The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief, Second Edition

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The first edition of this workbook is regarded as a classic in its field, and was the first book to introduce trigger point therapy to the general public as a self-care tool for alleviating chronic pain caused by a variety of conditions, including arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, headache, muscle ache, and repetitive strain injuries. As the author makes clear, all such conditions are related to lack of oxygen in exhausted or injured muscle tissue. Trigger point therapy has been used for decades by doctors, pain specialists, and massage therapists to quickly stimulate the flow of oxygen and promote rapid pain reduction. This book makes the same techniques available to the general public with instructions that are easy to follow, and abetted by an extensive collection of charts and corresponding illustrations.

The author?s interest in trigger point therapy began when he used it to successfully treat his frozen shoulder. Since that time, he has dedicated himself to teaching others the same techniques. That dedication is obvious throughout his writing and the care he takes to make the therapy understandable to the lay public. Also included in this new edition is updated information that should be of great interest to pain specialists and bodyworkers, as well as useful instruction in a variety of relaxation techniques. Overall, this book is an excellent self-care resource for anyone interested in pain relief.--Larry Trivieri Jr.

Trigger point therapy is one of the most intriguing and fastest-growing bodywork styles in the world. Medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, and massage therapists are all beginning to use this technique to relieve formerly undiagnosable muscle and joint pain—conditions that studies have shown to be the cause of nearly 25 percent of all doctor visits. The technique involves applying short, repeated massage strokes to trigger points, tiny contraction knots in muscle tissue where restricted circulation and lack of oxygen cause referred pain. Trigger points create pain throughout the body in predictable patterns characteristic to each muscle, producing discomfort ranging from mild to severe. Trigger point massage increases circulation and oxygenation in the area and often produces instant relief. This dynamic technique has made a huge impact among health professionals and the public alike, becoming an overnight classic in the field of pain relief. The book has sold over 220,000 copies since the release of the first edition in 2001. The second edition is a complete update and includes a new chapter specifically for massage professionals, as well as a chapter on systematic muscle relaxation techniques that can reinforce the therapeutic power of trigger point work.

Customer Reviews:

  • Appreciative beyond words!
    I was very much amazed at finding anyone who had read, and tried finding relief for their pain by actually doing the trigger point massage, rating this wonderful book and gift from the Davies' with anything less than five stars! I am not a medical student, therapist, or paid agent for the Davies' --just a regular guy who had been told that the only certain thing in his life would be disability unless I opted for further surgery. With four foot operations, two knee operations and looking at a hip replacement (yes, I was in pretty bad shape) I finally decided to see what other options were available.
    Investigating various sources, some which I paid dearly for (money and time wise) finally lead me to the Davies' book. Remember that I was in PRETTY BAD SHAPE! And all I wanted to know for sure was whether what my doctor's had told me, was absolutely true. So I ordered the book and looking through it, was impressed with the layman's format --simple drawings, simple guide lines, and not-so-simple medical terms. But then what do you call that big muscle in your leg, IF NOT BY ITS NAME? So I made up my mind that if I needed to learn what my body parts were called (and the Davies' did an EXCELLENT job by including how to pronounce the terms), just so I could relieve my pain, then I would commit to the task at hand.
    Folks, it was the best day of my life when I made that decision. OK, maybe the second best day of my life, because discovering the day that the trigger point therapy ACTUALLY worked and allowed me to reclaim my health was the very best day of my life! I can truly say this because before trigger point I had no life!
    You cannot imagine what emotional and spiritual pain accompanies physical pain, unless you've lived it. But then you don't have to imagine it, if you've LIVED it! And this is happening to MILLIONS if not BILLIONS of folks all around the world! People feel lost and scared when they are told there is no relief for their pain.
    Does it take work to reclaim your health? Of course it does. But the alternative is to give up, and throwing in the towel just isn't REALLY anyone's cup of tea. Folks give up because they don't know that there is more, much more, than what they've been told. Give this book a try, I MEAN REALLY. Don't get hung up on the medical terms, or the black and white drawings, or that you will need to read the WHOLE book. Do yourself a favor, do the rest of humanity a favor (I found out when you are useless to yourself, you are also useless to all of those around you) and empower yourself with the knowledge that the Davies' have made available to us.
    By the way, I need to express my sincerest thanks to the Davies' for gifting us this knowledge, not only at the lowest price (EVERYTHING else I tried, came out to over $57,000 --yes, that's thousands of dollars; not counting the surgeries) but also with the "no gimmicks attached" approach which I translate to "human decency". Not only has my health been restored (I have only missed two days of work in two years) but my faith in humanity has been restored as well. Having lived the fact: "although your health is not everything, without it you have nothing" ... I recommend this book without reservation, for its importance in helping to heal pain. I wish all of you the opportunity to reclaim your health, so you may live healthy, loving and purposeful lives....more info
  • Cured my Plantar Fasciitis and lots of other things!
    I was unable to walk for any length of time due to Plantar Fasciitis in my left foot. In addition I had a shooting pain up the side of my left ankle on every step. None of the following helped: supportive shoes, orthotics (OTC or custom), stretching, icing, NSAIDs, cortisone shots, 2 podiatrists, 1 physical therapist.

