Fix, Freeze, Feast: Prepare in Bulk and Enjoy by the Serving - More than 125 Recipes

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Millions of shoppers save money buying groceries in bulk ¡ª trays of boneless chicken breasts, pairs of flank steaks, and flats of ripe tomatoes. But savings can quickly become losses if those bulk quantities spoil in the refrigerator or lie forgotten ¡ª unlabeled and unrecognizable under layers of ice crystals ¡ª in the back of the freezer.

Kati Neville and Lindsay Tkacsik have built businesses teaching home cooks how to take advantage of bulk savings by shopping wisely; converting food purchases into delicious, healthful family dinners; and labeling and storing the meals for easy access on busy days. They share all their best recipes and organizational wisdom in Fix, Freeze, Feast, a cookbook every price-conscious shopper will love, and warehouse club members shouldn't be without. With their help, home cooks will have freezers stocked with easy-to-prepare entr¨¦es, ready to be defrosted and cooked for weeknight family dinners. Imagine the comfort of knowing a homecooked meal is always available.

Each recipe includes instructions for dividing, preparing, and storing the raw ingredients, and a second set of simple directions for thawing, cooking, and enjoying the food. Designed for the way people cook today, Fix, Freeze, Feast meals are lighter and fresher than traditional bulk-cooking recipes, with a focus on simple stews and stir-fries, quick grilled or broiled main courses, and popular ethnic meals such as Beef Fajitas and Cashew Chicken Stir-fry.

Add to the entr¨¦es ready-to-bake cookie doughs, warming soups and side dishes, fruit smoothies, and portable kids' snacks, and those warehouse club shopping trips begin to look more valuable than ever. This is a system that saves time, saves money, and saves families from the empty calories of takeout food. Make room in the freezer for next week's dinner!

Praise for Fix, Freeze, Feast ¡ª

"[Fix Freeze, Feast] delivers some yummy new recipes that are easily stored and don¡¯t look or taste like frozen meals when they¡¯re served days later . . . Fix Freeze, Feast promises to ease the stress of cooking and ensure that you¡¯re well fed, with hearty meals, throughout the week or month."
¡ª (Ladies Home Journal)

"Fix Freeze, Feast is a smart book to keep on the shelf . . . There¡¯s nothing like a hot meal after a long, hard day at work, especially if all the work was done weeks ago!"
¡ª Scripps News Service

"If you resolved to cook more at home in 2008, Fix, Freeze and Feast can help . . . In addition to recipes they also have tips for organizing your shopping list, packaging meals and preventing freezer burn." ¡ª Spokane Spokesman-Review

"If one of your New Year¡¯s resolutions is to eat home-cooked meals as a family more often, Fix Freeze, Feast could be just the help you need to accomplish that . . . Fix Freeze, Feast won¡¯t guarantee getting a scattered family home for dinner more often, but it will definitely make it much easier to get the meal on the table." ¡ª The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)

"Not so much a cookbook as a bulk-saving survival guide for harried cooks everywhere." ¡ª Northern Virginia Magazine

"The authors do a great job offering clear instructions for the cooking, an important final step that is too often left to guesswork." ¡ª (Memphis) Commercial Appeal

Customer Reviews:

  • Made my life soooooo much easier!
    I bought this book after hearing about it on the ManicMommies podcast. I was hesitant to make 3 meals at once in case my family and I didn't like them. But lately, I haven't had time to think about that as my life has gotten too crazy. I realize now that I had nothing to worry about. After trying each dish, I wish that I had made more, not less. Everything is so delicious and takes just a few basic ingredients that are easy to find. I have found that I can make some of the meals in less than 20 minutes! Also, I have two picky food critics at home -- two little girls who have a hand signaling system that rates my meals after one bite. After each of the recipes that I have tried, I have gotten a "Best in the World" rating. No more yucky faces! Hooray! I can't recommend this book enough. It has completely changed meal times from stressful to fun. ...more info
  • Saving time and $$money$$
    We are a very active family and this book has transformed my time as well as my grocery bill. It is specifically geared to shopping "warehouse style". Now I am buying in bulk every other week and prepping 14-20 entrees in two to three hours, that need a minimum amount of attention before cooking and serving. Some of our favorites are the 4B's Flank Steak, Salisbury Meatballs, Honey-Glazed Chicken Thighs and Turkish Pork Chops. My husband estimated that I have cut our food bill in half. I like that we aren't wasting food in purchases I intended to make but find I'm too busy to actually prepare. I have bought a lot of OAMC books but I dont have two whole days of uninterupted time (nor do I want to!) for prepping. Fix, Freeze, Feast makes $en$e for me! :-)...more info
  • Fix, Freeze, Feast: More than 125 recipes to prepare in bulk and by the serving
    Great book! Highly recommend. Easy to follow receipes. Many of the recipes had ingredients that I already had on hand. ONLY reason for giving it a four stars is because there are more sauce recipes that I don't care for. With a family of six, this book, HAS saved me money and time already. Wonderful!...more info
  • Great Book, Great Recipes
    My husband tends to stop at the grocery store on the way to work to pick up Breakfast Cookies and bean burritos for lunch. Thanks to this book, I have filled my freezer with homemade PB&J Breakfast cookies and burritos that he can grab on the way out the door...which saves us a ton of money!...more info
  • simple solution for my crazy life
    Like so many women out there, I have many balls in the air. I am a working mother of two young sons, and I am going to school part time. Both boys play two sports, so many nights we are home just long enough to eat and leave again for a practice or a game. Fix, Freeze and Feast has saved us from countless nights of drive-thru meals as we rush from event to event. While the boys do homework, I am quickly able to complete a healthy meal that I took out of the freezer the day before.

    Even though you are making several meals at once, the prep is very easy. Don't be intimidated by the upfront prep. In fact, it was so easy, that I filled my freezer with 12 meals in just over a week. My husband told me I had to back off before we ran out of room in our chest freezer! All of the recipes have been great, but our entire family especially loves the Sweet Asian Chicken.

