The Joy of Vegan Baking: The Compassionate Cooks' Traditional Treats and Sinful Sweets

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Whether you want to bake dairy- and egg-free for health, ethical, or environmental reasons, The Joy of Vegan Baking lets you have your cake and eat it, too! Featuring 150 familiar favorites -- from cakes, cookies, and crepes to pies, puddings, and pastries -- this book will show you just how easy, convenient, and delectable baking without eggs and dairy can be.

A seasoned cooking instructor and self-described "joyful vegan," author Colleen Patrick-Goudreau puts to rest the myth that vegan baking is an inferior alternative to non-vegan baking, putting it in its rightful place as a legitimate contender in the baking arena. More than just a collection of recipes, this informative cookbook is a valuable resource for any baker -- novice or seasoned.

Learn just how easy it is to enjoy your favorite homespun goodies without compromising your health or values:

  • Chocolate Chip Scones
  • Cranberry Nut Bread
  • Lemon Cheesecake
  • Dessert Crepes
  • Strawberry Pie with Chocolate Chunks
  • Cinnamon Coffee Cake
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes
  • Raspberry Sorbet
  • Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  • Soft Pretzels
  • Blueberry Cobbler
  • Chocolate Almond Brittle
Free of saturated fat, cholesterol, and lactose, but full of flavor, flair, and familiarity, each and every recipe will have you declaring I can't believe it's vegan!

Complete with luscious color photos, this book will be an essential reference for every vegan.

Customer Reviews:

  • The best in the bunch
    So I have a lot of Vegan cookbooks and this one is the BEST. So far the recipes have lived up to the promise, which I cannot say for some of my other books. This cookbook also uses less obscure ingredients. I live in New York City and even I find it difficult to find some of the ingredients in other vegan baking books. Can't say enough good things about this book. WORTH EVERY PENNY!...more info
  • Wonderful addition to any cookbook library
    I cannot recommend this book highly enough for anyone who enjoys baking and eating scrumptious baked goodies. The author covers everything from breads to cookies to candies to beverages. The layout is fabulous, the instructions easy to follow, and the recipes are delectable. Lots of suggestions included about how to convert (easily) traditional recipes into vegan recipes, how to stock your pantry, and how to change up the recipes according to your tastes. The last thing I'll comment on is how much I enjoyed reading the author's words about choosing a vegan lifestyle and all the tips & food lore generously scattered throughout the book. Oh, and I do not follow a vegan diet although I am moving in that direction. This cookbook definitely will make the transition joyful and seamless....more info
  • Tasty vegan recipes with ingredients that fit families on a budget!
    This past weekend I tried out my first recipes from this book (Chocolate Cake page 72 & Buttercream Frosting page 231). I made the dessert for 4 non-vegetarians/vegans. I've tried to veganize baked goods myself in the past and have just not had a lot of luck with textures and consistencies. I bought this book because I hoped I'd be able to bake things my whole (non-veg) family would enjoy that I could feel good about making. Baking homemade birthday cakes is my absolute favorite thing to do in the kitchen.

    I was so thrilled to see not only how easy this cake was but how great it tasted, looked and felt. The cake was moist and flavorful and the frosting was a huge hit with my extended family (lots of licking of beaters). I even got to lick the cake batter bowl which with non-vegan batter that contains eggs no one should really do but especially a pregnant lady. The batter was so good!

    I see that some reviewers think this book is too basic or not experimental enough. But our family is on an EXTREMELY tight budget. Would I like to use all kinds of cool, hard-to-find ingredients in recipes? Sure. But the reality for us is that we have to keep our pantry stocked with the basics. To be able to bake vegan desserts that everyone likes on my budget is fantastic.

    I can't wait to try out more recipes. I have about 1/3 of the pages folded down for that purpose. With a holiday this weekend, I'm sure I'll find something fun to make for a group of 10 non-veg folks.
    ...more info
  • This non-vegan loves it!
    I am admittedly not vegan, although I admire the lifestyle choice. I discovered the world of vegan desserts because my children have several food allergies. I couldn't stand the thought of them not enjoying baked goods, particularly since I have always enjoyed baking. That said, I must admit that a lot of non-dairy, non-egg attempts at baking some classic desserts were awful, yielding what I thought was worthy of nothing but the trash can. This cookbook has changed that and opened my eyes to the possibilities of vegan baking. I even like some of the vegan versions better than the dairy laden versions. I am so surprised at the negative reviews about the lack of healthy ingredients - these are desserts people!! The best desserts usually rely on rich ingredients and it is already a vast improvement that there are no eggs or milk. If you want healthy sweets go for a granola bar or a bowl of fruit. The occasional dessert treat should be just that and it should be decadent enough to make it worth eating. It seems unfair to give a negative review based on a criteria that the author is not aspiring to. Great job Colleen!! ...more info
  • Wonderful book from a wonderful activist
    This book not only includes recipes for Vegan baked goods (including non-deserts such as wheat bread) but tips on baking, vegan products, and veganism in general.
    I can't say enough good things about the author and highly encourage anyone who even has the smallest curiosity about vegetarianism/veganism to listen to her podcast "Vegetarian Food for Thought."...more info
  • Defective manufacturing ruins a good book
    This book fell apart in my hand
    in less than a day, leaving me with
    a sheaf of papers and some black
    thoughts about the manufactuer.
    The glue was defective.
    Now I must get the thing rebound.
    They should put the book in a coil
    binding. That way it would stay flat
    and not fall apart. I like cookbooks
    that do that. This one obviously didn't.
    Having said that ... the content
    is good. But the author and publisher
    must look into constructing it
    way better than it is now.
    ...more info
  • a simple transition
    This cookbook is the one item that made me feel truly capable to cook and bake vegan. I love these recipes- I've made quite a few and have only had it for two weeks. Colleen has lots of useful tips and interesting tid-bits about the history of different recipes and ingredients. I think this is a must for any vegan!...more info
  • Interesting, Well Presented, and an Unfortunate Snob-fest
    I love to bake and, being married to a bread-loving vegetarian, find myself looking for new recipes often. A friend bought me this book for Christmas and I immediately went right out for ingredients and started up the oven.