    I got this book and applied the techniques. Within a few weeks the classic PF pain was gone but I still had the shooting pain up the ankle. That pain was caused by trigger points in the Peroneus muscles. It took some time to locate them as they were very small and located under tendons, etc. I can now walk 18 holes of golf. I threw away all of my orthotics as they didn't help me for 2 years. I go barefoot whenever I want. I monitor these trigger points and apply massage as needed. If you are older and have a chronic problem you will find that there is no quick fix. You will have to apply these techniques indefinitely although less frequently to make sure they do not return. But what a tool to lead a more pain free life!

    I also have a problem with irregular heartbeat that was helped by inactivating the cardiac arrhythmia point. Recently I started having episodes of belching which brought on the irregular heartbeat. I alleviated the belching by working on the upper abdominal trigger points.

    In addition to the PF and irregular heartbeat, the technique enabled me to raise my arms above my head and pull of a tight jacket, reduced my chronic back pain, helped my golfer's elbow and relieved the tightness in my fingers which was caused by trigger points in my forearms.

    As with anything, you will get as much out of it as you put into it. I tell anyone who will listen to buy this wonderful book.

    I also recommend the Knobble II. I use this everyday. It really saves the hands. I also use the Body Back Buddy for my back. I have not had too much success with the ball against the wall.

    You might get some bruises at first from overly enthusiastic application of the massage but it is a small price to pay for the pain relief and you will learn how much pressure to apply over time....more info
  • Trigger Point Therapy Workbook Review
    This book was exceedingly helpful in describing and illustrating exactly where the trigger points were in my body in a simplistic manner which I was then able to alleviate with self massage. Very good value!...more info
  • The Bible!!
    This is THE book that can turn a good massage therapist into a fantastic one. Filled with tons of information, practical advice, and great illustrations. This book changed my whole practice and helped me take better care of my myself. This is the ONLY trigger point book you need....more info
  • Great Book

