Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul (And, of Course, Surfing)

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Laird Hamilton has been hailed as the world's greatest big-wave surfer. His first book, Force of Nature, allows readers a rare glimpse inside the unique philosophy that has created his circumstances, and not the other way around. After all, this is a man whose biological father abandoned him shortly after he was born; whose first job was working on a pig far; who dropped out of school in eleventh grade. And then the career decision: surfer. Though earning enough to pay the rent as any kind of surfer is next to impossible, Hamilton has ended up in the place we all desire to be: doing exactly what he loves, becoming the world's best in the process, making a great living, being surrounded by nature and family, radiating peak health and fitness, and succeeding by any definition of the word.
How did he get there? And more importantly, how can the rest of us join him?
Force of Nature is a detailed map to that destination, with Laird Hamilton as the reader's guide. It's not about chasing trophies or accolades or cash. It's about quality over quantitysoul and being true to your physical, mental, and spiritual roots. Not only is it possible to thrive in the modern world without adopting its harmful habits, it's essential. And not only has Hamilton mastered this balance, he makes a compelling and articulate case that anyone who wants to can do the same.
This book is a deeply authoritative and cutting-edge guide to peak fitness in mind, body, sould, and surfing. It comes directly from the source and his inner circle, which includes those at the vanguard of sports, training, nutrition, and more. Former pro volleyball player Gabrielle Reece; surf legend Dave Kalama; fitness gurus Paul Chek, T.R. Goodman, and Don Wildman; and Food Network star Giada De Laurentiis all contribute their knowledge. Readers will get an all-access pass into an elite world filled with definitive and provocative ideas.

Customer Reviews:

  • Laird is my Hero
    Laird Hamilton is my generation's God. He continues to test his limits while sticking to the core beliefs that have made him what he is. I've been lucky enough to spend some time in Malibu over the last two years so I've actually been in the presence of this superhuman, superfit man - and I'm here to tell you - he could just get by on the way he looks (and that HAIR!) but Laird has put together an AMAZING book. I'm a writer, so I'm not easily impressed. His book is on the floor in my office so I see it every day. I love the work-outs. I love his philosophy on life. I love that he introduced me to a new way of thinking about eating that makes total sense. I love how much he loves his daughters and his wife Gabby. You'll love this book. Really, you will. He pretty much tells you how he stays looking the way he does - what to do for your work-outs, what to eat, supplements you might want to take. It's the real deal, guys. BUY THIS BOOK...Mary Kennedy Eastham, Author, 'The Shadow of a Dog I Can't Forget' and the upcoming novel, 'Night Surifng - A Story of Love & Wonder in the Waves of Malibu'...more info
  • Holistic Delight
    Wonderful. Better than I expected. It is both a fascinating story and a guide to doing good things for your body, mind and spirit. Very uplifting and powerful and unexpected....more info
  • Inspiring Book
    Ya know, I've always dug Laird Hamilton, I mean look and him and what he can do. well then you read this and know why. He's so determined and set on what it is he is doing and how to get the most out of it all. The way he eats, the way he works out, his family, the way he lives his life totally from nature. Even if we know we'll never be like Laird reading about him and picking up a tip or two is really inspiring....more info
  • Laird shares his ultimate physical training
    Laird Hamilton seems to put down the foundation for his physical training, which certainly has lead him into achieving such tremendous athletics accomplishments.
    Book brings lots of pictures, details on training and dieting plus tow in info....more info
  • Proceed with caution...
    This is not an autobiography. This is not a collection of stories from one of our planets best watermen. This is not a retrospective on an active exciting life. This is not a guide on how to marry one's personal passions with ones family. Any of those things would have been far more interesting and worth reading. This book is a haphazard collection of grocery lists, yoga poses, pictures of surfing, interviews with folks you've never heard of before and nutritional pseudo science. If you're into that, rock on you'll enjoy. Personally, this was a total letdown. ...more info
  • Laird Loves Himself
    There is at least one picture of Laird Hamilton on every page, sometimes 6 pics on a page. This one is a fast and easy read, and it is full of useful information. But Laird obviously likes looking at himself....more info
  • Pictures of Laird get Old
    As a stand up paddle surfer I was really interested in reading this book. Laird has 'living life' advise we can all use but every time you turn the page there is another picture of him in some flex pose. Even my sister commented, 'man, this guy sure likes himself'. It would have helped to change up some of the pictures. But good book in general. ...more info
  • Great book
    Going to costa rica and wanted a new workout to get in shape. Gets you thinking outside the box....more info
  • Laird
    Thought it was informative, however many plugs were used in this book, exe. (muscle milk)
    I felt like I was going to learn more about his life story, adventures...not him trying to tell his readers what it is were supposed to be doing to stay healthy. I'd give it a 7-10, very quick read. It has exercizes in it and appearances from his tight circle of friends, recipies etc. ...more info
  • fantastic book
    Great book, Laird is my hero!!

