The Eat-Clean Diet Workout: Quick Routines for Your Best Body Ever (with DVD)

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Eating Clean gets and keeps you lean. But if you want your metabolism to burn faster than ever before; if you want to shape the body you've always wanted; then The Eat-Clean Diet Workout is for you.Think fitness comes only with hour upon hour of exercise? Nope! Tosca will show you that you can have a better body than you ever dreamed possible, in 30 minutes a day, four days a week. Don't believe it? You will, 'cause Tosca's workout will get you there.

Customer Reviews:

  • This book/dvd got me going!
    This book is just what I needed! I purchased it after one of the reviews here stated that the included DVD showed proper weight training form. The book itself starts by listing the benefits of weight training. Reno advises the reader to start slow with light weights and build gradually. She says to have realistic goals and make a plan. Correct form is stressed and pacing of the workout is discussed. Reno recommends keeping a weight training journal. An official "Eat-Clean Diet Workout Journal" is available, but unnecessary. You can simply use a spiral notebook and list the date,exercise, weight used, number of sets and reps. There are also sample pages from the journal in the back of the book that can be copied.

    Of course Reno says to eat healthy (eat-clean) and drink plenty of water. Bodybuilding tools and vitamin supplements are discussed. There is a chapter on building ideal proportions that interested me and was the final clincher for purchasing the book. After that are charts for beginner, intermediate and advanced routines. This is followed by a chapter on each body part: chest, thighs and calves, biceps and triceps, abs, shoulder shaping, and the back. Exercises are shown with clear directions for each and their specific target. The book then goes into training principles for competition.

    The DVD is 30 minutes long and is essentially a primer on weight training. It is not a workout routine (I already have many of those) but rather a demonstration of how to do 9 moves correctly. 5 - 20 pound weights are used. The moves demonstrated are: seated shoulder press, dumbbell bench press, lunges, reverse crunch (toe to ceiling for bad backs), stiff leg dead lifts, single arm rows, standing dumbbell curls, single arm triceps extension and single leg raises. Reno advises resting 1 -2 minutes betweens sets and 24-48 hours between working a particular body part. She begins with warm-up suggestions and after showing the proper form for the 9 moves, shows 8 stretches. You will need to pause the video while you complete the moves. I used a portable DVD player and found that worked well. I did find the oil on her body to be distracting. I also wish that she had demonstrated squats. However, squats are covered in the book.

    This book/DVD has motivated me to begin weight training at the age of 61 which is why I gave it 5 stars. I have purchased other weight training books such as the Body Sculpting Bible for Women, which also has a DVD, but I found it too dry and have not used it. The conversational style of The Eat-Clean Diet Workout works for me and I feel healthier already after working with the DVD. ...more info
  • Eat clean diet
    this is excellent, while it is really just how we should always be eating, it gives recipes using ingredients i would normally not have used or thought of, my kids cannot tell the difference. who would have thought unsweetened chocolate in chili? very good book...more info
  • Empowering!
    This is a very informative and easy to read book that gives you the knowledge and inspiration you need to take charge of your own workout and achieve the fitness goals YOU set.

    The author assumes no prior knowledge of weight training on the part of the reader and explains the basics in a clear, concise manner. At the same time she gives to-the-point guidance for all levels of fitness and how to adjust your workout as your fitness level improves.

    While the focus of the book is definitely oriented towards weight training, there is a lot more to weight training than just lifting a dumbell and Tosca addresses this. The first half of the book is chock full of excellent information. Not just proper form and how much/often to train, but things such as evaluating your current fitness level, tools and gadgets, nutrition, supplements, body proportion, mental attitude, sticking with it and more. In addition there are tons of helpful little tips throughout the book.

    The second half of the book is the workout portion.
    It starts with beautiful anatomical drawings clearly identifying each of the primary muscles that are the focus of weight training.
    In each of the following sections (Chest, Legs, Arms, Abs, Shoulders, Back) Tosca gives a variety of exercises for each muscle group. She gives a few examples with machines but most of the exercises can be done with only dumbells or dumbells and a bench. A few, such as lat pulldowns or chin lifts, require a machine or special bit of equipment but that is simply the nature of that exercise.
    Each exercise is well explained and accompanied by clear, good quality photos of Tosca performing the move.

    Tosca gives you 9 sample routines to get you started, but emphasizes the fact that we are all individuals and need to tailor our routines to fit our own needs, goals and lifestyle.

    The last few (short) chapters deal with scientific training principles, competition preparation and a Q&A section.

    The included DVD is not a comprehensive workout. It is more a walk-through of some basic moves with good tips on performing the moves properly. It reiterates many of the principles from the book and includes a post workout stretch. I did find Tosca to be an engaging instructor and would like to have seen more actual workout content in the DVD. However, for me the book alone is worth the purchase price so the DVD was just a bonus. Also I felt the book was more about giving the reader the knowledge and tools to create his/her own dynamic fitness regime rather than just following someones else's canned workout.

