The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook

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The greatest invention since sliced bread may be the machine that makes the loaves that you dream of slicing. The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook finally bridges the gap between great taste and convenience, with over 300 glorious recipes for bread machines. The automatic bread machine makes it possible to enjoy fresh and signature loaves of bread without the time and expense usually involved in bread baking or purchased artisanal breads. Today's bread machines are versatile, affordable, safe, and efficient, turning out perfect loaves time after time. Try Croissants or Banana Bread for breakfast, lunchtime sandwiches on Honey Whole Wheat Bread or Tomato Bread, a loaf of Garlic Focaccia or a Sage and Onion Bread-stuffed roast for dinner, or even Candied Chestnut Panettone and Pumpkin Cloverleaf Rolls for the holidays. Classic white loaves, hearty whole-wheat breads, sweet breads, swirled breads, pizza doughs, quick breads, even jams are easy to make right in the bread machine. Renowned bread baking expert Beth Hensperger's best bread recipes yield great results-- just add the ingredients, and let the machine knead, rise, and bake loaf after loaf of fragrant, delicious fresh bread.

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Book!
    This book has it all! We got it before our new breadmaker arrived. It not only has tons of great recipes, but troubleshooting solutions to common problems, general information about different flours, etc., a great learning tool for beginners....more info
  • Fantastic!!
    This is now my official bread machine cookbook! Almost every recipe that I have tried with my 2 lb. loaf machine has been wonderful, and I was using the book as a beginner! It has tons of recipes to try, and I'll be using it for years to come. Great introductory chapter on using bread machines, also. Well worth the money!...more info
  • Whole wheat recipes???
    I purchased this book based on its good reviews as a companion to a new bread machine (I have never owned a bread machine before). My goal is to make whole wheat bread at home so that I do not have to worry about the additives that most commercial whole wheat breads contain. Imagine my dismay when I turn to the whole wheat chapter, and NEARLY EVERY recipe contains "bread flour" (read: refined white flour) *and* whole wheat flour. Come on, are you serious? To me, the point of making whole wheat bread, is to make WHOLE WHEAT bread - not half-whole wheat bread. What a disappointment. I will be returning this book and will attempt to make my own recipe conversions from Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book, which doesn't have any refined white flour included in any recipe.

    Please understand, I am sure the recipes for white bread & hybrid white/wheat breads in this book taste good, as other reviewers have noted, but I feel the whole wheat chapter was misrepresented, and I would have never purchased the book if I knew what I know now, so hopefully this review will alert someone else who may have similar interests.

    Happy baking!...more info
  • Excellent book
    This book made my life with my bread machine simple and successful. I don't think the instructions that come with bread machines are nearly as extensive as what you need to be really successful with the equipment.

    This book makes it all simple and successful. I love the recipes too. This book is a MUST HAVE if you are new to bread machines....more info
  • great book with some flaws
    Years ago, when I first started baking home-made bread, I was introduced to this book. I remember liking this book a lot. It indeed provides in-depth information about bread-making especially by using the bread machine. It also has some great recipes that helped me make good bread; but some of the recipes didn't work well, as some other reviews have pointed out, maybe because they were not tested thoroughly. Over the years, I drifted away from this book and now my favorite bread baking book is from the King Arthur Flour company. I am not saying they are the only authority. But one thing, among others, that I learn from the King Arthur Flour cook books, is that serious bakers ALWAYS use weight rather than volume for baking. Because one person's one cup of flour, for example, is different from another person's. Bread machine baking, for one thing, requires high accuracy of the amount of each ingredient, since people have less leverage in fixing the dough especially if you finish the baking in the bread machine pan. I guess you can overcome this problem by experimenting many times to figure out how to use this book, which is what I did. Still, a better way for sure success is to measure by weight. Another thing I don't like about a lot of the recipes is that they are on the salty side. I just compared a 2-pound bread machine recipe from the King Arthur Flour website to a similar recipe in this book. A typical recipe in this book, except for sweet breads, calls for 2 teaspoon salt; while King Arthur Flour recipes use about 1 1/2 teaspoon salt or less. I imagine you can eat your bread with lots of jam or spread, but really it's too salty by itself to have 2t salt in a 2-pound loaf. Bread machines are a great invention. New bakers can finish everything in just one machine; More experienced bakers use the machine for dough and then finish with fancy-shaped bread in the oven. I heard those King Arthur Flour people develop their recipes using bread machines too. This is a great book by a great baker, but I think some home bakers are getting so serious these days that they would want more professional-grade recipes that ensure better success. Still I would recommend this book to any of my baking friends,as one of the recipe books they use, because of the variety of the bread recipes and detailed information. ...more info
  • Excellent book
    My husband and I have used breadmachines for years. But this book is wonderful. It explains everything there is to know about grains, baking and bread machines. And the recipes are excellent! They really do work. I've tried recipes in other books that just don't seem to work properly, but this book is different. ...more info
  • I'm going to try them all!
    My hubby bought this book for me, along with a Breadman TR875 2-Pound Breadmaker, Stainless Steel, a little over a year ago. There are so many great recipes in this book that I have a hard time choosing what to try next, and have made very few more than just once.

