Guia Alimenticia de La Dieta South Beach: Todo lo que necesita para seguir el plan a la perfeccion (The South Beach Diet)

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Americans spend $440 billion eating out at restaurants each year, and as the American culture is increasingly on the go, we let diets fall by the wayside as we fuel up on fast food and convenience foods. Now, with The South Beach Diet Dining Guide, dieters will have a trusted resource to keep them on track wherever they go.The first part of the book features listings of over 75 of the most popular chain and family restaurants in America, including mall and airport listings. For each entry, the book provides an editorial overview and specific menu recommendations and nutritional information. The South Beach Diet Dining Guide focuses on what you can eat, not what you should avoid! The second part of the book covers suggestions on what to eat from different ethnic food categories, such as French, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, Indian, and Japanese.A bonus section for the business traveler will include an editorial overview and menu suggestions from South Beach-friendly restaurants in 15 of the most well-traveled cities: New York; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Boston; Chicago; Atlanta; Dallas; Cleveland; New Orleans; Kansas City; Minneapolis; Miami; Washington, DC; St. Louis; and Las Vegas.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good, but not flawless
    This book is a good, basic guide to South Beach Diet-friendly foods. It would be perfect if it had fiber counts included, to help the reader have a better idea of net carbs consumed....more info
  • South Beach Guide Review
    The guide was very good. I was not sure I wanted to start the diet full blown so I got the guide and read over it. Even if you do not want to start the diet it is a good guide to foods that you should avoid or eat occasionally....more info
    THis is the ONLY book you need to start losing weight!! I LOVE it. It is very simple to follow and if you don't care how or why South Beach works- you just want to lose weight- this is the book for you!!! The diet really does work and it's so easy - after the first week! Plus the South Beach foods are real KRAFT products! I've continued to lose on phases 2 and 3!!!!!!...more info
  • It's not a complete and easy reference as the title states
    This review was written originally in December, 2004 and was about the first edition. Since then, a new edition has appeared, and some of the faults I found with the original book have been addressed. Since the original edition is still available, I have left my review intact. However, I have added comments at the end to address the changes. If you are planning to buy the revised edition, see the comments at the end too.

    Original review:
    If you are looking for a diet that is easy to follow, does not leave you hungry, is effective, nutritionally balanced, and improves your overall health, the South Beach Diet may be for you. In this companion book to The South Beach Diet book, Dr. Agatston lists many common foods, as well as whether they can be enjoyed in abundance, limited, or avoided completely. While this could have been done with a simple food list, this information is presented in a table that also lists carbs, sugar, and total fat.

    The beginning of the book gives a brief overview of the diet, and a discussion of trans fats and why they should be avoided. It also has a discussion of the glycemic index. Although the recommendations in the book are based on glycemic index, glycemic load, and other factors, this information does NOT appear in the tables, purportedly because it's not available for all foods. Leaving it out for that reason, even when known, defies credibility.

    As followers of this diet know, it's not about following the glycemic index, or counting calories or carbs. While the GI may serve as a guideline to let you know where foods fit in, it can also be misleading since some foods with similar GI values may not be of equal value to your diet. All this is explained in the main diet book, which gives a brief list of GI values for common foods. Likewise, we are told that total fat is not the big factor, but how much is saturated or trans fat vs unsaturated fats is important. That distinction is not made in the tables, which list total fat.

    If a strict look at those factors is not a necessary part of the diet, then why are they in the table? That's not clear. The portion that describes how to use the guide acknowledges that you need not be a slave to the numbers, but the real advice ultimately boils down to following the main diet book, in which case all but the last column (whether and how much to eat) seems irrelevant.

    The other problem is that this supposedly complete book is far from complete. It has too many entries for items that are obviously not allowed on the diet, and few entries for what might be suitable substitutes.

    If you look at breakfast foods for instance, you'll find bacon and eggs, cereals, and pancakes. Yet you won't find French toast. You may be able to figure it out based on the rules from the diet book, but then why do you need this book? It's not as if processed foods or foods prepared from recipes that may vary were left out. There seems to be no rationale for what's included.

    If you do look at cereal, you will find a couple of pages of cereals that are limited or should be avoided completely. But do I really need this book to tell me to avoid Frosted Flakes and Corn Pops if I know how the diet works? Yet if I look at the myriad "healthy" cereals in my supermarket, not one of them is listed in this book. The same is true for the ones in natural food stores, even if they are available nationwide.

