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Prevention magazine is the country's most authoritative, trustworthy, and innovative source for practical health, nutrition, and fitness information. Now, its editors bring you a weight-loss plan that's specifically designed to target your number-one trouble spot: BELLY FAT. For women over 40, belly fat is incredibly stealth and incredibly stubborn. It's also the most deadly, contributing to a higher risk of heart disease, diabetes, and chronic illness than any other type of fat on your body. Finally, science has helped uncover a key dietary weapon in the fight against belly fat. Monounsaturated fatty acids, or MUFAs, help dieters lose more weight--in their bellies specifically--and keep it off longer. Flat Belly Diet! will lead you step by step, day by day, meal by meal toward a flatter belly...and a longer, healthier life.

Customer Reviews:

  • Yes, Im flatter!
    This is an uncomplicated (after the first 4 days) diet plan based on eating a small amount of healthy fats with each meal. The first four days starter plan is strict, but I lost 3 pounds in 4 days. And they include a shopping list for the starter plan, to help you get exactly what you need. This 4 day plan helps tremendously with bloating, so you get the satisfaction of fitting better in your clothes right away. After that, more foods are allowed, and it's a fairly easy plan to follow with about 1600 calories alloted each day. Don't expect to lose loads of weight quickly, but since it's a pleasant diet, you might stay on it longer. I found that the fats included do help you feel satisfied, so you aren't always thinking of your next meal. However, to continue to lose weight, I had to consume no more than 1400 calories, still a reasonable amount of food. It seems like a healthy diet, and doesn't exclude large groups of food, like many other diets. ...more info
  • great book
    Very helpful book with loads of info. I've only been on diet five days and it does take a little to adjust but it's probably the most likeable diet I've tried and believe me I've tried a bunch. It makes sense to me and I did lose 4 lbs the first 4 days....more info
  • Review of Flat BElly diet
    the 4 day diet to start definitely works at removing 5 pounds of fluid from my body and can see my shin bones!! Very similar to Mediterranean diet except no pasty recommended. BUT this book states most weight loss frm that diet; BUT the Flat Belly Diet lowers LDL> so time will tell if true. Have lost 4 inches total and 6 pounds so far. ...more info
  • Easy to follow!!
    I love this diet!!! It even allows you to eat chocolate! I've lost 7 pounds in 11 days and I'm still losing! I tried this on a recommendation from someone who lost 30 pounds following the Flat Belly Diet. She travels for business quite frequently and was able to do this even eating at restaurants. I work 6 day work weeks, 10 hour days. If I can do this anyone can!...more info
  • flat belly diet
    This diet book is easy to use to make a change in how you eat. It is full of good information and the diet is easy and you are not hungry, grouchy,or tired if you follow it. Who wouldn't love to be on a diet that includes semi sweet chocolate chips? The book also includes a free 30 day trial for the online companion. The book includes recipes for those that love to cook along with fastfood choices and a list of frozen food choices and meal replacement bars for those who do not like or have time to cook. It includes a variety of food choices so you don't get tired of eating the same thing all of the time. The book is great! I have lost 5 pounds so far. ...more info
  • Try It....It Works!
    I'm in fairly good shape, but have always had problems with getting a flat belly. Any weight I'd gain would go to straight to my stomach which is the worst place to hold fat! I read a review on this book and the information made a lot of sense so I decided to try it. The book provides a lot of good information, tips and good recipes. The initial 4-day anti bloat wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It definitely gives you a jump start to getting a flatter belly. I've also been exercising regularly (cardio and weight lifting) so I'm sure doing this in addition to the diet has helped. I've also incorporated (most of the time) the MUFAS to my meals as they describe in the book. It isn't hard to follow. Just make sure you have some of the MUFAS when eating meals. ...more info
  • Easy Diet
    This is a very easy reading book. I live in a small town (not very health food friendly) and I found everything needed. This book gives you little advise though out to help you change your outlook on your eating habits and lifestyle. ...more info
  • do not waste your time'
    lost me with too many impossible to find organic etc brandnames that would be necessary to follow the diet...more info
  • Flat Belly Diet Book
    This diet (I don't even like to call it a diet) is easy to follow & effective!! Four meals a day. You don't get hungry. In the first four days of the "anti-bloat" you feel your clothes fitting more loosely! This is a new way of life not a diet. Amazing!! Love it!...more info
  • Flat Belly Diet
    Without false hope, the reading was clear and interesting..I've been pleased with the results I'm seeing with my eating habits and exercise routine. Having the book to go back to is handy too!...more info
  • If I had the time
    This book has a lot of information in it. Maybe a little too much information. If I had the time to "sit down and enjoy every bite" then I think this diet would have worked for me. Perhaps a later time if I am still looking to loose weight and if I have the time to make the meals and compose a daily journal. For now, I guess chasing around my 1 yr. old will have to do....more info
  • Life changing
    To all the skeptics who put this down without even trying it, shame on you. I am currently on this diet and don't even look at it as a diet anymore. It's helped me to change my lifestyle to a healthier one, and I've seen amazing results from it. Yes, we all know that eating less and healthier foods will help, but this book outlines step by step with hundreds of recipes and the right natural ingredients to use. I am not a large person. I am 29 years old and I simply wanted to lose about 10-15 lbs to be where I was at 21 - which everyone says is crazy and it's just age - let it take it's course. NO! I am now under my weight when I got married and not only that but FEEL great - I no longer crave unhealthy foods. As I said, it's a lifestyle change and is the only thing that has actually worked for me in years. THANK YOU FLAT BELLY DIET!!!...more info
  • Flat Belly Diet -- incorporate the good and ignore the bad!
    What a wonderful eye-catching cover on this book . . . love it! The photos of real women (obviously not paid models) with real results . . . great! The recipes . . . many look very good and I'll try them soon. The four day shopping list, journal, and emphasis on MUFA's . . . love them!

