FIX-IT and FORGET-IT LIGHTLY : Healthy, Low-Fat Recipes for Your Slow Cooker

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Yes, Now you can have it all: Food from your slow cooker that is scrumptious, quick and easy to prepare and low fat!

Customer Reviews:

  • Packed with Recipes, but you have to use some common sense
    Some of the recipes in this book are wonderful and others, not so much. ...more info
  • Can't live without this cookbook
    I also bought the forget it entertaining book. These both are the best slow cooker recipe books I've ever bought. I am not one for soups or soupy dinner often. This book saved my dinners. With 3 young kids and a business to run, my time is valuable. These dinners are fabulous, easy and practicle. Most ingredients are in most kitchens and soups are a very small part of the whole book. This is a must have for every family! ...more info
  • too much of the usual
    I bought this as it was the only crockpot cooking book at the bookstore. I read it and most of the recipes are just lighter versions of the old casseroles using too many prepared soups like light cream of mushroon soup and spices like light sodium seasoned salt. There were only a few recipes I even wanted to try..I like to cook and would be wiiling to come back and check ingredients and stir things and so forth during the day but did not want to be tied to the stove and maybe burn things. The ingredients rarely had extra spices and wine and etc. I'm too much of a foodie for this one...leave it for the church suppers in the midwest....more info
  • My Most-Used Cookbook
    This is the cookbook that never stays on the kitchen shelf for long. With so many varieties of each main ingredient, we never get tired of anything. The recipes make great use of my spice collection and give me combinations I would never think of on my own. This is my favorite healthy cookbook because it does not have many fish and seafood recipes (though there are some). I have tried and tried, but just cannot turn myself into a fish eater and most healthy cookbooks I try are filled with fish dishes! It has a great assortment of old favorites, such as chicken and dumplings, as well as newer selections, even a few including meat substitutes.

    Tip: If you are trying meat substitutes (eg. tofu, TVP) for the first time, or your family is hesitant to try them, then slow-cooking is the way to go because the flavors of vegetables and seasonings will really seep into the protein. Sometimes, kids don't even realize they're eating TVP instead of ground beef!...more info
  • I REALLY WANTED to like this!
    I REALLY WANTED to like this book, but after trying five or six of the recipes, I went back to the original "Fix it and Forget it". All of the other reviews make good points and are very accurate. Just a few comments from my personal experience. I have a 7 quart slow cooker, and in an attempt to reduce calories, portions have also been reduced. As a result, I have found that many of these recipes do not make enough sauce. For example, I will still use the recommended 4-6 pieces of chicken, but I will double all the wet ingredients, so as to have twice as much sauce. If I don't do this, my food will burn. I have also had to add additional liquid not called for in recipes just to keep them wet enough to cook. Again, this is probably due to my large slow cooker size. That said, the recipes I made all tasted pretty bad. The mandarin orange chicken combined orange juice and mandarin oranges, which seemed like a great idea, but then it called for poultry seasoning, and I think that ruined it. No one in my house like it. The apricot mustard chicken will get another attempt before I abandon it entirely, with some modifications. Again, I will double the wet ingredients and possibly add some additional water. I am still going to try some of the desserts and see how they turn out. The techniques for reducing calories are no brainers that any experienced dieter already knows, like using lower fat dairy and low sodium soup. These are things most of us do to our "regular" recipes already. So, for my part, I will continue to use the first two books, "Fix-it & Forget-it" and "Fit-it & Forget-it for Entertaining" with a healthy dose of common sense. This book will get pushed to the back of the shelf or re-sold....more info
  • Muliple Choice
    An Index of eleven pages of triple columns tells you immediately that this is a book packed with enough recipes to last a lifetime. (There are for example over 70 pages on soups....) I didn't realise that all are sent in by people as recommendations so they are also all tried and tested in the home. The recipes have the great merit of being straightforward and can be created with the minimum of fuss.
    Admittedly the American housewife has recourse (a little too often to such handy kitchen shortcuts as garlic salt - what's wrong with garlic and salt?) but you can adapt things.
    In addition the attraction of low-fat recipes doesn't appear to have prevented the production of all-round tasty recommendations for a wide range of meals. No illustrations but very good value.
    ...more info
  • Great for active lifestyle
    This cookbook is GREAT. My husband and I both work full time and have a tendency to not eat healthy when we're so busy. With this cookbook, I prepare the ingredients the night before, then when morning comes I throw them all in the crock and **WHOLAH** a healthy meal upon coming home from work.

