Super Natural Cooking: Five Delicious Ways to Incorporate Whole and Natural Foods into Your Cooking

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Everyone knows that whole foods are much healthier than refined ingredients, but few know how to cook with them in uncomplicated, delicious ways. Using a palette of natural ingredients now widely available in supermarkets, SUPER NATURAL COOKING offers globally inspired, nutritionally packed cuisine that is both gratifying and flavorful. With her weeknight-friendly dishes, real-foodie Heidi Swanson teaches home cooks how to become confident in a whole-foods kitchen by experimenting with alternative flours, fats, grains, sweeteners, and more. Including innovative twists on familiar dishes from polenta to chocolate chip cookies, SUPER NATURAL COOKING is the new wholesome way to eat, using real-world ingredients to get out-of-this-world results.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not simple to work with
    I like natural foods but a lot of the ingredients used in this book are too difficult to work with. I never made one recipe. Nice pictures though....more info
  • My Absolute Favorite Cookbook
    I became a vegetarian a year and a half ago and have since accumulated a large vegetarian cookbook collection. I grew up on whole foods and healthy habits and had a near gourmet chef for a father. Fortunately I have inherited his cooking skills and have carried my good habits into adulthood. I have been following Heidi's blog since the beginning and have a huge binder filled with all her printed out recipes. I was estatic to buy her first book, Cook 1.0 and couldn't imagine anoher cookbook topping it....then Supernatural cooking arrived in the mail. I can not get over the amazing beauty of this book. I'm almost afraid to use it for fear of splattering on the gorgeus photos. However, this book is so much more than looks. It is filled with healthy recipes and information. I dove right into the recipes and my husband settled down into the informative chapters on subjects like natural sweeteners, power foods, grains, alternative oils, etc. Each and every meal in this book is complete and whole. Each ingredient has a beneficial role to your overall health. I have made about half the recipes in this book so far and my husband and I devoured them all. ...more info
  • Lovely!
    I asked for this cookbook for my birthday after reading Heidi's blog for a while. It has not been a let down aside from the binding beginning to come apart, evidently I'm not the only one to have this happen. I thought about knocking the rating down to 4 stars due to the binding issue but I don't see that as a fault of the author. I'm looking forward to making several of the recipes as soon as I can get my hands on some ingredients that are a little hard to find where I live....more info
  • Beautiful reference of recipes and food knowledge
    Heidi's new book, "Super Natural Cooking", is luscious.
    She didn't have to make it this beautiful. But she did.
    I love the warm paper and the sturdy construction. It took me a few minutes to grasp that there's a dust-jacket on this paperback book. How cool.
    Luxuriously textured with rich color photos (love the dahlias, the Christmas stockings and the tattoo), and dotted with charming graphics, you realize the book is a treasure before you even get to the recipes...
    I feel the book has so much to teach me; expedient, because I am anxious to learn about whole grains, natural sweeteners and alternative oils. Along with her talent for photos and food; I love the way Heidi speaks to us. Intelligent. Amusing. Never dull.
    Allowing no personal bias as a fan of her web-site, I am charmed and excited by this book on it's own merit. Because I have cooked from her first cookbook, I know the recipes will work and impress. In my collection of three hundred or so cookbooks, this is a stand-out....more info
  • Interesting
    I love the design and photography in this book, it's fun to look at. I am not 100% on the recipes. I was disappointed to find most of the dessert recipes call for butter and sugar instead of alternatives. It's a good book to get you "started" finding new ideas for cooking naturally.