    While I am most certainly going to cook up some of these recipes, probably getting hooked on the sassy water, some won't cross my lips. Meat . . . I'm not totally vegetarian, but I'm trying to eat much less meat. Just this week, there was a newspaper article about a study which showed the link between consumption of red meat and shorter life span. And we Americans are definitely consuming way too much of it, expanding our waistlines and challenging our hearts! If you're a vegan or vegetarian, you'll have to skip the poultry and seafood chapters . . . and go right to the chapter on vegetables, desserts, salads, and soups, some of which also contain meat. During the Four-Day Anti-Bloat Jumpstart, you'll have to give up legumes, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, onions, peppers, and citrus fruits, as well as tea, coffee, and raw foods. The down side of this is pretty easy to see . . . Where are the antioxidants? Life without tea and raw foods is pretty much life without antioxidants. No can do . . . not even for the concave stomach I used to have.

    Seems to me there is no "perfect diet" for everybody . . . we each have to find the one which works for us. I've created my own . . . basically reducing consumption of meat, and emphasizing consumption of raw fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. May not work for you, but it does for me. I love it; therefore I can stick to it. And that, my friends, is the key to a successful diet.

    So buy this book, and incorporate the ideas which suit you. You just might find yourself zipping up your jeans without holding your breath.

    Lynette Fleming, Coauthor of Lunch Buddies: Buddy Up for a Better Diet

    ...more info
  • Flat belly diet
    Excellent book. Already helpful keeping me balanced, on track and feeling no deprivation whatsoever as I eat myself towards a healthier body. ...more info
  • Misleading
    The book was advertised as simple and easy to prepare & follow. I have never seen such a collection of difficult to find and make meals. Four a day yet. One soup called for 15 ingredients! The book was filled with contradictions such as how important it is to not have salt and then suggesting foods that are always sky-high in salt. It didn't make sense and the recipes were distasteful....more info
  • Flatbelly Diet book
    This is a good, healthy way to lose weight saftely. I am a retired RN and I really feel this is not one of your crazy fad diets. It's sensibly eating and HEALTHY, I feel soooo GOOD AND ENERGETIC on this diet! My daughter is on this diet and my friend in Africa!

