The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes That Keep You Lean

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Tosca Reno is not only a health and fitness expert, but also a fabulous cook. Who better to write a stunning cookbook that everyone will love? Get: * 150 beautiful food photographs * Delectable low-fat beef, pork, chicken and fish dinners * Protein-rich meat-free recipes * Gluten-free meals * Tips on eating clean in difficult situations * Timesaving one-dish meals for busy moms * Great recipes on the go * How to prepare an elegant clean-eating event.

Customer Reviews:

  • Nutritional eating
    My husband and I are really enjoying this cookbook. The recipes are diverse, healthy and include all food groups. Some recipes take time to make, but one breakfast recipe provided breakfast (for two) for 4 days! Just set some time aside on a Sunday night, and you can have most of your breakfasts and snacks made for the week. We would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a healthy and well-balanced diet. ...more info
  • Clean Eating - A Source of Inspiration
    I have to say that this was the first time I'd heard of Tosca Reno. But I'm very familiar with the principles of clean eating. I also like to cook and to experiment with various recipes and am always trying to tweak it to what I need. I've done all the "diets" and "healthy" cookbooks so I was very excited to see this type of book. Note that I have not looked at the Eat Clean Diet book, this is just for the cookbook.

    My requirements are such that I do best with minimal sugars (fiber-rich fruits are fine) and my carbohydrates need to be in smaller quantities. Most of the "light" cookbooks still have too much carbohydrates for me - complex and otherwise. Many tend to be lowfat and that doesn't work for me either. I also have to work on my protein intake. While not a vegetarian I prefer non-meat sources and I do better without dairy (yogurt products excepted).

    So given all of that I was surprised to find that I could use most of the recipes listed. In some form. Note that I RARELY do any recipe as written. I cut the carbs down and may modify the protein source pretty regularly. But I really enjoyed the variety in the book and it gave me lots of ideas. The pictures are lovely and her tips are interesting. I made the chestnut slow cooker recipe but made it as a stirfry tempeh bacon and turkey breast (to name few tweaks). I'm now going to make chestnuts a regular part of my cooking. Even my teenage son liked it. (Warning he's used to this type of cooking from birth.) I've also made a tweaked version of the power protein bars for the morning train ride that has a lot of potential for variety. The veggie cassoulet is very similar to a yummy recipe I had already tried.

    Is it perfect? No. Some of the nutritional analysis doesn't match mine but I do my own anyway since I modify them so much. It's also mostly too high in carbohydrates, but mostly they're complex carbs. And some are fairly labor intensive. But most recipes that start with fresh ingredients require prep work. I usually make enough for 2-3 meals so that helps.

    Is it worthwhile? For me it is. It's a great inspiration and a source of new ideas. It seems to be "forgiving" to my tweaks and substitutions too.

    It does have a lot of ingredients that may not be found in your local groceries. But many are becoming more available. One recipe called for quinoa flour. I didn't have any but I did have regular quinoa. I put it in my coffee grinder and - voila - quinoa flour. I hope. At any rate it seemed to work.

