Gluten-Free Baking Classics
Gluten-Free Baking Classics

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This revised edition of Annalise Roberts' popular cookbook is a welcome choice for those allergic to?gluten who?want to enjoy?delicious?fresh-baked foods. Roberts presents easy-to-use recipes and techniques for baking everyday basics like bread and cookies?as well as classic treats like brownies and biscuits. Sample delights include Multi-Grain Artisan Bread, Hazelnut Cake, and Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Doughnuts. These recipes use precise mixes of non-wheat-based, gluten-free flours that only the baker?need know are allergy safe. Gluten-Free Baking Classics is designed for all skills levels, from?beginner to seasoned, and the book is especially useful for novices since it contains detailed instructions on how to get started, as well as?timeless baking techniques and guidelines to assure success. Also included are tips on how to incorporate gluten-free baking into a busy weekly schedule, and the book explains why baking wholesome and delicious breads, muffins, cakes, and other items is so important for emotional and physical well-being.

Customer Reviews:

  • You don't need to eat GF to love this book
    I have known Annalise Roberts for many years and have had the pleasure of eating her variety of baked goods. When she was diagnosed with celiac she took her passion for good food and applied it to the challenge of gluten free baking. The result is this wonderful book. It simplifies the process by using a simple flour mixture that can be used for almost everything. The book contains a wide variety of recipes that are as good as, and in some cases, better than the original gluten version. The end product is much fresher, tastier and more cost effective than anything you can buy in the supermarket. It was very touching to hear a mother talk about how wonderful it was to have a birthday party for her son and have ALL the children want to eat the gluten free cupcakes rather than having her son have to eat something special while the other kids had regular baked goods. The book is simply written and all of these recipes are thoroughly tested and have been loved by many. You can't go wrong buying this book....more info
  • a pleasant surprise
    I was very pleasantly surprised after trying several of the gluten-free recipes in this book. My family members that CAN eat gluten prefer these recipes to the glutenous ones! I've tried other book's recipes that claim this type of hype, but then it's clear once you make something, that it doesn't hold a candle to the real thing. Well, Ms. Roberts has figured it out. Thanks to her for taking the time to get it right!...more info
  • Wonderful complete set of basic recipes
    I really like the flavor of the cake and cookie recipes I tried. The only problem I had was that I used the superfine flour she recommended and I found that even though I followed the recipe to the letter, it made the batter gluey, like taffy. It was really hard to spread - it kept "snapping back" into place. I tried a couple different techniques like not beating the batter very long, etc. but I still get the taffy-effect. However, I found the final product not gritty at all using the superfine flour and the flavor level & combinations she uses are excellent; I think I'll just stick with using the regular grind flour though....more info
  • Wow! All I can say is wow!
    After trying several baking mixes and recipes that produced less-than-edible results I was thrilled to make muffins that had EXACTLY the texture of real muffins. My non GF friends can't tell that the muffins and cookies I make from this cookbook are gluten-free... and my kids love all the recipes. If you have Celiac and are a baker you MUST buy this cookbook....more info
  • Finally! REAL food again!
    This wonderful book gives our family back the taste of real food - but keeps everything gluten-free. Annalise offers helpful tips, suggestions, and fabulous recipes. Cakes, cookies, even breads, Annalise has created recipes that are both easy and oh-so-tasty! THIS is my cookbook!...more info
  • My #1 Gluten-Free Cookbook Recommendation
    I'm excited to see that this awesome cookbook now has a revised edition with even more recipes! I recently was hired at a health food store that specializes in gluten-free products and this book was my top recommendation for the store to offer! We have it featured in our bulk gluten-free flours area and I refer customers to it all the time! Not complicated to use and it is full of wonderful recipes the whole family will enjoy....more info
  • Best Gluten-free baking book by far!
    We've read all the gluten free cookbooks and own quite a few and this is the best one on baking hands down! The author is a very experienced baker and it's apparent in the recipes. They are easy to follow and successful every time. It's important to have great recipes for the classics like bread crumbs, foccacia, pizza, pie crusts and birthday cakes. This book completely fills that bill. We're hoping she writes more!...more info
  • Best cornbread I ever ate
    This is a great cookbook. I bought it to make a carrot cake for Easter, inspired by a good gluten-free carrot cake found in a local restaurant. The one I baked from one of Roberts' recipes was far better - and the cornbread is amazing. (Gobbled up by friends not on a GF diet too, some of whom asked for the recipe.) Most of her non-bread recipes use a very fine brown rice flour that was new to me, but buying it was well worth it. I've just bought the millet and sorghum flours her bread recipes require, and am waiting for my French bread pan to come - with confidence that they too will be wonderful. ...more info
  • At last!!! Really great gluten-free baking
    Having experimented with gluten-free baking for 9 years, I was skeptical about another book and wondered if it would produce the results I was hoping for. AMAZING RESULTS! These recipes are foolproof and easy to make with great success. My daughter was diagnosed with MS at age 18 and restricts her diet, not only without gluten, but also without milk or dairy. These recipes were fantastic made with Almond Milk. The chocolate cake worked well with cocoa powder. The bread is by far the best I have made. I am delighted that I have found a wonderful recipe for her wedding cake. I really do believe that part of the success is the extra fine brown rice flour. I do agree that one should only purchase the brand recommended. The rise is wonderful and the baked items don't fall like so many other gluten free recipes. What has been wonderful is sharing the baked goods with other family members that have not one clue that the recipe I made is gluten free, dairy free, soy free and tastes so great. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with the new experience of baking gluten free. Thanks to the author for such a fantastic book....more info
  • Lifesaver for my little boy's 1st Birthday!
    It isn't often I feel passionately enough about a book or product to actually pen a review, but as the mother of a one-year-old with anaphylaxis-level allergies to wheat, I could kiss this author for "saving" my son's birthday party! My baby's wheat sensitivity is exactly the type parents dread, so severe it landed us in the ER the first time he was exposed to wheat, with such virulence his pediatrician banned wheat from MY diet as long as our son nurses. Overnight, our household became a wheat-barren landscape: our child never knowing animal crackers or teething biscuits, all of us happily substituting rice pasta into homemade mac-and cheese, my husband sneaking Subway at lunch.

