The Younger (Thinner) You Diet: How Understanding Your Brain Chemistry Can Help You Lose Weight, Reverse Aging, and Fight Disease

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New research in nutrition and weight loss has revealed an amazing discovery: the brain—virtually neglected in all other diet plans—is the most important organ in dieting. Dieters can actually lose weight by eating foods, nutrients, teas, and spices that change the chemical balance of the brain for permanent weight loss—a major factor contributing to how quickly the body ages. In fact, everyone can take years off their age by changing their brain chemistry.
In Younger (Thinner) You Diet, Dr. Eric Braverman expands upon concepts introduced in Younger You to present a totally new approach to lifelong weight management, where the key is not found in counting carbs, fat grams, or calories. Obesity is a brain chemical imbalance, an addictive disorder, treated successfully only through the combined approach of diet, nutrients, and hormones. One of the foremost experts in integrative medicine, known for his work on the brain-body connection, Dr. Braverman teaches readers:
-which foods naturally boost the body’s production of dopamine, the chemical in the brain that tells the body to start its fat-burning engine
-how to choose foods, supplements, teas, and spices—even hormones and medicine—to avoid the effects of other aging organs that can destroy one’s metabolism
-how to personalize the diet for specific health concerns, such as heart problems, aging skin, weak muscles, and achy joints
Eliminating the frustration and deprivation of conventional dieting, Younger (Thinner) You Diet will help anyone turn back the clock to a slimmer, healthier, younger you.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good book for whole approach.
    Although he spends much of the first part of the book explaining why you should be reading the book, it is a good, insightful book that leads you down a different than the usual diet path. It is very enlightening....more info
  • The Most Informational Diet Book on the Planet!
    Younger (Thinner) You Diet, is a book packed with information not just about dieting, but how food effects the chemicals of the brain. The 4 main chemicals of the brain are essential in aiding the body to be healthy, physically and mentally. This book will help you understand and learn about the balancing effect of these chemicals and how you can decrease your chance of gaining a deficiency, it will help you pinpoint the area of deficiency and guide you in what to do about it. The book is well-written, informational , and also allows the reader to interact by answering questions, one of the most powerful learning tools, to detect your own health concerns and help bring you closer to a healthier you.

    Michelle Rossi
    Author/ All About Me ...more info
  • ounger Thinner You Diet is not just a diet
    This is one of the top books I've ever read--full of great & caring information that produces freedom in your oife if you follow what he's teaching....more info
    This book is amazing and shows how to eat for LIFE. I appreciate the presentation and the useful way the book is written, it shows who, where, what, why, and when of each aspect of dieting. Even proves that diets start in my brain. The brain is discussed at length and I know following these suggestions will elevate my mood, my brain health, and the resulting weight loss will follow. Thank you Dr. Braverman for a great book. My personal "best" so far has been switching from diet cola to beneficial green tea. I recommend this book to all as a guide to eating healthy and staying well. ...more info
  • You Need to Have This Book
    It dosen't matter who you are or what health you're in, you need to have this book. It's not just about being thin; it's about balancing your body's hormones, brain chemistry, mood, the works. Please read this book. It will change your life like no doctor ever has and quite possibly ever will, until we, the public, insist they begin healing us and not supressing our complaints. With this book, you can go a very long way to helping yourself. Perhaps then you will have the ability to find that doctor to work with you through your healing and rejuvination process. Yes, keeping your body and mind young and healthy. You won't regret buying this book....more info
  • Pleasantly different
    With the plethera of diet books around, I was skeptical about yet another. So instead of reading the text first, I tried some of the recipes. Great stuff!
    ...more info
  • Very informative
    This book gives a lot of information so I find it helpful to take notes or I feel I would have to read this book several times. I do find that the reciies are very complicated and I think it could be made less complex for people who are busy or live in small towns where some ingredients cannot be found. All in all the book has a lot of good information but I think it could be simplified for an average person to read....more info
  • Younger Thinner You Diet
    Dr. Eric Braverman is on the cutting edge. His books are the very best and all of his books are great. Understandable to the common person yet his credentials are impeccable. I have 5 of his books and they are a gold mine of information. I know people who have visited his clinic, as well as others who have teleconferenced with him and have had amazing results in their health. I would recommend his books to be a mandatory part of your home library....more info
  • This book is a keeper---revolutionary in scope!
    This book is a keeper, a must-have reference book for how food affects the brain. I have read hundreds of books on nutrition, even wrote one myself, but nonetheless found this book revolutionary in scope.

    I love reading books that give me radically new information, and I found plenty of such nuggets here. For example, until reading Younger (Thinner) You Diet, I had no idea that my hepatitis C had affected my entire personality for years! I was further amazed at how much our personality is formed by neurotransmitters, which can be balanced with food.

    Dr. Braverman discusses at length in layman's simple terms the following brain chemicals: dopamine, acetylcholine, gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) an serotonin. He shows how a lack of them can affect the personality, aging, and weight gain. Just looking at the various personality profiles Dr. Braverman provides, you can easily recognize which neurotransmitters you and your loved ones lack. But there is a quiz to make the diagnosis more accurate.

    In this book you will also find tips for combating such things as osteoporosis, collagen loss, and other maladies. There is even a handy section called "Name the Pauses" in which you can which systems are your weakest (again, definitions and quizzes). There is a section that details the power of various spices and also such a section for teas. Parts like that make this a reference book. You will not want to sell your used copy on Amazon!

    There are a few things that made me raise my eyebrows: advice to use aspartame, which has been proven to be very toxic, and canola oil, which is genetically modified. And he classifies someone as "excentric" who believes in telepathy and the sixth sense. (He obviously is not familiar with all the scientific studies referred to in such books as The Field.)

    But I have never found a book that is 100% accurate and am able to overlook a few errors to see all the wonderful information in it.

    This book is absolutely not just about weight loss, but about using nutrition and supplements to stay younger and even reverse aging. You can use this information no matter what your diet slant is: vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, or omnivore.
    ...more info
  • Real Eating
    The Younger Thinner You Diet, has provided me with the knowledge to effectively loose fat weight. I feel more energetic, look healthier, and definitley have a sharper mind. I am now enabled with a plan for when those crazy cravings hit. Also, I have enjoyment in eating the right foods for me. I could never eat frozen meals, canned foods or artificial sweeteners again! ...more info
  • Don't buy the kindle version
    While the book may be fine in printed versions, the kindle version of the book is very badly digitized. I have many kindle books and this is the first with which I have had this issue. Some complete pages are out of order and all are poorly formatted. The quizes that you must take to check the functioning of your brain chemistry are in tiny, tiny light gray print that will not increase in size with font adjustment. I was looking forward to the book but have given up in the 3rd chapter because of these issues. ...more info
  • Very stimulating read
    I do not really have a weight problem, but I have a brain imbalance and this book tells you how it is. The recipes are easy to follow and I am excited to feel and look better. A good buy, I have told everyone about this book! Its not your typical diet book, it is a diet for your body and brain....more info


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