Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook
Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook

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Full of innovative recipes “for which even a carnivore would give up a night of meat” (San Francisco Chronicle), Veganomicon proves that vegan cuisine has no limits when it comes to flavor. This exuberant and masterful collection features 250 gourmet recipes—many of which are free of gluten, soy, or tofu—that taste even better than their meat and dairy counterparts. The cookbook is complete with menus and color photos, along with techniques for perfectly preparing any kind of vegetable, grain, and legume. Essential and engaging reading for anyone interested in the art of vegan cooking, Veganomicon is a new classic for the American kitchen.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Solid Investment for Vegans or Vegans-to-be
    This cookbook is amazing! I'm usually not one for gushing (unless I find a product extremely useful), but as a vegetarian who's now venturing into Veganism, this cookbook has been the MOST helpful tool I've come across! What I particularly find useful is the beginning of the cookbook which explains the preparation of different vegetables, grains, beans, etc. What I also appreciate is the fact that the recipes don't rely on processed vegetarian/vegan products (ie: soy cheese, fake bacon, etc). I've found many recipes (ie: the chickpea patty) that have now become a staple in my diet. Some recipes I found have too many "little" ingredients that seem a little cumbersome (like, a million spices when a few will do). I found I was able to simplify some of the recipes with a little experimentation. The only recipe I've tried that I can't master is the Cheezy sauce - it keeps turning out too thick for my liking. Overall, though, this cookbook is a must-have for Vegans or Vegan-to-be who want a good base for Vegan food preparation....more info
  • Daily food bible!
    I refer to this book each day to plan our family's meals. Vegans and non-vegans alike love these recipes! If you are looking for new ways to get protein into your diet, you must have this book!...more info
  • Superb!!
    Veganomicon is a must-have for the new vegetarian/vegan. Each recipe is preceded by a description which is very helpful for those unfamiliar with certain ingredients or to provide a description/inspiration for the recipe. For those with soy/dairy/gluten allergies, this book is fantastic -- there are icons for each recipe showing if it is soy-free, dairy-free or gluten-free, and there is an index in the back of the book where it lists all recipes that are soy-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free, so you can find a recipe fast based on the icons. I just recently became a vegetarian (and I have dairy and soy allergies), so this book has been a life-saver. I wasted a lot of money purchasing other books, only to realize I was unable to use most of the recipes because they contained soy/dairy. Oh, and the recipes taste great too! ...more info
  • Mountains of Yumba!
    After a petty lacto-ovo veg existence, I finally mustered the courage to go vegan. It was one of my better decisions--unlike my idea to crochet frogs for everyone on my xmas list. This book facilitated my happy transition, diversified my pantry and greatly improved my cooking's street cred. It even convinced my meat and potatoes, republican co-worker to change up his "butter makes it better" mantra! ...more info
  • The Autumn Latke's alone are worth the price of the book!
    We sampled a few recipes and then stumbled upon the beet (or "autumn") latkes. They are amazing. We have them at least once a week. We need to explore some of the other recipes but this one's a winner. We also like the simple focus of the book - that is, being vegan simply means eating natural food. The authors are also right to re-educate readers on how to cook vegetables. They are easy to prepare and delicious when done right.
    Go veg! ...more info
  • Love It!!
    After becoming vegan, I got into a cooking funk - and I really loved to cook! I discovered this book and purchased it through Amazon...thankfully, I am out of my "funk"!! I regularly make the Black Bean Burgers (the ready made ones are full of salt and gross stuff), the Jalapeno cornbread was great, and the book is written in a way that is fun, and makes vegan cooking less scary. I am currently waiting for my Vegan with a Vengence cookbook to arrive, and regularly visit the authors' website, I feel like I have my own support group!...more info
  • These vegan girls rock!
    I have tried numerous vegan books and these girl's recipes are consistently tasty. I was happy to discover them with Vegan with a Vengance and now these are some more sophisticated "grown up" recipes to impress everyone. Thank you!...more info
    I adore this book. First, I love Isa's writing syle. Its like having a really funny friend explaining the recipes and procedures. I think it makes the book really approachable, not only to new vegans but to anyone who is new to cooking in general.