    A month ago, though, we began planning the ubiquitous overdone first birthday celebration. We had some degree of faith we'd find a cookbook, but having tried market-ready wheat-free products ourselves, slogging through the dry, dense world of commercially-prepared baked goods and deciding we'd rather go without bread in the house than provide storage space for yet another crumbling compacted rice block, we had little faith in our final preparation. I did the requisite research, reluctantly settling on Ms. Roberts' Gluten-Free Baking Classics; the reviews looked good, the recipes at least had some variety, and if it was going to be bad, at least it was the best of the awful available in our newfound wheat-free world.

    So imagine my surprise when my husband, fearing social ostracization in the face of a probable brick-cake debacle, coyly suggested he'd like some cupcakes when our cookbook arrived? The author's introductory chapters list very specific mixing and handling instructions for her basic flour (another plus for this book, it uses a singular flour mix for the majority of the recipes), and while I followed her mixing instructions, I did defy the author's admonition not to scoop right out of the container once our project was underway! Having no idea how this wheatless batter would react anyway, I halved the recipe and only partially filled the cupcake tins, expecting little rise or texture. After all, these suckers would clearly not be something we wanted excess of cluttering our counter or fridge space with a party coming up. But within half an hour, lo and behold! Beautiful, peaked, butter-colored mounds rising just above the rims? The scent of warm vanilla permeating the kitchen?? My husband sneaking in, peeking into the oven, drooling with anticipation??? And me, ever the pessimist, shooing him away and reminding him this was, after all, gluten-free!

    The final verdict, though?
    Light, fluffy, sweet, moist cupcakes, spongy on the inside with delicately crisped edges: a resounding success! Ms. Roberts' vanilla cupcakes were our first outright baking success in almost a year!! We used the Coconut layer Cake recipe as a stepping-off point for my son's birthday cake (I adapted a certain cable "Network" that does "Food"s "Lime in the Coconut" cake instead, using this as my template). We've only had our cookbook two weeks, but if the rest of it is as good as what we've tried so far, we look forward to many continued successes!

    I guess the two questions I had when I was looking to at least be able to give my son a REAL birthday cake were a) can you tell these dishes are wheat-free, and b) despite all the glowing reviews, are these things really any good-- or just good by a wheat-free standard? Well, when it comes down to it, they are a tiny bit different, but not in a way that's truly discernable, and certainly not in a way that's "bad." It's hard to put your finger on exactly what varies from the original, and unless you've been baking (or eating baked goods) for some time, there's nothing you'll sincerely miss from the original. These products' difference may be as simple as their "lacking" the flavor of wheat, but when it comes down to it, there's no negativity implied in that difference. It's simply a new breed of culinary aestheticism. Ms. Roberts' recipes are truly priceless in the niche they fill, representing works of culinary art and sensory pleasure in their own right. And yes, they are good. Great even in some senses. Nothing you will ever regret, and certainly nothing that would ever lead you to look back on the wheat and gluten-laden diet you once revelled in with any sense of longing.

    This book quells the great carb demon, and re-establishes the parts of your diet you really do come to miss living wheat-free: pizza, cookies, sandwiches. Yes, even birthday cake, too. Follow the directions for the author's flour mix, blend well, and you'll have a canvas from which to work, take liberties, create your own decadent wheat-free treats.
    ...more info
  • Best GF cookbook I've found.
    I had an ever-growing collection of gluten-free cookbooks, driven by mediocre recipes or lack of the specific recipes I wanted... but then I found Gluten Free Baking Classics and I no longer need to go looking for bigger or better cookbooks.

