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Radiantly healthy skin, hair, feet, hands, eyes, and nails. Commercial beauty products make this promise every day and live up to it with varying degrees of success. Stephanie Tourles offers a better solution to everyone frustrated with the endless cycle of expensive, synthetic, famous-name cosmetics that often fall short of expectations. Take control of beauty treatments with homemade products that use safe, nourishing ingredients to pamper the body and soothe the senses.

Tourles, a licensed esthetician, herbalist, and aromatherapist, has developed 175 recipes that are fun, simple, and immensely satisfying to make in home kitchens. Her natural beauty treatments deliver the results promised by department store brands — skin, hair, and nails that glow with vitality and inner wellness. Lotions, scrubs, toners, balms, and masks polish and balance the skin, soothe current problems, and prevent future ones. Shampoos, rinses, and conditioners tone the scalp, boost highlights, and leave hair soft and shiny. The book's whole-body coverage also includes recipes for hand and footcare, nail treatments, shaving cream, and even popular spa treatments such as microdermabrasion exfoliants, detox and cellulite soaks, ayurvedic oils, and herbal cold salves. Most important, there is never any doubt about the purity of these ingredients!

Each formula is clearly presented in recipe style, with notes on prep time, storage, and uses. Many products can be customized according to personal needs, whim, or mood, and they all use readily available, natural ingredients. Organic Body Care Recipes is a natural treasure for every body.

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome book!
    Great recipes! My wife is making some really great stuff from this the information in this book. Highly recommended for those who prefer the organic approach....more info
  • Organic bodycare recipes
    I am very pleased we bought this book: it gives a clear overview of herbs and spices, oils and flowers to use in your own products together with some non-organic items. Most things you may have in the garden or just in the pantry, it made me look at a lot of things in a different light: how can I use them as well. A good book for anyone who wants to create their own creams, masks and powders, it has even got some advice on making anti-bugs stuff. What I did miss though was a recipe for a base cream and for a base shampoo. There is not a lot of emphasis on emulsification. I am still struggling with the basics of cream making, ie how to make a cream more solid or more liquid, how to stabilize a cream so, over time, it does not seperate into it's watery and oily phase. Still, a good book, with lots of recipes ready to use, definitely a worthwhile purchase. ...more info
  • Organic Body Care Recipe Review
    I received this book as a gift from my friend who knows how into organic food, hair care, and body products I am. I have tried several of these recipes and found them to be easy to follow, and I haven't had too much trouble finding the ingredients. I love the section on exfoliates, they are great. I also use the sun balms and oil recipes a lot. I am going to try the love potions next!
    My sister read over the book and wanted it, so I purchased it for her for a birthday present!...more info
  • This book is amazing!!!
    I wanted to start trying to make my own skin care products, because I felt like I was messing up my face putting all of these chemicals on it. So I bought this book and purchased all of my products and materials. It was the best thing I have ever done. My skin has never felt so smooth!! Some of the materials are a bit pricey, but they last a while and the end result is awesome!! If you're looking to make your skin feel good and do it organically, then this is the book for you!!...more info
  • so over the overpriced, overpackaged and overprocessed.
    I was lucky enough to purchase this book here on Amazon but through the Goodwill. The book arrived faster than anticipated (three days) and in perfect condition. Plus, I was able to support a great organization. I purchased this book because I am tired of buying items that I can make myself that are also better for me. Typically I would spend twice as much on an "organic" or more "natural" product in the natural foods etc aisle at the store. I found a few products that I love, such as Alba chap stick and after reading the ingredients on the label, decided that it should be simple enough to make myself. After purchasing this book I made some of the chapstick/gloss and it is the most luxurious once done and cheap to make. This book not only includes many useful recipes but also the basic biology behind it all. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is so over overspending on overly processed products....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I received this book for Christmas and can't say enough good things about it. The information is extensive but very well organized. There are sections on the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyle habits, how to figure out your skin type and what your body care needs are, a list of ingredients explaining origins and uses, and then the recipes. There are so many recipes, no matter your skin type you are sure to find several to choose from.

    All of the ingredients are truly natural, and many are suprisingly common and inexpensive. Admittedly, some people might have a hard time finding some of the ingredients if they do not have a well stocked health food store in their area. Even with several shopping options in my community I have had to purchase a few things online. And yes, the initial investment in ingredients might not be cheap- but, the recipes last for a long time, so in the end you save quite a bit of money! Plus, they work! No more wastng money on high end, not really natural products that don't do much.