    This book is well written, is easy to understand and gives ways for the non professional to locate the trigger points. Excellent book....more info
  • Instant relief for my Golfer`s Elbow
    I have dealt with golfers elbow for years getting by with ice and rest but it would never go away. This book suggested a trigger point in the upper arm that I eventually found-a little hard ball that is not present on my good arm. I was amazed at how a little massage on that gives the elbow immediate relief. It was literally instantaneous. The elbow isn`t cured but 75% better with no more instances of extreme pain. After a little more research with the book I found trigger points in my back that give relief to lower back pain. A fanastic book, easy to read and use....more info
  • fibromyalgia
    This book is more for the physical therapist not someone who wants to do these exercises themselves. If you know how to do them then you might like this book....I don't understand the terminology because I'm not a trained therapist....more info
  • Just excellent!
    I have only read about one third of this book but have already applied some of Mr. Davies techniques. They work so well that I am eager to continue reading and self-massaging. He has unlocked several mysteries to years of pain. So true what he has to say about the ignorance of physicians on the subject of myofascial problems. I also enjoyed reading about Mr. Davies history--why and how he came to this subject. I thank him for sharing this with us!...more info
  • Incredible Book!
    This book has been an absolute life saver for me. I have struggled with neck and shoulder pain for several years now. Treatment for the pain has included countless visits to the doctor, many many sessions of physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic adjustments. I've used heat, ice, stretching, strength training, etc. All of the above helped for a short time (at most a day or two) and the pain would come right back. I bought this book after researching on the internet, was hopeful, but didn't expect much. However, I've been utterly surprised at how helpful trigger point therapy has been. The pictures and descriptions are wonderful! The exercises are easy to follow. I use a theracane and it takes me all of 5 minutes to complete. My pain has diminished immensely. I would have saved so much money in medical bills if I had know about this book a couple of years ago. Thank you so Mr. Davies for sharing your knowledge....more info
  • Buy it, it's worth every penny. Changed my life.
    I suffered from severe, sometimes debilitating upper back, neck, and head pain for over 15 years from abuse I suffered from sports and weight training. I followed the clear instructions in this book to find trigger points and get rid of them, and now I am pain free. No doctor, chiropractor, massage therapist, or physical therapist could help, but this $14 book helped me cure myself. I've sent 3 more copies to family and friends who also have found success using this simple, well documented, well written, and excellently illustrated book. For less then the price of one doctor's copay, you may be pain free. ...more info
  • Insightful Help
    Must Have Simply! I have discovered the answers to my pain, excellent book. I bought one and will now get copies for friends....more info
  • Lifesaver
    I had severe pain in my neck and shoulder blade for eight miserable months. I had been through two unsuccessful rounds of physical therapy, had been prescribed every painkiller under the sun, and had even had steriod injections. Doctors, specialists, and physical therapists could not get to the root of my problem. The concept of a "trigger point" was never even mentioned by them. I stumbled upon this book during a desperate search for ANYTHING else that might help me. Although I had doubts, I began doing the self-massage as Mr. Davies described. To my joyous surprise, I was noticably better by the end of the FIRST DAY. By the end of the first week, my pain was gone. Mr. Davies does a wonderful job of explaining what trigger points are and how to treat them. This book saved my sanity. I cannot recommend it highly enough!...more info
  • Great resource
    This is a great resource for massage therapists and laypeople alike. Practical suggestions for self-help in pain relief, but the information can be easily adapted to use to help others. It translates trigger point therapy it into simple, concise, and readable text. The illustrations are helpful as well. Highly recommended....more info
  • Relieve your pain yourself - Practice makes perfect!
    I bought this book after years of suffering shoulder and neck pain that could not be attributed to anything specific. Chiropractic care and Acupuncture helped some, but the treatments are expensive and not always available on a weekend. So I tried the book and found that by manipulating the trigger points, the pain would eventually dissipate. Its rather amazing that this simple therapy is not better known.

    The rating is 4 stars instead of 5 because it seems hard to find the specific parts of the body and how to treat them. I solved my problem by buying brightly colored tabs and affixing them to the different chapters - problem solved. ...more info
  • A solution that really works for chronic pain
    I cannot express how excited I am to find this book.

    I have been struggling with severe knee and hip pain most of this year. I had been seeing a chiropractor for months and getting no relief. In fact, I was getting worse as the pain was beginning to involve both knees and hips as time progressed.

    I was fortunate enough to have a Naturopathic Doctor who identified the "knots" in my muscles which gave me a clue to pursue avenues down the muscle path vs. the joint path. I got more information out of one session with this doctor than I got from months with my old chiropractor!

