Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement That's Bringing Common Sense Back to America

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When Governor Mike Huckabee entered the Republican presidential race, he was the ultimate dark horse, with almost no money, no consultants, and no name recognition beyond Arkansas. The so-called experts were highly amused by this former small state governor from blue-collar roots who also played bass in a rock band. He wouldn¡¯t have a prayer against the well-connected and financially wired pros like Rudy Giuliani, Mitt Romney, and Fred Thompson.

But Huckabee had one big advantage: a common sense message that connected with millions of people, and not just his fellow evangelical Christians. He spoke about family values, fair taxes, and helping hard-working, middle-class Americans in a tough economy. And to the dismay of some Republicans, he talked about fighting Wall Street greed and K Street corruption.

Huckabee shocked the country by winning the all-important Iowa caucuses and seven other states, while spending far less than the other major candidates. He created an army of passionate volunteers and small donors, transforming his campaign into a true movement that will endure long after Election Day.

Do The Right Thing is Huckabee¡¯s amazing story, in his own words¡ªfrom making commercials with Chuck Norris to meeting a Michigan woman who insisted on donating her wedding ring. But this is more than just a campaign memoir. It¡¯s a vision for a smarter, fairer type of politics¡ª¡°vertical politics¡±¡ªthat focuses on common sense solutions for education, health care, the economy, and many other issues. It¡¯s not about right versus left; it¡¯s about taking America up rather than down.
Huckabee also shows how the Republican Party can heal its divisions¡ªbetween social and fiscal conservatives, the wealthy and the middle class, the religious and the secular¡ªand become a true majority party again.

Customer Reviews:

  • Clear Logic
    Mike Huckabee's solid, moral,logical reasoning and explanations of our present culture, especially the sewer we call politics are easy to listen to and to understand. He inspires the listener to do the "right thing," wanting what is truly best for our nation. It is a shame politicians and Washington "insiders" and leaders cannot all be forced to listen to these CDs and use the precepts presented within them to serve the people and the country. ...more info
  • A Preliminary Blueprint for true progress
    I read the Gov.'s book because I hadn't had much of a chance to explore his proposals in the confusion of the two years of political campaigning that we were just subjected to. While he expressed some powerful thoughts as to how we might realign our political and economic thinking, the proposal of the FairTax in his campaign dazzled me! How breathtakingly simple and quintessentially American it is to enact a tax system that does away with the odious and corrupt system that we have now that not only taxes wealth fairly but encourages markets, growth and jobs! Because of the economic rewards pouring forth out of the present tax system to lobbyists (read:campaign contributors) Congress folks and the White House, it will take someone who is a true leader and finally rises above our current flawed system to install this marvelous, well researched, new tax system. Kudos to Gov. Huckabee on this display of wisdom and courage....more info
  • Common sense is the key
    First I would like to tackle the negatives because there are a few. I noticed about 6-8 grammatical errors, if not more, in the book. I found a couple of spelling errors as well such as "he" instead of "the". There is a reference to "Naaman" that should actually be "Nathan". I guess ultimately, the editor is responsible for those but either way, they are mildly disappointing.

    Before I was finished reading the book, I kept hearing a lot about the Huckabee vs Romney feud being the major focus of this book. IT IS NOT! There are several references to Romney and they are not pleasant but they are not hateful either. I viewed most as fair criticism based on what happened during the Primaries because their feud was indeed the major story. Some of the criticisms or "jabs", as some have called them, were meant as humor and they are easy to differentiate from the others. There were also a couple of references that I did view as whiny but they were limited.

    The focus of the book is about half reflection and half future. Mike talks about and gives praise to the many people who helped him defy all odds and media bias to eventually finish 2nd in the 2008 GOP Primaries. He talks of the struggle of having no money and no name recognition and how they overcame it. He praises the many volunteers and even names a lot of them. He tells of some very touching stories that are absolutely amazing, and they were not even mentioned in the media. The book is worth the price just for those stories alone.