    Everything that I have tried has been delicious. Some favorites are:
    Coconut Lemon Bundt Cake, Pumpkin Baked Ziti, Chickpea Cutlets, Chili Cornmeal Crusted Tofu, Spicy Tempeh and Broccoli Rabe with Rotelle, Pasta Della California, Vietnamese Seitan Baguette with Savory Dipping Sauce, Snobby Joes, and Baked Potato and Greens Soup with Potato-Wedge Croutons.

    As an experienced cook, I don't take any recipe or cookbook at face value. Everyone has their own preferences and tastes. Because of this, I judge a cookbook based on whether each recipe as a whole works, with minor adjustments for personal taste. If too many recipes need too much overhaul, I deem the book rather useless. This is not the case with Veganomicon. Sure, I have tweaked all of the recipes above to suit my own preferences. I think you have to do that. My preferences are not always going to match the author's or yours.

    So, there hasn't been a single recipe that I felt I couldn't use. Some of the flavor combinations are refreshing and unexpected. I like that. Its not the "same old same old". I've got alot of cookbooks with typical vegan recipes in it. I wasn't looking for another.

    I was also looking for something innovative and traditional (with a twist) that would age into a classic. Something that my family would use for years. This book is it. ...more info
  • A better cook might be more impressed
    I'd heard great things about this cookbook and was pretty excited. I haven't bought a hard-copy cookbook for years, but having great vegan recipes collected in one place seemed worth the cost. The breezy tone and explanation of basic cooking terms, techniques and tools seemed perfect for me - cooking elaborately for one has never seemed worth the effort. The beautiful full-color pictures looked tremendously appetizing and I was ready to go! And yet I haven't made a single recipe from this book in the 4 months I've owned it. A big part of the issue is just food preferences: the writers concentrate on big, starchy family meals while I prefer quick, light options. For the same reason, the book never has the basics (bean burgers, a good new appetizer) when I actually look for something specific. If I enjoyed cooking it might be fun to play around with these long ingredient lists and exotic-sounding dishes. As a resource for finding new things to do with my garden produce it's not proving very helpful....more info
  • The best cookbook ever, for Vegans and Non-Vegans
    OMG! This book is a foodie's dream. I am sooo not a vegan, but I have a good friend who is, and I like to cook for her. I have found myself poring over this book like a novel. The recipes are inventive, delicious, and range from very simple to complex. The writing is entertaining, and instructions are easy to follow. You can find everything that you would ever want in this book, from delicious appetizers and party foods, to great weekday entrees, to awesome cookies and desserts. I discovered Isa's great recipes on, and I knew I had to buy this book when I saw her name. I. Love. This. Book. ...more info
  • Amazing!!!!!
    This cook book is so well done. I am not a vegan, but I like all sorts of food, meat and vegetable alike, and my boyfriend is a steak fanatic, but I've got him eating everything I've made from this book so far, and he's coming back for seconds. Everyone I've cooked these recipes for has raved about them. The recipes seem intimidating sometimes, but once you get into it, they are very easy, and super flavorful. I absolutely love this book. Please buy!...more info
  • One of my favorites
    I loved her other books I will admit, but what I love about this book is the AMOUNT and variety of recipes. It is almost an impossible task to write vegan recipes that don't require strange hard to get ingredients. I don't know how many vegan cookbooks that I simply gave up on because I don't want to run around New York city to look for some bizarre type of seaweed or root for one dish. Although Isa does include some odd ones, many recipes can be made with easy to find ingredients and are easy to make. My personal favorite would have to be the Vegan Moussaka, or the Leek and Bean Casserole. I have already tweaked some the the seasoning and ingredients but it is easy to do, as Isa also explains at length the properties of everything from Tempeh to Panko. A must have if you are a vegetarian or vegan, a great book! ...more info
  • Great Book, Awesome Recipes
    People tend to turn their noses up at my diet, particularly family members, calling my diet boring and tasteless...until I cook them something from this book. Once they taste these dishes, they sort of scratch their heads and say "well ok, THIS is really really good," and then they look surprised that they even said it. This is the first vegan cookbook I bought after transitioning, for good, to the vegan lifestyle, and it's the one I use the most. The writing is impeccable, and entertaining, the recipes are very easy to follow, and so far I haven't been disappointed with any of them. I'd recommend this for new and long-time vegans as a great overall cookbook with tons of variety, witty writing, and comprehensive instructions on food selection, preparation, and even menu planning. There are lots of recipes that don't call for vegan ingredients, like tempeh or tofu (though there are also plenty of those too), which is refreshing. I'd even give this book to omnivorous friends and family members as a gift. I highly recommend. ...more info
  • A vegan staple
    There's a reason Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero are America's best-selling vegan authors. And this book proves it. If you are vegan, you need it. If you are not vegan, you need it. I personally am not vegan or a strict vegetarian, but I love this book (and all of their books) because it helps me incorporate healthier things into my diet. The girls do a great job of explaining things, breaking it down, and there's plenty of humor!...more info
  • Good for Vegans, Bad for Cooks
    This cookbook has lots of (probably very good) vegan recipes - so in that regard, it's great -for vegans looking for lots of vegan recipes in one book.