    The good: Wow! What a plethora of information about cooking alternatives! Colleen really goes out of her way to thoroughly explain why different ingredients are used in baking, what they do in terms of the baking process, and how to get in there and make your own informed choices about substituting ingredients. I'm not sure why people in other reviews are complaining that the author uses white granulated sugar in her recipes; sure she does - and then she includes an entire 2-page explanation on different sugar substitutes, how and when to use them, how they're made, and how to choose the right one for your recipe.

    I was completely fascinated by the number of simple, informative facts that apply not only to vegan baking, but baking in general, that other baking books don't bother to tell you. For example, did you know that you can make your own non-dairy buttermilk in one easy step? Or that you can actually *make* powdered sugar in a blender?! Cool!

    In addition to all the classics, there are a boatload of delicious-looking, unique recipes I'm aching to try, including pine nut aniseed cookies, lemon cheesecake, bread pudding, and Japanese melonpan.

    The not-so-good: The first recipe I tried from the book, Mediterranean Olive Bread, turned out rather bland. There's nowhere NEAR enough salt or olives in the recipe, so while the bread turns out a beautiful consistency, it tasted pretty flat.

    However, the listed cook time was absolutely perfect, the bread really looked marvelous, and all I'll have to do to make this extraordinary is add a bit of salt and some more olives next time.

    The ugly: What I really didn't appreciate were the snooty, multi-page inserts about the benefits of veganism, some of which even go so far as to explain the 'appropriate' language to use when referring to faux-meat, egg replacers, etc. (She lauds herself for not using the term 'milk substitute' because, and I quote, "Nondairy milks aren't substitutes for cow's milk - they're simply beverages made out of plant foods".) Come ON. I'm totally in her ideological camp, and even I start groaning reading through her wordy asides.

    These diatribes are the kind of thing that speak deeply to those already involved in the vegan movement, but simply annoy everyone else. Baking is a joyous event in my kitchen, and whatever my personal choices are, I don't want a cookbook author preaching at me while I'm trying to make dinner - even if I agree with her completely.

    Contrasted with the wonderful, upbeat live-and-let-live attitude in the "Vegan With A Vengence" cookbook, Colleen's little tidbits of couldn't-help-herself superiority get a big thumbs-down. ...more info
  • unbelievably delicious
    Ther are so many reasons to love this cookbook as well as the author.First the cookbook is beautiful. Second the recipes are to die for especially the lemon cheesecake. My husband who is not vegan loved ever bite and was shock to learn it contained no animal products( i waited until he finished and gave his comment on how good it was)to tell him.Finally I visited the author's blog and she renewed my commitment to becoming and staying vegan.Thanks Colleen for caring enough to write this cookbook and have a caring heart for the planet and animals....more info
  • Baking Standards Vegan Style
    This book is great for both new and experienced bakers. Having received this book as a gift, I was first impressed with the beautiful color photos (who doesn't love recipe books with photos), then the quality of the recipes. It includes wonderful tips and tricks great for any baking. Many typically non-vegan standard recipes are included, such as lemon bars (wow), crepes, and baklava - I have had both non-vegans and vegans extremely happy with the baklava! For the new vegan baker, many of the ingredients are fairly standard and experienced bakers can very easily use alternative sweeteners/flours/oils, et cetera and make the recipe their own. The recipe ingredients aren't as intimidating as many vegan cookbooks that include ingredients that can only be found in very large cities.