    I was then even more fortunate to find a new chiropractor that was recently out of school and had formal training in muscle work. This chiropractor identified my hip/knee issues as myfascial trigger points and has successfully been treating me over the past month. With this treatment, I have been able to perform my workouts again with much less pain. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with hip pain so severe I could not lay on either side. I am not 100% pain free yet, but we are working towards it.

    This book is an incredible resource for me because it has helped me identify some of the causes for chronic trigger points including vitamin/mineral deficiencies as well as metabolic disturbances. I am currently working with my Naturopathic Doctor to identify if any of these are present.

    This book has also provided me with the knowledge to help me help myself so I am less dependent on the Chiropractor for care.

    I finally feel like I understand what is going on with my body and that I am on the right path towards fixing it.

    This deep muscle massage is painful, no doubt about it. But there is relief on the other side of that pain and it is worth it!...more info
  • Excellent book for self-healing
    I've spent more money than I want to think about on doctors & physical therapy for recurring pain in my hip, back, shoulder and neck. This book has given me the power to provide myself with more relief than I've ever gotten from these traditional sources - and without wasting time on office visits and insurance paperwork .... not to mention keeping my money!...more info
  • Essential for body awareness
    I have been giving this book as a gift, together with "Back Care Basics," since I discoverd its value in taking care of my body. I learned that many of the exercises I have used in the past, even those recommended by physical therapists, were actually doing damage to my muscles. Through the knowledge I acquired in this book, I am more able to help myself. I have severe back problems (scoliosis) and have been able to identify the muscles involved in my "out of balance" condition. I am 65 years old and do not expect a cure for my damaged spine; I believe, though, that if I had this information 20 years ago, much of that damage could have been prevented. Even now,physicians are amazed that I am not in a wheelchair. I have also been able to alleviate the discomfort in many other stressed muscles throughout my body....more info
  • Brilliant
    The best book I have ever read. I think everyone should have a copy of this fantastic book. It helped me soo much.
    It has detailed pictures of the muscles, why they come into trouble, examples of people with problems, various tools and ways to massage yourself. You fee like a professional massage therapist after you have read it.

    TOPS!!!...more info
  • Absolutely invaluable
    I have been going to a myofascial trigger point therapist for 2 months now and she has encouraged me to use this workbook at home to learn how to identify and relieve these very painful trigger points myself. I am most impressed with the clarity and accuracy of how well the book is written. I am grateful to have this workbook with language I can understand! It has been invaluable to me....more info

  • Great tool for pain sufferers
    I was suffering from lower back pain and sciatica for nearly a year before purchasing this book. Chiropractic care did not help. I was sent to have steroid injections done which were of no help either. Finally I went through a spinal decompression series which offered some relief. The most relief I got was from this book. After months of my muscles doing overtime I had developed several trigger points. I started seeing real relief just a few days after following the guidelines in this book. I would encourage anyone suffering from pain to refer to this book before undergoing surgery or paying for expensive physical therapy treatments. ...more info
  • Phenomenal
    In short, this book provides an excellent reference for those looking to efficiently apply self massage techniques using trigger point therapy. The information presented is invaluable, especially for those of us who simply don't have the money or time to seek consistent massage therapy from an "expert". In fact, Claire Davies allows the simple layman to become an expert at learning about his or her own body and how to fix our own musculature.

    For those few reviewers who indicated that this was too advanced as far as terminology (especially the author with an IQ over 160) - don't feel bad, maybe learning about your body isn't your cup of tea. But don't blame the book - the book is well written and well diagrammed that anyone can quickly learn and apply the techniques with little to moderate effort. You don't have to learn what the muscles are named, just refer to the diagrams and be willing to explore your own body to find them!

