Men's Health Muscle Chow: More Than 150 Meals to Feed Your Muscles and Fuel Your Workouts

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Achieving your best body ever requires that two elements merge as one: solid training and good nutrition. This book provides the nutritional component of that muscle-bulding equation, offering the Men’s Health take on food for fitness. Men’s Health Muscle Chow gives you more than 150 simple recipes for delicious meals ranging from workout protein shakes to healthy dinners the whole family will enjoy.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Eight easy-to-remember dietary strategies to keep your eating habits in line

  • Filling breakfasts like Banana Protein Pancakes; energizing entr¨¦es including Muscle-Bound Chili and Mahi Fish Wraps; hunger-killing snacks such as Malted Almond Bombs; even desserts like Key Lime Pie—all designed to help burn fat and build muscle

  • A shopping list that makes it easy to stock up on essential ingredients and kitchen tools

  • A troubleshooting guide for guys with more experience at the gym than in the kitchen

  • Insider strategies, tips, tricks of the trade

And Men’s Health Muscle Chow is much more than just a cookbook. It offers a solid foundation for understanding meal timing and the effects nutrients have on your body. Author Gregg Avedon also outlines his program of 2-month diet cycles that help you set and reach your fitness goals.

Customer Reviews:

  • Best Cook Book on the Market
    Gregg's approach to diet and nutrition is top shelf. The book is organized in a user friendly fashion with the details needed to determine if the specific meal fits within a person's calorie count and carbohydrate and protein intake. I have read all the best selling diet and nutrition books available - this by far is one of the best books I have read in recent years. ...more info
  • Your Roadmap to the Body of Your Dreams!!!
    This cookbook is a must-have for fitness enthusiasts of all levels, as well as anyone with the desire to just eat healthy. In today's fast-paced world, good nutrition often "takes the back seat" to everything else, even by the most dedicated athletes. Who has the time to research the nutritional profile of foods, let alone put together a solid meal plan that really works; a meal plan that will not only help you achieve a body that looks great, but feels great as well? Well I've got good news; Gregg has taken the guesswork out of that meal planning. This book is packed with effortless, healthy and delicious recipes. Gregg covers the full spectrum, from breakfast to desserts to late night snacks. Every recipe in this book was designed to help you achieve the body of your dreams while still providing the full flavor you expect from the meals you eat. The book is also loaded with tips, tricks and facts to help make the already effortless recipes a breeze to prepare, as well as to educate the reader on some of the fundamentals of nutrition. I have several other "healthy" cookbooks, however they pale in comparison to Muscle Chow. They all seemed to be missing something, whether it be taste, or just that some of the ingredients in their recipes were questionable. Folks, Muscle Chow is the real deal...pick it up! Did I mention these healthy recipes are delicious?!...more info
  • A Must Read!
    This book is an easy read that makes a confusing world of nutrition all of a sudden seem clear. I haven't had one meal from this book that wasn't awesome. ...more info
  • Even my Mom loved it!
    I read this book and absolutely loved it. As a trainer, my clients are always asking me the question, "what can I eat for _______(breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks)? If you want to know what you can eat that will get you lean while tasting GREAT then this is the book for you. While it is a book written for men, I got a copy for my mom and she loved it! Within 3 hours she had the entire book outlined and already chose the recipes that she was going to make. This is a book that will not collect dust. It is filled with easily applied and effective information. ...more info
  • Don't judge this book only by its title!
    Muscle Chow could be called "Recipes for an tasty and sensible diet" as that's what it truly is. Gregg Avedon doesn't make it LOOK easy to eat well, he actually makes it easy to do so, no matter what your body shape or muscle tone. Pay particular attention to the tips and practical applications cited. The author is a family man with the same every day stresses as many. He's figured out a way to stay healthy in life and shares it in this book....more info
  • Makes Eating Right Simple
    Numerous delicious meals that are simple to prepare. A easy to follow guide for building muscle....more info
  • Definitely worth it!
    This book is very cool. Gregg does a nice job of compiling recipes that are easy and taste good. Also, the three phases he recommends (Relaxed phase, lean phase, ripped phase) really helped me to strike a balance in my nutrition plan.