    I might be able to figure out on my own that Uncle Sam cereal is a good choice, but then why buy the book? On the other hand, I might find another supposedly healthful cereal, and the label may show me that it's whole grain and high in fiber, but has more sugar than I would want. It's foods like these for which I would like the book to give me an idea if it's acceptable.

    There are way too many common foods left off the list, which is surprising considering the exhaustive permutations and combinations listed for others. I don't need five pages to tell me that all baked and broiled fish is good, but breaded fish is not. If it's the recommendation that counts, I don't need a separate entry for tuna, canned, light, in water, and different ones for dark tuna in all its permutations, when ultimately, they fall into the same recommendation as other fish.

    The bottom line is that if you stick to the main diet book, and manage to work around the flaws in the way it was written, you won't need this guide. This book might be helpful if you are on Atkins or even Weight Watchers, however.


    Although the original edition listed only the total amount of fat for each entry, the new edition lists both total fat and saturated fat. It also lists recommendations based on the phase of the diet, which makes more sense than the former blanket recommendation.

    Saturated fats and trans-fats are culprits in a bad diet, so it's good to know the balance of "good fats" to "bad fats." Since trans fats are not listed, a reader cannot assume that whatever is not saturated is a "good fat." But since trans-fat levels will not be listed on nutrition labels until 2006, the advice given to read the ingredient list is the most sensible solution for now. This new way of listing fats is a welcome improvement, and the remaining issue with trans-fat listing is the fault of the food manufacturers, not the book.

    The new edition covers many more foods, but still lacks much of what was missing in the first edition. I had mentioned that Uncle Sam cereal was inexplicably missing from the tables, and now it is there. So are many others, especially ones that are co-branded Kraft/South Beach Diet foods. This latter point seems a bit self serving. I doubt that anybody would reasonably expect that South Beach Diet foods would not be compatible with the diet, so it really adds little practical value. Other commonly available cereals that may border on acceptability are still missing, and those are the ones I would use a guide for.

    As supermarkets add more and more whole grain foods, it would be helpful if they appeared in a guide such as this. For example, whole grain waffles that are as low in sugar and higher in fiber than SBD branded foods are now easy to find in the market, but are still not in this guide. Many common breakfast cereals are now marketed as whole grain and it's not necessarily clear why they are listed the way they are.

    I wondered why something like SBD Whole Grain Crunch was listed as "good" for phase two and three, but Cheerios is listed as "limited," meaning once a week at most. They are identical in calories and almost identical in carbohydrates. But the SBD cereal has four times the sugar and only a gram more fiber. Then I noticed that both this edition and the previous one list six grams of sugar for Cheerios, while the cereal package lists only one gram per serving. A taste test makes it clear that it's the book that's wrong here. While I doubt that it's a deliberate effort to promote his own foods over competing products, having a guide book with such gross errors raises questions. I don't need a book to tell me to avoid virtually all commercial cereals except for the South Beach Diet branded ones.

    The book continues to list total carbohydrates, while at the same time, telling the reader that total carbohydrates are irrelevant. Perhaps this column listing would help somebody who is on the Atkins diet, but the author is not recommending the Atkins diet.

    The second edition is an improvement over the first edition. If a food is listed as good for a given phase, it's probably a good food to eat. But if it's not listed, reading the ingredients and the nutrition label for the food is still the best bet. Skimming through the book may help to give an idea of what foods are good or bad, but if you are in a supermarket, the package in front of you may be a better indicator than the book.

    If you feel that it's more important to gain a strong understanding of how the diet works and to be able to figure out on your own what foods will work, then the main diet book is much more helful for that. If you are more interested in picking foods and using recipes because somebody gives it a stamp of approval, and you don't want to risk making a bad choice, then using this guide in conjunction with the South Beach Diet cook books will provide you with tools you need....more info
  • Better to hit the gym and not this book
    If people would just eat right and hit the gym four times a week, they would lose weight.

    Instead, people are bypassing normal common sense and going for these fad diets.

