Breathing: The Master Key to Self Healing (The Self Healing Series)

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A complete course of eight breathing exercises that Dr. Andrew Weil uses in his own life, and has prescribed to hundreds of patients over the past two decades. In plain language, Dr. Weil explains the secret of breathwork?s power over our health, and its remarkable ability to influence ? and even reprogram ? the nervous system. A practical introduction to this crucial aspect of self healing, presented by this bestselling author and influential physician.

Listeners get a complete course of eight breathing exercises that Dr. Weil has used in his own life and prescribed to hundreds of patients to aid in physical healing. To learn the art of healthy breathing, Weil turned to Eastern traditions, including yoga, which view breath as a vital link to the energy of the universe.

Customer Reviews:

  • Tape was great
    This tape was great. I have bought two. Having to review this process ,or it hurts the seller makes me not want to do this again
    ...more info
  • Waste of Money
    I paid $25 for this in a retail store, and I regret it. I was looking for a CD that would take me through guided breathing exercises, the way some CDs take you through a guided meditation. I have asthma, and I'm pregnant, and I wanted to focus on better breathing. I'm still not sure if this CD has guided breathing exercises or not, maybe it does. Everytime I listen, I fall asleep before I hear him get to any part like that. Everything I've heard sounds like I'm back in a (boring) college lecture. Even if there are breathing exercises you can do along with the CD, I wouldn't be able to skip forward to them since this CD is a one-track deal. ...more info
  • Simple and Effective
    Focusing on your breath is the easiest thing in the world and the hardest thing in the world. Weil offers a good introduction to the notion of breath and then gently leads the listener through his exercises. With practice, I have become a different person.

    For those of us who face stressful situations everyday, the tools on this little cd are life changing. Better than an hour of therapy....try it!...more info
  • CD:Breathing
    Haven't opened the package yet. Seller shipped product as agreed upon and it arrived in fine condition....more info
  • Breathing
    This could probably have been condensed into 1 CD as it seems to go on a long time with description before getting down to the breathing exercise bit. (Although it is very soothing to listen to with all the new age music in the background!) The breathing exercises are very effective and it is certainly easier to follow along with Andrew Weil as he does the exercises than to try to figure it out from a book description....more info
  • You would think we know how to do this!
    I thought I was pretty good at breathing; after all I've made it to 60 years old quite well with what I knew ;-) but this opens up a completely different way of approaching the subject and one I have really enjoyed.

    I have just started on my learning journey, but I am enjoying it immensely.

    I do have to agree with one of the other reviewers though, once you have heard the lecture on the first CD, you really don't have to ever listen to it again....more info
  • Breathing Awareness
    "If today you can be aware of breathing for ten seconds more than you were yesterday, you will have taken a measurable step toward expanded consciousness, deeper communication between mind and body, and integration of your physical, mental and spiritual functions." ~ Dr. Weil

    Listening to Dr. Weil's voice instantly makes me feel calmer and his wisdom is always refreshing. In "Breathing The Master Key to Self Healing" he guides the listener through a series of breathing exercises for improved health and peace.

    A few of the exercises include:

    Following Your Breath
    Begin with Exhalation
    Make Your Breathing Deep, Slow, Quiet and Regular
    The Relaxing Breath
    Observe Your Breath
    Breathe Abdominally

    Each exercise is easy to learn and you can use the information instantly to encourage deeper sleep, more relaxation during the day and a quick fix for stressful situations. Dr. Weil leads you through each exercise with care and attention to detail so you can take greater control of the breathing process. These exercises will help you with anxiety disorders, encourage the lowering of high blood pressure and help you to reprogram your nervous system.

    I can also recommend: Dr. Andrew Weil's Mindbody Toolkit: Experience Self Healing With Clinically Proven Techniques

    Dr. Andrew Weil's Guide to Optimum Health: A Complete Course on How to Feel Better, Live Longer, and Enhance Your Health Naturally

    Increase Vitality : Dr. Andrew Weil's Music For Self-Healing

    ~The Rebecca Review
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  • Not too bad
    This was recommended to me by a wholistic RN to deal with stress. Use it during a quiet time and practice different breathing techniques that it offers and you feel better and more relaxed....more info
  • A great health benefit for any age
    I've listened to a number of breathing audio's and most leave you wanting more understanding regarding technique or health benefits. Andrew Weil's CD is clear and concise regarding the health benefits of deep breath. The second disc contains several different - 7 in all - breathing exercises. Each with clear instructions on the how to and each demonstrated by the author himself before he guides you through the actual exercise for yourself. Personally, I began noticing the benefit of deep breathing a few day after I started doing the exercises....more info
  • Good but basic
    A good introduction into working with breath, or rather, the frame of body consciousness called breath. This is good beginner material. If you have done pranayam before you can skip this. If you are interested in getting deeper into this subject (spirituality/yoga) you can check out John Friend (Anusara Yoga) or Inayat Khan (sufi)...more info
  • Weil Good
    I've been into breathing as long as I can remember...uhhhh...that was a joke by the way, you can laugh now...I remember when I was a kid if I hurt myself my dad had me look up at the sky and breathe deeply. Even recently, I just had back surgery and I was having trouble getting comfortable, my dear, sweet, 80 year old "poppa" told me to look up and breathe deeply, and y'know what, it still works.

