Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are

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By now the remarkable convenience of the slow cooker is no secret. It keeps the kitchen cool on warm days and is inexpensive and durable. The perfect appliance for vegetarian and healthy cooking, the slow cooker offers a foolproof way to cook beans, grains, and numerous vegetables. Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker delivers recipes for simple, delicious, hearty fare without relying on canned soup for flavor. With chapters on appetizers, soups, stews, breakfasts, desserts, and more, this is the book for anyone looking for healthy meal alternatives.

Customer Reviews:

  • A yuummy book
    This book has complex recipes and easy recipe that only require a few ingredients that are probably already in your cupboards. She explains the techniques of slow cooking and gives plenty of helpful tips! i loved this book....more info
  • Great Find
    I originally found this cookbook at the library. I took it home and after renewing it twice (the limit) decided to buy it. You can make fabulous dishes. You pile all the ingredients into the crock-pot and Voila! - 6-8 hours later you have a soup or stew that tastes like it was made in a restaurant. For veggies and non-veggies alike!...more info
  • excellent flavors
    I have had excellent success with the recipes I've tried from this book. My only caveat is that you sometimes have to saute ingredients prior to adding to the crock pot. So, it is not a crock pot book where you "open a can and dump in the contents", which explains why you can get such great flavors from the ingredients!

    Plus, I will never again make plain beans any other way - her method is easy and the beans come out perfectly cooked....more info
  • temperature issues
    A good book with lots of interesting ideas, but you should make sure to know what temperatures your own slow cooker reaches. She says that low is 200 degrees F and High is 300 degrees F, but when I couldn't figure out why my potatoes were still underdone after eight hours, I checked the temperature and it turned out that my slow cooker's low is at 175 and high at 205. I understand that that is a fairly standard range though, so it's the book that's off. Anyway I still recommend it, just be careful....more info
  • Mediocre at best
    Do you think of Crockpot cooking as a simple, efficient away to put some ingredients together in the morning and have a meal ready when you get home from work? If so, this is not the book for you. The recipes in here, as noted by other displeased reviewers, regularly require pre-cooking ingredients in a separate pan or some sort of post crockpot assembly.

    This in itself would not be a deal breaker for me. After all, the crockpot is a kitchen tool and can be used in a variety of ways.

    Far more disturbing is the bland and flavorless nature of the recipes. This is the kind of milquestoast cooking that has given vegetarian cooking a bad name in many peoples' eyes. If you are any kind of home cook, you can most likely coax life into these "recipes" with a little help from a well-stocked spice rack and herb garden. But as printed, these recipes fall short of edible.

    So if you are looking for ways to incorporate the crockpot into more elaborate food preparation or if you want some rudimentary jumping off points for your own creations, then dive on in.

    If you are looking for a collection of easy and flavorful recipes that take full advantage of the slow cooker convenience, then look elsewhere....more info
  • Good, fast, cheap AND vegan friendly
    The title should say it all. I have an hour and a half commute to work and I go to night school - I don't have time to cook. Ever. But these recipes (some are better than others, be forewarned) ensure that I eat something other than frozen vegetables and rice. The bean and grain focused sections feature recipes that are all about the glory of the vegetable and don't require cheese, milk, cream etc. Nor do you necessarily need to rely on pretend meat items or soy for these recipes. I live in a rural part of the US and finding something exotic like "tofu" can be challenging but the essential ingredients in these recipes are fairly easy for me to find.

    In short, buy the book if you are busy, have a crock pot, and don't want to eat animal products.

    ...more info
  • Excellent book even for carnivores!
    This is a really different kind of slow cooker cookbook. She does things with a slow cooker that I had never even dreamed of doing and haven't seen other authors of slow cooker books doing. I would recommend to the author that she write a supplemental book of smaller recipes - serving 2 or so. After all the title of the book begins "Fresh" and for us 2, there is no 'fresh' in eating reheated food all week just to use it up!!!!...more info
  • My favorite cookbook of all time!!!
    I've been vegan for 6 years now & vegetarian for well over 10. I LOVE cooking and baking, and am always looking for new cookbooks to add to my collection. However, the problem is that once I have my hands on a new cookbook, I skim over the recipes & then hardly ever touch it again! That might just be my style... I let the recipes inspire my cooking, but rarely follow the directions to the letter.

