The Paleo Diet for Athletes: A Nutritional Formula for Peak Athletic Performance

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Loren Cordain, Ph.D., follows his success of The Paleo Diet with the first book ever to detail the exercise-enhancing effects of a diet similar to that of our Stone Age ancestors.

When The Paleo Diet was published, advocating a return to the diet of our ancestors (high protein, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables), the book received brilliant reviews from the medical and nutritional communities. Jennie Brand-Miller, coauthor of the bestselling Glucose Revolution, called it "without a doubt the most nutritious diet on the planet." Doctors Michael and Mary Dan Eades, authors of Protein Power, said, "We can't recommend The Paleo Diet highly enough."

Now Dr. Cordain joins with USA triathlon and cycling elite coach Joe Friel to adapt the Paleo Diet to the needs of athletes. The authors show:
o Why the typical athletic diet (top-heavy with grains, starches, and refined sugars) is detrimental to recovery, performance, and health
o How the glycemic load and acid-base balance impact performance
o Why consumption of starches and simple sugars is only beneficial in the immediate post-exercise period

At every level of competition, The Paleo Diet for Athletes can maximize performance in a range of endurance sports.

Customer Reviews:

  • Very interesting
    I really enjoyed this book. Its actually 2 books kind of throw together -- one by the paleo author, and one by Joe Friel. Although I have not been a big fan of Friel's writing style in his other books, he actually does a great job of explaining the nutritional pre- and post-phases for athletes. This alone is worth the price of the book.

    As far as the paleo specific stuff, it was very interesting. However, realistically speaking, this diet is impossible to follow in this day and age, unless you don't have a job and have nothing better to do but stay home all day and prepare your food. Additionally, the food just doesn't sound good. Any diet that has crappy, bland food is a recipe for cheating and failure in this day and age.

    I think the science of the paleo diet is questionable. I'm not a scientist, nor a dietician, but hasn't the obesity problem in the world really only come about over the last 50-60 years due primarily to processed foods? Blaming the obesity problem on agriculture and domesticated animals is a stretch because they have existed for thousands of years with no obesity problems.

    Interesting information -- this is why I gave it a four star....more info
  • Carbo drinks and jels in Paleo times
    If Paleo people were so fit and healthy why do authors of this book put so much empahsis on importance of sports drinks? How about soda bicarbonate to improve one's performance, or caffeine? So where do we draw the line? Either promote NATURAL way of nourishing our bodies or lets have a list of supplements (as long as they are still legal) to give an athlete the edge. Too bad our ancestors did not have access to energy jels....more info
  • Very focused on endurance athletics.
    I was excited to try the Paleo Diet in conjunction with a general fitness improvement plan. However, I was slightly disappointed by the fact that the book is focused almost entirely on endurance athletics. Barely a mention is given of Paleo in conjunction with weight training or general weight loss.

    The book does give lots of details for implementing the Paleo way of eating for intense athletes, so it's a great book if you fit that category.

    Regardless of fitness level, there are many tasty sounding Paleo recipes in the book, so it will be a good companion to the original Paleo Diet book even if you're not a high-volume athlete. But for beginners, I would recommend the original Paleo Diet book first, because it is geared more towards general fitness and weight loss.

    And one thing that I like about both of Cordain's books is that they have an extensive bibliography of references, so you can be sure his research is backed-up with lots of research....more info
  • Easy to Read and Very Informative
    It's true that this book seems tailored for the endurance athlete. I am a beginner cyclist with a few pounds to lose. The dialogue was sincere and straightforward, not too technical or scientific. I read the whole book end to end in a few days and learned so much about nutrition as it relates to my sport. The best part was the timing of when to eat before, during, and after exercising. I put some of the principles into practice and already noticed an increase in my performance. ...more info
  • A little too much
    Well written book, but I think it was written for the .00002% of the population competing in ultra-marathons and the like rather than your every day athelete. If you're not regularly placing in the top five in your Ironman class, spend your money on the first book....more info


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