    Also, because most of the ingredient measurements are also listed in metric, I was able to bring this book to Italy and impress with vegan baking there. All around, this book is sure to be a classic on vegan bookshelves with tasty, home-style dishes served with pleasure.
    ...more info
  • Fat Americans eating more cookies...??
    This cookbook is useful to me in several ways, but the constant drum beat of egg replacer and vegan butter just drowns out everything for me. I must admit I was sorely disappointed. And what's up with all that "all purpose flour"?? Looks more like a capitalistic venture than a truly vegan cookbook. Why cannot we have a cookbook that uses wholewheat pastry flour for cookies (for instance), for heaven's sake? I guess this was written for people just jumping onto the health bandwagon via the cookie department, but it was not that great for me. I have to re-create any recipe by figuring out how to avoid all those "1/2 cups of vegan butter" and using whole grains--what a drag. I do use Earth Balance, but not by the cupful! Puh-leeze!!...more info
  • Great for vegan or food allergic kids
    I am not vegan, but two of my children are severly allergic to milk and eggs. This cookbook has great recipes that appeal to people of all ages. Some of the vegan recipes I have found call for ingredients that are hard to find, expensive or just to "foody". These are recipes that you can make together as a family and enjoy eating as a family....more info
  • Freedom from Eggs and Dairy and Still the Most Delicious Desserts
    Ms. Patrick-Goudrea's cookbook has moved to the front of the line of all of my dessert cookbooks. Her recipes deliver. The proof they say, is in the pudding, and the taste is all there. I made the peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips for my daughter's kindergarten class. The children loved them. The chocolate cake is fantastic. No eggs, no dairy. It is amazing that you can make such moist, decadent desserts without the traditional ingredients we all grew up with and never miss a thing. AND in these tight economic times, it is great to know that one box of egg-replacer equals about 114 eggs! Not only do her recipes deliver, but her tips are very useful. It is like she is standing in the kitchen with you. Patrick-Goudreau also helps you stock your pantry, and plainly demystifies "vegan" labels. What does it really mean? By switching to egg and dairy alternatives, you are being more compassionate toward animals, you can save money, and you could be eating a healthier dessert! Back to the main point: These recipes are delicious. Your tastebuds will love every morsel. Patrick-Goudreau has created the right desserts that prove you do not need eggs and cow's milk for a sweet treat. This is baking for the 21st century and beyond. Give this cookbook a try. It will be a star in your culinary library. Happy baking!...more info
  • great for non-vegans too!
    I got this as a wedding gift for a friend who is allergic to eggs and dairy. I got to take a look at the book and was impressed for a few reasons. The beginning has a section on how to substitute things for eggs and milk. They suggest one way if you are making something like cookies, and another way if you are baking breads. It would help people modify favorite family recipes that they would not otherwise be able to make. Also, these recipes looked really good! Not just crunchy granola stuff, but stuff any kid (or kid at heart) would like to eat. ...more info
  • The Joy of Vegan Baking
    I purchased this cookbook for my daughter-in-law, as I had attended one of Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's cooking classes and it was just the best. My daughter-in-law was thrilled & I think if I can't get it back from her to copy some recipes, I will have to purchase another copy for myself!! So many wonderful recipes to try....more info
  • Best Baking recipes EVER!
    This is the best BAKING book I've ever seen, much less Vegan baking. Colleen has so many wonderful helpful tips for each recipe to make sure that they turn out the best possible. After taking a cooking class from her while in San Francisco, we couldn't WAIT for her cookbook to come out and now eagerly await her next cookbook. We tried to buy it right away but they were SOLD OUT instantly and we had to wait for the next order.
    Colleen is an inspiration and a wonderful creative cook. I have made over 20 recipes from this book already and every one has turned out perfect and had rave reviews.
    I used it for all of my holiday baking for non-vegan family and everyone loved it.

    ...more info
  • Two thumbs up!
    I'd give this book five stars. Is it all healthy recipes? No. But it doesn't set out to be a healthy vegan baking book. The mission is to show that you can make tasty vegan baked goods without the use of animal products. It fits the bill.

    So while I tend to opt for more healthier versions (not using white flour, etc.), I still think it's a great book to have in my cookbook collection.

    There was one part though, where she referenced that there was no difference between white sugar and using something like pure maple syrup. This is wrong as there are minerals in pure maple syrup (zinc, maganese), making it a healthier sweetener.

    I really like all the full color photos in the book and all the extra tidbits of information offered throughout. There are some great recipes included, something for everyone and I can substitute the white flour for spelt flour where desired. I also enjoy listening to Colleen's podcast. This is a good book to add to any cookbook collection.

    Update: I've now made some of the recipes. Yum! They have been very good. I especially love the lemon bars! They were a big hit at a dinner I recently attended at a friend's house....more info
  • Compassionate Baking is Fun!
    Colleen is one of the most amazing animal advocacy chef's out there. This book has recipes for just about everything you would want to make as a baked good. When I first became vegan, I thought baking would be impossible. It is much harder to find the right consistency in cookies or banana bread than it is to stir fry some tofu and veggies. If you feel like I did, don't worry, Colleen is here to help! This book is really great. I love the cookie recipes in particular and I make the pancakes every Sunday. Colleen has a great Web site[...] and a podcast every vegan and non-vegan would love....more info
  • Straightforward, helpful tips and advice for vegans, vegetarians, and people with food-related issues
    While I am not vegan, I do have other food-related issues that make eating, cooking, baking difficult. During my explorations for alternatives to chemicals, preservatives, meat products, dairy products and other commercial additives I discovered vegetarian and vegan cooking. To me, this was a miracle. Eating, cooking, and baking would not be so difficult because of my body's sensitivity to sulfurs, sulfas, nickel, and other man-made food products that permeate today's grocery stores and restaurants.