    Mike goes into detailed policy on several ideas for our future. He talks about Preventative Healthcare, FairTax, Veterans Bill of Rights, and a few others. He emphasizes how Self-Government is the best Government and how a moral society plays a very important role in reducing the size of Government. He brings up the concept of Civil Service and how it not only benefits our Nation but ultimately, benefits our young Americans. He definitely puts forth some bold and fresh ideas that we should at least think about, all under the concept of Vertical Politics.

    In the APPENDIX section of the book, he specifically addresses his own record as Governor in regards to Tax Cuts, Tax Increases and Why, and Spending. These are noted as being rebuttals to attacks levied by the Club for Growth and the Cato Institute.

    Overall, I found the book to be insightful and bold which makes it fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys politics or just enjoys hearing about inspirational stories. This was indeed a journey and not just a group of events....more info
  • Praise From Texas via Arkansas
    As a former lifelong resident of Arkansas (now in Texas), I have met Mike several times in the past. Usually at business related celebrations. The last time, we swapped books.

    I said this to say that what you get in the book is what you get in real life. He is a very honest, truthful, spiritual person. I have always enjoyed his humor and his overall view of life. I was afraid that big-time politics would change him but very clearly, they have not.

    The book is one of common sense and a call for unity and clarity in our party. We have lost our way and Mike Huckabee is giving us a valuable roadmap in his latest book. I am sure you will enjoy itas it will stimulate old and new ideas. Several passages in the book will make you pause and wonder 'Why we don't..." or 'Why do we...?

    I hope you find this review helpful.

    Michael L. Gooch, SPHR - Author of Wingtips with Spurs

    ...more info
  • What a great book!
    What a surprise. Mike Huckabee's "Do the Right Thing" was excellent. Why didn't we elect this guy President? I remember hearing about the "Fair Tax," but this is what should be used in this economic crisis. I recommend this book to everybody....more info
  • Very disappointing
    With all the challenges facing America, I was expecting something a little more visionary from Mike Huckabee. Instead, he spends most of the book writing about perceived insults and slights from the 2008 campaign. He can't imagine why fellow Evangelicals didn't support him. He castigates Pat Toomey and the economic conservatives at the Club for Growth. He goes after Gary Bauer for not endorsing him. He criticizes Fred Thompson. He is obsessed with Mitt Romney because Romney failed to personally congratulate him on winning the Iowa caucus. I mean, c'mon. I'd much rather hear how we're going to move this nation forward with good ideas on education, health care, tax policy and homeland defense. All we get from Huckabee is a basketfull of paranoid delusions about all the people he felt should have supported him but didn't.
    ...more info
  • Great
    An interesting look into the campaign of a great man. Governor Huckabee also explains what is wrong with the GOP and how we should solve the problems America faces....more info
  • Do The Right Thing
    Huckabee is a great role model. Everyone who cares about America should read this book....more info
  • Seems like common sense, doesn't it?
    Like other reviewers, I was a bit disappointed in some of the grammatical errors, but the content of the book was great! I am a 22 year old male conservative who has become very upset with the path of the republican party in the last 8 years. I am more upset at some of the corrupt and partisan politicians in congress than I am at the president himself. Some of the ideas in Mike's newest book seem to make too much sense for congress to understand and I truly believe a big change is needed in Washington. I sincerely hope Obama brings some change but I fear many will be let down from his campaign promises.
    I hope that this country can get back on track and lay the groundwork for a stronger moral foundation in the future. There is way to much proof as to the correlation between moral failure and the issues affecting us most today, including the problems with the economy. I hope you will read "Do The Right Thing" with an open mind and take away something to share with those around you....more info
  • Good outline for the future
    Clear message on what needs to be done to set the country back on the right track. Huckabee is direct and his message is an important part of the dialogue concerning America's future. ...more info
  • The book is nothing like the MSM reviews
    I was concerned when I read reviews in the MSM that talked about how bitter Huckabee was, that the book was all about 2008 and not about ideas how we can grow as a nation.

    I should trust Gov. Huckabee. As usual, he eloquently speaks his mind and paints wonderful word pictures to describe his thoughts.

