The Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler
The Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler

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Fresh, wholesome meals that give little mouths something to smile about...

In The Petit Appetit Cookbook, mother and professional cook Lisa Barnes offers a healthy all-organic alternative to commercially processed, preservative-filled foods to help create delicious menus, nurture adventurous palates, and begin a lifetime of positive eating habits for children.


- 150+ easy, fast, child-tested recipes for ages 4 months to 4 years
- Mealtime solutions for even the most finicky eaters
- Nutritional information for each recipe
- Time-saving cooking techniques
- The right age- and stage-appropriate food choices
- How and when to introduce solids to baby's diet
- Adapting family recipes for young children
- Recognizing signs of food allergies and intolerances

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect
    I gave this as a gift to my sister-in-law. She absolutely adores it. It includes everything she was looking for as to how and when to introduce which foods, how to deal with allergies, etc. Very informative - delicious recipes!...more info
  • Easy basic recipies; organic focus
    Provides the recipes to take your baby through the puree stage and beyond. No baby could possibly eat 50 or 100 different purees; this cookbook gives a realistic number, including the basics (e.g., pears, sweet potatoes) as well as some combos I would not have thought of myself (e.g., black beans and plain yogurt to make baby bean dip). I like the fact that there are recipes to suit the different eating stages of toddlers, so the cookbook will grow with your child. Some of the (low-sugar) cookie recipes sound yummy even to me!!...more info
  • A must-have if you want to cook for baby
    Thanks to this book (and a few others) I have not had to feed my 12 month old any pre-packaged baby food. I love this book and learned many interesting details in the front portion of it. It has been my companion as I journeyed into new territory.

    In the beginning, the author talks about what is important and why, and what to avoid. The later sections are divided up into age breaks, and each section has ideas and recipes on what to feed and tips on how to prepare the food better. My son had eaten every recipe that I have made from this book. And nothing was too difficult to prepare. Of all the books I have purchased on cooking for baby, this one is really one of the best! You wont be disappointed.

    ...more info
  • Harder
    This book has harder recipes and if I would have gotten this book by itself it would have been a turnoff to making my own baby food....more info
  • new mom review
    I am a new mommy, trying to make all of my 6 month olds 1st baby food. I purchased a few organic cookbooks in the last month. This book is by far the BEST. Lisa Barnes has done extensive research in the organic food category. The receipes are very easy to follow and she has great suggestions and nutritional values for all receipes. GREAT COOKBOOK....more info
  • Practical and Creative
    My plan was for my daughter to join with the family for meals once she was ready. I was a bit intimidated with making my own food though. This book made it very simple and had so many creative recipes and suggestions. I have not bought a single jar of food yet and she will soon be eating the same food as the rest of us. I intend to continue to use some of these recipes.
    I don't know how successful I would have been had I not found this book. Thank you!...more info
  • Truly easy, yummy cookbook
    This is a wonderful book to get you through from babyhood to childhood and beyond. The veggie pancakes are as beloved by my 1 year old as by my husband. She identifies each recipe with symbols, wheat-free, vegetarian, etc. And the recipes are simple, don't require unusual ingredients or tools, and are really yummy. The ones I've tried are also easy to adjust, like I omitted the egg from the veggie pancakes and they work just fine! ...more info
  • Very healthy, creative, fun, easy, and very tasty
    I bought this for a friend who is expecting and for my best friend who has an 18 month old. My best friend immediately opened it up and began deciding which recipes she would make first. The ingredient lists are simple and short, the combinations are deeeelish, and it's such a great way to fuel your kid...not to mention adults as well. These recipes are definitley capable of impressing an adult's palette...and the best part is the organic/health conscious aspect. This is an excellent way to introduce GREAT TASTING WHOLE FOOD that is easy to prepare. Bottom line, EVERYONE can make healthier eating choices and still enjoy the wonderful tastes and textures of food without the additives and chemicals that...well, need I say more? Get this cookbook and ENJOY!...more info
  • Hideous, Pretentious Codswallop.
    I knew I was in trouble with this book by page 14, when it starts listing STUFF you need to have in order to cook. By page 29, when the author is gabbling about dancing with your toddler in the kitchen and having them "help" you cook, it's too late. You realize you've purchased a LIFESTYLE book. Not just any lifestyle book, one that promotes a lifestyle best suited to the six figure income and up crowd, and for mothers who are obsessed, neurotic, or insane.