    Anyways, last year I purchased a crock pot to attempt try slow-cooking. After several unsuccessful tries I gave up. I just assumed that I could throw ingredients into the pot, wait 7 hours, and then *poof*, a yummy dinner would magically appear. Sadly that is NOT the case. So, I began shopping around for a good vegetarian/vegan slow-cooker book.

    Well, let me say that after ordering this cookbook (Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker), I've gone from using my slow-cooker once every 3-4 months to 3-4 times per week! All of the recipes I've tried are AMAZING! And, unlike some other reviewers, I've found the cooking times to be right on. (I have a 5-quart crock pot by Rival. If you order this book, I would recommend cooking with either a 5 or 6 quart crockpot, nothing smaller)

    There is a wonderful array of ethnic-inspired dishes included in this collection, (middle-eastern, italian, indian, etc) as well as dishes using meat substitutes, (seitan, tofu, tempeh) and legumes-a-plenty (the split pea & parsnip soup is killer!!!)

    Not to mention that the book includes everything from appetizers, entrees and soups to desserts and hot drinks! And the majority of it is nearly 100% vegan, and vegan substitutes are readily discussed throughout the book. Can it get any better than this? I think not!

    Finally, its such a wonderful feeling to know that when I get home from a long day of work & roller derby, a yummy, healthy, home-cooked and hot meal awaits me!

    It should be noted, however, that many of the recipes require around 10-15 minutes of prep work either at the very beginning (sauteeing onions, for example) or at the end of the cooking process (cooking & adding couscous to a dish). Additionally, many of the bean dishes require soaking the beans overnight. But, if you don't mind the time spent, its WELL worth it! In other words, would I sacrifice 15 minutes of my morning so that I could enjoy a slow-cooked soup in the evening? YES, without a doubt!

    By far, this is the most used cookbook in my collection, and, unlike my other cookbooks that sit on my shelf looking pretty, I actually enjoy following the recipes because I know that the finished product will be totally delicious!

    Highly, highly recommended book for all you vegan/vegetarian crock-pot lovers!!! Very recommended for all of you vegans on the go!!! And especially recommended for all of you veggies out there who - like me - have been resistant to cooking with recipes and/or cookbooks. This book will help you develop a true appreciation for cooking with recipes, while inspiring you to create your own vegan slow-cooked delights on your own! Its the best of both worlds!

    ...more info
  • Doesn't deliver
    I received this book as a gift. At first glance the recipes looked good, but what I was really looking for was easy wholesome veggie recipes. Instead the recipes and take more work than I have time for and use a lot of fake meat (soy) which we do not eat in our house. The 5 or 6 recipes we did make were not even that tasty. I will get my vegetarian slow recipes from internet searches from now on. I will be giving this book away....more info
  • MMMM, slow cooker recipes...
    I've made about 5 recipes from this book so far and they're all fabulous. Cooking in a slow cooker is like having food that's been sitting there for a day or two with all the flavors blending and becoming super delicious. My husband and I both love it! For those vegans out there, this book says "vegetarian", but it's vegan too. The author will say "milk or soymilk" for example, but for the most part it's just vegan recipes....more info
  • The Next Best Thing to a Wife
    Okay, that was kind of a sexist thing to say, but I love coming home from work and having a house that smells like freshly cooked food. That's what you get from a crock pot. Mine was put away for years after I became vegan, and taken out again when I got this crockpot. Not only does this book help simplify your life and make coming home a pleasure, but the recipes are easy to follow and result in delicious food that even meat eaters would love. This would be a great house-warming or even shower present along with a nice crock pot....more info
  • great for vegans!
    I was searching for a while for a slow cooker cookbook for vegans and finally found this one. The recipes are really good. There is a lot of seitan recipes, which is one of my favorite proteins.