    I have most frequently made the Vienna Bread and Chuck Williams's Country French, but have also liked Herb Bread, Sour Cream Bread, Honey Whole Wheat, Parmasan Nut Bread, Hot Jalapeno Bread with Longhorn Cheese, Cornmeal Honey Bread, Peasant Bread, and Soft Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls.

    I have to admit there are some recipes which I didn't care for: Irish Potato Brown Bread, Banana Bread, or Coconut Milk White Bread. And some which do not appeal to me at all (ie: Prune Bread??), but there are hundreds to choose from, so why not?

    I love shaping and forming dough, so I appreciate how the author also goes into great detail on how to shape loaves and rolls, giving many examples and clear, detailed instructions. The author also gives suggestions for what to serve with certain breads, and introduces each recipe with some background for that particular bread.

    The book is also a great reference for all the ingredients and techniques involved in bread baking. I even attempted making homemade jam with these recipes. Despite my inexpereince, it makes me feel like I really know what I am doing. Who knows, maybe I will even have the confidence to try a sourdough loaf one day!

    I can't imagine a better companion with any bread machine!...more info
  • Great Content, POOR book construction
    The content of this book is wonderful, however the quality of the physical book itself is poor and inappropriate for a kitchen cookbook. I have mine only several weeks and the binding is broken and pages are falling out. Such a shame that such great contents are ruined by cheap production.

    I use the recipes in my Cuisinart CBT-200 bread machine and everything so far has turned out great. This book has a section on breadmachines, however the Cuisinart is not included. No issue, the recipes work fine!...more info
  • The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook
    The book was a birthday gift for my sister who just retired and uses her bread machine all the time. She absolutely loved the book and has used it many times already. The illustrations were great and the directions very easy to follow. We've all benefited from this cookbook with lots of delicious breads....more info
  • Not User Friendly
    This is a huge recipe book filled with hundreds of bread recipes for every type of bread you can think of and a whole lot that you never knew existed. I have tried several of the recipes and they have all turned-out reasonably well.

    Many of the recipes in the book require a great deal of manual intervention and shaping, so sure you can make croissant dough in your automatic bread machine--if you transfer the dough in and out of the machine several times, coat butter bits with flour and freeze them, roll out the dough and shape it--but should you? There are also a lot of quick-bread recipes that are often easier to just mix and bake traditionally. In the end, it seems like 75% of the recipes are either so manually intensive that your automatic bread machine is essentially just a nice place to let dough rise or they are so simple without using a bread machine that the machine is just an unnecessary step.

    While there is no shortage of recipes in the book, there is a shortage of a few other things: the cheap paperback binding won't lay flat, there is not a single picture in the book; and, most serious, the index is horrible and simply a listing of the recipe names. This is a huge problem in a nearly 700-page recipe book. You cannot find recipes by main ingredients: for instance "Orange Bread with White Chocolate, Apricots, and Walnuts" is listed in the index under "orange" but it is not listed under "white," "chocolate," "apricots," or "walnuts."

    If this book were limited to only recipes that are both reasonable to make in an "automatic" bread machine and that benefit in some way from doing so; and also contained a usable index and maybe a few pictures, I would give it a much higher rating....more info
  • This book makes you want to experiment every day!
    I got this book for Christmas along with a Zojirushi bread machine. The two make a great combination! Anything I have tried from this book has turned out great. A favorite so far is the biga recipe--it's a kind of starter. ...more info
  • Good Book
    I purchased this book at the same time I purchased my bread maker. It's good book. Very well written and easy to read. Some of the bread making ingredients are pretty hard to find in my area of the country but I've enjoyed the book and would recommend it to others....more info
  • Essential if you own a bread machine.....
    I recently inherited my bread machine. I purchased this book to go with it and I just love it! Everything you need to know about bread baking in one source.