    But as far as cookbooks go, this book does not excite me. Not because it's vegan, but because there are almost no pictures. No pictures means it's a pain in the a-- to just flip through casually and find an appealing new recipe to try, especially when faced with very "new" kinds of recipes...

    For instance you come to a page with two recipes on it- "Vietnamese Seitan Baguette with Savory Broth Dip" or "Roasted Eggplant and Spinach Muffuletta Sandwhich" - and I'm left with -what the heck is Seitan or Muffuletta? And since there are no pictures to help you figure it're left reading the actual recipe itself to figure out what these things are or even look like...

    Personally I think pictures in cookbooks are just plain necessary in terms of making it a good cookbook, especially for weird things like- "Muffuletta". Pictures provide not only information (on what the finished dish is supposed to look like) but also inspiration - for when it's garnished in an interesting way or presented in such a way as to make you drool over something as simple as rice and beans with some herbs and nuts....

    This book does have some very nice inspiring pictures, but sadly there are only a small handful of them and they are slapped randomly into the middle of the book- there are no pictures accompanying the recipes themselves.

    So if you're hard core Vegan, which, yes, IS the target audience for the book, then this is probably a 4-5 star resource for you... But if you're a cook, and are just interested in trying vegan recipes, you may be better off buying a normal vegetarian cookbook with pictures - and if you want to go vegan, just avoid those recipes with dairy, eggs, honey, etc....

    ...more info
  • My favorite book
    Vegan recipes from the internet are always hit or miss. I find good ones here and there but I stopped going to the internet first when trying to figure my menu for the week. Instead I lay all my books in front of me and find new recipes. This book is the first I look in. There is so much that I still want to cook from this but only so much time. The best recipes are the Mediterranean, Latin, Cookies, some of the more savory dishes, and what I will call new york inspired. Their approach asian dishes are different from me as I like a bit more flavor, but that is a choice the core recipes are more than fine.

    Anything with tempeh is great in this book. I've read a lot of people complaining about complicated recipes. There are what I call weekend recipes in here but they are far from hard. But there are many quick recipes. I can tell a quick recipes when I see it, not hard.