    It does require forethought, but if you can get yourself into a groove, this cook book is GREAT!...more info
  • Recipes OK, but get the ringed binder
    So far have only made a couple of the recipes, which were fine. I saw the book in a store shortly after getting it from Amazon, and the one there had a ringed binder - which would be much better because it would lay flat on the counter. I didn't think about that when ordering....more info
  • I love my crockpot now
    I bought this cookbook through a book club and I am so glad I did. I have hundreds of cookbooks primarily focusing on low fat recipes. However, I am a very busy person (as most people are nowadays) and I don't have time to spend in a kitchen (not that I would want to) so most of the cookbooks I've bought in the past are sitting in my cupboards collecting dust...except this one. I started using it in March 2007 and if you can believe this, between using this cookbook and getting back into a moderate exercise routine, I have lost almost 12 lbs and I wasn't even trying to lose weight but you can't help doing so with this cookbook. The recipes are easy, fast, and very delicious. Combine all this with the nutritional facts provided at the end of each recipe and you can't go wrong. I have never been a fan of a crockpot but now I am. I've also highly recommended this cookbook to all my coworkers, friends, and family. ...more info
  • Fix it and forget it ~ lightly
    I have Fix It And Forget It, and now Fix It and Forget It Lightly. Not much difference between the two, and honestly, not much variety in recipes. If you have one, you do not need the other....more info
  • Basic crockpot recipes adapted for special diets.
    Containing over a thousand tried-and-true recipes from cooks all over the country, this cookbook provides easy slow cooker meals, all with reduced fat and reduced salt. Substitutions are the key here, with reduced fat ingredients such as turkey sausage and ground turkey, in place of beef, and low-fat cuts of pork, skinless and boneless chicken breasts, and low-fat cuts of beef in place of the higher fat cuts normally used. Low-fat condensed mushroom and chicken soup (canned), low sodium barbecue sauce, low-fat or nonfat cheeses, and low-sodium tomatoes and tomato sauce replace the usual products.

    The soup section is the largest section, and there are over twenty-five versions of chili. Desserts feature fruit, rice pudding, and bread pudding, but there is one Hot Fudge Cake resembling the standard "Denver Chocolate Pudding Cake," which quickly converts this delicious baked recipe to the slow cooker.

    The primary value of this cookbook is that it shows easy adaptations of standard recipes, so if you have favorite recipes and need to adapt them, this offers some good alternatives. Most of the recipes are light on herbs and spices, and adding them or increasing the amounts greatly improves the low salt versions of these recipes. The chicken recipes are particularly good, with a Dill-Lemon Chicken, a Twenty-Clove (Garlic) Chicken, and a Southwestern Chicken which are delicious, though there is a significant loss of texture to the meat when skinless, boneless chicken is used in place of chicken breasts with bones and skin.

    Very low fat meat cuts (pork tenderloin or pork top loin, flank steak or extra lean beef cubes, for example), do not result in the cut-with-a-fork, fall-off-the-bone meats one is accustomed to with slow cooking--they remain quite firm (and rather dry) even with hours of cooking. Longer cooking of the pork, especially, creates an almost pasty texture, and the slow cooker's original purpose of tenderizing a tough, fatty cut is lost. This may be one of the reasons that the soups, which are imaginative, are the largest and most interesting section here. Lovers of slow cookery may prefer to use their own recipes and seasonings for favorites, checking here for ways to cut down on fat and salt and perhaps getting ideas for new ways of cooking. Mary Whipple
    ...more info
  • Great lower calorie recipes!
    I have already cooked several recipes from this book and have loved both the ease in making them and the lower calories!...more info
  • Easy Cooking .......
    Love this cookbook! Easy, quick, good recipes. Some of the recipes are ones you've seen before, but get creative and jazz them up ....... make them your own; it's easy once you have a basic recipe to start with.