    Out of the many vegan and vegetarian cookbooks in the market, there are only a few that focus on baking and desserts. Many of them, like certain cookbooks, favor only one kind of egg or dairy substitute without mentioning the other alternatives in depth or at all. The alternatives, suggestions, and resources throughout the text and in the appendices are valuable not just to vegans, but also to people with food allergies and other food-related issues.

    I recommend it to anyone interested in health, nutrition, alternative eating styles, and/or solutions for eating-related issues....more info
  • good information on substitutes etc
    THis is a great basic vegan book everyone should have. The information about substitutes alone is worth the purchase and the recipes are all staple baking and delicious.Friends did not know about the vegan ingredients and said the choc. chip cookies were the best they ever had. ...more info
  • awesome vegan baking!
    This book is awesome!

    I've only made 2 things so far, the Bran Muffins & the Mediterranean Olive Bread. Both are FANTASTIC!

    So many things to bake, so little time!

    I'm VERY excited about the chocolate cheesecake recipe as it utilizes vegan cream cheese I can buy at the store. I had been looking for a tofu free cheesecake recipe so this looks amazing! My omni mother-in-law bakes a chocolate cheesecake that she has been baking for years and years so I'd love to be able to veganize it :) and have somethign to eat that doesn't make my stomach hurt :)

    This cookbook is awesome - buy it today!...more info
  • A must for all Vegan Kitchen
    I love this cookbook. I have tried lots of the recipes. All are just as good, if not better than non-vegan versions. Others have said things about the amount of sugar or vegan butter used in most of the recipes. To them I say come on .....IT'S a TREAT cookbook. None of us bake goodies for there nutritional value:) The banana nut muffin's were a huge hit in my husband 's office. And I get lots of request for the chocolate chip cookies. But to be 100% honest I have not had a lot of luck with the vanilla cupcakes.

    I recommend and buy it as a gift for all my friends and family members, vegan and non-vegan, alike. ...more info
  • love the book, but...
    Everything wonderful said about this book in the other reviews is totally true - I love this book. My son is allergic to eggs and dairy, and this book has made the transition to removing those items from our home so much easier. My only complaint is the amounts given - my rule of thumb is that for whatever it says it will make, I'll get almost 2x that amount from the recipe....more info
  • trial and error
    This book has lots of creative ideas. I have baked many of the recipes. A word of caution. Some of the recipes seem like they are written by someone else. Also several of the recipes have to be tweaked. By this I mean, directions are either unclear or down right poor. Example, I made the cinnamon rolls, in the directions it tells you to use a baking sheet...I did this and ended up with rolls and sticky filling on the bottom of my oven. I think the concepts are great, but some of them seem like maybe she hasn't actually put them to use herself. I have just modified them when I need to. While the book certainly is 'pretty', as an end user I could care less as long as the recipes result in some success. You can find many of these recipes on line for free with more clear directions. I think she had a good idea, i bought the book, but I think maybe actually making all of the recipes and making directions more clear is more important than pretty pictures. if I could have given this a 3 1/2 stars I would have. try info
  • great learning experiance
    this is a great book for anyone who loves to cook for friends and family. you will lean so much from this book. egg replacers milk and butter replacers. but most of all these are easy and delicious foods to make...more info
  • The Joy of Vegan Baking
    Whether you choose to be vegan, enjoy trying new ways of cooking - OR cooking for friends - this cookbook is GREAT! Filled with practical recipes and tips, everyone can benefit from it. I've made 3-4 recipes and each one is outstanding - with rave reviews from those who sampled them. I bought two other vegan cookbooks at the same time- this one (hands down) is the best!...more info
  • Great book! An essential for vegans and others!
    I purchased this book not more than two weeks ago and have already made several of the recipes and was amazed at how precise the instructions were, how wonderfully everything came out (Seriously, I feel like I can open a vegan bakery!!!) and how all my friends and family raved at what I created.....
    I love this book and look forward to baking more treats. My only complaint (as it is with most cookbooks) is that I love when the cookbooks break down each recipe nutritionally. This one, like most others, does not.

    Still, a great cookbook and highly recommended!!! Great pictures, too.......more info
  • Yummy!
    I just got this cookbook for Christmas and I already love it. The author uses "regular" ingredients so even a non-vegan baker can easily use this book. Most of the recipes are very simple and are quite delicious. Even the "basic" chocolate cake is pretty special, and took me about 10 minutes to put together, with ingredients that I already stock in my pantry. This book is a must-have for bakers of all kinds, vegan or not....more info
  • Vegan Power
    Great recipes, taste just like their non vegan versions. Yet you can't mistake vegan for healthy. As in all baking there is lots of sugar and (vegan) butter which is basically margarine. But if you have a sweet tooth and want to keep vegan this is the book to bake with!!! It also helps if you want to convert a recipe into vegan, it explains or suggests substitutions. Worth having....more info
  • Flat Cakes... Better Vegan Dessert Books Out There!
    I've made a couple of recipes out of this book and each and every one was a disappointment-- they weren't flavorful and the textures were terribly spongey/rubbery. These recipes make new vegans feel doomed that they'll forever be eating flat, dense cakes. Not true though! The Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World cookbook is awesome and makes perfect, flavorful cakes. I wouldn't suggest buying this book at all, because as I mentioned, there are better books out there!...more info
  • No creativity
    I should have spent more time looking at the ingredients in recipes instead of allowing myself to be swept away by the awesome pictures. I was expecting more creative thinking than just replacing milk with soy milk, eggs with an egg replacement powder and real butter with soy margarine. Any one can take the baking recipes they already own and make these substitutions. You don't need this book to do it for you. I was hoping for recipes that made ample use of natural sweeteners like agave nectar or dates - that had more wholesome substitutions for white flour or even whole wheat flour. I suppose this book is good for someone who is just beginning to think about becoming a Vegan but needs to stay close to what he or she knows in order to be comfortable trying a change.