    I would recommend this to anyone that wants some new ideas for clean eating and doesn't mind the preparation. Especially for experienced clean eating cooks looking for new ideas. I'll be using this often....more info
  • Not bad...
    A bit... too clean, I suppose. But some good ideas to start with. A LOT of grains. I will eat the dishes I make from this book but the family not so much.
    Must have very open mind and be very health conscious to enjoy this book....more info
  • Good Choice!
    Lots of good recipes . . . food tastes great and the book is very user friendly....more info
  • If all Americans ate this way obesity would disappear!
    Oh, my! What a wonderful adjunct to the initial book The Eat Clean Diet. If you have a weight problem or are poorly nurished, this is the book for you. I recommend these 2 books for all my friends/past patients who have had weight loss surgery. It is sound nutrition in quite an UNsound world!...more info
  • I don't know about this one
    This book was suggested to me by a nurse I worked with. The recipes are interesting, but are fairly involved with a long list of ingredients for the end result. If you are already into the eating clean lifestyle or your own form of healthy lifestyle, I would suggest not bothering with this book. I found that it was a repeat of the things I already new and that the recipes were similar to things I was already making. I am still making my dishes my way. Many of the recipes in this book are very involved and time consuming. If you are just getting in to eating clean or trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle then buy the book for information and ideas. Especially if you have a lot of time to spend cooking!...more info
  • Please dont buy from JPG
    I ordered both the eat clean diet book and workout i received the workout because i ordered it from someone other than JPG they never sent me anything i emailed them several times and to no avail they never reply and now they say its been over 90 days and they are covered under the A-Z policy I think thats so unproffesional so beware and dont order anything from JPG books ...more info
  • eating clean!
    I rate this 4 stars because it has some of the same recipes in the eat clean book. I was looking for more variety. Nice pictures though....more info
  • eat-clean diet cookbook
    A new change of lifestyle can use all the tools one can get. This goes
    very well with the eat clean fitness book. A variety of recipes....more info
  • Yummy
    Great cookbook with very delicious recipes. Recipes are not too complicated or time consuming. This cookbook hasn't left my kitchen since I bought it. ...more info
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome!
    I love this cookbook!! It is written in such a practical way and with delicious, easy to prepare, CLEAN recipes! Tosca gives many alternatives for dishes so you can make it the way your family likes it. Worth every penny!...more info
  • the eat Clean Diet
    The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss that lasts Forever!

    Great inspiration for eating clean & healthy. A great motivation tool & good recipes too. Reading this will make you look at food in a whole new way.

    highly recommended. ...more info
  • Delicious recipes, beautiful photography, healthy meals
    The wonderful thing about a cookbook is that you don't have to make every recipe. Perhaps I'm lucky to live in a place where I can find things like quinoa, barley flakes, and unsalted pistachios easily (and in bulk), but for those who live in locales that are far from health-food stores or bigger grocery chains, there are a number of recipes that cater to you. Brown rice, lean ground turkey, fresh produce - these are things you can find in nearly every grocery store in the country. Substitute one whole grain for another, and you've just increased your capacity to work your way through the entire book of recipes.

    The book features beautiful photography, to show you exactly what you'll be cooking. Some cookbooks have an appalling lack of photos, but this one really shines. Every, and I truly mean EVERY meal I have made from this book has turned out amazing - full of flavor, not too difficult, and healthy to boot. I don't have kids, so I can't speak to whether or not your children will enjoy the meals, but as a childless woman, I can say that these recipes are great for cooking ahead and having meals prepared for the week.

    What's fantastic about this method of eating is that if you have problems with blood sugar or energy fluxes throughout the day (hypoglycemia, or even just feeling exhausted mid-afternoon), the nutrient balance in Tosca's recipes will keep you feeling even-keel and energized all day. No quickly digested sugars here.

    And if you're not keen on hunting down bee pollen and Sucanet, you can adjust the recipes as you feel necessary while still staying in the vein of eating clean - and isn't that the whole point of cooking for yourself in the first place?...more info
  • Great Recipes
    This book has a lot of great recipes for making otherwise boring and tasteless food appealing both to the eye and to the taste buds. It's great because it's all healthy for you to eat. I've tried a few recipes so far and my husband and I have liked all of them. Some of the ingredients may be hard to find for some dishes. I like a one stop shopping experience for groceries and some of the ingrdients aren't carried by my local Kroger. I do live in a smaller city so for the bigger stores you may have a better chance of finding speciality ingredients. The only thing that would make this book better is if there were alternatives listed for some of the speciality ingredients that can prove hard to find in small town USA....more info
  • great book
    Great, full color book. Lots of great facts to understand why it's important to eat clean. ...more info
  • Eat Lean Diet Cookbook
    I have been so pleased with the recipes in this cookbook! My family loves to eat and I have been able to add these recipes to my menus and they love them! No one is missing their junk food! I highly recommend this book!...more info
  • One of the best!
    This is the best healthful cookbook I have found. I have tried several recipes and my family and I enjoyed them. They are all easy and call for common ingredients. There are also great instructions on other healthful foods, such as sprouts, and yogurt cheese. The only reason I give it 4 stars is because the binding is fragile, I would prefer a spiral bound. The pages started falling out the first time I used it.
    ...more info
  • Tosca Reno's Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook

    This long awaited, eagerly anticipated cookbook is sure to please fans of Tosca Reno's overnight weight loss success story, who have been clamoring for more eat-clean recipes. Following up on the heels of best-seller The Eat-Clean DIET, which also included food guidelines and preparation ideas, The Eat-Clean DIET Cookbook takes readers to a whole new level of flavorful enjoyment.