    I am slowly "eating my way through" the 300 recipes, and really enjoying every bite....more info
  • The Bread Machine Recipe Book I Use The Most!
    Today I made Sunflower Pumpernickel Rye bread, a recipe found in this book, and it is so scumptious I can't believe any is left over. I purchased The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook over a year ago, when I was still using my old (circa 1995) Breadman and all the recipes came out beautifully.

    Soon after purchasing the book, I decided I needed a spiffier machine and purchased the Zojirushi BBCC-X20. The first recipe I tried from this book failed miserably. However I determined it was mostly my fault. I put in the ingredients and left the house, never checking on the dough. It needed more water, as it turned out.

    Since that first failure, I always watch over the dough the first five or ten minutes. Approximately fifty percent of the time, I'll need to add a little more water to the dough to get it to that perfect consistency. I don't believe that is the fault of the recipes' author. My experience has been that most bread recipes need be 'tweaked' some of the time, given the variables affecting dough, such as climate, altitude or even different 'batches' of flour. It is imperative that you check the dough in the beginning stage of bread making and most recipe books, this one included, will advise you to do just that.

    I have roughly twenty bread making cookbooks, at least half of those focusing on bread machine recipes. This is the book I use 99.9% of the time. There are more recipes in here than I'll ever use but it is delightful to have one book that encompasses so many different types of breads. You can always find a recipe that has just the ingredients you wish to use. Some of the most delicious and unique bread recipes are included the "All Kinds of Flavors" chapter. I love all of the cheese breads, the Cornmeal Honey Bread recipe is excellent, and the sourdough recipes have always turned out perfectly.

    But nothing is perfect and this book is no exception. I have never had success with the Black Olive Bread recipe, even though I've attempted it several times. This is a great disappointment to me. I do not believe one should fault the author of this book, Beth Hensperger, for individual failures such as this. Even with a bread machine, certain complicated recipes that call for lots of ingredients are a challenge. Machine types vary and as stated above, there are many variables that go into bread making that change from time to time. In the case of the olive bread recipe, I believe it is best to remove the dough after the machine has finished the kneading process and add the VERY DRY chopped olives to the loaf manually, then return it to the machine for rising and baking. The author does advise to drain the olives well or else add more flour. I still find this a very difficult recipe to execute well.

    Another reviewer here complained that only SAF and bread machine yeast are listed in the recipes, not the regular type of instant or active yeast. I have used 'regular' yeast in the quantity given for bread machine yeast and the bread came out fine. Someone else complained that most of the recipes called for bread flour rather than being 100% whole wheat. This is true. I don't see anywhere on the cover of the book or inside where the author claims her recipes to be 100% whole wheat. However, there are many recipes that call only for whole wheat flour, or else in combination with other 'whole grain' flours.

    I believe any serious bread machine baker will find more recipes in this collection than any other book available. Not all will be wonderful but given the large quantity of recipes included in this collection, I believe you'll find, like I have, more than enough to delight you and your family for years to come. ...more info
  • Perfect extension for your machine manual's recipes
    I bought a bread machine a few months ago and loved it. But the few recipes that came in the manual were not that imaginative. I then bumped into Hernsperger's "Bread" and bought it. I was delighted with her style and recipes, but above all, by the excellent results. The recipes worked just fine! I then bought this book, with recipes adapted to the machine. She is absolutely right to state in the book that the bread machine, despite being seen with suspicion by bread handmakers, brought a new lot of people into making bread. People like me, that would never had tried this task if it was not the machine. The book: clearly written, cleverly organized, excellent recipes. If you buy it (I recommend) do try CROWW p. 438.

    As nothing is perfect, small gripes relate to the lack of pictures and the way quantities are shown. In order to comply with the cup and spoon measures accompanying the machines, yeast, for instance, is 2 and 1/4 teaspoons. How on earth can I measure 1/4 of a teaspoon? With good and cheap electronic scales, everything should be presented in weight (as well). But the work of converting thirds and eighths of cups and spoons into grams is nothing compared to the variety and quality of the recipes presented in the book....more info
  • Best bread machine cookbook ever!
    I have started using my bread machine again thanks to The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook. It must have some kind of magic in it because every loaf I have tried has been amazing. I find I can only use the 1 1/2 pound loaf recipe in my 2 pound machine because the loaves come out huge. HUGE.