    Yes, there was discussion about the campaign trail. Yes, he does mention Gov. Romney. But the meat of the book (for me) is how the GOP leadership has left the party behind and how Gov. Huckabee feels that the major issues facing the nation should be addressed while speaking for people like me who are tired of the people who I vote for not sticking to their principles. ...more info
  • Must Read
    Fantastic read and a refreshing approach to American solutions. This guy is the real deal....more info
  • Some Bright Moments
    I read some reviews which mentioned that they thought Huckabee spent this entire book airing dirty laundry and just feeling sorry for himself about the primaries. Although I did see some of that going on in the book, I was impressed with a lot of the ideas that were shared, as well as the inspirational stories of how people came together and supported each other and ran a very impressive campaign with little resources.

    I think if you invest as much time, energy and emotion into something as he did trying to become our candidate for president, there is bound to be some desire to set the record straight. Still, I enjoyed the parts where he shared his ideas about re-shaping the economy, healthcare and the tax system much better than the parts where he complained about how much Romney spent on his campaign and how yet how little he seemed to really care about middle America.

    I'm glad I read this book because I learned a lot more about the policies that Huckabee represents and what kind of record he had when he served in Arkansas. ...more info
  • huckabee the huckster
    This is the latest collection of fairy tales, as told by Mike Huckabee rather than Mother Goose.
    He has no depth of thought nor insight into the American political system, nor any truly original ideas.
    Intelligence-wise just slightly higher on the scale than Sarah Palin.
    Integrity-wise a cut or two above Jesse Jackson Sr....more info
  • A Great Book
    I found Mike Huckabee's book "Do the Right Thing" to be inspirational and informative. He does discuss some about his running for President in 2008 but covers more about the basics of what the United States of America is based upon. A great read for those wanting to (and those that don't know) more about the goals of the Founding Fathers. This might even be a suggested reading for high school students....more info
  • Wow! Mike Huckabee spoke to my heart!
    He could make the third best President America ever had if Americans would just get behind him. I learned that Mike Huckabee is a principle based guy with great wisdom and a genuine heart for the people of the the USA....more info
  • Do the right thing and read this book
    Mike Huckabee was probably the man who could have beaten Barack Obama...but we will never know. This book will show you why that might have been America's last best hope....A man who deserves your attention....more info
  • Straightforward and Honest
    If you want to learn about how to dance around an issue so that it will actually never be solved, this is NOT the book for you. Do The Right Thing is a roadmap to where we should take, not only the GOP but the country, and how to get there. If you are not used to a politician to be straightforward and honest, then you may be left in disbelief while reading this book. Nothing is said in here about other candidates that others, probably yourself included, had not already thought about. All in all, Governor Huckabee offers common sense approaches to fixing the nation, and one that will revolutionize our taxes and our economy called the Fairtax ( A great read even if you are not particularly a fan of Gov. Huckabee. Just remember to keep an open mind!...more info
  • A Book of Hit or Miss
    Aside: I think this book is three stars not two.

    Mike Huckabee is a man of integrity and principle. For this there is no doubt. As a libertarian I supported his primary run in 2008, but would I support him again? Tough question, but I would definitely give him strong consideration.

    Do the Right Thing is an interesting political piece covering Mike Huckabee's run for the Republican Presidential nomination, his political beliefs, and the movement that is the title of his book. The book starts off rather slow and does not really grab the readers attention until the third chapter when he lays out his beliefs on being pro-life and stem cell research. Being a former pastor his beliefs are of no surprise.

    He continues on to cover many topics from taxation to health care, the fighting in Washington, the inequitable coverage of the media amongst candidates who have minimal resources (something he calls Elections by eBay), and groups of people who have been estranged from both political parties. Perhaps the most important chapter in the book is his writings on the FairTax and how it will help remedy the current economic lull, the increasing number of outsourced jobs, inequitable taxation, and the punishment that is incurred for working harder or investing/saving in a fiscally responsible manner. He accurately describes how the current tax system rewards negative manners of individuals while penalizing positive actions. As a supporter of the FairTax I am happy to see a major party Presidential candidate endorse the issue.

