The New Moosewood Cookbook (Mollie Katzen's Classic Cooking)

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Since its original publication in 1977, this influential and enormously popular cookbook has been at the forefront of the revolution in American eating habits. MOOSEWOOD was listed by the New York Times as one of the top ten best-selling cookbooks of all time, and no wonder. With her sophisticated, easy-to-prepare vegetarian recipes, charming pen-and-ink drawings, hand lettering, and conversational tone, Mollie introduced millions to a more healthful, natural way of cooking. This new edition,??a companion volume to her upcoming TV series based on MOOSEWOOD and ENCHANTED BROCCOLI,??preserves the major revisions and additions that Mollie made in 1992, adding 5 new recipes from Mollie's current repertoire and 16 pages of beautiful color food photography featuring dishes prepared on the TV show. We know you've seen MOOSEWOOD before, but we promise you've never seen it quite like this!








Watch Mollie Katzen, author of The Moosewood Cookbook, speak at the JamesBeard Foundation Cookbook Hall of Fame awards Reviews

,?¨²The book's unpretentious feel . . . was suited to its era but over the years has lost none of its appeal. It's one cookbook that will surely continue to improve with age.,?¨´,??Saveur

Customer Reviews:

  • A Classic
    My sister gave the original back in 1985 and I bought the New Moosewood copy for a friend. In my opinion it ranks up there with "The Joy of Cooking" for vegetarian cooking. Many tips, hints and techniques. I love this cookbook!...more info
  • Best cookbook that I own
    This cookbook is a classic, I just bought three as gifts because people kept asking me for the recipes from it....more info
  • Easy, Delicious, Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone
    As a vegetarian and a fan of healthy cooking, this cookbook is a staple in my kitchen.

    The recipes are delicious and easy to follow. They include clear, step-by-step instructions that make it almost impossible to fail. I truly appreciate that the recipes don't require a lot of exotic, difficult ingredients. This would be a great gift for a new vegetarian or anyone who appreciates good vegetarian dishes.

    My only issue with this book is the binding, as it is difficult to lay it flat on the counter while cooking. I would prefer a spiral binding....more info
  • Wonderful
    This cookbook is great. It is so informative in terms of stocking the pantry and making substitutions. It is my first Moosewood but I expect there will be more. It is a must have. ...more info
  • Lightened Up!
    I had the original of this cookbook and wore it out in the 70's and 80's. I'm trying to eat healthier and heard that the recipes had been lightened up. They are still great tasting and easy and inspire me to eat my veggies!...more info
  • If your palate is use to good food...
    I agree with the Oakland, Ca. review! The Bay Area has completely refined fresh, wholesome cuisine and this book is no match for any of the food that is readily available in this part of the country. I was a major fan of Mollie Katzen until I moved out here and became acquainted with the Bay Area cuisine. The Moosewood recipes tend to be bland and many of the ingredients just don't jive with each other....more info
  • Riddled with errors
    I love reading this book but the recipes needed more testing before publication. The nachos sauce calls for a horrendous amount of sugar (an ingredient typo?). GAdo-gado is bland, bland bland. My friends and I marvel that this book has become so popular, because so many of the recipes are so bad....more info
  • My favorite cookbook
    My sister bought this cookbook for me when I became Vegetarian 11 years ago. I have been quite shocked by the comments I have read about the book here. I have found the book to be useful. We have enjoyed every every recipe that we have tried. Several I use for "company" meals...especially if the company is the type that wonders "what does a vegetarian eat." I have several of Ms Katzen's cookbooks and of those only one recipe has failed to please us. (that was in another of the cookbooks.) I enjoy this cookbook because I know I can rely on it when I try a new recipe.

    If I could only have one cookbook, this would be the one I would choose....more info

  • Not for a new vegan convert...
    I was so excited about this book; I'd heard so much about it. I was looking forward to some new veg recipe ideas. Not only could I not find a *single recipe* that sounded even remotely appetizing, I was put off by the author's extensive suggestions to talk to your vegetables before you eat them. A little odd I felt. It may be because this book was originally written in the 70's, but with so many delicious veggies out there, I was surprised that most of the recipes called for simple combos such as beets and rutabaga. There was hardly a mention of some of our delicious exotic and far tastier veggies.