    It makes the authors rich, and the readers fatter....more info

  • Its not a way of dieting, its a way of life
    After trying numerous diets and excercise routines nothing has really helped. I have tried the Atkins diet which is a no carbohydrate diet, similar to the South Beach diet, but I gained the weight back in a week after going off.When I tried the South Beach diet I could still enjoy most of the foods I always had before.Most importantly I did not feel deprived or hungry at any time.The South Beach Diet book is an excellent tool to help you choose a meal plan that is healthy, satisfying, and invigorating. Although most low carb diets are known to be unhealthy the South Beach diet does not only restrict you to high protein, low carbohydrate,high fat foods. The South Beach Diet employs the differences between good carbohydrates and bad ones. It explains the significance of sugar, carbohydrates, and fat in ones diet plan. Agatson tells you exactly what to eat, how to cook it, and most importantly what to stay away from. Agatson also gives tips on what excercises to do and how often to do them. He shows how regular excercise can greatly increase your chances of losing weight, and keeping it off. The book also includes true success stories of people who have tried the diet and now live by it. I strongly recommend buying this book because it really helps to have a guideline to follow when trying to lose weight.Plus it really works!...more info
  • Great reference book!!
    I contribute this book to my success to changing my diet and a healthier lifestyle. I found the food listings to be comprehensive and especially liked the quick references by phases.
    I found a few contradictions to the main South Beach diet book; however, overall it's a great reference guide. Anyone doing this diet should invest in this book....more info
  • Good Fats and Good Carbs - great book
    You need this book as a guide to take to the grocery story to make sure you are getting the right foods as well as the foods that the recipes in the companion diet books call for. We have referred to it every time we shop to be sure we're doing it right. Today's food labeling makes it a challenge. The best advice in the book is to check the ingredients to see where the fats and carbs are really coming from - don't just rely on the numbers on the Nutrition Facts on the package label. ...more info
  • Very Helpful
    I had this book before and lost it. Glad to have it again. Great reference source when not sure if something is worth wasting carbs on.
    ...more info
  • Not a Complete Reference to Favorite Foods
    Having purchased "The South Beach Diet", I thought that this would be a fairly comprehensive supplement of foods to avoid and foods which are acceptable. However, the book, which is only slightly over 100 pages to begin with, re-iterates much of what is in "The South Beach Diet" without the very informative sections about how our bodies process foods and without the specific details of the actual diet program. Unfortunately, the food list was far from exhaustive, failing to include even products like V-8 [even though vegetable juice cocktail is included in the suggested breakfast menus]. The jacket states that it has 1200 food listings, but that is not 1200 different foods. Many, many items have multiple listings. For instance, 4 listings for canned peaches, depending on syrup. 12 listings for different cookies, all of which are to be avoided, but none of the listings are for chocolate chip which would be a typical cookie. Bottom line: I was disappointed; this is OK book; not sure it is worth $8.00....more info
  • very very handy
    even if you r not doing the's just about eating healthy. Good shopping guide....more info
  • Wonderful Help
    I use this book constantly to make decisions on what I should and should not eat. I am not following the "diet", but a low carb, low fat life style, and this book has it all. I would not be without it. I also have the book covering restaurant foods. Easy to follow and interesting....more info
  • I can eat again!!!!!!
    Finally I can eat again.I had my daughter two years ago and before her I was on Weight Watchers.I lost about 30 pounds and I was at my thinnest ever, 119pds.With pregnancy I gained 62 pounds and I still have to lose about 20 more pounds.I tried WW again and it just didn't work for me anymore.I was always hungry even when I stayed within my points.My friends and I calculated our caloric intake on WW and it was about 1100-1200 calories.Starvation!!!It wasn't enough.With South Beach I am not hungry and I watch what I eat I'm not panicking about how many points I have left for dinner.It's great and it does incorporate healthy eating like WW (low fat ).I own all 3 books and their great....more info
  • Not Complete or Easy...
    This is the most complete waste of money I have seen in quite some time. I am on the South Beach Diet and doing well. Love the diet! This book however, is loaded with foods to AVOID.... Duh! Like I have to have a detailed list of doughnuts to avoid... I think not! The reviews ahead of this book touted that it would be helpful for those of us finding ourselves in a restaurant or fast food situation. The best it does for the pitiful few of these types of foods it bothers to list is AVOID.... Well, my advice is to AVOID this book and save your money.... Common sense is a much better weapon against carbs and it doesn't cost you as much as this book will. I am going to sell my copy and try to recoup my loss. This is obviously a rush to print, costly little piece of fluff that misses the marks all round. How disappointing to actually see the contents of the book.... AFTER I bought it. Dr. you can do better and you should.......more info
  • save your money
    The book can be purchased at discount stores for under five bucks. It was a fad. It's over. They got my money, don't give them yours....more info
  • Not too bad
    There are some good tips on here. I personally don't put too many of them into practice(...)...more info
  • No usable Info
    90% of this book list foods that should be avoided. There is no reason to list every type of doughnut or cake you should avoid. If you remove the listings of the foods to avoid the remainder is not worth the price....more info
  • very very handy
    even if you r not doing the's just about eating healthy. Good shopping guide....more info
  • Very easy reference
    This is a really great book that can be carried around and referred to easily. It has almost every imaginable food in alphabetical order so it is easy to reference. Great book, I use it constantly....more info
  • Not Enough Numbers
    As I understand it, one of the main premises of the South Beach Diet, is that its not just the amount of carbohydrates and fat that you eat that is important, but which fat (good or bad fats) and which carbohydrates (lower glycemic index).

