The Seven Pillars of Health

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What you can do for yourself concerning your health, god will not do. It¡¯s up to you to do it now. Most diseases are caused by unhealthy lifestyles, poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, and inadequate sleep. This book, based on best-selling author Dr. Don Colbert¡¯s life message, reveals seven fundamental principles that will enable people to walk in and enjoy the health God intended. Dr. Colbert explains the body¡¯s vital need for: ? Water ? Sleep and rest ? Living food ? Exercise ? Detoxification ? Supplements ? Coping with stress Colbert, who conducts comprehensive seminars in churches based on the subject of this book, presents a noncondemning, lifegiving approach to optimal health. His well-respected life plan outlined in The Seven Pillars of Health will help people make healthy choices one day at a time!

Customer Reviews:

  • Seven Pillars of Life
    This book plus 2 added journals are very helpful. The information is clearly written and easy to follow. Each day of this journey brings an understanding of how God intended us to live. I can feel the energy growing and my health is revitalized. I will use these steps for the rest of my life. ...more info
  • WOW!!! (there are no words)
    The Seven Pillars of Health is an extremely sturdy foundation to build a healthy life! There is SO much information in this book about just about everything related to health. I learned much from this book, and being divided into 50 days was a great way to space out the information. I had only one problem with this book...Dr. Colbert owns his own vitamin company! This was disappointing because it made me skeptical of Pillar 6: Nutritional Supplements. All of the supplements he reccomends, his company produces. However, Dr. Colbert does seem pretty trustworthy, but again read this pillar with a bit of caution. The other six pillars are fantastic and well worth it!...more info
  • A Fantastic Read!
    EVERYONE should read this book!!!! For those who are healthy, or sick, this book can change your life! I have recommended it to over 20 people, most of whom have or are planning to purchased it. It has truly made a difference in my life, and those who are in my sphere of influence!...more info
  • The new health bible
    This book is a must. It's not about miracles, it's about an uncovered truth about our auto healing bodies. We don't need external chemicals to heal our body, what we need is a balanced life, what we need is to read this book. Dr. Colbert shows us how to do it, and its all simple and real, and specially very, very effective. If you are a father or a mother its a must.......more info
  • Seven Pillars of Health A Review
    I found the book to be well written and organized. It is very well read by John Gauger.The author writes pretty much the way he speaks so it makes for an easy book to listen to. There is so much information I have found it necessary to listen to some chapters twice just to retain some of it. It is a very good book for the investment if you are serious about maintaining good health....more info
  • So far so good!!
    You're supposed to read a small "chapter" every day in this book - haven't done that to date but I'll take it in my own timing. Seems as though Dr. Colbert knows his stuff and is genuinely passionate that people live life to the fullest and make a big investment in their one and only human body & soul. I look forward to discovering a better and stronger version of me as I learn and apply more of what's inside....more info
  • geat
    I found this book to be very informative and I looked forward to each chapter!...more info
  • Seven Pillars of Health
    Much needed information that I was unaware of before. Makes you stop and think before you consume certian products for your body. Dr. Colbert is very knowledgable in his findings, and the fact that it is Bible Based is better than ever....more info
  • The Seven Pillars of Health
    Most excellent book. Dr. Don Colbert has done major research to write this book as evidenced in the many pages of footnotes. He also writes from experience. This book teaches you the main seven areas of health in which we all can make changes God's way! It is filled with scripture and is backed up with a salvation prayer in the end. No change can be accomplished without God's help. Both my husband and I are nurses and STILL we learned a lot and have a long way to go! We have made several changes in all seven pillars and will continue to make the many changes to maintain our temple the way God wants us to. With change and obedience comes blessings! We are reaping the blessings already. Doctors and friends and family have noticed changes in our health and have purchased the book also. The book IS NOT A WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM, but we have lost weight as a gift for being obedient! A must read for all, no matter how healthy you think you may be! To God be the glory!
    Thank you!...more info
  • I feel healther and more in control of my health
    The contents of the book contains valuable up to date information. Written in a usuable form for the non medical trained person. ...more info
  • Great Book but watch bottled water ph numbers
    I accidently happened upon this book in a store and was really taken by the information inside. I read about things I had never heard about before. I jumped right on the bandwagon and started buying new and more expensive bottled waters for myself and my family. Then I decided to go one step further and bought a set of ph strips to test my new waters. Well, I was surprised by what I found. They did not necessarily match the phs listed in the back of the book for various waters. I had bought Gerolsteiner by mistake which is listed as 5.9 but my test came out as 8 while Glaceau Smart Water came out lower than I expected. Based on my findings I would recommend to anyone who is serious about this program and planning to use bottled water as their main source to invest $14 in a pack of litmus strips at their local pharmacy and test their own waters to find the higher phs. I still think this book is great and recommend it....more info
  • 7 pillars of health
    I recommend reading this book. The information is critical to good health....more info
  • Enlightened to Health Issues
    This is a very interesting book. I keep it with me and refer to it regularly. Dr. Colbert is a wonderful christian author. I watched and listened to him talking about this book on the Kenneth Copeland show a few weeks ago and it was so intersting that I ordered the book. I definitely absolutely recommend this book....more info
  • Interesting Information
    You definitely need 50 days to grasp all this. Dr. Colbert gives advice and then explains why. Important knowledge....more info
  • The Seven Pillars of Health