    The general tone of the book is encouraging without being 'gushy.' It is easy to read with an attractive layout, glossy pages and lots of photos. (mostly of Tosca of course, but it is her book!) In my opinion, there is nothing in its pages that isn't solid, sound information.

    Tosca gives you good guidance, but YOU are the one IN CONTROL. I found this book to be an empowering tool to taking control of your own body, health and fitness. Well worth the money. Thank you Tosca!! !

    ...more info
  • Great for the beginner!
    I enjoyed this book very much! All of Tosca Reno's books are excellent! I recommend them all!...more info
  • A must have
    I love this book so much that I bought several copies!
    The dvd is excellent. This is a true bible for sisters in iron!...more info
  • not as bad as the diet book
    If you are a beginner as going to the gym and learn about all the machine and exercises, it's a good book...lack of substance...more info
  • Not her best.
    I own all Tosca's books and have so far loved the majority with the exception of this book. Too complicated in the sense of, I didn't know how much to begin lifting, and the samples seem to show very heavy weight usage, which I wouldn't attempt at beginner level. Not sure how to work up to it. Seems like there should have been more to it. I think maybe another book is in desire. I felt the need to jump around in this book too much, so maybe the organizing is off....more info
  • Fitness and Fanaticism
    I picked up this book to add some spice to my normal gym routine. I just want to be in shape and healthy. I didn't bargain for the emphasis on body building competition for women in a chapter that alarmed me. This book has some great tips for making a weights workout more effective. At the same, its got this lil gleam of fanaticism about reducing your body fat percentage to REALLY low levels for competition. ...more info
  • Not worth the money
    I love Tosca, Oxygen magazine, and all of her other books. This one was a huge disappointment. I was hoping for workout routines like you find in the womens weight training bible. This was geared to beginners for sure. The advanced weight training woman should look elsewhere. ...more info
  • Just What I needed
    Tosca Reno was just like you and I. Someone who had let her body go, and finally had the right motivation to turn it around. People can tell you day in and day out what you need to do. But one day it will just click into place and you know its the right time. Tosca's Eat Clean Diet workout is a great all round lifestyle change. Basically we need to change what we are fuelling our bodies with and start moving our hips. It takes time. I am easing into it. Trying to sort my nutrition out first and doing some exercise. Now I feel I have that right, its time to open the workout pages and start focusing on starting to tone up. You are an inspiration Tosca. I recomend purchasing the whole set of books, it has all the information and yummy recipes we will ever need....more info
  • The Eat-Clean Diet Workout
    This book is amazing! Tosca is such an inspiration. This book is for anyone looking to lose weight for good, by eating healthy and incorporating exercise into your life. This book is jam packed with helpful information, tips, and easy to do exercise routines with weights for each body part. The pictures are very helpful and also comes with a dvd. Tosca is truly an amazing lady. She weighed well over 200 pounds most of her life and struggled with her weight. Then she started eating clean and exercising all after the age of 40. She lost the weight by changing her lifestyle and proves anyone can do it too. A must have book. You won't be disappointed. ...more info
    Her books are really helping me get myself back on track. She's a great motivator! I hope Tosca comes out with some weight training dvd for the intermediate and advanced home training. I just got the Clean Eating premiere issue magazine and LOVE it! ...more info
  • Tosca Rules but not my favorite book
    I'm a huge admirer of Tosca. I look forward to reading her column in Oxygen (the premier Women's magazine) and have her Eat-Clean book, which I love. But I gotta say I was a little dissapointed with this book. I think it will be great for beginners but for the intermediate to advanced exerciser there wasn't a whole lot of new information. The DVD (which was what intrigued me to buy the book) was not good at all. I was hoping for a good home workout that would really make me sweat. It's more of a tutorial for extreme beginners on how to do basic exerciese. This was not what I wanted. But I still think she is amazing and will buy future products of hers....more info
  • The Eat Clean Work out book
    I purchased this for my daughter for Christmas along with all the other books in the series. all reasonable priced, and in time for gift giving. ...more info
  • Don't buy it for the DVD
    I agree with the other 3 star reviewer. There's nothing new in this book and the DVD is not worth a thing. I, too, love Tosca Reno and her columns in Oxygen and her original Eat Clean book. If you like beautiful photographs and are new to lifting, this is a great option. But, seriously, do NOT buy it for the DVD. It's only 20 minutes long and it's not an exercise routine, merely an instructional guideline to proper form. Tosca might want to consider putting out a real exercise DVD - people would eat it up!!...more info


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