    A point of criticism I will offer is his understanding of libertarianism, which he labels as faux-conservatives. As a supporter of Ronald Regan I am perplexed that Huckabee fails to mention that Regan stated as I paraphrase here that libertarianism is at the heart of conservatism. He misguides readers to believe that libertarians live only for themselves and do not help others. Libertarians much like conservatives believe that charity is the duty of individuals and not government. Huckabee completely misses this point.

    The truth is quite the contrary as a libertarian society recognizes the generosity of people as a necessary requirement for the reduction of government intrusion into individuals lives. Huckabee did hit on this point clearly and correctly titled his book "Doing the Right Thing." When people do the right thing government actions can be reduced. He main contention with libertarians is clearly more on social issues such as abortion, prostitution, the war on drugs, and marriage. Once again his history as a pastor is clearly displayed as he supports government regulation on what are moral issues. He is very much a social conservative.

    Other points of criticism include his foreign policy preferences in dealing with China as he supports a more hawkish policy to deal with trade imbalances and their undervalued currency. Though he stated little on this issue, he would be more aggressive with China diplomatically on economic issues and would strongly consider adding tariffs to Chinese goods, which would have a strong negative impact on a very fragile country. A China collapse would be possible leading to a large economic collapse.

    One other theme Huckabee describes in detail is what he calls getting vertical instead of horizontal. He accurately portrays that the majority of Americans care less about political ideology and more about fixing the problems. Americans are tired of fighting between political factions and simply want solutions to be brought about. He gives a vivid example of this when as a governor Huckabee and the governor of Virginia brought forth a program of bipartisan support from all 50 governors to the Senate to reform Medicaid. The measure failed and he received lectures from Teddy Kennedy and others about the cruelty of poverty. Apparently this group of Senators failed to recognize that Huckabee grew up in poverty conditions. Instead of focusing on solutions leaders from both sides seem more concerned with left and right instead of going vertical (working to solve problems instead of the usual partisan divisions).

    Huckabee's book is filled with stories and examples from his life. If you know little about him this book will clearly help. His anecdotes give an insight into his life, high moral character, and firm principles.

    Do the Right Thing is really a hit or miss book. Parts are exceptional and others are downright bad....more info
  • Experienced, even-handed, and wise
    "Do The Right Thing" by Mike Huckabee is a masterpiece. It has vignettes from Mike's run for the Presidency that will bring a tear to the eye of everyone who lived it with him from afar. It has penetrating insights about his campaign rivals and the playing field on which the contest was held. But most importantly, it contains timeless wisdom about the relationship between our morality and national economic welfare that is needed by society now more than ever. Inspiring and persuasive, once you pick it up, you will not want to put it down!...more info
  • Do The Right Thing
    I haven't completed this book yet.....I'm on chapter far, it is an excellent book! Mike Huckabee is an excellent writer....all political, but easy reading. I know that the rest of the book will be great as well. Highly recommend it!...more info
  • Youth of the GOP
    I'm a 23-year-old female republican. We are a scarce breed to be sure. The 2008 election is the first primary I voted in; Mike Huckabee is the reason. I grew up under Ronald Reagan and fell in love with his leadership. I became very disheartened with Bush 41 and how our party has become the corporate party. That's why we are losing elections now. People don't trust the GOP to look out for them and the good of the country. These Wall Street Bailouts are another example of the GOP selling out. (Mike is against the bailouts.)

    Huckabee's the guy to lead the GOP back to the White House. He was the only republican to stand up in 2007 and say we were headed into a recession. Well, the evidence is out and according to the numbers, turns out he was right. He has been right about a lot of things. Maybe we should start listening. Maybe he's right about the fair tax, too. I'm not convinced yet, but he's slowly persuading me.