    ...more info
  • an eye and mouthful
    This book makes me want to restock my pantry, move to California, make a lot of new foodie friends, plant a garden, and buy a camera. While finding the ingredients may not be as easy as going through the drive-through at Burger King, the recipes are simple and the photographs are incredibly beautiful and inspirational. A few weeks ago, on a cold and blustery saturday, I made the noodle soup with garbanzo beans (the one with both cooked and crispy noodles)...OMG it was heavenly and not time consuming. The author reminds me of someone who would have cooked for the group in Walden Two- a cook who works to put more goodness in dishes rather than less. ...more info
  • This is the best cookbook I've ever used
    I absolutely love this cookbook! Not only is it beautiful and informative (I read it cover to cover like a novel), but the recipes are absolutely amazing. I am pretty inexperienced in the kitchen and have tried dozens of cookbooks in the hopes of improving my comfort and skill in the kitchen as well as providing my family with nutritious meals. Most of the recipies I ended up with were exceptionally complicated or were lacking in the taste department. Not so with Heidi's "Super Natural Cooking" cookbook. With this book I have been able to create amazingly delicious wholesome meals that are pretty simple to prepare on weeknights. I love exploring all the new tastes and textures and even my meat-loving husband has asked me to add more tofu to our diet after tasting Heidi's "Otsu" and "Big Curry Noodle Pot" recipies. We are looking forward to trying all 80 recipies! ...more info
  • at last a natural cooking book with a great look
    The book is beautiful! and the recipes are rich in flavor an nutritional value....more info
  • fantastic book
    Great book - simply fantastic. Contained within are flavor, creativity, and health. There is some use of esoteric ingredients, as I have seen some complain of, but that was kind of the point of some of these recipes - use ingredients you may not always use. I have been a fan of Heidi's website for quite a while, and this book contains the same level of warmth, and obvious love for good food you'll find there. The photography, as always with her work, is stunning, and the recipes are usually winners. I have to admit that I find the organization of the book confusing - that's about the only negative thing I can think of to mention. Buying vegetarian cookbooks can be tricky - some are way too "crunchy granola" and focus on meals of sprouts, tofu, and "groats" of some sort or another, while others combine pounds of cheese with gallons of eggs and butter for nearly every recipe! This type of book is hard to find - the recipes are healthy (generally), focus on (GASP!) whole grains and vegetables, and there is flavor to spare in all of them. And, no, I'm not a vegan, I just believe in enjoying a thing for what it is, not pretending you're eating something different than you are. Tofu? Sure, on occasion. TVP? No thanks, I'd rather eat toenail clippings.

    That being said, it would be nice if there was a nutritional breakdown for each recipe. Most people who are concerned with their health these days seem to be on one diet protocol or another. I imagine most of them would like to know what they are getting out of each recipe, other than satisfaction....more info
  • Deeply Impressive
    I've extremely impressed by Heidi's book, Super Natural Cooking. Not only is the look and feel of this cookbook exceptional, but there's a whole slew of recipes I can't wait to try. I made her Spiced Caramel Corn, which said "serves six"...but I ate it all myself. How could I share anything so delicious?

    Am looking forward to cooking and baking my way through the rest of this book, including her yummy-looking Thin Mint Cookies and Double-Chocolate Pistachio Biscotti. Bravo Heidi!...more info
  • Cool, but Undeveloped Ideas
    I have cooked the Mesquite Cookies, the Espresso Banana Muffins, and the Do It Yourself Power Bars. The mesquite flour had an intriguing taste but was overpowering and I will cut it back next time to perhaps half the amount. The Espresso Banana Muffins had a refined, lovely taste, but be sure to use a large muffic pan, as there was little rise. The Do It Yourself Power Bars had a nice crunchy texture, but were overpowered by the taste of the brown rice syrup. Hit or miss, though full of ideas an experienced cook could put to good use....more info
  • Beautiful, Delicious, Inspiring, Healthy!
    I'll come clean right up front: I was a recipe tester for this book, and Heidi is a friend of mine. That said, I only really got around to testing a handful of the recipes while she was writing it, and I just got my copy the other day and eagerly opened it and put it to use, so this review is based on my impressions of the finished cookbook.

    First off, Heidi's food photography is just stunningly beautiful. The presentation is beautiful and focus is crisp, revealing texture and color. Plus, flipping through the book, it appears that almost every recipe has a photo, so it's useful for knowing what the finished plate ought to look like. Sometimes I use cookbooks with no photography and wonder, at the end, whether I missed a step. Not so here.