    Karen Colt-Pasternack...more info
  • very interesting
    There's a lot information in the book I had no knowledge of concerning the fats in your body and how they interact with food. There are suggestions in the book to help you keep going on the diet which are very helpful because long-term it is very hard to stay on a diet as we all know. I'm trying to stay very mindful of what I am eating and the book helps you out with also. If I fall off a little, the reading in the book reminds you that a diet has a lot to do with attitude also, which is very true, so I have been able to bounce back and step right in with the diet again....more info
  • Book great, but just another fad diet
    Book packed with info, recipes and exercises. Believe it would work but it is a fad diet. I couldn't get past the Jump Start cleansing. But am using many of their other priciples to modify my lifestyle. Overall, very helpful....more info
  • Really Good, Healthy Eating Plan
    The only reason I'm giving this four stars instead of five is because I agree with reviewers who say some of the ingredients are tough to come by. I personally have not had that problem but can see where others have. I find this diet easy to follow especially since MUFAs are really filling and help me maintain control over my appetite. The recipes are good and versatile, even for someone like me who's allergic to tree nuts. I don't know if I've lost weight because I don't get on the scale but my clothes are getting looser. The first four days are a bit draconian (I cheated by having hot chocolate made with 1% milk and Zero sweetener from Whole Foods which kept me from getting a headache) but I did notice a change in my level of energy and that I felt "cleaner" somehow. And hey, any diet that allows chocolate has to be a big hit with women of a certain age.

    That being said, the number of calories this diet suggests (1600) seems high unless you are exercising (which I am). I would think you could cut back on the amount of snack calories and still feel pretty strong. You won't lose weight that quickly but you won't starve, either, one of the reasons Weight Watchers was so tough for me. To be fair, the book contains a chapter on how to exercise so you can't just sit in front of the tv eating and expect to see great results.

    One caution, do NOT buy this book directly from Rodale. They charged me $39.94 and when I didn't send my first payment in on time (it being the Christmas season with its inherent craziness), they added a $4 surcharge, so now they say I owe $43.94. I could not reach their customer service and was left on hold listening to New Age music for about 15 minutes. So I'm sending the book back as soon as my copy from amazon comes in. ...more info
  • Overpriced Advice with a New Gimmick
    Like some other readers, I was disappointed in Flat Belly Diet, and I feel like a complete idiot for wasting money on something that made me suspicious when I first read about it. However, curiosity, a non-flat belly, and wishful thinking joined forces to persuade me into another unwise diet-book purchase. It is indeed another calorie-restricted diet with a gimmick that, however science-based, is based on very specific foods in weird combinations. I was very interested in MUFAs until I actually tried to follow the diet. For me the best success comes with eating a little bit of everything. I originally read about this diet in Prevention magazine, which used to be a great nutrition and health information resource. In recent years, however, it seems like one of those brochures that you get with your junk mail advertising books. The articles are often "teasers" for expensive publications that contain a little bit of information in many, many words. I have now read several of these Prevention books, and they have mostly been deadly dull and the information so fragmented, so poorly organized, that the reader cannot easily use the information provided. Though Flat Belly Diet is a step up from that, it is certainly no different from any other diet that focuses on a particular food group or food category as the key to weight loss. Multiple weekly shopping trips to find particular brands, items you have to buy in quantities that you will never use up--if you are a repeat dieter, you know the drill. Skip it....more info
  • Sensible, easy ideas for a universal problem
    I just finished reading this book and am anxious to start the program. Scientifically and nutritionally it makes a lot of sense. There are some really good tips on attitude which will be an important component to success.

