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The Cake Mix Doctor is in! And the prescription is simple: By doctoring up packaged cake mix with just the right extras--a touch of sweet butter here, cocoa powder there, or poppy seeds, vanilla yogurt, sherry, eggs, and grated lemon zest for the Charleston Poppy Seed Cake--even the least experienced baker can turn out luscious signature desserts, time after time. The proof is in the taste, and the taste never stops--from Toasted Coconut Sour Cream Cake to Devilishly Good Chocolate Cake; from a to-die-for Caramel Cake and a Holiday Yule Log to cheesecakes, coffee cakes, sheet cakes, pound cakes, bars, brownies, and those all-important frostings, here are 175 fast, foolproof recipes that will transform the art of home baking in America.

Who could believe these cakes came out of a box? Moist, tender, rich, deep, and complexly flavored, without a hint of artificiality, each cake stand up and delivers. But without any of the fuss of baking from scratch. Anne Byrn, an award-wining food writer and self-described purist, creates recipes that employ a cake mix's strengths---convenience, ease-of-use, dependability, and almost imperviousness to overbeating, underbeating, overbaking, and underbaking.

In addition to the recipes are the Cake Mix Doctor's Q&A's, extensive "Doctor Says" tips, lists--15 Beautiful Birthday Cakes, 15 Cakes That Will Cash in at a Bake Sale--and more, all illustrated in a full-color photographic insert.

Cake mixes are undoubtedly convenient, but do they produce good cakes? They can, says Anne Byrn, author of The Cake Mix Doctor, if you know how to tweak them. Doing this involves the addition of ingredients to enrich the mixes and flavorings to enhance and, in some cases, conceal questionable tastes. To prove her point, Byrn offers more than 175 recipes for mix-based cakes and other desserts, including formulas for frostings that, Byrn maintains, must be made from scratch. The results are convincing; readers interested in satisfying, dependable desserts prepared quickly and with little fuss should welcome the book.

Beginning with a useful discussion of cake mixes, their history and composition, and an outline of the mix-transformation battle plan, the book then presents the recipes in chapters such as "Chocolate Cakes," "Cake-Mix Classics," "Special Occasion Cakes," and "Incredible Bars and Comforting Cookies." Among the most successful offerings are Deeply Chocolate Almond Cake with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting, Banana Cake with Quick Caramel Frosting, and Lemon Buttermilk Poppy Seed Cake. A chapter devoted to crumbles, crisps, cobblers, trifles, and even a dessert pizza shows how to use the mixes in innovative ways, and "Lighter Cakes" presents "healthier" offerings, such as Pear and Toasted Pecan Buttermilk Cake. With sidebars such as The Legendary Pillsbury Bake-Off and tips for success throughout ("Cinnamon is one of the great tools to use when doctoring up cake mixes," begins one), the book explores every aspect of cake-mix fixing while revealing the unexpected richness that the process can yield. --Arthur Boehm

Customer Reviews:

  • Disappointed Baker
    I have tried various recipes in The Cake Mix Doctor by Anne Byrn. I have also tried recipes from my friend's book by the same author, except she ordered the cookbook for chocolate recipes. I much prefer the cookbook using chocolate cake mixes. If possible, I would exchange my cookbook for the one my friend purchased. I also much prefer the "tips" in my friend's recipe book. Had I known there was a cookbook using recipes for chocolate cake mixes, I would definitely have purchased that cookbook instead....more info
  • Favorite cookbook EVER!
    I love,love, love this cookbook! I received it as a gift from a friend about 6 years ago. All the recipes I've tried have been so good and so easy. I look forward to occasions to try out new cakes and share them with my friends and family! Highly recommended!...more info
  • From box mix to gourmet dessert
    We love the Cake Doctor. I just purchased one for my daughter. This book gives 'short cut' recipes to create impressive desserts that get rave reviews from family and guests alike. We have our favorites. Some recipes are simple four ingredient, put it in the oven, bake, and you have a delicious dessert. Others are more complex and time consuming, but produce a gourmet cake that looks and tastes like a professional baker made it. And there are a variety of flavors to delight every fussy taste bud....more info
  • User friendly, great pictures!
    This book has a photo of each dessert so you can see what you're making and easy recipes that look impressive, all using a cake mix box of some kind. Their Snickerdoodle Cake uses a white cake mix, some other ingredients, and includes a Cinnamon Buttercream frosting recipe. Yum! I love the variety of recipes (bundts, bars, round, layered, etc.) and my kids and I can do many together. I think the packaged cake mixes from the store have a nice taste, so these recipes just build on those mixes. I just want easy recipes that aren't intimidating, and this book is the solution for that. I highly reccommend The Cake Mix Doctor. ...more info
  • great cake mix cook book
    I've stopped baking from scratch a long time ago. I tried to doctor up cake mixes by using milk instead of water....adding chocolate.
    But this book takes it to another level.
    I love that it has a "stock" your cake pantry list thta's very short and easy to do....more info
  • Great Easy Cakes
    I do a lot of baking from scratch but have found I can bake tasty, easy, reasonably priced cakes from this book....more info
  • Scratch Baking Books Be Damned!
    I'll admit it: I shop at Whole Foods. I have a CSA membership. I don't buy any food that has a cartoon on the box. So I should be baking cakes from scratch yes?

