The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls (American Girl Library)

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This bestselling guide answers all the questions growing girls have about their bodies - from hair care to healthy eating, bad breath to bra buying, pimples to periods. It offers guidance about basic hygiene and health without addressing issues of sexuality. Over 1 million copies sold!

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Book
    For good book for daughters. It explains things that they will be going thru. ...more info
  • Awesome! a must have for all girls
    This book is simply written and extremely thorough. I got it for my 9 year old when she started asking more and more questions. we've read it together and discussed it as we went. And now she keeps it in her room to refer to. It's really a wonderful book. It covers the care and keeping of your body from head to toe, literally. I highly recommend it....more info
  • A great way to break the ice
    I'm so glad that I decided on this book for my 9 year old daughter. I have previously purchased 2 other American Girl books for her and found them to be very well written and a great help in addressing some very sensitive issues. She was so excited to get it and she read the entire thing in less than 2 days! When she finished it, she asked if we could sit down with the book and go through it and discuss it together - what a great way to break the ice and encourage open communication! ...more info
  • Great for the newly-developing tween
    My daughter loves this book. It has information and advice about a girl's body, while staying away from controversial subjects. (Personally I'm in the tell-'em-young camp, but I know not everybody is). Anyway, this book covers physical development, hair washing, ear piercing, and all manner of random coming-of-age stuff in an extremely accessible way....more info
  • Body basics from A to Z
    This book helps young pre-adolescent girls with their questions about their bodies. Nicely done. One small section was a bit 'graphic' for my 9.5 yr old (tampon application), but overall, no complaints from me. It's a great way to start conversations with your child about her body. Read it together, or discuss after she reads it alone. Be open. A book does not take the place of a female parent/mentor....more info
  • A Wonderful Source for Pre-Teens
    This is a very easy to understand book for your pre-teen girl.
    My daughter started asking questions recently regarding periods, body hair, and bras. This book explains it all and lets her read at her own pace.
    We can read it together and discuss anything she wants without feeling uncomfortable.
    I highly recommend this book,it is very helpful....more info
  • Health Education for young girls
    Wonderful book for young preteen girls. My daughter loved the book and was excited to learn more about her body and ask me any questions that she had....more info
  • My niece likes this book!
    I looked over this book as it was recommended by a friend who is a mother of a little girl of 11. My niece is also 11 and I only wish I had given her this book two years ago. This book literally covers subjects and questions from the head to the toe of little girls. Great book. I would recommend this book to any parent that wants their daughter to understand her body. ...more info
  • Right on target!!
    I bought this book for my daughter who is 11. I also have another daughter who is 8 but I would only let her view certain parts of the book. I thought this book covered all aspects well of growing up and different changes that are taking place in your body. ...more info
  • Good Book to Help Your Daughter Through Puberty
    This is a great book to help your daughter through puberty. The best way to use it is as a tool to help you talk with her about these things. What I love about this book is that it covers everything a girl could worry or wonder about within reason, without going into "how babies are made". It's more of a GIRLS HANDBOOK about HER BODY! It deals with body odor, greasy hair, acne, eating habits, the stages of breast development, how to pick out an appropriate bra, getting your period... It's a SENSIBLE book, and advises the reader that the best person to discuss these things with is a PARENT! Bravo! It is also wonderful in that it encourages girls to accept themselves as unique individuals and try not to compare themselves to others, we are all on a different growth path - some girls will develop sooner, some are late bloomers. The only warning I have is that it does discuss tampons and even has little drawings of how to use them - this could be a bit shocking to some girls, but it's the best description and least offensive pictorial I could imagine for this topic! The drawings and language are cute, fun and age-appropriate!! A very positive book for girls, encouraging them to stay healthy and talk to their parents!...more info
  • Perfect for preteen girls!
    I bought this book years ago for my daughter when she was 9. Her body was starting to subtly change and I wasn't sure how to answer all her questions. This book helped. We read it together and I answered the questions she had, using the book as a guide and reference.

