Kitchen for Kids: 100 Amazing Recipes Your Children Can Really Make

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Kids love to cook and help in the kitchen. That's why Jennifer Low has created this book of 100 no-knives, no-flame, from-scratch recipes that kids can easily make with the help of a caring adult. Each recipe has been tested by kids aged four and up and each dish is beautifully photographed From Paddy Thai Noodles (an oven backed take on traditional Pad Thai) and One-Potato-Two Bread to Baby Lemon Meringue Pies and Strawberry-Fudge Striped Cake, the author shows how to organize a safe and fun kitchen for kids to learn cooking and to create yummy dishes.

  • Kids love to cook and help in the kitchen. This book has 100 no-knives, no-flame, from-scratch ...
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Customer Reviews:

  • Somewhat disappointing fixation on sweets
    I saw Jennifer Low in a TV appearance promoting this book, where she spoke at length about the need for kids to eat nutritious food and limit their consumption of treats. She emphasized the kids eat too many treats, and by definition a treat should not be eaten non-stop. Inspired by her enthusiasm for healthy kids, I purchased this book, only to find a few main dishes or savory breads followed by over 80 (out of 100) recipes for sweets.

    The recipes have moderate yields -- limiting the disappointment if they don't come out right, and controlling the amount of raw ingredients that would be put into the recipe (as she says, your kids won't use up all your eggs), but there are simply too many sweets. And many of these are serious sweets, like fudge, not fruit salad. Three of them, incidentally, call for raw eggs.

    Low was mindful of creating recipes that are do-able for young children, and she keeps their limitations and the comfort level of their parents in mind. All of the recipes use the oven, not the stove. A book like Mollie Katzen's "Pretend Soup" includes a visual recipe chart for preschoolers who cannot yet read as well as a wholesome attention to things like quick sandwiches and sauces), without all the sugar.

    The recipes are very tasty, and the yield sizes appropriate. I just wish she would have diversified her offerings. ...more info
  • LOVE it!
    I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes to cook with their kids. This is the first such cookbook that as I flipped through, I actually like ALL of the recipes, instead of a few. The recipes are things that my kids will actually eat, but they all have a bit of an adult flair -- not all chicken nugget-type stuff. The other great thing is that the yield is kid-sized too, so for example a cookie recipe will make up 12 cookies instead of 4 dozen. Makes it easier for the kids to handle (quick to mix, quick to cook), and perfect for those of us who can't take the temptation of 40 cookies in the house after the kids are in bed! I was browsing this with my sis-in-law the day it came in the mail, and she loved it so much that I bought her a copy for her birthday....more info
    This cookbook for children is just as good for adults. It's not dumbed down for kids and the recipes are delicious. No hotdogs, or silly cookies. This book provides you with great healthy recipes that everyone should enjoy. The desserts are not sugary and silly but they are elegant and sweet....more info
  • Great Photos to go with the Recipes
    This book is great for kids (and adults) who want to get used to cooking and be familiar with cooking tools and measurements. It sells for full price at Williams-Sonoma so the Amazon price is a steal....more info
  • Kitchen for kids
    This is a nice cookbook for kids with plenty of recipes for desserts and a few main meal recipes too. Photos are included with every recipe which is nice to see since so many kids books typically use illustrations or nothing at all. It would have been nice to see more savory dishes instead of so many sweet recipes.
    I purchased this for my 13 year old, wanna be chef. She enjoyed the book & it was easy for her to tackle recipes on her own....more info
  • Too many desserts
    This was a nice cookbook, but it has too much of a focus on desserts and not enough focus on cooking healthy foods a child will enjoy....more info
  • The Teeny Chef's Best Friend
    I have to say this really is a lovely book for children (and adults alike). I stumbled upon it by accident at Williams Sonoma and decided it was a perfect cookbook. The reason is because the recipes are for real foods and snacks (and not for cheesy, greasy junk that other kids' cookbooks have). The book is divided up by courses (or sections): Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner; Breads and Crackers; Cookies; Cakes; Pies, Pastries and Squares; Candy, Confections and Cool Treats. My favorites: Paddy Thai Noodles and Dumpling Raviolis are delicious, healthy and easy (but just easy enough so that there is still a bit of a challenge and sense of accomplishment for the child). Which brings me to another REALLY EXCELLENT feature of this book - it's a book that's not just geared towards little girls. There's a vague image of a child holding a cupcake on the cover of the book but you can't tell if the child is a boy or a girl. The book is for all children - boys and girls alike - which is a very positive departure from all of the children's cookbooks out there that show little girls cooking in the kitchen with their moms. I collect vintage cookbooks and there are a few that (though very cute for the time) show ridiculous stereotypes (but are funny when looked at in the context of the period in which they were published).

