Parenting Teens With Love And Logic (Updated and Expanded Edition)

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Parents need to teach their teens how to make
decisions responsibly--and do so without going crazy or damaging
the relationship. This book empowers parents with the skills and
tools necessary to set limits, teach important skills, and

Customer Reviews:

  • Who knew?
    I was happy with this book. Having not read the pre cursor book, this book provided an executive summary. Then it moves on to dealing with teens.

    My Sig Other does not have children so she is still at the point spilk milk is a big deal and she has not grown with my now full bore teen aged son.

    It has helped me realize how to better deal with him and let him start feeling real world consequences for his actions. No play acting for the real world.

    Also in the book there is an example of where things do get dangerous in the house and the parents kick the teen out to preserve the family. This action was a consequence for not being able to behave the household's guidelines. The has led me to believe Love and Logic might have some tough love parts to it.

    I'm hoping my teen makes it through high school and crossing my fingers. Hopefully this book will help me get through this period....more info
  • Parenting Teens with Love and Logic - Updated and expaned edition
    I was first given this book when I left my son with a theraputic Wilderness Program in Oregon in the US. I travelled with my son from the UK to SageWalk, a therapy centre for Teens who were finding it difficult to fit in with their families, and who had fallen into bad and destructive behavour cycles. Although this book is written in a very 'American' style and can be a little 'cheesy' for the British way of thinking, it is still an extremely effective and helpful tool that can help struggling parents and their children. There are sinarios in the book that can quite easily compare to the problems and struggles parents have today and there are helpful tips that can prevent a parent from screaming at their kids which gets them nowhere. My boy has benefited greatly from this book and so have I. It is a two way journey learning how to be a better parent who can understand and communicate better with their troubled teenager. In the same way, if the parent takes on board the advice in this book then they will reap the rewards of having a well adjusted teenager and better family life altogether. Using the advice in this book helps to bring harmony and laughter back into the homes of families by offering help for today's teenagers' problems and gives the parents hope for tomorrow. I refer to this book often and have bought this book to give to a friend and I know she will benefit greatly from it too....more info
  • A book and a philosophy admired by counselors in this area
    The Love and Logic series has been greatly appreciated and used by a number of counselors in the southwest Missouri area. I find this book especially helpful not only for restructuring the behavior of one's own children, but for helping to create a win-win sitution for teenage students. It also makes a great gift for friends and family who are looking for new ways to lovingly outsmart.

    Ann L. Allman, Ed.D.