    This is great for working women ........ literally fix it and it's ready when you get home from work. I use my crockpot year round ....... many people only use it in the winter months, but why heat your kitchen up in the summer time?? If you can't grill outside, I say use your crockpot....more info
  • Cooking Lightly and Cooking Delicious (and cheap)
    A cookbook that is not only practical, easy to follow but allows you to prepare a 'gourmet' meal with ingredients usually found in your pantry, cupboard and refrigerator. Highly recommended by a working 'girl' with a husband who has come to expect good food from a wife who loves to cook, but doesn't have time to do to many 'from scratch' fine dinners any more. The biggest plus about the meals featured herein is the low-calorie, low-fat, healthy aspect! And still tasty! (and affordable!) She has it all in one great cookbook!...more info
  • Save time
    This will give your crockpot recipes a new lease of life - save time and eat healthily....more info
  • Easy and healthy meals
    FIX-IT and FORGET-IT lightly is a great cookbook if your looking for easy low calorie healthy meals. My husband and I are always looking for recipes that are tasty as well as healthy. We follow Weight Watchers alot and with these recipes it's easy to stay on the program. And since the recipes call for a slow cooker, it couldn't be easier to prepare. I would highly recommend this cookbook....more info
  • Most interesting of this series
    I've just gotten a new crockpot and am getting back into lots of slow cooking, and am collecting various slow cooker cookbooks. This one is not bad....however, before getting it you should have some knowledge about crockpot cooking techniques because nothing of that nature is given. This is basically a collection of recipes from people all over the country. Two recipes per page, the the book is organized by sections: Main courses (chicken/turkey, beef, pork, bean, seafood each having sections), soups, veggies, desserts, and assorted other appetizers, snacks, breakfast dishes, even breads (not something I'd especially want to do in a slow cooker!). Good points: each recipe indicates how many servings and the ideal slow cooker size to use, and full nutritional breakdowns are given. There are often multiple recipes for the same basic dish, and some of them differ only slightly by one or two ingredients. One reviewer mentioned an over-use of canned soups, but I don't look at that too negatively: These are used in recipes that might otherwise use milk, and milk is not something that can be used successfully over 8 hours of cooking--hence the substitution of creamy canned soups (especially celery, cream of chicken, cream of mushroom). As I mentioned, no real basic techniques are discussed; for example, the desirability of browning beef before putting it into the pot. This book assumes some basic knowledge. That said, it's a useful book to have on the shelf, and I've done a fair number of recipes from it that are quite good. There are several books in this series. This one looks better to me than the others because as I recall, the earlier ones didn't include nutritional information. There's also a lot of repetition with recipes throughout all the books. This one at least makes an attempt to be lower-fat in nature. There is also a new one for Diabetics that might be interesting. ...more info
  • Don't get your hopes up
    I was excited to find a crockpot cookbook that didn't have lots of recipes with cream of mushroom soup in them. Some recipes are written more clearly than others. Some have a range for how long you should cook stuff instead of a particular number.

    I tried 3 recipes. First was a Rosemary Chicken recipe which cooked the chicken too long and dried it out. Then I tried a macaroni and cheese recipe which burnt. Finally I tried a recipe for chicken with soy sauce and honey which once again was dried out. The seasonings were good and some of the recipes were pretty unique, hence the 2 star rating.

    I followed the directions to the letter and even had the same size crockpot which they mentioned in the recipe!

    So if you choose to use this book, watch the food VERY CLOSELY....more info
  • Must have for your cookbook library
    This is a really great cookbook for working people who are trying to be careful with their diet. Lots of easy, good tasting recipes and detailed nutrition information. I love this book! Everyone who has a crockpot should have this book. Really, there is everything and something for everyone in this terrific cookbook. ...more info
  • A must have
    I am a graduate student and work fulltime. This book is a must have. I do not have a lot of time to cook healty meals. I love to be able to put stuff in the crokpot and come home to a great meals. If you are on the go, and want to eat healthy meals get this book....more info
  • Good Recipes
    Very easy with easdy to find ingrediants. Combines things I wouldn't have thought of for tasty recipes. very impressed...more info
  • Bleh
    Well, I really do not like this book. I've made a few recipes from it and only one was somewhat edible. One recipe that I used for overnight oatmeal actually burnt a one-inch thick rim of black nastiness in my crockpot that took one hour to clean. I suppose if you want to learn what not to do, you should get this book. I just wonder if the author actually tested these recipes before putting them into the book. I really can't imagine that she did! Bleh! ...more info