    I love this book so much, I bought two more copies to give to my best friends. One of them never made anything but sourdough. He was a sourdough snob. He made my very favorite recipe, Sour Cream Bread and made two loaves that same night. One for bread and one for cinnamon rolls.

    I've never seen someone so excited over a loaf of bread. It really is an unbeatable loaf. Just this one recipe is worth the price of the book alone. If you don't make any other recipe, make this one. It's perfect for a peanut butter sandwich, french toast, or just spread with real butter. Yum.

    Update - 12/10/07
    I made the Peach jam recipe and OMG, it was amazing. I used frozen peaches instead of fresh. Do try the jam in the machine. You won't be sorry....more info
  • Best Cookbook I Own
    I've been collecting recipe books since I was a little girl...I even have the full set of Mary Margaret McBride's Encyclopedia of Cooking from 1937. And...I have made just about every recipe in any of my books. But this recipe book has got to be placed at the very top of my list. I have now made every recipe in it and not one failure and that's the truth! I can't recommend it highly enough. Easy to follow, and perfect bread every time....more info
  • The yeast discussion is confusing...
    Yes, the book is big and has tons of recipes, but the whole yeast discussion is confusing. Just tell me how much Active Dry yeast I need - all she lists for her ingredients are SAF and bread yeast, and here I sit with a full jar of Active Dry. I also don't want to have to stand at my machine to add ingredients, and make the other adjustments that seem so prevalent in many of the recipes. Thank goodness I got this from the library and didn't put out any money for it. The Electric Bread book, while much smaller, has a variety of easy, basic recipes, with only a few of them calling for gluten. ...more info
  • THE book for breadmaker owners!!
    I LOVE this book. Not "like this book", LOVE this book! I received this book from my MIL along with the breadmaker they bought me and it has made the breadmaker something I truly use almost every week. So many people own bread makers and don't know how to use them except with the expensive mixes you buy in the store. Using a breadmaker requires slightly different proportions of dry-to-wet ingredients and this can make using a regular recipe either a) a lumpy disaster or b) nothing special.

    If you are a foodie who really enjoys being able to control what goes into your food, this book opens up a world of opportunities regarding bread. The author includes sweet breads, sourdough and country breads, no-gluten recipes, recipes that include unusual flours like chickpea, chestnut and buckwhat. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You are not just getting recipes for white and wheat. My machine doesn't have a Jam setting, but she does include recipes for those machines that do.

    Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! If you own a breadmaker, buy this book - you will not regret it!...more info
  • Incredible Book - Even for a beginner like me
    I read a review stating this book was not great for beginners but I can't disagree more. I am brand new to bread making and with the help of this book have had only successes so far -knock on wood! I know it will take me years to do all the recipes and learn all the wonderful information she has included in this book. I can't imagine ever needing another bread book. I purchased a Sunbeam Bread which I got on Amazon for only $34 and it works perfectly with this book. I can't be happier....more info
  • My favorite bread machine cookbook - got rid of the others!
    Beth Hensperger is one of my favorite cookbook authors! (I love her Ultimate Rice Cooker and Not Your Mother's Slow Cooker Cookbooks, too, check 'em out!)

    This cookbook offers a wonderful variety of recipes for your bread machine. It contains broad coverage of traditional loaves of bread, as well as a treasure trove of creative ways to use the bread machine to prepare dough for other things - foccacia, dinner rolls, pizza crust, etc.

    I use my bread machine weekly - wore out the fins, as a matter of fact. I use this cookbook exclusively for the bread machine.

    Instant-potato bread, Virginia light rolls, scandanavian light rye, basic pizza dough (homemade margharita pizza - yum!) and cracked wheat bread are all family favorites I make on a regular basis.

    Start with a few basics - bread flour, instant yeast (keep it in the freezer; it doesn't matter what brand you buy) and vital wheat gluten. Make some of the classic recipes, then broaden your repetoire from there. I like to select a new ingredient from King Arthur or the health food store - eg wheat berries or spelt flour - and experiment with some of the less common recipes.