    Thus, I was sutprised to find that the book did not break down the fat in each food by type of fat (saturated, trans, mono-unsat...), and simply listed the aggregate amount. Similarly, it lists the carbohydrates (separating out sugars), but not the glycemic index.

    I'm a scientific person and was hoping to find more useful numbers in a book that almost entirely consists of numbers....more info

    Dont Wait any longer. BUY THIS NOW An easy to follow convincing theory and Facts from a Practicing Cardiologist.
    Its a DIET to follow for the rest of your life to LIVE.
    ...more info
  • Missing much information
    This book leaves much to be desired. Even though it is advertised as being "complete", it is far from that. It is missing many normal foods. Also, it does not list the amounts of fiber, saturated fats or cholesterol. It recommends many foods to avoid that are recipes in Dr Anatston's own books. Not worth the money....more info
  • Pretty helpful
    a pretty good reference for most foods. New kinds of foods are coming out all the time so it is a little behind on some things but up to date for the most part. I found it helpful....more info
  • Great pocket size- fits in my purse!
    Perfect purse size book that is a quick/easy reference for grocery shopping, dining out. You can buy the main book-- but this one is all you really need. Has a basic text to explain the principles behind the diet. Have lost 18 pounds so far since I started 1 month ago and I do not really exercise... FYI.....more info
  • Better than the last edition
    I own both the older edition and the new edition and I find that the new edition is much easier to use. Not only is there an index for most items, but there is a breakdown of the foods by phase, which was lacking in the previous version. It is very helpful, however, I still feel that it is lacking in some food choices. I hope that the next edition has more foods listed....more info
  • Handy reference for South Beach Dieters.
    This is a handy little reference for those following the South Beach Diet; particularly phase 3 of the plan. A slightly-oversized paperback (5 X 7 inches), it is not exactly pocket-sized, but still easily portable to the grocery store. The book dedicates about 20 pages to a summary of the South Beach Diet plan, and the rest of the book is made up of reference tables listing the carb, sugar, and fat contents of various foods. Each food is then categorized as "good," "limited," or "avoid." I do wish the author had included saturated fat content of the foods, which is why I award it 4 stars instead of 5. Only the total fat content is given. Overall, though, the 1200+ food listing is a good one to have at the store or a restaurant. The brief dining-out guide at the end is also handy....more info
  • Great resource
    If you are on or want to be on the Southbeach diet, this small book will be a great help! Small enough to tuck in your purse, it has just about every food you can think of and which level of the diet you would be allowed that food, or not!...more info
  • Bait and switch, but works
    If you actually READ "South Beach Diet" as a book, from start to finish, the actual diet plan comes as quite a shock. Agatson goes on and on about the magic of carb-cutting as if it's a great trick that will have minimal impact on your eating habits--then lays out a diet that is classic calorie cutting and portion-size restriction. But I give him lots of credit for the recipes, which have become part of my repertoire regardless of dieting. Great salads and dressings, especially. Recommended if you can let go of the hype and accept that to lose weight, you need to better and eat less....more info
  • So far So Good...
    I had done the Atkins diet and rebounded, gaining more than I had lost. My doctor and my dentist both recommended the South Beach Diet citing many of their patients who were sucessfully doing it.

