Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

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Customer Reviews:
  • Geat textbook for learning the AC&R business.
    A totally comprehensive tool to learn and understand all facets of Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heat Systems, and Icemakers. This is the best book I have seen on the subject....more info
  • Great
    This book was in great shape and received it good time. I was real happy with the book and service. Thank you ...more info
  • I never recieved it due to KATRINA...
    ...I never recieved this item due to the FLOODS in New Orleans...I am sure I'll get it some time, LOL....more info
  • Modern Refrigeration Resource
    Thanks to the length of time this book has been available and the frequent revisions to the copyright, it continues to get bigger and better as time goes on.

    My bookshelf has at least 5 of those revisions that frequently get utilized . Each revision builds upon the prior publication and expands on the detail they provide.

    This publication represents an established reference standard for the HVAC/R Industry. It is especially valuable because of the extent of the different technical topics presented within its covers.

    Some have tried to copy the format and the content but still fail to match its quality and level of professionalism....more info
  • Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning .
    This book is really a disaster for whom who want to learn somthing from HVAC/R.It's full of controversies(not their typo),full of headlines not much of a detail.I do not understand how come a book with 18th edition still making basic mistakes like saying thing cotroversial to each other.I had to buy another book from Whitman Johnson and Tomczyk....more info
  • good general reference
    We have used this book as a study textbook for the last two semesters at college. As a student it has proven to be very useful. It has very good illustrations and diagrams along with helpful insight to the nuts and bolts of all A/C units. Where the frustration part comes in and is a mystery to me is what ever department that was responsible for reviewing the end of chapter questions and the questions in the test bank dropped the ball. It is quite evident that the questions and the text don't correspond. This leads one to believe that the department that is responsible for test questions and chapter questions do not have a back-ground in Air Conditioning / Refrigeration. I have used a lot of frustrating time in a futile effort to match answers with text. Its a shame that such an informative textbook be degraded on default....more info
  • To much Head lines news. Zero details!
    This book has good basic fundamental in physics and math. But it is not UP TO DATE. Also, It does not have a well structurated design. It presents much info, but not related. Is information is old, very old. It does not cover new technology. I would recommend a whole review of its contents! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BOOK!...more info
  • Completely useless as a stand alone publication
    I bought this text for additional tutorial help and insight into an HVAC class I am currently taking. Unfortunately, this is not a 'summary' or 'reference,' nor is a 'thorough background' presented. This is a work-book, full of work-sheets. There are not even any answers to the myriad questions provided. If you are trying to learn the material being covered this will not help you. The text only asks questions you don't know the answers to because you bought the wrong book....more info
  • Textbook of technical schools
    This book is the core textbook of the technical schools here in Puerto Rico, my father has been instructor of refrigeration and air conditioning for 35 years and this book (recent and previous editions)has been the choice for this course. It contains all the technical information needed for the beginer, and is an excellent reference book for the technician.
    Currently I'm teaching refrigeration and air conditioning also, and our institute also uses Modern Refrigeration as a student textbook....more info
  • It all begins right here
    This is the only book you need, but if the book has one weak area, I recommend a comprehensive electronics overview to complement this book, such as Ronald A. Reis' "Understanding Electronic and Computer Technology", as more air conditioning and refrigerations applications move into enhanced micro-electronics components. The better companies need articulate people who can speak and write well for their customer base, so I also recommend "Plain English at Work", by Edward P. Bailey, or "Basic Grammar in Use", by Raymond Murphy....more info
  • modern refrigeration and air conditioning
    This soft cover book is a study guide and only has questions (an examination book). The questions can only be answered from information in the larger hard cover book of the same title by the same authors.

    The contents of this book as listed here are not correct and are the contents of the hard cover text book. This soft cover book has no information what so ever, it is purely questions to be answered by the reader based on the reader reading the hard cover book. It also appears that there are two hard cover books available with the same list of contents, both books being by the same authors but the front cover photo is different; the most recent book is modern refrigeration and air conditioning 2000. It is incorrectly shown by Amazon that this soft cover book is the same book as the two hard cover books.

    This soft cover book is usefull to a reader who wants to test themselves after reading the hard cover books....more info

  • Modern Refrigeration and A/C
    This is the book that I used through my entire 2 year curriculum while earning my Associate Degree in AC&R Technology. It is very detailed and explains content for beginners and pro's alike.It has also been a good companion in the field. It describes just about every formula related to the field. It comes with good heat content charts for many popular refrigerants to allow the calculations for BTU/H. If you are planning a career or already in , you should have this book....more info
  • Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    the following prenceples and uses are: compressor,condenser,evaporator,expansion valve,centrifugal motor, high side & low side,...more info
  • Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    the following prenceples and uses are: compressor,condenser,evaporator,expansion valve,centrifugal motor, high side & low side,...more info
  • Modern Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
    A must for Air Conditioning Pro and rookies...more info
  • ?
    Does this book cover 134A and the other new refrigerants? It is a 1996 copyright and I wonder how much it doesn't have in it? If you can help me here I would appreciate it very much. Thanks. SPARK...more info
  • Good diagrams- but that's all!
    This is a good book to get a beginners understanding of refrigeration equipment. HOWEVER be careful not to buy this paperback edition in hopes that it will give you anything close to the hardcover's information! This is at best a good classroom companion to be used with a teacher at the helm. It is even set up as a lesson and answer book, just like in highschool. I was dissappionted when after the thirty day limit, I cracked the book for the first time and found that I had purchased a highschool coarse book. Good as it would be for that, the description is not clear about it. The hardcover might be the thing you're looking for if you would like good straight forward info....more info
  • This is a must have for anyone considering work in HVAC.
    I bought this book in DEC.1999 and found it would be a must have for the beginner or one in the HVAC field for a long time.

    The chapters are well put together,and could be used in classroom or used as a self-taught guide

    Who ever goes through this book will not be disappointed.Many diagrams to guide you....more info

  • This book allowed me to become self-employed!!!
    I read this book and taught myself HVAC/R, I was working for $15/hour when I quit and opened my own business. I am now self-employed in the HVAC/R business and have never been to a trade school!...more info
    I'm a mechanical engineer, and have never found a so complete and easy-to-understand book. It focus on every aspect I have concern about, and is deep in theory and practical views for refrigeration and its basic principles. You should buy this book if you'd like to succeed in the field of refrigeration, it's just great!...more info
  • very interesting and informative book.
    I found this book to be very interesting, very detiled, very in depth and yet, in a real easy format to learn by. This should be your first and last heating and air conditioning technology book!...more info