    ...more info
  • Flat Belly Diet
    The book has good content but we are unable to follow the recipes as Australia doesn't have the same products as USA.
    It would have been good if the author or publisher added an appendix with comparison products we could relate to.
    Dawn....more info
  • Men..don't wast your money
    Ok, there is good information..if you are having water gain, bloating or PMS weight problems. This book is writen by women for women. Guys, don't waste your money unless you are brave enough to buy it for your wife for mothers day!...more info
  • Healthy diet!
    I've tried the diet just to see if the MUFA concept would really make a difference. I've lost on average a half pound a week inspite of having numerous meals at home that have been changed at the last minute into grabbing meals on the road or that included pot lucks at church or birthday and holiday dinners out. I have 7 pounds to lose to get down to my good BMI and want to lose an additional 10 vanity pounds beyond that, still being well within the middle of my weight range. As a nurse, I know it's important to get in healthy nutrition while losing weight, and exercise is important to include so muscle tone and bone mass is increased and maintained during fat loss. Weight training is not hard to get in 2-3 times a week if you get it in early before work or schedule it into your day. I also include walking 30 minutes a day on my lunch break and walk the dog when I get home, or I go for an hour long walk listening to an audio book. I eat 4 meals at 400 calories a meal, including usually avocado, oven roasted cinnamon sugar almonds (I count them out and put them in baggies), individually wrapped 72% dark chocolate squares, and olives or olive oil. I buy several avocados a week and eat them in sandwiches and salads. I keep mini cans of slice olives and put them on sandwiches, salads and diet pasta dinners. I keep baggies and jars of most of the MUFA items in my locker and work bag to always have something around. It's 1600 calories a day, regardless of the form the calories are in, so most people will lose weight on this diet. Nancy Clark, the well-known sports nutritionist, recommends people who are active eat no less than 1800 calories because any fewer and it's very difficult for people to get in all the nutrients thay really need. 1600 calories forces you to have to really focus on working to make sure you get in enough vegetables and fruits, so the junk food has to be non-existant as with any healthier lower-calorie diet.
    I still feel some hunger eating this many calories but I feel hunger sometimes eating as many as 1800 calories, so that's just how it is. Staying busy and not sitting around is the best way to not notice hunger. Getting enough sleep is crucial to not feel tired and want to eat to keep my energy up. Another issue I have is dealing with high stress at work (I'm a psych nurse), which causes me to want to stress eat. The big plus with this diet is that you're getting significantly more of the good fats that increase your HDLs. That's an extremely good thing to do. So if nothing else, you will lose weight and have more of the "happy" high-density lipoproteins coming from the MUFAs, which helps reduce bad cholesterol. Most people get significantly less of the HDLs they should get from their daily food intake, so this diet is one of the more healthy ones out there if the dieter does get in sufficient fruits and vegetables, whole grains and good quality protein in their 4 meals each day....more info
  • Lost my tummy!
    This is a great book to help you loose your tummy . . info is well written, easy to understand and there are even recipes to get started.

    Very happy that I invested in this book....more info
  • too many specialty products
    i am a single person living alone. just about every recipe calls for specific brand name items, which means i would have to buy lots and lots of products just to get a serving here and a serving there. also, as others have mentioned, most of the recipes are for 4 or 8 persons. the breakfast menus are mostly carbs, which would not work for me...energy sapping and not satisfying for very long...even with the MUFAS. also, my general sense is not enough protein for my system.
    i do like the idea, but i am not willing to feel hungry and grumpy and fatigued in order to follow this plan. ...more info
  • NEW YALE STUDY OUT on Flat Belly Diet
    I caught the Today show yesterday and the author was on. There's a new study out from Yale U. that shows how effective the plan is. Don't know any diet that put itself under a microscope like this. I was very impressed. Link to show here: [...]