    If you are in a hurry many could be cooked in a covered pot but the long times in the slow cooker means you could put them on in the morning and they will be ready at night.

    In some of the recipes I did find it a bit annoying that she wanted you to do so many things before adding the food ( grilling or browning or marinading etc) but I cant argue that the food tastes great.

    A word of caution. Many of the recipes call for a trivet for your slow cooker to sort of steam the food. Mine did not come with this and I have no idea where to get it!...more info

  • Good starting place
    I've cooked several recipes from this book so far. I've never had a slow cooker before, so I was glad to have this is a starting point. I have had to alter the recipes a bit though to fit my tastes. The first recipe or two I did, I followed the recipe exactly and felt the food was a bit bland. Now I double the spices for every recipe and they taste great. The liquid in a few recipes has needed some adjustment (more water in the dal recipe, tomato paste to thicken the marinara), but I think that's to be expected in any cookbook. Now that I've figured out the trick with the spices I'm pretty happy. (For comparison, I find the spices in the Moosewood cookbooks to be about right.)...more info
  • Delicious and Easy Recipes in an Outstanding Cookbook
    I originally took this book out of the library to try out my new slow cooker. Thought I'd find maybe one or two recipes that would be keepers. Well, this is an amazing book. At my last count, there were over 20 recipes that I am eager to try. My first slow cooker meal was the sweet potatoes with a touch of chipotles, which I highly recommend. Although I am a vegan and my husband is a vegetarian, we both agree that meat eaters would not miss animal products in these recipes--they are hearty, creative, and incredibly satisfying. Very economical too. I highly recommend this book to anyone with a slow cooker--in fact, get one so you can try out these recipes. You won't be dissappointed. ...more info
  • Good for branching out
    I'm a lone artist working at home and am not into cooking. I gave away my microwave because it was so noisy and also because I couldn't get the hang of the short times, and had to check all the time, or else forgot about it when engrossed in a project.

    So most of my evening meals are cassarole type one dish things I do in a conventional oven. I eat little meat, because I can't keep it and don't like to shop more than once every week or two. I'm the type who figures out what to eat no more than an hour before it goes in the oven. I figured out how to do rice and pasta dishes in the oven as one shot, one dish operations, although they would probably dismay a "real cook". I use frozen soy meat subsitutes a lot because I don't have to worry about waste from spoilage.

    Some relatives gave me a little 1.5 qt slow cooker for Christmas, and I thought it might work out because I remembered the bean pot and soup pot my mother had going all the time when I was a child (we had a wood stove for both cooking and heat.)

    But when I read the book that came with the cooker and saw all the recipes need stove top preparations, I almost gave it away. But discovered two uses for it: baked potatoes and hot sandwiches. You wrap up a big potato in foil at breakfast time and its done for supper (top with plain yogurt and/or cream cheese); breakfast sandwiches are cream cheese and jam on brown bread wrapped in foil ready in an hour. Lunch sandwiches are brown bread and cheese with chopped stir fry veggies (snow peas, green beans, water chesnut, carrot etc. and wrapped in foil.

    I got this cookbook in hopes of extending my recipes, and I probably will be able to; it explains better about beans than the one that came with my cooker. But I virtually live on rice and pasta dishes, and those all seem to need extra stove top steps.

    As other reviews say, lots of slow cooker recipes are NOT one step "put all the ingredients in and plug it in" operations. This book repeats that old chesnut in the intro, but most of the recipes need stove top operations. That doesn't work for those going out to work, or else require foresight and preparation the night before. But some of the recipes I think I can work out for me in my lifestyle.

    But I will probably have to get another cooker, as my little baby one has only one temperature level (no controls, you plug it in, period), and doesn't have a removable liner, so all my cooking so far (mostly potatoes) has been in foil. The best thing about slow cooker cooking is that if you're absent minded (or ignore timers when they go off when you're engrossed in something), an extra hour or two doesn't result in a ruined meal; maybe not optimal, but still edible, and usually even still fine and tasty.
    ...more info
  • Great book!
    I bought this cookbook as soon as it came out... I love the idea of the crockpot (have dinner waiting for you at the end of the day), but have always had a hard time finding vegetarian slow cooker recipes.