    Every single recipe is an absolute winner. The shortbread is divine, the chocolate chip cookies are my new standard, the vanilla cupcakes are better than my old wheat-flour ones, and I have total confidence when I try a new recipe that it will turn out wonderfully. Easy recipes and tips make it even better (no running around town looking for 10 different kinds of flour). This book may be smaller and simpler than others, but it is the best; I have recommended it to all of my celiac friends. *****...more info
  • Thanks!
    Excellent results on the recipes. If you have the patience and determination to get all the extra ordinary ingredients not available in regular grocery stores, you will be rewarded....more info
  • Real Bread Again!
    OMG! I can't believe I can have real bread again.
    I have tried every recipe under the sun to get a "real" tasting loaf of bread. I've tried the "gluten-free gourmet" series and others, as well as recipes off the internet and my own odd experiments. While some of the recipes before produced something passable to eat, they were just that -- passable. Also, they are mostly made with white rice flour and starches which have NO nutritional value. I wanted something to at least have some fiber and be a little healthier for my family. Annalise uses brown rice, sorghum, and millet flours which have a much better nutritional value and don't have "odd" tastes. She still uses the starches, but that is to get the consistency or "mouth feel" just right.
    I've only cooked the one recipe from this book so far (sub sandwich bread), but I am so utterly overjoyed by the results I just had to share immediately. The bread cooked up nice and crispy with a really beautiful texture (crumb) inside. This tastes just like real french bread.
    Before I went gluten-free I had a fetish about bread making. I made every type of bread possible, including pizzas, pretzels, bagels, etc. My friends and family raved about my breads. I love to bake so much and got such great results, that we stopped buying bread at the store. I made sandwich rolls we kept in the fridge and ate when we wanted a sandwich, or sliced and toasted for breakfast. Needless to say, I really missed my "habit" when I had to go gluten free, so I fruitlessly searched and tried everything imaginable. Then I read the Amazon reviews for Gluten-Free Baking Classics by Annalise G. Roberts. I was skeptical as I had so many failures but decided to give it a try. Boy am I glad I did!
    Not only did my bread turn out delicious, it was very easy to make. Annalise has a great section on her "standard" and "bread flour" mixes. I wish she went into more detail about WHY you need so much starch, etc. in the flour mixes and gave you some pointers on how to mix different types of flours, but all-in-all she does a great job.
    I'm off to try Chocolate chip cookies, and Soft Pretzels next!!
    Happy baking!
    ...more info
  • The Best!
    This is by far the best gluten free cookbook I have come across. It is so good that when my son makes the recipes for bake sales he always sells out. People can't believe that the muffins, breads and cookies don't have any gluten!
    For the holidays I used to make gluten free baked goods and baked goods with wheat flour for the family members that didn't need to be gluten free. But thanks to this book I am now only making gluten free. ...more info
  • Best bet
    I'm extremely happy with this cookbook. All of the recipes I've tried so far have been spectacular. We especially like the yellow cake & cupcakes, which are not only delicious but really easy to make.

    I appreciate the extra tips and directions Roberts gives in the beginning of the book and on each page. I'm the type of baker that prefers to be told exactly what works instead of experimenting.

    Since my daughter's diagnosis a year ago, this has been my best resource for baking I have found....more info
  • excellent recipes
    i highly recommend this gf book. the recipes are well tested and so great. the dinner rolls are fabulous.... and the bagels are easy to make and great as well. we were not disappointed....more info
  • I look forward to using Annalise's recipes!
    I am so happy I found Annalise Roberts' book! I made a lot of recipes from her book and I want to tell you that every recipe I've made, and there are many, came out just fantastic! From the breads, muffins, cakes, homemade pasta dough, pie crust, oh and the chocolate chip cookies are excellent! all I can say is that you'll have tears in your eyes for tasting such wonderful food! You'll be amazed on how good these recipes are! The recipes don't use a lot of sugar from what I've read here, I think the sugar amount is reasonable (even less than expected). I didn't like some of the products you buy at the stores and I was bound to make them myself and using Annalise Roberts' recipes, you'll be so happy :) !! You've already read that she uses a superfine brown rice gf flour blend for most of her recipes; and 2 different flour blends (different amount of millet/sorghum) for Bread Flour mix. Tip: If you don't want to order the superfine brown rice gf flour blend, you can grind the brown rice flour you buy at your local stores in a Vita-Mix for under 1 min., 1/2 cup at a time, or I've read some people use their coffee grinder.