    The Eat-Clean DIET Cookbook features over 150 EASY recipes. Yes, they really are pretty easy, incorporating quicker stir-frys, crock pot cooking, handheld blenders, and food processors. Trying the Applesauce Oatmeal Muffins and the Power Oatmeal Pancakes, I found the recipes simple to prepare, low in sugar, protein adequate, and whole grain inclusive. Plus, my family loved them! Tosca Reno, herself a mom, knows the value of kid-approved meals. Many of the recipes are Canadian, Asian, and Mediterranean influenced, offering tastes for everyone.

    Throughout the book, a bargain soft cover affordable to most, the Clean-Eating Principles Tosca Reno uses to maintain her weight loss, are applied:

    Eat 5-6 small meals daily, every 2-3 hours.

    Combine lean protein and complex carbs in each meal.

    Drink a minimum of 2 liters/8cups of water daily.

    Don't skip meals, especially breakfast.

    Carry a cooler loaded with Clean-Eating foods for the day.

    Avoid all over-processed, refined foods (white sugar, white flour), all trans and saturated fats, alcohol, calorie-dense foods with no nutritional value, sodas, colas, and juices.

    Eat fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats.

    Eat proper sized portions.

    The Eat-Clean DIET Cookbook is eleven chapters long, beginning with Tosca Reno's acknowledgement of a "globesity" crisis hounding North America and a recap of her story in the Introduction. She explains the need to be a voice that speaks against "Super Size Me." Other chapters include Breakfast; Soup; Grains; Sauces, Spreads, and Salsas; One-Dish Meals; Proteins; Vegetables; Pasta; Sweets; A Festive Occasion; and a Question & Answer section, which covers the most popular queries the author receives.

    Tosca Reno introduces novel foods to readers--Vegetarian Chili (with dark chocolate as an ingredient), Yogurt Cheese, Olive Butter Spread, Wild-Grains Rice Pilaf (using a wheat berries and whole wheat couscous), and Quinoa With Oats. The photos of the dishes are dynamically maximized and beautiful.

    Another noteworthy point are valuable charts and explanations. Such as, "What Does 25 Grams of Protein Look Like," which details the calorie count and amount necessary for preparation.

    Tosca Reno, herself the "formerly fat housewife turned fit," understands what it takes to physically transform the body. She notes that the Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that 65 percent of North Americans are overweight. After weighing in at 200lbs plus and losing over 70lbs, Tosca Reno committed herself to eating-clean. The Eat-Clean DIET Cookbook is her testament to fantastic health.