    Since I recieved the book I have been using a skin cleanser/toner/mositurizer in one, a tooth cleaner, and deoderant powder made from recipes in the book, and I couldn't be happier. I also had the pleasure of attending a discussion led by the author at my local food co op this month. She had so much knowledge to share, and did so in a very warm and gracious manner....more info
  • This book makes a great gift
    I purchased this book for my girlfriend and she loved it. I flipped through it when it came in and I wanted to keep it for myself! It is full of great recipes and ideas for homemade beauty products. I just think I might order one for myself :)...more info
  • Great Natural Body Care Education
    I know a Natural Body Care Recipe book is great when it teaches me things I didn't know. I have my own business making natural body products, and I have tons of books like this for ideas and references. I think you really do need to be experienced to use a lot of the recipes, but there are a lot of at home recipes too using things you may already have around the house like strawberries, baking soda, papayas, etc.

    This book is educational, full of great useful information, and easy to understand. I love it!...more info
  • A marvelous resource
    I own and love this book. I bought it because I was looking for natural recipes to care for my dreadlocks. I found that and so much more! Not only are there recipes for body, face, and hair care but there is a complete ingredient dictionary. In addition, the author discusses the different types of hair and skin issues that people may have and how to address them organically. Sprinkled throughout the book are suggestions for storing and gifting products and alternatives for hard to find ingredients. To top it all of, a list of resources follows the recipes to direct the reader to further reading and online stores to buy ingredients and supplies. I have recommended this book to friends and coworkers and truly enjoyed making and using the products.

    NOTE: Please ignore the two star review posted by Figgi. This reviewer claims that Tourles advocates the use of talc in her recipes even as they admit that they have not read the book. Talc is neither listed in the ingredient dictionary nor the glossary. In fact, there is only one mention of the substance in the whole book (p. 262) and that is to state that it is undesirable to use due to the presence of arsenic. Tourles goes on to list the number of natural and organic options that make excellent substitutions for talc. Please do not let a reviewer who admits to only skimming the book discourage you from using this marvelous resource....more info
  • Lovely looking recipes and a good chunky book
    I've not had the chance to read this completely yet as I am reading my soap making books first, but I have been tempted many times to glance at its contents and am not disappointed at my purchase so far.

    The book is nice and thick, but easy to handle, and covers a wide range of areas for home-made cosmetics and cleansers. The recipe layout is clear and concise and has good detail such as the shelf-life of the product, which is essential to know if you are looking to experiment with new recipes or sell you own products. Recipe instructions are restricted to one page which makes the book much easier to reference and work with and is indicative of the book's no-fuss style. I also love some of the titles for the recipes such as the "Out Damn Spot" Anti-blemish Elixir which throw in a subtle flavour of humour.

    I have given the book 5 stars in anticipation of a great read and would recommend it to anyone, rookie or experienced, looking for inspiration in organic body care, both for commercial or personal use....more info
  • If you are torn between 2 books on this subject - get this one!
    This book is absolutely awesome. The recipes are simple (and great at that!), she gives a lot of background info on each of the ingredients. Being a licensed cosmetologist myself, I can tell you that she really knows her stuff (she is a licensed esthetician). I have been making my own bath and body products for a few years (using pre-made bases from suppliers) but just decided to introduce a completely organic line of products and I think this is the best book that I have read so far on the subject and highly recommend it. Great for beginners or those who have been doing this a while. ...more info
  • good but...
    This book seems to have a lot of relatively easy recipes. I haven't looked through all of them yet, so I don't really know if my star rating is accurate. I bought the book hoping to find some good daily hair conditioner recipes, but there aren't any. The book even talks about the need to condition your hair daily, but then doesn't give you any recipes....more info
  • Nice book but not so organic...
    I bought this book during my Earth Day green shopping spree, and I am a bit disappointed. Many recipes call for the use of petroleum jelly or talc - definitely not organic!

    I didn't really get the recommendations for douches - the author is not an ob-gyn, why recommend something that is widely disputed as unsafe? And herbal "love potions" - I mean, this sounds like something advertised in spam mail. There are so many more useful applications for essential oils. I'd rather use some help in making room fragrances and linen sprays.

    I wish I borrowed this book from the library, since some recipes sound really doable....more info
  • Yummy and Easy Recipes
    After reading Harmonious Environment: Beautify, Detoxify and Energize Your Life, Your Home and Your Planet, I decided to delve into the world of homemade body care products.

    Organic Body Care Recipes, by Stephanie Tourles, is fantastic! Making my own body care products feels so cooking a delicious meal. Ordering ingredients and containers is easy, thanks to the internet.

    I like the format of the book and the easy to understand directions to make products.