    NO! I got this book as a gift in 2004. I didn't ask for it and didn't plan to use it. But after a couple weeks spent on the bench back when I was a consultant I got bored and decided to bake some cakes. I baked a different cake from this book every day for almost a month. The roommates loved this little phase and I learned a lot about baking cakes. Cake mixes, doctored ones, are far superior to the 'from scratch' kind. The textures are amazing and the flavors are great. Once you bake a dozen or so of these cakes you'll start to learn where you yourself can improvise - dialing up the flavors you like and putting the lid on the ones that aren't your favorite.

    I still use this book though not nearly as often since I've not been baking a ton of cakes. The reason I'm writing the review today rather than 2004 when I got the book is that I've been eating a lot of cupcakes lately. You know how all these little cupcake businesses have been popping up? Not just storefronts but home based businesses too. And they all seem to think they need to bake from scratch. Well listen up, Cuppies: I wish you'd use the recipes in The Cake Mix Doctor. Because I'm tired of your dry, crumbly, flavorless, dense, nasty cup cakes. If you made and sold me light, airy, moist, flavorful cupcakes I'd consider retiring from cake baking all together.

    But I'm sure the cupcake trend will die out soon enough and I'd have to return to baking my own cakes anyway so it's all good. If you really can't decide what cake baking book to buy after all this I don't know what to tell you other than: buy this book and the other one you're looking at. Pick a recipe from each and bake those cakes. I'm confident that you'll find the recipes from this book to be superior to the others....more info
  • Ah its ok
    Its ok but i would not buy again. Nothing special you can find all the recipes on line. The book is ok but not worth the price...more info
  • Great gift for a baker
    Gave this as a gift to my sister who loves to bake. Looked through before giving seemed wonderful, She loves it. ...more info
  • fun cake cook book
    Totally awesome cookbook, 100s of suggestions and recipes to change up and fancy up purchased cake mixes. Most are fast and fun with a lot of flavor. This makes a good gift for the baker in your family.
    ...more info
  • This is great...
    This is the best book ever. I have never made box cakes that taste so good. I took this cake to work, and they devoured that cake. In addition, the recipes include ingredients that I would have never thought of. Is a definite must....more info
    GRAPELAND, TEXAS...more info
  • cake dr. cook book
    i love this book and my family loves the cakes i've been serving them. i made the orange chiffon for super bowl 2009 and all the men were crazy over it. i had calls for the recipe frm the wives and they made it the next week. all the cakes i've made were hits....more info
  • Wonderful Book!
    I use this book regularly. All recipes are great and I find myself trying news ones constantly. Every women should have this book....more info
  • Can't live without this book
    If you ever want to know how to put things together to come up with wonderful food, this is the book you need. Every cook should have this book on their counter top for immediate use....more info
  • Best Cake Recipe Book!
    This recipe book has a good variety of cakes. And, starting with a cake mix always gives you moist cakes. All of the cakes that I've made have been yummy. The book includes icing recipes along with the cake recipes. I love it. I gave 10 away for Christmas!...more info
  • Great book!
    I borrowed this book from a friend and it had so many great recipes in it that I had to get my own! You and your family will love trying all these sweet treats....more info
  • Cake Doctor Cookbook
    I love this book and use it would also make a good gift for wedding showers....more info
  • Baking
    A very well written book with easy to follow (step by step) directions. I would recommend this for any home baker from the novice to the "expert".
    I have used the recipes several times for family, friends, and more formal occasions. Each and every time, the cake has been moist, tinder, and delicious. I especially like the "flavor boosters" that a baker can add: lemon zest, coffee, yogurt, etc. This really adds the "yum" factor!...more info
  • Baking Made Easy