    One: The kitchen is not a place for dancing, playing, hanging out, or anything else, with small children. All the major injuries I received as a child under three were kitchen related, ergo, as soon as my son becomes mobile I plan to encase my kitchen in heavily reinforced chicken wire. If he wants to dance, learn manners, or engage in social activities, he can do it well out of the way of huge knives and hot things and glass bits.

    Two: My kitchen has quite enough "stuff" in it, being as it's not a stadium sized chef-style...thing...from the pages of Home Digest. It is, in fact, what my mother and I term a one-behind kitchen, and most of America has one exactly like it. There is no space for another spoon, let alone five separate cutting boards and a food mill or "moulis" or any other French Food Twaddler. If it can't be done with a blender, it doesn't need to be done for an infant.

    Three: I categorically refuse to serve "Baked Ricotta Cake" (page 144) or "Portobello Burgers" (page 214) to anyone not yet old enough to order an appropriate Zinfandel to go with them. Perhaps you live on a portobello mushroom farm, have lots of portobello mushrooms lying about the place, and feeding the family grossly expensive mushrooms makes economic sense to you. However, in my house we have something called a "food budget".

    This book is a shining example of the horrific competitive parenting tripe I see at every turn. If your idea of good parenting is a $40,000 pre-school, by all means, this is the lifestyle learning experience for you. I'll be in the kitchen mashing homegrown carrots with a fork, thanks.

    ...more info
    This book tells you all. From their first foods (how to make and serve) through the introduction of every new food. The meals are good and easy to make. It's wonderful to make food EVERYONE in the family will eat. Also unlike most books while introducing food this book introduces spices so your child adjusts to "spicy" food creating a refined palate....more info
  • Wonderful Book and Gift!
    This book is great! Not only do I cook from it for my own family, but I keep coming back to buy it for all my friends who are expecting.

    Everyone has their own opinions; however I disagree with the reviewer who said the book has contradictions. I couldn't find a recipe with honey in it until the 12 - 24 month chapter. In fact it's the Graham Crackers which is one of my two year old's favorites. The author outlines cautions about allergies and explains how to introduce single food items. Also the book cautions the reader about these potential allergens and differing advice (amongst pediatricians) as to when to introduce. I find the first chapter "Using This Book" very helpful for information about baby's stage of development, instead of the age. So I can decide when my child is ready for a new food based on her actions and eating habits. There's always the suggestion of talking about diet and nutrition with your own pediatrician too.

    For a cookbook I was satisfied with the medical references, including Ellyn Satter, who is a wonderful author and nutritionist (a big favorite of mine). Plus a lactation consultant even wrote the forward.

    I hope other parents buy the book and give the recipes a try before judging. You and your family will be glad you did.
    ...more info
  • Best baby cookbook ever
    This was the first baby cookbook I ever purchased. My little girl is now 2 years old and I still use the cookbook. I make meals and snacks for her and myself using the book. The delicious recipes are just the bonus to this great book. The information about food and children was especially beneficial. If anyone I know is having a baby I get them this book. ...more info
  • good baby's first cookbook
    I bought this to learn how to make food for my first baby. I previewed many others. It's a great book with lots of suggestions for different foods and combinations to feed. It gives very detailed directions for cooking the foods either on the stove top or in the microwave for every recipe. This would be helpful for someone who does not cook a lot, though I find myself just giving the baby whatever we have on hand and cooking it or mashing very simply. I think the best thing about this book is the guidlines for what to feed and when. Also which foods to avoid at what ages. I am sure I will use it more as he gets older and starts to eat more combos of food. Very user friendly book with lots of tips throughout. All in all a good first baby cook book. ...more info
  • The Petit Appetit Cookbook
    This cookbook has lots of easy nutritious recipes to make for a child and to enjoy as an adult. I will definitely tell other parents about this book....more info
  • Great Resource
    I wish I would've have this cookbook when my first child was born. I think it's fantastic! I have tried many recipes and they are tasty. I think it is a very helpful guide for those wanting to make homemade food for their babies and smaller children. It has helped me make healthier choices for everyone in my family. I would encourage any mom with small children to give it a try. The recipes are not hard and are well-explained. ...more info
    I just got this book in the mail today and it is by far the best baby food book I have seen! The recipes are simple, healthy, and sometimes very creative!
    The book also has a very simple layout, which makes searching for the right age range much easier than other popular books.

    I made the Baby Biscotti tonight. I expect that my 8 month son will love them, because I sure did! They were really good!