    There greatest achievement? Getting me to like eggplant. ...more info
  • Good book, but...
    I like the book and I have found some great recipes in it, but also some that are not. One of the recipes in the books is heralded as one of their favs... I made it and it was not at all good... not even a little. I agree with one of the previous reviewers that sometimes the flavor combinations are weird. BUT, it has a phenomenal banana bread recipe in it, so it's not all bad. I have noticed that in the case of many of the recipes, that the editing doesn't seem to be that great. In the case of the banana bread, for example: at the end of the recipe, it says to add the chocolate chips, if using them... well, this is the first mention of chocolate chips. In most recipes I have seen, if there is an optional ingredient, it is usually included in the ingredients list as such, with a quantity / amount to use. I have found similar examples to this throughout the book. Maybe a more experienced chef wouldn't need these little details and I have certainly figured it out, but this detail would have been helpful all the same. I would rec it, but you just need to be aware. Happy cooking!...more info
  • Creative but not to practical
    I am a new vegan I ordered this and anxiously waited for it , I find it creative and informative ( lots of info about new foods ) but It is not really practical. The recipes look like they will take all day . I find some of the recipes so exotic I am scared to try them like. Adzuki acorn squash ane pears in soup, It could be amazing but I don't want to spend that much money and time if it isn't , I'll be keeping it, there are some great explanations of tecniques , The authors are funny and smart , But over all it is kind of dissapointing . ...more info
  • Excellent & Easy!
    This book has notations that tell you if the ingredients are easy or hard to find. It's so helpful to know what you can buy at a regular grocery store. In addition, the recipes are fabulous! Lots of great ideas in here. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Fantastic Food!
    These recipes are fantastic! My friends and family are NOT vegans and everyone, with the exception of my 5 year old who only wants to eat starch, has loved everything I have made. Favorites recipes are "Eggplant-Potato Moussaka with Pine Nut Cream" & "Chocolate Ice Cream". I was very doubtful that I would like vegan ice cream but it is so good. Although, I would recommend looking at your ice cream makers instructions and using those vs the instructions in the book - it comes out much smoother when you melt the chocolate and the soy milk together before adding it to the machine. Otherwise it's a little grainy....more info
  • Book bought as gift
    This book was bought as a gift, therefore I cannot review it for content. However, it was received within a short time and looks to be in great condition....more info
  • one of my favorites
    Fantastic collection of recipes! The only reason that I didn't give it five stars is that I haven't made enough of the recipes to determine how frequently I will be using it. However, the majority of what I have made has been excellent. My husband raves about the black bean burgers and the banana bread recipe is the best!...more info
  • veganomicon
    I love this book... I like the quick recipe guides at the top of each that let you know weather an item is gluten free or grocery friendly. This book is an inspiration to improve my relationship with food. I am not much of a cook, but the recipes are thorough and foolproof. Everything so far has been delicious!...more info
  • Excellent Cookbook
    Great cookbook with a wonderful variety of options. The recipes are delicious and easy to follow, and are really well organized when you are looking to make something with a specific ingredient or for a certain type of food. I recommend this to anyone transitioning to raw foods, or those looking for gluten free options as well as vegetarians or vegans. I have made many dishes for carnivores, with great results. Not all recipes are "healthy", but many of them are. The authors have done an excellent job of putting together this book. ...more info
  • Not What I Expected
    This cookbook is a major disappointment. I have been vegetarian or should say 97% vegan for over 28 years and this is one of the worst cookbooks I've come across yet. Recipes are time comsuming and flavors off. Sorry I wasted my money on this one and will probably end up reselling it for 1/2 of what I paid for it.
    Want a good easy cookbook get they old tried and true
    Vegetarian Epicure by Anna Thomas or one of the cookbooks Nava Atlas put out there. Moosewood collection is also good.
    ...more info
  • not a single recipe that includes cabbage. not a one!
    I could not find a single recipe that includes cheap, eco-friendly, uber-healthful cabbage. Not a one! There isn't even a single entry for cabbage in the index! To put this into perspective, there are 19 index entires for potatoes, 9 for pumpkin, 4 for yuca, 3 for dill, 2 for lemongrass, 2 for dates, and 2 for agave nectar. But not a single entry for the veggie many cost-conscious vegan northerners use more frequently than many other, much more expensive options. Crazy! ...more info
  • Amazing!!!!!
    This cook book is so well done. I am not a vegan, but I like all sorts of food, meat and vegetable alike, and my boyfriend is a steak fanatic, but I've got him eating everything I've made from this book so far, and he's coming back for seconds. Everyone I've cooked these recipes for has raved about them. The recipes seem intimidating sometimes, but once you get into it, they are very easy, and super flavorful. I absolutely love this book. Please buy!...more info
  • Vegan cooking for EVERYONE!
    This is a truly amazing book! It covers everything you could want, and everything is great! I have never had a book I could count on so heavily to wow me each and every time, until this one. I can't wait to try them all!