    A BestSeller Review

    5 Stars...more info
  • Life Changing Results
    I am a competitive athelete who has struggled with hypoglycemia all my life. The priciples in Tosca's Eat-Clean diet have freed me from that problem, and helped me achieve that last bit of my regimen that I had been missing. The cookbook is wonderful. The portion sizes are too large, I think, and in some cases I had to find ingredients that were difficult to find. But, once I embraced it and figured it all out, the recipies are delicious, and make "eating clean" easy and varied. My cooking is now healthier, more colorful, and I have more pure energy than I have ever had in my life. I've also lost 5 pounds in a month, all while eating constantly....more info
  • Clean Eating Cookbook
    I found the recipes in this cookbook to be pretty simple to cook. Sometimes the ingredients are hard to find in the local grocery store. I found the recipes to be a little bland, but I use a lot of spices and herbs in my cooking. Overall, it was a good investment....more info
  • Finally, a guide to how eating should be!
    Tosca talks about the method of healthy living that fitness people have been using for decades. This is a bood FULL of great recipes that I can't wait to get through. There is a variety so you'll never get bored. It's a great companion to the Eat Clean Diet. ...more info
  • Gorgeous, Delicious and Nutritious
    I follow the Eat-Clean Diet and couldn't wait for the cookbook. (The diet book had some recipes, but not enough.) I have definitely not been disappointed. This book is really beautiful with great pictures (definitely a plus) and the food tastes great. I got it last week and I've already made a whole bunch of things. Even treats for my kids. So far my favorite is the Apricot and Chicken Curry a la REne.
    But I have to say that the person who wrote that review below makes me a little mad. She obviously doesn't get the whole idea of clean eating. The whole point is that clean eating isn't about calorie counting and fat. It's about getting healthy, nutritious whole foods in proper portion sizes. Remember, healthy fats are good for you -- even if you have heart disease. I've tried every "diet" out there and this is the first one that really made sense to me. I bought the Eat Clean diet in March (but didn't start following it till May). Since then I've lost 20 pounds, which may not be the 10 pounds a week that some diets promise, but I'm happy. And I'm still losing, and I feel great. Even my husband is losing weight and he isn't even trying to. ...more info
  • Wonderful!!!
    This cookbook has some of the best clean-eating meals I've seen yet! I've already tried many of the recipes, and I've only had the book about 2 weeks. You can plan your entire menu for a week at a time with Tosca's help. The loaded oatmeal recipe is a simple and tasty breakfast; you fill up and don't want to snack before lunch. And the roasted beets are fabulous!
    I absolutely recommend this cookbook to anyone who wants to live a clean-eating lifestyle.
    kkapow03...more info
  • Eating Clean is not as hard as it may seem
    When I heard the term "clean eating" I knew it was something I wanted to do but was not sure how to start. This book was just what I needed. The recipes sound interesting and the pictures are beautiful and tempting. I was tired of all the other 'fad' diets' and just wanted something 'more normal'. This is it. I look forward to starting this lifestyle. It is doable and not another crazy scheme to lose weight. The whole family should eat this way too. I am so happy I found this. ...more info
  • Clean Eating
    Great book. Tons of great healthy recipes that taste amazing! Highly recommended. Very easy to make, and most, if not all, made from fresh foods and vegetables. Love it!...more info
  • more great stuff from Tosca
    Every recipe I have tried from either of her books, are really good. She is completly right with her fat, carb, protein ratios, and everything tastes great, and none are too difficult to prepare....more info
  • Great recipes, and clarifies the Eat-Clean diet quite well...
    When I read the Eat-Clean Diet by Tosca Reno awhile back, I was somewhat confused over the definition of "eat clean". It was explained by the end of the book, but it took awhile to get there. The Eat-Clean Diet Cookbook: Great-Tasting Recipes That Keep you Lean goes a long way towards understanding what eating clean looks like in practice. The cookbook is well-designed, easy to follow, and filled with side tips that will keep your diet from becoming just a bland preparation of food.

    Introduction; Breakfast; Soup; Grains; Sauces, Spreads and Salsas; One-Dish & Easy Meals; Proteins; Vegetables; Pasta; Sweets; A Festive Occasion; Q&A; Index; Credits

    I think the first thing that came to mind as I was going through the book is that this is best used in conjunction with the main Eat-Clean book. Eating clean does not solely mean "lower calories", so this isn't a cookbook with nothing but low-cal concoctions. Instead, it uses the concepts of healthy food and proper nutrition to deliver dishes that will help you lean out and power up your body. So instead of settling for the breakfast of some sugar cereal or toaster waffles, you could try the Oh-My-Gosh Egg-White Omelet. Easy to make, and looks delicious. Or perhaps you do some pre-bed prep so that you have Eat-Clean Breakfast Burritos waiting for you in the morning. Dinner dishes like Turkey Breast with Leek and Oatmeal Stuffing, White Chicken Chili, and Slow-Cooker Chicken Cassoulet also have me ready to hit the stores to buy the proper ingredients.

    I appreciate the fact that each recipe has a full nutritional breakdown, as well as how many servings it makes, how long it'll take, and how long it'll need to cook/chill before it's ready to eat. There's also indicators to help you pick out dishes that conform to a gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan eating style. Even for people like me who don't spend a great deal of time in the kitchen, it's an easy-to-follow way to get far more value out of your food choices when it comes to nutrition.