    We tried the chocolate chip cookie recipe. You can't eat these warm out of the oven. They're grease pits and gross. Yet, the next day they were delicious. For me, that was just too weird....more info
  • Offers the BEST resource and information in a vegan cookbook!
    Colleen has charmed her way into our hearts with her award-winning podcast; now she warms our tummies with delicious vegan recipes that are superb! Her book provides us with a multitude of ways we can replace animal products in our baking with natural ingredients, such as fruit. Colleen's unique gift for sharing her message and culinary talents are so inspiring that every kitchen needs to have this fantastic resource on hand!
    ...more info
  • Oh Sweet Vegan Joy!
    Finally a full vegan baking cookbook that a new vegan can use to transition into the vegan lifestyle. This is one the most beautiful vegan baking cookbooks I have ever seen. I forgot that I was perusing a vegan baking cookbook because all the photographs reminded me of any one of the non-vegan colorful cookbooks. The glossy pages and enticing photographs called me to the kitchen. This is truly a good beginning for an amazing journey of easy, fun vegan baking for everyday common baked goods.

    There is a great mix of recipes that every new and not so new vegan/vegetarian wishes to eat, yet are hard pressed to find. Most of the time a massive search in a variety of sources would be the norm just to find a non-vegan favorite in vegan form. I love hoe the recipes are laid out in such a way that you can most nearly see how easy it can be to make straight substitutions in non vegan recipes. Vegan and non-vegan ingredients are explained, as well as different hints and tips are given.

    Colleen Patrick-Goudreau gives an excellent introduction into her world and the world of a vegan lifestyle. I also loved how she opens herself to share her journey in detail, while empowering others through knowledge about what goes into their bodies. It is refreshing to experience someone so passionate and compassionate about this way of life. I look forward with a fork, spoon and napkin for the next cookbook arrival from Ms. Goudreau. Happy Tasting! ...more info
  • My Baking Motivation is Back!!!
    I have always loved baking, but after becoming a vegan about six months ago, it seemed to take the fun out of baking, to calculate all of the replacements and to go through the hassle. I received this book for Christmas, and every recipe I have used has turned out amazingly!!! Didn't think pancakes would taste good without cow's milk? HA!! Chocolate chip cookies need eggs and butter? Think again! The title is quite appropriate, as Colleen really has brought the joy back to baking for me. Your non-vegan friends will no longer make faces at your "weird" food. Instead, they'll be asking you for the recipes, as mine have done. I will never again enter my kitchen, attempting to make something new without consulting Colleen!!!...more info
  • Private Chef for Vegan Family LOVES this book
    I'm a private chef for a family that has a child with severe allergies, that basically makes her follow a vegan diet. I have made for them the Strawberry Cupcakes, Blueberry Lemon Muffins, Jam-Filled Oat Bran Muffins, Focaccia, Cornbread and Lemon Bars and everything has turned out amazing!...more info
  • This is a great book!
    This book is great. The recipes are easy to understand and the ingredients can be found at most grocery stores or health food stores. I'd especially recommend this book to vegans who are new to baking (like me!). This book will definitely up any newbie vegan baker's confidence!...more info
  • Mixed Feelings
    To the author: It's billed as a cookbook. I don't think the author has anywhere near enough first hand knowledge of ALL farms to say that everyone who eats chicken or goes deer hunting is going to burn in hell for it. What are we saying? Some chicken screams to the others, "My God, they've just murdered Gertrude. Don't let the chicks see her like that." I sense a PETA member. There's a huge difference in having a few chickens or pigs or 20 cows in a backyard and a factory farm operation of 100s or 1000s. That's MY speech.

    Other than trainwreck of an intro, the book is masterfully organized and presented. She definitely insists on having everything a certain way, and worked very hard at having information needed to bake with maximum ease. I like it when a list of pantry items is given, units of measure, and common utensils/kitchen tools. It's interesting to see what each author keeps on hand and it's a fast way to get a beginner up and running. The core truth of the intro is that Americans have gotten into the habit of eating a very limited variety, mostly the same thing over and over. Much of that comes from the increased popularity of prepared foods and the convenience of eating out. I like the suggestions and specif brand names, so you can go into a store and ask for it. The nut milks, almond milk sounds like it must be good. The cashew cream sounds good.

