Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and VitalityUpdated and Expanded
Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body's Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and VitalityUpdated and Expanded

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  • Energy Medicine Bonnaza

    I just loved this book. I have been a practitioner of energy based technques for years and find this book full of healing wisdom.

    Donna's energy medicine kit is another item well worth the price. It is full of simple easy to learn techniques. For one thing they really work.

    I would recommend the whole DVD companion to this book if you are a visual person. For myself,learning the energy techniques viewed on the DVD made it easier to apply.

    The only recommendation I would make is that the charts in the book are little challenging to follow. The print is a little on the small size but I still rated this product a number 5.

    A great find from a wonderful joyful talented woman. Donna is really knowledgeable and fun to watch. Thank you so much Donna for bringing this wonderful model of health to our world.

    Ingratitude, Sollena...more info
  • A Priceless Resource
    Donna Eden is an incredibly gifted healer. This is absolutely the best book on energy healing that I have ever read. To say it contains a wealth of information would be an understatement. The author spells out in detail how to use techniques for working with chakras, auras, meridians and more. The book itself would be a little easier to use if the reader didn't have to flip back and forth between pages to find drawings and descriptions of techniques, but since some of the exercises are used for more than one condition, it would be difficult to avoid page flipping without being repetitious. ...more info
  • A gift to us all
    The 1st edition of this book got 90 (!!!) 5-star reviews, but for some reason this new edition has just the 7+ listed reviews- usually newer editions get the old edition's reviews as well???
    Donna's books and work get wonderful praise from M.D.s, which I'm happy to see, because that makes it harder for skeptics to call energy medicine 'woo-woo'. It is incredibly thorough and user-friendly. One of the gifts of this book is that someone who has these incredible abilities is able to teach the rest of us how we can 'see' into people's energy anatomy as well- how very fortunate and exciting for all of us! ...more info
  • Loaded with great information!!!
    A great reference guide! Loaded with SO MUCH great information... This book is worth it's weight in gold!...more info
  • Don't Miss the Free Downloads
    I treated the original edition of Energy Medicine like some religious people treat the Bible. It travels with me, the pages are worn, the words have been read many many times, passages have been memorized. I expected the "10th Anniversary Edition" to be more about bringing renewed attention to what has I'm sure been the most successful book in its genre by far (more than 150,000 U.S. sales and 15 foreign editions, according to the author's website). I didn't really think the book itself could get better. But it did! Besides being thoroughly updated as the field of energy medicine has taken roots over the past decade, you will find new sections on such important topics as how to use energy medicine if you are having an invasive medical procedure. The desired benefits of surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation are more likely to come about if your body is energetically prepared to support the procedure, and the side effects will be far fewer. But the book remains both the premiere self-help guide for using an understanding of the body's subtle energies to keep yourself healthy and vital and also a clinical handbook that can be used by any health care practitioner.

    I ordered the revised/expanded edition the moment Amazon listed it. I then ordered several more as gifts directly from the author's website,, along with the companion DVDs that show the author demonstrating the techniques. The ones I ordered through the author's website came with a card saying that enlargements of some of the drawings, which are rather small in the printed edition, can be found on the above website under "View Large Drawings . . ." The copy I got from Amazon did not have this card. If you are buying the book from Amazon, remember to take a look at the larger versions of the drawings. I've printed them and keep them with the book. They are actually very useful as they are referred to throughout the text....more info
  • Empowering Book
    This book is AWESOME. My energy therapist suggested I buy this book to use along with her energy work on me. It is written for those who want to take their health into a more alternative direction, but are at a loss maybe what to do. In a word, self empowerment.
    It's loaded with energy exercises you can do. From working with magnets, to the chakras, to clearing out each organ's neurolymphatics, clearing and tracing the meridians, to spiritual exercises when you need help realigning your energy, to a dental chart and what tooth corresponds to what organ, and the list goes on.
    I reference this book a lot, and highly recommend it, would also recommend the Energy Medicine for Women: Aligning Your Body's Energies to Boost Your Health and Vitality by Donna Eden
    ...more info
  • Great book
    You only need one from this author....... Save your money on used of course. It's too pricey....more info
  • a lot of information
    I have been looking for accurate information in this field for a long time. Unfortunately, the vast majority of books on energy are not written by people who are clairvoyant or have a clear, direct experience with it, but rather by folks who want to milk money out of the New Age babble.
    This is not the case of this book. Donna Eden is a clairvoyant. I have watched her DVD as well(6 hours)and I think I can scream "Evrika!" (I found it!)
    For instance, when you read the chapter on chakras, is not the usual "the root chakra is this color...the heart chakra is this color...and symbolizes that" but rather the way a clairvoyant perceives each of these chakras, which is invaluable.There are some case studies as well which makes things even more interesting.
    And there are lots of exercises that we are recommended to do- luckily very short and very effective.We can clean our chakras ourselves, flush our meridians, eliminate toxic/stagnant energies, balance our emotions, all free. All there is needed is our hands and a few minutes a day.Yes, you need to flip pages back and forth, but obviously it is not possible to summarize everything on one page.
    Attention- reading and embracing this book will change your view of your body and of your life completely, so, ARE YOU READY?...more info
  • Energy Medicine
    This book is in line with all the new discoveries in human science. Ms Eden is no flake. Her exercises and explanations help and really work for the lay person. I marked my copy up, sticky noted it nearly to death, tried everything she described and am having a lot more fun as a result....more info
  • What are you waiting for?
    I had the first edition of this book when it came out many years ago, and it's a testament to how amazing Donna Eden is that I went out and purchased the new edition, something I've never done with a book before. Donna is one of those incredibly gifted healers who also excels at sharing information with the rest of us in a down-to-earth, easy to understand way. I also love that unlike some books on healing that are long on personal philosophy and short on useful information, this one is absolutely jam packed with fascinating facts and exercises that are immediately usable. The 5-step energy routine should be taught to children and adults alike, as it helps to keep the body's energetic systems in balance, which can in turn prevent dis-ease. To say this book is worth the purchase price would be a huge understatement. The information really does have the potential to be life-changing. What are you waiting for?
    - Nicole Wilde, author Energy Healing for Dogs: Using Hands-On Healing to Improve Canine Health and Behavior...more info


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