The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex, Third Edition
The Complete Idiot's Guide to Amazing Sex, Third Edition

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Most people know that there?s more to sex than the missionary position. But to make sex really hot, some people need a little guidance. That?s where acclaimed sex educator?and WCBS-TV relationship correspondent?Sari Locker steps in. The Complete Idiot?s Guide to Amazing Sex, Third Edition, has fresh advice on how readers can make smart sexual choices, cast aside inhibitions, and keep their sex life exciting well into their golden years. Readers get new and updated chapters on:

? Current sexual trends and attitudes

? Sex within marriage and long-term relationships

? Body image, obesity, and plastic surgery and their effect on sexuality

? Exciting techniques for reaching multiple orgasms for men and women

? Tips on specific sexual activities, including playful ideas on locations and toys

? Plus an 8-page full-color photographic insert of Sari?s eight original sexual positions

Customer Reviews:

  • For beginners...
    So I'm new at this, and the book really helped me learn a lot. My partner was impressed with what I told him and can't wait to read it after I've annotated with my notes and thoughts. It's a fast read and it didn't make me feel awkward or embarassed. It's a good buy and I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn more whether it's before doing it the first time, or a weathered pro....more info

    If you are looking for a sex book that covers every topic really well and in detail, then this is the book. Other books that try to cover a lot of ground are not as good. Even the Dummy guide is not at all as good as this Idiot guide, and The Joy of Sex is bad compared with this book, too. This book contains much more detailed information about all aspects of improving your sex life. This book is great by giving important details about sex, and it is funny at times, too, which sex should be. The pictures are sexy with out going too far. This is the best sex book to learn a lot and to get a more creative sex life. It would even make a good gift, because the title seems like a gag gift, but inside the contents are so great that anyone will learn from it and be grateful. If you want the best sex book get this excellent sex book.
    ...more info
  • Great book!
    Sari gets a home run with this one. Really a fun read and very informative. I'd just read "The Call Girl Actress, Confessions of a Lesbian Escort" by Erica Black and I thought it was outstanding, so this one by Locker had to be really good to get a favorable mention. It was. I'd buy both....more info
    This book is very good, and has so much information. I refer to it very often for many thing. It gives many creative things to do to make sex more exciting. Plus, if I have a question about birth control or a sexual problem or something like that, it has all those answers too. I have totally gotten my money's worth, because I use this book all the time. If I am trying to come up with a fun new sex move, this book has tons to choose from. I love it. ...more info
  • An Idiot no longer!
    Definitely fun! I enjoyed this book immensely and learned a lot! If you've got questions or need ideas look no farther as this book seems to cover all bases. It is written with humour and common-sense, and is definitely a keeper at the top of my list. I would recommend it to both men and women....more info
  • Not what I expected
    This book talks too much about sexuality and not enough about sex. It calls itself a guide to amazing sex, so I'm expecting long lists of positions, movements, kinky ideas. Instead it's got lots of stuff about birth control, menstruation, STDs, things that don't really apply to my wife and me.

    It discourages mixing drug use and sex, but since so much of this book talks about experimentation, this prudishness seems out of place.

    All of the pictures it gives actually illustrating specific sexual positions are drawn. Okay, fine, they don't want to have nudy pictures...except for the fact that there are lots of softcore skin pics of like a man's hands on a woman's back, or two people intertwined but with heavy shadows. The "group sex" picture is a picture of three pairs of feet sticking out of a pile of hay! What the heck is the point of this? The book is too prudish to put pictures of actual people in the positions they talk about, but they're not too prudish to draw them, AND they're willing to put softcore porn elsewhere.

    The only times it really talks positions is with regular intercourse. There's very little on anal positions, for example.