    Most of the palates are out of order. I know mine was. That's my main reason for cutting out factory ingredients, including dairy, meat and eggs. It the only way to really know what you are eating.

    I don't bake enough yet to know, but I wouldn't think it'd be too hard to substitute honey, organic cane sugar, or suganat for refined sugar. All you're after is the sweetness. I do not know if that would affect the baking process. Precise measure and heat are the key, for me, maybe humidity too. I can think of worse ways to spend time to testing cookies and sweets for sweetness or proper baking.

    The flour issue can be resolved with organic flour. So, I don't get the complaints that this is just a cookbook with substitutes for animal products, what else is vegan baking? Heidi Swanson might have some more thoughts in the way of alternative sweetners.

    The Pine Nut Anise cookies are probably really good. I'm not sure if some reviewers even have the book.

    It's a good book, after the 7+ page lecture. If you want to learn ways to get around animal products and control what goes into your body, it's good. She did a good job setting it all up for beginners and giving the more experienced a gander at how she sets up, suggested specific brands and giving the ones she liked the best. As hard of a time as I gave her about the sermon, if she says something is really good, I trust her. She's probably an ESFJ Myers Brigg personality. The presentation is almost perfect. She certainly writes well. I'll probably buy her cookbook when it comes out....more info
    I ADORE this book. It is beautifully written, incredibly easy to follow and the recipes are excellent! It is a joy to read and a joy to use. I have made several recipes from this book and have been delighted at how well they came out and how delicious they were.

    I also like how balanced the recipes are and how thorough and professional the cookbook is. I think this is a must-own cookbook for anyone who cooks, regardless of their food ethics.

    Colleen truly demystifies vegan baking and makes it easy and accessible. I have found it difficult over the years to explain vegan baking and cooking to non-vegans, and I think from now on I'll just give them a copy of the cookbook with my favorite recipes dog-eared and words of encouragement. Anyone, from the seasoned chef to the beginner, will enjoy The Joy Of Vegan Baking!

    This cookbook has it all: ease of use, delicious recipes, well-written instructions and descriptions, an affordable price point, and HEART. I cannot wait for Colleen's next book! ...more info
  • This cookbook makes being vegan a joy!!!!!
    My husband and I love this cookbook. For both of us, the transition to becoming vegan was a bit scarey. We were sad about the possibility of never having all of our favorite comfort foods. Thanks to the cookbook we make peanut butter cookies, lemon bars, and yummy muffins and feel nothing but excitement and pleasure with every delicious bite.

    The book is also very user friendly. The pictures are beautiful and the information is presented in such an accessible manner. We are such huge fans of the cookbook and the author. We are delighted that we purchased the cookbook.

    ...more info
  • A must for bakers...vegan or omnivore
    This is an amazing book...with many descriptions and clear instructions, with incredible results. I've tested several recipes (classic current scones, ginger muffins, hot chocolate, cinnamon coffee cake...) and they have all turned out absolutely wonderful. The ONLY scone I have ever even liked was from this book...and I loved it!

    Like many other reviewers, one of my favorite parts of this book is the detailed and descriptive substitutions and suggestions for replacing 'standard' animal products (i.e. eggs, milk, buttermilk, butter). Even after being vegan for almost two years, I still had not encountered good substitutions for condensed milk or other animal products not already made by a company or easily available. And this is not a book that tries to shove veganism down your throat...the author merely presents an argument for healthier options without sacrificing flavor.

    I will continue to use this book for many, many years...with the approval of my husband and omnivore family. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a little creativity in their baking, those who want healthier options, or those looking for new remarkable and delectable recipes....more info
  • Buy This Book!
    As an avid cook and baker, I can say that hands down, this is the best (vegan or otherwise) cookbook that I own (have over 30 +). I seriously praise this book out loud just about everytime I use it. My partner and I do 95% of our eating at home, and this is the go-to guide for baking. I find that aside from the excellent recipes themselves, the miracles of this book are in the details. The author has packed this thing with info in really digestible easily absorbed ways: like little cook's tips, or facts, or lists.

    While baking (sweets) isn't necessarily the most healthy thing one can do, my grandpa is 91 and still alive, and made and ate killer baked goods! The author of this book is very thoughtful and thorough outlining other food politics to consider such as buying and baking with seasonally fresh and locally grown ingredients or explaining fair trade products and why you would consider using them ("hey this chocolate cake is made with chocolate not picked by child slaves, cool!"). This book includes all sorts of ingredients differences (banana vs. flax vs. egg replacer), all the different kinds of sweeteners, along with a seasonal appendix as well as other "themed" lists. Very thoughtful, helpful, and convenient. We have made about 50% of the recipes in this book, and not one has been bad.

    The world of store-bought vegan baked goods is full of variables too often with dryish tasting results. This book definitely proves that vegan baked goods hold their own and can and do taste better than their non-vegan counter parts. My wishes for this book were that it had more savory recipes, and that the result quantities were a bit more specific. A couple of times I have made standard size muffins planning on batter for 16, and getting batter for 7 or 8, so sometimes the book could better specify what size vessel would result in the projected quantity...but this aside, the recipes, clarity and info delivered in this book, absolutely qualify it as a must buy. You do not have to be vegan to enjoy, but you should like to enjoy really tasty, moist yummy baked things.