    The whole book is as pretty as the photos. The paper stock is smooth and pleasant just to hold, the fonts are tasteful and attractive, the ornamentation is great. It's just a beautiful book.

    And the recipes? The ones I've made have been delicious. I made the wild-rice flour pancakes with the mesquite syrup for brunch and they were a giant hit. I've made the quinoa-corn crepes several times, and the sauce is so good I triple it to have leftovers for the next week. The list goes on. I've probably made 10 or 11 of the recipes so far, and haven't been disappointed with any of them.

    I'm especially excited about this cookbook coming out right now because I'm working on losing a few pounds, and while this book certainly has some recipes for foods rich in calories, it also has a ton that aren't. Plus, every recipe is so rich in nutrients that I can eat smaller portions of any of them and still know I'm getting what I need. I'm particularly excited about the various ways to put greens and beans to use in my kitchen.

    Finally, the price is kind of hard to turn down. Amazon's selling this for less than fourteen bucks right now? I'd have paid more than twice that for this book, no question....more info
  • Beautiful book, packed with healthy recipes you want to cook
    Heidi Swanson's new vegetarian cookbook is filled with advice, ideas, and recipes for cooking with natural foods. Ever find yourself in the natural foods section of your grocery store wondering what one would do with amaranth or quinoa? Or have you ever looked for creative ways to incorporate "super foods" into your diet? Heidi lays it all out for us, explaining the foods you should have in your pantry, healthful grains to use in your cooking, the importance of including phytonutrient-rich colorful foods in your meals, and suggestions for super foods and natural sweeteners. The book includes over 80 recipes, most beautifully photographed by Heidi herself.

    Sound just a bit too "healthy"? Understandable. My mom went through a wheat germ and alfalfa sprouts kick in the 70s, from which we kids never recovered. What I can tell you about Heidi, as I've come to know her personally over the last couple of years, is that everything I've ever eaten that she's cooked is drop-dead delicious. Really. I'm so NOT a vegetarian and I couldn't wait to get my hands on this book. It doesn't disappoint. In fact, it is a stunningly beautiful book; the photography alone is inspiration to try out some of the more unusual ingredients. Brava Heidi!...more info
  • Great book to get you started!
    Here is a cookbook thats based on a solid food philosophy but never sounds preachy. Excellent design and graphics, written as if you were exchanging recipes / meal ideas with a friend. The books includes lots of details without getting too busy, and indeed successfully preserves a sense of serenity. Most importantly, the recipes work well - otsu and the biscotti are my favorites! I can't wait for Heidi's next books and hope they continue to grow in scope and innovation. ...more info
  • Great book, now a regular part of my cooking repertoire
    I have been cooking with Heidi's book since it was released in 2007 and it is a go-to book that I use on a consistent basis. That's saying a lot for a person like me who has many, many cookbooks and doesn't always use them. I've come to trust Heidi's recipes, and usually follow them exactly -- knowing that the recipe will result in a delicious dish.

    I regularly cook Heidi's crusty white beans, make the mesquite chocolate chip cookies, and make the delicious quinoa and crescenza cheese dish.

    Even if you don't gravitate to the recipes in Super Natural Cooking (which is hard for me to imagine), this book is worth a look for the breadth of knowledge about grains and flours and fats. I use it as a reference book often....more info
  • Beautiully photographed, concise and creative healthy food
    I've been a fan of Heidi's site, 101 Cookbooks, for quite some time and was very impressed by this book. It's a collection of healthy yet delicious recipes- you won't find any "nuts and twigs" here- that inspire you to eat better and be more aware of what makes you feel good. Often times, vegetarian recipes are bland and lacking life; Super Natural Cooking has none of that and contains dishes that you'd be happy and proud to serve at a dinner party. I can't wait to try the oven baked egg rolls and the recipes I've tried so far have all been delicious. Highly recommended from a food lover!...more info
  • A Must Have in Everyone's Cookbook Collection!
    Bravo Heidi Swanson for showing readers that cooking with whole and natural foods can be both healthy and FLAVOR driven. Natural, does not mean "Hippy Gruel!" The recipes and photography in this book are so inspirational, you'll want to start cooking immediately. My book already has splotches on it -- the ultimate endorsement of a cookbook being used, and loved....more info
  • good and good for you!
    A couple of months ago a fellow-foodie friend sent me a link to an interview with Heidi Swanson on I loved how she talked about food and cooking. It was exactly what I've been thinking about and living lately, so I immediately ordered it from Amazon.