    I rave about my meals so much that my friends think I'm nuts, but this cookbook and this concept really work well for busy families that want real food, not fast food....more info
  • Super Cookbook
    This book saves me a lot of time during the week. I make one new item each week and we rotate through them. I have had nothing that I don't like and its so nice not to have to start from scratch in the middle of the week. ...more info
  • The best freezer meal cookbook
    This is my first book review. I know it probably sounds like the authors paid me to write this because the review is so glowing! After much research of Amazon book reviews, I bought "Fix Freeze Feast" because it eemed like the best freezer meal cookbook out there. "Don't Panic...Dinner's in the Freezer" would probably come in second place, but reviewers have slammed it for using too many processed ingredients. "F.F.F." calls for all whole foods. You even make and freeze in bulk the tomato sauce you use in many of the recipes. For my fellow editing snobs, the book is impeccably edited: organized and user-friendly. You can photocopy the freezer labels (which have the cooking instructions for thawed entrees) from the ones in the back of the book, or you can print them straight off the computer after going to the provided website. By the way, "F.F.F." has their own website with all kinds of extras like a Q & A section. Not only does the book have over 125 recipes, but it also goes over the whole freezer meal concept--from the big picture it breaks it down into the smaller lessons, like showing you how to make the best shopping list....more info
  • Awesome!!!!
    My sister bought me this cookbook for Christmas and I was thrilled!! As a working mom with 2 very energetic little boys and church responsibilities I couldn't wait to try this out. I tend to be a little compulsive so I picked out 17 recipes to make over my (out of the ordinary) four day weekend. I have two more to make this afternoon and I can't say enough about the methods and tips that they provide. I am buying the book for two of my friends and I just can't stop talking about it!! Lindsey, if I could I would give you a whole lot more than five stars....more info
  • It's a life saver!
    This cookbook has transformed the way I cook for my family. I have moved from "What am I going to fix for dinner tonight...? - big sigh" to enjoying the cooking process (never thought that could happen) and having delicious meals on hand... no sighing involved! I have never been much of a cook, but these recipes are super easy to follow and offer a variety of flavors that have greatly expanded our meal selections. The authors have successfully tackled the challenge of creating a great selection of healthy recipes without using expensive, hard-to-find ingredients. I have the freedom to prepare one recipe (3 to 4 meals) at a time, or have a marathon cooking day and stock my freezer with 20 to 30 meals. The amazing time saver is the fact that you put as much effort (and mess) into preparing several meals as you would have put into preparing just one... and reap the benefits on the other nights. Having meals on hand has also allowed me to help others through difficult times by providing meals for them, which is very rewarding. This cookbook makes a great gift - I have passed it on to countless friends, family, brides and new moms. It's a life saver!...more info
  • Awesome Cookbook!
    I bought this book last week after talking with a relative who recommeded that I start doubling up on recipes and freezing the leftovers. So I started researching cookbooks and came across this book. I read the reviews and thought I would give it a try. Well I made two of the chicken entrees and my husband and two boys cleaned their plates and I have 6 frozen entrees waiting in the freezer. This is too easy! Will never cook any other way again. I'm hooked! Also the fruit smoothies are really good too. My kids loved it! If you are a stay at home mom like me and you are so tired of thinking about what to make for dinner from day to day. This is the book for you....more info
  • This cookbook is great if you are looking for new frozen recipes to try!!
    I love this cookbook! The recipes are delicious. My children ages 4, 3, and 2 even eat these foods. The recipes are pretty easy to follow because it is mostly putting together 3 or more meals after you buy a big family size tray pack of steak, pork, or chicken. ...more info
  • The BEST cookbook EVER for the working parent!
    I have tried them all - Super Suppers, Dream Dinners, every type of prepare/freeze cookbook written. They all ended in a huge waste of time and money. "Fix, Freeze, Feast" is a GEM!! I LOVE this cookbook and the food. But more importantly, my family LOVES this cookbook! We went from dining out at least 3-4 times a week to maybe once! The meals are super easy to prepare and most share ingredients! The food is DELICIOUS!! Out of the 12 or so meals I've prepared - none have disappointed. It is wonderful coming home to a home-cooked, healthy meal that was decided upon that morning or the night before. "Fix, Freeze, Feast" has made my life so much easier. This is easily the BEST cookbook I've ever purchased!...more info
  • We've liked everything we've tried so far!
    The only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because there is no nutritional information. Many of the recipes call for ingredients like butter, honey, cheese, etc. It would be nice to have that information in my opinion and I'm sure it is not fantastically difficult to calculate. The recipes are all based around the standard size of warehouse club purchases for the main ingredients but I've easily cut them into single meal portions in order to try one before committing $20 worth of chicken. All in all, a great cookbook that I am sure I will get a lot of use out of....more info
  • Be open-minded