    ...more info
  • Gluten Free Goes Mainstream
    My daughter's household is gluten/casein free and she has been struggling for years to create alternate goodies to fill in the considerable blanks these limitations leave. She has had some success, and a lot of disappointments as she experimented with different flours. I sent her this book after reading a review, and she tried a cookie cutter cookie recipe and was thrilled with the results. She hasn't been able to make cut out cookies for years. Since then she has made several other recipes with similar success. I tried the lemon bars and the brownies for an office event, trying to see if they could compete with regular desserts. They were both gone, and there were plenty of complements all around, with no one knowing their gluten free status. I am making an effort to include some of these recipes into my repertoire even though I don't need it, because I think it's good to have a varied diet, and this extends to breads and desserts. And, I'll be able to send my daughter and her family surprise goodies now and then, a treat for me....more info
  • Great Cookbook!!
    This is a great gluten free cookbook. I have made a bunch of the recipes and they are wonderful!! ...more info
  • Gluten-Free Baking Classics
    This cookbook is Excellent, no one will ever know that what you have baked is gluten-free! ...more info
  • Good food for celiacs!
    Good recipes for celiacs that allow you to feel "normal" again! Enjoy comfort foods with this book that has wheat flour substitutes. Hagman is well respected in the community....more info
  • Best GF Baking Cookbook I have found
    I stumbled upon this cookbook in the bookstore and bought it. It has become my favorite and most used GF baking guide. It is the only one I really use anymore. Recipe ingredients are simple, processes are easy, and the end products are DELICIOUS! My Non-Celiac friends are asking for the recipes. I have even started making my own creations using the base recipes in this book. I am ordering of these books as Christmas gifts....more info
  • Gluten-Free Baking Classics
    This is my favorite book for baking. The recipes are very easy to read and understand and the ingredients are easy to get. Everything I baked so far turned out very good and even friends (who are not on a gluten-free diet) love this book and the recipes. I gave several away as gifts. ...more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    This is a great book! The vanilla cupcake recipe is soooo good. No one can tell that they are gf! If you are looking for a gluten free cookbook this is the one to buy. I even made the Lemon Layer Cake for my dad's birthday and the whole family loved it...even my 93 year old grandmother. She said "This is gluten free, it's delicious". I'm not making that up-she's a hard critic too. ...more info
  • Now in a significantly revised and expanded second edition
    Today in America there are approximately three million people who are allergic to wheat, having a condition diagnosed as 'Celiac Disease'. These are people who must avoid the consumption of gluten and therefore all traditional wheat-based baked goods from breads, to muffins, to cakes, to even the simple donut. Now in a significantly revised and expanded second edition, "Gluten-Free Baking Classics" by Annalise G. Roberts offers a culinary wealth of 'kitchen cook friendly', delicious, gluten-free baked goods that will result in cakes and muffins, pies and tart shells, cookies and brownies, pizza crusts and sandwich breads, pancakes and pastas that are as light, as flavorful, and as filling as those made with wheat. Of special note are the 'Chef's Notes' providing tips and advice throughout. Enhanced with the inclusion of an introduction to gluten free baking, a section listing measurements and equivalents, and a comprehensive index, the recipes range from such classics as Cinnamon Rolls; Buttermilk Biscuits; Gingerbread; and Chocolate Doughnuts; to more exotic fare as Hazelnut Biscotti; Savory Crepes; Babka (Ukrainian Style); and Golden Italian Bread with Raisins and Fennel. "Gluten-Free Baking Classics" is a welcome addition to community library cookbook collections in general, and the family cookbook shelves of anyone having to deal with Celiac Disease for themselves or a loved one.
    ...more info
  • best GF chocolate chip cookies ever!!!
    I got this cookbook about a year ago and have been happily using it ever since. It has the best recipe for GF choc chip cookies I have ever tried. I think the big difference is in the superfine flour blend, which I order now from authentic foods. I also love the pie crust. I have taken a pie and the cookies to a family reunion and no one even suspected they were gluten free. They were gone in minutes!! I make all my kids birthday cakes using this book. Also great muffin recipes, apple pie, pizza crust is wonderful if you like a crispy cracker thin crust like my family. If you buy one GF cookbook to bake with, make it this one. Everything I have tried in it is excellent. You will love it. ...more info
  • THE Gluten Free Cookbook
    I discovered I have celiac disease almost four years ago. I started out researching online, leafing through the old recipes my grandmother had written. I graduated to Bette Hagman's books. Those didn't quite it hit it, but I figured, eh, such is life, and went on about my way. On a whim, I picked up this book in a bookstore, and my baking life changed. I want pizza? I make pizza. I need chocolate chip cookies for a dozen people? I make them. Sandwich rolls? Sure, no problem. How about a pie crust that you can roll out instead of press into a pan? (Granted, a little plastic wrap will help.) I'm in the process of culling all the unnecessary things out of my kitchen (I've managed to collect two shelves of cookbooks!) but this one and Gluten-free, Sugar-free Cooking: Over 200 Delicious Recipes to Help You Live a Healthier, Allergy-Free Life are NOT leaving my kitchen.

    Bottom line: If you can only afford to get one cookbook, get this one. And follow the recipe! The flours really do matter!...more info
  • I look forward to using Annalise's recipes!
    I am so happy I found Annalise Roberts' book! I made a lot of recipes from her book and I want to tell you that every recipe I've made, and there are many, came out just fantastic! From the breads, muffins, cakes, homemade pasta dough, pie crust, oh and the chocolate chip cookies are excellent! all I can say is that you'll have tears in your eyes for tasting such wonderful food! You'll be amazed on how good these recipes are! The recipes don't use a lot of sugar from what I've read here, I think the sugar amount is reasonable (even less than expected). I didn't like some of the products you buy at the stores and I was bound to make them myself and using Annalise Roberts' recipes, you'll be so happy :) !! You've already read that she uses a superfine brown rice gf flour blend for most of her recipes; and 2 different flour blends (different amount of millet/sorghum) for Bread Flour mix. Tip: If you don't want to order the superfine brown rice gf flour blend, you can grind the brown rice flour you buy at your local stores in a Vita-Mix for under 1 min., 1/2 cup at a time, or I've read some people use their coffee grinder.

