The Abs Diet for Women: The Six-Week Plan to Flatten Your Belly and Firm Up Your Body for Life

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In survey after survey, men and women say that a flat abdomen is the ultimate symbol of sex appeal. And in study after study, researchers found that getting a firm belly is the single most significant step anyone can take to stay healthy for life. Now available in paperback, The Abs Diet for Women shows the most effective way to a flat belly, a firm body, and a much better life.

Packed with information developed exclusively for women, the book includes:

-information on how the Abs Diet can prevent joint pain, improve female sexual response, and give a woman the flat belly she craves in just six weeks

-Abs Diet adaptations to tailor the diet to each woman’s individual needs

-psychological strategies for dealing with obstacles and changing moods

-3 weeks’ worth of all-new meal plans

-tips on managing menopausal symptoms without hormone replacement therapy

-new and super-effective moves that incorporate yoga and Pilates to strenghten the core, stretch the body, and relieve stress—plus a postpartum workout to help moms lose the baby weight

Easy to follow and more satisfying than a great-fitting pair of jeans, The Abs Diet for Women is the most effective way for a woman to change her health, her size, and her body for good.

Customer Reviews:

  • Worth the read
    I have skipped around the chapters. This seems like a do-able approach to better eating and lifestyle for a mid-thirty something, that's me, who has taken on a husband, a new biz along with my full time job and a dog. Once I have the time I plan to lay out this in a calendar and utilize the eating program as well as the exercise... and of course once the snow stops falling in the northeast! I've already begun walking and the smoothies... more to come...more info
  • One of the better diet books out there
    Overall, this book is full of good information, presented in an easy-to-understand format. The dietary recommendations are sound, advocating a balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbs with the majority of the diet coming from whole food sources. The only objection I had was to the use of chromium picolinate supplements - this substance has been shown in animal studies to cause cancer and there is not enough evidence to call it safe for humans. If you need it, chromium is found naturally in brewer's yeast and other foods. The exercises presented were excellent, with both gym and home workouts. The ab-focused moves range from beginner to advanced, and cardio and yoga exercises are also included for variety. I personally like the book's focus on improving health - weight loss is a natural secondary benefit of a healthy lifestyle. Reading was a bit choppy though, with vignettes scattered throughout, frequently in the middle of a paragraph, which makes you flip back and forth through the pages to catch everything. Overall, I enjoyed this book, and I have followed some of the recommendations given. In 2 weeks I have already noticed results. I highly recommend this book....more info
  • Worth the Effort
    This book details the way your body works in a way that everyone can understand. It doesn't sugar coat anything but at the same time offers you alternatives for a "no excuse policy". The book acknowledges that we are all human, so it gives you "optional" workouts and "cheat" meals. THIS IS NOT A DIET; it is a way of living healthily that makes you feel good and gives you the appropriate information to keep you looking and feeling good. I recommend Zinczenko's other book: The Abs Diet Eat Right Every Time Guide for more alternatives....more info
  • The Abs Diet for Women
    I have never followed a diet before or cared to do so, but the Abs Diet for Women was easy to follow, provided great tasty recipes, and a simple work out plan you can do at the gym, or at home. It's easy to read with many humorous lines throughout... and I got weight loss results immediately! It's wonderful to have a healthy life plan designed just for women, and our specific needs and body target areas!!!...more info
  • Not overly impressed
    I have tried every diet book and plan on the market over the last 20 years. This is no revelation. Some interesting tidbits but over all the same thing. Diet and exercise. Gives you a great selection of exercises which I hadn't seen before in other books. ...more info
  • Good basic info but nothing cutting edge
    I think this book provides solid basic information for women looking to lose weight. Being a new mom, I especially liked the post-partum workout plan and info. But as someone who has followed lots of diets and been in the battle of the bulge for over 10 years, this book doesn't really provide cutting edge info. For more detailed and cutting edge information, I highly recommend "The Six-Pack Diet Plan" by Rehan Jalali and "The New Rules of Lifting" by Lou Schuler. These two books will set you straight! ...more info
  • Book Review: The Abs Diet for Women
    Author & Book Views On A Healthy Life!