    I am taking a summer class three nights a week while also working full time. I was panicking about putting dinner on the table for me and my husband until i found this book at our local library. I agree with most of the reviews, but I also wanted to add that it is easy to cut the recipes in halves, thirds, fourths, etc. There is only two of us and my husband likes variety, so eating the same meal three times in a month would not be ideal. I made and froze 14 meals, but really made 2 packages of 7 different meals. I just looked for recipes that used the same meats and some similar ingredients. ...more info
  • No More Last Minute Take-Out!
    Like most people, I sometimes find it difficult to find the time to prepare healthy dinners for the family. I'd be embarrassed to admit how many times I just gave in and ordered take-out. Now when I know I have a particularly busy or stressful day ahead, I simply "shop" my freezer stash and choose something for dinner that night.I also feel like I'm really utilizing my Costco membership to it's best advantage.
    I would definitely recommend this book to a friend....more info
  • Takes a while to make, but so worth it.
    I recieved this cookbook as a Christmas present. So far I've made the basic red sauce, chicken curry and chicken parmigiana. I love that the recipes include prep and then day of cooking instructions, as well as provide you with pages you can photo copy to attach to your bags. Each recipe explains how to package everything. For instance, chicken parmigiana has a bag of mozzarella cheese slices, a bag of sauce and chicken all within a large freezer bag. This makes deciding on meals so much easier. I used full page labels to print on so that I could cut and affix instructions to each bag. All recipes were wonderful so far. Basic sauce is indeed very basic, but still good. Chicken parmesan was a little bland because of sauce being so basic but can easily be spiced up. Chicken curry was AWESOME! ...more info
  • So simple and pretty darn tasty!
    We have a store called Let's Dish where you can go and prepare meals to freeze. I loved the concept, but spending $200 each trip was a little much for our family. This book is great in that I can make a broader scope of meals to freeze, but can do one or two at a time, which is much more cost effective for our family! We have made 4 recipes so far and all have been good. Not to mention that that recipes are easy to follow! I have recommended this book to a few friends!...more info
  • Great prep ahead and cook fresh recipes
    I have done freezer meals in the past and been pleased with the convenience, but not always the product. The recipes in this book are not beige casseroles or cream of...soup based recipes. The premise is that you utilize the containers you buy at Sams/Cosco/BJ's to create freezer meals that you will cook on the day you eat them. The recipes are arranged by protein and they are all interesting and flavorful (so far). I had one which was very salty due to the soy sauce used and in the future I will drain the liquid before cooking (ginger beef for the crockpot). The spinach cheese lasagna was outstanding. It is time consuming but gives our family aproximately 9 meals for an hour of prep! It is also designed to allow you to thaw only what you want for the number of people you have(genius!) -- not the 9x13 pans I am used to in such books. There are no pictures of the food, but that really hasn't bothered me. ...more info
  • Planning
    It gave me a good start to monthly meal planning. With some wonderful recipes and easy to follow instructions....more info
  • Save yourself over $200+ and do it yourself with this book! Awesome!
    I LOVE this book! I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and have been wanting to make and freeze some meals for when my baby is born. Originally I wanted to go to one of those cook and freeze places, where you can make 12 meals in advance, but my family is vegetarian and there were hardly any veggie options. So, I decided to try some recipes on my own and stumbled across this book. I LOVE everything about this book! Assembling the meals is fairly easy. I've done 2 meals so far and each one has taken about an hour. Not bad since I got 3 meals out of each time I made something. That averages out to 20 minutes a meal. Also, preparing the meals once they are assembled seems equally easy. There is almost no additional cooking at all. Both meals I've made so far, once I thaw them from the freezer will take less than 10 minutes to prepare before sticking them in the oven. Even with a 2 year old and newborn, I'll be able to handle that. Finally, the meals taste really good! I was super impressed with both that I've made. The only downside to this book is that most of the meals seem to make quite a bit-more than my little family of 3 needs. Each recipe makes 4-8 meals, with each meal serving 4-6 people. I am not able to fill up my freezer with 4 of the same meals, so I've just been doing the math and cutting the recipes in half. This book is definately worth getting-it's $15 [...] and you are getting the exact same quality you would get from one of those "do it yourself" places that charge 200-300 bucks for meals.

    **Note, this book, over other freezer cookbooks, had a good amount of vegetarian meals. I currently have 6 I'm going to make over the next few weeks before the baby is born....more info
  • Family Friendly Food
    I love the idea of preparing more than one meal at a time. This book is full of great recipes that are easy to put together, and more importantly - your kids will eat them! The recipes are written as if you shop at a Warehouse Store (ex. a tray of chicken breast), but it also gives the amount (ex. about six pounds) in case you shop elsewhere. There are ideas to help you prevent waste (all the honey recipes listed together so it's worth buying the jumbo jar). You're saving time, saving money, preparing from scratch (very few mixes and cans here) - what more can I say? Buy this book!...more info
  • Cook now and Eat Later
    This cookbook has some good recipes. But I was dissapointed that there were not photographs to go with them.The concept as a time saver is Great. I am a visual person and like food that looks as good as it tastes. Just wish it had pictures....more info


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