    ...more info
  • Memorable take-home messages
    This book helped me put a lot of parenting into perspective. I found that the take-home messages of the book are easy to remember. The key one for me was, "Who owns the problem?" What a concept. The premise is that rescuing my kids from the consequences of their actions is a lousy way to teach kids responsibility. The section on grounding of kids was great too. This book is making me question practically every aspect of my knee-jerk parenting responses. Highly recommended....more info
  • great book
    If you're a parent this is a must have book. It picks up where the first book left off and gives wonderful insight and helpful hints into helping and holding your children accountable. I will I had this years ago it would have been so helpful. I highly recommend this book to all parents....more info
  • Simple, practical and effective book
    Great book helping parents in everyday interactions with their teenagers. Every parent should read it and try to put good suggestions into practice. ...more info
  • Got teens? You need this book!
    This book will soon become your valued manual on how to parent teens. The suggestions are derived from years of expertise of the respective authors, and have been used successfully by a multitude of grateful parents....more info
  • Love comes naturally, Logic not so much
    This book was recommended by my family counselor. A lot of the concepts are exactly what I would have used in my parenting if not for the bully ex-husband constantly telling me I was wrong. I'm now in a position to start parenting in a way that my son can relate to and with concepts he can grasp, instead of with old-fashioned standards that have been ingrained through generations. Some basic parenting skills will stand the test of time, but our world changes so much with each passing decade and this book is keeping up. A lot of parents raise their children with adult logic - - these guys know how to raise a child based on a teen's logic! The authors' have organized the content to target specific areas so you can read start to finish or skip around, as I have. The writing is easy to understand (not in pyscho-babble) and I feel like some parts seem to have been written specifically for me. Some of the negative reviews of the book criticize the author's religious intrusion, but I was not offended and I am very UNreligious. "You can't make ALL of the people happy All of the time!" Use the parts you're sure will help your family, and pass over the rest. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!...more info
  • excellant book
    I have just started this book and am nearly done with the new edition of Parenting with love and logic. This book was recommended my my childs vice pricipal at school. It has been a big help. It isn't easy working with teens especially if the parent has been doing things differently most their lives and to try to retrain as a parent and also the child is hard work and persistance consistance is the name of the game! Always remember, it's NEVER too later to try something new. ...more info
  • For Anyone Interested...
    Google the words Foster Cline and Attachment Therapy, and be prepared to lose your lunch. Happy research!...more info
  • Good idea for communication
    This book is another liberal approach to raising teenagers, but it does have some good ideas about communication, i.e., asking questions rather than giving orders. The writers espouse no punishment because the child doesn't get punishment in the "real world." The examples of handling situations with teens include, "What to do when the police call and have your son in jail." Most teens discussed are in serious trouble and have poor relationships with their parents. The kids are in charge in these households, not the parents. (The parents never read, DARE TO DISCIPLINE!) If you are desiring to improve relationships with adjusted children, this book is not for you, even though the writers have a few good ideas....more info
  • Parenting Teens with Love and Logic - Great Advice
    I have read the whole book. I have troubled teens right now and this book gives wonderful advice. I would recommend it to any parent. Using the tools listed in this book, I have had much better response from my two teenagers....more info
  • parenting teens wit love and logic
    this book takes a different approach with teens. I agree with some things but not all. I would use book as a resource but not as the teen bible as it were to face all issues....more info
  • Awesome book!
    I love this book! It is my second book that I have purchased from these authors. It is a "must" read!...more info
  • Parenting teens with love and logic
    book is very useful for many different types of families as well as mental health workers working with mother and fathers on their parenting skills. I had read through the last edition and this one has been updated nicely....more info
  • Good ideas, but too much self adoration by the author
    There were a number of good ideas in here. Unfortunately, you have to read over and over again about how great the author is. There are also far too many references to his previous works. Get on with the book already! I have not yet finished reading it as I have been bogged down by all the extra comments... someone should write an abridgement or some Cliffs Notes for this and then it would be great stuff....more info
  • Parenting Teens With Love And Logic
    This book was very informative. The techniques the authors describe are effective, and easy to implement. The effort required is well worth it if you are truly interested in changing your teen's behavior.
    The last chapter of the book contains what the authors describe as pearls. They are great dialog starters for tough subjects like sex drugs and money.
    The only thing I would change about this book; is buying it thirty years earlier, when I raised my first teenager.
    ...more info
  • It works!
    I have a very independent 14 year old daughter who does not respond well to being told what to do. Using love and logic strategies works really well with her. If I ask her what her plan is for homework tonight, she gives me a reasonable plan and does it, which is much better than yelling at her all night long to get it done. This works in a lot of different situations. For example if I ask her what the consequence should be (before hand) if she doesn't get her room cleaned when she says she will, there is a lot less arguing about doing her room or about the consequences if she does not get her room clean....more info
  • Extremely helpful
    As the parents of 3 adolescents with some significant cultural struggles, this book was is so helpful in changing our parenting techniques from being the authorities to being more "consultants."

    There's an incredible relief when the responsibility for making decisions belongs to the teen, and the consequences of the decisions also belongs to the teen. I recommend this book as training in parenting for those of us who think we know how to raise teens, but find our teens are struggling, and it's clear we DON'T know how to do it.
    ...more info
  • A How-To Book for Parenting Teens!
    In today's complex world, it is harder and harder to know what to do to maintain better relationships with our teens as well as to guide them appropriately. This book is a must for anyone who finds themselves at a loss by the challenges of the teen years, especially given the changes in our contemporary lives. ...more info
  • Great help for parents of teenagers
    We have raised two teenagers somewhat successfully. They are 22 and 27 years old now. The reason I purchased this book is because we have adopted a 15 year old and her attitude and behavior have been a challenge. This book was recommended in the book "Adopting the Hurt Child" to provide practical tips for handling the control issues and power struggles. It has been invaluable to me and is helping us concentrate on our relationship rather than fight over everything. When using the techniques offered in this book, one needs to be prepared to exercise a lot of patience - there are no instant results. The reason for this is that you offer choices to your teenager and then let them be responsible for the consequences. And when the consequences are bad, you are encouraged to show a lot of empathy rather than saying "I told you so". This can take awhile for the teenager to absorb the lessons but I can see enough results very quickly that I know this is going to help our child accept responsibility for her actions and help her to make good choices. It also helps you keep showing love rather than anger to your teenager. I highly recommend this book. ...more info
  • Great advice, even if you don't have kids...
    Outstanding book. Second book I've read from these authors...this one has practical advice that can be applied to every day interactions with all kinds of people...not just for parenting teenagers. I bought a copy for me and a copy for a friend!...more info
  • parenting teens with love and logic
    This is a great book I have learned many things already and i havent even finished it yet...more info
  • Great Info
    This book has helped our family. i would recommend it and say use the information!...more info
  • Parenting Teens With Love & Logic
    As a concerned grandparent, I would highly recommend this book to any mother with a problem teen. I gave this book as a Christmas present to my daughter-in-law, which was recommended by her daughter's couselor.
    This book is an easy read and gives great support to both parents and teens....more info


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