    The Abs Diet For Women is authored by Mr. David Zinczenko, the Editor-in-Chief of Men's Health Magazine. Published by Rodale, the bright green color attracts immediately the eye of any potential dieter browsing the Health book aisle.

    Here's the scoop-- following The Abs Diet for 6 weeks will encourage your belly to flatten up and your body to firm up, for life. Numerous photos of exercises targeting the abs, legs, stress reduction, and postpartum delivery are the key to proper form. More muscle means more fat burning.

    The Abs Diet For Women strives to bring out the latest scientific data and relate it to the woman. An entire chapter is devoted to the transitions a woman and her hormones make through PMS, Menopause, Pregnancy, and Postpartum.

    The Food:

    Powerfoods/Superfoods--12 are cited and described in detail. You'll learn what each one: does for you (fights cravings, builds muscle), has inside (protein, folate, etc..), prevents (cancer, obesity, wrinkles), has for related foods, has for imposters (foods you think may be good but aren't--ie. salted/smoked nuts rather than raw almonds/walnuts).

    Meal plans and recipes include smoothies, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Yes, you do eat, and you eat well. Studies of the benefits of foods are referenced and lengthier explanations are provided for the Powerfoods. Foods to avoid are considered key as well.

    The Abs Diet For Women aims to help the reader strengthen her body, improve her life, and provide the necessary vitamins, minerals, and fiber for optimal health.

    4 Stars...more info
  • Abs Diet Review
    Outstanding book with very insightful information. Not only are you losing weight with this program (not really a diet) but your learning how to live a heathier life style....more info
  • abs diet, a lifestyle choice that works
    I recently bought this book for my sister after having dropped over 30 pounds myself in the past two years using the Abs Diet.
    In spite of the title, this is not an overnight miracle or fad diet, but a collection of scientifically verified facts that you can use to make sustainable choices that will result in a fitter, leaner body.
    In addition, it provides an easy introduction to strength and weight training that will not intimidate even the most hesitant.
    Forget the menu tips, read, learn and gain an understanding of why certain food and exercise choices will increase your overall health and fitness level while decreasing your liklihood of contracting certain diseases,
    then pick and choose which work best for you.
    My sister has already lost 10 pounds and has started dancing again ! ...more info
  • Like this book alot
    this book is easy reading, helps you realize that you dont/shouldnt starve yourself to loose weight, take away foods that you like, but to modify them, eat healthier versions of what you like, add things you might not eat often. i think this is a great program, not "diet"....more info
  • Nothing too new - calories in calories out
    For those of us who are constantly battling the weight demon, we already know what we are supposed to do. The book provides sound advice on nutrition and exercise. I have mainly used the book for some new recipes and is a good reference. ...more info
  • Great book and recipes
    Great book with good rationale for why the diet works. Has some great recipes - wish it had more....more info
  • Great Reading Addition
    A combination of a good diet and exercise always does the trick, and I was looking for some good recommendations on what and how to eat. I have a good idea generally, but something new always helps.

    There are good tips about what to eat and why with a good common sense straight forward approach, plus some great pictures of how to focus on parts of your body.

    A very good addition to whatever workout program you are doing if you need some help (or just another view) on eating as part of getting and staying in shape....more info
  • Abs Diet for Women, thumbs up
    This book is very informational, with lots of helpful nutritional information as well as well easy to follow exercises. I believe this book will be a useful tool towards living a healthier life....more info
  • I originally read the abs diet, thought thatfor the purchase I would get the Women's version
    I originally read the Abs Diet. I thought that the book was full of great information, workouts and recipes. I was recently doctor ordered to improve my abs for real and thought I better revisit the Abs Diet and include it to my bookshelf. I bought the woman's version.

    The woman's version has all the same great stuff that the original Abs Diet has. It includes sections on Female issues with weight or abdominals. I can't say I thought the "female" information was all that unique, we are women, we have a pretty good idea how it works anyway.

