Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Therapists
Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Therapists

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Since the publication of its first edition, the Handbook of Clinical Psychopharmacology for Therapists had filled a significant gap in the professional literature available to psychologists and other mental health clinicians: a practical, accessible guide to psychoactive medications that is both comprehensive and free from the complicated language and technical rigor found in medical schools texts. Thousands of therapists keep this book on their shelves to quickly reference drug facts for their clients. Tens of thousands of graduate and undergraduate students of psychology are first introduced to the medical treatment of mental health problems with the handbook. Now in its fifth edition, the book continues to be among the most important references for mental health clinicans.

The book is organized by disorder and, within each disorder, by medication. Reader learn the indications, contraindication, efficacy, side effects, and success indicators for each drug. Interactions between drugs are discussed, as are the differences between using certain medications in the treatment of adults and children and adolescents. In this edition, many details have been updated to reflect finds from ongoic research, including new material about the sexual side effects of antidepressants.

Customer Reviews:

  • Important tool for therapists
    This book is qpproachable about a topic that therapists need to have information about. It's a concise and informative book, and whether you agree/disagree about prescribing meds, it's still important to have this as a reference tool. ...more info
  • Fast, Fast , Fast!!!
    Such great customer service by sending this book so fast!! Thanks a lot....more info
  • Handbook Of Clinical Psychopharmacology For Therapists, Fourth Edition
    This book was described as having a dent in the cover. The hardback cover actually came with a tear in it. It's disappointing that this was not accurately described and I would not have purchased this book had I known....more info
  • For the extremely intelligent
    I needed this book for a class in graduate school but found it to be so difficult and frustrating to read that I put it down after the first chapter. It's pretentious and Millon's writing is unnecessarily complex. However, if you are extremely intelligent and don't mind having to read paragraphs several times to soak in the meaning, this could be the book for you....more info
  • Clinical Psychopharmacology
    A very detailed examination of the mind and the brain. Useful insights into pharmacotherapy and pharmacokinetics. Very thorough discussion of the implications for therapy....more info
  • Very accessible pharmacology text
    This is for non-scientists but does a great job of explaining the basic mechanisms of the brain and how different pathologies and treatments act on the brain. Because it is a textbook, some of the latest research findings are not in it, but it always includes the leading edge of research and inquiry....more info
  • Excellent clinical resource
    I fell upon this book while in graduate school. Though this book was not required for any course I was taking at the time, i bought it anyways for my own persnoal knowledge (for the price you can not go wrong). At the time, I was working in a psychiatric hospital and wanted to learn as much as possible about psychotropic medications, the disorders they treat and the neurobilological aspects of people. I used this book as one of many reference for a 2 hour presentation on psychotropic medications for a school project. I found this book indespensible then and now in clinical practice. Thank you to the authors for being able to create a concise, yet in-depth review of this subject matter.
    ...more info
  • Perfect Condition, Speedy Delivery
    Book was in perfect condition and I received it 3-4 days after I ordered it. Would definitely purchase from this seller in the future....more info
  • Great Text!
    I teach a psychopharm class to graduate students, and this book has been wonderful. The chapters align themselves very well to the DSM-IV-TR and the psychopathology class students ususally take in conjunction to this class. It is easy to read and the graphs helps the reader to better understand the materials. I've used several books in the past, but I, along with my students, think this one is great....more info
  • Excellent!
    I recieved it in two days. The book is in perfect condition. Thank you very much!!! :)...more info


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