    I liked that this book explained the ways her body would soon change so that she would be prepared for it. Also, she liked to share it with her friends when no adults were around. Now my son is almost 9. I wish there was an equivalent book for boys!...more info
  • Great Book!!!!!!
    This is a great book! It touches on important subjects in a gentle yet informative manner. My daughter is soon to be 10 and we are reading it together. I wish I had this book when I was growing up!!...more info
  • Best book to teach selfcare to preteens!
    I bought this for my 9yo daughter and she loved it. She read the whole book and is now more self reliant about caring for herself. ...more info
  • Great for pre-puberty too!!
    What prompted me to look for "a book" was when I found out two of my daughter's friends had their periods at age 8. I didn't exactly want a "period" book, or a "birds and the bees" book... not just yet. I wanted an appetizer of sorts before she read (or heard about) topics for older girls. This book is perfect. Though there is a "period" section (a few pages- not enough for a period book in my opinion), I read this book with my daughter on all the other wondeful topics it covers: personal hygiene, your feelings, bed-wetting, etc.. It's a perfect way to begin to bond with your daughter before she learns everything from her friends. The best part about this book is that IT CELEBRATES GIRLHOOD- NOT WOMANHOOD!! Finally!! Encourages girls to love their bodies IN THE NOW, instead of making puberty this HUGE transition- it normalizes. This is very important psychologically. ...more info
  • One page can ruin it all
    This book is ALMOST an appropriate introduction to growing up for girls 9-11 years old. It is a little immature for girls any older than that. Unfortunately, I cannot bring myself to hand the book over to my daughters (ages 10 and 11) due to the "tampon" page, which is unnecessarily graphic. I wish they could have left that page out, because now I've wasted money on a book that I cannot share with them. The images are frightening....more info
  • Perfect book for any pre-teen girl
    A am a child psychiatrist, and I couldn't dream up a better book for this niche. I approve so thoroughly that I just gave it to my own pre-teen. Feel free to read my longer opinion on my professional blog at:

    [...]...more info
  • My 3 year-old loves the pictures!
    I purchased this for my 10 year-old neice, and ordered another for my toddler when she showed a great interest in this book. She now calls it her "Big Girl Book" and loves to page through it and ask me about the pictures. A little early, I know... but she'll be 10 before I know it, and I can say that I'm now more prepared for what is to come!...more info
  • Thank goodness for this book
    The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls (American Girl Library)
    The best guide I have ever seen in helping explain the facts of life! Made having "the talk" much easier. Excellent examples of problems girls face. Does not just explain the changes in the body, but changes in perception, peer pressure, even what size of pads to buy. Covers all the changes they go through, hair, shaving, diet, self perception, and sleep. My daughter has read it actively for the last three nights, which has opened the door to a great conversation on all the ways her body and life will change with puberty. I wish my mom had it! ...more info
  • Birds and the Bees made easy!
    This is a great book for helping girls understand what is happening to their bodies as they grow up. The information is correct, clear and EASY TO UNDERSTAND. The sketches of people are clear and detailed enough to be helpful, but not so graphic that they hinge on porn. My daughter loved reading this book and refers to it even after two years. It sure made my job easier!...more info
  • Great conversation starter!
    Initially picked this up at the library to introduce my 8 1/2 year old daughter to the subject of her developing body. She read it cover to cover several times and we needed to buy it because she wanted to be able to use it as a reference book! This was the easiest way to introduce the subject and initiated hours of conversation between us. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Highly Recommended!
    An excellent book that introduces several topics for parent/daughter discussion. My 10 year old daughter could not put this book down until she read it from cover to cover....more info
  • great information book for any young girl
    This is a wonderful book for any "pre teen" girl. It has so much information that is presented in words that girls can understand. My daughter has read the book several times and come to me with questions. It is a great conversation starter if you have a hard time or uncomfortable explaining the changes their bodies are going thru. I would highly recommend it to any mother for their daughter! ...more info
    I wish I had this book when I was a young girl! As a mother of 2 girls, my daughters pediatrician recommended this book. I am SO glad that she did because it has helped answer a lot of questions that my 10 year old had about her body and it has given me a great platform with which my daughters and I can discuss female development. I highly recommend this book to ALL mothers....more info
  • Great Book
    This is a wonderful book for girls entering puberty and those already in their teens. My girls ages 14 and 8 have gotten a lot of information from it and it has lead to discussions about even more. I highly recommend this book to anyone with girls....more info
  • Excellent reference book for girls!!