    Bottom line: I am in much better shape than I was before I started using Gregg's nutrition guidelines. I consistently use this book 5-6 days out of the week--definitely worth the $13....more info
  • Can't beat the price or the quality
    I own several nutritional/training recipe books and Muscle Chow is top shelf quality. You certainly can't beat the price and unlike other cookbooks, this one allows you to select meals based on your goals and an established timeline towards a lean and ripped physique. As they say, the proof's in the [protein] pudding. ...more info
  • Like a fluffernutter sandwich - there's good stuff inside, but it's surrounded by fluff
    It's hard to find a decent clean-eating cookbook. This one certainly is decent, but I wouldn't give it much more praise than that. There are some recipes that are pretty good and all of them are quite straightforward, but my major problem with the book is that some of the recipes are complete fluff that could have been all compiled onto a single page ("quick bites", or something like that). For instance, the "Fix and Eat Sardine Sandwich". Now, I'm going from memory here, but I'm pretty sure that the steps boiled down to these steps: Take two slices of bread, spread mustard on each slice, then put the sardines between the two pieces of bread and eat them. Sorry, Gregg, but I'm a healthy eater, not someone who's never been in a kitchen before. There are other recipes like this ("Slice up a head of lettuce and serve it with mustard as dipping sauce", for example) that are really wastes of space.

    Also, it would have been good to see more explanation regarding carb-cycling (or carb-shifting as he describes it), along with macronutrient breakdowns for the different eating phases Gregg describes in the book.