    For those who critize this book for saying that it uses Ener-g egg replace or Earth Balance too much - I would note that I have never used the egg replacer in any of the recipes that called for them, and I always try to use earth balance in moderation, all you have to do is switch out the ingredients with something else. The flax and water combo works fine in most dishes, or if its a sweet one bananas work wonders. Coconut oil is a fine stand in for earth balance in most situations, and is by far a superior quality ingredient. Don't be so nit picky folks, just like in all cooking use this book as a guide, but have fun and riff with the recipes. Maybe those oat bran muffins would taste more to your liking with blueberry jam inside instead of strawberry. Or mash up that banana and melt some chocolate chips and use that as a filling instead. Remember the title is "The Joy of Vegan Baking"...more info
  • Wonderful baking book!
    This book is a wonderful book for any baker, vegan or not. It begins with an introduction by the author, the always eloquent Colleen Patrick-Goudreau, on how she came to veganism. Following that is the first chapter, which is devoted to the methods of vegan baking - what ingredients to use in place of eggs and dairy products. This section alone is worth the price of the book. Finally, we get to the recipes! Included are recipes for muffins, scones, biscuits, cakes, pies, bread, sauces, and more. Amongst the recipes are tips for getting your creations to turn out beautifully. The last sections are appendices, which include a guide to stocking your pantry plus resources, and three indices. There is truly a lot of information packed into this book.

    I have made the banana chocolate chip muffins, bran muffins, pumpkin spice bread, apple cake, and whole wheat bread. All were delicious. I definitely recommend reading each recipe carefully and following the directions exactly. This is important to do when baking anything, but I find that I need to pay extra attention since vegan baking is not the normal method of baking for me. Of course with this cookbook, I fully expect vegan baking to become the normal way for me!...more info
  • A Must Have
    This is a must-have not only for vegetarians and vegans, but for anyone who is health-conscious, or anyone who wants something that tastes WONDERFUL. The book has great pictures, superb directions and helpful tips throughout. Colleen has included everything you could possibly want in this book, you will not regret buying this one!!...more info
  • This cookbook is amazing
    I've been baking goodies out of the Joy of Vegan Baking for the past few months and I'm so amazed that each and every recipe is absolutely fantastic. I've been bringing these incredible treats into work for my co-workers each week and they always receive raves from non vegans who also ask for the recipe. The raspberry oat bars, chocolate chip cookies, carrot cake, chocolate cake, just to name a few of the items I've sampled are amazing. Bravo Colleen for creating such a fantastic vegan cookbook! ...more info
  • What more could you ask for?
    This book is everything you could ever want and more. The recipes are flawless, the pictures are exquisite, and the food is sublime! Colleen Patrick Goudreau left no stone unturned. If you don't LOVE this book, your taste buds are dead....more info
  • Long overdue!
    I don't know how I got along without this cookbook. It has helped push me from vegetarian to concious vegan. Now I don't need to use milk and eggs to bake anymore. Love the oatmeal raisin cookies! Thank you!!!...more info
  • Excellent!
    Really great book filed with easy recipes. I am very pleased with this purchase and has turned into the cookbook I used most. It provides a great deal of information about what can be used as different substitutes. Also all the recipes are simple and made with things you are likely to already have in your home. I have never had to go on an "easter egg" hunt to find some bazaar ingredient....more info
  • Absolutely fantastic!
    I bought this book almost as soon as it hit the shelves last fall. At the time, I didn't know anything about Colleen, her activism, her podcast, her website, etc. I just saw it at the bookstore & thought it was beautiful. The layout is so convenient, the pictures are gorgeous, and the instructions are easy-to-follow. I have been using this book quite often ever since buying it 6 months ago.

    I have never made a recipe from "The Joy of Vegan Baking" that didn't turn out perfectly. A few of my favorites are: Butterscotch Pudding, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Date & Almond Butter Smoothie, Mexican Wedding Cookies, Focaccia (best bread I've ever had!), Soft Pretzels, Hot Chocolate, and the Light Lemon Bundt Cake with Lemon Sauce (I take the liberty of adding blueberries to this one). I always get rave reviews--all from my omnivore friends & family!

    One feature that I really like in this book are the "Food Lore" snippets placed on some recipe pages. Here, Colleen explains the history of the dish, or shares an interesting factoid about it. I was also pleasantly surprised to see that the recipes included in the book aren't ALL baked goods; smoothies, teas, puddings, and others are also present. Additionally--and this might be my favorite part, besides the actual recipes themselves--the Index is the most comprehensive & convenient I've ever seen! There are THREE indices: one general, one by season, and one by holiday/occasion. Even in the general index, the recipes are sorted by name, type, and ingredient... So if you have cinnamon (for instance) & want to see what you can make, see "Cinnamon" in the index & all recipes that use this as a primary (or secondary) ingredient will be listed. Same goes for peanut butter, chocolate, pumpkin, nutmeg, etc. It's fantastic!