    The smoothie recipe is the best thing out of this book. I use it regularly....more info
  • Bros: it really bugs me:
    when you read this number of reviews and the vast majority are composed by people that have never reviewed anything before aside from maybe a token one in the same time frame. Dudes, the pundits really came out on Dec 16. Yes, I haven't read the book but what the hell since the author seems to be a great guy and certainly accomplished I'll join the LoveFest and give this deal 5 stars too! ...more info
  • He's Aquaman
    There's really not much more to say than that. Growing up, I loved Aquaman. He was my favorite super hero. So it's super cool to me that Laird Hamilton actually exists. Laird may be even more powerful than Aquaman and he doesn't even need to wear spandex (though he may in private, I'm not sure). This is a great gift book for surfers looking for inspiration, tips on health and fitness, and a cool coffee table book. It's also good for teenage girls who want to fantasize about real life Aquaman. He lives!...more info
  • No wonder he is the best surfer in the world !!
    This is an easy and great read. It is very interesting, entertaining and educational. Laird really is a force of nature. His story, his life and all the accomplishments are really amazing. On top of that, he provides very good information and insight on physical and mental fitness. This book is great for a surfer like me, but anyone would find his story and his advise to be interesting and of great value. Everyone should read Laird's story, he is a real inspiration and an American hero. This is a GREAT book....more info
  • Changed My Outlook......
    On Everything. This book wasn't just about surfing, as it clearly states. Everything from becoming mentally and physically healthy, to the importance of family, exercising (how to's), eating, stories, goals........this book is about a LIFESTYLE. Please do yourself a favor and go into reading this book with an open mind. If you ever heard people who feed off the earth's energy and you roll your eyes, it's time for you to open them. There are reasons behind everything. We get one life, and this book offers a great lifestlye from a man who knows how to live it. Don't waste another day! Get this book and LIVE IT!!!...more info
  • Not what I was expecting!
    While thumbing through the book, one would think this work would be self-indulgent hero worship based on all the model-esque type photos, to one's own craft of surfing and having access to the good life. (Come many of us have the opportunity to live in Hawaii?) However, the book confirmed that my prediction was false and I was pleasantly surprised with its message. Laird is a very humble person, and it comes out in his writing. I would have liked to learn more about his relationship with his mother, and how it parallels his relationship to his wife. I enjoyed the snipets from Gabby (and other notable mentors he includes). I even tried one of the recipes and felt like I got to know him.

    I enjoyed this book immensely, not just for some of the great tips on working out, but learning about an interesting fellow whom many of us strive for as a parent, spouse and person (even though he happens to be one of the most gifted athletes of all time). Props, Laird!...more info
  • Easy read, lots of pictures. Laird is an interesting guy.
    This book was not bad. There are a lot of pictures, but there is also some good info. Laird's nutrition and physical fitness routines are somewhat unrealistic for the average person that works at least 40 hours/week, but the principals are right on the money. His life experiences are from a man who has lived in Hawaii his entire life and has never had a real job. Although unrealist for most, it is interesting that a guy who was never a World Champion at his sport of choice(Surfing),has been able to create and live the life that he has. I don't even know if he ever was on the Pro Surfing tour. Laird is a fascinating character and if you know anthing about the guy, you will probably like this book. If you've never heard of the guy, you might not care for it....more info
  • This Book Inspires You to Change Your Thinking!
    This book opened my eyes and at the same time confirmed some of the philosophies I have regarding health. Laird leads an amazing life and has an amazing attitude towards living. His words are very inspirational and at the same time his philosophies towards life deserve attention. Since reading his book I've started doing power yoga (vinyasa sytle), changed my weight routine over to his circuit training, and have made a few diet changes. The book is very easy to read and I found I did not want to put it down....more info
  • No wonder Laird is the best at what he does...
    Great book, easy to read. Simple advise that works. There is something for EVERYONE in this book - even if you could care less about surfing. I don't surf and Laird's outlook on life is one many of us could learn from. ...more info
  • lucky man
    laird has the life style we all dream about. he has the guts and fortitude to surf the largest waves in the world "hats off to him". as far as his book, just a lot of recycled info here. IMO just making money off his name with nothing new here or inspiring. decent health tips though