    This book was purchase for my best friend as a Birthday gift and for myself. She thanked me for hours for giving her the best gift she has recieved in a long time. Also, knowing that this friend works in the medical field. I knew I had hit a goal mind in making this selection. After I started reading the book I realize what she was so excited about. I would suggest to anyone to give this book to everyone you know and love for life. AJJ...more info
  • The Seven Pillars of Health
    I thought this was the best overall book on health that I have ever read. The information is vital, but it is an easy read. Most all areas of health are addressed (except food combining). It really has inspired me to "get my act together" and eat in a more healthy manner. After reading this book, I have ordered other books from Dr. Colbert. I am very impressed with his whole empahsis on body, mind, and spirit. ...more info
  • My #2 Bible!
    What a great book to read and learn how to take care of your body! There is so much information here that everyone needs to know about. I bought several & have given them to my family & friends. This book has changed my whole life!!...more info
  • Great Health Info
    This book is very helpful in understanding the things we put into our bodies. You will be shocked at some of the everyday things we do that are not healthy for us. I really got a lot of knowledge out of it....more info
  • Seven Pillars of Health
    My wife and I "thought" we were eating and drinking correctly, however, we have learned a great deal from this book to show us how far off the mark we actually were. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand more fully how what we ingest affects us in our everyday lives!
    Jeff in GA ...more info
  • OWNER'S for living
    Dr. Colbert does a wonderful job. I am recommending this book to my clients in Nikken, as we have what he is recommending and more. We definitely know that once people have the knowledge, and take ownership of their health, they will be grateful for this information. It is great that there is an action step to take each day. We are looking forward to sharing this information with others so that they can become OWNER'S of their health and life. e-mail us to find out what OWNER'S stands for.
    God's very best to you, and I hope this review helped you.
    [...]...more info
  • Seven Pillars of Health A Review
    I found the book to be well written and organized. It is very well read by John Gauger.The author writes pretty much the way he speaks so it makes for an easy book to listen to. There is so much information I have found it necessary to listen to some chapters twice just to retain some of it. It is a very good book for the investment if you are serious about maintaining good health....more info
  • Lots of Great Info!!
    I thought this was a great book. There is so much useful information in here that I have come back to it several times. With all of the areas he touches on it's a great way to get your life on track and back to feeling good again. Just get'll be glad you did....more info
  • Informative reading!!
    I love this book, not done with it yet. Dr. Don Colbert gets into simple details about water. He not only explains how much water to drink, but the difference between water and the containers they come in. He explains about filtration and gives you all the information you need to make a good decision and where to purchase such items. Not only does he tell you to stay away from processed foods, but why. He gives you glycemic index, and tells you which to eat if you want to lose weight.
    There is just so much information, I am reading it slowly, highlighting all the important information and trying to let it all sink in. I definately recomend this book!!!!!!!! Along with "What Would Jesus Eat", I find it to be a great package deal. When I saw Dr. Don Colbert on Joyce Meyer and he mentioned how he all of a sudden had dairy allergies and was able to get rid of that by improving his diet, I just had to get the book since the same thing happened to me!!
    ...more info
  • You call this faith?
    Its a shame that Christians flock to the latest tome, and checkout "bestsellers" for direction in health or any other matter. We can truely TRUST GOD, we don't need the latest self help book to do that either. Stop buying these overly hyped books and start seeking Your Father. Oh I know all the rock star "christians" the stars of the religious movements of our day highly recommend these, but you can have shelves loaded with this stuff and it will do NOTHING for you. Try Jesus,He loves you. I myself have been healed many times of deadly disease, and I've been comforted always. He never NEVER fails.Don't worry about the planet, or your self or health, stop putting your hope in the political religious stuff and come out and believe in the ONE whos NAME you claim. Otherwise keep reading this may not hurt you much, but it sure won't help you !...more info
  • Finally--a health book with lots of details
    I have read a lot of health and "diet" books and they all seem to have the same information in them. Finally, a book by a Dr. that goes into details relating to health that I have not seen elsewhere (such as the pH of bottled water, what reactions take place in the body when certain foods are eaten, etc.) For me, it is also good that it takes Christian principles into account. I highly recommend it--money well spent!...more info
  • Seven Pillars of Health
    As a library director, I have access to any title we purchase for our collection. However, this is one I HAD to buy for myself at home. It ranks in my top five books on improving my health. The ideas are basic - - things we have always been taught but they are presented in an interesting way - - and in small pieces so you can digest one bite before proceeding on to the next. The great part is you aren't just told "what to do" but you are given explanations for the benefits of choosing certain behaviors or nutrition. You also are told the consequences, e.g., not getting enough sleep, not drinking water. Sometimes when we see the negative, it is an incentive to incorporate the positive. I am so impressed with this book that I am buying copies for my friends - - - especially those with chronic health diseases. If you are only going to buy one book on any health or weight issues, this is the one to purchase....more info
  • The Seven Pillars of Health
    This is a excellent book in regards to detoxification of the body cells by eating living food vs. dead food, coping with stress and treating your body as the temple of God. I very highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested enough to feel much better because of proper lifestyle that will greatly lengthen their life and give them a very enjoyable life in the future!...more info
  • What a guide!
    Easy to read and absorb. Blends God's teachings in with your health where He belongs. Great extras like "Points to ponder" "Did you know?" "Quiz's" to spark your attention.

