Summer Bridge Activities: 1st to 2nd Grade

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NEW and Improved Summer Bridge Activities for 2006!

This year the bestselling summer workbook features new covers, new activities, new reading lists, updated bonus sections, and a whole lot more to give kids a summer learning experience they won?t forget! Designed to keep kids busy, happy, and learning between grades, the NEW Summer Bridge Activities continues to focus on math, reading, writing, and language arts, but also includes new activities in science plus Factoids and fun to-do lists to keep brains and bodies active. Assignments build on one another as children review skills they have just mastered and preview the grade ahead!

New features include Super Summer Science experiments, skills checklists, updated reading lists, revised assignments to meet more diverse state curriculum standards, an updated bonus section, plus an updated cover and a new-look interior.

* Super Science experiments give kids a hands-on learning experience as they discover interesting facts about the world around them.

* Fun Factoids provide kids with fun tidbits of information to get their minds revved up for the educational assignments.

* Updated bonus section incorporates the new food pyramid and helps kids learn how to eat healthily.

Customer Reviews:

  • great book
    We have used these books for years. Good, short, daily activities to keep their brains working thru summer....more info
  • excellent purchase!
    I am so happy I bought this for my daughter going into 2nd grade. Each page just picked right up with things she'd been doing in 1st grade - but not overdoing it! This book was just right to keep the brain thinking, and yet the pages only took 10-15 min to complete. Great buy!...more info
  • Keep your child's mind fresh over summer break!
    My husband started my son with Summer Bridge in kindergarten. He is now going into 7th grade. He's always done very well in school (straight A's) and I think SB keeps his mind fresh. We started our daughter on SB last year. There are activities for all subjects and some use of the internet is needed for research for the older kids. SB also suggests age appropriate books for your child to read. The answers are posted in the back of the book to check your child's work...let's face it, we've been out of school for a while!...more info
  • Great summertime workbook
    I like how it was arranged by days, and gave the opportunity to collect starts towards a prize. It motivated my son to work hard to something he wanted!! The exercises got more challenging as they progressed, and it is definitely getting him ready for 2nd grade!...more info


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