The Self-Esteem Workbook

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A host of dysfunctional and self-destructive patterns arise at minor and acute levels if an individual dislikes him- or herself. Despite the importance of self-esteem, surprisingly little attention has been focused on building it directly, until now. Designed in an easy-to-use format, The Self-Esteem Workbook presents a course in self-esteem based on new research and sound principles. Checklists, fill-ins, and exercises show readers how thoughts, emotions, physical health, and behavior impact their self-esteem. Periodic checkups help them gauge their progress, and final sections offer strategies for preventing relapse.

Customer Reviews:

  • Absolutely wonderful, it helped me SO much!
    This book has made me stronger. It has made me realize I AM a worthwhile person! The excercises in the book are great, it has helped me so much. If you have low self esteem, anxiety or just need to feel better about yourself, this book is worth the money....more info
  • Acontinous shaping of self-esteem
    As I work on my self-esteem the work is there. The learning is simple,warm and fuzzy feeling that seems I've learnt it before even applying.I am at Chapter 23 and it will soon be over a fun ride....more info
  • Superb asset for both clinician and client
    A great book both for myself and for my clients. Consistent with Cognitive-Behavioral principles and faith-friendly without being overtly religious. I have used to guide treatment and to provide homework for clients with great success....more info
  • The Self-Esteem Workbook
    As of yet, all I have done is the first two chapters of the book and already I feel better about myself. It feels as if the book seeks to combine common sense with explaining what could be causing your self-esteem issues, and together, that helps you get a little more control over your issue....more info
  • Wonderful Addition to my Coaching Library
    I bought The Self-Esteem Workbook because I am a Life Coach who specializes in Creating Confidence and Dealing with Divorce. It holds lots of valuable information that I know I will be able to put to good use in my coaching practice. Anyone who enjoys a good self-help book will love this one. Lots of great information written in an easy to read format. Fun exercises. I highly recommend The Self-Esteem Workbook.

    Viki Stanley-Hutchison, [...]...more info
  • Yes, I bought this book
    It is a great workbook. I really haven't finished it. Its not a work book where bam your self-esteem increases in the first chapter but the work book is a read over and over and works with you in completing one chapter experiences before beginning the next. ...more info
  • Self Esteem Workbook
    The book arrived in a very timely manner and was in excellent condition. I was very satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • Self Esteem helper
    I'm still reading and working with this book. It is very helpful and informative. ...more info
  • Very impressive!
    I LOVE this book. I'm only on chapter 4 and am amazed at the things I have learned. This book really makes you think and understand things and change without realizing it. This book helps you to undertand the way you should feel about yourself, it identifies right and wrong thinking about yourself and it helps you to see who you are inside. Which is a good thing! I've always either been terrified to really look at myself or I've just known i wasn't worth anything. Now I'm in the process of rethinking this and knowing better. This workbook is a must own for anyone who doesn't KNOW that their self worth is equal to everyone around them and KNOW who they are and what makes them who they are. ...more info
  • Well done!
    Self-esteem is often talked about in therapy offices and schools, but I find many of my clients have difficulty grasping what it is exactly. This book untangles the mystery through self quizzes, exercises, and very readable, understandable information. I use it with adults and teens who seem to benefit immensely. Worth having on your self-help or therapy book shelf!...more info
  • The Self Esteem Workbook
    This workbook describes in a very simple and comprehensive way exactly what self-esteem is, and breaks down the otherwise erroneous cemented beliefs we've had of what it means to have and to build self-esteem. The writers are clever and humorous while they walk the reader through a process of enlightenment using a no nonsense approach to each chapter. I've really enjoyed this workbook. It has definitely helped to change my thinking and helped me grow....more info
  • great!
    this book is one of the most commonly borrowed books by patients. they report liking it and it helping them in making progress in their journey to greater sense of self worth. i personally liked it, as well. easy read. not the most academically-based, researched book, but, then, it's supposed to be an applied workbook. another reviewer wrote about not liking the anti-gay sentiments. i, maybe not as astute as that writer, found that the issue wasn't as much anti-gay as it is the person who is gay who doesn't accept one's self. either way, it's turned out to be an excellent book, i would recommend it and i think that it was definitely worth the purchase price, new. ...more info
  • ACoA can benefit from this book
    I have dealt with anxiety from time to time in my life. Lately, I decided to go to a therapist who recommended this book. This book has helped me understand that some beliefs from my childhood are distorted such as "boys don't cry,"and it is wrong to get angry, so I am learning how to use techniques in order to replace negative thoughts into more positive ones. I am learning a lot about myself because of this book. More importantly, I am learning to deal with my anxiety effectively. I wished I had applied these techniques in my childhood, but you know the saying, "it is never too late." ...more info
  • Increase your psychological self-esteem without seeing a psychologist
    Everyone talks about the importance of self-esteem, but how exactly do you go about increasing it? The Self-Esteem Workbook is a sequence of 27 short chapters that address various aspects of self-esteem along with exercises that promote awareness and change. Schiraldi argues that unconditional worth, love, and growing are the three factors that help self-esteem to flourish, and each gets its own section. For example, in the unconditional worth section, readers are asked to rate themselves on certain personality characteristics and then to reflect on which attributes they feel best about. The concept of self-esteem that is used throughout is the psychological construct, not the kind of "self-esteem" where everyone on the team gets prizes.