    Both versions have great info, workouts, meal planning and recipes - if you are sharing te book stick to the Original, if you would like the added information on your body's unique chemistry get the women's version, if you already own the original - don't get the women's version....more info
  • Healthy lifestyle
    My doc recommended this book, the book is fabulous, easy to read, simple straightforward approach, practical recipes, meal plans, and general advice on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Easy and clear instructions for exercise at home. Excellent choice...more info
  • This is a great diet!
    I bought this book in mid-June and three months later I'm down 15 pounds and 8.5 inches. The diet itself is really just common sense - eat smaller meals that are made up of healthy, non-processsed food, but the combination of "Power Foods" helps boost your metabolism and build muscle, which increases the rate of weight loss. I can't imagine eating any other way at this point. This is no longer a "diet" for me - it's a lifestyle. The book explains how each of these foods fuels your body's weight loss, fight disease, and make you stronger and healthier.

    I will say that unless you are planning to have a baby soon, you really don't need the "women's" book. Save a few pennies and get the original Abs Diet book. The core principles are the same. ...more info
  • Not a good format for the Kindle
    I would not recommend purchasing the kindle version of this book. The charts are very small and unreadable and you cannot increase the size. From what I was able to read of the book, it's seems like basic common sense eating. Nothing earth shattering here....more info
  • A Good Redesign of a Great Plan
    A fair amount of people have complained that it is just a "retread" of the Abs Diet for Men. I own the men's diet books, have looked at this one, and for the record, there is new and different information in this book that is tailored to women. If you're happy with the first one, you may not need this book. But if you you don't own the original Abs Diet book and are female - especially if you are postpartum or want to know how it applies to specifically female concerns - then I'd suggest getting this book.

    First, many readers complained that the original books had the sort of "Frat house" air due to various comments. That does turn some women (and men) off. I believe that they took them out of this one.

    Second, men and women do have different physiques and hormonal balances. Men find it easier to lose weight due to their testosterone levels. Also, they just do not put so much weight on in the rear and hips, which women do. The women's version has additional exercises that target the thighs, hips and rear. Additionally, the book does have workouts for postpartum moms (granted, many women do not have children but for those who do, and who want to work out their abs, they need workouts that take into account the unique needs of this time) and talks about how to deal with menopause.

