The Backyard Beekeeper: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden

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This book isn't just a guide to beekeeping or a honey cookbook; it's both. No other book on the market provides an in-depth review of beekeeping and what honey is good for and how to use it.

Beautifully illustrated, the Backyard Beekeeper is perfect for the health-conscious person who wants to sweeten up their life by saying no to processed sugars and yes to eating organic, healthy food.

This book is the complete "honey bee" resource with general information on bees; a how-to guide to the art of bee keeping and how to set up, care for, and harvest your own hives; as well as tons of fun facts and projects that are bee related. The second half of the book is the complete guide to honey. It reviews the different types of honey and their health effects as well as provides hundreds of ideas and recipes for using honey in recipes, cosmetically in facemasks and shampoos, and for medicinal uses.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Backyard Beekeeper: An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Keeping Bees in Your Yard and Garden
    First book I've looked at on this subject and it seems to be a good place to start. Easy read, good info, light and down to earth. Everything I was looking for. ...more info
  • Backyard Beekeeping
    I am a new beekeeper and found this book very helpful. It was written to be understood, broken down into specific subjects so referencing it was a snap. The pictures were great and it was truly for the "Absolute Beginner." I would definitely recommend it for those just getting started....more info
  • It's Okay
    But I wanted to read about Top Bar Hives and this book didn't really go into any detail about them....more info
  • Good beginner book
    This covers bee keeping well for a beginner. Wish that they discussed more organic options for theatment of problems....more info
  • beekeeping
    best bee info i've seen covers everything you need to know to about the subject....more info
  • Great Photos
    This bee book is well worth having if you are bran-new to beekeeping. It has a little bit of everything needed to get going. Simplicity and clarity are it's hallmarks.It is not the book for an experienced large scale producer...that is a significantly different world. I love it and it is an excellent resource to start the photos are fantastic and very useful. A few more photos detailing the extracting process would have made it better. Since I am very nearsighted the very small print is no problem I just take off my glasses. I think the author is on the right track and I would advise him to produce a large-print edition with many more descriptive photos and drawings also additional recipes. But what is here, as is, is great. One shock...the low price for the book considering the quality of the book and it's photography I would have expected to pay ten dollars more so the reasonable cost was also very nice....more info
  • One of the best..
    I use this book for my beekeeping classes. It is simply one of, if not the best beginner books out there covering a little of everything from start to finish. I highly recommend it.
    Rich Waite
    Owner Black Cat Honey...more info
  • Bee Stewardship / 8's r GR8!
    Having some challanges with arthritis and "bee-ing" a part-time beekeeper the push for quality over quantity makes sense.

    Going to 8 frame medium system makes visits to my bee yard enjoyable rather than need a helping hand to lift heavy 10 frame hive bodies & full supers. Or needing to take time off due to strained body parts!

    Seems that Brushy Mountain lead the charge back towards 8 frame equipment and more now offer it - Better Bee has 7/8 thick wooden ware, Ross "specials" 8 frame cypress systems for the same cost as their 10 frame in the standard 3/4 thick. I've got all three doing a comparison, plus a home made 7/8 cedar setup.

    Book has a well thought out progression for all beekeepers, especially those that may be holding back beacuse of the heaviness of 10 framing.

    Think it's a must have for all, and when companioned with Natural Beekeeping very helpful to backyarders/small bee yarders looking for alternatives to "modern methods" of 10 frame and chemicals!

    Hive management for me is settling to be 3 medium supers running black pierco brood frames (sometimes just two "hive mediums") & having three mediums with white piercos for honey supers.

    The Brushy Mountain Garden Hive Copper Top fits all & makes the beeyard quite a conversation topic....more info
  • Very good source of information and great photos
    If a picture is worth a thousand words then this book is an encyclopedia of bee keeping. This book is full of wonderful color photos. Other like books have photos but nothing like "The Backyard Beekeeper". The author certainly has his point of view on sizes of hives and pushes it strongly, almost to the exclusion of other ideas. Still this book is packed full of information and an excellent reference. I would recommend reading a few other books in order to get a wider view of how to be a beekeeper. The only negative I found with the book is that it has very small print that is often printed over other design features on the pages. I found it very difficult to read some of the print due to this fault....more info
  • Good book for beginners
    I bought this book last month. I had hoped that it would be a complete guide for bee-keeping. It is not a complete guide but it is a complete introduction.

    So, now I am looking for a bee-keeping guide with more detail. And I think that anyone who seriously wishes to pursue keeping bees will want additional resources beyond this book. As its title suggests, this work is just the "bare bones" of beekeeping and lacks the detail or depth that a beekeeper will need. Still, overall, I found this a good introduction and would recommend it to others starting up a backyard apiary hobby!