    I've even been playing around with labels for the containers. The holidays will be a snap this year, as I intend to make body care products for all my friends and family. ...more info
  • Wonderful for Save Your Money, Feed Your Skin Recipes
    What I love most about this book is that author Stephanie Tourles really opened my eyes for the first time of the importance of feeding my skin, and that my skin is the largest organ of my body. When we buy commercially made lotions, sunscreens and other cosmetics, we are literally "eating" chemicals through the largest organ on our body. Yech!!

    I have made several of the recipes she has listed and love them all. I especially love the lip balm recipe she lists and the body balm recipe. And I love that they are all natural. If you are looking for healthy recipes and ways to have quality products while saving money by making it yourself, you can't beat this book....more info
  • Love this book! You will too.
    If you're serious about throwing out your store bought, chemical filled cosmetics or even thinking about it, then you MUST get this book! I bought this book about 6 wks ago, kept reading a few pages here and there, started ordering ingredients, then finally about 2 wks ago started making one or two items in my kitchen. I've since made about a dozen skin care recipes from Organic Body Care Recipes. My bathroom/kitchen/shower area smells wonderful. My skin looks, smells and feels great. I love storing them in glass bottles/containers I can pick up at Big Lots or even Walmart and reuse again & again. Normally, I stay away from Walmart but their glass oil bottles, glass sugar bowls w/lids, and sealed storage containers are PERFECT & cheap. As well as reusing my own class containers and jars at home. Ikea is another good place to go.
    Ms Tourles list places where you can find these organic ingredients online but I found other sites even more reasonably priced and you can order smaller quantities on the internet. I've loved everything I've made from this book, & you learn about ingredients, their properties (and what you can sub for if you are allergic or dislike any ingredient) so you truly can make exactly what you want. For me, this was one more step in reducing waste and pollution in the world besides saving money.
    MY Warnings: After making one or two items I was hooked. I then spent about $300 on ingredients. I went all out on base oils, clays, many essential oils, dried herbs (not avail in my grocery store) & even flavorings for my lip balms but it was well worth. These will last all year long, will supply my family of three and I can make gifts at the holidays for my friends and family. They tried some small samples I've made and are already putting in their orders.
    Get this book, spend a week or two reading it at your leisure, find a product or two on your shelf you want to replace...and do it. You'll feel great and become addicted like I am. Another book suggestion, Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano, this book gives a great all around approach to doing your part for our earth. Again, just try one or two things...slowly you'll be hooked....more info
  • Great organic body care recipes
    I am very pleased with the information provided in it. It invites you to try all the recipes , as they are easy to understand and with ingredients easy to find and use. I strongly recommend this book if you are really interested in taking care of yourself the natural way....more info
  • great book
    not only do they have a lot of great ideas-it alsoprovides websites etc on places where to get items needed to make everything really enjoying it...more info
  • Wonderful recipes!
    This book provides alot of information for beginners - details about the uses and benefits of a long list of essential oils and carrier oils. It walks you through step by step and makes the process enjoyable and educational! I have already begun using some of the recipes with items I purchased at my local health food store and seeing the positive results!!...more info
  • Good for casual/basic recipes, but may not satisfy everyone
    I purchased this book primarily because I am interested in making my own lotion, preferably with safe/natural/eco-friendly ingredients. I don't necessarily want to market it, like another reviewer, but I would like to make lotion that is somewhat professional/sophisticated. After a quick Google search, I had learned that lotions tend to include water-based ingredients, oil-based ingredients, an emulsifier (which ensures that the water and oil ingredients stay mixed together), and some kind of preservative. I bought this book thinking that it might go into a bit more detail about basic lotion formulas (ratios of ingredients to each other), or at least provide some recipes that I could learn from.

    As it turns out, I had already learned more about lotion-making from my Google search than I learned from this entire book. Of the five body moisturizer recipes, four are basically oil-based, with essential oils added. There is nothing wrong with using oil to moisturize the skin -- but I find it can be inconvenient (insofar as absorption may be slower than with lighter lotions, and you're more likely to get oil on clothing or sheets). Additionally, oil-based moisturizers will probably not appeal to those with problem skin. The author's fifth body moisturizer recipe does include water in addition to oils, and uses beeswax and lanolin as emulsifiers. The recipe does not include a preservative, however, which means (as the author states): "No refrigeration is required if used within 30 days. If refrigerated, please use within 3 to 6 months. (Refrigeration may change the texture of the product, but potency will not be affected.)" Since this recipe yields 2 1/3 cups of moisturizer, and I'm not likely to use it all in 30 days -- and I don't enjoy cold lotion -- this recipe is of limited use for me.

