The Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids: Simple Strategies for Lasting Health and Fitness

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We have been hearing for years now about the obesity epidemic and other health issues facing children. In fact, the longevity trend is reversing with this generation - children born today are not expected to live as long as their parents. In The Eat-Clean Diet for Family and Kids, author Tosca Reno handles this issue with typical aplomb.

Customer Reviews:

  • Eat Clean Diet Cookbook
    Books bought through have consistently come as described or in even better condition and delivery is swift. I purchased 2 Eat-Clean cook books: one regular that explained how Eating Clean works and the other was recipes designed to be kid pleasers. We are using the recipes and the books are very good. We are eating healthier and losing weight slowly even though we are not slaves to the plan. I would recommend Amazon for all your needs be it a purchase for yourself (buy used) or a gift (often brand new is less expensive than bookstore price.)...more info
  • Great resource for all mothersThis
    This book was a gift to my daughter who has a one year old and she cooks from it regularly and loves it. My older grandchildren also received the book and cook things for themselves and find it to be very helpful. Our whole family believe in good nutrition, especially for the young ones. I recomend this book to anyone who has young children and getting them into the kitchen early and learning about good nutrition. A fun project for all....more info
  • Awesome!
    My 4 year old has cleared her plate with all of the recipies that I've tried! Great tasting food...normal not like other all natural meals I've tried. Would highly recommend this book and I'm going to order the complete cookbook too!...more info
  • Similiar to Clean Eating Diet, but not the 'Cookbook'
    I'm a big Tosca Fan! Maybe I had the wrong idea, but I thought this was more of the 'Clean Eating Diet Cookbook'directed toward creating meals with your children and still being healthy. It actually resembles 'The Clean Eating Diet,' with it's Half guidance, Half recipes format. Both have recipes in them not included in her other books. She also has great recipes in 'The Butt Book' (we love to create the soups especially). I own them all and have tried many recipes from each. The Family edition is 327 pages not including the index. pgs 200-327 are recipes and a large picture page (so about 63 recipes). There are of course some recipes my son (8) is ready to try like mac and cheese, chicken 'nuggets,' and the 'fish sticks,' and some I'm ready to try like the 'baked ziti.'
    Now she just needs to come out with a recipe group for the series. I'll buy that, too.
    Only 4 stars because I wanted more recipes and less chat....more info
  • Helpful book with lots of tips
    This is a really great book with lots of tips for getting your family on board with eating healthy. Lots of great recipes too but I don't know why that other person (love recipes) is complaining. this isn't a cookbook, and yet she still got tons of recipes. To me the recipes are a bonus.

    Plus the book looks great and is a pleasure to read....more info


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