    There's some good stuff in here, that's for sure, but it's too much like a fluffernutter sandwich: lots of healthy potential surrounded, unfortunately, by too much fluff....more info
  • Awesome Book, For guys AND girls interrested in Health & Fitness!
    This is an awesome book that gives REALISTIC information on health and fitness. I origionally bought this book becuase I wanted to impress our personal trainer friend with some yummy recipes that were also healthy, however I soon realized this book is much more then just recipes, it is filled with so much more useful information then I had originally bargained for! This book helped me learn what to eat and when to eat it so I stay looking and feeling my best. I have already noticed a change in my appearance after a few weeks of purchasing this book and that is WITHOUT rigerous cardio workouts- it's just eting better, walking a little further then usual and weight training! ...more info
  • Well worth the wait
    I have been waiting for the release of "Muscle Chow" for over a year. The wait was well worth it as the book surpasses all of my expectations. In the spirit of "Muscle Chow" 1) In a large bowl, throw in some EASY; 2) Mix in AFFORDABLE; 3) Stir to the consistency of your OWN liking; 4) ENJOY a great tasting - good for you treat. In all seriousness, I travel with my job and eat out 3-4 days every week. I try to eat healthy while on the road, but it's tough. I now look forward to getting home to make something from "Muscle Chow" that I know will be good for me and at the same time taste great. For me, "Muscle Chow" is more than an amazing cookbook, it's a blueprint on how to live a more healthy lifestyle. Believe me, the return on the money you spend for this book could be the best investment you will ever make in your lifetime....more info
    I accidentally ordered two, gave the other one away to a friend, whom raved about the book. I have two reservations about some of the recipes. Did anybody check these recipes out in a test kitchen? Reason I ask is some of the recipes leave out ingredients or don't tell you where to put the ingredient in or the recipe doesn't turn out right. Some not enough 'wet' ingredients for batter consistency. But this is all forgiveable because there are some really great recipes: Eggplant Lasagna (pg 142), Tarragon Chicken with Vegetables (83), Hearty Oatmeal'n'Bran (107), Eggs'n'Oats (107), Muscle Toast (42), Avocado Breakfast (38), Giant Scramble - I added asparagus (101), Tuna in Celery Stalks - I'll never make tuna the 'other way' again (209), Zucchini pasta (133). A hint for the Muscle Toast, which is like 'French Toast', make up all the soakings of the bread first before frying. I found more bread is needed than the recipe calls for, which is gr8! I freeze leftovers and warm later in the toaster. Last BAD comment, which leaves no excuse, the book is falling apart, terrible binding job, Rodale! Other books I'd recommend using with this: ABs diet books series by David Zinczenko - responsible for me losing 120 pounds. 'Powerfoods' Nutrition Plan by Susan Kleiner, addresses men's health and is a great resource/reference guide. I'm learning alot from it. 'The Portable Personal Trainer' by Eric Harr, daily devotional 'health' inspirations. 'Pilates for Men' by Daniel Lyons Jr., 'Anatomy Stretching' by Arnold Nelson, 'Powersculpt for Men' by Paul Frediani (CORE-lots of exercise ball illustrations and included DVD) OT: 'Deep Survival' by Laurence Gonzales - get a bicycle and don't forget the helmet! Get a Bianchi C2C 928 Carbon Monocoque 'Centaur' 10sp-mix compact...more info
  • You have to try this!
    Muscle Chow is the best cook book that I have ever purchased. The meals in this book are easy to cook up. It provides step by step explanations on how to make each meal, along with an effective program you can follow that ensures your muscles get what they need. If your going to purchase a cook book for your muscles, this is it. ...more info
  • Good For Women Too!
    I got this Book , becuase I never knew what to eat Before and after a work out. I do a Lot of cardio, and I wanted to ensure I wasnt Burning up my hard earned muscle! This book is very good, not just for men , but women as well. Yes the recipies are SIMPLE, but I LOVE simple. It tells You HOW , WHY and WHEN to eat for maximum effect. The recipies are Not gourmet, But when your training you really have to eat CLEAN, and this is what it is. I would reccomend this Book for it's information, and How it tells You EXACTLY what you need to do. I Havent had it long enought to comment on the recipies, but I Browsed them and Id eat everything in there, and theres No Fancy Ingredients You cant Find. ( except for a few Reccomendations he has, and he gives you websites to find the food if you want it) The ONLY Flaw I Found was On Page 14, it says to SEE RECOVERY FOODS ( AFter WOrkout) on Page 224. They are Not on Page 224, they are On Page 204. Printer error I Guess.
    Good Book- ! I am Not trying to Bulk up, as I Am a Female, I am Toning, and want a Little Muscle definition. So you do have to adjust the recipeies and calorie counts for Days, to Your own body, but he tells You How! Good Stuff in this Book, worth the Price!...more info
  • Great Information
    If health and fitness is important to you, this is the only book you will need.

    Gregg Avedon is a great teacher....more info
  • Great Book!
    Very good book. Easy to read and tons of excellent recipes. I've been following the diet for four weeks now and I have seen tremendous improvements in my definition(Especially my abs)...more info
  • Simple. OMG Tasty. Easy recipes. Just the facts.
    In the spirit of full disclosure, I live in the same town as Gregg Avedon and have spoken with him about nutrition at the local gym. His knowledge rivals that of classically trained nutritionists. Though he's much more practical. A father and a husband, he lives a regular life and balances his nutritional recommendations for the real world. I can attest, Gregg walks the walk. That said, there is a key difference in his book you won't find anywhere else. It's simplicity! Period. For example, he simplifies and reduces the topic of supplements into just a few items. All in about one page. To some, the book could be worth it just for that page alone!

    Most diet or nutrition books go on-and-on with their educational "mantra." Hey authors, we know most of this stuff already reading it in the papers almost every day. Gregg skips over the chemistry class and dives right into what to buy at the grocery store. I have many nutrition books, though few ever begin with the simple idea of shopping for my fridge, my pantry, the herbs and the tools I'll need. In those few pages, I've begun to feel confident that a regular guy could manage buying all these items.