    A true vegan may enjoy this, but someone who is new to a vegan lifestyle would probably prefer that their meals taste good....more info

  • A Lousy Book from a Lousy Cook
    Because of its overwhelming popularity, this was one of the first books I consulted when I began cooking a few years ago. My college housemates and I followed the book's instructions dutifully, but many of the recipes turned out to be utter failures. Now my palate is a bit more sensitive (from frequenting the excellent and diverse restaurants in the Bay Area) and I finally have my chops in the kitchen (from cooking regularly, paying attention to how different ingredients behave, and working on technique). I now know why the Moosewood recipes were so bland . . . by way of a few examples:

    Pg.9--Miso soup--Traditional miso soup requires miso and dashi (a fish stock made from shavings of a dried bonito fish). This recipe calls only for miso and water. The result is a near-flavorless soup. I know dashi would be off-limits in this vegetarian cookbook, but AT LEAST suggest miso and veggie stock.

    Pg.31--Gazpacho--Way too tangy, flavors are not balanced. Tastes like a salsa cruda/fresca with the strange addition of cumin and cucumber.

    Pg.80--Italian Tomato Sauce--Recipe calls for honey, which does NOT belong in an Italian tomato sauce. This recipe, as with so many of the others, does not call for browning the solids before adding liquid. The result is more bland food!

    Pg.95--Mexican Red Sauce--Perfect example of how this book strives for mediocrity. This recipe is really light on flavor. Would benefit from the addition of a flavorful chile (chipotle, ancho, negro, guajillo . . .), less tomato, more intense reduction, and straining.

    Pg.114--Corn Bread--Recipe does not have enough egg, honey, or butter. The result is a dense, dry, corn-like hockey puck.

    Pg. 180--Gado Gado--Terrible. Nothing could salvage this recipe. Anyone who has tried a good Chinese or Indonesian peanut sauce knows that this isn't it.

    THE EXCEPTION--Pg. 189--Ukranian Poppyseed Cake--Excellent recipe, but it benefits from cutting out 1/3 of the butter.

    Instead of Moosewood, I would suggest Sauces and Splendid Soups by James Peterson--two books that give incredible foundational knowledge for a beginner AND new, exciting ideas for a pro....more info

  • Never a dull dish...
    I have had this cookbook for over a year now and in that time period have gone from being a vegetarian to, once again, a meat-eater. Nevertheless, my recent transformation has not kept me from utilizing this book for most of my cooking endeavors. Every recipe I have tried thus far has been easy to follow, easy to prepare, and extremely easy to eat. There are a number of recipes that I continue to prepare over and over again. I highly recommend this book to any vegetarian or anyone who appreciates vegetarian cooking....more info
  • Classic book. Great time!
    This is a great basic cookbook to own, vegetarian or not. However I gave this book recemtly to a friend who has been toying with vegetarianism and he loves it. The nacho sauce recipe is a classic of mine and the brownie recipe inside is definitive. You really should own this book....more info
  • More inventive recipes from Mollie Katzen
    I don't like to cook. It bugs me. But I love to eat. I'm a strict vegan, and the only one in my family, so its hard to find good food to eat. To be honest, I don't like tofu much more than the average schmo, and I like to eat entrees that actually has flavor, not something like a slimy "healthy" greens salad you'd be served on an airplane. If you can relate to me, you can appreciate the New Moosewood Cookbook. The recipes in this book are meatless and pretty low-fat, but I'm sure you can add something meat-based to them if you wanted to. The recipes are simple, and they taste good. They are recipes you wouldn't mind giving up so time to make. One of my favourites was the Lentil-Bulgar salad. Instead of the refrigerated tabouli like version, I just ate it fresh and warm. It was so good I scarfed it all in about two days, a total of 12 hours, and I made enough for the average household. Lentil-Bulgar Salad and the other recipes in the book are that good. Even non-vegetarians enjoy her recipes. Thank you, Mollie....more info
  • best cookbook for those who love to eat and hate to cook!
    Absolutely fabulous recipies that are extremely simple to prepare. The names of the vegetarian dishes are inventive and somehow make the recipes really come to life.

    If you're like me, you like eating healthy and great-tasting food, but dread food preparation time and following hundreds of directions and end up missing a crucial step that ruins the dish. Some people are born with a gift for whipping up recipes from their own imaginations, but I'm not one of those people.

    The only reason this book doesn't get 5 stars from me is that it should have been spiral bound. It's almost impossible to keep the book open on a kitchen counter unless you put heavy objects (very heavy) on both pages or you go an buy one of those gizmos that hold books open.