    I have enjoyed using this cookbook immensely, and years later I am still discovering wonderful new uses for the bread machine in this cookbook. It's on my "A List" of cookbooks I keep in the kitchen and use regularly....more info
  • Fantastic!
    While reading reviews on bread machines, I found so many recommendations for this book that I decided to purchase it with my new bread machine. We've tried the recipes for honey whole wheat, chocolate cherry bread, and the whole wheat croissants. Every recipe has turned out perfect!...more info
  • Incredible guide! Well written, tons of info!
    I received this huge book as a gift. My first loaf turned out perfect. I have made several recipes, all are great. This book has everything in it! Great variety of recipes, variations and extras for those machines that have dough, cake and jam cycles. Lots of interesting info spread out through the book on flours, grains, additives,and "what can go wrong and how to fix it."
    I really love the extra introductions to the individual recipes. Great information on the origins of each recipe. I really want to try them all! This book gives me the confidence to succeed with my bread machine. This is the most comprehensive book for bread machine baking I have seen.

    My only complaint is that the recipe ingredient fractional quantities are hard to read. I actually get a magnifying glass out, and rewrite the quantities in the margins. A minor quibble that would reduce my rating to 4 stars....more info
  • good recipes, nice that it covers high altitude baking
    This book contains helpful instructions on exactly what modifications are necessary if you are baking at higher altitudes. My machine's manual just glossed over that, saying "adjustments may be necessary" without saying what the adjustments should be. So far, every recipe I've made from this book using the suggested modifications have turned out very good....more info
  • WOW
    This book is amazing. I will be making baking for years before I have to repeat a recipe!...more info
  • My bread machine BIBLE!
    Oh, my! What delicious homemade breads I produce using this cookbook! Not only are the recipes fabulous, but Beth Hensperger has also done a fantastic job with the educational portions of the book as well.

    The book opens with a section explaining bread machines in general, followed by a section about the process of bread making. She explains how different flours and other ingredients affect the loaf, and tells you what to expect of your machine. Interspersed among the recipes, the author adds a page or two of helpful information pertaining to the type of recipes in that chapter.

    Our family absolutely loves the breads I have made using this cookbook. I think our favorite white bread recipe so far is Sour Cream Bread (page 53.) It is incredible! Other favorites are the Cornmeal Honey Bread (page 148) and my favorite whole-wheat recipe, White Whole Wheat Bread (page 127.) With more than 300 recipes to try, it will be a long time before we have tested them all.

    One thing to mention - I have a Panasonic bread machine and I use only King Arthur flour and Fleischman's instant yeast. That combination always produces a loaf that rises too high using these recipes. I have cut the yeast back to the "SAF yeast" proportions the author gives, and have cut the vital wheat gluten back a bit as well (King Arthur flour has a higher gluten level than some others.) Doing so has helped the loaves come out perfectly.

    I can't say enough good things about this cookbook. If you buy only one bread machine cookbook, let this be the one!...more info
  • The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook
    This is the best bread machine cookbook that I have tried. Tasty and easy to follow receipes that are perfect everytime....more info
  • Tremendous Effort, A Bit Overkill Though.
    Wow! What a large bread-book! This is a must have if you are a serious bread machine person. It is loaded with lots of information regarding a wide spectrum of breadmaking. The recipes are abundant. This is the kind of recipe book that you read in bed at night and imagine cooking the next morning. But overall, the tremendous amount of info can be overwhelming at times.

    If you prefer simple little cookbooks that get to the point quickly and can be laid upon the counter while measuring, this may not be your best choice. The text and lay-out are often busy and sometimes difficult to focus on.
    I prefer simplicity, lucidity and spiral spines in my recipe books.

