....Eat six square meals, and dont eat food that man had a role in producing, striclty all natural and you'll loose weight!...more info
  • Eat Clean
    The Eat Clean Diet Book by Tosca Reno is very informative. It is more a way of eating than dieting. It is the way we SHOULD be eating! I found this book very informative and helpful in choosing foods to eat clean. I would recommend it. ...more info
  • Great Inspiration!
    I love the idea's, pictures, and encouragement from Tosca! After getting this book from the library, I had to order my own. I'm looking for ways to pack a healthier lunch for my husband (today was egg/tuna on whole grain with applesauce, granola, and homemade cake - well, you've got to win them over slowly). My children are enjoying snacking on vegetables, fruit, and whole grains. The key is to gradually introduce healthy snacks that are convenient to grab. I cut up a few carrots and put them in a glass container for 'fast food.' I'm 38 and need to lose about 40 pounds. I've been incorporating lots of healthy food into my diet, but I can't wait to get my book so I can follow cooler 1 closely. ...more info
  • Not what I expected
    I thought this book would be "groundbreaking" and would give me solid guidance in changing my dietary habits. Instead, I found that the whole book it written in small, disjointed a huge magazine. There was nothing new...nothing was all a giant re-hash of, say, Oxygen magazine articles. Blah. A waste of money....more info
  • Great and motivating resource
    The Eat Clean Diet provides a simple way of life that will enable you to maintain your figure and your health. It's written simply and clear. It works, too. If you follow it, you will lose weight. Some of it is common sense, some of it is not. If you get off track, just start over again. Tosca is very motivating. Although, it was extreme at some points; it was very straightforward. I also purchased the Eat Clean Cookbook....more info
  • Eat Clean Diet
    It was an easy read but as other reviewers mentioned it was pretty basic. It was helpful to have and for the great price of $11 and some change I did not feel disapointed with my purchase....more info
  • Simply amazing
    This is the 3rd copy I've bought of this book, maybe the 4th, for myself and other people. I've also bought the cookbook. Amazing food, losing weight and never hungry. I definitely could eat this way forever and not lose anything but my flab.
    Love Tosca Reno!...more info
  • Great basic nutrition advice
    Most of this book's recommendations are familiar to me now that I've been reading and experimenting with healthy cookbooks for a while. It's a bit more stringent on the no-fat requirement than I'm used to, but it's all about good carbs, good fats, and combining carbs with lean protein to keep us feeling full. Where Agatston's South Beach Diet recommends three meals with careful snacking between, Ms. Reno replaces that with five or six small meals spaced throughout the day.

    So what's new? What makes The Eat-Clean Diet a worthwhile addition to the stacks of diet books and healthy eating books already out there?

    For one, it includes great lists of pantry goods, produce, etc. with which to fill your cupboards and refrigerator. It makes it easier to get into the swing of having enough yummy, healthy food around to keep you full and satisfied. For those people who don't yet understand all the information out there on processed sugars, saturated fats, etc., it introduces those concepts in nice, easy language aimed at your average person.

    Tosca's cheerleading excitement and enthusiasm, while a bit jarring at first if you aren't into that sort of thing, is actually pretty infectious after a while, perhaps because it's tempered with helpful information as well as personal experience and doesn't feel empty.

    About a third of the way into the book I realized why the book cover so closely resembles fad diet books. Tosca includes several stories of people approaching her wanting to know her "secret" to looking incredibly fit over 40 (lest you think she's one of those easily-skinny people, she lost the weight by getting fit and changing her eating habits just like the rest of us need to). These people inevitably believe there's some sort of magic pill, or a particular food they should eat or avoid (ie, a fad diet they should follow), and have difficulty believing the key is simply to eat the right foods.

    Given her loathing of fad diets, I believe she deliberately wanted the book designed so that all these people who are looking for quick answers would pick up her book instead, and finally hear the things they really need to hear. After all, the people she most wants to reach are those who have been misled into thinking that fad diets are good.

    One of the things that sets this book apart is the recipes. I admit that while her ideas are great, I found myself dubiously eying the pictured plates of raw veggies with no dressing and the like. I was afraid that her recipes would be similar---healthy, but lacking in any real appealing flavor.