    Nonetheless, this is my favorite recipe book. My kitchen is full of them, but this is the only one that almost never has any dust on it like the other ones. :-)...more info

  • Fantastic
    I've had this cook book for about 9 years now and have cooked nearly every recipe in it. It's easy to follow and the recipes are delicious. Each recipe has an estimated preparation and cooking time which is a great way to gauge the intensity of what you're in for before you start. I'd highly reccomend this book for beginers as well as more advanced cooks. Katzan explains each step in clear and easy langauge and also adds hints for where to obtain some of the more exotic ingredients. I've gotten so used to cooking some of the dishes that I've begun experimenting by substituting ingredients and seasonings. This cookbook includes dairy and eggs so it's not for vegans, but if you are ok with dairy and eggs then it's a good source....more info
  • Yummmm, but Hmmmm
    I've tried several of the recipes in the book, and they've all been great, but I haven't yet found the recipe for cooking moose......more info
  • Yum
    This book made my decision to become a vegetarian easy. I was a little hesitant at first to eat some of the food in here when I saw it prepared, but that only lasted until my first bite. I now love vegeatables! This is by far my favorite cookbook. The recipes are easy to prepare and are delicious. Yum....more info
  • my very favorite!
    I love this cookbook! Every recipe I've ever tried has been delicious, and Katzen is careful to include recipe alterations to reduce the fat and/or cholesterol content of the dishes. It's a classic vegetarian cookbook, and for good reason--it really is one of the best. And, do yourself a favor and try the eggplant parmesan recipe. It will leave the greasy restaurant variety in the dust....more info
  • Lighter versions of the same wonderful recipes--and more!
    First published in 1977, this classic vegetarian cookbook still has the same charm and warmth of hand-drawn pictures and handwritten recipes, and now it also has bright color photos interspersed among the familiar pages. There are 30 new recipes, and many of the old ones have been rewritten, since, as the author describes, her cooking has become "more streamlined in preparation-and lighter in `weight' while richer in flavor" over the years. The oil content has been pared down and only 15 recipes include eggs. Tips for "dairy reduction or substitutions" are included, so this version will probably appeal more to the vegan set. Also included: pantry notes, recommended tools for the kitchen and a table of conversions....more info
  • Even an omnivore can love this book
    Look, all I wanted to do was start eating more vegetables, and this book is getting me to do just that. All the recipes are easy; very few call for ingredients I can't find in rural Nebraska; and, most importantly, everything tastes *wonderful*. Do NOT assume that only vegetarians will find this book useful....more info
  • This book and its recipes have never failed me
    This is the ideal vegetarian cookbook with recipes from around the world. It has many familiar and everyday recipes which makes it a great reference for the forgetful. As well, it has unique and interesting recipes which I continue to try. I have given it as a gift to a niece just learning to cook as well as a brother who needs to eat healthier food. Each recipe has simple instructions, an estimated time of preparation and most have variations to allow you to be creative. It has catagories of soups, salads, sauces and dips, baked goods, entrees and desserts as well as primers on low fat, dairy and egg substitutions and explainations of ingredients, cooking utensils and techniques. If you shop at natural food stores or the co-op, this is a great reference. ...more info
  • Not exactly heart healthy
    This cookbook was recommended by my sister, whom I trust when it comes to healthy eating.

    I got the cookbook and noticed immediately it has NO nutrional analysis of the recipes.

    I am a heart patient, focused on reducing my cholesterol and sodium.

    In order to get nutrional analysis of each recipe, I picked 4 that looked good and entered them into my Master Cookbook program. I was stunned by the amounts of cholesterol and sodium in these recipes.

    As a result, I will be returning the cookbook. "Vegetarian" recipes like these are not necessarily healthy, although many of them are low in calories, this is not the entire health picture.

    ...more info
  • The Vegetarian Bible!
    I consider the Moosewood Cookbook to be my vegetarian bible. Any vegetarian cook must own this cookbook! Mollie Katzen's first book is my favorite of all her cookbooks, and I have yet to try a recipe in this book that wasn't delicious (and I've tried almost all the recipes). It is great to know you can try a new recipe and be guaranteed to have a delicious outcome. Recipes also include cooking and preparation time tables, which I find very helpful when choosing a recipe. Her soups are exceptional and easy to prepare (definitely try the Lentil and Gypsy soup recipes). I would caution, though, that being her first book - and written in a less health conscious era - there is a lot of dairy in many of the recipes, especially the dessert and entr¨¦e sections. Vegans will find many of the recipes to have dairy. That being said, it is still worth buying even if you are vegan because there are many dairy free recipes, or Katzen provides substitutions such as soy milk as options. The second edition of the original Moosewood Cookbook was also revised to reduce the fat/dairy in many of the recipes. My vegan favorites in this cookbook are tabouli, hummus, and many of the vegetable soups. This cookbook will not disappoint vegetarians and meat eaters alike. ...more info
  • Mixed results
    I'm not a vegetarian, but I do try to limit the amount of meat I eat, so I was delighted to recieve this cookbook as a gift. I've had limited success with it, though. Generally, I find the recipes to be rather labor-intensive and not good enough to be worth the effort. If you are a strict vegetarian, I think you'd find the effort more worthwhile, since you're limited in the ingredients you can use in your cooking.