    P.S. I started the diet a month ago today and have been THRILLED by the results! 10 pds! I really didn't know how bloated I was. That alone makes me feel great about the diet. The food ideas are terrific, too (I'm a new fan of avocado on everything!). I think what is being offered here is pretty cutting edge....more info
  • It has become a lifestyle
    My husband and I did this together and we've learned how to subsitute local items for the name brand hard to find items. We just compare food labels and get something close. My husband lost 38 pound from Sept through December. I'm only 5'2" and didn't have much too loose so I've always had trouble with that last 5 pounds. I found I lost 14 pounds and I'm VERY pleased. I didn't realize that in my late 30's my body had shifted and weight was starting to accumulate around my waist. My husband was sporting a spare set of, as he calls them, tires and now looks and feels amazing. The doctor has said we can continue on the diet and my husband will just up his calories to the doctor recommended amount. With my activity level,limited, and size the doctor was fine with me remaining at 1600. I highly reccommend this book. It will take some effort, planning and does cost a bit more in food. Once you're on it for a while you figure out how to manage the costs and the menu to create something that is easy to have as a daily lifestyle. This also allows for the occasional treat without feeling guilty and gaining weight. I am very thankful we found this book as we are much more healthy....more info
  • Very helpful book!
    I had to make an eating lifestyle change for the first time in my life. This book helped make it simple. The Sassy water is great! The recipes are wonderful too. However I had to just choose a few that I could master and eat maybe the same thing for 3 days just so I wouldn't have to hire a chef ;) But that wasn't bad as the recipes are really tasty! ...more info
  • flat belly dreamer
    Book was just as promised and arrived in a timely fashion. Now where is the book that will make me follow the rules!...more info
  • Flat Belly Diet
    It works!! Must be dedicated to the regime, however, it works, is nutritious, and decicious. And you are full!!! Not a "yoyo" diet....more info
  • More Weird Science
    Here we go again with fake science unsupported by real clinical testing that the scientific community, and maybe the rest of us, would consider valid!

    Prevention Magazine (for its Feb issue) commissioned scientists at Yale to look at how the Flat Belly Diet affects visceral fat. It does not appear there were any controls in the study and the lead researcher (Dr. Katz) is one of Prevention's own consultants! A little too close to home, wouldn't you say?

    If you believe the science in the Flat Belly Diet, I have some property in Arizona maybe you'd like to see!

    ...more info
  • Good Service
    The book I ordered came promptly and in good condition. I was very happy with the order....more info
  • works and fun
    My mom and I started the diet together, I'm in my forties and she in her sixties. We are enjoying the food plans and learning about the diet and benefits of the foods. We are only into day 2 but recommend the book and the diet plan as it is easy to follow and has tasty food menus, including shopping lists of specific food items, makes life easy and tasty and hopefully healthy....more info
  • Flat Belly Diet book
    I just want you to know that I ordered this book from SplendaWeb on your Amazon site and I have never received it or an answer to my email and the book was ordered in January. As I have read reviews from others on your site that they were also very unhappy with SplendaWeb I wonder why you as a reputable website even have them listed for selling books. Are they scamming us?

    Pls. check into this company for all our sakes!

    C. Hastedt...more info
  • Flat Belly Diet
    This is a book for women. They should have said that in the promotional material. Why would a man buy a book written by women for women about reducing women's fat bellies? I felt ripped off....more info
  • Helpful & healthful
    I found the book useful. I am in good shape, but I was not sure how much belly fat might be hiding and lurking around my middle. I wanted a good eating plan more than a weight loss plan per se. This provides good nutritional and physiological information and explanations along with a concrete program of how to implement a healthy eating plan that a person can stick to.

    I wear a XS-S sized top and am 5'5" and lost 2-3 inches around the middle and seem to have less subcutaneous fat (hard to tell about the visceral fat!).