    Then we tried a recipe for parchment-baked fish that was absolutely delicious! The flavors came together perfectly in one of those recipes that's somehow more than the sum of its parts. (And I'm not the biggest fish fan in the world, particularly white-fleshed fish.) While this book doesn't include a huge number of recipes, it certainly gives you plenty of ideas, and it also includes two full-week menus from morning to night to get you started. ...more info
  • Very Satisfied
    The book is full of good and useful information if used the way it was intended. There is no quick and easy way, you must change your way of looking at food....more info
  • Awesome book!!!!!!!!!!
    I have done weight watchers for years and yo-yoed, now that I'm eating clean, I'm not craving food like I was. I love how Tosca teaches and how informative she is.I feel like I'm treating my body the way I'm supposed to....more info
  • The eat clean diet.
    The book is awful. There's nothing new or differ about this book. It was hard to understand and to follow. She is not teaching you how to live a healthy life, but to live her's. There was nothing I like about this book. ...more info
  • This not a diet, it is a lifestyle change you can live with!
    If you are the typical American hooked on fast foods, sodas and junk food you will rebel at the thought of taking control of what goes in your mouth. Yes, this way of eating takes time and planning, but aren't you and your family worth it? We all have bad habits that control our choices because it is just easier to continue down that familiar road. With bad food habits it leads to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, bad knees etc...etc...shortening your life or making a long life rife with pain and trips to the Doctor.

    The fitness center I belong to started a nutrition support group and this is the book we are using. I have been changing my eating habits using the guidelines provided in this book. We were encouraged not to throw out the foods we already had at home, but to try to incorporate more healthy choices along with them and when the pantry needed restocking to say "NO' to the junk and make healthier choices. It is NOT more expensive to eat this way! You make your meal plan and shop from that list. Left(planned)overs are eaten for lunches or quick suppers.
    What could be more basic, Lean Proteins, Complex Carbs and good fats.
    You are not left hungry eating this way. In four weeks of eating this way and exercising regularly I have already lost 4 pounds.

    I want to disagree with the folks who say the recipes are not tasty and expensive. You can always use your own creativity to make a dish to your taste. I did not find any exotic ingredient that you couldn't use something else.

    For those fixated on BEE Pollen, that is something that people use to help with their allergies and is by no means a requirement to eat healthy.

    Bottom line if you are serious about changing the way you eat this is the book for you. You can live this way 24/7, it is not a fad diet that restricts whole food groups. I even eat the occasional piece of cake or bowl of ice cream, but to tell you the truth I don't crave sweets like I used to.

    It only takes 21 days to create a new habit, give this one a try! Your worth it!!...more info
  • The Eat-Clean Diet
    The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss that lasts Forever!