    So far I've only tried two recipes: the Potato Soup with Pesto and the Winter Corn Chowder. We love them both, although the corn chowder is the universal household favorite! (I've made each one three times already!) I would highly recommend this book for anyone interested in slow cooker cooking....more info

  • Decent vegetarian cooking.
    Overall I like the recipes in this book. They taste good, and I like her idea of sauteing the onions and other vegetables on high for a half hour before adding the other ingredients so that you can avoid "cooking" and dirtying a skillet. However, she wants too many things precooked. The sauteing is alright, but her bean recipes are too complicated. Soaking beans overnight is normal, but then she wants the beans to be slow cooked for 8 hours prior to using them in the recipe! I personally find this suggestion overkill since this means by the time the recipe is done the beans may cook for 16 hours....more info
  • Awesome slow cooker recipes!
    I love this book! It has great recipes. My favorite by far is the mac and cheese forentine (it's vegan, the cheese sauce is cashews and white beans). Highly recommended, love it!...more info
  • Wonderful!!
    Just got this cookbook last week, and have already tried 3 recipes from it. They all turned out very well, and the preparation is very simple- easy to do in the morning before work.

    I've been looking for a vegetarian slow cooker cookbook for a while, and am so glad I decided to get this one. While looking through it, I've seen several more recipes that look tempting. It's nice to have found a slow cooker cookbook that is not half filled with pot roast and beef stew recipes!!

    ...more info
  • Fabulous recipes!
    This book is amazing! Whenever we've cooked recipes from this book for company, the diners always ask for the book title, so they can order a copy for themselves!...more info
  • a new found love with the crockpot.
    i have tried a few recipes so far and totally love it! they are really easy and the food tastes awesome. friends are already trying to borrow it! must have for any cookbook collection. :)...more info
  • veggie slow cookery
    When visiting my son and family in Massachusetts, I was really impressed with the delicious meals she produced from her slow cooker. She's a very creative person, and I wondered whether her special touch had made the meals taste so special. Taking a chance, I ordered the book for myself.
    Back in California, I'm delighted to find that the meals I have tried are just as delicious as the ones I was served.
    This is no quick-and-easy fix, but the preparation time is well worth the result. The recipes are flexible, and one can use canned green beans, for instance, instead of fresh, adding them only in time for heating with the rest of the already-cooked ingredients. Substitutions can be made: zucchini for eggplant or canned tomatoes for fresh.
    Each recipe is an adventure, but I haven't yet faced up to Vegetarian Haggis....more info
  • Uninteresting recipes, low on taste. Boring.
    I had such high hopes for this book based on all the positive reviews, but I must join the other 1-star reviewers. Many of the recipes are just variations on each other, and not even interesting ones at that. Often they are under-seasoned. Sometimes the author seems to throw in ingredients that don't belong (the olives in the tamale pie are awful). Also, as mentioned by another reviewer, you generally will use 1 or 2 other pots/pans while prepping recipes. I say keep shopping and try another book....more info
    I was very reluctant to purchase this cookbook based on previous feedbacks given. I'm glad I went ahead and bought it.

    I have made the Spicy Black Bean Chili, the Maple Baked Beans, and the Good Morning Millet Melange. Right now the Perfect Hominy White Bean Chili is cooking in the crockpot. All of these recipes have been delicious.

    I plan to try a lot more recipes in the cookbook and have the ingredients written down on my shopping list for the next 2 recipes I want to try "Not Your Mama's Pot Roast" and " Tempeh Etoufee".

    The author certainly knows how to make the flavors come together in the recipes I have tried so far.

    I have an inexpensive older 4 quart crockpot and I'm satisfied with the results.