    gotta love the espresso Honolulu...more info
  • force of nature: mind, body, soul, and of course, surfing
    Is there anything this man cannot do! I love how down to earth Laird seems to be and what an easy yet informative read this book is. There are step by step lessons that apply to any life- man or woman. 5 out of 5 in my book!Force of Nature: Mind, Body, Soul (And, of Course, Surfing)...more info
  • Good but not great
    I gave the book three stars because I expected a little more than a glossy coffee table book. The book has enough substance and divulges enough about Laird and his worldview that it was an average read. However, I doubt I will ever read this book again which would merit a four or five star rating but if you are a Laird fan, probably a must have for you. ...more info
  • A must read for everyone who cares about their wellbeing
    And everyone should care about their wellbeing. Discard the previous review. Laird is probably the most complete athlete in the world today. Buy this book and start with implementing the training and eating program. ...more info
  • A complete introspective on a surfing icon's lifestyle
    A great insight into a leading waterman's life and how he operates. I bought this book because I was looking to improve my life. Force of Nature includes sections on spirituality, health, fitness, nutrition, and what it takes to be a great athlete as a way of life. This book helped me cement some good practices like the blended shake I have in the mornings now, to helping me find a trainer who incorporated more than just weights, truly engaging my core through balance....more info
  • Laird Is the Force of Nature: Dude Get Stoked About Life and Eat Some Poi
    The first thing you need to know is that this book is published by Rodale Press: glossy photos and generic glosses on what's personal, valuable and important in life, i.e., largely standard English, bromidic writing, with a strong commercial angle in mind.

    Not that Laird Hamilton doesn't manage to put his own personal stamp on the final product; no, he actually does pull it off.

    The book is tweaked to speak with Laird's own experience and voice. Laird Hamilton is sui generis after all, and because of this fact, the book is as much a testament to his being a force of nature as much as it is an inspirational how-to. The world is Laird's gymnasium.

    To illustrate the commercial aspect of the book, however, Laird writes, "There's no such thing as not enough time.... So when I hear someone say they don't have time for fitness -- I'm not buying it.... That's messed up." That's fine. That is Laird himself speaking. But then, on the last page of the book, there's a list of Resources where you can buy all the stuff Laird references throughout his talk or writing, things like the Bosu ball he uses or the muscle milk he drinks.

    The second thing you need to know is there are lots of photos of Laird in the book, colored ones as well as black-and-white. In some of these, he looks gorgeous; in others, he looks downright goofy. In still others, particularly while surfing, he looks like an indistinguishable, unrecognizeable and small figure or dot in the ocean. Interestingly, in the Forward to the book, Laird writes that it's a big world, but we humans are not so big. Maybe inserting photos that show the surfing celebrity as a human dot in the grand ocean was part of the author's plan.

    Further inside the book, there's a section on circuit training (the standard stuff) and one on the power of Yoga (the standard poses). I admit I was surprised to learn that Laird advocates Yoga, but then, in reading the book, I learned Laird is a flexible athlete, both physically and mentally.

    Laird's own personal twist on all these exercises is that he does not believe in routine or doing the same exercises or circuits over and over again. He advocates changing it up in order to challenge the body regularly, and he especially wants you to pay attention to the moment as well as to the body such that in doing the circuit, for example, he wants you to exercise more than just one muscle at a time but get lots of sleep afterward. Laird likes 8 to 10 hours a night himself.

    There's a section on raw food eating ("Don't Eat Dead Food," i.e., raw milk), including a recipe chapter with lots of color photos of food, and there's a section on the supplements Laird recommends, including the use of the dubious colloidal silver, which Laird claims to take only topically, not internally (as the quacks recommend). While Laird does recommend eating raw butter and raw milk, the recipes for salmon, for example, do involve heat and baking. It's clear that there's nothing fixed or rigid about Laird's recommendations or plan. He's clearly a self-confessed meat-eater, not a vegetarian.

    There's a small section on his wife and children (3 girls), too.

    The very last few sections of the book contain surfing tips with not-so-special technical knowledge offered such as "To become an advanced surfer, it's critical to know ho to use your upper body in conjunction with your lower body."

    Overall, Laird Hamilton ultimately wants the reader to understand that you need to have fun with your life and stay in tune with fun. Lastly, he wants the reader to know Pe'Ahi is his girl and will always be his girl, with all due apologies to wife and daughters.

    The book reveals that Laird Hamilton is a total athlete. You can read about him; you can follow his recommendations; you can be inspired by him; but it's clear you can never match him. He's non-pareil....more info


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