    Bottom line, if you are expecting overnight success or pain elimination, then you may or may not be disappointed, everyone is different. However, if you are looking for a cheap and effective long term solution, this might be what you have been seeking....more info
  • Good information
    This book has very useful information on management of pain. I did however find it very much like a text book. Diagrams were useful in locating trigger points....more info
  • been waiting for years for this one
    as a long-time sufferer of soft and connective tissue injuries (computers no less), this book is amazing. I just got it this week, read over the introduction... quite wonderful, really. It breaks down the body into separate parts, and then goes into each section, and each muscle which may have trigger points -- and most importantly, it shows you where the referred pain from that trigger point may manifest, which as injured people know is often different from where the trigger point actually is.

    very highly recommended! This book will allow you to start to heal yourself. You do have to heal yourself, because in 12 years I've only found one doctor, and one physical therapist, who actually knew what the heck was happening with me -- THEY DON'T KNOW.

    you have to be your own doctor -- this book will help take you there.
    ...more info
  • A Must Buy!
    This book is the Bible of Pain Relief! It dissects the muscles in plain English and tells you where to release trigger points (knots) in your body. I never knew that trigger points were what was causing me so much grief. You will refer to this book over and over again! [...]...more info
  • Empowering!
    There are a lot of trigger points and in some cases it can be hard to figure out what is causing your problem. I haven't found the quick, magical relief suggested by some of the book's stories. However, I have learned a lot from this book about the types of things that can cause problems with different muscles, and this type of knowledge is very valuable. I have been to a well-regarded spine doctor and spent 2+ months in chiropractic/physical therapy and got almost no good information there. "Don't bend or twist"--gee, thanks... My pain has always been intermittent so it is hard for me to tell whether any treatment helps, but with this book my mental anxiety is much less because I feel like I understand my body a lot better. ...more info
  • just what I hoped it would be
    It is an easy read and he gets to the point (so to speak) pretty quickly. Once past the intro, you will breeze through areas of the body starting with the most troublesome. I couldn't and wouldn't put it down until I got to the part about necks because I had such a bad headache and it helped before I went to sleep that night. If you are a chronic pain sufferer and nothing else has helped, look no further. Silly as it sounds, it has changed my life. ...more info
  • just basics
    I think this book isnt so detailed and i miss better pictures. As for trigger points, i would like to have a good real body pictures, which could help much more. the information is only basic.
    i expected more than i found in that book....more info
  • Recommended great book but with one complaint
    This book gives an explanation for the trigger points and pain. It is carefully backed by medical resources and explanations that doctors and therapists will thorougly understand. My complaint, and thus 3 stars, is that when you are in deep pain, the last thing you want to, is read all the medical terms and trying to go from one page to a far out other, looking for which trigger point is causing pain. As the book says it is geared to giving ourselves the trigger point relief, it should at least have an Appendix-like summary with all trigger points related to, for example wrist pain, another for arm pain, neck pain, etc., and without the need to go several pages and read so much detail and medical mumbo-jumbo. Remember, we are in pain! But I congratulate the authors for the thorough explanations that one can read while not in such pain. I recommend you buy the Thera-cane, and read the instructions as an instant resource, backed by this book, which I do recommend....more info
  • Wonderful book! The book is in excellent condition. Shipment was timely.
    Wonderful book! Great guide to those with pain, especially chronic pain. Davis and his daughter give easy to follow instructions. Excellent descriptions of referred pain and how to care for yourself. Highly recommnended. The book was in top shape...brand new!...more info
  • A lifesaver
    I am not intending to trash medical doctors. But sometimes you go to MDs and they just have no answer to what you are suffering from. I have a broken fibula and torn multiple ligaments. Went to see 4 different doctors. After the plaster came off my leg I couldn't walk because my ankle was hurting too much. 3 months passed by but the pain was not going away as doctors said. On the internet I found out about the peroneal nerve damage that could be caused broken fibula. I remembered this book on my shelf and read about the peroneal nerve and ankle pain, and then massaged the points. The results were instant and simply amazing. I was able to do the heel-toe motion without any pain in my foot or ankle. I still have to massage the points but knowing how to manage the pain is the second best thing after not having any pain. I never read the book from cover to cover, but whenever I have pain this book is my go-to pain management guy. Unbelievably effective....more info
  • It works!
    This book is excellent ! Clearly written and well illustrated. Moreover, it works at least as I tried it. I did find a massage therapist who uses this technique, who said the book was the one she also used, and gave me a trigger point massage for a muscle/tendon strain. I was pain free the next day and for several days after. I plan to continue with both her and this technique....more info
  • Good Stuff
    Worth every penny. It takes a little practice to get some of the techniques just right but the payoff is great....more info
  • Highly recommended!
    That book, with very clear explanations accessible to all, did allow us, at home, to solve 3 problems, simply by locating the trigger points which were causing the problem.