    ...more info
  • reducing my wheat and glutten intake
    I'm reducing my wheat and gluten intake to see how my body motabilizes food. This book is the best cookbook period. Because it is a gluten and wheat free book is beside the point. I eat as healthy as I can because my immediate family is diabetic and overweight. I have reduced my sugar intake as well. I know the author says to follow directions exactly but I have substited sugar and eggs in her recipe with no problems. I use xyletol, agave, stevia and zero instead of sugar. I also use an egg replacer. So far there is no prolems. the combinations of the recipes are amazing. Thank you to the author for taking the time and energy to pass on this labor of love. It is very much appreciated....more info
  • Fabulous
    Purchased for my mother and she loves her desserts. However, it is very difficult to find gluten free desserts in the store. She loves this book and recommends it to anyone....more info
  • Best gluten-free cookbook
    I've purchased a number of gluten-free cookbooks since my husband was diagnosed with celiac disease a couple of years ago. This is the first one that has recipes that actually taste like the wheat-flour versions! I had given up on gluten-free baking, but somehow this book caught my eye, and am I ever glad. I just made the chocolate chip cookies for my husband and ate 5 of them myself even though I've pretty much given up sweets! I can't wait until he gets up and tries them! He craves good baked goods and these will be a definite hit. Thanks for the great recipes!...more info
  • the absolute BEST gluten free baking cookbook on the market today
    I worship Annalise Roberts for this cookbook! I've got a big stack of GF cookbooks, and I've tried lots of GF recipes, but NOTHING comes close to what I've experienced from this cookbook. She has a totally pragmatic approach by giving a few different combinations of flours that can be used for everything. This makes baking GF as difficult as baking with wheat. It simplifies the task a great deal. Instead of three flours, you're using one, just like with a regular baking recipe. No more spending a fortune on GF mixes, either--use these combos freely, they work. There is so much information here that I don't dread trying a recipe anymore, not if it's from her book. And unlike many GF authors, her GF books are about baking--no chicken and creme brulee recipes here. Hello, we already KNOW chicken and creme brulee are gluten free. Annalise is a whiz. I am SO GLAD I found her....more info
  • The best gluten-free cookbook I've ever used
    I own a number of gluten-free cookbooks that are okay, or at least thought they were before coming across this little jem. Most recipes in the previous books I've owned haven't turned out great or have a real "gluten-free" taste to them that wasn't very appealing...until I discovered this book. I have made bread that actually TASTES like REAL bread, the cakes are amazing and the oatmeal cookies are great as well as the ice-cream sandwiches are heaven! I am telling everyone I know about this cookbook. In fact, I may have to throw away all my other gluten-free cookbooks because nothing compares to what I've tried in this book! Thank you Annalise Roberts! You have made being a Celiac a piece of cake!...more info
  • Wholesome flour blends , great taste & texture
    This is the best cookbook I have used in 7 years of (mostly) depressing attempts to make or eat gluten-free bread! The bread has a good texture, keeps well (I sprinkle sesame seed on the top and bottom of her sandwich bread loaf before baking - it is also non-crumbly after refrigeration. The flours used are much more nutritious, too. Her brownie recipe resulted in the best brownie that I have ever tasted - her clear explanations on baking methods and flour mixes are also quite helpful. The book is restricted to baked breads and some desserts, but is a very good foundation for gluten-free baking. I am so very glad I found this book - if you crave "real" bread (and an occasional brownie...) you will love this one. Author obviously is a skilled baker!...more info
  • My Favorite GF Cookbook.
    I've accumulated a couple GF cookbooks since I was diagnosed with celiac disease. This is by FAR my favorite. Just about every recipe I've tried from this book- bread, muffins, pound cake- has been great. Even my friends, who don't need to eat gluten free, have loved them.

    ...more info
    The New York Cheesecake recipe is great. We just had our Easter dinner and I fixed the New York Cheesecake. The Cheesecake was terrific!!! My 29 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with Celiac's. Having come from a long line of cooks and baker's I felt I was up for the challenge.Finding the flours was the biggest chore. The cheesecake went together great. The crust was a little tricky but don't be put off by the fragility of the dough. Just use a little of the flour mix to coat your hands and be patient. Even though the crust looked a little worse for wear in the pan the end result was wonderful. The orange and lemon rind are a real plus. Final word, just try this recipe, it will be worth your time....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I love baked goods and never thought that I would be able to enjoy them again the way that I used too. So far I have made bread, pizza dough and chocolate chips cookies and loved them! Some of my family who are not gluten free tried the cookies and loved them. They said they were just as good or better then the wheat kind. The pizza dough was perfect. It was the first time I've a good pizza in a long time. I'm excited to make some cakes and brownies now!...more info
  • Gluten Free Baked Goods that TASTE Good
    I had to wait for this book to be shipped because it was on back order. It was well worth the wait!