    In a year when the GOP has been so out-of-touch, this is the only man that brought in new voters like me. I just finished reading the book, and I have to say, Please read this. If by the end, you still disagree with him, that's fine. But give him a chance and I guarentee you'll be surprised how much you agree with him on. It took some time for him to win me over: it may take time for Mike to win you over, too, but I assure you he will....more info
  • Nothing new here.
    I purchased this book expecting to see some space given to new ideas and the future of the Republican Party. At the outset, Huckabee promises forward looking text, but delivers 200 pages of bitterness towards former rivals and people who didn't endorse him. I like the FairTax plan, but Huckabee does not lay out a detailed explanation of why it is better than keeping our current system and just lowering our rates. Ultimately, as a party, on the road to 2012, we can either look in the mirror or point fingers; Huckabee seems to be stuck on the latter. ...more info
  • Common sense gem
    Refreshing common sense read, in a time when old fashioned common sense is sorely needed. Governor Huckabee has proven himself to be a person who walks his talk, rather than tell others how to live while doing the opposite of what he recommends. I also like the fact he has a kind sense of humor and isnt mean. This is one man I want to see make a big impact on the country. ...more info
  • Success!
    This product arrived in excellent condition, was packaged superbly, arrived early. And yes, I really did order this product with less than a week before Christmas with the Super Saver Shipping method! Love Amazon! Thanks again for helping me be less grinch at Christmas Amazon!...more info
  • The Banner Yet Waves

    In his memoirs, Winston S. Churchill recorded the events of his being summoned by the King to form a new government.

    He remembered returning to his ride upon accepting the honor, with a darkening cloud of depression beginning to descend upon his person.

    Nazi Germany stood ready across the English Channel to invade England. All of Churchill's preparatory military suggestions remained unfufilled. Darkness, he felt, was beginning to shadow the earth.

    Staring vacantly out his car window at the bleakness of the night, his eyes tearing up, he began to be overwhelmed with the lateness of the hour. Shaking his head, he began to fight the conviction that he'd been handed the reins of power too late.

    Governor Mike Huckabee may well be placed in such a position.

    "Do The Right Thing," launches not merely an autobiographical post mortem of the 2008 Presidential election, but lays bare the fabric of greatness that yet holds America together.

    Ushering in his plea for a return to the courage of our founding fathers, Mr. Huckabee selflessly and transparently opens the inner workings of presidential campaign politics, all the while returning the focus to the majestic outline of America past, present, and most marvelously future.

    All who witnessed the shocking and abrupt shunning of Huckabee by the news media following his Iowa triumph, will be surprised by his gentle, gracious interpretation as their misunderstanding the unfolding race.

    His clarion call for Americans to get 'vertical' in their thinking to scale the massive problems descending on our country and the world, coupled with his marvelous illustrations and detailed examples stir the reader's heart to action.

    To paraphrase Revolutionary Naval War Hero John Paul Jones' reply to the demand he surrender his battered, blood-stained Bonhomme Richard, with men like Huckabee in America's heart, this nation has yet begun to

    TL Farley,

    Distant Reaches


    When Now Becomes Too Late

    Distant Reaches The Hard Copy Edition of True-Life Adventure in Ireland, Boston and on the North Atlantic.

    When Now Becomes Too Late The Kindle Edition of A Futurist Consideration on the imminence of the Rapture.

    When Now Becomes Too Late The Hard Copy Edition.

    ...more info
  • More Than I Expected
    I had read the reviews about this book and expected it to be a good read as it is about a campaign that should have never survived but did because of Huckabee's message that appealed to many Americans. What I didn't expect is that Huckabee would do so much laying out of policy of where the Republican party needs to go in order to repair itself and unite. He has a plan for the party and America in this book that falls back on common sense conservatism. The reason I think this book will appeal to people of all political backgrounds is that Huckabee presents his points without being mad about it. He also illustrates that it shouldn't matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican but instead that you are an American and want what's best for the country. He uses what he learned on the campaign trail (sometimes pointing out people) to show where the Republican party has gone wrong. He uses the truth of the past to pave the way for a better future....more info
  • Great Read...Thi
    This is one of the most enlightening books I have read in my lifetime.
    Easy reading full of insight, humor, a sincere presentation written in simple plain langauge. I would recommend this book to everyone. Great work....more info
  • Beavis or Butthead?
    So maybe I'm having a 90's flash back but when I listened to the excerpt iTunes has for the audio book version Huckabee said this, "I can't recall ever having such an unbroken vibration."