    Bottom line... if you buy this book at the same time as the main Eat-Clean Diet book, you'll have everything you need to make the transition to eat-clean living. If you don't quite "get" what is involved in eat-clean food, the cookbook will clarify it for you....more info
  • Love Tosca!
    Some of the recipes I think will take a lot of courage for me to try, but for those that I've already prepared-- I love. It's easy, simple, and CLEAN. It's not a diet, it's the way everyone should be eating-- healthy....more info
  • Awesome and Easy!
    This is the best diet I've ever tried. There were no food groups I had to cut out of my life or deprive myself of. You eat all the time, you just have to make smarter choices and the pounds just fall off! ...more info
    I was checking out another book in this series that was recommended by a relative (she finds clean eating helps tame her food sensitivities)when I came across this one. I lovvvve it!! It's an easy read for any age group --kids and adults alike! Lots of pictures ...I also like how Tosca addresses the growing concern about obesity in North American kids today and offers some healthy alternatives. Great recipe ideas too!!

    ...more info
  • Great Pictures
    The pictures of all the recipes are great. We have used it a few times for quinoa and some other easy stuff. Most of the recipes are very different from what we would normally eat and require a lot of ingredients. It is super healthy and the meals turn out tasting good. ...more info
  • Great start to the New Year
    Easy to follow & you feel immediate results from this program. On this program you are not hungry and you choose the level of intensity. After one week you will feel so good you'll be hooked....more info
  • Enjoyable
    I purchased this book for my daughter-in-law after I had shared my edition with her. She thoroughly enjoys using the recipes in this book. This book opened my eyes about changes I needed to make in my diet. With all the processed foods out there, it is great to get back to the basics of eating. The recipes I have tried are awesome and very tasty....more info
  •'s what I CAN eat!!!
    I am so glad there's now a cookbook for anyone who wants to eat "clean". After I read Tosca Reno's first book I felt like clean-eating made so much sense, but I was a little panicked, thinking, "Ok, but what CAN I eat??". I've tried lots of recipes in this book, and they have all been good. I hope she writes another book with another batch of them! My husband and I have been eating clean for almost a month now, and we feel so much better, our clothes fit better, and we've each dropped a few pounds. Eating this way is very time-consuming, but so worth the effort!...more info
  • Love this one the most out of all of my cookbooks.
    I bought this cookbook on amazon about 6 months ago and I use it more than any of my other cookbooks (Southern Living, South Beach Diet, etc). The recipes are very easy and yummy. I use it probably 1-2 times a week....more info
  • Fast, reliable, and perfection condition
    I would definitely buy from this byuer again. They were fast and accurate in their item description. Very pleased with everything. The recipes had too many ingredients and some I have never heard of. I would spend too much too make most of them....more info
  • Awesome, delicious recipes
    At first glance this book might not seem that different from other good healthful eating cookbooks, such as "EatingWell Serves Two" and its ilk. They all contain plenty of recipes with lean meats, whole grains, etc. They all contain great helpful hints to assist you through understanding how to work with healthy foods, how to make them interesting, etc. They all contain some nice photographs to make the food seem alluring and yummy.

    However, to me there's one key difference. Tosca Reno's recipes aren't bland.

    I'm well aware that there's a sizable contingent of people out there who want their diet food to resemble bland, "normal" American fare as much as possible; I'm not going to mark down a book for catering to that crowd, even though I don't personally enjoy that approach.

    However, I'm certainly happy to sing the praises of a book that finally satisfies my desire for flavorful, creative diet food. I know it can be done, and it's my feeling that part of the reason a lot of people think diet food sucks is because they want flavorful food and most diet books cater to the safe, bland crowd. Well, Tosca Reno is one health and fitness advocate who doesn't seem to believe in that.

    One of the recipes we tried from this book was a stuffed pumpkin recipe that involved things like ground bison and wild rice. It was incredibly delicious, even as leftovers---one of those recipes that don't taste like diet food at all (and that's the way it should be!).

    Another was a breakfast burrito that wowed us so much that we use variations on it regularly now as a savory break from hot breakfast cereal.

    There's a white bean tuna spread that I like as much as standard tuna salad (and it's a lot healthier!), and a couscous salad with chevre, oregano, and vegetables that's out of this world.