    I highly recommend!
    ...more info
  • The Seven Pillars of Health
    The Seven Pillars of Health This is an excellent book, it was exactly what I was looking for.... a way to healthy living through Christian principles. I would recommend this book to anyone wanting to improve their health and quality of life....more info
  • Undermotivating
    Our church used "The Seven Pillars" video series for our Wednesday night adult curriculum. We had an interested facilitator who is passionate about health and wellness and I had received a preview pack about this so we bought the whole package. Our class started with 35 and ended 7 weeks later with 13 in attendance? Why? Because Dr. Colburn's point of view make managing your health very difficult to accomplish. The other undermotivating aspect of this study for our group was that there was very little spiritual understanding or encouragement offered. Even the scriptures that were used from time to time were sometimes taken way out of context to make his point. I expected (from the preview video) to have much better understanding of the spiritual implications of this study. And oh, by the way, the video they sent in the preview pack on "stress" wasn't the video that was used in the curriculum for stress. Hmmm ... that was strange - the preview video was much better. The book was a good read and filled with a wealth of information from one man's perspective. But if you are looking for spiritual meat - this study isn't for you....more info
  • FABulous book, easy read
    This is a wealth of information in an easy to understand text. We are so fortunate to have Don Colbert to help us educate ourselves in the fight for our good health. I praise God for him, a man who gives God the Glory for his knowledge, we can't listen to him enough! ...more info
  • Faith-Building Your Body With 'The Seven Pillars Of Health'
    While God most certainly played a role in my nearly 200-pound weight loss on the Atkins diet in 2004, you are not necessarily required to be a Christian in order for the diet (or ANY diet!) to work. I've been asked questions like "Do you have to be religious to do your diet?" by well-meaning members of the secular media when I bring up the role of my faith in my journey towards better health.