    This particular bread-book reminds me of that creepy white guy with glasses on the Food Network, you know the guy, the one who provides all the history and scientific reactions behind the food but in the end you don't really just want to see it and eat it. ...more info
  • Excellent introductory recipes
    I've baked bread (at least once a week) for the past 5~ years using dough hooks. Hensperger was an able guide as I learned what's the same and what's different between the 2 methods. Her first 3 recipes use different features (e.g. delayed baking, dough cycle) so that I felt like I knew the machine better.
    Two cautions:
    (1)In the 2000 paperback edition, the order of loading ingredients in the pan is incorrect for my Zojirushi BBCC-X20. So rely upon manufacturer's instructions.
    (2) It all depends on the kind of bread you like. Hensperger features recipes with light touches of seeds and nuts and all the good stuff. For example, her Dakota Bread calls for 1/3 c each sunflower and pumpkin seeds, 2 t each sesame and poppy seeds. It's a lovely bread, mind you, but I prefer a more substantial bread. The recipe we like includes 1 c rolled oats, 1/2 c each sunflower and pumpkin seeds, and 3 T each sesame and flax seeds.
    I was delighted to find I can use my old dough-hook recipes and just use the Zojirushi order of adding ingredients. ...more info
  • Finally, recipes that work!
    As a man I don't always have the best of luck with recipes to begin with . . . that said, I can usually tweek things to get a useable product from my kitchen. That is, with everything except bread machine recipes. I have a respectible yogurt-based sour dough bread and a fair pizza crust dough. That's it . . .

    Until I got this book for Father's Day, 2008 and everything I've tried from it (even when I twisted the ingrediants a little) worked! And not just worked but worked wonderfully! The loaves are too good looking to eat. They are just incredible. I have tried the sour creme bread (even added Italian seasoning for an herbal slant), the ciabatta (twice with great results), the bagel recipe, the cinnamon swirl, and the country white (even tweaking a little whole wheat into the receipe). I sent two loaves to my mother for Mother's Day (3-day shipment to CA) and they arrived in great shape and were consumed within two days!

    I would highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a consistent bread from a machine and for anyone wanting to expand into some lessor-known bread styles.