    Did I already mention the sheer simplicity of this book? Yeah, there are lots of recipe books out there, but Gregg's has some that go like this: ingredient 1, ingredient 2, step 1, step it! I kid you not. Some of the recipes are quick yet healthy and in one pot or one pan, the average guy can make a meal. My 18-year-old son, who's so bad in the kitchen that he could probably burn water, turned to page 151 and commented that he could personally make his favorite Protein-Rich Quinoa Salad...everyday! Although Gregg states his book is "food for dudes," my Mom started marking off recipes as soon as she got her copy.

    I particularly like the alternative late-night snacks, my own weakness. Plus a simple tip like what to eat at the restaurant -- "eat before you eat." Now, anytime before I go out, I drink a filling protein shake, and I'm all set. Thankfully, Gregg hides his emphasis on protein by sneaking it in...everywhere. He's buried protein in the Chocolate Mousse, in the Raspberry-Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies -- for real! (page 233). Yeah, this ain't no diet book, its just smart food that includes the widest variety of food types from any of my diet or nutrition books. As Gregg says, "...this isn't brain surgery, it's learning how to eat more nutritionally dense foods as a way of life..."

    I say, I could actually eat only what's in this book for the rest of my life...and never miss a thing. ...more info
  • Amazing recipes, knowledge and the gift of flavor!!
    From the first page to the last, this book has been amazing! Not only has Gregg given me the gift of knowledge, his book has also shown me there's more to my local grocery store than I've ever seen or discovered in my life.

    I've recommended this book to EVERYONE I know. If you love fitness and healthy living like I do, YOU NEED THIS BOOK!

    Have I stated how great this book is? It's amazing......more info
  • was a godsend before, during and after chemotherapy
    This book is not just for bodybuilders. I found the idea of six small protein and powerpacked meals to be just what my husband needed to help keep his musclemass during his cancer therapy. He was so weak and did not want to eat but the awesome recipes were delicious and I knew I was giving him something that was not just calories that were fatpacked to keep his weight up. And he felt better about himself because he had been worried about not being the virile man he was. Your book really helped save his body and attitute towards it. I'm buying more to pass around. who knew!!!...more info
  • Big disappointment
    Bottom line: not the quality of book that I have come to expect of a Men's Health endorsed author. The glossy, high production photos of dishes are unnecessary and the only useful info (phasing a plan, what are the basic foods you should store) could fit in to a magazine article. I recommend that instead of buying this book you just search the Men's Health website for recipe ideas and training/diet articles. That is all...more info
  • Healthy and Ripped in 2008
    Muscle Chow is the pinnacle in fitness books aimed to help one achieve an incredible physique and to enjoy food in the process. The recipes are simple and they don't require rocket science to prepare. I love the breakdown of carbs, fat, sodium, and protein that each recipe provides. Gregg's tips for eating lean and then ripped are essential reading. I have learned quite a bit about staples in my diet, such as chicken, eggs, and turkey. Now, I have many new ways to prepare them, and that should make any fitness buff excited. This is an intelligent and fun book that I will hand out to my friends as a gift this year. ...more info
  • Pack on muscle & health without starving or eating tastless food!
    An excellent, well written, very easy to understand book for guys who don't necessarily want to spend hours every day in the kitchen and just want the bottom line on great tasting varied chow that will pack on the muscles and make you feel like a million bucks. Gregg Avedon gives you his 30+ yrs of informed experience and $5,000 worth of info in a low cost book that can change your life.