    I LOVE that most things in here are things I can make out of what is already in my house. I rarely have to buy anything different to make what sounds good. The pantry stocking list is really helpful for this stuff, when you are first starting out, by the way! (I took the book to the store with me!)

    Overall, I just love everything about it. And I love that the authors have a website where I can ask questions if I have them, and get answers from others who have tried them too! :) ...more info
  • Best vegan cookbook - Worthy of the title!
    This is by far my favorite vegan cookbook. The recipes in this book, while challenging, are perfect. I have made at least 15 recipes and they are all amazingly delicious and foolproof. I am not a great cook, but this book challenges me and teaches me to be better. There are also some very easy and delicious recipes here as well, like chickpeas romesco and smokey grilled tempeh, which is the best tempeh recipe ever. Isa and Terry have extremely discriminating tastes and they will not steer you wrong. I love the indexes in the back that organize it by low fat, easy to find ingredients, etc. This is a MUST HAVE for any vegan, vegetarian, or person who wants to eat healthier....more info
  • I heart the Veganomicon!
    This is a great book for "newbie" vegans like myself! If you think quinoa is pronounced, "Kwee-know-aah" than this is the book for you!...more info
  • Total Dude
    My wife and I were expecting a cookbook that was full of recipes you could easily try. Not the case in this cookbook.
    I should just stick to the vegetarian cookbooks we normally use.
    Complicated recipes and no one asked for a second helping, matter of fact we ended up tossing what we did take after a few bites. We tried 9 recipes and all 9 failed the taste test....more info
  • Great cookbook!
    This is the ONLY cookbook I have actually sat down and read like a regular book. It is great! Real vegan food for real vegan people. The recipes are such that anyone would enjoy them, vegan or not... family food. It's written in a friendly and conversational manner that is very appealing. Reading it is like discussing recipes with a friend. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Veganomicon
    This was a gift for my daughter-in-law. The cover and pages were high quality and there was a wide variety of recipes. My daughter-in-law enjoyed the clever comments included in the commentary too....more info
  • Amazing cookbook!
    I love this book. I'm not vegan but I am about 99% vegetarian. I find veg*n food to be so versatile and interesting, and this book is no exception. My faves are pretty typical: chickpea cutlets, lemony roasted potatoes (I can't even find a Greek restaurant that makes better taters than these!), and the peanut eggplant soup. Oh, that soup is so good I could eat an entire pot by myself! Plus, it freezes well!