    This cookbook was a good buy. ...more info
  • Delicious
    I was a bit nervous to purchase this book because I live in NZ and find US cookbooks quite baffling in terms of ingredients and measurements. But any deciphering I have done has been well worth the effort. Delicious recipes that the entire family have loved. ...more info
  • Superb
    I love my slow cooker so when I saw this cookbook come out I had to get it. The recipes are vegan, using non-dairy alternatives where needed. There's a delicious French onion soup recipe here that is terrific, a great Vietnamese Pho recipe, wonderful stews - some of which are asian/Indian inspired. There are also some terrific baked bean recipes. I've had success with everything I've made so far and am just really loving this cookbook. It's the first one I turn to when I want to try something new. There are also deserts listed in the back but I haven't tried them yet....more info
  • Some of the best and most versatile eating
    Fresh From The Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes For Healthy And Hearty One-pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are by cookbook author and vegetarian menu expert is a 275-page compendium of some of the best and most versatile eating to every simmer on a kitchen stove. Slow cooking is not just for meat eaters wanting to soften up a tougher cut of inexpensive meat! Slow cooking is also a perfect approach to making dishes featuring beans, grains, vegetables, and so much more. From Curried Cauliflower Soup with Chutney and Cashews; White Beans and Spelt with Escarole; and Winter Squash Stuffed with Couscous, Apricots, and Pistachios; to Smashed Sweet Potatoes with Dried Cranberries; Tiramisu-Inspired Tofu Cheesecake; and Slow Cooker Swedish Glogg, Fresh From He Vegetarian Slow Cooker will quickly prove to be a prized and appreciated addition to any dedicated vegetarian cookbook collection!...more info
  • I'm new to crockpot cooking...
    ...and every recipe I've tried so far is a winner. Ideal for newbies. Lots of tricks and tips....more info
  • bean lovers cookbook
    Rather disappointing. These recipes requiring cooking a lot of the ingredients before putting them in the crockpot and most of the recipes revolve around beans. I'm a vegetarian who realizes and am very glad that vegetarian doesn't mean you eat mostly beans....more info
  • Yum, Yum and more Yum!
    This is one of my favorite cookbooks. I love it! I've made so many recipes out of it and all have turned out great. My absolute favorite is the southwest potpie with cornbread crust. We also like the mac and cheese, orange flavored beets, potpie with biscuit crust, and others. If you are interested in, or already like, crockpot cooking then this book is a good find. I really enjoy it and will be on my shelf for years to come....more info
  • After paying an overdue library fine ...
    ...on this book twice, it was time to buy the book. I didn't have to adjust for anything. However, I used beans from the can. I don't have the time to soak and boil, though I would love to do so. ...more info
  • My New Favorite!
    I absolutely love this cookbook. I've always liked to cook, but, as a college student, I have struggled to find the time. This cookbook is wonderful because it allows you to cook dinner when you have the time, whether that's between morning classes or the night before. You just sautee a few vegetables, throw them in the slow cooker with canned beans and tomatoes, and when you get home at the end of the day, you have a hearty meal waiting for you. The best part is that by the time you eat dinner, the dishes have been done for hours. I disagree with the earlier reviewer who complained about the "heat" of the recipes. I made the Spicy Black Bean Chili recipe yesterday, and I thought the four-ounce can of green chiles was perfect. Often, I find that I actually need to make the recipes a bit hotter---but that't just a personal preference. So far, I've made Spicy Black Bean Chili, Three-Bean Chili, Indian Cauliflower and Kidney Bean Stew with Coconut Milk, Moroccan-Inspired Vegetable and Chickpea Stew, Vindaloo Vegetables, Orange and Bourbon Baked Beans, Spanish Beans and Rice, Spicy Black Beans and Rice with Mangoes, Vegetable Curry, and Bell Peppers Stuffed with Salsa Rice and Beans. I loved many of the recipes, and liked all but the Baked Beans, which were interesting, rather than bad. I would recommend this cookbook to anyone who finds they are already hungry by the time they can start dinner. You'll eat better and feel better....more info
  • Very tasty!
    I am really enjoying trying these recipes. The black bean soup is awesome. I just add some extra beans to make it hearty. Very tasty recipes, quite a few with a little kick of spice but you could always leave that ingredient out. The one REALLY strange thing is... unless I am totally missing it, there isn't any nutrition information on the recipes. ...more info
  • Leila Joy Flynn's Review
    Fantastic Book. My daughter is a vegetarian and I know she's going to enjoy being able to use this book that she'll be getting from her Dad and me as one of her gifts for Christmas....more info
  • I am so glad I bought this book!
    Ok, I LOVE this book!