    A friend of mine recommended I get this book for my nine year-old daughter, after my daughter asked me with some concern what people meant by "getting pregnant by accident." In the past, my daughter had resisted all of my efforts to talk about the birds and the bees, and even in the conversation that ensued after this pregnancy question, she seemed uncomfortable and worried.

    When I gave her this book to read, she could not put it down on the first day. Later on, she told me that it was as if the book was "reading her mind." She even pointed out a page to me that showed several diagrams of a girl's body in various stages of development and pointed to one of the diagrams and said, "This is where I am, don't you think?" She has continued to refer to the book again and again, and every once in a while she will tell me some of the pointers she has learned in this book. If your daughter is between the ages of 8 and 11, she will probably enjoy this wonderful book. I can't say enough what a great reference tool it has been for my daughter.
    ...more info
  • This Book is as Good as it Gets!
    Talk about a perfect book for a perfect topic-this is it! I give this book five stars plus. It opens the door to growing up for a girl in an incredibly positive, friendly, safe light. It makes the toughest topics easy to understand and handle. I wish I had had a book like this to read when I was growing and changing! The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls deals with a changing body, and also opens the door to many of the issues related a changing body, both inside and out. A wonderful book to read and to use as a discussion taking off point....more info
  • the keeping and care of you
    I got this book at the suggestion of my daughter's peditrician, to help her understand all the current and upcoming changes in her body. I read the book and found it was very informative and it explains all the info in language she will understand.The Care & Keeping of You: The Body Book for Girls (American Girl Library)...more info
  • Wonderful
    The book is wonderful. It makes taking care of yourself fun and shows young ladies that it is easy to do....more info
  • Wonderful Book
    I bought this book for my eight year old daughter. She has literally not put it down. She takes it to school with her and reads it every chance she gets. I highly recommend this book if you have a young girl in the house. This book is wonderful....more info
  • The Care and Keeping of You
    I really love this book. When my daughter was younger, and developing, I nearly panicked about how to help her to get through the various stages of her growth. I couldn't remember much about the order of things, and needed guidance. The Care and Keeping of You was tremendously helpful for me as a parent, so much so that as a therapist, and clinical supervisor of intern therapists, I have recommended this to parents and interns. Be forewarned, some of the illustrations are somewhat graphic, but really helpful. Hope that you enjoy this book as much as I have....more info
  • Excellent resource
    My mother got this book for me when I was 10, and I have to say that it was the most amazing thing at the time. It really helped me feel more comfortable, knowing what was going on with my body, and how to handle it. It helped me talk to my mom about some of the things I was going through, and I know my mom was relieved that it was so simple.

    I'm 20 now and still have it. I plan to give it to my daughter when she's ten, because I think it's such a fantastic book....more info
  • Great Book
    This book breaks everything down, so I easy for the child to understand and I also help to parent not to feel so uncomfortable about talking about the subject....more info
  • Great for my 8yr old twin girls
    I have twin 8yr old girls. Knowing puberty is on its way is important subject to be educated on. My girls like the book because it's an easy read and the book is pretty. Great product....more info
  • A Lifesaver
    A friend who is a single dad (of two girls, 7 and 9) handles things brilliantly... However, they're coming to an age where they really need mom for the girl stuff. The seven yr old follows in her sister's footsteps, what the nine yr old is curious about the seven yr old is curious about. When he started asking me to take them undergarment shopping I knew in time he might ask for help in other areas. This book was a godsend as my mother never really had 'talks' with me. Reading reviews from others who have purchased the book, we let the girls read the book in private so they might be more comfortable. Brilliant! They came to me with questions and it was so much easier to explain things with a base to build from. It's been a few weeks and already the nine yr old seems more confident about being a girl and how to take care of herself. Each girl now has their own copy so that they might write personal notes and other such things (like the answers to the questions they asked). Again, brilliant....more info
  • Love it
    I bought this book for my 12 year old daughter and she loves it! She was so excited about this book, she shared it with one of her friends....more info
  • A Good Introduction to Coming Changes
    This book was empowering for my daughter. She read it every evening for a week after she got it, and we talked about the parts that were a little confusing. She loved being able to talk like an expert on topics so important to her right now. (She is almost 10.) It doesn't provide information on more grown-up topics, so it's good for a young tween. The drawings on the cover may seem a little young, but they are less intimidating than photos might be, I think. An excellent resource....more info
  • Great book to start talking about puberty with your daughter!