    I've baked for well over 20 years. My husband was just diagnosed with Celiac disease this past December. Yes, right before Christmas!

    I've tried numerous recipes from on-line sources and other gluten-free cookbooks. Until I received this book, my baking attemps were mostly all "flops". This book would be worth it's price if only for the Focaccia bread recipe. My husband actually ate this bread! I'm going to try the Crusty French Bread next. To be able to make a gluten free bread that is actually edible is a dream come true!

    The Chocolate Fudge Cake is wonderful and no one had a clue the Chocolate Chip Cookies I brought to work were gluten free.

    My only caution is to read Chapters 1 through 3 before you attempt a recipe. Follow the recipes exactly and do NOT substitute! If you use the specific ingredients, sifting, measuring and mixing according to directions, you'll have wonderful results. Using Ms. Roberts' specific flour blends makes all the difference in the end product.
    ...more info
  • Better than my old wheat flour cakes...
    Finally gluten-free baking with results that you would expect from the best non-GF cookbooks!

    I made the brown flour baking mix just as she said using the authentic foods brown rice flour (a little more $ but worth it). The chocolate chip cookies were delicious and I served them to non-GF friends who complemented me on the need to tell them they aren't eating wheat. The coconut cake with coconut frosting tastes like it came from a high-end bakery and is even better than some of my old wheat cakes, moist crumb, held together well, very tender and again non-GF folks think it's just scrumptious.

    So far the recipes have been simple and come together quickly thanks to the clear instructions provided.

    A note: sometimes the batters appear thicker than what you might be used to with wheat baking or other GF recipes. The cake batter was super thick and the cranberry bread batter seemed very dry compared to what I am used to but once baked you can see and taste that the proportions were perfect.
    ...more info
  • Tasty recipies
    Bought this book recently after stuggling to create GF breads in my bread machine. I spotted this as a "companion" book to Annalise's GF Baking Classics for the Bread Machine. So far made the Lemon Coconut and Carrot Spice muffins. MMMmm. My friend who is allergic to wheat, raved about the Lemon Coconut muffins and was so very thrilled to have some bread again. For those that don't like to make up large batches of the flour mixes, she does give the proportions in the beginning pages of the book for making up single batches of the mixes as well as the measurements for making up bulk batches. So far I've found all the recipes to be very moist, something lacking in other GF recipies I've tried. It's well worth the money to buy this book, and it was very reasonably priced to start with....more info
  • Another classic but it could be better
    I am most definitely a fan of Annalise. I had purchased her first release of GF Baking Classics and then of course purchased the updated one to try the new recipes. I do however have a few gripes that kept me from granting 5 stars.

    First and foremost, I am NOT a fan of flour mixes nor will I ever be. I much prefer to mix up the ingredients required for a recipe. Flour mixes DO NOT save time nor money. I bake at least 6 hours a week and I enjoy variety. That means I will not be baking something from the same cookbook or even author 2 weeks in a row so I risk having my flour mixes go bad. Not a good thing considering the expense of the ingredients. If I do not have a flour mix made or have too little for the recipe, I will more often than not find a replacement recipe that does not require a flour mix. This is one of the main reasons I do not use her books as often as I would like. One my favorite GF Eglish Muffin recipe I got it off of her website a few years ago and it does not use a flour mix. It is thus quick to prepare and I make them often. If Annalise could find a way to revise her book to include flour measurements for those of us who do not like mixes, that would be wonderful. Bottom line: If you do not like flour mixes either, you most likely will not use this book as often as others in your collection regardless of the finished product.

    My only other complaint is that I often find her bread recipes a bit on the dry and crumbly side. They are perfect out of the oven but once cooled, tend to dry and crumble. I have adjusted the wet ingredients to compensate with some success. On the positive side, her bread recipes are not loaded with eggs like most GF bread recipes and make a wonderful tasting loaf.

    Next to Easy Gluten Free Baking by Elizabeth Barbone, this is one of the best GF Baking cookbooks you can buy.

    ...more info
  • New to eating Gluten-Free? This is a great start!
    I am new to eating gluten-free and this book was given to me as a gift along with a few other books. This was by far the best book. The recipes are great. She also gives great information about how gluten-free cooking works in general so you can look at how to convert your own favorite recipes. I think this is a great first book for those who just started eating gluten-free. ...more info
  • Gluten Free Baking Basics
    Baking gluten-free is like stepping into another land where everything you know 'works' now doesn't... Gluten-Free Baking Classics is one of two gluten-free cookbooks that I purchased recently and I was not only surprised with the simplicity, but was completely amazed with the results.

    While there are 'special' flours and starches that must be combined in order to create basic flour mixes, most (if not all) can easily be purchased at any health food store. Once you have the two basic mixes made, it's on to some serious baking!