    The original book was occasionally mocked for being aimed at men - as though there are not numerous workouts designed solely for women. The author responded by putting out a book that tailored it to women. Fair enough....more info
  • baby weight!
    I bought this book after having a baby to loose the weight. Before I got pregnant I weighed around 135lbs at the end of my pregnancy I weighed 173.5 lbs. I now weigh 114lbs & feel great & have a ton of energy. It has been almost 2 yrs after loosing the weight & I have successfully kept it off. If you are serious about loosing weight & developing healthy eating habits this book is wonderful! This book isnt a diet it is a lifestyle! ...more info
  • Very Sound and Sensible
    I would recommend this book to anyone who wants an eating plan that makes a lot of sense with food that anyone can put their hands on....more info
  • Great book.
    Great book, with great tips. Easy diet to follow. Great exercises that are easy to follow at the gym or at home....more info
  • Great Book!!
    Very good book. I already work out so I started working out right away. I didnt stick to the plan religiously but visibly saw a difference in my stomach. Easy changes to make to your diet and I still stick to them now. My new favorite snack is almonds....more info
  • It's OK
    I thought the book has great information, some not really a plan. I need to follow a well rounded, layed out plan and this was not it. But I did like the exercises in the book even though it's not clear when to do them.....more info
  • The Abs Diet for Women
    The book is wonderful, it has information that is very useful. The exercises are simple yet at the same time they make you work to burn up the calories, the meals are very good; and if you follow the diet you can really notice the results....more info
  • Best 'diet' I've tried!
    This is seriously the best thing I've ever done for myself. Since you eat 6 times a day, you're never hungry, and you're allowed to cheat! This plan is also super flexible, so it makes it easy to translate from the book to your busy life. It's been about a week and a half, and I've lost over 3 pounds!...more info
  • Excellent resource
    I highly recomend this book to anyone who is even slightly interested in losing weight, getting in shape and making a lasting positive change in their health. It's an easy read, and includes recepies that are quick and easy to follow. There are also recomended excersises and picutres so you know what form to use....more info
  • Doctor Recommended Book
    Upon my asking my physician how I can lose weight and if there's anything he could give to me he highly recommended I read this book. This book was easy to read and it's a easy plan to follow. I just began it so I can't really say how it does with the weight loss but I've enjoyed reading the book and everything mentioned in the book makes since to me....more info
  • Diet Book
    I was instructed by my doctor to get this book. I always make my book, dvd, or cd purchases on Amazon so that is why I bought it....more info
  • The Abs Diet for Women
    The Abs Diet for Women. I am very pleases with this information. Hopefully I can devote more time to it in the near future....more info
  • good book
    This is a good book with great pointers. Another great 6 pack ABs program to look into is at info
  • Abs Diet for Women
    I liked the book because it has a lot more recipes than the abs diet for men. Other than extra recipes and a few pages about PMS, and the other fun loving women stuff, it was exactly the same as the abs diet for men book. ...more info
  • Lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks
    I was really commited to my diet, and I lost 4 pounds for 3 weeks. This is currently my fourth week, but so far I lost 16 pounds in four weeks. And the good thing is I didn't even starve myself. So now, I weight 105 pounds. I am very happy with this diet. Now I have to change my clothes and make myself more attractive that's why I also bought another book that I recommend How to be a Super Hot Woman: 339 Tips to Make Every Man Fall in Love with You and Every Woman Envy You Both books have helped me and now I am more confident than ever!...more info
  • Lots of good information but exercise is important too.
    The Abs Diet offers a lot of good common sense about how to eat healthy to effectively manage the waist line. As we're finding out, processed foods and sugar are a killer. Just as important for me, though ... I was able to better stick to a healthy diet when I was also exercising consistently - and that can be so hard, especially since I am a busy working mom. The best way I've found to prioritize exercise and to stay motivated is with a game called The Fitness Challenge Board Game. For me, it really is a combination of eating the right foods AND regular exercise to maintain my healthy goal weight on an ongoing basis....more info
  • Reading it now
    I have started reading it. So far so good. Just wish I had more time to finish it. Would recommed it....more info
  • Lovin' the Abs Diet for Women
    I like that the book is easy to read and the recipes are simple. Loving the workout program, it's everything I can do in my home without having to pay a gym membership!...more info
  • Love this "diet"!!
    This is an amazing plan that has me eating so healthy its unreal!! I LOVE the smoothies and enjoy making up my own recipies for them as I go along. I have never felt better and my stomach is already flattening out. I use the smoothies for breakfast and sometimes snacks at night. They are so filling with skim milk, chocolate whey powder, PB and frozen fruits. Just like a shake. I am eating all natural now and I am really on top of not buying anything with high fructose corn syrup and saturated fats or trans fats. This is a fun, easy to read book that will change your life. You wont be disappointed....more info
  • It realy works!
    I lost 10 lbs the first 2 weeks, but even more important I have lost inches from my waist. I feel better. I do not feel like I am dieting because I am never hungry. And the recipes they have in the book may look a little odd sometimes, but they are really good. The only down side is the prep time for your meals each day, but hopefully that will come eaiser as I progress. I recommend it to anyone who is trying to lose their waistline....more info
  • shockingly wonderful!
    I had a friend who had tried the Abs diet before and lost about fourty pounds.She also went to the gym seven days a week,so ofcourse I figured that's what was making her weight drop.BUT I decieded to give it a try and after the first week I lost two pounds and only worked out about 3xs for 20-30 minutes.This book isnt a diet per say,it's all the things you would want to know about what works for you body or against it.And it gives you a totally new perspective on what you are eating and how it will affect you,and what you can eat to take its place that tastes the same or totally better. This book is deffinetly worth reading.whether you choose to follow it or not,atleast you will now what is good for you....more info
  • Book was in Great condition
    The book was in great shape and I have already lost 6 pounds, so there you have it....more info
  • Love the "Abs Diet"
    My wife found the book very accurate, she love's the Abs Diet. she is so pleased with the results, what a differacne 6 weeks have made. The book was very informative, my hats of to the Dr. and Men's Health, what took us so long to find this information? . .Thank you!...more info
  • 12 power foods
    Good book, David Zinczenko emphasizes on a balanced diet and focus on the 12 power foods. I listed the 12 power foods and put it on my fridge door, so I could constantly remind myself what to eat more. There are also detail instructions and pictures for some weight-training exercises. It's helpful for both gym goers and people who likes to work out at home. ...more info


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