    Moving on...the cakes and desserts are really beautiful and especially nice because some of the recipes have instructions for two sizes. The alphabet cookies are pretty and fun to make because you paint the icing on with paint brushes (my sister and I decorated Christmas cookies one year with the paint brush technique and it was a lot of fun).

    I would have given this book the full 5 stars because the content really deserves a 5 but there were 2 things that I felt could be improved if ever more editions come out (and neither of these items are the author's fault, by the way). The first is the binding of the book - I think that for a book for children, a hard cover version would have been a lot easier to handle as this one's soft cover binding doesn't stay open easily. The other thing was trying to find bakeware for the smaller versions of the cakes (smaller than full-sized cake pans but larger than toy-sized pans). I really had a hard time finding the correct size bakeware for some of the smaller cakes. Maybe a buyer's guide for specialty bakeware could be included because frankly, these smaller cakes are well suited to small dinner parties for adults as well when one doesn't want a giant cake that will end up leftover and wasted in the trash. The cake sizes are really excellent and I did eventually find a few pieces that were properly sized (Williams Sonoma and some internet specialty shops had a few pans that worked) but it took me quite a while to locate these.

    But otherwise, I'd say the best modern cookbook for children available today. ...more info
  • Children's Cook Book
    Our 6 year old grandson and 4 year old granddaughter were absolutely thrilled with this Christmas gift. Their mother said they carried it around "picking out recipes". They made the cupcakes and the "Peek-a-boo meatloaf" for a "family dinner". My daughter-in-law likes the fact that the recipes are not "stove top", so that decreases the dangers of accidental burns! It is a great cookbook for children and the recipes are good for the entire family. ...more info
  • Great cook book for kids
    We love this cook book so far. My 8 year old daughter thinks its great and so do I. The pictures are awesome. I would recommend this book....more info
  • Fabulous Book!
    I bought my first copy of K4K before xmas and loved it! My kids enjoyed the photos and we enjoyed the family time in choosing and making the recipes. It seemed the perfect "family gift" for anyone with young kids to preteen, so I ended up buying about 8 copies to give as Christmas gifts. Of course kids are more interested in making "treats" that look tasty and pretty, it is the PERFECT way to get kids interested in the kitchen!...more info
  • Looks good
    Another gift for an 8-year-old boy. Hope he likes and can use the book to learn to cook....more info
  • Kitchen for Kids
    I love Kitchen for Kids !
    More importantly, my daughters (9+10) love it too.
    The recipes are easy to follow, easy to read but definately not boring, and the photos make it exciting to look through.
    I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to inspire their "young chefs", and think it makes a great birthday gift....more info
  • I love this
    Why do I love this book? Because the photography is great and the recipes follow suit. I cook from this a lot with and with out my children since they are still a bit small for cooking on their own. I will admit that most of the recipes I have tried are the desserts and they have all been wonderful. What makes this group of recipes unique is the size. The cakes are small and the batches only make a few cookies, perfect for a family. I really don't like making a full size cake for just the four of us so these little recipes make enough for us to have a piece after dinner, with maybe a couple more servings left over rather than 3/4 of a cake.
    ...more info
  • Have to get this book!
    I'm having visions of kid-catered dinners! For the first time, I've found a cookbook for kids with food I actually want to eat and actually want the kids to eat! Healthy, whole foods which are safe for kids to cook (almost) alone (without being the "open a can of this and mix it with a box of that" kind of cooking). Each recipe has a picture and doesn't require chopping or the use of small appliances or stovetop. And best of all, my eight year old daughter can't wait to break out her apron and try them all out....more info