    Fantastic book! I already knew the basics of eating healthy and exercise but needed that extra bit of knowledge that Tosca gives you. It's an easy read that I could not put down and feel so much better in myself through Clean Eating. Tosca comes across as a normal woman that wants to share her story and at the same time teach others about the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, her before and after pictures are amazing, a true inspiration. Can't wait to get the cookbook! ...more info
  • Love it - Love it - Love it
    This book is great. It puts clean eating in plain simple terms that is easy to understand and easy to follow. It makes sense....more info
  • Great book
    I truly believe in this book 100%. Very easy to read and very well written. I enjoyed reading this book very much. I must have read it over and over again. It is truly a very healthy way of eating. Would 100% recommened it!!!!! ...more info
  • Not A Diet - A LifeStyle Change - worth every penny
    I dont do diets. I think most are fads and generally restrictive and unhealthy. I've been an athelete my whole life, but horrible with food. I've never considered myself quite over-weight, but I've always felt that I could stand to lose a few lbs. I read about Tosca in Oxygen magazine and was intrigued by this whole Clean Eating thing. I realize that most of it is a no-brainer in terms of what is healthy and what is not - but for me, my lifestyle is what made my habits so unhealthy. I work in NYC - the home of the Mocha Latte and ordering out for lunch. I was in the gym 5 days a week working out hard, but not seeing the result I feel I should have. On top of that I was tired alot. I bought this book and decided to give it a shot.
    It's hard at first, changing everything about my daily habits - the food I buy at the grocer - forcing myself to NOT order out everyday - skipping the Venti Mocha Latte - making myself actually COOK meals!!
    It's been almost 6 weeks now- and it is mostly become HABIT - I have come to enjoy grocery shopping and cooking at night - it's part of my routine. My backpack filled with the days food (I leave home at 7am and am gone till 6pm so I need to bring alot with me) makes me feel like I'm working out as I climb the stairs from Penn Station and walk the 6 blocks to my office. I've lost almost 12 lbs, my clothes fit better, my skin is clearer, my hair looks healthier and I am getting leaner all the time. All of my friends have taken notice and told me how great I look! I even quit smoking (my last vice)!!
    I realize that all food plans do not work for all people - you have to be motivated, and have patience and the willingness to change your thinking.
    If I had one negative thing to say about this book, its the title - this is NOT a Diet - it is a LifeStyle Change - and completely worth it!!...more info
    This book is based on the author's journey from obesity to health, which she accomplished by eating 5 or 6 small meals per day, eliminating processed foods, and doing her exercise program. From this perspective, the author presents a lifestyle for achieving health and weight loss using nutrition and meal frequency.

    The Eat-Clean Diet encourages you to eat 5 to 7 meals per day. The diet's emphasis is on combining carbohydrates with lean protein and eating healthy fats and carbohydrates. You are not restricted to food groups and can have protein, fat, and carbohydrates, although it is primarily low-fat. The author provides more than 30 recipes with photos and two weeks of menus. While the book focuses on nutrition and frequent eating, it explains that strength training is important so you can build lean muscle tissue. The book also encourages you to drink plenty of water, take vitamins and supplements, use healthy herbs, limit coffee and tea, and eat a healthy breakfast. The book includes lists for shopping and what foods to have on hand.

    This book should be helpful for someone starting out, as it provides information and ideas. Eating frequent small meals is an interesting strategy often suggested for weight control that has its converts and success stories. One consequence of this strategy is the time and attention spent on food and food preparation. Author of THE 3:00 PM SECRET: Live Slim and Strong Live Your Dreams...more info
    I love this book!! The reading is quick and striaght to the point. It's easy to go back for reference. The pictures and charts are very helpful. I wish there was more than a two-week meal plan and more recipies. I've preordered her cookbook...not out yet!! Very inspiring story and the first "diet" I've read about that actually sounds safe and makes sense!!!!!...more info
  • Wrong book sent twice
    I ordered the Eat Clean Expanded Edition. Amazon sent the wrong book - (the original, not expanded edition) and agreed to send the correct version. Then, the they sent the wrong book again. I requested a refund which the gave, no shipping charged and a $15 credit for the hassle. I had to order from the publisher to get the right book....more info
  • Just received the The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook!
    I don't like to cook - nor do I make time to do it. I'm 33 and have two sons (2 1/2 years old & 6 months). Hubby and I are GOING to "lose the baby weight" so I decided to purchase Tosca Reno's new cookbook. I subscribe to Oxygen so I'm somewhat familiar with her background.
    I made my first trip to the store to purchase ingredients for 6 of the cookbook recipes. I cannot believe how inexpensive (except for the tenderloin, but worth it) the items were! The items were easy to find (most of the items I purchased were either in the produce section or the bulk food area).
    Between dealing with my kids tonight (baths, books and bed) I managed to make the Vegetarian Chili (even with the roasted garlic) and it's fantastic!! It was so easy! I love it! I also added a few shakes of Ancho Chili powder because I love the smokiness of it. It's going to freeze easily in portion-correct sizes which will help since that is one of my eating issues. It'll be extremely handy to take to work or have for a quick dinnerI'm going to make the Crock-Pot Porridge tonight so I have something warm for my 2 1/2 year old and I to eat in the morning.

    Thanks, Tosca!!