    If you have cried (figuratively) about cakes that failed to rise, rose but then fell flat or just plain didn't work out, and if you love shortcuts in the kitchen - this book is for you! Using cake mixes as basis and adding a variety of easily obtained ingredients you can now bake cakes guaranteed to fool and delight everybody. I only wish that I had had this book years ago!...more info
  • Great Service and Great Book
    Service was great and so is the book. Couldn't have asked for a better experience! Thank you!...more info
  • Love This Book!
    Never really learned to bake....but now I'm baking! There is a recipe for every occasion. Easy instructions and very few ingridents. My family all think I bake from The cakes are delicious...this book is my "Ace in the Hole"....more info
  • You can become a professional baker!
    This book is great to have for all occasions....birthdays, holidays, etc...She gives you ingredients to dress up the cake mixes and then gives you some easy icing recipes. She says to never use canned icing. She is right...canned icing tastes so terrible! I would have always homemade my icing if I knew how easy it was to make. Homemade icing tastes so much better! Everyone will rant and rave over your cakes when you use this book. All kitchens should own one!...more info
  • cook book
    This is the third copy of this cook book that I have purchased. The first for me years ago and the other two for my daughters. It is a great source for quick and easy cakes and bars using cake mixes as the base for the recipes....more info
  • Great book...
    If you are looking for a variety of cakes to bake then this book is for you. This book is big and full of different recipes from cakes, muffins, bars, icings, etc.. All of the cakes I have made so far have turned out excellent. The recipes are very easy to follow. Thanks for the variety. ...more info
  • Great Cookbook
    I had already had a copy of the Cake Doctor and had made a cake from it and brought it to work. Everyone loved the cake and a co-worker kept borrowing my book so I bought the book for her. She loved it and has made a number of recipes from it. I think what I enjoy about this book is the fact that you can take a cake mix and give it your individual touch....more info
  • Great Cakes!
    I have already made 3 of the cakes featured in the book for various organizations I belong to. All of them have received rave reviews. The recipes are very easy to follow and delicious to boot!...more info
  • Cake Mix Doctor
    Book came quickly, days before it was promised. Condition excellent as advertised. Great book for first time bakers, recipes easy. I would buy from this seller again...more info
  • Exactly what I wanted.
    The Cake Mix Doctor book was just what I wanted. It was a Christmas gift for my 15 year old neice. She loved it and is so pleased with her new found baking skills....more info
  • My favorite baking book-Not just cakes
    LOVE this book!!!!

    You have to try the hummingbird cake! Although everything I have made has been more than wonderful. I have taken so many of these desserts to potlucks and school functions and everyone asks for the recipes. I should get commission for how many books I have sold for her.

    Recipes are so easy and so much variety in the book. She has bars, cheesecakes, fruit pizza, etc.

    SOOO happy with purchase.
    Have her chocolate cake mix dr book too but don't use that one as much. That one is good too.
    ...more info
  • cake dr
    She love this. She said that this is the first cake book that she got. Within 10 minutes she had already picked out 5 receipes to try. ...more info
  • cake mix doctor cookbook A+++
    No one can believe I use cake mixes when they eat the cakes I make from this cookbook. As a mother of 3 little ones I am always needing to make cakes, but never have the time to make them from scratch. Who needs to use scratch when it tastes like scratch with this book? I have given this book to so many of my friends because I love it so much....more info
  • A Must for Cake Bakers
    This book is a "must-have" for anyone considering baking cakes. It gives all kinds of simple recipes, how to "doctor" up cake mixes so no one would ever suspect. A gem of a cookbook!...more info
  • Handy
    Book has new ideas and ways to use cake mixes. I have enjoyed the ones I have tried....more info
  • Great Book to Use and Share
    My Aunt introduced me to this great cookbook. I promptly went out and bought myself one. It has such a variety of recipes/icings/cookies to choose from and so far everything I've tried has been great!! I like the book so well that I've bought one for several members of my family to give as Christmas presents this year....more info
  • Very Easy Cake Baking!
    Very easy to understand and put together recipes, "however", you really need to keep an eye on everything...some recipes need to bake for a longer period of time or they are not done through and through and some recipes don't need to be baked as long as stated!
    I make notes on every page of every recipe in this book,as I bake them, so I know what to do should I want to make the recipe again! So far these are the only problems I have found in this book. Otherwise it is great. Who would of thought you could do so much with "boxed" cake mixes! I would recommend it to any one who says they can't bake!! Like me!...more info
  • Great cookbook!
    I had checked this book out from the library and liked it so much that I ordered a copy for 1 daughter's birthday, another as part of my other daughter's wedding gifts, and of course a copy for myself!...more info
  • The Cake Mix Doctor
    This book has everything I could hope for in making a delicious cake fast and easy. Many thanks for offering it. ...more info
  • Cake Doctor above and beyond
    The Cake Doctor above and beyond expectations. The receipes are easy and delicious. It is more than worth the price....more info
  • My Favorite Cake Cookbook
    This book has easy to make recipes (mostly) that you would never guess started with a cake mix. Everything I've tried has turned out wonderful. We especially liked the strawberry cake, although it was a bit more work than some of the others, it was well worth it. It was one of my favorite cakes I've ever baked. All of them have been BIG hits with my kids and disappear in two days. Now, if we could just remove the calories......more info
  • Such a fun book
    I loved this book so much, I bought it as part of a shower gift. It's just lots of fun with yummy, practical recipes (well, not practical health wise, but for the special occasions you want to bake a cake)....more info
  • The cake doctor book, an oldie but a goodie
    The book was a gift for a friend of mine, it got here in time and in great shape! Thanks she LOVES it! She had tasted a recipe from the book and for 6 months spoke of how she wanted the book! Every recipe she has made from it for friends or family has gotten rave reviews, truly some WONDERFUL recipes in it!...more info


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