    WOW. I had no idea what a treat it would be! This is the most gorgeous book I own--her photography is breath-taking and you can't help but want to cook everything and want to be her new BFF. I've read it cover-to-cover, and have made quite a few of the recipes. I learned tons, and have been eating better than ever. Her conversational tone really pulls you in right away, and isn't at all preachy (which can be pretty common when you're reading about natural/vegetarian foods). Everything I've made has been simple, beautiful and delicious. She introduced me to some new ingredients that are now staples in my kitchen (mesquite meal!). My friend and I talk about her incessantly, and jokingly (sorta) refer to her as our guru.

    I sent her a fan letter (er, email) last month. She replied the next day, was kind and gracious, and gave me some recipe suggestions and some other cooks to check out. So sweet!

    And, I got her book Cook 1.0: A Fresh Approach to the Vegetarian Kitchen, and it's also fantastic. It's not quite as gorgeous (but is still very attractive), but features the smartest lay-out I've ever seen in a cookbook. You will love these books even if you'd never dream of being a vegetarian. Buy both today! You won't regret it!...more info
  • Outstanding Book!
    This is a great cookbook. I own more cookbooks than I could possibly use, but when I read about this one I had to buy it... NO REGRETS! And I even purchased it as a gift for someone, not to mention recommended it to many.

    Heidi Swanson's beautiful photography and simple great recipes are sure to inspire food improvement. They have for me anyway.

    I really love this book!
    ...more info
  • Not granola-y at all
    A fantastic book, I read Heidi's blog 101Cookbooks several times a week and I am always in awe of her simple yet delicious cooking. I look forward to spending the summer reading and eating my way through the beautiful cookbook!...more info
  • Yum
    As someone who is very interested and only somewhat knowledgeable about whole foods and natural foods, I love this book. Heidi's descriptions and explanations make this subject totally accessible to anyone wanting to incorporate more healthy, whole foods into their diet without compromising taste. As a culinary student, I appreciate this!

    The photography in the book is the best you will find in any cookbook. This book is certainly the most beautiful addition to my already-large cookbook collection.

    This weekend I made three recipes from the book - Otsu, Espresso Banana Muffins and Wheatberry Salad. They are all "keepers" in the vernacular of our household. Wonderfully flavorful recipes!
    ...more info
  • Worth the money
    I have found several recipes from this cookbook that are great, simple, tasty and if you can improvise just a little, even better. I for one cannot always find what her recipes may call for, but I can find a substitute that works well. I really like how this book feels when I open it which makes me just a little more pleased to use it. If you like cooking with whole foods, this is a great recipe book to add your collection. Highly recommeded. ...more info
  • healthy, easy cooking
    This is most definitely one of my all-time favorite cookbooks. I am constantly tempted to pick this up for the photography and design alone. And the recipes confirm exactly to the clean, fresh design of the book. The brown rice bowl with avocado, tofu and green onions is a dinner staple for me now and so are many other recipes. I love the writing as well for educating me further about seasonal ingredients, basic techniques and simple flavors. I feel great while cooking and after eating any of the meals from this book. Flavor is really important to me and I often miss that with a lot of vegan/vegetarian cookbooks. The recipes here really bring out the natural flavors of most ingredients. And the ingredients are easy to come by and very versatile which I appreciate a lot. I also regularly refer to the author's food blog [...] for more recipes. Overall, Heidi's cooking has really inspired me to buy local and cook simple, healthy and nutritious meals without having to sacrifice on flavor/taste....more info
  • Haven't seen the book.....sent it as a gift.
    My friend who received this book for her birthday said it was a wonderful book with beautiful photography but I haven't seen the book myself. I love the authors food blog and was motivated by that to order the book for a present.
    ...more info
  • Inspirational Cooking!
    I love this book. I have made quite a few recipes and although I wouldn't make all of them again (I did not like the amaranth biscuits), the recommendations for substitutions always get me thinking and inspired to cook! The Sticky Teff Loaf is excellent and I also love the Sushi Bowl and Spring Minestrone.