    Favorite recipe: tostadas. Her refried bean recipe is the best I've had.

    Worst: Apricot-almond bread. It sounded wonderful, but I have a hard time believing she tested this recipe. She says to bake it for 90 minutes. I took it out of the oven after 75 minutes and it was so overbaked that it nearly tasted like charcoal (and it's not because my oven was too hot--I have an oven thermometer). A sad waste of my dried apricots and almonds....more info
  • One of my favorite cookbooks
    I've had this cookbook for years. I've used it so much that it is falling apart. I love the recipes. I love Mollie's casual style that encourages creativity with the recipes. I love the pictures and hand lettering. I wholeheartedly recommend this cookbook to anyone who is considering buying it....more info
  • Moosewood- a great gift or purchase
    Katzen's Moosewood cookbook is a hit! Me and my partner have made lots of the recipes in the book and truly enjoyed them. Don't be scared to do them your own way though- because sometimes Katzen can overdo i.e. liquids or garlic. The recipes are relatively simple and all vegetarian. We just got another copy of this book for our friend who really likes it!...more info
  • The one I take camping with me
    This is the single cookbook I take when I go camping or vacationing. It's a great place to start when you are getting familiar with vegetarian cooking, and you should know you don't have to be a vegetarian to enjoy the book. I have both the old ("more butter")version as well as the new version.

    Recipes to try (IMHO) would be the chilled soup, Cascadilla, the swiss cheese & mushroom quiche, Baba Ganouj, Kristina's Potato Salad, Mushroom Barley Soup, Brazilian Black Bean Soup, Guacamole, and Lentil Soup....more info
  • A must have for any kitchen
    After finding this gem of a book for myself quite a while back, I decided that it would be the perfect Christmas gift for family & friends as well... even all the nonvegetarians! Honestly, this book IS the secret to making meals that people will not even realize don't have meat in them because you won't miss it one bit.

    Lots of very impressive recipes fill this book that are made up of easy to find or already have ingredients. Anyone can look like a chef with this book!

    Aside from the actual recipes, there is a lot of very interesting and helpful information about food, cooking, and the Moosewood Restaurant. Hands down, this is the best cookbook you coul ever add to your collection....more info
  • Excellent!
    I love this cookbook! Mollie Katzen has a way of presenting a recipe that makes it easy to follow and fun to do. If I had to give up all but my top 5 favorite cookbooks, this would be a keeper.

    My favorite recipe in the book is Hot & Sour soup. I moved to a rural area that does not have any good Chinese restaurants (I'm very spoiled to have grown up in the NYC area where the food is always excellent and you have many choices). The few that I could find that have reasonably decent food would not make the soup without meat for me, so I was forced to learn how to make it on my own. Fortunately Mollie Katzen has a great recipe that was so simple to follow. I can once again have my vegetarian Hot & Sour soup!!