    This book is all you need to get your nutrition and chow taken care of. Combine it with an excellent bodybuilding book like Charles Staley's "Muscle Logic" or your favorite training book and unleash the beast! Look good and feel great!...more info
  • Excellent Recipes
    This is a great alternative to a typical "dieting" cookbook with recipes to build muscle while keeping nutritional requirements in balance. It isn't about mindless dieting and filling up on non-fat, no-calorie foods. Also beneficial to those who are looking for clean eating recipes. Bought this book on a whim and am extremely pleased with the purchase. ...more info
  • The wait was worth it!
    This book is fantastic! I've been using Gregg's recipes in Men's Health for years now and couldn't wait for him to publish more of his incredible recipes in a book. You don't need to be a gourmet chef to make these recipes work, nor to make them taste as good as they do. I would strongly recommend this book to anyone looking to take their eating to the next level. A healthy lifestyle begins with your diet, and this book is a great place to start....more info
  • You did it again, Gregg! Fantastic!!!
    What a change up to my regular, mundane routine! I am an athletic guy in my mid-twenty's who eats well and exercises regularly. After reading this book for 20 minutes, I completely cleaned out my frig and pantry, went to Publix and stocked up on the foods Gregg recommended. I've followed his program for about a week, and I can already see changes in my body and most importantly, FEEL a difference. You hit the nail on the head again, Gregg...Great job, fantastic book!...more info
  • Excellent Book
    This book is perfect for someone who wants to know how to take their nutrition to the next level. Greg has done all the work for us. He makes eating healthy while getting fit easy. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is trying to learn how to eat a more healthy diet that will complement and help attain a more fit body at the same time. Although this book is written with men in mind it is great for women too, we just have to make our portions smaller than what he recommends. ...more info
  • Muscle Chow
    Excellent book compiled by someone who knows both fitness & nutrition. Very good read with practical suggestions for properly fitting nutrition into fitness workouts.

    ...more info
  • Excellent book
    This book is amazing. The first 28 pages provide a solid foundation of dieting principles targeted specifically for active guys who weight train. Gregg Avedon really knows what he is talking about when it comes to nutrition and his writing style is concise and easy to read. The rest of the book is filled with tons of high-protein healthy recipes. He even includes the nutrition facts for each recipe so you know exactly what you are eating. If you are a guy looking for some good healthy recipes to match your training regimen, this is the book to get....more info
  • Feed your muscles and Fuel your workout
    I enjoyed everything about this book. He seems to have all of the bases covered. I would highly recommend it....more info
  • Chow Now
    If you're serious about the business at hand- getting into shape and getting stronger this book provides excellent information. Understanding without application is fruitless- Don't ya know?...more info
  • Absolutely Amazing
    I bought this book to teach me how to cook. Being a single guy in my mid-twenties my cooking skills were dismal at best. I figured if I was going to learn I might as well learn right and do it as healthy as I could. I'm very glad I picked this up.

    This book will teach you how to get the most benefit out of every meal and how to space your meals to keep your metabolism's fire roaring all day long. Best thing about this book is all the meals are delicious AND easy. It is not just recipes, its an education (why we eat certain things and why we don't eat others etc etc.)

    I was a lean guy even before i even started using recipes out of this book. I was working out 4 to 5 times a week so looking at me you wouldn't think I was carrying much (if any) excess body fat. After just a few short weeks I could feel a huge difference in how I felt. I felt clean. After my first 8 week cycle (1 week relaxed phase, 5 weeks lean phase, 2 weeks ripped phase) I could notice a huge difference in my physique (muscle definition was vastly improved). Best thing was, it wasn't just me. Family, friends, co-workers all commented on how good I looked, how much leaner I looked.

    I LOST 7 pounds of fat I didn't even know I had!! I ate more but lost weight and still gained strength.

    This book is geared more towards those with active lifestyles but I would definitely recommend this to EVERYBODY. Anyone who wants to learn how to eat right and make a habit of it will benefit from this book.