    The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes That Keep you Lean...more info
  • Too Much, Too Soon
    How would you feel if you purchased a book titled "A Beginner's Guide to Exercise" and the first page said you were going to have to run the New York Marathon... tomorrow? This is, essentially, what Mrs. Reno presents in this book. She expects the average American to move from french fries and hamburgers to dressingless-salad and bee pollen over night.

    One thing that Science has proven (over and over again) is that most obese (and even overweight) persons have a food addiction that is equivalent to a drug user or an alcoholic. Taking away every morsel of food which has been a staple of a person's diet for years and replacing it with an all "clean" diet is going to be (at the least) very painful.

    So why 3 stars instead of 1? Because, Mrs. Reno is right in many ways, eating all naturally and as close to organic as possible will give us the most optimal health. On top of that, I think she does give some excellent tips and the book is gorgeous. Every page is bright, colorful, well organized, and most have pictures.

    What is Included in the Book?
    1. A personal history of Mrs. Reno's weight (and personal) struggles.
    2. A guide on what is "clean eating"
    3. Shopping Strategies
    4. How to pack a lunch box
    5. How to eat at restaurants (somewhat unpractical)
    6. A very brief explanation on how to introduce children to clean eating (in which her explanation is: they will see you doing it and will want to eat clean too, this may be a BIG generalization.)
    7. A brief section with recipes.

    A comment on the recipes:
    1. Many of them don't look (or taste) appealing
    2. Taste pallets are difficult to change, it would be nice(r) if Mrs. Reno had included an in between guide on how to make slower changes
    3. Some of the recipes call for rare or expensive ingredients
    4. Most of the recipes are not what I consider kid-friendly (and I'm not one to say that kid-friendly means mac & cheese and chicken fingers, kids can eat lean meats and vegetables, but I don't know about many of these recipes)
    5. If it sounds nasty (bee pollen) it probably is. (As a mini rant I, thankfully, did not waste the money or time on finding and purchasing bee pollen but got to try it with a friend of mine who is fascinated with "clean eating"... and I (as well as she) thought it was awful! (& awfully expensive too).

    This book is not very detailed (considering the page numbers) and has many, what I would consider "page fillers." Also, one thing that bothers me is a chapter titled "Cheating." Isn't this book aimed at removing the "diet" mentality and moving towards healthful eating? Occasionally you will eat cake, or fast food, or (you name it), it's not cheating (done in moderation and only occasionally) and can be part of a healthy lifestyle (and part of being human).

    Overall, Mrs. Reno is on the right path, eating natural (things that come from the earth, aka not marshmallows) is a great way of living. But, like I said earlier, you can't take a couch potato and make him/her a marathon runner tomorrow, and you can't expect a person with an addiction to American eating (no matter how detrimental it is to his/her life) to fall in love with bee pollen and soy milk over night either.

    I don't regret the purchase of this book, but do note that chances are it will become "just another diet/health book" sitting on your shelf if you try to change to this lifestyle tomorrow. Take her advice and move towards eating as naturally and healthfully as possible while still maintaining your enjoyment of food (and sanity).

    If this seems too hard core for you, and you are looking for a natural diet that doesn't require strange ingredients (etc) I strongly suggest the AB's Diet (which is not a gimmick, but a healthy diet centered on natural foods as well).

    *Introduce (a very extreme) healthy diet, and shows how it can be (some-what) practical
    *Emphasizes natural, healthy, organic foods (not junk we are used to eating)
    *Does not do the "diet" thing (aka "carbs are evil", "sugar is evil", "fat is evil")
    *Book is well designed and is attractive and bright

    *Seems to anticipate an average (unhealthy) American to change to an all natural (and expensive) diet overnight
    *Recipes aren't very good (see above)
    *Not a good explanation for how this is practical for families (may need to purchase her book focusing on families, although I have not read that one)
    *Impractical, although a good idea, for everyday people...more info
  • Very good introduction to clean eating
    I started my road down eating clean by accident but a very lucky accident indeed!

    I left the doctor's office and had gained a good deal more weight than I thought I had. He didn't say I should lose weight. As a weight lifter and someone who works out, I tend to not show extra weight like some. But that doesn't mean I shouldn't lose weight.