    If you're the kind of person who finds most healthy or diet cookbooks to be bland and underwhelming, then I suggest you try this one instead. It challenges your creativity, suggests ways to work with unusual ingredients, and provides all the flavor those other books are missing!...more info
  • Good food, but at a cost
    The recipes in the book are very easy to follow, but some will cost you. It's hard to find some of the items if you don't have a well supplied organic or health food store near by and buying "healthy" is more expensive than junk food. Also, you have to double up on some of the recipes to make sure you have enough for a family of five, but the leftovers are just as good! I've learned a lot about food items I've never heard of, yet alone tried, and surprisingly, didn't find one yet I didn't like. Enjoy and good eating! ...more info
  • One of my two favorite cookbooks
    I'm certainly no cook. Just going into the kitchen gives me a panic attack. But, I have to eat. I've been on the clean-eating plan for months and it's been very successful. I was, however, running out of meal ideas. So I bought this book. I'm glad I did.

    I've made several of the recipes. I've had to cut them down as they're far to many servings for me in most cases. But they're easy to prepare and fun to make. Moreover, the ones I've made are just great tasting. I may have to add a dash of this and that to suit my taste. But, other than that, I love the cookbook.

    I also appreciate the fact it gives the calories and lets you know what you're getting in each recipe.

    I wish it was in a spiral binder and had a cover that you could easily clean. Seems cookbooks today don't have those little extra things that cookbooks need. But that's the only problem with this book.

    Highly recommended.

    -Susanna K. Hutcheson...more info
  • Excellent Recipes!!
    My family and I have really enjoyed trying the recipes in this book. It doesn't seem to be much of a diet book, but more of a great cookbook that sends you in the right direction to eat right with lots of flavor. Yum!!...more info
  • Clean Eating, but too high in fat and calories and portions too small
    This cookbook is a good "clean eating" book, because it does eliminate processed foods. However, I should have realized this before I bought it-the preparation time is way more than I have time for. Also, the calorie count and fat is quite high on many recipes. I am a fitness freak and I love to work out and eat healthy. I have heart disease (it runs in my family), so I have to be really careful what I put in my mouth everytime I eat. I thought this cookbook would be really great, but I'm definitely taking it back to the store. The preparation times are too long, and for the result (high fat and calories) it really isn't worth it. There should not be 22 grams of fat in Slow Cooker Chestnut Stew. I much prefer American Heart Association cookbooks. They are much healthier, lower calorie, and they take a lot less time. Save your money and don't buy this book!...more info
  • Yummy!
    I love this book! I have made so many recipes in just two weeks. The only thing I would change would be to make this book hardbound so that it's more durable. Other than that, I love it!...more info
  • Great book!
    I have the Eat Clean Diet book. Definitely not a diet, but a way to eat for the rest of your life. This cookbook only solidifies what the first book says and the recipes are great. I have lost weight, I feel great, I don't have strange cravings anymore for sweets. Fruit is my new candy. I love this cookbook and I love Tosca Reno!...more info
  • Very Good Recipes
    This is a good cookbook to have around if you are trying to eat healthy/loss weight since Tosco is able to make the recipes easy to do. So far i have not had a miss when tyring the recipes and they taste very good. I am okay at following cookbooks, but not great, so me being able to do these is a testament to how well they are done.

    Good breakdown of what you are eating in each meal, carbs, fat etc., and the sectioning makes it easy to find things you want. A couple of recipes did not appeal to me due to some ingredients but there is more than enough that I have tried, and want to try, that I have gotten my money's worth from this....more info
  • A Good Start on the Road to Healthy Eating
    This book gave us a kick start on the road to healthy eating. The recipes are easy to follow and there is plenty of nutrition information for each menu item.

    The variety is pretty good but not on a par with less health focused books, for that I drop it down to a 4 star....more info
  • Finally, a diet you can live on!
    Tired of those diets you can't wait to finish? This is the one you can live on the rest of your life. Nutritious, great tasting recipes that satisfy you without those sugar highs & lows. Losing weight never tasted better! Tosca's recipes eliminate those cravings for foods all of us should avoid if we want to lose weight, and it doesn't take a big serving to get you through to your next meal. A downside: some of the recipes take more prep time and some of the instructions are a bit challenging, even for experienced cooks. Don't let that scare you - the food is great!...more info


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