    I use this book for reference all the time, but the binding is completely cracked. The book is now unfortunately falling apart, and I may have to purchase another copy (frustrating).

    Overall, I love the book, but it is not well made.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic cookbook for everyone
    As a single 20-something who lives on her own, getting inspired to cook healthy meals on a regular basis can be tough...heidi's book is a true inspiration...i literally read the book over one weekend from cover to cover. the recipes are very straightforward....but more than that, the information is very informative and helpful. Heidi does not try to impose her cooking lifestyle on the reader, she just simply explains how easy it can be to slowly incorporate extremely nutritious and tasty items into the reader's pantry.
    and the dishes are tasty! I made the hedgehog potatoes with mint-yogurt sauce when I hosted 14 friends for easter was a smash hit!
    The "millet fried rice" is an excellent and easy dish that is also fantastic for taking leftovers to work the next day!
    The information on super natural foods, natural sweeteners, and the whole grains really gives someone a good perspective on the foods we eat and how quickly and easily we can make delicious, delicious, delicious dishes and feel great! I've been recommending this book to many friends.
    Oh yeah, and it is beautiful!...more info
  • Some Of My Favorite Recipes, All In One Book!
    Even if you're not into 'natural' foods, this is a terrific cookbook. Full of gorgeous photography and really delicious recipes (which are easy to make), it's a perfect cookbook if you're wanting to try some healthy foods or even just some different versions of some vegetable side dishes, new salads, etc.

    I especially love the Big Curry Noodle Pot recipe, as well as the fantastic brussels sprouts recipe. Everything I've tried (I've tried about 10 or recipes from here) has been delicious. Very inspirational also when trying to decide 'what to cook'. ...more info
  • Good Info
    A good book overall. I found the information about how to substitute healthier options for the more commonly used ingredients the most useful. Recipes are pretty simple. ...more info
  • true beauty in food
    I love everything I have made so far; Do-It-Yourself Power Bars, Wheat Berry Salad, Garlic Scape Soups (I used ramsons) and Crusted Brussel Sprouts are in my best recipes file.

    This book has lots of beautiful pictures; the author has a good taste and knows how to show us the true beauty in food....more info
  • Easy Ways To Healthier Cooking And Eating
    I bought this book with some trepidation. I've been trying to update my family meals so that they're healthier and higher in fiber and minerals, so this book seemed like a good idea.

    It took some time to make some of the changes that were suggested. However, one I did, the results were satisfying. Instead of boring "good for you" grains Heidi introduced me to some exciting grains that I never would have considered.

    I recommend this book to anyone who's trying to lower their intake of the white stuff....more info
  • Fantastic information and recipes
    This book is so easy to follow and full of interesting ingredients. I have recently become a vegetarian and this book has made the transition seamless! My 2 year old toddler loves the recipes and gobbles them up and my "meat and potatoes" husband already has favorites that he's asked me to make again. The recipes are nutritious and taste great and I know I'm feeding my family something wholesome and natural. The dishes look beautiful when I plate can see what you're eating and you feel inspired to try every recipe in the book. Couldn't be happier...will definately purchase more from this author!...more info
  • Great pictures, interesting reading, inspirational
    Tried the Otsu noodles, good recipe. i really liked the buckwheat noodles. This book has inspired me to go out and buy some new things to try, like brown rice syrup, coconut oil, and hibiscus flowers. I will try those recipes soon!...more info
  • A Way to a New Life

    Super Natural Cooking:
    Five Ways to Incorporate Whole & Natural
    Ingredients into your Cooking

    By Heidi Swanson

    A review by Marty Martindale

    Super Natural Cooking contains hundreds of Swanson's own pictures; front cover and certain selections photographed by Wayne Bremser. This book is a very beautiful way to learn a sound nutrition plan, one suitable for a better life, the rest of your life.