    I also like that it's funny and includes a lot of kitchen tips. If you are not vegan, don't be afraid. You can "de-veganize" any of the recipes (although I'm sure it's frowned upon!) by using cow's milk and cheese where substitutes are called for. ...more info
  • Delicious and approachable, even for omnivores
    I am not vegan or even vegetarian. However, like many other Americans I am not a huge meat lover and for environmental and ethical reasons, am trying to cut down on the number of animal products I consume. Because of these intentions, I found this cookbook to be right up my alley. The book is quite approachable and is not overly preachy about veganism, which as an omni I find welcoming. What I love about these dishes is that they showcase that vegan dishes are not a poor man's substitute for meat, but in fact meals that are fantastic in their own right. These are meals that I gladly serve to my other meat eating friends without fear that the dishes might be labeled "weird" or "obscure." I have had great results with such dishes as the green tea ice cream, pineapple-cashew-quinoa-stir-fry, and chocolate chip brownie waffles. Meals like these will surely show vegan and non-vegan eaters that animal product free food can be indulgent, interesting, and all around delicious.
    Taste value is usually number one to me when rating a cookbook, but there are other positives about this book that I think readers will appreciate. For one, there are quite a range of recipes influenced by a range of cultures and flavors. In addition, these recipes also range in the amount of time needed and their corresponding level of difficulty. As a result, there are recipes that could easily be tackled by beginning cooks as well as those that will appeal to more seasoned foodies. There is also a pretty in-depth section on kitchen basics covering everything from stocking a vegan pantry to cooking appliances to how to cook basics like beans and grains. This leads to a book that is part reference and part recipes. The result is a cookbook that will not just sit on your shelf, but will prove useful for both special occasion and everyday meals. I highly recommend it for vegans and non-vegans of all skill levels who want to make great animal product free meals that explode with flavor....more info
  • Only if you are already knowledgeable in the kitchen
    The recipes are poorly written, but there is value if you have a strong skill base in the kitchen already. Others could go very, very wrong. One example: when sweating onions, you always add salt to draw out moisture. They universally omit this step and thereby undermine the flavor base of any dish where this is a first step. It is subtle, but the little omissions leave flavor on the table, and that adds up. The authors are enthusiastic but not chefs. I mean, the salt gets added later anyway.

    There are good recipes. The mushroom walnut pate I made rocks. You can see pictures of it at

    Perhaps revealingly, the authors credited it to someone else. The moussaka was so-so. I followed it verbatim and it was promising enough to try some common sense changes the next go: toasting the pine nuts (for the very novel pine nut cream) and pre-broiling (vs. roasting) the vegetables to promote browning. I will cross reference with other sources and make my own recipe that won't be copyrighted and which I can share.

    This book is great for ideas and illustrates some novel approches to new ingredients (I can't wait to try nutritional yeast, really.) But, if you can't fill in the many blanks, you might not get good eats. And it is all about good eats. ...more info
  • Extraordinary
    What a fun approach to a delicate and difficult subject (at least for some). Highly recommended for anyone interested in moving or switching to veganism, or for anyone who is already a practicioner of this healthy lifestyle. The format is easy to read and humorous. Kudos to the writers for such a brilliant piece of fun and fine, informative and fanciful writing. AND, the recipes are absolutely delicious. ...more info
  • Yes, I'm an omnivore, but I love this book!
    My family and I are trying to be more frugal and environmentally friendly by drastically reducing our meat intake. There are some foods that we simply can't give up that contain our animal friends, but we limit those to visiting friends and family I don't cook them at home. My husband and my 13-yr old daughter all love the recipes I've made in this book. The only thing preventing me from giving it 5 stars is that many of the recipes have long preparation times and on some days when I get home from work I'm just not in the moode. However, the recipes are delicious and the instructions are great; I haven't had any flops yet. It will take me a very long time to try all of the recipes, but I've tried enough to know that I like it....more info
  • 2nd only to moosewood simple suppers
    veganomicon is packed with information, hints, great recipes, far and away the best of isa chandra's cookbooks. if you're new to vegetarianism, this book is indispensible....more info
  • This is the only cookbook you'll ever need!
    This is an excellent book. I have owned this for several months now and it's the only one I reach for. It's great because the ingredients used are normal items that are found in your kitchen, since many vegan recipes can sometimes get crazy with exotic health-food ingredients. Someone said in an earlier review that they use an odd combination of flavors, but I do not agree with this. I've tried about 20 recipes from here (some with flavor combinations I had never tried before, and was curious about the outcome) and they have all come out delicious and are quite genius actually. These girls know what they are talking about! They also have a nice variety of recipes with no soy, which is nice. Lastly, it is a beautiful hardcover book and really is worth much more than what it is selling for....more info
  • Thorough and Excellent Vegan Starter Cookbook
    This is an excellent book with an outstanding range of vegan dishes, including a thorough and encompassing dessert section. Terry and Isa have provided cooking tips, prep tips, and organized things logically. I bought this book as soon as I found out about on PPK. I had been using VWAV for a while and knew it well (pumpkin muffins for every weekend in fall and spring). Pizza doughs and pizza sauces were on rotation. I shared their cooking videos with anyone with an internet connection.