    So on my way home, I stopped at my favorite grocery store and bought a book put out by "Men's Fitness" magazine. I stocked up on the foods it recommended (some I had never eaten before) and in one month I had lost close to ten pounds and felt great. Oh, did I mention I was never hungry? (In all fairness, I must tell you I log my calories and don't go over what I should eat.) It was a book on clean eating.

    So I bought this book, "The Eat-Clean Diet" and read it all. I had already read most of the material in the previous book. But this book suggests sea salt. The first book I read recommends no salt for the most part. Of course, bodybuilders don't like salt as it tends to bloat you. I don't like much either so I still use very little but do use sea salt from time to time. With the right spices, you don't need salt.

    At any rate, I found the recipes much harder to prepare and shop for than the previous book. I'm sure they're wonderful. But, I'm not a cook. So too many ingredients confuses me. The kitchen is not my favorite room.

    There are not many recipes in the book. But this is not a cookbook. It basically explains the eating plan. And it's a wonderful plan! You can eat just about everything and create so many exciting dishes out of such items as plain yogurt and fat free sour cream and other things.

    I recommend both the eat clean diet and this book.

    - Susanna K. Hutcheson...more info
  • Real Advice for Real People
    If you're looking for a "get thin quick" book, this isn't for you. It's just good common sense from someone who's lived it.

    This book is a feast for the eyes, heart, and soul as well as the mind. Gorgous photos and layout, easy to read, with just plain good advice.

    Sure, we have seen this info before, but not in this way. This book motivates without being "motivational."

    Out of the best selling health advice books on the market I've read so far, including "You, " and "Bob Greene", this one is my favorite bar none. Thanks Tosca! And all the best!

    ...more info
  • Great Book!!
    More and more of us are trying to understand the health and beauty benefits of "eating clean" and this book is a great way to acquire the knowledge. Everyone can achieve it and this shows you how easy it is!!...more info
  • Great
    I would reccomend this to anyone who was a yo yo dieter and wants to change and get healthy....more info
  • must do the weight training to burn off this many calories
    I agree with another reviewer who mentions the overall calorie intake may be to high if you're not committed to the weight training part.

    I have already been eating clean, preparing/packing/eating small meals through the work day, and committed to walking, but i was being more liberal with eggs, nuts, and good fats.

    Tosca talked me into oatmeal every morning, which i'm happy with, lowering my fat intake a bit, and doing a little something with my muscles every day.