    There are also five face moisturizer recipes. One of them is basically water and glycerin, and another is oil-based. The other three recipes each call for a trio of emulsifiers: beeswax, lanolin, and borax. I'm a newbie to the world of cosmetics ingredients, but my understanding is that borax is considered by some to be an unsafe ingredient. (A good reference is My guess is that the author has a good reason for using borax, and the reason is probably that borax (it appears) may be safe in small amounts -- though possibly not for infants. What perplexes me, though, is that the author offers no explanation or discussion on this topic.

    As mentioned by other reviewers, some of these recipes are extremely (absurdly?) simple. Examples include the Aloe Vera Toner (ingredients: "pure aloe vera juice or gel, commercially bottled or from fresh-picked leaf"), the Tangerine Toner (ingredients: 1/2 cup witch hazel and 10 drops tangerine essential oil), and the Yogurt Exfoliating and Bleaching Mask (ingredients: 1 tablespoon plain yogurt). I don't know about you, but I'm not sure those should count toward the "175 Homemade Herbal Formulas" in this book. As useful as they may be, I'm more inclined to call those "tips."

    I don't mean to sound too harsh in my review of this book. I think that, depending on your needs, this book may be perfectly fine. Many of the recipes look to have interesting combinations of oils and essential oils, and I'm guessing many of the finished products smell like heaven. I'm mainly trying to present my perspective on the book, relative to my own goals -- and hopefully it will be relevant to people with similar interests. But again, if you are more looking for recipes for casual use, you might really like it.

    One final note -- as you can see, the author calls for animal products in some of her recipes. This is fine, but I was disappointed that she didn't offer animal-friendly alternatives. (In her entry for beeswax, she does mention vegetable emulsifying wax as an alternative, but then says, "but this wax has been refined and does not have the same alluring qualities as beeswax. Always try to find the real thing!") For dairy products, the author makes no mention of looking for organic versions -- i.e., from cows raised on healthy diets, without use of rBST or prophylactic antibiotics. (She also makes no mention of the fact that methane from cows is one of the biggest contributors to the greenhouse effect.) I was surprised by this only because I think there is a lot of overlap between people interested in organic products, and those interested in animal-friendly and eco-friendly products....more info
  • Simply Awesome!
    I LOVE this book!! Not only are there tons of cosmetic concoctions (ranging from creamy body butters & lotions to herbal hair conditioners & foot soaks), but there are also thorough descriptions of different hair & skin types that each recipe will benefit. It even has a section on edible body potions that you may want to try on your "honey" (think sensual love-making). The best part is that each recipe gives you just enough to yield about 1 to 2 applications. That way, you can decide which ones you like and which ones you don't before you make large batches of it. All the ingredients are easy to find (there is an appendix on where to buy / order) and the author even gives us a comprehensive list of the different properties of herbs, oils, essential oils, etc. that you can use in these recipes. I've made & tried three so far (coconut body butter, rosemary hair rinse, & orange sugar scrub) and have found each one to be great. I can't wait to experiment with the rest of them! ...more info
  • Good variety of things to make!
    This is a really nice book with lots of recipes to make everything from basic cleansers and moisturisers to astringents and foot care products. The ingredients are all available and so there's no issue trying to find somewhere that sells the materials (which can be a problem with more organic products).

    The only improvement I can suggest of the book is some photos of the preparation process of the recipes, and also the final products....more info
  • Not What I Expected
    I purchased this book based on the glowing reviews here, but was disappointed somewhat. It's not what I expected at all since I was looking for something that might help me create some products to market. There are lots of recipes. Many are more than simple, such as Honey Cream Bath, mix honey and cream -- Lip scrub, baking soda and a toothbrush -- Banana mask, mix banana and cream -- Honey mask, raw honey and apply, --tooth twig, cut a twig and chew. Though there are many recipes that are more in depth, I guess I was expecting something more. If you are thinking about something you could use to help you with ideas that you might bottle and market, there is no mention of natural preservation that I could find other than one reference to vitaman e oil. So if you want a book with things you can use at home for simple personal use Only then this is probably a good book for that. But if you were looking for something that would give you ideas for marketing face creams, lotions etc, this is not it. I wish I had read more thoroughly....more info
  • The book exceeded my expectations.
    Organic Body Care Recipes is full of information. The recipes are easy to follow and the book has websites to order ingredients. It is well written and there is a ton of information pertaining to natural ingredients and what they do. I would give this book as a gift. It's great to use for making the recipes or even just reading and browsing from time to time. A fun book to read!...more info
  • Natural is better
    I bought this book to save money on moisturizers and skin care products, and found a wealth of knowledge. My favorite recipe is the Raspberry Mask! Wow.....more info
  • don't bother with this one
    complex recipes and difficult to come by ingredients. I perused this book and promptly returned it....more info
  • organic body care receipes
    i absolutely love this book. easy instructions. easy to find ingredients. everything i made so far smells like heaven....more info


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