    * Almost all of the recipes that use dairy products or cheese give alternate suggestions for a more vegan diet.

    * The recipes are soooo easy to make. Most prep is no more than 20 minutes.

    * The recipes actually taste awesome (I add more salt - shame on me) and I've never really been so healthy of an eater and am making changes in my diet.

    * Not all the recipes are soups or stews. Some really neat recipes are included like stuffed acorn squash, appetizers, and even breads - all made in a crock pot. Crazy... I never knew you could do all that.

    * There is even a small section on deserts that you can make in the crock pot and they are really good, too. I made the blue-berry cobbler and really liked it (blue berries are good for your brain and eyes)- the crust was more like cake though.

    * There is some really cool basics for beginners like me. Like how to soak/cook fresh beans, 101 advice on crock pot cooking, or hints and tips for better flavors.

    * New research (EAT TO LIVE, Dr. Mercola's Total Health, etc.) shows that a diet where you get most of your calories from fruits, vegatables, and beans is, by far, the most healthy. Ok, maybe this is common sense and doesn't take a book to figure out. lol At least this cook book makes that goal so much easier.

    I only wish I bought the hard cover edition because the soft cover is starting to warp and stay open because I use it so darn much. lol

    -- For those who get this book... I especially love the Sloppy Lentils except I added 2 garlic cloves. Even non-vegitarian friends ask me to make this. It is SO GOOD!...more info
  • Convenient
    This book is great. The categorization and thoroughness of the index makes it easy to find the recipes I'm looking for. I have tried several of the recipes and they have all turned out really good. I love the convenience of taking a few minutes to throw something together and not having to fuss over it while it cooks. ...more info
  • My First Vegetarian Recipe Book
    When I decided to become a full-fledged vegetarian a few months ago, I knew I'd have to come up with some great recipes in order to keep my meat-eating husband satisfied.

    What I like best is that this book includes a combination of what I consider "typical" and "unusual" recipes. By typical, I mean that the ingredients and combination of ingredients are well known to me. By unusual, I mean that some of the ingredients are new to me or are combined in ways I was not familiar with. However, none of the recipes are so unusual that I was afraid to try them.

    So far, I've made about a dozen recipes in this book and have loved them all. My meat-eating husband didn't even mention that he missed the beef, chicken, or pork....more info
  • Comprehensive Guide to Veg. Slow Cooking
    I finally got my hands on this and I'm pleased. Keep in mind, I am not a vegetarian, but I am trying to expand my food horizons and health options. Having recently joined a CSA (local farm box subscription), I needed ideas for meals that don't take too much effort over a hot stove.
    This book offers that solution.
    It offers also carefully written sidenotes and advice. You can come away from this book far more educated about what to do with tempeh, seitan (even a recipe to make it!), pot pies, etoufee, bread puddings, desserts...The inspiration alone is worth it.
    I think it's a fine book for slow cooker veterans as well as newbies. It's got me excited about using my slow cooker on a more regular basis.
    Happy Cooking!
    ...more info
  • No It Ain't
    This is not "200 Recipes for ...One-Pot Meals" in fact NONE of the recipes is a one-pot meal, and by far the greater number aren't even for meals, just entrees, or main dishes, or side dishes. or vegetables, or desserts, or hot drinks, or breads, etc, etc..
    Look elsewhere for "Recipes for One-Pot Meals"....more info
  • Great cookbook for beginning vegetarians
    I needed a cookbook with accessible products and food that sounded good, and this worked. A bit more tofu than I wanted, but I could get past that and others probably want tofu. It's a cookbook I check when planning weekly menus and was a good purchase. ...more info
  • maybe 4 1/2 stars - nice vegie recipes
    I was excited to find a vegetarian slow-cooker cookbook. I read all the reviews and was a little concerned about "weird stuff" when I read about the vegetarian haggis but I figure there's at least one recipe in every cookbook I own that makes me think "eewwww!" so I bought it.