    What I like most about this book is that it uses real food ingredients. Not that it frowns on prepared or canned healthy foods, just that the option is given, say you want to prepare your own wheat gluten. My copy contains several bookmarked pages of meals I have created, or meals that I go back to. They provide a wide range of ethnic food dishes, and truly shine as vegan culinary pros.

    What I have found slightly challenging in this book is that some of the recipes haven't turned out well. If you don't cook often and are new to cooking things from scratch, a lot of information that cooks find intuitive have been left out. Especially for vegan cooks that are learning or experimenting with vegan cooking and baking. Food science is built largely around food items that are excluded in a vegan diet (dairy, eggs, possibly some sugars). Although there is a section on terminology and cooking, I still found this challenging at times (for instance vegan pastry making left me with a sticky clumpy mess). This isn't a knock on their recipes or skills as vegan chefs, but I have a cooking and nutrition background and took 2 years of food science and food preparation courses in college, and cooking meals should allow modifications that make sense. I modify foods and recipes all the time, if I didn't or felt that I couldn't because of a poor outcome, I would never cook, because it wouldn't be realistic. Recipe modification (even if you know what you are doing) from this cookbook may result in a slightly less than average end product. Sometimes without any modification, and even if you follow all recipes, you may feel discouraged knowing how much time went into prep work.

    Overall the meals that come out well, shine, and those that don't turn out well, really frustrate me.

    ...more info
  • It's average
    The good:
    The cookbook is well-organized and offers a lot of helpful tips on what to stock in your pantry and on cookware. It definitely inspires people to cook. I love the Betty Crocker feel to the book.

    The bad:
    There are some recipes that list ingredients in the beginning, but don't use them in the recipe. The cooking times on some of the grains(kasha, quinoa) are too long and the grains come out over-cooked. The same is true for the veggies. The recipes I've tried so far aren't very good. For example, the Roasted Brussels Sprouts were awful. I love brussels sprouts, I love roasted veggies, and I love spicy Indian food, so I thought this would be a slam dunk, but it was grainy and bland. I also found the campy tone to be off-putting for such a professional cookbook.

    The verdict:
    Great idea, great concept, but average tasting food and overcomplicated recipes. I really wish that it had more simple, delicious recipes that are meant for the average cook. I'm going to stick with it and try a few more recipes and I will update if my opinion changes....more info
  • So much fun!
    I bought this book, along with Isa's 2 other cookbooks, and I love them all. The only downside is since I'm new to this lifestyle (vegan), I'm buying stuff that I dont normally keep on hand. I've made a handful of things out of here already...the corn chowder and the hot sauce glazed tempeh are AWESOME! I would definitely recommend this book!...more info
  • Always Delicious
    I've never been let down by Moskowitz and Romero. I absolutely love cooking and trying new recipes. This cookbook begins by laying out cooking essentials. They offer a quick reference guide on cooking terminology, how to cook grains, veggies and beans. The rest of the book is divided up like any other cookbook: appetizers, soups, salads, brunch, cookies, desserts... But, they offer special sections such as one-pot meals and stove-top specialties, mix and match meals (separating vegetable, grains, beans, and tofu, tempeh and seitan to make your own complete meal). They also include sample menus that include meals like "Lazy Indian Gourmet" and Mexican, Not Mexican't Menu".