    I highly recommend this book. It's the best purchase I have ever made!...more info
  • Love this cookbook
    My sister recommended this cookbook to me & I love it! Very informative and I've really enjoyed discovering new things to try with my 7 mo. old daughter. I enjoy cooking but had no idea how to go about making my own baby food and this book provided a great guide with wonderful suggestions. I really like how she encourages the use of organic foods. I'll be using it well into her toddlerhood, as my sister does with her son!...more info
  • A Good Resource
    If feeding is going well and you simply need some recipe ideas, this book is a good resource. It contains nutritious recipes that are appealing to toddlers and adults alike. There is very limited information on how to establish a healthy feeding relationship, though. If you need help in that area, or if you are only planning to buy one book on feeding, I recommend Child of Mine, which outlines the feeding relationship plus logistics from the newborn stage through the teen years.

    When I started feeding solid food to my 7 month old son I naively thought that all I needed was a good cookbook. Feeding was going fine until my baby was about 8 months old. Then feeding became a huge challenge--it didn't matter what we served up. We had an extremely reluctant eater on our hands. His cues were difficult to read and, though we presented him with 2-3 "meals" per day, he ate very little and got most of his nourishment from breast milk. This went on for about two months. Our pediatrician did not seem too concerned and wrote it off to our baby not being developmentally ready. Finally, I read Child of Mine by Ellyn
    Satter and was completely enlightened. A slight change in our approach and our baby was joyfully eating like a seasoned gourmet within two days. I wish I'd read this book before our baby was born. ...more info
  • books
    The Petit Appetit Cookbook: Easy, Organic Recipes to Nurture Your Baby and Toddler wonderful book. Thanks...more info
  • very well-constructed !
    lots of good advice & even better recipes.. all very well laid out for easy decisions during rushed, panicky moments in the kitchen.

    I think the key to making baby food is slight planning ahead & stocking up on various ingredients.. you never know what you will need and when.

    All in all its a user-friendly, well-rounded book. Oh & its actually quite cute-looking too :)...more info
  • Good book
    Lots of thanks to Ms Karen from California on your recommendation. I almost buy a baby cook book which is not as good as this. Though my daughter is now only 5 months old, I think I will invest on another cook book recommend by you when she is a toddler. Once again, thanks....more info
  • Wonderful book
    I was looking for a comprehensive book to help me get started making my own baby food. I invested in three books and this by far was the best. It has a wealth of information from preparing your kitchen and necessary tools to definitions of organic food to very friendly recipes. The best part is that there are variations for all of the recipes including microwave directions. They are very easy to make and do not require tons of time or a master chef. I love this book and would recommend it to anyone looking for a good book to get started making baby food. ...more info
  • so-so recipes
    This had great reviews but I haven't yet found a recipe I liked from here. The book was a good read and I loved the push for organic. The baby biscotti called for a lot more sugar than I would give my baby at such a young age....more info
  • Great Cook Book
    My daughter recently began table foods and I constantly use this book to create new food purees for her. The recipes are simple and delicious. I would eat anything I have served her so far and know that this will continue to be the case. The recipes are interesting, nutritious and not that labor intensive at all. If you are willing to put in a little time in your kitchen for the healthies meals you could ever prepare for your little one than this is a good place to start! ...more info
  • Smart, nutricious ideas in a stylish format.
    I would highly recommend this book. It is easy to follow and not overly complicated....more info
  • Wonderful book!!!!
    I recently purchased this book along with another like it and have found this one to be my favorite! How easy is it to make your own babyfood? Well, if you can make a grilled cheese, you can make your own baby food with, just as the author states, pretty much stuff you probably already have in the kitchen!