    This book is a tremendous resource for therapists and those who want to increase their self-esteem. I have used various chapters with clients and have encouraged some to just buy the whole book. The chapters are short and don't take that long to get through. The writing is clear and appropriate for people who are not necessarily in the mental health field. The approach is a combination of Rogerian and cognitive-behavioral and would be applicable to a broad client base, although many of the exercises are probably too cognitive for children. Some clients may have difficulty with chapter 14, where readers come up with a list of 10 positive statements about themselves, and so it may be a good idea to discuss this particular exercise in therapy. Overall, a great resource....more info
  • Awesome book!!
    This book is great. I like it because it has a lot of worksheets to do. I'm not a big in to reading so that is why I like this book so much. It's more hands on. And it has really made my self esteem a lot better!!!...more info
  • Incredible book
    I have read this book almost twice, its that good. I think this book is superb for everyone. Who doesn't need to strengthen there core self worth in a healthy way? Designer suits may make a subtle change.

    If you are looking for lasting help with feeling good about yourself and respect for who you are as you are, which ultimately leads to healthier behavior and a happier life. The book talks about experiencing unconditional love , the basics of growing, regard for your core worth, fogiving of the self.

    This book is a classic. ...more info
  • The Self-Esteem Workbook------Insightful & practical
    In the 25 years experience in the field of trauma, abuse & addiction I've found that healing begins at the core and the seed in the core is self esteem. How does one get to the core when it's emersed in the mire of denial and shrouded in the defense mechanisms of hurt. Schiraldi has a practical, clear step-by-step method of peeling away the layers of dark so one can emerge into the light of self understanding, self compassion, forgiveness and love. This work builds an identity which is based on our own treasure trove of experiences as a survivor with wisdom and consciousness of being part of a whole. Schiraldi offers the individual working solo, or a health care practitioner a simple systematic breakdown of the complex components of self esteem. Depending on one's depth of pain and willingness will determine if one will stick to a four month comittment to use Shiraldi's roadmap to change your perceptions in order to change your life....more info
  • Beautifully written, powerful
    I found this to be a beautifully written, powerful book. The pinciples feel sound and right. The skills are effective. After working my way through it, I feel more grounded, secure, self-accepting. I also feel happier....more info
  • Excellent, Professional, Practical, and Effective Workbook
    I have found Dr. Schiraldi's book very helpful. This is not the first book that I have read from his masterfully written series of the art of the soul and psychological healing. I personally believe that one day his magnificent books will and should be a part of the core program of every healthcare professional including physicians. I thank him for his efforts....more info
  • There's a better book out there
    After reading "Self Esteem" by McKay and having it change my life, I thought that this book would be a good companion. I was wrong.

    As opposed to McKay's book, which helps you look rationally at why you do what you do, this book seemed like a lot of bellybutton gazing.

    I was especially turned off by the overly religious and anti-gay sentiments in it....more info