Summer Bridge Activities: Kindergarten to 1st Grade

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NEW and Improved Summer Bridge Activities for 2006!

This year the bestselling summer workbook features new covers, new activities, new reading lists, updated bonus sections, and a whole lot more to give kids a summer learning experience they won?t forget! Designed to keep kids busy, happy, and learning between grades, the NEW Summer Bridge Activities continues to focus on math, reading, writing, and language arts, but also includes new activities in science plus Factoids and fun to-do lists to keep brains and bodies active. Assignments build on one another as children review skills they have just mastered and preview the grade ahead!

New features include Super Summer Science experiments, skills checklists, updated reading lists, revised assignments to meet more diverse state curriculum standards, an updated bonus section, plus an updated cover and a new-look interior.

* Super Science experiments give kids a hands-on learning experience as they discover interesting facts about the world around them.

* Fun Factoids provide kids with fun tidbits of information to get their minds revved up for the educational assignments.

* Updated bonus section incorporates the new food pyramid and helps kids learn how to eat healthily.

Customer Reviews:

  • Bridging the grade gap in summer
    Summer Bridge Activities-we have used these for 4 years for all 3 of our children. We use them to help the children keep up their school/academic skills over the summer break. They are a GREAT adjunct to summer reading. The books have various "exercises" covering all subjects in a day by day format and have "grading" pages with stickers and stars for completion. The children initially balk at doing them but soon enjoy "remembering" what they did in school!!!...more info
  • Good Review and Keeps Attention Well
    My 5 yr old really likes doing his "summer homework". He likes working towards the goal we have decided upon, and usually wants to do more than 1 days work at a time. I have to slow him down because I'm afraid the book won't last the whole summer....more info
  • very detailed and nice ...
    I love this book .This is one book which my son loves to read and write in ,because its so colorful and full of different things on one page .My son does not like to do only 1 thing at a time --or should i say ,u know how kids get bored of one thing very quickly ,well this book is the answer .My son can do 5-10 pages at a time because in thos 5-10 pages ,he gets to read,write,color,count,and draw pictures .I will recommend this book to all my family and friends ......thx amazon...more info
  • Summer Work
    My daughter loves this workbook. It keeps her busy while keeping her up on her math and phonic skills. The book has easy directions for her to follow.
    ...more info
  • great activity
    Have used these books for years. Good, short, daily activity to keep their brains from turning off all summer....more info
  • Keeps their minds active during summer break
    I have three daughters - ages 9, 6 & 3. My 9 year old will be entering 4th grade this year and the 6 year old will be entering 1st. My 9 year old struggled at the start of 2nd grade. It took her almost a whole month to get back into the swing of things. So, last summer I bought a Summer Bridge Activities book for her. She sailed right into 3rd grade. Her teacher agreed that it made a difference. This summer, I'm having both the 6 year old and the 9 year old use their Summer Bridge Activities books as well as read as time allows. I can already see it helping keep them fresh on what they've already learned in school and I'm sure they will be ready to go in September!

    One side note - I bought a similar book at KMart called "Summer Activities" published by Cookie Jar Publishing for $4.99. Guess is almost the same book as Summer Bridge....I mean the same exact pages/activities!!! The only difference is that Summer Bridge has a few extra pages/activities. I wasn't very happy when I discovered this!...more info
  • Great summer fun!
    We are Americans living in Asia and I thought I'd give the books a try since I had heard good things. I'm actually shocked at how much my kids enjoy them! Everyday, they ask when they can do their "homework". I have them write their name at the top of each page (for practice, my daughter is 4 and my son is 6)and then when they are finished and have done a good job, they get a sticker to put by their name. They love it. Highly recommended not only as an educational aid but as a fun summer activity. Also, books are very light and easy to take along wherever you go. We are planning a few trips this summer and my kids want to be sure that we don't forget the books. I think we might have a new summer tradition in the family!...more info
  • Excellent Summer Activity
    I recently purchased this for my son. My daughter and I have been using Summer Bridge since Kindergarten. She definately enjoys the books. She asks me to purchase her one each summer! She is now finishing 4th grade and is eager to start her Summer Bridge book.

    The book becomes part of our summer routine. Everyday she does her Summer Bridge page and reads for one hour. After she completes those activities, she is free to play or we all go to the pool.

    The activities are fun. The each page (front and back) takes 15 minutes to 30 minutes to complete. The activities in the first two sections are designed to review the material learned during the previous school year. The last section begins to expose the student to material they will learn in the upcoming school year. The first section is 15 days, the second is 20 days and the third is 15 days. Each day the student completes one page. When the student completes each section the receive a "reward" or "treat" that their parent has agreed to in advance. I try to limit the reward to about $5 (unless they want to go somewhere educational like the zoo). In the past our rewards have included a trip to the used book store, going to Dairy Queen, or a trip to the local zoo....more info
  • Excellent program!
    This program is exactly what I was looking for. We call it "summer homework". It's just enough to remind my son what he learned all year and review it. We also purchased the Summer Bridge Math and the Summer Bridge Activities for Grades K-1. The pages are fun, bright, and colorful. I plan to use this program also for my younger son when it's time....more info
  • If you want to help your child retain what he learned...
    in math and language arts this is a nice series to use during the summer break.

    It may be best to buy the books a grade level or two ahead. My son worked the K-1 book prior to beginning Kindergarten. At that time, he knew most of the material in the 1-2 book; however, we liked the K-1 book better because the pages were more inviting (i.e. color).

    The activities are short and simple, so they keep the information fresh in your child's mind without requiring much work. Also, higher level material is presented as your child progresses through the workbook. However, this higher level material builds on what has already been learned/reviewed so it's not perceived as being harder.

    There is a contract preceeding each section where you and your child establish expectations and potential rewards. There is also a reading list which includes books available in the public library. My son enjoyed marking his progress on the contract and counting the days till his next reward.

    The K-1 book is good. It is in color, and it includes a certificate that you can give your child when s/he completes the workbook. The 1-2 book is almost as good as the K-1 book, but the version that we had was not in color....more info
  • Very fun!
    My son is enjoying this book very much. I believe it is also keeping his skills sharp....more info
  • Determined mom
    This is a great review book for kids to work on throughout the summer and the activities are actually fun for the kids....more info
  • Kept him busy!
    I didn't want our son to forget what he had learned in Kindergarten over the summer, so I decided to challenge him for the 3 months he was off. This book was EXCELLENT! It breaks up the months and the activities so it's not all of the same thing until they get sick of it. The reward system worked great and if we missed a day, our son knew exactly how many pages he had to make up. I will definitely buy the 1 to 2nd grade book in June next year!...more info
  • Too EASY!
    My son is bright, but not brilliant and even the end of this book is way too easy for him. I've ordered the 1-2 book and I hope that will be better suited to his abilities. On the other hand, the 2-3 book is just about right for my other child. I guess we just have to remember that all of our children are different (duh!)....more info


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