    i plan to return to whole eggs more often once i reach goal, though, because i believe it's an ideal food, and i need the brain boost! currently mixing egg white powder into my oatmeal instead for now.
    ...more info
  • Want to lose weight?
    Then read this book and follow the guidelines. I did and I lost ten pounds in 1 1/2 months and have kept it off. Don't expect a miracle and be prepared to make some sacrifices. I recommend getting the Eat Clean Diet Cookbook to help you out for meal ideas, and remember to use your leftovers, they are a lifesaver!
    If you are seriously considering buying this I would keep in mind that eating out is no longer a good idea, you are going to have to prepare all of your meals and Tosca recommends 5-6 'meals' a day so there is alot to keep in mind there. However this book lays it all out for you with weekly chart plans and lots of good advice. If you are willing to do the work, this book is a great tool to help you reach your goals....more info
  • Please Don't Make This Lady Richer
    If you have ever read Oxygen Magazine (and if you're interested in this book--you probably have) don't waste your time with this. Instead, pick up the Winter 2007 Clean Eating Collector's Edition of Oxygen Magazine. You will find the same recipes, the same question and answers from Tosca, and the exact same advice. This is nothing new whatsoever and a complete rip off. I'm not the first to say it. Check out the other one star reviews.
    She spends nearly the entire book expounding information you likely already know and gives you a whole two week eating plan. I'm beginning to think that both Tosca and her husband Robert Kennedy (yes, the publisher of Oxygen magazine) are only out to do one thing: make money any way they can--even if that means churning out the exact same info time and time again....more info
  • A Life Changing Purchase
    This book literally revolutionized how I view food and working out. I've spent years (literally) counting calories, points, carbs, etc... this one book changed all that. For the first time, I have a healthy relationship with food and I look forward to my workouts. I'm jogging, lifting weights, and breaking through plateaus with confidence. I feel in control of my life and my waistline! I have recommended this book to everyone near and dear to me. My husband, mother, aunt, and mother-in-law are now firm believers in this way of living. Tosca is such an inspiration and sounds truly down-to-earth. At no point do her words sound condescending or fake. Truly 100% worth every penny. ...more info
  • Lifestyle changes
    I haven't read this book all the way through yet. But what I've read so far is good. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to make a lifestyle change in their eating habits. This book is interesting and informative and a good read. There are also recipes, in this book, to help you lose the weight. The lady knows what she's talking about....more info
  • Tosca, Tosca, amazing Tosca
    I have been a fan of Tosca's after reading her articles in Oxygen magazines. I am not dissing the book as I did not put forth the effort to moditify my diet to that leve. However, I am sure it would work if you are willing to conform to a strict diet. wonderful illustraions and slick presentation. Just don't waste your time, if you aren't willing to accept and adhere to these strict food guidelines. ...more info
  • easy reading
    this was a very easy book to read and understand and it wil teach you new strageties to a healthier you....more info
  • Great book
    Great, full color book. Lots of great facts to understand why it's important to eat clean. ...more info
  • Good, but not for everyone
    This book might be usefull for all of those who are new to dieting or who have no understanding of nutrition. Otherwise there is not much new in this book that you couldn't have read already in other books or in such magazines as 'Oxygen'. You can summerize the whole book by saying 'NO PROCESSED FOOD PLEASE'. For readers like myself this is just another title on a popular topic of dieting, which lacks on originality and depth. If you'd like to read something more original I suggest "Your Body Maintenance Handbook". You will find there great tips on proper food combination, and the chapter about obesity is probably almost all you need to know about dieting...
    ...more info
  • Remember the Song "Turning Japanese"?
    And the line in the song that goes "No sex, no drugs, no wine, no women, no fun, no sin" etc.? That's alot like this diet except it's "No fat, no salt, so spice, no soda, no taste". One word to describe this diet? Bland, bland, bland! She doesn't allow any drinks besides water and black coffee on her diet (not even herbal tea! I need my bloody tea!). Diet soda isn't even allowed. As for the food itself, you have to order everything dry and without sauce (even in Chinese restaurants where the sauces are amazing) and everything is to be made so tasteless that you don't mind that you're not eating that much because the food tastes like rubber. Also, she really pushes the organic stuff too much. Even top doctors have mixed reviews on eating organic, and besides, for those of us with families, organic eating isn't a financially viable option. This diet is great if you love fruit, plain chunks of meat, water, and eggs. For someone like myself, however, I don't eat eggs and I'm a vegetarian so I was pretty much out of luck on this plan. Honestly, I don't understand why every single diet plan must include eggs for breakfast and offer no alternatives. I have always hated eggs and I'm sure that many others do as well. Forcing people to eat eggs when they can't even stand the smell is a fate worse than death. I followed this diet for about a week before my family force fed me sugar because I was such a miserable bear to live with. This might not be the case with you, but it was my experience.
    Does this diet have any good points? Of course it does. At least it's not the God awful Atkins diet which is based on slaughtering an entire barnyard full of animals everyday to feed one person. Atkins is a diet based on cruelty pure and simple. Plus, for long term weight loss it doesn't work. This diet has many sound principles. Of course you should try to eat as little sugar as possible. Of course you should stay away from saturated fats. She gives a great breakdown of modern supplements that I found to be one of the best available. Also, if you are a fitness professional this is a great diet because it does eliminate any bloat from water weight and might be good for the average person as a "detox" plan or to get ready for beach season. I simply don't see it being something that the average person could stick to for life as Tosca claims. As a major downside, there are no cheat days! Ugh! When I'm on a diet, I live for my cheat days and I'm sure that you do too. Tosca's idea of "cheating" is a latte. Really. I would honestly rather be a bit overweight than having to stay on this diet for more than a month. It's brutal. As I said, if you make your living off your body or are looking for a good crash diet this works well, but for the rest of us who are looking for a sane way to eat well and lose weight this plan will drive you mad! Buy it or check it out for its great nutritional information, but don't plan on truly following it unless you have willpower of steel (then why are you heavy in the first place?) and are willing to never have a piece of food with taste in your mouth again. For me, life is simply too short to live on this plan....more info
  • Cold Turkey instead of Gradual
    The plan in the book is intense and I would think the plan would would be hard for someone who is new to nutrition/fitness. It's more of a cold turkey kind of plan than a gradual one in which you change small things about your lifestyle day by day to reach your goals. This is about drastically changing your diet and encorporating both cardio and weight training. For some people that can be a lot to grasp. For others, it is the perfect solution and they can put all their focus into it and succeed.