    Wheat-based cookies, cakes, pies and quick breads are easily replicated and in many cases, improved upon as the texture and taste of Annalise Roberts recipes shines through. However, yeast-based, gluten-free breads are more difficult to replicate and as such, I found these recipes a bit lacking. (I could absolutely be incorrect here, but I don't believe that anyone has successfully created a non-wheat-based substitute for real-wheat-based bread since the stretchy, gluten component is absent). In all fairness to Annalise Roberts, her yeast breads have a wonderful flavor and do make excellent crunchy toast.

    One thing to be aware of is that in order to successfully create these recipes, it will be necessary to purchase EXTRA-FINE brown rice flour. Using regular brown rice flour will DEFINITELY make a difference in the finished product.

    Even with my reservations, I would still recommend this book as a wonderful reference work for gluten-free baked goods....more info
  • Awesome!
    Love these recipes! The breads are just like I remember!
    Can't wait to try the bagels....more info
  • A-Mazing!!!
    I finally figured out I was intolerant to dairy and gluten. I'm a TOTAL junk food junkie and I REFUSE to eat subpar desserts simply because they fit my dietary needs. They HAVE to be good enough that I don't feel like I'm missing out. The recipes in this cookbook are incredible.
    1. The lemon cake on the front cover? TO DIE FOR!!! I replaced the butter with soy butter and the milk with soy milk and . . . ta da! Dairy-free as well!
    2. The chocolate chip cookies are awesome. You would honestly never guess they were gluten-free (or dairy-free for that matter!)
    3. The brownies are fantastic, but since I like less of a milk-chocolatey taste to my brownies I make them with Ghirardelli's Bittersweet Chocolate Chips (before I went dairy-free. Those chips are NOT dairy-free)and I think they're far better that way.
    4. I love the sandwich bread, although I only needed to bake it for half the time. Must be doing something wrong, but it still tastes great!
    5. The pizza crust is fantastic. The "dough" is ridiculously difficult to work with and you'd never think it could possibly bake into something that tasted both crisp and chewy, but surprise surprise!
    6. The rustic flat bread (focaccia) recipe is great. I actually use that bread as my sandwich bread. It tastes great toasted. It's just easier to make this bread than the sandwich bread so I usually just use this as my all-purpose bread.

    The great thing about this book is that it teaches you how to adapt normal recipes to suit a gluten-free lifestyle. This is truly the only gluten-free cookbook you need to buy because not only are the recipes great, but the basic flour mixes that she teaches you to make will help you make other things that aren't in this cookbook. Buy it! And make the lemon cake! (Although it takes FOREVER!)
    ...more info
  • Once is not enough
    I bought this book based on other reviews, and I was not disappointed. It was even better than I had hoped. The book has great recipes, and I've already made the muffins, and have plans to do a lot of baking over the holidays. Unless you tell someone they are eating a gluten-free product, they don't know it. The banana nut muffins were very tender and delicious, and my husband really liked them. This book is so exceptional that I bought a second copy - I'm paranoid of losing it, and/or getting drool stains on the pages. These recipes are well-thought out and clearly written. I'd recommend that you read the entire book before you start baking, so you can decide what to make first. The only color pictures are on the front and back covers and there are a very few black and white ones scattered though the book. More would have been nice, but I don't consider it absolutely essential. I value good recipes and clear directions more, which you definitely get with this book. I am going to buy a few more copies to gift gluten-free and celiac friends with. The price is very reasonable, and the book is invaluable to those of us that can't eat gluten. It's a real bargain, and has a wide range of recipes for just about any occasion or specific food that you can imagine. I am definitely loving this book, and this author. I hope she puts out another book or two. She is easily the best gluten-free author that I've come across, and I have read a lot of books by different authors. She is a creative, inspired cook, and a very good communicator. This book will keep you busy in the kitchen. Next up for me is the fabulous cake on the front cover, and then on to the cookies. Bread can wait, but sweets can't! I don't eat a lot of them at any one time, but my husband is a willing taster, and dispatches anything that I can't eat with amazing rapidity. The muffins were gone before they had a chance to get stale. I also like that she gives storage and freezing tips and times. This is one of those books that you only rarely find. I was lucky and if you buy this book, you will count yourself lucky too. Buy a copy before I buy the stock out for my friends! It really is that good....more info
  • Judia's Review
    The recipes are great but I am a visual person when it comes to recipes. little or no color pics left me a little less than excited about my purchase......more info
  • The essential GF baking cookbook!
    This is my FAVORITE gluten free cookbook! If I could only keep one of mine, this would be it. I haven't made everything in it yet, but I've probably made half of the recipes and every one is delicious and something to sing about. The cake recipes turn out great, the pizza crust is now my standby, and the chocolate ricotta muffins are just ridiculous -- I couldn't stop eating them! Plus, the author's directions are really good.
    We used her white vanilla cake recipe as my wedding cake in December, and everyone (gluten free and non gluten free alike) raved over it! Enough said....more info
  • The gluten-free baking book that made me love baking!
    I never was a huge baker before I found out I was allergic to wheat 10 years ago. Afterward, I would occasionally try to make gluten-free cakes and muffins and they turned out okay, but never great. Certainly nothing you'd feed to people who could eat wheat.