    There's a whole chapter on homosexuality and bisexuality. It talks about coming out, different levels of bisexuality, accepting homosexuality, prejudice against gays and lesbians. But...there's only about one full page of text which actually talks about gays and lesbians having sex. And all it says is that it's the same as straight sex because men and women have the same parts. Now, I'm not gay, but I've seen enough porn to know that there are in fact different options available to gay couples which are not available to hetero couples. As far as I can tell this chapter is mainly designed to encourage straight people to be nice to gay people, which is fine with me...but how does that help gay OR straight folks have amazing sex? This is kind of indicative of what's wrong with this book.

    As another example, the group sex section is completely useless. It gives absolutely no specific advice for group sex other than vague comments about only doing stuff you're comfortable with. Again, that's nice and all, but not what I'm looking for in a guide to amazing sex. ...more info
  • Maybe a good beginner book?
    Its got the basics, but holds something to be desired for the more seasoned crowd....more info
    My girlfriend and I wanted to experiment with some new types of sex. Namely, we thought it would be exciting to invite another woman into bed with us. This book was the one we chose to read about how to do that. We had 'searched inside this book' on amazon to find that the book covered the topic in detail -- better than the other books we searched inside. It seemed to cover the ethics of it, communication tips, and the practical sex directions about preparing for it and about doing it. That was why we decided to buy it. The book gave us step by step advice. It all worked out well for us, and it made us happy...but I'll spare you the details, since that would be too personal. I will just tell you that it was very good for us. I wanted to say that this book did much more for us than just tell us how to have the 'alternative sex' we wanted. It made us closer as a couple because we read it together. It has many, many other sexual subjects that helped us. There are pictures of sexual positions that we enjoyed trying, and there were also interesting topics that were beyond what typical sex manuals have. There were some topics that we are not up to yet, like how to have sex during pregnancy, but we know it will come in handy for us someday, when we settle down. For now, we enjoy using this book for learning more and experimenting. It is a very lengthy book, and we think it is well worth the price. Sex, sex, and more sex... that is what you get with this book. ...more info
  • To reacquaint yourself with sexual pleasure
    Two years ago, I came out of a sexless marriage. I felt so bad about myself that I shut out the idea of ever having a sexual relationship again. Six months ago, I met someone new and begun seeking out information that would help me build my confidence in the bedroom.

    From past experience the Idiots/Dummies books have always been a good place to start when learning about a new topic. This book was the perfect place to dive right in. It's not the be all to end all when it comes to books on sex instruction but there are enough good bits of advice in this book to help the reader remember how to relax and have fun. ...more info
    I'm the kind of person who is the perfect target for this book. When I want to know about something, I want to know everything from the very simplest to the most complicated aspects of the subject. That's what this book does, and does very well. I appreciate the explicit step-by-step instructions, and they have really helped improve my sex life. I also like The Sensuous Couple's (Flip Over) Guide to Seismic Oral Sex. It presents the subject (oral sex) in a flip-over format, with fellatio completely covered on one side and cunnilingus completely covered on the other side. Buy them both together to complete your library....more info
  • Sure Thing
    This book is a sex education sure thing. It has important information, is easy to read, funny, sexy, and is one of the best out there for this genre. ...more info
  • Great to start with
    This is a great book for amateurs and I am sure it would also have a trick or two for veterans!!...more info
    Very good, sexy book. I gave it to a couple who was getting married. They thought it was a "joke gift" because of the title, but later thanked me tremendously and told me how helpful it was to their sex life!!!!...more info
    If you are looking for a sex book that covers every topic really well and in detail, then this is the book. Other books that try to cover a lot of ground are not as good. Even the Dummy guide is not at all as good as this Idiot guide. This book covers much more detailed information about all aspects of improving your sex life.

    This book is great by giving important details about sex, and it is funny at times, too, which sex should be. The pictures are sexy with out going too far. This is the best sex book to learn a lot and to get a more creative sex life. It would even make a good gift, because the title seems like a gag gift, but inside the contents are so great that anyone will learn from it and be grateful.

    If you want the best sex book get this.