    What she writes in the book is true: If you eat clean and do cardio and strength train you will absolutely lose weight and keep it off. You will benefit from doing exactly what the book says to do. However, it requires huge lifestyle changes. It's hard core. Hard core changes for hard core results! But sometimes that doesn't work for everyone because it requires so much change at once.

    The advice in the book is good but is not practical for everyone. Take what you want from it and use it towards your own fitness and diet plan. It's good to educate yourself and choose what is best for you.

    For me personally, I cut a lot of the recommended portion sizes down to something that is better for me. I find some of the daily meal plans to be really healthy but they are higher in calories than I really want to be eating. Tosca Rena weight trains and if you are not weight training then you may not need all the calories she recommends eating. I agree with eating every few hours to keep your metabolism high and to not feel so hungry, because this will keep you from screwing up. I also agree with preparing your foods ahead of time and even carrying them around with you in a cooler if you are constantly around foods that are going to screw up your goals. It's important to be prepared. This book does a great job of breaking down what to buy at the grocery store, how to store your foods, and other behaviors that will help with clean eating.

    I think this is a great book with a lot of useful, helpful information in regard to diet and fitness. The language in the book is easy to read and is sometimes humorous, which is nice. It's easy to follow along and it's a quick read.

    It's worth buying and worth having but I don't agree with everything written in the book. I use bits and pieces from the book to create my own nutrition and fitness plan. It will give you a lot of ideas on how to get started and I think the Eating Clean concept is a very good one. It will get rid of the junk food you've probably been eating and get you to eat things that actually benefit you. It also encourages exercise through cardio and weight training. It DOES work but it requires a huge committment and lifestyle change that sometimes can be intimidating or hard to do.

    ...more info
  • Great book! I have more ENERGY!!!
    I read many fitness magazines and books. This by far had the best descriptions for what is what. It gives you a more comprehensive knowledge of what is going into your body now, what you really need and when. Rather than sifting through healthy recipe books you are able to gain the knowledge to build your own recipes or make your own adjustments for healthier eating. It's the old "Give a man a fish... teach a man to fish."
    After I completed this book I gave it to my father who has intestinal and heart problems. If you want to know just how imortant healthy eating is to your body... ask him. ...more info
  • You will be astounded
    I had been feeling starved for the last 10 years or so, struggling constantly to maintain my ideal weight of 120lbs. I stood on the scale at least once a day and adjusted my eating accordingly, skipping meals to make up for a few ounces of weight. Finally tired of all this, I began searching for a permanent lifestyle change. No matter how much I worked out, I just couln't get my body to become toned and lean. I looked good in clothes but abhored the way I looked in a bathing suit. I always thought I was eating healthy by eating low fat and fat free products, severly limiting my caloric intake, and cutting carbs. Of course I felt like I was starving and would often binge on the weekends, gaining 4-6 lbs, and have to work all week to get back down. When I began my research, I started looking at what the people did that I wanted to look like. They called it "eating clean". Then I looked for a book to read while I rode the elliptical at the gym and found this one. In 10 days, I had lost 5 lbs and just had a ton of energy that I had never had before! I literally saw results within a few days and have lost inches now while feeling full constantly and eating food that tastes good! An added advantage was the regularity I know experience after suffering with chronic constipation my whole life. I know that I'm doing something great for my body and my life and would highly recommed at least trying this lifestyle for a couple of weeks, weighing and taping at the beginning, and at the end. You will be astounded....more info
  • Good For beginners
    This is a great book with tons of info for the beginner healthy eater. If you are already knowledgeable about healthy eating and working out then most of the information is not new, and will seem like common sense. The recipes are really good and most are actually easy and do able for anyone with a fast paced lifestyle. Reading about Tusca is really motivating and an overall great bedside table book. ...more info
  • Eating Clean and loving it
    Since reading this book and applying the principles to my life, I've lost 25 pounds this year without even trying. I eat more food than ever before. The food is easy to buy at any grocery store and I even cheat a little and the weight just falls off. Its really great, after 12 years of post-pregnancy fat I'm looking slim & trim again. It really stablized my blood sugar and keeps me running strong all day long. My husband, a confirmed meat-eater, even enjoys the recipes I cook out of this book and the new Eat Clean Cookbook. THANK YOU TOSCA FOR WRITING THIS BOOK!...more info
  • Very motivating book for a new way of life
    Love this book. It is inspiring and written in an very fun, user-friendly way. If I need some motivation, I'll go back and flip through a section to get back on track.