    I love that this book seems to be made with EVERYONE in mind: meat- and dairy-eaters, as well as the veg crowd. Some vegan cookbooks have recipes that I personally find delicious, but I can willingly admit that they are a little too "crunchy granola" or "earthy tasting" for most to whole-heartedly enjoy. Not so in this book!

    Also worth noting... Some people think "vegan" = "health food," and that misconception has led to some negative reviews for this book. Just by virtue of these recipes being egg- & dairy-free, they're a bit healthier than other [non-veg] desserts. But vegans know how to indulge, too! :) For the most part (there are a few exceptions), the recipes in this book are not lowfat, whole grain, or low-calorie. But they're perfect for special occasions, or for sharing desserts with those picky (or skeptical) eaters in your life. The dishes are so comforting & familiar, and don't taste like the "vegan version" of an old favorite; they taste just like the egg- and dairy-laden versions, only better & cruelty-free! They're by no means "diet food," but traditional desserts aren't meant to be! And if you don't like using white sugar & flour (like me), replace some of it with the healthier alternative of your choosing... The recipes are flexible enough to lend themselves to some tweaking!

    I also want to say that if you like this book, you'll love the author's podcast. "Vegetarian Food for Thought" is smart, insightful, supportive and SO INSPIRING! I want to tell everyone I know about it because it's THAT amazing.

    I highly, highly recommend this book--for beginning cooks, advanced chefs, and everyone in-between!...more info
  • Simple and delicious!
    This cookbook is excellent. It has great dessert recipes as well as breads, breakfast items and more. I especially like it because most recipes are normal baked goods, just veganized! This is what I was looking for because I did not want to start out with vegan baking with especially unique or difficult recipes, I just wanted to know how to make my favorite baked goods in a vegan way! ...more info
  • not just great recipes but an education
    I bought this for my daughter and her boyfriend, who is vegan, because I love to bake and couldn't imagine doing it without butter, milk and eggs. Not only was there a nice variety of tasty recipes inside, but also great information about what can substitute for what and why in my ordinary recipes. ...more info
  • Great all around book
    There is a little of everything in here, I've only tried out one recipe and it was great, even my boyfriend who believes there is "no life outside of meat" loved the cookies. I can't wait to try more. Would definately recommend this cookbook....more info
  • Just like the real thing! Awesome cookbook!
    I am new to the vegan world and changing my diet hasn't been as difficult as changing the family's. I want my kids to start eating healthier, but finding delicious goodies that they like has been challenging. This cookbook is awesome for anyone who loves desserts and baking. The recipes are easy to make and my kids have absolutely loved every one I've made so far. They all taste like the real thing!...more info
  • Delightful surprise
    First, an admission. I'm not vegan. I have a dairy allergy but I still loved baked goods--I love to bake them and I love to eat them. The biggest challenge for me is finding the right balance of soy milk and oils in baking. I've had so many mishaps. So to find a book that doesn't rely on any dairy products is wonderful. I was anxious about buying this book because I thought that it would be too earthy-crunchy or use hard-to-find ingredients or just be too strange. Instead, it is chock full of great recipes, is presented very well and the recipes are easy to follow. I'm very happy with this purchase....more info
  • One of my favorite vegan cookbooks!
    I really like this cookbook. I agree with other posters that it doesn't focus on super-healthy recipes, but she clearly states that most of the items in the book are treats in which one should indulge only occasionally. The ingredients are pretty easy to find and you can always substitute whole wheat or alternative flours and other ingredients if you so desire. I, for one, really enjoy having a traditional kind of baking book in vegan form. It makes it much easier to make things that I know all of my omnivorous friends will like, and it's not always easy converting recipes myself. The photos are lovely, and almost every recipe I've made from this book has turned out very well. I even bought a copy for my non-vegan mother, and I know that she's used it a few times when baking for her friends.

    Another thing I really like about the book is that it includes short educational sections about the negative aspects of dairy and egg production, and on good baking techniques. ...more info
  • It is a Joy to be sure
    I have made a few recipes out of this book and they are all delicious, I recommend it if you like Vegan baking. I made the bran muffins from the book and I think they are some of the best I've made....more info
  • The Joy of ANY Baking!
    This is perhaps the best baking book I have ever come across vegan, or not. It's beautifully done with pictures, tips, stories, and background to baking without animal products. I think it would definitely be very useful in finding recipes for any occasion. I have tried several so far and they come out perfect. In the beginning she goes over all the different ways to replace eggs, milk, and fat. It's also great because she advocates a whole foods diet, so there's nothing too processed in any of the recipes. Whether or not they are labeled vegan, these recipes are certainly healthier alternatives to traditional baked goods without skimping out on any flavor! Have I sold you the book yet?...more info
  • Simple, delicious , & Vegan too!!
    The Vegan Baking Cookbook was a gift for my birthday,from my son.
    We both choose to be Vegan. I am addicted to this book. I've already made
    so many of the recipes, which are sooo unbelievably delicious.
    The best part is that many of the recipes have very few ingredients.
    My 10 yr. old niece found a smoothie recipe that she made herself.
    I am thrilled to know that we are eating well and cooking with compassion at the same time. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves to bake....more info


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