    The short answer is "no," but it certainly helps to have the power of the Almighty Creator on your side for those times when you need His divine strength to carry you through the valleys that most certainly come when you try to lose weight. If you've ever gone through a weight loss experience without support, then you know exactly how hard it can be. You need a friend that sticks closer than a brother to be there for you when you need Him the most.

    What if you could invest a mere 10-15 minutes a day for less than two months of you life and learn practical Biblical advice about improving your health? Would you be interested in learning more about it? If you are a Christian or desire to do something positive and productive about your weight and health, then of course you would.

    That's precisely why prolific Christian author Dr. Don Colbert wrote his bestselling book entitled The Seven Pillars Of Health: The Natural Way To Better Health For Life. This 50-day all-inclusive health manual will empower you with tons of information that can be absorbed and immediately applied into your life to bring about big changes in a short period of time. This could be the miracle you have been praying for.

    Dr. Colbert is well-known as the premier "health doctor" within Christian circles. I remember selling many of his other 30-something titles when I was working in Christian bookstores in the mid-to-late 1990s. He is highly-regarded for making complex medical conditions and treatments understandable to the common person as you will quickly find out when you read this book.

    The Seven Pillars Of Health are as follows:

    1. WATER

    This book reads like a daily devotional journal providing you with a few power-packed pages at a time to soak in the message Dr. Colbert wants to share with you. Each chapter (or "pillar") takes about a week to go through, so you are able to meditate and fully concentrate on one concept at a time. I enjoyed this format because the lessons you learned the first day were then reinforced on the next and the next to complement your health education. More books need to be written this way!

    There's some real eye-opening content in this book that you are just gonna have to read to believe. If I didn't already drink upwards of 1-2 gallons of water a day already, then you bet your sweet bippy I'd be guzzling it like it was going out of style after reading the water chapter. I don't think people have any idea just how crucial fresh water is to their health. I'll drink to that!

    At the end of each day's journal, you get a nice little wrap-up of the major points in that section with Dr. Colbert's "Building Blocks To A Healthy Life." Consider it your Cliff's Notes version of the content you just read and the take home message he doesn't want you to forget. There's the "Points To Ponder" as well as the practical application under the "Action Step" that allow you to begin using the information in your own life right away.

    Another eye-catching feature of this book is the "Dr. Colbert Approved" or "Dr. Colbert Recommended" check marks with straight-up advice for people to follow directly from the good doctor himself. For people who need direction that slaps them in the face, these frequent helpful hints lay it all out clearly and easily for everyone to see. Additionally, there are also extra boxes with essential information to lead you by the hand to making The Seven Pillars Of Health your new way of life.

    Although this book isn't as blatantly against the Atkins low-carb diet as other "Bible-based" health programs are, Dr. Colbert does get in a few comments that had me raising my eyebrows just a bit. For example, in the SLEEP AND REST chapter, he mentions low-carb diets as a reason why you can't get a good night's sleep because they allegedly "create a low-blood-sugar reaction, causing you to awaken in the middle of the night."

    Um, what in the world are you talking about, Dr. Colbert? I've been eating this way for three years and the only thing that wakes me up in the middle of the night is the porcelain goddess and that beautiful snoring creature on the other side of my bed! Sure, some low-carbers MAY experience hypoglycemic reactions at some point when they are livin' la vida low-carb, but don't paint us all with a broad brush and make it universally true. It clearly is not.

    There are some other issues that I disagree with him in The Seven Pillars Of Health (especially regarding saturated fat intake, artificial sweeteners, and meat consumption), but overall there are some redeeming qualities about the book that I cannot overlook either. His shunning of junk carbs, including sugar and white flour, is a major plus as well as the promotion of organic foods and proper supplementation. And the chapter on COPING WITH STRESS alone is worth getting this book!

    Scripture verses are sprinkled throughout to back up all the information that Dr. Colbert is providing. You can tell he took calculated steps to ensure that everything he was sharing was grounded in the Word of God. I can appreciate that fine attention to detail to get it right because he is honoring the Lord with the information he is sharing. I especially enjoyed the "appreciation list" and the "day of jubilee" because they pay tribute to God's providential hand in all things, including health.

