Summer Bridge Activities: 4th to 5th Grade
Summer Bridge Activities: 4th to 5th Grade

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NEW and Improved Summer Bridge Activities for 2006!

This year the bestselling summer workbook features new covers, new activities, new reading lists, updated bonus sections, and a whole lot more to give kids a summer learning experience they won?t forget! Designed to keep kids busy, happy, and learning between grades, the NEW Summer Bridge Activities continues to focus on math, reading, writing, and language arts, but also includes new activities in science plus Factoids and fun to-do lists to keep brains and bodies active. Assignments build on one another as children review skills they have just mastered and preview the grade ahead!

New features include Super Summer Science experiments, skills checklists, updated reading lists, revised assignments to meet more diverse state curriculum standards, an updated bonus section, plus an updated cover and a new-look interior.

* Super Science experiments give kids a hands-on learning experience as they discover interesting facts about the world around them.

* Fun Factoids provide kids with fun tidbits of information to get their minds revved up for the educational assignments.

* Updated bonus section incorporates the new food pyramid and helps kids learn how to eat healthily.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great summer time workbook
    My daughter loves these workbooks. They have a great calendar and pacing marks. She sets the goals and goes for them. ...more info
  • Great review or opportunity to learn in advance
    We've used the Summer Bridge series for 4 years with our kids and love the product. The series covers math, reading, and writing with equal emphasis. There are occasional activities that are fun rather than just educational. As a parent and educator, I would highly recommend this....more info
  • Summer Bridges are Great
    I get a copy of Summer Bridges Activities for my sons every summer. They are great for preventing Summer Brain Drain and have great ideas for Summer activities....more info
  • A fun way to Bridge the gap b/t school years
    Summer Bridge Activities-we have used these for 4 years. We use them to help the children keep up their school/academic skills over the summer break. They are a GREAT adjunct to summer reading. The books have various "exercises" covering all subjects in a day by day format and have "grading" pages with stickers and stars for completion. The children initially balk at doing them but soon enjoy "remembering" what they did in school!!!...more info
  • SoSo
    This book was great except I felt some of the activites were a little too easy or too hard and some kind of ridiculous! Like looking up your favorite restaurant in the phone book?!?!

    Jillian...more info
  • Excellent Summer Resource for Child
    The Summer Bridge series has always been our favorite way to retain skills that were learned the year before over the summer break. This workbook is no exception. The exercises are comprehensive, alternating writing, math, geography, history and logic activities in a fun and challenging way!...more info
  • Summer Bridge Activities
    This book is great because it allows children to keep up academic skills during the summer....more info
  • Refreshment for the Summer Brain
    I have used this series for my children for years. This year they actually reminded me to purchase them. Much of what was learned in school can become fuzzy when mixed with the sand and surf of summer. This workbook series helps keep it fresh. We usually do three pages every three days, paired with 30 minutes of daily reading. Still plenty of time for swimming, water balloons, and catching fireflies, and your child will return to school knowing that Marco Polo is not just a game you play in the pool!
    This edition has a good balance of math, science, social studies, and language arts. By reviewing what they learned in 4th grade, and using the opportunity to research included information that they may not be familiar with, your child can start the 5th grade with confidence....more info
  • I love these books
    We started using the bridge books between Kindergarten and 1st grade. This books are wonderful for helping maintain and sharpen skills over the summer. Each page takes no more than 20 minutes to do. I love the spelling lists and the reading lists that are in each book as well.

    Like most kids my son does not look forward to having to do a little work over the summer but this book gives you maximum results for minimal effort. He enjoys setting a goal and reaping the rewards that come from it. The tracking charts in this book make it very easy to do.

    ...more info
  • Terrific
    This is a great book to use to work with your child a little (10 minutes) every day during the summer months to keep the basic math and language skills up to snuff. It has lots of motivating rewards built in and my kids actually agreed to do it, in order to get the rewards. It was also a good opportunity for me to sit down with each of them and learn what they did and did not know from the expected grade-level skills. And to focus on the short-falls. I have used each of the books in the series now for the last 2 years and will again this year....more info
  • Excellent!
    I really like this workbook for summer practice, review and introduction of new material. This book includes a variety of subjects especially math. ...more info
  • Summer Studies = Summer Fun
    My daughter and I have used this series for five years now. The older she gets the more she enjoys her summer studies. This book is great! It is always broken down into three sections and has reward charts to track progress. We also love the Summer Reading List in the book, and look the books up at our local library. I really enjoy the Better Bodies Better Behavior section and the flash cards as well. Each day's work and reading takes less than an hour. Definately worth the money, get it every year!...more info
  • great purchase
    I was very happy with this book for my son going into 5th grade. I wanted him to keep up his math skills - the book is wonderful for that! There are some sections (social studies, history) that I ended up crossing off because I thought it was just too hard. Some of the writing I changed up a little to make it more interesting for my son (who doesn't want to write!) I will definitely do this again next summer....more info


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