    Basically, the book builds on five different ways to eat for better health and tips for everyday cooking of same:

    * Expand your pantry with whole and natural flours, oils, fats, sweeteners and spices. (Build a Natural Foods Pantry)
    * Experiment with alternative grains like quinoa, teff and amaranth. (Explore a wide Range of Grains)
    * Understand the importance of eating from a colorful food plate. (Cook for Color)
    * Get acquainted with powerful, nutrient-rich superfoods.
    * Branch out from white to natural sugars.

    Here's some random recipes in the book:

    GRAINS --
    DO-It-Yourself Power Bars:
    Contain coconut oil, rolled oats, walnuts oat bran, brown rice cereal, dried cranberries, crystallized ginger, rice syrup, natural cane sugar and vanilla.

    Wheat Berry Salad:
    (dressing for the berries) orange zest, lemon juice, shallot, olive oil, spinach leaves, toasted pine nuts and feta cheese

    COLOR -
    Straw and Hay Fettuccini Tangle:
    Asparagus spears, spinach leaves, garlic, Parmesan cheese, toasted pine nuts, olive oil, lemon juice and egg fettuccine

    Sweet Potato Spoon Bread: sweet potatoes, butter, shallots, goat cheese, wheat flour, onion powder, eggs and Parmesan cheese.

    Crunchy Slaw Salad: cider vinegar, lemon juice, black pepper, olive oil, cream, apple, savoy cabbage and walnuts

    Sushi Bowl with Toasted Nori, Avocado and Brown Rice: Nori sheets, firm tofu, orange zest, lemon juice and zest, natural cane sugar, shoyu sauce, brown rice vinegar, green onions, avocado and toasted sesame seeds

    Lime-Bathed Peanut Salad: raw peanuts, roma tomatoes, jalapeno pepper, cilantro, lime juice and olive oil.

    Fig Spread with Black Pepper and Toasted Sesame Seeds: black mission figs, lemon juice, honey, blackpepper and toasted, unhulled sesame seeds

    Dairyless Chocolate Mousse: Soy milk, semisweet chocolate chips, silken soft tofu, amaretto and almone extract

    At the end of the book is a section, Basic Recipes and Techniques, which explains the earlier preparation of many ingredients. It is followed by a Sources list of email/mail order houses for some not-so-easy to buy ingredients.

    Swanson offers excellent pointers at the end of each recipe. Your body shouts your nutritional smarts your whole life long. You can get a long start here.

    Find more about Heidi and her food:
    You can email Marty at

    ...more info
  • Wonderful
    Heidi, thank you for writing such a fantastic book about healthy and natural foods. You make trips to the grocery store so much less intimidating when I am looking to buy healthier and more whole grain items. Also, you make cooking these items less intimidating and at the same time incredibly delicious. I showed the book to a friend of mine and after reading through it for a bit I asked what she thought and she said "I'm buying my own copy tomorrow".

    The only reason I took off a star is because I've had the book for less than 2 weeks and the binding is already coming apart. Pages haven't started falling out yet, but it was a little disappointing for an otherwise fantastic book....more info
  • Becoming a convert!
    Food is my passion and that passion drove me to go to culinary school in my late 30's. I've been classically trained in all things gooey and sweet in the traditional French way.