    This gaff alone is reason enough to buy the book or audio book....more info
  • Entertaining and Informative Read!
    "Do The Right Thing" is a compilation of Mike Huckabee's 2007-2008 campaign and his stances on various issues. The book is a good read and contains information on the following areas:

    1. Various campaign stops and experiences (Iowa, in particular).
    2. His relationship with and thoughts about various other GOP candidates (apparently, he had problems with Mitt Romney as did other candidates. Huckabee generally sees John McCain as a man of honor and integrity).
    3. Stances on particular issues (abortion, taxes, cost of living, health care, national defense, etc.).
    4. Corruption in Washington DC by both Democrats and Republicans.
    5. Decreasing the size of government.

    While Huckabee shares some personal information (being raised in a poor Arkansas family, etc.), "Do The Right Thing" is mainly a book on his political campaign experiences and stances on various issues.

    One thing I particularly enjoyed reading was how he was able to win 48% of the minority vote in Arkansas!!! If only Republicans would open their eyes to this!!! While many people genuinely believe conservative Republicans have much in common with minorities in terms of social and fiscal issues, these same Republicans do a really lousy job of reaching out to minorities. No wonder minorities heavily favor Democrats! If Republicans are really serious about expanding their base without compromising their stances on certain issues, they should consider reaching out much, much more to blacks, Latinos, etc.

    Huckabee also comes across as a man with the common touch - able to connect with the middle class. Many people of both parties seem to appreciate this - I've talked to them! Like it or not, the Republican Party has an image of being composed of mainly financially well-off middle-aged and older white men.

    While I really enjoyed reading the book, there were some typos as mentioned by earlier reviewers. I only wish I had my pencil with me and made notes of these while reading the title.

    Complaint aside, "Do The Right Thing" is a highly recommended read for anyone who is sick and tired of the partisan politics of Washington DC and elsewhere. Huckabee comes across as a man willing to cross party lines and work with people without compromising his basic core beliefs.

    Hopefully, he will continue his popular show and will be a force to be reckoned with for the 2012 election campaign.

    Read and enjoy!...more info
  • Do the Right Thing
    I just finished the book and loved it. The book is an easy read. I have even more respect for Governor Mike Huckabee than before. I would also like for him to become President and implement the Fair tax.