    I asked my wife if she would go on it with me (easier with two pulling in the same direction!) and we've gotten through the first two weeks induction program (Phase 1) and into Phase 2.

    So far, so good. I dropped eleven pounds during the two week "boot camp" period and am down fifteen in week three.

    I really appreciate being able to eat fruits and a wider variety of vegetables. Especially grateful for whole grain breads. I believe that this is an eating program I won't get bored with and can stay until I lose my eighty pound goal.

    It's a little early to be writing a review but wanted to encourage those who might shy away from another "low carb" diet. I think it is a kinder and gentler program than pure Atkins. It certainly has much more variety and easier to stay on....more info

  • Updated and Quick Reference
    I'm a proponent of the South Beach Diet, having lost 9 pounds so far and knowing that the decrease in sugar is better for my hypoglycemia. This little book can fit in a purse and is a quick reference for a variety of foods and they're acceptability with the South Beach plan. It's also more updated that Dr. Agatston's original hardback South Beach book....more info
  • They is a Better book than that.
    This book is ok but far away to reveal the truth about the Diet and the bad impac on the body. I really like the new book by Jean Carrillo title "What's NEXT?" I learn so much with this book, and stop to lose my money on Diets, Miracles Products etc... A must to Have for the one who really want Burn Fat, Lose Weight and change the life style....more info
  • For anyone wanting guidelines .....
    It starts off with a short explanation of Good Fats & Bad Fats/ Good Carbs & Bad Carbs with a Trans-Fat Hot List. It talks a little about the Glycemic Index and Insulin. Then lists "Foods to Enjoy" for phases one & two.

    I was used to having butter, meat and cheese without worries about the fat content on Atkins. Not so with this diet which is all about balance. It says I can have beans but only some types while others are limited or to be avoided. It goes on to list beverages, types of breads & cereals, cheese, A LOT of the obviouse no no's, fruits & veggies, fats (butter), and meats & seafood. With 8 types of Beef Roasts listed who knew that some should be limited and even avoided. The same goes for ground meats, brisket, and pork. On Atkins plain hotdogs were unlimited but not so with South Beach.

    There are so many types of foods that sometimes it can become overwhelming without a little guidance. It's nice to know I can flip to the meat section or the bread section and know exactly what types are good, limited and to be avoided.

    One reviewer commented that it's all about what kind of donut to avoid which it's definitely not. It's about the type of meat, veggie, and fruit along with a portion size. It's a set of guidelines and bounderies for us to live by. It takes a lot of the guessing and mystery out of it. With a family and a full time job I LIKE THAT!...more info

  • An Amazing Follow up to the Book about the Diet
    For anyone who wants to keep up with a diet idea and plan, this book is a great source of information regarding what to eat and how to replace things in your family or individual meal plan.

    There is an interesting introduction to trans-fats that lists the foods that tend to have those in them. There is a list of what to eat and what not to eat, what specifically to avoid, what you can substitute and the amounts.

    I like the section telling you what to eat at various restaurants and types of eating establishments in the back of the book.

    If you are on the South Beach Diet or planning to be on it, then this book will be a great guide in getting you through it.

    Joe Slevin...more info

  • Portable Guide to What to Choose and What to Avoid on South Beach
    The South Beach diet was like a miracle for me. After several years of unsuccessful weight loss attempts on tiny caloric diets, the weight just dropped off me with the South Beach diet.

    I originally memorized some foods that I could always count on to be low fat and low glycemic. Over time, my wife would ask me if I could have food X or Y. Since this question always came up at the grocery store or in a restaurant, I couldn't answer her . . . because my copy of the South Beach diet was at home.

    I also found that I couldn't remember very well what a portion was without constantly referring to the original book. That was frustrating too.

    The South Beach Diet Good Fats Good Carbs Guide proved to be a solution to all of these problems. It has all the information I want about what foods to eat and which to avoid . . . and what a portion size is. Whew! With this guide, the South Beach Diet becomes even easier . . . and tastier too. A lot of foods that I had been avoiding are actually all right on the diet.