    My pantry is changing and I have been working with whole wheat pastry flours and alternative grains and sweeteners. I love it. I feel better. Her photos are inspirational. ...more info
  • Super Natural Love
    Super Natural Cooking is absolutely wonderful. I read this 'cookbook' like a novel. With interesting information, compelling images, and inventive recipes, this book delivers. Instead of overwhelming me, Super Natural Cooking makes me feel excited and interesting in trying new recipes, new ingredients and new cooking methods. As someone just foraying into the Super Natural Food realm, this cookbook gave me great information that will assist me in my current adventures and push me into new adventures. I absolute love this book and Heidi's wealth of knowledge, sources, and just enthusiasm about Super Natural Cooking! ...more info
  • The best possible introduction to ultra-natural foods!
    There are plenty of new products coming out to meet the demand of folks now eager to try the natural food movement, but it's hard to know how to use them well. Amaranth flour, buckwheat flour, brown rice syrup? Simply trying to substitute them into your favorite recipes rarely works--you need to know how to use them to their own best advantage, and that takes time, effort, and plenty of practice to work out.

    Luckily, Heidi Swanson decided to start that process for us.

    "Super Natural Cooking" is packed with information on how to best store, handle, and use all of the wonderful ingredients you'll find. You'll find out which all-natural sweeteners have a surprisingly low glycemic index, making them appropriate for diabetics and those worried about their blood sugar or carbohydrate intake. You'll learn how much of those exotic flours you can substitute, which recipe-types they work best in, and how to make sure their different characteristics don't cause your recipes to fail.

    The recipes from this book more than prove Ms. Swanson's skill in the creative kitchen. One of the surest signs I've found of a brilliant cook over the years is the ability to take a few, often mild ingredients and turn them into something that is more than the sum of its parts--a wholly new and complex flavor. This she does easily with such recipes as a luscious fig spread that includes a bit of honey, lemon juice and black pepper. Then there's a curry noodle pot that yields new tastes in every delicious bite. I feared the seed-topped amaranth biscuits would be unduly heavy after feeling the texture of the dough, but they came out tender and wonderful, with an elusively delicious flavor I can only attribute to the amaranth flour. Each recipe came out perfectly without any alteration on our part; the directions were simple, clear, and without error.

    The book even makes a beautiful gift, as it's filled with Ms. Swanson's own food photography--and believe me, these photographs will make you hungry!...more info
  • great book
    this book gives a lot of info for natural cooking like what exactly to buy and why. this was a very helpful resourse when i wanted to change my eatting habits. ...more info
  • Super Natural Cooking: Absolutely Super Cookbook
    I am picky about cookbooks, and I have a precious few that see regular use. Super Natural Cooking just shot to the top of the pile. Heidi Swanson's glorious photography and charming, eloquent text make this cookbook personable, approachable, and enticing. She makes you want to try the recipes--and soon!

    I've been eager to revamp my kitchen and return to a wholefoods pantry after straying from the path many years ago. Super Natural Cooking provided the springboard for me today that Nikki & David Goldbeck's American Wholefoods Cuisine and The Vegetarian Epicure gave me so many years ago.

    To the reviewers who asked for more alternatives for hard-to-find ingredients, I would remind them that Ms. Swanson developed many of the recipes with these specific ingredients in mind. Providing an alternative ingredient might require an entirely different recipe. I think she makes it very clear that yes, many of these ingredients will not be easily found in some parts of the world and she gives mail order suppliers as best she can. ...more info
  • Good advice/alternatives
    Every section has a lot of awesome whole food alternatives for less healthy everyday items like all-purpose flour and refined sugar. It's a great way to figure out how to make food a lot healthier and far better tasting at the same time. The chapters before each sections of recipes are extremely helpful, and the recipes are great!...more info
  • Great all-around cookbook that doesn't feel "granola"
    I love this cookbook. I'm not a vegetarian, I've wanted to incorporate more whole, organic, and natural foods into my cooking. This book makes it easy. Heidi Swanson understands that in order to entice people to cook with natural ingredients, the recipes have to be delicious (and beautifully photographed, as these are), and they need to fit into busy lives. The collection in Super Natural Cooking does both things. I've already cooked or baked through about half a dozen recipes in the book -- all successfully. And I've tried some new ingredients, including sucanat, quinoa, and amaranth flour. If you're remotely interested in this topic, you should check out the book. These recipes offer a painless way to make your cooking healthier and more delectable....more info
  • Love this approach to cooking
    I think that I'm pretty knowledgeable when it comes to healthy eating, but still, before getting Super Natural Cooking, I considered items like margarine and fat-free dressings to be healthy. But Heidi Swanson's way makes much more sense -- doesn't it stand to reason that foods that are naturally cultivated would be received and digested by our bodies with far greater ease than factory-made approximations of real food? I for one would now much rather have a homemade amaranth-flour biscuit with real organic butter over a piece of sliced, processed bread with margarine.