    I wanted to share a brief passage from The Seven Pillars Of Health that sadly illustrates where we are regarding health in the United States and why we need more books like this one and doctors like Don Colbert speaking out with the truth about diet and health:

    "A woman walked into my office weighing nearly three hundred pounds. It was the first time I'd seen her. Her back was slightly bent with osteoporosis, and she was suffering from arthritis and shortness of breath so severe that she had to move very slowly. I examined her, performed lab work, a chest X-ray, and an EKG, and I found she had angina, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, type 2 diabetes, and other obesity-related problems. Her cholesterol was even over 300.

    'I eat the four basic food groups,' she told me. 'I don't understand why I gained fifty pounds over the past year.'

    I asked her what specifically she ate. 'Well, I fast every morning,' she began. 'I miss breakfast. Then for lunch I have my four food groups--a Quarter-Pounder with cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a bun. Sometimes I have a jelly sandwich made with strawberry preserves, too. So I get my fruit.

    'For dinner,' she said, "I'm a meat-and-potatoes woman. I get my vegetables from potatoes, and I love T-bone steaks. So that satisfies my meat group requirement. I always include bread for my grains, and I put lots of butter on it to meet my needs for the dairy group. And I like a tall glass of orange juice or grape juice for my fruit group needs.'

    I was stunned almost to silence. No wonder she was obese and had a host of medical problems."

    WOW! Isn't that amazing! It really makes you wonder how many people are living in American today who think just like this patient that saw Dr. Colbert that they are eating healthy when very clearly they are eating themselves to sickness and even death! That's why it is so vitally important to constantly build on what you have already learned about healthy living and never settle for what everyone else is doing.

    If that was working so well, then why is two-thirds of our nation overweight or obese, hmmm? Regardless of how we got there, it's high time we do something about our weight and health as a society before we destroy ourselves physically, economically, and even spiritually. Read The Seven Pillars Of Health to find out how we can break this disturbing trend as soon as possible....more info
  • The Seven Pillars of Health
    THis is a great book with great information. I would highly recommend reading if you want to eat a healthier diet. ...more info
  • Great Information
    I enjoyed the book and got lots of great information that I'm implementing. However some of the recomendations were expensive and some products were only available in the USA or from his website (vitamins etc.). It actually seemed like he was pushing his vitamins, powders etc. I got too confused about the vitamins and found his charts hard to understand, so I'm sticking to the ones that are available to me from my local health food store even though the doses are far from his formula.

    The book would have been more beneficial if he suggested over the counter products and items we could buy readily from either a local health food store or grocery department. As an example the bottled water he recomends... nowhere to be found in my neck of the woods and they havn't even heard ot it. A little more research on his part and a little more get down to earth with the regular folk and he'd have a winner.

    Should you buy it? Sure... it's helpful. But a word of caution, you may not be able to apply all his recommendations.

    ...more info
  • seven pillars of health
    this is by far the best book i have ever read on health. dr. colbert has such an insight into how what we put into our bodies determines our physicial and mental well being. ...more info
  • Excellent introduction to natural health
    This work gives a tremendous overview of simple ways to improve your health. ...more info
  • Take control of your health
    This is an excellent guide for a healthy lifestyle. It is easy to follow and will change your life in 50 days. The only way to achieve wellness is through prevention. Living according to the 7 pillars of health will achieve optimal wellness. The book is well written and authoritative....more info
  • good book
    i thouhgt that it really opened up my eyes to the way that God really wants us to live
    ...more info
  • The Seven Pillars of Health
    Having been in the field of health for almost 40 years, and having teethed on Dr. Walker's books in the '60's, I can truthfully say this is the most comprehensive, easy to read (and understand) book on 'helping yourself to health' that I have read in years. The only drawback is financial: if you buy yourself a copy (and read it), you will find yourself buying copies for everyone in your family who is living away from home!...more info
  • Great Book, Lots Of Info
    All the reviews here are pretty cool. I picked up this book and it has lots of info in different areas (7 pillars) I want to re-read it and have already put into practice some of it and want to even more. For a Christian / health book it is a blessing. recommended for sure. ...more info