    Highly recommend ! ...more info
  • Great Book
    Lots of helpful information and I love the inclusion of lots of images and visuals. ...more info
  • A difficult restrictive diet plan.
    The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss That Lasts Forever! sounded to me like a perfect diet book. Before I even saw the book I googled author Tosca Reno, who at 46 is a fitness model, writes a column for Oxygen magazine, has written several books, and looks fabulous. Reno's story is remarkable.

    Born in Ontario, Reno was raised in a healthy eating home. Lots of whole grains, fruits, and vegetables - very little sugar and processed foods. She was fine through high school, but found in college that the more that was going on in her life the worse her eating habits became, and they stayed that way through the birth of her three daughters. Suddenly at 40 Reno weighed over 200 pounds and needed to get her life back under control. So she began Eating Clean and exercising, lost the weight, and as she puts it, "I got the body I thought only "Hard Bodies" could own."

    This sounds good so far, and the claims on the book's cover sound even better: "Fast FAT LOSS that lasts forever!" "Never go hungry." "Eat the foods you LOVE!" And my personal favorite, "The ONLY sure way to FAST HEALTHY FAT LOSS!"

    Laid out like a magazine with lots of bright color, sidebars, and photos, I found The Eat-Clean Diet very appealing until I really started reading. I am of the opinion that restrictive diets do not work, since most of us do not have the wherewithal to stick with such programs long term. I also believe that the only way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat what we love in reasonable portions with a bit more balance. In other words, eat less!

    Reno's plan focuses on fresh produce, fresh whole grains, fresh lean protein, lots of exercise, and supplements. While the diet is certainly not bad for you, it is not new and most people will find it restrictive. When I hear "Eat the Foods you LOVE!" I think pizza and ice cream, not flax seed, millet, and All-Bran?. And here in the Caribbean I cannot always get these foods. For two weeks we had no brown rice in the store, so it wasn't even an option.

    Reno exercises five or six days per week with a lot of aggressive weight training. Again, most people do not want to do this. Exercise needs to happen, but again one needs to meet people where they are and allow them to slowly gain a comfort level with the gym and exercising. Regarding supplements, she advises such unproven additions as creatine and MSM, which I question the need for.

    This diet obviously worked for Tosca Reno and she is her own best testimonial. But do not be tricked into thinking this is an easy-to-handle non-restrictive diet plan. Expect to be hunting down groceries, carrying food with you just in case there is no clean food available, constantly ordering "off the menu" in restaurants, and spending a lot on supplements.

    And trust me as a fitness professional, there are other ways to healthy weight loss! ...more info
  • Good Resource book
    This is a good resource book which was like I thought it would be a review of a lot of stuff we already know. But I really like a lot of the ideas it gives, the sample lunches to eat, its nice to have a book to go back to and review of my eating habits and how to make them better! Remember your body is 20% Training and 80% what you eat!! ...more info


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