    It makes even more sense when you take into account that Heidi's recipes are delicious. Following the advice in the book, I have completely restocked my pantry with whole wheat and all natural flours and grains, and all natural oils and sweeteners. Now I reach for them when I cook, and I've come to appreciate even the process of cooking as something to enjoy and celebrate.

    The actual recipes I've tried thus far are the amaranth seed biscuits (which I screwed up the first time; my own fault -- but the second time, they were delicious), the amaranth ginger shortbread, the mesquite chocolate chip cookies and the polenta-style teff wedges, which I've made a few times. It was all wonderful, homey and delicious. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to eat healthy and make a life-style change while doing it....more info
  • Beautiful cookbook, wonderful recipes
    I have been a regular visitor of Heidi's website and could not wait to get her cookbook. I was not disappointed.
    Everything I tried so far turned out excellent, the recipes are simple, most can be prepared even on weeknights.
    I am not a vegetarian, quite the opposite (I love meat), but this book will please anyone with a passion for cooking.

    I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Great Cook book but ingrediants are sometimes a little hard to find.
    I have really enjoyed reading and drooling over the recipies in this book.However if you are trying to watch your weight this cookbook is not for you, the recipies are a little high in fat and calorie dense.

    So far I have only made the granola and it was scrumptious, and easy to make. I'm planning on making this for christmas gifts later in the year. I'm excited to try the rest of the recipies but it will require going to a specialty store as a lot of the ingrediants called for are not found in the regular supermarket....more info
  • weird vegetarian
    If you are a vegetarian already and you're looking for some new, fun ideas, then you just might love this book. If you are an omnivore like me and are looking for ways to incorporate more vegetarian meals and interesting health foods into your diet you will probably be dissapointed. This cookbook is filled with what I like to call "weird vegetarian" food. Barley-quina risotto type of recipes do not do it for me. I could not imagine presenting any of these recipes to my family for dinner. The only recipes that looked kind of good were the ones for dessert or breakfast. Check this one out in person before you buy it....more info
  • Grateful Mother of 2 Boys
    We ate meat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Due to some dietary changes we decided to become vegetarian. I have a 2 and 4 year old boy, and a hearty eating husband. We were starving for the first couple of days until I found Heidi's book. The recipes we have tried are delicious! We could never be happier and have not looked back to meat since. In fact my family loves my cooking better (thank you heidi!), and my very particular and vegetable hating 4 year old is chowing on almost everything I put in front of him. In fact I had to take a picture of him eating the Garbonzo burgers stuffed with avocados and yellow peppers to send to my parents because I know they wouldn't believe their eyes. All I could say is thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful cookbook!...more info
  • gorgeous and inspiring
    This book is beautiful and smart and has me excited about cooking new stuff again for the first time in a long time. A total keeper of a cookbook, and a great gift for foodies, healthies, and cookbook lovers. ...more info
  • Haven't seen the book.....sent it as a gift.
    My friend who received this book for her birthday said it was a wonderful book with beautiful photography but I haven't seen the book myself. I love the authors food blog and was motivated by that to order the book for a present.
    ...more info
  • Food writing at it's best
    I got this book out of the library and after reading a bit I had to go out and buy my own copy. It's gorgeous and the recipes sound really yummy but the thing that hooked me was the very clear and interesting author's voice and point of view that really shines throughout the book. This is real food writing rather than just a recipe collection. I expect to re-read and browse this book for a long time. Exceptional....more info
  • Beautiful book; delicioius meals
    An informative and beautiful book that outlines many ways to cook delicious meals with natural ingredients...more info


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