    I've made 4 or 5 things so far and my husband and I have enjoyed all of the dishes. We both agreed that most of them could use a little more flavor so I plan on just adding a little more of everything when it comes to the herbs and spices, but the flavor that was there was good. The other thing I've done is reduce the oil in all of the recipes by at least half!

    The amount of oil or fat she uses plus the fact that there's no nutrition information for the recipes are the reasons I can't give this 5 stars. (And, as another reviewer mentioned: most of the recipes, as directed, are NOT One-Pot since she calls for sauteeing things like onions before adding to the cooker. She does list alternatives for this step but I agree with her that it's usually worth the time and dirty skillet.)...more info

  • Excellent recipes, but low on convenience
    As someone who loves to cook, I bought a slow cooker (and this book) in order to have meals that would be ready to eat on days when I got home from work and had no time to cook. My philosophy: if I wanted to spend a significant amount of time in the kitchen, I would just cook myself, and forego the slow cooker. While this book has wonderful, tasty, and interesting recipes, a large proportion of them require extra preparation outside the slow cooker. Sauteing onions or pureeing soup isn't a hardship, but many of the recipes ask for something to be added an hour before serving, or in the middle of the cooking time. Others must be removed from the cooker and baked or otherwise prepared after 8 hours of slow cooking. A polenta recipe, for instance, has you make the polenta in the cooker, chill it, bake it in the oven, make a mushroom sauce on the stove, and then bake the sauce with the polenta. The recipe looks delicious, but the slow cooker plays a guest role at most. Also, the recipes sometimes use exotic ingredients that aren't necessarily on hand, or even easy to find in a grocery store. I recommend this book for its tasty recipes, but not for its convenience or easy preparation....more info
  • Absolutely delicious
    My copy of this book is well-worn and filled with post-it page markers. We have not yet been disappointed by a recipe, and we've tried many of them. Ingredients tend to be relatively simple to find, and there are instructions for both dried and canned beans for recipes that use them. You'll need a well-stocked spice rack, but the results are quite rewarding--each dish is full of flavor and absolutely delicious. While some express concern about the use of soy products in some of the recipes, these can be left out or replaced; for example, the tempeh in the (heavenly) Hungarian Goulash recipe can be replaced with chunks of winter squash. Even so, there are plenty of recipes that do not call for soy or tempeh. I myself am allergic to a couple of items, but when I encounter a recipe calling for those items, I either substitute or omit them--I don't expect them to never be included in recipes just because I can't eat them, as I know that other people enjoy them! One tip I will leave you with: The recipes call for vegetable stock a lot; I use Organic "Better than Bouillion" for these, as it makes things very simple....more info
  • No splattered grease here!
    I love Robertson's Veggie Slow Cooker book. The main reason is that I am so busy but yet like hearty, full-bodied meals and these easy recipes provide just the kind of "stick-to-your-ribs" food that I enjoy. The second reason that Robertson's book appeals to me is that she has provided recipies for the slow cooker in every category from appetizers to components of the whole meal. The best part of all is that there is no splattered grease and the cleanup is quick and easy--perfect for today's busy person who loves good food....more info
  • Love this book!
    I think this is a wonderful book! I had looked for a slow cooker recipe book that was vegetarian and my mom found this one for me. I love the variety of meals offered and also the beverages, breakfast foods, desserts, and so many others. I look forward to fall and winter to pull out the crock pot and the cook book, throw everything in the crock pot before work, and come home to dinner ready for me! I recommend this cook book to any vegetarians looking for some meatless crock pot dinners!...more info
  • lots of good recipes
    i just got this book 3 days ago, and have already made 3 recipes in my new slow cooker. it has lots of good easy recipes, from apetizers, to entrees, desserts, and breads and drinks. i am really enjoying this book, and now i just feel like i need 2 slow cookers so i can make both dinner AND dessert!...more info
  • This book is great for the single working man/woman!
    After years of slowly putting on the lbs., I needed something to help me make eating healthy easy. Imagine my delight when I came upon this book, vegetarian meals for the slow cooker! My favorite would have to be the Spicy Black Bean Chili. It's perfect comfort food without animal products or heavy fats and oils. Everything is so easy and has fairly common ingredients. And once in a while when I want to splurge, the Lemon-Lime Cheesecake hits the spot....more info
  • Easy vegetarian recipes
    I've made about a half a dozen of the recipes from this book now and I have to say they are quite yummy. I'm very fond of her other book "The Vegetarian Meat and Potatoes Cookbook", so was happy to see a new book out. I've also been a vegetarian for nearly 20 years and it's about time someone came out with a good veg slow cooker book! It's seems like (until now) all I ever made with my slow cooker was beans. It's nice to finally use it for other things.