    Conscious and deliberate breathing is a real skill that we all can develop. Like most things in the West, we tend to laugh at things before we fully understand them. "You bought a book on breathing. Wow...they saw you coming..." But our breathing techniques are probably right in line with just how much we know about diet. No matter we're a bunch of stressed out fat people.

    Real Breathing is learning to take slow and deep breaths, it is about catching yourself when you may be in a stressful situation and you are holding your breath, it is about becoming more and more aware that there is ALREADY a center within you and you just need to bring yourself back to it and you do this through your breathing.

    When I am in a session with a client, the first thing we do, is we breathe together. I get them to lay aside all burdens, all fears, all frustrations and to just breathe in....and out...I find that just a few minutes of breathing in and out calms the mind and opens the heart and takes the "stinger" out of the situation they find themselves in. Breathing slowly and deeply clears the mind and allows one to see that there are answers to their challenges.

    Proper Breathing is a "golden key" to restoring balance and health to your life. If you did one thing to change your life, you could do this and everything else would follow suit.

    So, from someone who loves breathing, I highly recommend this program by "Mr. Bushy Beard" as my brother likes to call him, but we'll just call him, Dr. Weil...and he really is 'Weil Good'...

    Peace and Blessings....more info
  • good cd
    The first cd in the two cd pack is kind of a waste, Weil reads his book aloud. The second cd is the "meat" of what most of us are looking for in this product, eg guided breathing exercises. I liked the exercises which were explained in a plain, easy to follow manner. I also like the music that he uses to bring one into a relazed frame of mind. ...more info
  • Fantastic!
    This is a fantastic, short, highly usable CD from Dr. Weil. The "quick and dirty" way to learn and immediately use the basics of improving your health and well being with breathing exercises. Very enjoyable to listen to. Love it!...more info
  • my cd has different tracks
    I got this cd a week ago and have been pretty happy with it.
    My mind tends to wander a lot so I like being guided through the breathing exercises. I also like how you do a few of the exercises then it lets you meditate for awhile and then leads you back to more breathing.
    I read complaints in other reviews that their cd had only one track. That is not the case with my cd. I can jump around to different breathing techniques, just do one, or listen to the whole thing. I bought my cd in Dec. 2005 perhaps I bought a later version that has individual tracks.
    The breathing techniques are very simple and short. It would be really easy to do them on your own. Dr. Weil says doing a lot of them is not important. Doing them consistently is.
    A bonus in buying the cd is that Dr. Weil has a nice voice and it helps in guiding you to a relaxed state....more info
  • I enjoyed this audiobook very much
    I found this audiobook very helpful. I like Dr. Weil's approach. It has helped me remember to take time to de-stress through mindful breathing. And it works! One problem--I wish the first CD had been divided into individual tracks. Instead, it is a single track that is nearly an hour long. That makes it very difficult to find your place if you get interupted. I accidently ejected the CD and had to begin again, but I had to hold down the Fast Forward button on my player for quite a while to get back to where I had previously left off - that's ridiculous. Overall, it's worth the purchase....more info
  • Bogus
    This cd suffers from it's author reading..and..pronouncing..very It has no flow and sounds forced and artificial, not like someone talking smoothly and naturally to you. I couldn't relax, nor get over the stilted sound of the narrative.
    Plus, Andy Weil is such a big (literally, he's fat) star, that there's no heart or caring in his materials. I don't think he walks his talk....more info
  • It's O.K.
    I would have preferred this CD to be in a book format instead of a soundtrack. It would have been less expensive to buy and easier to use that way. The first CD, which is one hour long talks about breathing & health but I really didn't find it interesting or informative. I was rather bored. I thought everything he said was common sense and there was no fresh information. Basically this first CD is a one-time listening thing, so not really worth the purchase. My problem with the second CD, which has the 7 breathing exercises, is that it's one hour long and there is no way to "jump" between exercises 1 to 7. It is all one track. In the accompanying 6-page CD booklet all the exercises are very clearly explained and detailed in text... so you don't really need the CD at all! On the up side, I'm glad there are exercises out there on this subject that Dr.Weil made available to me. I have not been doing the exercises long enough to notice any changes yet....more info
  • So basic, so useful, you wonder why you didn't think of it..
    Weil explains breathing. Exciting? Depends on you. Discovering breathing is like having had a PC for years and suddenly discovering "right click." There it is; you've never thought about it; discovering it makes your use of the machine so much more efficient. Weil's breathing exercises are easy and basic. They are like meditation: you have to decide to stick with the program. Results? That will depend on you and your needs. For people with normal breathing capacity, it must be equivalent to developing your quads and pecs after working for years at a desk. For those of us who have asthma and other breathing disorders, it feels like regaining "normal." Weil's gentle, intelligent guidance inspires confidence....more info
  • Wow--This is great!
    Andy Weil takes you through the steps to us your own breathing as a tool for healing and for life. I enjoyed listening to his opening comments and have used the breathing technique almost dialy ever since....more info
  • good intro to something I never thought much about
    I never really thought much about my breathing but finding out what Andrew Weil says, in conjunction with going to a yoga class where they really emphasize proper breathing, has woken me up to how much this affects my life. The book "Science of Breath" by Swami Rama is also an excellent resource - very highly recommend it. In the short time I've been working with simple breathing exercises I've noticed dramatic effects - stress seems not to affect me as much!...more info