Summer Bridge Activities: 3rd to 4th Grade
Summer Bridge Activities: 3rd to 4th Grade

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NEW and Improved Summer Bridge Activities for 2006!

This year the bestselling summer workbook features new covers, new activities, new reading lists, updated bonus sections, and a whole lot more to give kids a summer learning experience they won?t forget! Designed to keep kids busy, happy, and learning between grades, the NEW Summer Bridge Activities continues to focus on math, reading, writing, and language arts, but also includes new activities in science plus Factoids and fun to-do lists to keep brains and bodies active. Assignments build on one another as children review skills they have just mastered and preview the grade ahead!

New features include Super Summer Science experiments, skills checklists, updated reading lists, revised assignments to meet more diverse state curriculum standards, an updated bonus section, plus an updated cover and a new-look interior.

* Super Science experiments give kids a hands-on learning experience as they discover interesting facts about the world around them.

* Fun Factoids provide kids with fun tidbits of information to get their minds revved up for the educational assignments.

* Updated bonus section incorporates the new food pyramid and helps kids learn how to eat healthily.

Customer Reviews:

  • excellent work for your kids over the summer!!!!
    excellent tool for reveiwing for the summer. for the most part, the summer bridge books follow the curriculum that my children learned during the school year. if you are looking for something for your kids to work on over the summer, check these out!...more info
  • good..... for busy work
    If you want busy work for your child, these are a great series. They can do page after page on their own without much inquiring thought processes.Our school made parents buy these for the summer and I hated them! ...more info
  • Summer Bridge
    The work book is thorough and includes all important learning components. The only thing missing is my childrens desire to do any of the work......more info
  • perfect for the summer
    I have been a primary school teacher for 15 years and always recommend the Summer Bridge books to the parents. ...more info
  • Fun and Educational
    My daughter has enjoyed this book. I believe it is keeping her skills sharp so she will be prepared for 4th grade....more info
  • Buy these books a year ahead
    I bought this for my grandson and granddaughter, who have just finished the third and fourth grades, in hopes it would help them keep up the skills they learned and get them a little ahead for next year. I also bought the 1-2 for our just-finished first grader.

    Having observed what it took to get our oldest grandson through the school system and prepare him to compete for the best colleges (he won a scholarship to West Point), and having raised and educated four children of my own, I'm probably (dare I say it?) more qualified than a teacher to judge what's best in terms of academic materials. (I have also taught at the elementary level as well as in college.)

    This material is too repetitive in terms of lessons already learned. It doesn't provide enough new material to be interesting, much less challenging. Reading to and with them provides more in terms of education than these workbooks. They're just too easy.

    To be fair, the book did half of what I'd hoped. It does help them keep the skills they acquired. It doesn't, however, move him ahead. I will have to provide exercises to do that on my own.

    The competition for top-notch colleges today is fierce. It will probably only get "fiercer" in the future. I'll be looking for -- and developing -- other sources to help my grandchildren excel in their schoolwork....more info

  • Great Summer work books
    I have been using these workbooks in my preschool program during the summer for 5 years now and even my son's Catholic School are now highly recommending them to work out of over the summer. I will never to with any other work book than Summer Bridges and the price was very reasonable for the size of the workbook!...more info
  • Nice summer tool for review.
    I have used the Summer Bridges workbooks with my children for several years. The review is very nice for them, and working with them helps me to know where they need extra help.

    I ask them to do one page of "morning work" from the book each day. They have ADD, so some days it takes all morning to get it done.

    Unfortunately, my children hate doing the work. It is difficult to convince them that it is worth their trouble.

    I'd love to hear ideas for making it a little more fun....more info
  • Good Summer Review
    Workbook is a fairly comprehensive coverage of basics of third grade. As with all supplementary material, parents/teachers may want to highlight specific subjects that students need help. I found the pace to be appropriate for summer days, and the writing exercises with prompts help even the most reluctant writers to try! I recommend this book to the parents of my incoming fourth grade students....more info
  • A great way to avoid the summer backslide.
    My daughter completed at least one full page Monday through Friday this past summer and tested the highest in her 4th grade class this fall in reading and in math. She has always been a strong reader, but lacking in confidence in her math skills. We'll continue to use this book during school vacations, and the next book this coming summer....more info
  • Good Summer Review/Comments by Professional Educator at UAB
    Engaging for the child. Mostly math and language activities of differnt types, styles, and complexities. Tasks get progressively harder toward the new school year. A good general purpose review and prep to keep skills fresh and build a few new ones before schools starts in August. Moderately well-illustrated. Encourages independent reading and offers a suggested reading list--though parents should review any of these books for appropriateness for their child. Books off this list that increase vocabulary and reading skill without frustrating your child are also very appropriate. The key is for the child to enjoy reading challenging materials--let your child choose what interests them as much as possible....more info
  • Well thought out work book
    My soon-to-be 4th grader has been working through the book this summer, and we have found it to be very rewarding. The math and reading exercises are age-appropriate and he has enjoyed doing them. I also like the suggestions for other activities through the summer. Just remember to remove the answer pages before leaving your child alone with the book! Normally we worked through the book together but one day I left for a few minutes, and was surprised by a fast and perfect completion of the day's work!...more info
  • excellent series
    The Summer Bridge Activity series of books is an excellent way for kids to have fun and learn during the summer. I have used the book with three of my children at different grade levels. My children have continually entered the school year tops in their classes. I would recommend these books to any parents who are interested in their childs learning abilities. Great books....more info


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