    As a mom and an RN, this book is very good. I gave this book to my daughter when she was 9, now she is 12. She still consults it as a 12 year old. I read it first (always good with this type of book!) and then sat down and leafed through it with my daughter. Some of the content she wasn't interested in looking through initially. I understood that to mean she wasn't ready for it so we skipped over it. Now that she is 12, she's gone through it all (she is starting some development now). She has an 8 year old brother so we have talked about not letting him have access to the book. She has a special spot for it and he is oblivious to the book and its contents. We also talked about the importance of letting other moms talk to their girls rather than my daughter take it upon herself to educate her friends (no phone calls yet!). I like the very matter-of-fact approach of this book. There should be no shame in any of this. It is so cool God made our bodies this way! I also want my kids to hear about all this from me first, rather than peers. It must be an ongoing dialogue. As my daughter has more questions, she comes to me and we talk. There should not be one talk and you're done. Not in this world and culture!!...more info
  • Lots of Good Information!
    This book has been a great addition to my daughter's library. She will soon be 10. After previewing it, I felt that she was ready to read and learn all about the changes that will occur within the next 5 years. It is well written in understandable terms and very matter of fact. She has come to me with questions, and we have had nice dialog about what to expect in a few years. It is a head to toe (and everything between) "manual" that explains why cleanliness, nutrition, body image, fitness, etc. is important to overall well being. It also reminds the reader not to compare themselves to others, but appreciate who they are and what is ahead of them. Lots of good information!...more info
  • Absolutely THE BEST book for girls from 9 through 19!!
    I gave this to my daughter when she entered middle school. Her older sister, at the time, was in high school. They sat down and read it cover-to-cover (and then some!). What I loved best was that it actually promoted mother-daughter interaction. My daughter would say "MOM! Did you know?!" and then we'd sit down and have a quick chat. It didn't steal my role of primary teacher, but it helped it. It also brought up topics I hadn't remembered to even discuss. (I read the book cover-to-cover before giving it to my daughter.) Although it reads simple enough for someone as young as 9 - it is not, in the least bit - inappropriate to give to a much older girl. What I found with my older daughter was although she already had gone through some of the points, by reading it in the book, it gave her more confidence. (She come up to me and say "I thought I was the only one who thought that!" after reading something.) Picture -- GREAT PICTURES! They are graphic, but very tasteful and totally appropriate. They come with detailed explanations, so you know why they included them. It's appropriate for all races, religions, and moral decisions about sexuality, too. I pretty much so recommend as "DEFINITE MUST" only a handful of books to other parents, and this is one of those. (Just be aware - this will be the book that will be snuck into overnight sleepovers. It's not something you will have to apologize to other moms to, but you may want to discuss your thoughts about it first.)...more info
  • PERFECT FOR PRE-TEEN/Early Developer
    This book was perfect! We researched a lot of books for my fast developing 9 year old. This book approached the overall body care, including the big topic. It was great because it is for a young girl - not an older teenager. It is not about sex - it is about becoming a young women. Each night my daughter and I read a chapter together and talked about it. It made "the talk" a piece of cake. I am so glad we read it last summer as last month the big P arrived. I was so glad I prepared her for it. BUY this book! It is very appropriate for 9-12 group....more info
  • Happy Mom
    This book is great. It teaches my 11 year old granddaughter everything about her body (the questions they ask, but we are unsure of how to answer). I had to buy a second book for my other granddaughter....more info
  • Just what I was looking for!