    The introductory chapters provide a good deal of information on knowing when to start your baby on solids, differentiating the various definitions of organic goods and what not to feed (and why) just to name a few topics. The recipes are divided up into feeding stage appropriate sections with both fruits and veggies listed as pediatricians often differ on which one should be started first. The recipes themselves are super easy and while my daughter is trying to figure out whether or not she likes certain things, I find the taste of some of the foods to be pretty pleasant. As far as cost savings. I prepared an apple puree the other day with 3 lbs of organic red delicious apples ($3) and ended up with probably $20 (if I had to purchase) in food and it took very little time! ...more info
  • Great for baby, excellent for children!
    The book starts out with explanations of organic versus non. Then into baby recipes and finally ones for toddlers. Great uses of a large variety of fruits and vegetables. A must have for your bookshelf!...more info
  • Overall a great resource
    This is a great recipe book for those a little intimidated by feeding their new eater but also wanting food to be wholesome, nutritious, adventuresome, and fun. The recipes have made me think of new combinations or add a little spice here and there that I might not have otherwise. The only shortcoming is mixing some of the one year old recipes with those of 9 months up to 1 year, which means the recipes with milk (and eggs depending upon your pediatrician's advice) might not really be suitable for a while longer. It's a bit confusing and limits your options in that age range. I am definitely ready to introduce more things to my daughter within her current repertoire and need a few more hints for the next couple of months. I'll check around elsewhere for those, but this is a great book to have on hand nonetheless. ...more info
  • Best Homemade Baby food book/cookbook out there!
    This is by far the BEST book current in publication for those that wish to make their own babyfood. I am not organic but found this book very well organized. It gives tons of tips on preparation, products to purchase, allergens, etc without advocating one belief system. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It will become my standard new mom shower gift....more info
  • Highly recommended
    I love this book and have recommended it to a couple of friends. The information on what to introduce at different stages is wonderful and the recipes seem easy enough. My baby is only 8 months old, so I've only tried a few. Most recipes call for a food processer, but I've had the same results using a blender....more info
  • my boy loves it! the food is great!
    great recipes for all age ranges as well as good dietary info. as you get further into the book, some of the recipes are so good that my wife and i find ourselves snacking on the muffins and cakes that come from the book. i would highly recommend this if you like to cook and want to make food for you child that is better than the boring fare of other cookbooks....more info
  • Great meals for everyone!
    I really like the recipes in this cookbook and my daughter isn't even old enough to eat solids yet, so it isn't only for the kids. I am really looking forward to preparing home-cooked meals for her when she is bigger and this book clearly lays out a plan of introducing new foods. One slightly annoying part of the book is that the author over-uses the term "organic" when listing ingredients for a recipe. I fortunately live in an area where organic produce is plentiful, but I know others who live in areas where organic-everything is either not always available or cost-prohibitive. A short note in the beginning stating: "Use organically grown produce when available" would have sufficed. It's odd too that she lists "olive oil" and "organic carrots, organic peas, etc..." why not organic olive oil if we're going to repeat the term ten times in one recipe? A funny misprint is that her home-made fish-sticks are labeled with a vegetarian symbol. I wonder where she gets her vegetarian fish? Aside from those minor quirks, the recipes themselves are really yummy!...more info
  • good
    It is a pretty good book. It seemed to me that it leaned more towards the vegetarian side but other than that it had some good ideas....more info
  • Nice but too simple
    This is a nice book with good background. Problem to me is that the 'recipes' are mostly one ingredient dishes where you simply steam or saute... Why would I need a book for that? I also have Annabel Karmel's 100 Purees book and that one has more creativity, helping one start to blend different things together. Most of the recipes in tThe Petit Appetit are things you could do yourself- steam the vegetable, add a little oil or spice, puree. Much too basic....more info
  • Great Book!
    I first got this book out of the library to check it out. Loved it. Simple recipes that grow with your child. I decided to buy this book since I will be using it over and over....more info
  • Easy-to-use book; Easy-to-make recipes
    I was looking for a book that includes dairy free recipes and this book provided a variety of choices. It also includes a lot of helpful information (safe food handling, general childhood health issues, nutrition resources), but it is not overwhelming. The section "Stocking the Kitchen" lists tools and foods people who haven't done a lot of cooking may not be familiar with, hence it is a good, basic tutorial for people who want to start providing healthy meals for their family.

    I have a modest budget, but never found the list of ingredients too expensive. There are choices for every lifestyle....more info
  • A Great Book to End a Long Search
    I did an epic search for a baby food cookbook before finding The Petit Appetit. There are an abundance of recipies in a great layout. Plenty of info on storage and preparation too. It is by far my favorite for the simple, easy, and nutritious meals!...more info
  • Easy to use, baby loves it!
    I love that this cookbook gives you a microwave cooking option as well as standard cooking. It really makes it easy to cook things more quickly. So far my daughter's loved it all!...more info
  • Yummy!
    Great book. The recipes are straight forward and easy to follow. I love the use of different grains and organic foods. I am excited to try new recipes as my son grows....more info
  • Great help!
    I just got this book! the truth is that this book is great help for parents of kids over 6 months... the 4-6 months is SO basic its not needed... but hte rest is great! i am happy i got it and would recomend it to other friends!...more info


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