    The size of this book will fit into almost any purse and jacket pocket. It will even fit into a hip pocket (but it won't be very comfortable to sit on).

    If you've liked the South Beach diet, I suggest that you give yourself the gift of this book as well.

    If you haven't tried the South Beach diet yet, I suggest that you buy both The South Beach Diet book and this one. You'll do even better, I think, if you do.

    Nice job, Dr. Agatston!...more info
  • Good Companinon Guide to South Beach Diet
    I rate the original South Beach Diet Book 5+ stars. I lost 10lbs in five weeks and eventually a total of 14lbs. More importantly I have kept it off. At first glance I was disappointed with the Good Fats Good Carbs guide as it seemed to review much of the original book. However, I'm now quite happy with the guide. Before buying the guide I often wondered about certain foods. Now I can eat a wider variety of foods with confidence....more info
  • It really works!
    I purchased this book right before the new year. I had just seen the picture of the bride's maid's dress I was going to have to wear in front of 400 people in a matter of months. It took only a few minutes to read the narrative portion. I then took the thorough listing of foods that were good carbs/good fats and made a grocery list. Between December 27th and May 8th (the wedding day), I lost 30 pounds, dropped 4 pants sizes, and feel healthier than ever! I did not follow a meal plan and rarely used recipes. I just ate the foods that were allowed and didn't eat the ones that weren't. I highly reccommend this book!...more info
  • good "cheat sheet" on carbs
    This info can be found in the South Beach book and cookbooks but it is a quick and fairly complete guide of what carbs are best to eat with an easy to read guide of total carbs, sugar, fat, fiber and which phase certain foods can/should be eaten in. Also, it's smaller so fits in the car or purse to carry with you when out or grocery shopping so you can quickly check a certain food or catagory. Not necessary but a good resource if you don't have the cookbooks....more info
  • Handy little guide for those familiar with SBD
    For those already familiar with the diet, this guide is a valuable reference to add to the collection. With it's small size, it is very convenient to put in a purse to carry along. I have used mine when traveling, and it's been a nice refresher for the kinds of foods to enjoy and avoid when faced with temptation....more info
  • great info...right to the point!
    I liked the fact that this book is small and a quick read. My favorite part is the tables in the back that show a listing of all foods and whether or not they are okay to eat in phase 1, 2 or 3. It's sort of an "in a nut shell" perspective and makes it really easy. I love the book and love the diet!...more info
  • Good Fats and Good Carbs - great book
    You need this book as a guide to take to the grocery story to make sure you are getting the right foods as well as the foods that the recipes in the companion diet books call for. We have referred to it every time we shop to be sure we're doing it right. Today's food labeling makes it a challenge. The best advice in the book is to check the ingredients to see where the fats and carbs are really coming from - don't just rely on the numbers on the Nutrition Facts on the package label. ...more info
  • Great Supplemental Information
    The South Beach diet is a healthy alternative to the Atkins diet and allows enough variety in your diet to maintain a "healthy lifestyle, not just a diet." This is not a cookbook and offers only a few pages of discussion about the diet itself. Use this book as a supplement to the main South Beach Diet book. The book discusses the basic framework of the South Beach diet, including important information about the glycemic index of certain foods, which play a key role in insulin production and fat gain. The basic premise of the book, according to the author, is to help you "consume the right carbs and the right fats and learn to snack strategically."

    To teach you how to do this, the book categorizes carb rich foods according to good and poor choices. For example, whole grains, legumes, rice, and starchy vegetables are listed as good carbs, while crackers, pasta, white bread, and processed food products are bad. The bulk of this small paperback is dedicated to lists of foods with their respective carbs, fat, protein, and sugar listed in grams. In short, it is a reference book that supplements the information you get from "The South Beach Diet" book.

    Eating of course, is enjoyable, while dieting is a pain. However, having lost approximately 50 pounds over the past 18 months, I can tell you the pleasure of feeling and looking better is worth the inconvenience. Atkins helped me lose weight, but I could only take so much fatty foods, while longing for the crisp, clean taste of fresh fruit. I also read Dr. Phil's book and learned about how my emotions (stress, anger, boredom, etc) effect the way I eat. Trying to diet without understanding why you eat is an uphill battle, so I would recommend you try Dr. Phil and South Beach together....more info


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