    After seeing how efficient this therapy is (and far less costly and time consuming than visits to physiotherapists and chiropractors, by all means most respectable health practitioners), I decided to also buy the book specifically aiming at frozen shoulder. My husband had to endure that, before we were more knowlegeable, and we want to be ready if it ever happens.
    This book is worth a few pounds of gold.
    So thank you Mr Davies! I am most grateful to you!...more info
  • Excellent Book!!!
    This is a great book to ensure a successful session for future clients. I've really enjoyed the precise way the authors have described the point of trigger vs pain. I have used the methods and have had satisfied clientele. Advance workshop for trigger is also highly recommended, you will not put this book down....more info
  • Amazingly helpful
    This book gave me the tools to pull myself out of chronic back pain which prevented me from sitting down for nearly 3 years. I saw MD's, had injections for trigger points (which helped), but no follow through. My MD felt odd about giving me trigger point injections but didn't hesitate to refer me to surgeons who were doing experimental work for which I "was not a good candidate". When I found this book, it showed me how to help myself. The book is intelligent, it assumes you are interested in solving your own problems, and provides the information. Within 4 weeks I was virtually pain free, and I continue to be very active physically. - I still consult it whenever my body gets "out of whack", a natural consequence of use and aging. Strongly recommended for chronic pain, particularly for sports or injury related pain, as long as you are willing to study and learn what you need in order to help yourself!...more info
  • This Really Works
    I just ordered my second copy of this book because my first one is worn from so much use and from being borrowed by my friends. I have gotten tremendous relief by following the principles outlined by Mr. Davies. Whenever someone mentions their aches and pains, I refer them to the book. If you are diligent in locating your trigger points and follow the instructions for eliminating them, there is no doubt -- you will feel better! It is truly disappointing that so many in the medical field still don't use these kinds of principles as a first line of treatment....more info
  • good book if yu stick with it
    This book highlights a lot of things you just never consider. The only drawback is that the massaging is difficult to do yourself, but if you can get a massage therapist (or husband!)to get the right spots then it is worth it. I have not been able to keep up with the massages daily as suggested- but when I do them ,I have to admit I feel better. I have stiff fingers and the book points out this is radiating from my neck and forearms. To work on yourself is hard though- ...more info
  • It really works!!!
    This book is truly worth it, I gave it a try and and I'm still amazed that something so simple works so good. I have suffered from pain in my arms for over a year and a half due to excess computer work. Out of desperation I looked for a solution and bumped in to The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. I did the self massages indicated for my pains and My arms regained strength and the pain is 95% gone. My wife started to do the massage with the tennis ball for her back and her back pain is also gone. i continue to massage frequently now for my knees and feet and old aches are soon forgotten....more info
  • Very helpful book
    This book is a great self-help resource for many types of pain, and also provides an interesting and fairly easy understanding of anatomy.