    This is not just a basic book. If anyone thought that then that person did not read past page 5. The book has over 400 pages and it gets very advanced. It has so many details and really says what to do sexually if you want try something new. It has photos of innovative sex positions, and it discusses exactly how to do things including S and M and Tantric Sex, and also things like how to have great ORAL SEX, quickies, role play, sex weekends, and much, much, much, much more.

    It is for people in their teens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, even over 80! It has something for EVERYONE of every age -- not just beginners. It has a lot for people who want to know new things at older ages, too.

    This book also makes people feel comfortable with their sexuality in ways that will help them get more pleasure. Whether it is fantasies, or sexual technique, you will learn in this book what is "normal" and how to be good at using your sexuality for more pleasure in your life.

    This book is worth every penny. Five Stars all the way.

    ...more info
  • This book gives NEW information about sex!
    My husband and I learned new things from this book, like innovative sexual positions that were fun! We loved the Step-By-Step descriptions of new things to do to make our married sex life better. This book is our favorite "sex toy." Get it if you want to have better sex....more info
  • For anyone who likes sex.
    Great ideas for improving sex, for old and young, new to sex or very experienced. It's all in here. ...more info
  • Its alright
    Its worth buying and reading but I expected more. This but would be for a begginer really if you looking for someing with very deatailed information this isn't the book for you but this is a great book to start off from...more info
  • this book is hot
    the ONLY reason i didnt give the book 5 stars was because it didnt have olor pictures like it said,other than that it is perfect!!good 4 all ages(generally strts at 16 and moves up to death),talks about condoms,size,effects of surgery,positions,EVERYTHING.dont b embarrased 2 buy this book,it is worth it...more info
  • Quite informative, very good
    This is a very informative book. I highly recommend it if you want informative detail, suggestions and problem resolution on a personal level or in an intimate relationship. The book is factual and divided in easy to read chapters. It's suitable for both a male and female audience.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful and Sexy
    I saw Sari Locker on the Today show last week, and decided to get her book. I am glad I did. It has both sexy sections about new sex ideas, and sections that are wise and helpful when it comes to recovering from sexual issues. This is a book you will enjoy. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Not for a Christian
    Well, when I bought the book, I was under the assumption that it was goign to help my wife out and I but the MANY things covered in the book went beyond what I thought was right. From a Christian standpoint anyways, it covers things like fantasy and other points that the faint of heart wouldn't want to read, so be careful if that's not the kind of stuff you have in mind. ...more info
  • Covers Just about everything!!
    I think the book was an interesting read with funny artsy visualizations! Some folks just don't have a clue, others want to know MORE. This book will satisfy both types. I read the ebook (acrobat PDF) version of the book with all the same stuff as paper. ......more info
  • The new millennium's joy of sex.
    Sari Locker is the sexpert for Gen-X and beyond. She knows her stuff. This book is like the Joy of Sex for the new millennium -- but it has more than just sex positions. Like the new generation demands, it also tells people of all ages about more than the basics, getting into advanced issues and tips for sexuality. ...more info
  • The truth about penis size and much much more

    This book explains all aspects of sex very well, and it makes sense, and is a turn on. It even talks about the real truth about penis size. It covers all of these things, and many other things too:

    How to be good at oral sex on a man (step by step)
    How to be good at oral sex on a woman (step by step)
    How to put a condom on with your mouth (step by step)
    How to do S&M
    How to do threesomes
    How to strip for your lover (step by step)
    How to dress sexy
    How to keep from getting pregnant
    How to get pregnant when you want to
    How to kiss in more creative ways
    How to play with her breasts so she will like it
    How to play with her clitoris and vagina to give her an orgasm (step by step)
    How to play with his penis so he will have an orgasm (step by step)
    How she can have orgams during sex (step by step)
    How to have multiple orgams (step by step)
    How to have simultaneous orgams during sex (step by step)
    How to delay ejaculation for men to last longer (step by step)
    How to do newly invented sex positions (step by step)
    How to give a good body/back/foot massage (step by step)
    How to make a home made porn video (step by step)
    How to have sex in exotic locations
    How to use sex toys, including dildos and vibrators
    ...more info
  • Well researched and thorough
    I was very impressed with the content, style and approach of this book. There is information in here that is good for beginners and those who have been going at it for years. I have seen other books on this topic and found this one to contain better information that is intelligently presented and captivating. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Can you say, "Bait & Switch?" ...
    This book has more to say about how to make a typical woman happy in the relationship ... and very little to say about how to make her happy in bed ... which makes it a classic case of false advertising....more info
  • Third Edition is awesome.
    I just got and read the Third Edition of this book. I had read my friend's copy of the first edition, so I already kind of knew that I would like the book. But I have to tell you that the Third Edition is awesome. It has a section in color with glossy pictures of crazy sexual positions, and real people naked in the positions having sex. It also has top current information about viagra and birth control and stuff like that. Best of all it is a lot longer than the old edition for the same price and has a lot of new sexual things to do. I loved the oral sex parts, too. It is an awesome book! ...more info
  • Thorough, fun and well-written
    I was quite impressed with this book, from the range of material covered to the fun graphics to the obvious expertise of the author. There are so many sex books on the market, but this one really stands out and provides a good deal of useful information. Looking forward to Sari's next book!...more info
  • Better than the "Joy of Sex"
    A thorough and fun exploration of sexual adventures, positions, relationships, and romance. Sari Locker covers the gammit--and has fun doing it. Most books I've read about sex have been formal and uninspiring; Sari gives tips, ideas and fresh information about sex...and I'm actually using them....more info
  • Very well done!!!!
    I will keep this short.

    This is a good book. It goes into detail about "almost" everything about sex.

    Here is a list of things she goes into in the book in good detail.

    Female problems
    Male problems
    male and female "private part" sizes
    birth control
    four play

    These are just a few of the things she goes over. It is a good book. Get it....more info

  • Truly a complete idiots guide
    As the title states, this book is a complete idiots guide to anything sexual, from STDs to Tantra. As I view it this would rank at about the level of an advanced Jr. High Sex Ed course text book. It does have a few good hints and acknowledges the points I would have liked to learn more about; however provides no real substance. The author spends many chapters talking about safe sex, pregancy, and old age sexuality, rather than getting to what the title states "amazing sex". If you are looking for a book to spice up or to revitialize your sex life, choose another book....more info
  • Good if you can stomach the Political Correctness
    A lot of good information, but the political correctness and dis-information is sometimes overbearing. For example, she states the old dis-proven myth that 10% of the population is homosexual (it is closer to 2%). Perhaps her worst PC statement is "... the only way to prevent sexually transmitted diseases is to practice safer sex." Safer sex is not safe sex! She only mentions abstinence in passing. If you can stomach all this, and keep in mind that the information is politically biased, then you can learn a lot....more info
  • This is THE sex manual. GREAT stuff! The only sex book you'll ever need.
    My wife and I have a very healthy and good sexual relationship and are always looking to improve our sex life one way or another. So I started browsing on amazon and bought this book. Was I glad I did! We picked up a multitude of new ideas (like where to have sex) and ideas about g-spot, oral, and new positions. This book is also very educational and covers just about everything: from a detailed description of the reproductive organs to safe sex and everything in between. I thought I knew about sex, but I was wrong...This book is great. Sari has a very humorous writing style and the book is filled with great suggestions & statistics. Bottom line: this is THE sex manual. It is far better than the other sex books that I looked at. Wholeheartily recommended!
    ...more info
  • My girlfriend and I liked the book.
    We liked that Sari Locker went into detail with real life examples and tips. We have read othger books which don't give the depth of this book with examples and pointers. It was a good value too....more info
  • Very informative
    Covered just about any topic concerning sex that you could think of. Very informative and helpful....more info


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