    The only downside is that because I spend ~2+ hours exercising each day, the calories are not always enough for me and I get hungry later in the day. I require more protein than this diet generally offers so I have to supplement it. (And my own problem: Sometimes I forget that thirst masquerades as hunger and forget to drink a big glass of water and wait a bit before giving in to the "extra" hunger.)...more info
  • silly book
    Do not waste your dosh .....
    I am not happy I spent this much dosh for such a stupid book!
    I knew it was stupid but I was stupid to buy it!
    So no one to blame but my own self!
    Buyer beware....
    Happy New Year....more info
  • Flat Belly Here I Come!
    This book gives an excellent "how to" for the diet. I will be purchasing the recipe book to go with it. Now to see if it works....more info
  • Nothing new under the sun, but certainly upbeat and semi-informative!
    My husband saw the authors on the Today show and purchased a copy for us to do together for the 32 days. The first 4 days, I lost 5 pounds; however, my measurements were unchanged...hmmmm. I didn't cheat...I measured, I counted calories, I ate my MUFAs. The Sassy Water tastes great and I may very well continue having that, instead of the plain water I usually bring to work each day. After the first 4 days, the weight came off less quickly, but that was fine because it DID come off. Like another reviewer, I'm less than bowled over by a couple of things: 1. The Yale "study" cited in the book only used 11 people. I'm a librarian, not a scientist, but I KNOW that a valid study needs WAY more than 11 subjects! 2. Any diet program which doesn't incorporate exercise (though the authors state that exercising is preferable) is suspect. On the plus side, many recipes are flavorful and there's enough variety to please most palates. The bottom line, for me at least, is that we all know that weight loss isn't really about juggling MUFAs, drinking water with ginger, lemon, cucumber, and mint, or meticulously timing your meals. Healthy food, portion control, and exercise are what it's all about. If this book helps jumpstart your resolution to feel better in 2009, then great! It isn't a magic formula....more info
    The Flat Belly Diet is a gimmick. It takes a small study about MUFASs to an extreme. Who among us dieters can really have dry roasted pecans or walnuts (or worse yet chocolate chips) around in the house and not start overindulging? And avocado, forget about it. Cute idea, but this diet is for the strong-willed only.
    ...more info
  • Diet book review
    The Flat Belly Diet Book is very well written. It contains excellent information, is easy to follow and the program works! The best part is that you aren't hungry and the menu items are healthy. It is the best diet book I have ever purchased....more info
  • It works! I love it!
    I am thrilled with this diet. I have been on this diet since for 6 days and have lost 9 pounds so far! It is healthy, easy, and fits nicely into my regular routine with meals I can share with my family. All of my family, including my teenage son and my husband, have loved all the recipes I have prepared from this book. I am using the concepts taught to improve my kids' diet as well and the girls are really enjoying eating healthier with me. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • Flat Bellied diet
    The diet seems to get to work right away so far 6 LBS gone and I am not hungry. ...more info
  • Flat Belly Diet
    It is amazing but the recipes are delicious and the two of us have lost weight. This isn't a miracle 50lb weight loss product, however if that is one's goal it is probably possible to get there. But this new healthy eating is terrific and some of the recipes are real keepers....more info
  • Informative, but didn't work for me
    spent a lot of money buying the EXACT brands and amount of foods suggested. I also spent a lot of time preparing the food. I didn't enjoy much of the food and I followed everything to a "T"...I did not eat extra or other things I wasn't supposed to...I gained 6 pounds. I did learn about good fats versus bad fats, but I really didn't have to buy this particular book and put on 6 lbs to learn it-could have learned what I learned in the book online, et. I am sure it works for some people and that's great, but I guess I was adding more fat than I ate to begin with so ended up gaining even though I do need to lose weight :(. I also exercise so that was not a factor in me gaining weight. Very frustrating, but it just goes to show you that whatever works for some people, doesn't necessarily work for everyone!
    ...more info
  • The diet really works!!
    LIke all diet programs and books, you get out of it what you put into it. It is a super way to lose 15-20 pounds. I followed this diet pretty religiously for 2 months and lost 23 pounds and 5 inches off my waist. The 4 day jump start part is difficult, but it's only 4 days and following it ( except that I had to have my black coffee) was a challenge, but I was seeing results immediately so that kept me motivated. By the time, I started on the MUFA rich part of the diet, it seemed like TONS of delicious food.