    Garry Polstpm...more info
  • The Next Republican President
    Great incite to the way this man would run our country as the President. He is in touch with the hardships of American families and wants to fix the problems in America with common sense, not more Government bureaucracy....more info
  • Huckabee is "right on" on why the GOP lost and will continue to lose if they do not get their act together.
    This book expresses the frustration than most middle class Christians had during the campaign. We are not rich but we are intelligent enough to see that McCain and Obama were NOT the two best choices to lead our nation BUT most of us supported McCain/Palin. Huckaee spoke for many of us but only now is his message if being heard by the public. This book is not about party loyalty but loyalty to biblical principles and America!! It is time the elite GOP reach out for diversity. Even Michael Steele, a black Republican leader, said the GOP has a country club, cocktail party leadership style that is hurting and shrinking the party. The book gives excellent ideas on how to make the GOP competitive again. Please read all of it before you past judgement on this relative, insightful, enjoyable read. ...more info
  • Do The Right Thing
    Very pleased with this no nonsense book. Hopefully, people will get to know Mike Huckabee in a more personal way through this book. He is a great leader who could help restore morality to our country....more info
  • Excellent Book
    It is never easy to be objective in reviewing a book when its contents are about topics you fully agree with. However, I believe that the most important contribution relies in outlining openly many ideas I believe many people share, but sometimes are afraid to declare openly. Take for example the difference between being Democratic or Republican, very well described as the difference between someone who wants big Gov vs someone that on the contrary wants the freedom to be self-Gov'ed. That wonderful parallel in my opinion should encourage shy right wing oriented voters who are not usually confident in being active and open in their political faith for the fear to appear selfish to the public eyes, as opposed to many traditional left wing voters that paternalistically and pompously often speak about their altruistic attitude towards people in need of something. Being individualistic does not mean being selfish. This concept is according to me what represents the main issue around which the whole book is developed. In fact, it appears through the reading of the chapters that many times the most individualistic people are after all those who mostly bring common sense to the society, thanks to their superior sense of individual responsibility. Therefore, by not deferring on others for the solutions of their problems, they are those that actually and ultimately contribute mostly to a good and morally healthy society. Also, I believe that the chapter about Veterans is very touching.
    In particular, having myself an economic background, I really appreciated the chapter about FairTax (it could only be the tenth to remind of the tithe that each good Evangelical pays to his/her Church!), since that idea, if really applied to the real world, could solve several problems in raising fair taxes, and I do apologize for the word game.
    Finally, if I really have to write a critique to the book I would really like to know how duck hunting can be compared to a religious experience, since I would find it much more religious to hunt people I believe that deserve to be punished for their evil actions, as an extreme application of self-Gov'ed! However, I think that it would be too much a Chuck Norris thing and too little a Christian gesture!
    ...more info
  • Honest look at the past and hopeful look to the future
    I have come to find Mike Huckabee to be an honest and hopeful voice in the GOP and this book confirms that once again.

    Mike makes a strong case for the connection between morality and economics which is very important as there is a clear divide between social conservatives and fiscal conservatives. The truth is that both are necessary and a clear and consistent morality needs to be the foundation.

    I particularly appreciated the chapter entitled Politically Homeless. There is plenty in that chapter that will ruffle some feathers but in my opinion it needed to be said. People can dismiss Mike as a populist but they dismiss more than one man, they dismiss a large portion of the population. There is an ARMY of people who got behind Mike because he understood them and is one of them. Trucker Randy and others capture the essence of this grassroots movement that took Mike from an overlooked candidate to a serious contendor.

    The chapter on Faux-Cons will stir some up as well, but once again it is a matter of calling a spade a spade.

    Beyond this, there is a lot of optimism for the future of our country. The distinction between horizontal vs vertical politics is spot on and Mike has a long track record of getting positive things done for the people of Arkansas.

    Especially helpful are the sections on the Fair Tax (real change we can believe in and the mother of all reforms), healthcare, and energy independence, among other things.

    There are also a number of touching stories of individuals who made significant sacrifices for Mike, as well as the country. I appreciated learning the story of the couple that took a train across the country to New Hampshire and then drove a cheap, old car to Florida before returning home through Little Rock. Also inspiring was the story of the soldier who wanted to return to his troops in Iraq after suffering signicant injuries.

    Do yourself a favor, get this book and read it cover to cover. Don't let others make up your mind for you and take it all in before deciding what you think. I believe you will enjoy the book, learn a lot, and be inspired....more info
  • Great Read; Super Human
    I heard the Governor (Mike) during the campaign of '08 and had favorable comments about his value system. Probably because it matched mine or, perhaps it would be better to say, close to mine. The more he talked the more interested I became with his views and bought the books. Sure glad I did. He is NOT preaching to you. He is sharing his views about doing the right thing. Too bad he came along when he did. We were not ready to elect a person who was not considered the savior of our nation. Too bad we did not get one either. Mike hits the nails on every head without equivocation and with grace.

    His positive comments about the fair tax are well worth noting. This is a major piece of legislation that our elected officials are scared to pass. They fear their power would be diminished and if you really get down they do not want us to have the benefits of paying fair taxes. Think about it. If we had the fair tax every one who buys anything will pay taxes and if you are in protected income ranges you will receive a rebate. Under our plan our new President has assured us that 95% of us will receive a tax cut. Please check the amount again: 95%. What? Only about 40% of us NOW pay taxes. If you give 95% a tax cut you are saying that the welfare payments will increase geometrically.