    PS: have since tried the honey white bread with outstanding results. My 1.5 lb loaf was finished shortly after the start of our Memorial Day dinner!...more info
  • Outstanding - a "must have" if you own any bread machine.
    I received this cookbook and a Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Stainless-Steel Convection Breadmaker for Christmas. So far I have made two loaves of bread and a batch of strawberry jam, and I have spent the greater part of today reading the recipes and information in this cookbook. I am giving this five stars because I am confident that I will be getting the most out of my machine because of this cookbook!
    This book goes way beyond just variations of white and wheat bread. Additionally, there are many traditional breads from early America, the British Isles, Europe and the Mediterranean represented here. There is even a recipe for steamed Chinese buns called David SooHoo's Bao. Additionally, there are recipes for pasta dough, jams, chutney and quick breads. There are many many recipes that do not require anything more for you to do than to measure the ingredients into the pan. But there are also recipes for dinner rolls and hand-shaped breads. A bread machine does the most efficient job of kneading dough, even better than my stand mixer. Unless you have been working as a baker your entire life or kneading dough several times a week since you were eight, a bread machine is they way to go simply because of the way it kneads and helps you develop the dough.
    There is a wealth of information in here, from the history of the recipe to techniques and hints to help you along, as well as technical information that will help you understand what works, what doesn't work, and why.
    I love that I can make my own jam, I can avoid high fructose corn syrup altogether, and if I find the right pectin, I can make jam that is reduced in sugar content. I love that I have such a variety of healthy whole wheat and whole grain recipes from which to choose. I like the idea of making quick breads, because I can mix and bake with one machine instead of two, and clean up is easy.
    In addition to the recipes you can use in your machine, there are also recipes for: ways to use extra bread, day old bread, spreads for your fabulous bread, flavored butters and honeys, etc.
    This cookbook is well organized. There is a general index, which is helpful for example, if you want to go over your options for using oats, or spelt flour. There is also a recipe index, so you can quickly find the page number of an old favorite.
    Unlike a previous reviewer states, you do not have to use just SAF yeast for these recipes. The quantity needed for this yeast may differ from the quantity needed for other types of yeast, that's all.
    My only disappointment is that there are no illustrations for about six of the roll and loaf shaping techniques described. As there is such a wealth of other information here, and as I will be trying new recipes from this book for the next couple of years, I didn't allow that little point to knock my review down to four stars.
    To sum up: whether you bought this so that you will have plenty of recipes to use and you'll never have to knead or touch unbaked dough to have a home baked loaf, or if you want to wring every possible use out of your bread machine and don't mind getting your hands in the dough, this is a useful cookbook....more info
  • The Encyclopedia of Bread!
    I picked up a copy of this at the local big box bookstore when I got a bread machine and couldn't wait to try it out. I went in looking for a simple little bread book, but ended up getting this - the largest and most comprehensive one in the store - mainly because it had a recipe for whole wheat pizza crust! (And several other pizza crusts - whereas other books only had one generic crust recipe.)
    I use this several times a week, though I have not ventured into the realm of sourdough breads just yet. I have become a big fan of the recipes that can be made using a delay timer. Since I am not a morning person at all, I usually assemble the dry ingredients for several loaves in tupperware containers on the weekend and attach a post-it with the instructions for wet ingredients and yeast. Then in the morning it is quick and easy to put it all in the machine. I have not once bought a pre-made machine mix! (Though she does give some recipes to jazz up store-bought mixes.)
    I have had a few instances of "crater bread" that I have found all seemed to happen with recipes calling for the French Bread cycle. I have not determined if this is a problem with the recipes or with my machine, so I'll need to play around to try to solve that. My only other complaint is that many of the breads call for dairy or eggs and thus can't be used with the delay timer. I would like to see some "breakfast" breads that could be made overnight, but nearly all the ones in this book say they are not suitable for the delay timer.
    As other reviewers have mentioned, this book gives tons of background notes, information on ingredients, and information about specialty breads, such as gluten-free.
    Overall, I would highly recommend this book to those wanting to get the most out of their bread machine....more info
  • Fabulous
    This is a terrific cookbook. It tells you everything you need to know. Armed with all these new recipes and hints, my family and friends are amazed at my bread making abilities. The book even tells you how to make sourdough, jam, ketchup and pasta dough in your breadmaker and it's easy! ...more info
  • Great Bread Book!
    Great book, I have tried several recipies..they were all great in my new bread machine! I loved the parker house rolls! Awesome book....more info
  • Beautiful descriptions but a flop in the "oven"
    Once I finally found a good machine (a Sunbeam) and got comfortable with turning out successful loaves I decided to try out some bread machine cookbooks. The first book I bought ("Bread Machine Magic' by Rehberg and Conway) worked fabulously, and so I was excited to try more. I found Hensperger's "The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook" on the shelf with other bread machine books of my local bookstore. It stood out from the pack with such mouthwatering descriptions I could not wait to get it home and start trying it out. To my dismay, the most exciting sounding recipe turned out to be a dismal flop. I thought it might be a fluke and gave a few more recipes a try. I tried five recipes. Some rose up too high and then fell, others had poor texture, one turned out decently but was totally flavorless. This book was a real disappointment. After reading some of the reviews here I wonder, maybe if I tried the right recipe I might find one I enjoyed. However, 5 out of 5 of the loaves that came from this book weren't worth eating, and I don't want to waste the ingredients on such risky prospects. I've decided to consider the $21.95 I spent on this book as enough of a loss and I'm going to buy "More Bread Machine Magic" instead of taking another shot at this book....more info
  • Never bake dry bread again!