    When I saw the great reviews this book had on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. I made the lemon cake first. Wow. It was the best thing I've ever tasted. My boyfriend, who can eat wheat, ate both 8-inch cakes in 3 days (yes, I was mad ;-) ). Later he said he had a lemon cake at a nice restaurant and was disappointed because it wasn't as good as the one from this book. My 16 year-old cousin said it was his new favorite cupcake.

    After that, I started baking all the time and enjoyed tons of things I haven't been able to eat for 10 years. Carrot cake, ice cream sandwiches, doughnuts, I've made them all. I've also given these to people who can eat wheat and they love them. I make many things dairy free as well, I just substitute rice milk (I find the brands with a creamier texture work best).

    I do find, as some other reviewers have noted, that Annalise Roberts likes her baked goods quite sweet, and sometimes oily. I am not watching my weight or sugar intake, I just like the treats better with some small changes. Here is a list of the things I have made with my adjustments:

    Carrot cake: I used unsweetened coconut, and I added a cup of (well-drained) crushed pineapple. I replaced 1/4 of a cup of oil with applesauce, and I reduced the sugar by 1/8 of a cup. This was the first gluten free baked treat my roommates tried, and they kept saying for the next few months, "Hey... when are you going to bake again?" Actually, they kept asking until we moved out last September!

    Old-fashioned doughnuts: I changed nothing! They are perfect as is. I gave them to my dad and he ate them late at night. The next day he told me, "You know, I was expecting to feel sick after I ate those, or at least neutral. But, after I ate them I felt fantastic!" I felt the same way. I made the chocolate doughnuts too but I liked the old-fashioned ones much better. Next time I'm going to use fresh-ground nutmeg to see if that makes a difference.

    Banana muffins: I used half brown and half Roger's organic sugar, and I mashed some banana and put it in the rice milk (her recipe called for chopped banana only). I reduced the liquid by 1 tbs of milk and 1 tbs of oil to compensate. My boyfriend ate 6 right out of the oven. I ate 3.

    Chocolate chip muffins. I made these for a pro-D day at my school (I teach elementary school). I also made some morning glory muffins using her basic muffin recipe. They were all gone by 3 pm. ORDINARY muffins don't disappear at my school like that.

    Ice cream sandwiches: Fabulous. I was so excited and I told everyone I ate my first ice cream sandwich in 10 years. They are best after they have been in the freezer for 3 or 4 days because the ice cream has time to make the cookie soft.

    Coconut cake: I used 1/8 of a cup less sugar and I made this into a 4-layer cake by cutting 2 layers in half. This was for my mom's birthday. Her friend that stayed over said the next morning, "I was dreaming of that cake of yours. I'm having it for breakfast!" My mom did too. Another one of her friends told me about a month later, "I was driving the other day and I was thinking about that cake you made for your mom... will you make it again?" I'm thinking about it right now. Mmm... cake.

    Sandwich bread: I had trouble with this bread, it kept falling in the oven. I did some research and realized that since I live in Vancouver, Canada, the moisture in the air is affecting my bread. I reduced the liquid slightly and I added a tablespoon of flour. I put in a little apple cider vinegar to tenderize the loaf. Now it rises beautifully and stays that way. I will post a picture one day if I get the chance.

    Focaccia bread. Same as above. Less liquid, more flour and a little vinegar. I also added 1 teaspoon of gelatin. I topped mine with sun dried tomatoes and basil. Yum!

    I also made cheese puffs, popovers, fudge cake, the pie crust and challah bread without any adjustments and they were all great. I also think this book helped me convince my dad to go gluten-free too, because it helped him realize the food could be really good. He feels so much better now.

    Anyway this book gave me a new pastime and a healthier dad, so I have to give it five stars :-) .
    ...more info
  • Gluten-Free Baking
    My partner was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and after one of her treatments she went into a book store next door to the hospital. She started talking with the sales woman about my problem with wheat. The sales woman recommended a wonderful book that she was using called Gluten-Free Baking Classics by Annalise G. Roberts. My partner brought the book home to me and I started going through it thinking, how are these going to taste as good or better then my favorite wheat goodies? Well to my happy surprise they are wonder. The pancakes are great. The biscuits are just like they should be, fantastic with butter and honey, etc. I even made the pecan pie. You really couldn't taste the difference and I am known for my pie crust. It is absolutely impossible to eat just one pumpkin muffin. I had to stop making them for awhile because they were all eaten in no time. I am looking forward to making all the other recipes.

    This book has truly been a gift for me. I suffered for years from an allergy to wheat that I wasn't even aware was the cause. I can never thank Annalise Roberts enough for all the work she has put in over the years trying to solve the gluten-free problem for herself and others. Bless her heart and many thanks. ...more info


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