    Were there some foods I didn't like? sure-- but lots of stuff I LOVED. A great side benefit was that my cholesterol and tri-glyceride levels went way down. ...more info
  • It works for me!
    This diet works for me. In any successful weight loss program you must be able to incorporate it into your life style and enjoy the foods that are recommended. Changing habits and adjusting your life style is not easy and requires a commitment to a program you can adhere to. The four small meals and whole grains, nuts and seeds seem to be the best diet for my tastes. I also love avocado and dark chocolate.
    I am 57 years old and as many others my age can attest to, I have had the pounds creep on year after year. I have tried Weight Watchers, South Beach and many others and had some success but always ultimately quit.
    Constant hunger was my struggle while on Weight Watchers and when I fell off that wagon I would hit the ground hard with more cravings than ever. South Beach is healthy, but as soon as I added even a few extra carbs I would quit loosing and seemed to have a lot of nagging headaches.
    I almost didn't buy the Flat Belly Diet book thinking it would be one more diet book on my shelf, but I am glad I did buy it!
    I was a little hungry and bored the first two days! Now I am never hungry if I stay with the program. I travel and the suggestions on little snack packs are great! Little things that I can carry in my purse really help. (The whole wheat english muffin and peanut butter is my favorite!) I love the abundance of whole grain foods. They really fill me up and keep me from getting hungry. As the weight slowly comes off, I am exercising more and enjoying it.
    At first it didn't seem like I was loosing much weight nor did the tape measure prove that I was loosing many inches, but my family and friends kept commenting on my weight loss and actually thought that I had lost more weight than I actually had! Maybe it is because it does seem to be coming off my mid-section. (Could be the middle age thing for me.)
    I would suggest joining the on-line Flat Belly Prevention site if you plan to stay with it. The site helps me to log my meals, makes suggestions for menus and you can create shopping lists.
    I too am frustrated with those who shoot this diet down and have not tried it. I am glad that their diet and life style works for them, but this one works for me. Good luck to anyone struggling to control their weight, I feel your pain!
    ...more info
  • Excellent!
    I have read and reread this book several times and it's been excellent, easy to follow. The meals are filling, LOVE the sassy water and the food choices.

    Bought this book for the recipe and food ideas to lose some pounds. By far I would recommend this book for any adult who wants to maintain, lose or eat healthier!...more info
  • Flat Belly Diet New Year Resolution
    This seems to be a great diet, but it is a vegetarian diet mostly. I will know by the first week in February how well it works....more info
  • Weight loss
    Not good for Kindle, hard to go thru and review. Some of the pages were too small to see on Kindle....more info
  • Just another book to make money for the author
    The premise of the Flat Belly Diet is that if you cut calories to 1,600 per day, add a MUFA at every meal, eat every four hours, and get regular exercise (although this is optional) you will lose weight and belly fat.
    Dr. Michael Jenson, an obesity researcher and endocrine specialist at the Mayo Clinic states that when most people lose weight, they will likely lose it in the midsection of the body no matter what program they are following. There is very little scientific research to show that MUFAs are a "magic bullet" that will remove fat from the belly area.
    Facts show that any healthy eating program that promotes exercise, limits caloric consumption and includes healthy servings of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and good fats will promote weight loss. The large amounts of weight loss promised at the start are probably water, not fat, and no healthy weight loss can maintain a loss of more than 1-2 pounds per week.
    My feeling is that the Flat Belly Diet is just another method to sell books and make the author rich. I'll stick with the South Beach program, which actually teaches us how to eat in a healthy way for the rest of our lives.
    ...more info


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