    Every recipe I've made has been wonderful. So far I've made the Roasted Eggplant and Spinach Muffuletta Sandwich, Escarole with Capers and White Beans (never thought that combo would be so good), Cauliflower and Mushroom Potpie with Black Olive Crust, Seitanic Red and White Bean Jambalaya, Vegetables and Seitan in Mole Sauce, Apple Galettes.

    I did not give it 5 stars because of the writing. The cooking instructions are written as lengthy narratives. I have to read through the instructions 3-4 times to get the main points. It's a bit annoying to have to read instructions so many times while cooking. Also, I live in an area where I can find just about any ingredient I want. Some of the recipes call for ingredients that may be difficult to find in less metropolitan areas. ...more info
  • Best Vegan Cookbook, Even For Non-Vegans
    I'm a long-time lover of gourmet food, and have recently tried to go vegan for moral reasons. I was thinking I would have to give up on anything creamy, but Veganomicon has some amazing recipes with "pine-nut cream," that completely satisfies my need for something cheese-esque. In fact, everything I've tried from the book has been delicious. The pumpkin ziti seems decadent, but is actually virtuous! And I can't say enough good things about the apricot BBQ sauce. But don't take my word for it...use Amazon's "search inside" and check out a few recipes. The Butternut Squash and Pumpkin Seed rice roll is a perfect fall treat to start out with!...more info
  • Tired and True Cookbook!!
    As a vegetarian cooking for my dairy allergic son, I found myself lost in the sea of "meat" substitutes. Enter VEGANMONICON. Every recipe I've tried has been fantastic, fairly easy to prepare, and did I mention, fantastic! I have always been curious about vegan cooking and now I have tried and true recipes to satisfy my curiosity and appetite- yum....more info
  • Love it so much I want to make babies with it
    Whats not to love? This book is complete with some of the best vegan recipes I have found to date PLUS its written by a couple of cool women with some Bruce Campbell references. Its great. The sections are separated into: ingredients easy to find at the grocery store, gluten free and under 45 minutes. (to name a few) It also describes int he beginning how to cook different kinds of grains and foods. Its especially good for a beginning cook because of these pages. Its easy to read and the pages stay open on the counter even though it is a hard back book. I love it. I use it everyday. Of course there are some recepies that i dont like, but most are great!!...more info
  • Love vegan baking
    I want to start off and say that I am not a vegan, and I have not tried any of the recipes for entrees. I have a son, who is allergic to eggs, and so I now bake vegan. Every recipe I have tried from this author for cupcakes, fronch toast, muffins, has been wonderful. As a mom, it's just wonderful to be able to have my son have a dessert or just to let him "lick the beaters" and not just tell him no, he can't have something. Kudos to Ms. Moskowicz....more info
  • New Vegan
    I have been vegetarian my whole life, but have always wanted to take the final step and "go vegan". I finally did and rushed out to buy a bunch of vegan cookbooks, Veganomicon being one of them. All of the other vegan cookbooks have been put on a shelf, but Veganomicon stays handy on the countertop. I often just pick it up and drool over the recipes even if I'm not going to cook anything! Everything I've made has been really, really good. I've read the reviews on Amazon and people are correct that if you are a new vegan you will probably not open your pantry and already have the ingredients to start cooking these recipes. But once you've stocked the pantry with a couple essentials the recipes are easy to make. Veganomicon has made my transition to eating vegan a breeze and I'm not looking back! I fully recommend this cookbook! ...more info
  • You also get a bonus: a whole support network!
    I don't want to repeat what so many other already said: it is an awesome cookbook!

    What I would like to add is that whoever purchases this or any other cookbooks by these authors gets an amazing support network at their forum at If you would like how to see pictures of all of the recipes, hear feedback from other vegans about a number of recipes, or just talk about whatever comes to your mind, the forum is there for you.

    ...more info


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