    My 11-year-old stepdaughter lives with us full time, and I was unsure of how to start talking to her about her body changes. This book is perfect! It is written in a way that is perfect for pre-teens. She has read it multiple times already. I plan on buying the rest of the similar body/mind care books in the American Girl series. I can't say enough about this book....more info
    I love this book. I am 10 years old, and this book gave me a great idea of what's going to happen to me. I read this book in a day, and couldn't put it down. It was very well organized. It even helped me when I was talking to my mom about certain things because if I felt uncomfortable about saying something I could point to it in the book. I learned a lot to. Did you know that there's a sequel to it titled IS THIS NORMAL? That's a great book too. Check them out!...more info
    Is very helpful to people who need advice. American Girl also has another great book called Help!....more info
  • My Step Daughter Loved it!!!
    I got this book along with the two feelings book from American Girl for my 12 years old step daughter and she loved it...Her mom really hasn't sat down with her to discuss her body changes and the importance of how things will not happen over night...we found it helpful to let her read it first and then come to us with any questions...she found the book especially helpful for her upcoming braces and how to care for them, she takes it every where with her...THANKS AMERICAN GIRL this book is great!!!...more info

  • The Care and Keeping of You
    A must read for 10+ girls entering the stages of immenient change! My daughter read it in 2 days, had really great questions that sparked great conversations. American Girl put out a quality read!...more info
  • Look no further...This is the one!!
    great book also bought "Growing up its a Girl Thing" ..the two together are good information presented well...more info
  • My 10 year old loved this book!
    My 10 year old daughter read this book the first day she got it. She, then, wanted to share it with other girls her age. (My daughter says she gives this book a 5-star rating.) It covers a range of topics - some I would never even think to talk about - that girls either encounter, think about, or hear about. It was definitely a good purchase. We will pass it down to my younger daughter when she is older. ...more info
  • Just what I hoping for
    I read several reviews on this book "The care & keeping of you" and finally decided to purchase it for my daughter that will soon be nine. I was apprehensive and opened immediately when it arrived and started reading. It is very imformative and I think ideal for the pre-teen to early teen. Even though I'm a nurse, I didn't know how I was going to dive in to some of these topics (periods, body hair, breast development etc). I think this will be the perfect read, together with my daughter. It also has pictures that get the point across without being too graphic in nature or too childish. It also touches base on other topics...teasing, name calling, feelings of being different etc. Overall, I think it is a very good buy. ...more info
  • good resource
    This is the second tome that i have purchased this book. The first time was for my older daughters. We eventually gave it away to my niece. I now have an 11 year old with a disability. I bought this book again and I am reading it aloud to her....more info
  • The Care & Keeping of You
    This is a great book for the younger girl. I read it and will give it to my daughter to read. I wish it went into a little more information in some areas. I also purchased "Ready, Set, Grow" to complement the "Care & Keeping of You" book because it goes into more detail about things like body hair and breast development. ...more info
  • Very informative, answers all the questions a girl could have!
    I reviewed this book quickly then gave it to my 9 year old daughter. She had it read within an hour. We sat and discussed it and it seemed to answer all of her questions. It made her feel more comfortable about the changes that her body would be going through. Sometimes your kids have questions and you arent quite sure how to answer them, this book definitely steers you in the right direction. I would recommend it to any little girl around 8-9-10. They can read it in private then discuss when they feel comfortable. Great book!!...more info
  • awesome for beginners!!!
    I am currently 11 and when I bought this book I was 9.This book is perfect for girls who don't know much about puberty.It is definetly a beginners book.It gives enough info for you to understand it fully,but not too much info to where it is hard to understand.This book is amazing for starter and has just enough details.The journal is awesome too!...more info
  • Good for a preteen girl
    This book was perfect for my little sister. My mother is older and a little "old school" when it comes to talking about the body and puberty with me or my sister. Since I am the oldest, it was only right that I give my little sis some help. This book was a great way to open up conversation. ...more info