    I love whole wheat bread. I had tried to make soft moist whole wheat bread for months before buying this book. I got recipes for the oven and converted them to the bread machine, and I got recipes for the bread machine and used them "as is". I tried bread cook books, bread machine cook books, and the internet. Every time I baked whole wheat bread it turned out dry and hard.
    Since I've gotten this book I haven't made a dry hard loaf of bread. The instructions are so easy to understand, and make such great bread. I can make bread with any kind of flour I want and it turns out soft and moist. This is a must-have for any bread lover!...more info
  • Wonderful Recipes
    Baking is my thing, even though I must cook everyday foods to survive. Because I have limited shelf space, and because I want to simplify my life, I only keep those cookbooks I use and treasure. This is one of those books. I love the recipes in this book!! They are accurate and produce consistent results. If you like glossy pictures in your cookbooks then this book is not for you, but if you want easy and tasty recipes then this is the best book in the market.
    In reading some of the negative reviews I would like to comment that perhaps the fault does not lie in the recipes, but in the cook. Successful baking requires quality ingredients, careful measuring and correct temperature. Of all the ingredients used in bread baking the most important is of course the flour. Not all flours are created equal, they vary in protein content and moisture. Protein helps give structure to the dough, a soft spring wheat, low protein, flour (White Lily, Wondra) is good for cakes, a high protein winter wheat flour (most bread flours) is good for breads. The moisture content of the flour determines the amount of liquid to be added to the recipe. I have found Gold Medal and Pillsbury flours have a higher moisture content than other flours and require slightly less liquid. So try the same recipes using a different flour, and check the dough before the machine goes into the bake cycle and adjust accordingly..... too wet, add flour; too dry, add liquid. Lastly, always use the same brand of flour and learn to work with it. I use King Arthur flour exclusively for consistent results.
    I know some of the info in this review is not necessarily about the book in question, but the info may be helpful to someone having difficulty in achieving consistent results in the baking process....more info
  • Got a bread machine? Then you must buy this book.
    I've had my machine less than a month and I've already made at least seven fabulous loaves using Hensperger's recipes. Her baking tips, such as adding gluten and using SAF yeast, have helped me enormously, especially when you consider my home is at 6,000 feet altitude. I've made the Banana Bread (p. 543) twice, since my family practically inhaled the first loaf! A slice of that, toasted, with Irish butter, some fruit and a steaming mug of cappucinno is the way to start your day. And the French Sandwich Pain au Lait (p. 51)is the PERFECT white sandwich bread. The Orange-Buckwheat (p. 154) was another delicious surprise. This is what I call an essential cookbook for anyone with a bread machine. ...more info
  • Buried Treasure
    This source was a Godsend. We bought a Williams-Sonoma Bread Machine some years ago and misplaced the manual, making it almost unusable. W-S was no help, blowing off a request for another copy of the manual. A web search popped this seller and we got the manual in a download. Great resource!...more info
  • Bought this for my wife
    This book has been used so much, it is already looking years old... It's only 2 months old... So that can tell you how much she uses this book... ...more info
  • I love this book!
    I'm a newbie to bread making via machine and this book is a God-send. The author goes into detail as to the "why" you need to measure accurately, how your machine does what it does, different types of flours, and general trouble shooting for breadmaking. Yes...great recipies too, but what I really appreciate is understanding HOW great bread is created and finding the secret tips to doing fantastic bread baking. She also includes recipes for things like pasta making (on the dough setting) and other fun things to try. Highly recommended! It's the bible of bread making!
    ...more info
  • very good purchase
    I have only sampled the recipes in this book, but the ones I have tried have not failed. This is a very good accompaniment to my bread machine. ...more info
  • A must if you have a bread machine
    I bought this for my boyfriend and was a little worried since we're vegan. But each recipe can be easily veganized and has come out perfectly. He got this book at the end of 2005 and used it at least once a week until recently when he realized he was a celiac. He would bake for his friends on the weekend... correction, his friends would beg him to, so he had to. Then they borrowed the book and didn't want to give it back. The best recipe in the book are the sticky buns. Also the recipe most often requested by his friends...more info
  • So much bread, so little time
    I adore this cookbook. I knew I would because I love this author's slow cooker cookbooks, but this is making the learning curve so much easier for me and the breadmaker. Sour cream bread, honey white bread, it's all been good. I can't wait to get into focaccia!...more info
  • Poor presentation, good content
    Although the cover is attractive, the rest of this book is poorly presented. The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook takes the form of a fat softcover book (it actually looks like an XL study Bible). You'll have to bend the spine to keep it open. It is printed in black and green, and there are no photographs of bread--how are poorly drawn pictures of wheat and grains on every other page supposed to inspire creative juices???

    Nevertheless, the actually content of this book is quite good. It's not just a mere compilation of recipes, but a comprehensive resource on bread making. There's an orientation section to get you acquainted with your breadmaker, an informative article to introduce each type of bread, a glossary, blurbs on technique, and 300 recipes (way more than I need).

    I'm not sure whether or not to return this book, as I wanted something more easily accessible, complete with glossy photos. What I got was a useful, but boring encyclopedia on making bread machine bread. ...more info
  • Love this book
    This book has caused me to get out my bread machine again and make bread at least 1-2 times per week. Not only does it have great recipes, but there's a lot of information about different flours and tips about bread that I found very helpful. I liked it so much, I bought my sister a copy, too!...more info
  • Love it!!!
    My experiences with my bread machine (West Bend) were very poor. Could not make a good loaf of bread. Then came this book!!! Outstanding. So far, I have made three recipes from it (just got it recently) and all 3 were excellent. I made the basic Pizza dough on page 390. Excellent. My family said it was the best pizza I had ever made. I also made the Cinnamom Swirl Bread on Page 432 and it tasted just like Cinnabons! Love this book. So glad I purchased it. Gave me renewed confidence in my bread machine. Not only is it filled with recipes; it also contains tons of needed information about bread making. ...more info


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