    ...more info
  • A must read if you enjoy a healthy lifestyle
    This book makes eating healthy easy and delicious. Each meal is broken down to be as easy as possible. Most of the time, the flavor of the foods makes you forget you are eating healthy. The 'Chocolate Almond Mocha' shake is better than anything from a coffee house, will cost you less money and is good for you....more info
  • The best healthy cookbook around
    I dont know about anyone else, but I have been on the Abs Diet for quite some time and I have had some troubles with sticking to the plan. Long story short, the recipes get very boring, very fast with little to no versatility between them.

    This book is helping to change all that. The fact that the author (pictured on the cover) is a powerlifter gives the book more factual weight IMO and his recipes are great as snacks or for parties.

    There is also a breakdown of muscle building supplements that helped me get better gains when working out. Basically, I have a regiment of Kre-Alkalyn and Whey protein now that wasnt there before. Sure, I was already taking both, but knowing how and when to take supplements goes a long way toward gaining the type of physique that makes women swoon and helps to pave the way to any approach.

    Try this book; You wont be disappointed. Once youre done, you can pair it with the Abs Diet and stay lean for life....more info
  • A bible not a book!
    This book is awesome!!! Good tasting actually healthy recipes. I can swear by it. NOt your average cook book man, i mean look who your learning from.

    ...more info
  • Excellent Resource and Motivation
    This book is excellent, provides great insight on how to eat your way to a healthy lifestyle. Gregg is a great inspiration!!! I look forward to future Muscle Chow articles. Also check out his website greggavedon(dot)com ...more info
  • Absolutely fantastic!
    OK. I know this is a guy book and I'm not a guy. Let's start with that. I was led to this book because I had read about it in one of my publications. I absolutely detest cooking and I have a panic attack just thinking about the kitchen. My mother taught me to drive and type. She didn't teach me to cook.

    I've bought many cookbooks and hate them all. They're all too complicated for my maladjusted cooking genes. But this book --- well that's a different story! This is easy to follow and fun. Yes, fun.

    I've found that I can eat foods that taste absolutely fantastic and it takes little effort, little fat and no junk that's bad for me. I've learned to use spices and things I had never known how to use before. I'm loving this.

    Moreover, I'm losing weight. I log everything in my Palm Pilot on a program from CalorieKing. It's easy to know how many calories are in each dish. Now, as a woman, I may not eat a whole serving. So I simply adjust that in my log.

    I must tell you that for the first time in my life I'm enjoying being in the kitchen. I fix foods ahead, which makes my life much easier.

    All the recipes are easy to fix and don't take many ingredients. You'll find this type of eating gives you more energy and keeps you feeling full. At the same time, you can get really ripped. And losing weight is easy and fun.

    And, if you guys will forgive me, I recommend this book to my sisters as well as to you.

    The one thing I don't like about it is not the content. It's the book. I'd prefer a spiral book that I can lay out on my tiny kitchen counter. Also one that can be cleaned as I am a mess in the kitchen.

    Update: After using the book for a month, I do have at least one issue with it. Take for example the Mixed-Berry Protein Mousse on page 237. This is a wonderful menu and the taste is indescribable. Wonderful. But it says is makes six servings. That's fine. But how much is one serving? I mean, out of the total made, is a serving 1 cup, one-half cup or what? I would like to know how much to take out of the bowl to make one serving. Otherwise, I'm unsure how many calories I'm actually getting.

    Having said that, I've lost seven pounds in one month by following the foods and counting calories and I've yet to be really hungry. It's amazing!

    But dear author, when and if you do an update (and I hope you do) please tell us what one serving is.

    I did improve on one of the easy recipes. At least to me it's a major improvement. The recipe calls for mashing tofu and adding protein powder. Well, It's okay. But here's something better:

    Tofu as called for in recipe
    Protein as called for in recipe
    Put in blender (preferable one with a milkshake blade)
    Add coconut water (not much)
    Add one pk. stevia

    Blend until smooth. This makes a wonderful milkshake with a lovely texture. It's much better than what you get with the recipe in the book and just two or three added calories from the coconut water.

    Highly recommended.

    -Susanna K. Hutcheson...more info


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