    The first day I had the book, I visited my father who was suffering from a very painful inflammation of the big toe, which his doctor had diagnosed as gout, although his urine tests did not indicate the acid which is a sign of gout. (He has had gout several times.) The book stated that a certain trigger point condition is often misdiagnosed as "gout" or can exist simultaneously with actual gout. I used the illustration in the book dealing with "symptoms of gout" and other foot/toe pain, found the trigger point in his shin and pressed on it - my dad was MAD at this point! It hurt! But within a few minutes he admitted his toe felt a little better. The next morning he was astonished, saying "I don't know what to think - the pain and swelling is completely gone." Throughout the week he massaged that sore trigger point a few times a day while doing yoga stretches, his toe remained pain-free, and within a couple of weeks the trigger point stopped hurting too.

    I've been using the book's suggestion for back, neck and hip pain. Although my results haven't been as dramatic and permanent as my dad's (since he was more consistent in self-treatment that I have been) I can relieve the tension pretty easily following the directions in the book. I will also get a Theracane, a recommended self-massage tool, because many of the trigger points are hard to reach or massage by hand.

    This book makes me appreciate a good, professional masseuse who can do the trigger point work for me. But it's great to be able to take care of myself as much as possible. This is a resource I will use for the rest of my life....more info
  • Cured my back pain
    This pain started in a Ti Chi exercise class about 6 years ago. Just a nagging mid back pain that came and went. Chiropractic treatment helped but I could not do aerobics because it would come back. The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook showed me where and how to treat it. I got relief from the first self treatment and was cured within one week. Since then I have helped my son with his knee pain. I highly recommend this book, much pain and suffering can be avoided!...more info
  • really works!
    After having neck problems for years, I thought I'd give this a try. There really is something to this cause it took away the pain immediately! I usually have to wait to go to a massage therapist, but no more waiting I just use these trigger points and am relieved right away. It even worked on my husband, he couldn't believe it, as he is quite a skeptic himself. Very grateful for this book!...more info
  • Pain Relief
    Excellent advice on pain relief for neck, back and shoulder pain relief. This book is written in a plain understanding style and gives self help remedies for pain relief. You are shown the reasons why pain radiates from from damaged areas and how to manipulate and massage pain trigger points for relief. This book tells you what your doctor knows but does not tell you because it takes too long to describe whats happening to you....more info
  • The Self Treatment Guide
    This is an excellent book. The author explains in very clear terms, instructions on how to detect trigger points in various parts of our bodies and the various methods of massage.

    I zeroed down on the chapter for hands as I was buying this book as a gift for someone who has trigger thumb. You may be a bit put off by the medical terms but don't let those stranger terms deter you. The clear instructions accompanied by figures is sufficient to help you trace the source of the pain. I am beginning to enjoy learning the anatomy of the body and distinguishing between muscle and bone. A worthwhile investment for anyone wanting to learn how to treat their pain. ...more info
  • Pressure Points
    The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook: Your Self-Treatment Guide for Pain Relief, Second Edition
    We ordered two of these books and they came in excellent contition. Thank you. ...more info
  • Amazing. I was very surprised.
    I don't write many reviews unless a book is either exceptional or terrible. Looking at the reviews of this book, I think you get the picture. Even so, I felt compelled to write a review.

    Brief background, I've had chronic shoulder/upper neck pain since 1999. This has damaged my ability to stay in shape and has been an overall bummer. The pain has varied between minor to extreme that forced bed rest. No matter the case, its always been there. I've had surgery, chiropractic, you name it. The relief was only temporary at best.

    Stumbled on this book once I decided that much of modern medicine still seems to be side stepped by the bodies most common and simple problems. So I decided to take matters into my hands and did lots of research. Many paths led me to this book.

    In summary- I was shocked. After reading for 1 hour, applying the learnings, my pain is already reduced by about 50%. This was in the first couple of days.

    It works, try it....more info
  • Too technical
    The book was written with too many medical terms for a layman like me to be able to easily grasp many of the methods. I am sure if I were better educated I would be able to benefit more from the instructions....more info


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