    The Backyard Beekeeper: An Absolute Beginner's Guide ... gives the beginner an overall feel for what he can expect from bee-keeping, both the hard work and the fun. ...more info
  • Join a beekeepers club
    This is good book, but hands on instruction with a expierianced beekeeper is something that you can't get from a book. Find a local club (do a google search) and go to the meetings. The people there can tell you things you need to know about the local environment, Like how much honey the bees will need for the your winters. Ask to come along when one of them go after a swarm....more info
  • Great for Beginners
    This is my first season keeping bees, so I can't say whether the advice in this book is good yet, but I can say that it answers most of the questions that I have and gives a lot of information that I didn't think to ask. It's a fabulous resource. I recommend it highly....more info
  • Book for the beginner
    What a great book to get started on a new hobby. Simple but with details at the same time....more info
  • you need to have good vision to read this
    This book has a lot of good information in it, the Photos are great, but the small and light print on the glossy pages make it very hard to read unless you just happen to have a magnifying glass....more info
  • This is the one
    Before purchasing this book, I first went to the local library and took out a bunch of books on beekeeping. Most were too technical, and the rest were just plain dull. This is the one with not only down to earth information, but a lot of really great photos to guide the newcomer.
    I feel confident now that I can begin my adventure into beekeeping next Spring....more info
  • excellent reference
    This is a well-written, extremely accessible edition for lay beekeepers who want to get to know their creatures, and take first steps to caring for and cultivating the bees' magical harvest.
    Great photos, helpful tips and concise essays on the art of apitherapy too....more info
  • Comprehensive in a traditional way
    This was hard for me to put down, and appeared to cover all the things a beginning bee keeper should know and included recipes for using honey. It was well written and interesting. However, after reading it, I did decide not to try to keep bees in the city, as I don't want to create problems for my neighbors. I will wait til we have our homestead in the country.

    The bee diseases were addressed in what appeared to me to be a conventional, western medical model. I am interested in learning if there are effective alternative 'holistic' approaches to managing bees, so have also purchased a book on natural bee keeping. I have heard that some natural bee keepers address some diseases by using paper towels soaked in coconut oil. I would like to learn how to produce our own honey without exposing my bees and family to chemicals.

    Vicki...more info
  • Just starting to think about beekeeping
    This book seems like an excellent beginners book- it's not intimidating and seems to cover the basics well. It seems like a good prep book to read before going to the beekeeping classes to become a real beekeeper. It has a lot of info about what to do with the wax- other products beyond honey.
    This is just what I wanted! It's pretty enough to be a coffee table book, but full of all the info I wanted to know to start seriously thinking about beekeeping....more info
  • Great Pictures
    This was an easy to read book for beginner beekeepers. This book had great pictures and was helpful for any level beekeeper....more info
  • A "must have" for beekeepers
    This is an excellant book of all the information that you need to know as a novice beekeeper. There are a lot of very clear colored photos so you get a close up of what is being discribed. There are some nice food recipes, and recipes and instructions on how to make candles and soaps. This is an easy to read, well worth the money book. A "must have" for beekeepers....more info
  • If you want to learn about 8 frame hives this one if for you.
    This book covers information you need to use an 8 frame hive. Most people use 10 frame hives and thus most information that I have found has been for 10 frames.

    If you want to use the 8 frame hives then get this book. I have this and other books do to the fact I am using a 10 frame, will be setting up an 8 frame, and a top bar hive.

    Don't make this your only book though. Learn as much as you can about keeping bees. ...more info
  • 'Wonderful Introduction'
    This book is a great introduction into the world of beekeeping!
    Filled with useful information,instruction and even a little humor.
    A must-have for anyone interested in the hobby and/or business of keeping bees,making honey and possibly money too!...more info
  • great book for beginners and intermediate beekeepers - a must
    This is the book every new beekeeper should get. They say a picture is worth a thousand words - and this book is filled with them - IN COLOR (a must). The information and techniques are right on... I've been a beekeeper for a year or so, and of all the books I have, this is the one I go to the most still....more info
  • A must for the beginner
    This book is a must for beginner bee keepers. Especially if they do not have someone to serve as a mentor. I'll take the harder to read glossy pages that others complain about for the GREAT photos! It is logically presented, and Kim recommends what size and type of hives to get to start with in plain everyday language. As well as other valuable tips that you normally have to learn the hard way. There is a great deal of information in this book and best of all it is current. Find yourself a good used copy and save yourself a couple of bucks - this will be a keeper book for you that if you ever mentor a beginning beekeeper you will want to let them borrow to read. ...more info


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