    Check out Mike with an open mind and I feel certain you will see his wisdom even though you might disagree with him. ...more info
  • I wish I could change my vote
    I wish I could change my vote for Huckabee. What the heck was I thinking? This book provides answers to any criticisms you may have heard on the radio or tv. Huckabee shows just how grounded and level-headed he is while showcasing his witty thoughts and ideas.

    The book lays out most of his main points relating to politics while taking you on a back seat ride through the presidential campaign. I never write in books or underline anything. That all changed when I read the chapter about personal governance. I couldn't stop underlining all the tidbits of knowledge Huckabee gives.

    I recommend this book to anyone from any side of the political aisle. This is not a partisan book. It simply gives his ideas. A great, entertaining read....more info
  • A bit of self centered cheerleading
    Well the only thing I got out of this book is that Huckabee truly is in love with himself and has an axe to grind against any person that failed to endorse his wonderfulness. The way he goes about attacking his competition such as Fred, Rudy and Romney seems bitter, especially for a pastor....more info
  • A real eyeopener on political campaigns and debates
    Mike Huckabee's "Do the Right Thing" was a real eyeopener for me revealing a behind the scenes peek at how the the presidential debates are put together, how his campaign ran on a shoestring against formidable odds, and how to get this country back on the right track. If anyone feels this country is headed in the wrong direction with billions of dollars in bailouts, etc., you need to read this book....more info
  • Enjoyable read
    Even if you only paid cursory attention to this years election, this is a good read.

    For political junkies and policy wonks, this is great read.

    For the 87% of Americans who think the country is on the wrong track, this is a MUST READ....more info
  • Mike Huckabee is Humble, Likeable, and a Great Leader!
    Mike Huckabee's new book, Do the Right Thing, was everything I expected and more! This humble servant has a grassroots team of devoted followers whose eyes light up every Sat. & Sun. night when the HUCKABEE show starts on FoxNews at 8pm ET every weekend.

    Gov. Huckabee gives the behind-the-scenes scoop of how a ragtag group of conservatives scattered all across the country came together and forged long lasting friendships through the power of the internet to catapult their fearless leader to the top of the Primary Leader Board to take Iowa, and gain the momentum that almost captured the nomination, and which left Gov. Huckabee the last man standing when John McCain took the nomination.

    You will laugh, cry and cheer all the way through this marvelous account of all the wonderful people that Gov. Huckabee met along the campaign trail, and learn of his wonderful staff who gloriously got along well and had a great time together! Gov. Huckabee has had a consistent pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage message. The GOP would do well to learn to listen to Gov. Huckabee and the conservative base if they expect to regroup and get back on track for the future.
    ...more info
  • Will change your view on politics
    Huckabee writes a great book that will change your outlook on politics in our country. His suggestions for fixing the major issues our country struggles with will strike a chord with those who are conservative OR liberal as his ideas are bipartisan and go beyond the partisan struggles that do no good for our country. As with many who are newly exposed to his propositions, people will wonder, "Why couldn't I hear of this guy earlier?!?!?" ...more info
  • Unimpressive
    By definition, a politician's memoir is not the place to expect humility, but I was disappointed by just how shallow Huckabee's book is. There's a complete lack of self-examination in his review of his recent presidential campaign. No look at his own faults or weaknesses as a candidate - the record of raising taxes in Arkansas, his flips on issues like immigration - instead Huckabee prefers to point fingers at others. Any Republicans who took issue with his brand of conservatism must have been out to get him; it couldn't possibly be that they have legitimate disagreements with his ideology.

    As for the rest of the book, while Huckabee's writing is breezy and easy-to-read, the folksy charm which plays well on TV gets pretty cloying after awhile.
    ...more info
  • Doing the Right Thing
    An honest man in politics. Mike Huckabee is a breath of fresh air in a cigar smoke filled room. I just hope that he does not get discouraged over the next few years and that I get another chance to vote for him in 2012....more info


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