    The only thing that would make this book better is if it had full color pictures of all the dishes (but still is wonderful even without). The drawings are very charming, however....more info
  • Great, and easy to use.
    I found Katzen's book informative interesting and easy to use. When i got the book I read it cover to finish simply out of interest. She gives a historical introduction to her experience with vegetarianism and her inspiration for the cookbook. Her pictures and handwriting font make the book personable and charming. I would recommend this book to anyone vegetarian or not who is interested in creating yummy recipes that are easy to follow and great to eat....more info
    I loved the first (1970s) edition of this cookbook, just as I do Mollie Katzen's other books, and those by the Moosewood Collective. Unfortunately, however, everything I tried from this book was a poor imitation of the version in the first book (and many were grossly inedible). If you want a good, healthy vegetarian book, I recommend those by Martha Rose Schulman (I've never had a failure with any of her recipes; even the fat-free, salt-free are okay), or Moosewood's Low-Fat Favorites (which vary in quality; some are wonderful and other's mediocre, but none were this bad)...more info
  • The Best Cookbook Ever
    I enjoy reading and using this book over and over again. After 25 years of cooking it turned this chore into an exciting hobby. Tips are excellent. Most important: healthy equals tasty with Mollie....more info
  • I was lucky - I feel very fortunate to have found this rare edition!
    Like so many people, The Moosewood Cookbook entered my life and became a huge influence. At a critical moment, when I was beginning graduate school, I was on a budget, but had a compelling interest in remarkable food, and The Moosewood Cookbook opened up the cuisine of the world, and initiated an uncompromised relationship with excellent food. As a core quality food bible of easy preparation, Moosewood holds its own, even today. While I left my original 1982 copy behind in my graduate school household, I have always kept an eye out for a pristine first edition copy of Moosewood. Imagine my delight when I suddenly came upon a used bookstore shelf, and there was a copy of Moosewood Cookbook Limited Edition! There are two beautiful loose illustrations included, a handsome slipcase, and believe it or not, I probably have one of the few Moosewood Cookbooks without tahini or olive oil on it, or in it. The Moosewood Limited Edition seems so rare, I would bet that even the author doesn't own one. If you ever come upon this remarkably valuable culinary gem, grab it, it is a societal treasure to behold!...more info
  • Moosewood Magic
    This was my first vegetarian cookbook. I had to buy a replacement. This book has very user friendly, carnivore friendly recipes. There are very few oddball ingredients that always have alternatives listed. I've been serving the Hungarian Mushroom soup for years! ...more info
  • Old Moosewood
    When I open this cookbook, I can trick myself into thinking it's a collection of favorite recipes assembled and handwritten just for me... if you've ever recieved one of those handmade "collection" notebooks (poems, quotes, recipes, whatever) from a friend, you'll know what I mean. Slightly delusional pretense, I know, but that is what makes the original Moosewood cookbook about more than just food... though the food itself is certainly delicious. Most of the recipes are simple, relatively fast, and don't include frustratingly hard to find ingredients. Other reviewers have mentioned the dairy heaviness and the inauthentic ethnic cuisine. Personally, I prefer the older, dairy-heavy version, but be aware that a "New Moosewood Cookbook" has also been released that reduces some of the dairy. As for authenticity... sure, these recipes may not present the exact method used in a particular culture, but foods change with importation. Chinese food in China doesn't taste like Chinese food in England, Japan, or wherever. Enjoy the adaptations, and if you find one you especially like, research it and find the real version!...more info
  • Great resource
    I love this book - the one I have is the re-print of the book that has the original handwritten recipes and doodles surrounding the pages. Classic, good tasting food that is easy to make. ...more info
  • Fantastic!
    I use recipes from this book two or three times each week. The soups are especially good, but I have been happy with almost every recipe I have tried - salads, entrees, sandwiches, desserts, everything! The recipes are straightforward and easy to follow, she uses basic ingredients and spices, and most recipes are very flexible so that you can make your own modifications. I've purchased at least half a dozen copies more as gifts for friends and family and it is a hit with everyone! These recipes are much more accessible than those in the Moosewood Collective cookbooks.
    Spiral-bound would be better, but believe me, if you use this book as much as I do it wears in very nicely....more info
  • Delicious!
    Majority of us can't get all the way to Ithaca, New York to enjoy the meals at the Moosewood restaurant. This cookbook is the next best thing. The ingredients and the meals are of reasonable price range, and there are no exotic ingredients that you have to order from another continent... Makes for a beautiful gift for anyone, any occasion. YUM!...more info
  • How I Learned to Cook
    In college, I was a summer intern at an international school and one of my jobs was to prepare lunch for 30+ people who came from all over the world. I wasn't going to just put out cold cuts, so I found this cookbook on a shelf in the kitchen. I recognized it because my mother often used it and so I knew the recipes were vegetarian-friendly and healthy. But I had no clue how to cook (the only thing I knew how to do was to boil water for pasta)! That summer, I made the ratatouille, spanikopita, carrot-mushroom loaf, gazpacho...basically most of the dishes! This book is fabulous; a great step-by-step guide. It is very basic and the directions are clear and simple. Everything is spelled out. I had no clue how to cook and I learned by using this book. At the end of the summer, the head of the school toasted me for "the best lunches in the history of the program." Thank you Moosewood! ps: and these dishes pleased everyone from France, Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, and Italy!...more info