    My only real complaint with the recipes so far is that I keep finding that they are done sooner than anticipated even when left on the low setting. I'm starting to suspect that there must be some variation among heat settings with crock pots though. I noticed another reviewer mentioned that their slow cooker took longer (for lentils, which cook quite fast in my experience.) I've also noticed I usually have to stir things a few times, even though the author says it's not a good idea. I made the french onion soup recently and if I hadn't of stirred it would have burned. So maybe my cooker's low setting runs kind of hot or something. I just mark in my book that I need to stir, so I know in the future not to make that recipe when I'm gone all day, but at home puttering about. Other than that, I've been quite pleased with the ease and tastiness of the recipes. It's true some of the recipes ask that you saut onions, etc., but I don't find that's a big deal. It doesn't take very long and it dramatically improves the flavor of a dish. Also I like that she uses normal ingrediants that are easy to find. Some of the recipes call for different size slow cookers, which could be fun if I ever decide to invest in a larger or smaller one. I think it would be usefull around the holidays, since it opens up oven space. Overall, I'm happy with this book....more info
  • Nice and easy
    Too many vegatarian cookbooks are difficult using ingediants I don't have on hand. This book, so far, has been simple to use and delicious results....more info
  • Tasty Recipes That Need Adjusting
    I've made three of the chili recipes from this book and, while all were tasty, two had too large a measure of hot pepper ingedients and the third came out too "raw" without much longer cooking. A four-ounce canned of diced hot chiles tastes mild out of the can, but turns combustible after 8 hours in a slow cooker ("Spicy Black Bean Chili"). In the "Chipotle-Kissed Red Bean and Sweet Potato Chili," the canned chipotles in adobo sauce were way too intense unless you used a fraction of what the reciped called for. I'm not talking just chili-lovin' hot here, I'm talking noxiously hot.

    The "Sweet and Spicy Lentil Chili" recipe specified unsoaked lentils, but the lentils wouldn't soften adequately until the dish was cooked 16 hours or more (the recipe called for eight hours). Also, the Vegetarian Society not only recommends that dried beans and lentils be soaked, but that they be pre-boiled for 10 minutes before adding to the slow cooker, which was not mentioned in the recipes I used.

    Based on my experience with this book, I wonder if the recipes, many of them close variations of each other, were all adequately tested. I still liked the dishes, however, after adjusting for the problems I mentioned.

    Keep in mind that taste is subjective and what I think is too hot or too hard may not agree with your assessment. But I've never had this happen three out of three times with any other cookbook that I can remember....more info

  • easy, delicious, and healthy
    I bought a slow cooker after reading a copy of this book which I got from my library, then bought the book for myself, and later, a copy for my mother. I use this book atleast once a week and it has made maintaining a healthy vegan diet incredibly easy. I purchased a digital appliance timer for my slow cooker as recommended by the author, and am now able to cook while I sleep, when I'm at work, or outside. If you are a busy, active person with little time to spend in the kitchen, but insist on uncomplicated, delicious, healthy vegan meals with lots of variety, this is the book for you. I highly recommend the Breville slow cookerBreville 5.3 Qt Gourmet Slow Cooker SLC70XLif you are looking for a reliable slow cooker to accommodate the recipes in this cook book....more info


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